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are you seriously not going to post any of my messages

I’d like everyone to take this anon as an example.

This person has sent me 10 different messages telling me about what a bad person I am and that I should kill myself, as well as 3 messages asking me why I’m not responding or posting any of them.

It goes to show that if someone messages you on anon, they aren’t worth listening to. If they don’t want to have a discussion in private, their main objective is to make a scene.

These people are cowards, and that kind of behavior should not be humored.

  • *cbx in japan, 1am hotel room*
  • baekhyun: wanna hear a rap
  • minseok: no
  • baekhyun: ok here we go
  • jongdae: *laying down a sweet beat immediately*
  • baekhyun: getting myself comfy in bed for those fresh sleeps, got my 15 pillows all pluffy, got my good warm duvet, got my cat curled up on my head purring, got my 50 swords cradled in my arms
  • minseok: that's just unrealistic no one cares about duvet covers anymore
  • baekhyun: excuse you i am not waking up to a thick layer of frost encrusting my body , get outta here with yuor warm climate privilege im 50% bisexual 50% duvet cover and 100% warm and snuggly all year

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i suffer from severe depression and all of your posts always makes me feel that there should be something else in the world. Your words somehow tell that someday I am going to find me and never be alone anymore. Thank you.

I am so happy that my blog has such a positive influence on you, and I hope you will get better soon – if you ever need anything, just message me! Thank you so much for your kind words.

A Personal Journey

This is a journey
I am not the guide
nor apprentice

The course traveled
and blinding

I find my own markers
pushing through the rough spots
I am not afraid

There is no success without failure
nothing is promised
and I accept that

So as the faint light falls
across the countryside
I will go

This is my life’s tour
a pilgrimage
I’m destined to follow

Fanfic Rec list PART 2!

Fanfic Rec List Part 2: (All stories found on AO3. I would do the cool link through the title thing but that requires tech skills that I don’t have… cause I have none… I can barely post on tumblr)

Satisfaction Brought it Back @siderealsandman

I am not going to lie- when I saw Miraculous Ladybug and BDSM in the same tag set I was hesitant. However eventually I caved to the high kudos ratings and I am SO glad I did. This story is an absolute gem. Not only does it handle a somewhat controversial subject with breathtaking sensitivity and care, but the actual build up of the romance is some of the best I have seen in the fandom. It is the best kind of slow burn (in a smut fic no less??? ) and leaves you really cheering for the characters. (This is NSFW so know that going in) 

Trouble in White @imthepunchlord

Another author with many great titles to their name, however this one in particular jumps out at me. Anyone who has ever had a longer than 2 minute conversation with me about fanfics would know that i am a very harsh judge of soulmate AUs for a variety of reasons, so the fact that i have 2 on this list is saying something. This fic also did something very refreshing with the “Chat Blanc” troupe which is what caught my attention in the first place. The story really emphasizes what Adrien and Marinette can bring to each other in a relationship by taking away the Ladynoir dynamic and having them building to the same sort of trust and support in a more round about way. A great read that I highly recommend. ^_^

Summer in the City kali_asleep (don’t know tumblr url ::sobs:: ) 

This fic is just so fun! And sexy. Getting to watch Adrien struggle with his feelings for Ladybug and dedication to her while being attracted to his classmate is just endearing. This is only 3 chapters long (with an additional explicit sequel for you sinners out there) so if you want something quick to brighten up your day I highly recommend it.

A Wolf by the Ear by Anthemyst  ( @miraculouspaon on tumblr)

Straying off the beaten path a little bit- this is a HawkNath Soulmate AU.

Yes you heard me.

