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Yoongi’s Honeymoon

And now it is time for the amazingly talented second oldest member, an actual sweetheart who apparently has a major soft spot for his lil pup and I find that so fucking adorable like here’s this badass rapper who’s flipping people off and shit but then he’s just melting at the thought of his bby pup and that is fuCKING CUTE, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This is a part of the wedding series, I’ve done Yoongi’s proposal (here) Yoongi’s wedding (here) and husband!Yoongi (here)
  • It isn’t required to read the others, you can v v easily read this without the others but if you want the full story and all the fluffy stuff, you can click any of those links
  • Okay but honestly I’m so here for this I’m ready as fuck
  • Yoongi’s honeymoon would be all about spending time together
  • That’s his main priority for the honeymoon, he wants you two to be together as much as possible bc you just got married and he wants to take some time to get adjusted to that and to just have fun together and relax
  • I can see him going somewhere more private bc Yoongi is a private person and I think that really shows in the way he handles the relationship
  • Like he’s not one for a lot of PDA, he’ll do some hand holding, maybe an arm over the shoulder but definitely no public make outs or cuddling he likes to keep the affection kinda private
  • Like once he gets home then he’s more cuddly and more like a big teddy bear bc Yoongi looks soft as fuck like I feel like his stomach would make a really good pillow bc it’s probably really soft and squishy and cute and his chest is already a nice lil pillow I bet
  • But back to the honeymoon, I think he’d want to explore someplace new while also being in an area that he feels comfortable so he’d go to a country that he’s been to before but he’d just switch the city up
  • Bc going somewhere entirely new runs the risk of not liking it like what if you two hate the food there what if you don’t like the weather what if you just plain out don’t like the area
  • He wants to be able to enjoy his honeymoon and relax bc both of you were stressed about the wedding bc he wanted it to be perfect for you since “you’re only gonna get married once we might as well make it pretty”
  • So you both agree on going somewhere close to the city you went to for your third anniversary bc you both really liked it there so you figured exploring somewhere new while being an hour’s drive away from somewhere you knew you loved in case the new place didn’t work out sounded like a good plan
  • Thankfully the new city does work out though, you two take a trip for about 2 weeks, just enough time to explore a bit without getting too adjusted to the new city
  • I can see it being somewhere cold but not to the point of snow like you have to put a jacket on when you go outside but you can also make it by with just a sweater but also Yoongi in scarves !!!! that is some good shit
  • You two would explore the lil town just about everyday and honestly it’s just really cute
  • Like he’s got your hand in his 25/8 bc even if he isn’t the biggest fan of PDA, he likes knowing you’re right next to him and that he can’t lose you if he’s focused on looking at something else bc there was this one time when you two had only been together for like 5 months and he was busy looking at something on his phone for work and you two ended up turning two different directions
  • Ever since then, he’s made sure to always hold your hand or have his arm over your shoulders bc he’d gotten so worried when he looked up and didn’t see his bby walking next to him and he just remembers running around for like twenty minutes trying to find you
  • But he’s got one hand in yours and the other is taking pictures of everything including you when you aren’t looking
  • You two would go hike up to this lil waterfall area and even though Yoongi was whining the entire time about how “this is my honeymoon I’m supposed to be sipping something out of a coconut and lounging on a beach” he’s only joking around bc he knows the work is worth it
  • He’s in such awe when you two actually get to the waterfall and his lil face is so pretty with his eyes all lit up watching the water and he takes a shit ton of pictures of everything, the lil rocks in the water, the waterfall of course, the boulders around the lil pool of water, the birds watching from the trees all of it
  • He would be extra smug on the trip bc whenever you introduced him to people, you’d call him your husband instead of boyfriend or fiance and he’d just do that thing where when he’s really proud of himself he just nods his head that’s him during the entire honeymoon
  • “Tell them who I am”
  • “Why don’t you say it?? They’re talking to you”
  • “Bc you make it sound better just say it”
  • “F i ne, he’s my husband”
  • “Damn right”
  • You two would go out to eat a lot but you’d also make stuff at the lil house you’re staying at
  • Like chef!Yoongi/yoongi just cooking at all is such a nice thought like he’d be really good at making your favorite meal and he’d make it for you on the night you two stayed in for dinner
  • He’d set up this lil table with flowers and candles and get the fancy plates out and you two would have this super romantic dinner but then at 3 am he gets hungry again and you two order in pizza
  • Also a smol yoongi wanting to cuddle at the end of the night bc he’s just really really happy like he just got married literally the other day how is he supposed to be anything but happy rn
  • Lil Yoongi toying with your ring and kissing it a bunch of times and he keeps mumbling I love yous under his breath bc he’s half asleep and he always ends up falling asleep with a lil smile on his face bc he’s got his love right next to him and a ring on his finger

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why is everybody relating dnp with dodie ? im confused

I mean Dan has just followed Dodie on Twitter and she performed in their starter thing yesterday so maybe these things idk man, also in the liveshow the other day Dan said he loved Dodies music (tbh all I really know is they’ve interacted in Twitter a few times and alot of people in the phandom are watching her now and she’s gotten pretty big (I remember watching her at like 100,000 ish I’m so proud omg), I mean it’s everyone’s dream for their faves to interact tbh)…Also if this makes no sense I am like half asleep rn

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russian learning anon again hi "ах" and "нет" are my eternal moods about learning russian (translators note: "ах" does not Google translate well)

isn’t  “ нет” like “no”?

i do not know russian at all and am half-ish asleep tbh

like just there, meant to type rn but hands did a tbh, they know me

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Oh well it's darling here, I can't speak for the other crush anon but I started to love you when my dash was blessed with your face... it's so cute and smushable. You adorable little human (I feel like I should say but I am a female human so if your uncomfortable with that at all let me know and I'll stop!)

Asdljfhlskjdadkj. I’m not crying… the sky is(it actually is mildly storming rn so that fits). Also, I mean… I can’t argue… my cheeks are very squishy… *squish squish* (I’d insert a gif but I’m half asleep rn). Also I’m not uncomfortable with that. I’m hella pan *finger guns*.

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For the fanfic asks: F, K, M, and O? (p.s. don't stress about updates you're absolutely fine)

OMG PLEASE FORGIVE I AM ON MOBILE IN BED RN 🙈 is it okay if I just do half now and half later? Omigoodness I am the worst 😖 I will fix answers when I wake up I promise!! Please bear with! OK so “K” [angstiest idea] would probably be while Clara ( @exosmuttytalk ) and I were planning a collab and I thought about killing the male lead in the end… then cried and hated myself. I DON’T ANGST YOU GUYS __________ “F” [dialogue snippet]: “I’ll stay here until you fall asleep, and I won’t leave until Yixing comes back to watch you, alright?” …

“I’m not going to hurt you Angel-cakes.” …

“Not anymore.” -Devils Advocate

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Do you know of any mlm themed music I could check out?

well the obvious suggestion is Troye Sivan but i feel like most ppl probs know him already but uhm i really love PWR BTTM and Pansy Division 

also i havent listened to much of his music but Greg Holden is also pr good from what ive heard

Matt Fishel is another musician that i, again, havent listened to much but i do like what ive heard

then there’s Sufjan Stevens who has a lot of pr gay songs tbh (specific ones i can think of rn are The Predatory Wasp, To Be Alone With You, and All for Myself)

that’s all i can think of right now but i’m like half asleep tbh so i’m probs missing some bands/artists/songs/etc but @ our followers feel free to add more suggestions !

-mod Mikey