This is worth every second of your time to read it. From Nathalie’s POV it’s a great look at dealing with a difficult situation and a difficult person and finding the balance between being forgiving and knowing when it’s time to punch someone in the face. (Literally)

Psyche by poppicock ( @gabriel-fucking-agreste on tumblr)

My other “Older generation” rec on today’s list- this was a story that was actually recommended to me and I am going to be honest- I was a little skeptical going in. I tend to not get invested in “Alternate” miraculous users (and by that I mean things that are highly unlike in canon or directly contradict canon). Nothing wrong with them just not something that really clicks for me. However this story sold me. Nathalie centered again and Gabe/Nath ship based, this story really hits home with the “Agreste Family Feels” as I like to call them. The lore building was really neat and I did NOT see the plot twist coming- which is not something I say often. This fic is a great example of why it’s a good idea to be willing to look outside your normal ship zone. It can be worth the adventure.

Won’t Tell as Soul/The Weight of Jade @thelastpilot

Turtle!Nino I will continue to be devoted to the hope of you happening someday ^_^

I will be shocked if you guys don’t already know about this universe, but even so it deserves to be called out. I adore the dynamic that is established between Nino and his assorted friends as well as seeing one of my favorite characters get the development they deserve. The other thing I love about this story is that at least from what I saw, the writing gets better every chapter, and I love seeing a good author (I had already read several of Pilots earlier works at this point) truly find their voice.

Talk to Me by 1004_Angel ( @the-noble-idiot  on tumblr)

Ok I am going to admit this now- I am a sucker for Non-magic AUs. I will always give them a shot when I am scrolling through AO3 looking for new fics. This one caught my attention and kept the same engaging, fun dynamic that got me hooked all the way through to the end. There is a really nice balance of tension where we get to see the characters dancing around each other’s lives without feeling like it is being drawn out just for the sake of torturing the readers.

You don’t Know Me @ferisae

OK, so I am not usually all about the angsty train- and this story definitely cranks the the angst dial up to the max. (Seriously give poor Chat a break my poor baby!) However the story is wonderfully compelling and this is one of the few fics I have walked away from remembering the akumas we have encountered because of the attention and care given to the action sequences, which I really appreciate seeing in a fic. Tom and Sabine feature heavily as well and they are just such a blessing. If you don’t mind crying your eyes out, this is a well done story that is worth getting invested in.

If you missed part 1 you can find it here: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/157091557891/fic-recs-day-1-of-3

I am also doing a Fanfic Rec page link on my main tumblr as I still have a LOT more to do >_<  and I figure that is a better way to keep it easy for people to find if they want it! (Plus then I can just add things as I read/reread them) 

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Hello gorgeous! I'm not sure if you've answered to this question already but are you going to take part in BoKuroo week?

I am!! I was unsure till a couple of days ago but at this point I have all the prompts sketched out and only need to line them, so I guess it’s nearly sure I will haha

Anon said: im cackling i cant believe youd get a tall noya and short teru if you switch their hair this is the best thing ive ever heard

Lmao I’m pretty sure someone edited Teru’s hair all brown and made it all the more obvious, if you look for it maybe you’ll find it it was an enlightning post hahaha

Stay with me (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: This is my first attempt at posting something publicly. It was inspired by a dream I had (hee hee hee). It is in 2 parts. I write what I think so I am not sure if it feels like it rattles on, but the idea was to write it so you know exactly what’s going on in her mind, even when it’s sarcastic remarks to herself.

Synopsis: After being hurt by local thugs trying to help a student of yours, Steve finds you and brings you to T’Challa’s Facility to get you help. Friendship occurs with Steve and Bucky during your recovery til it comes time to go home, then shit gets real.

Word count: total 6756. Part 1=3305words   Part 2=3451

Warnings: Part 1 is swearing and violence, Part 2 is swearing, alcohol, some talk of injuries, and SMUT

(Pics and Gif’s are not mine, I Googled them)


You sighed as you saw the two large black men turn the corner. You knew this wasn’t going to pretty, again. Why do you keep doing this? Why can’t you just be like everyone else and let the police deal with situations like this? Because you care damn it. You knew this14 yr old boy, Yuna, from the school you taught at and you knew he was a good kid. You also knew he lived in a little hovel with his mom and 3 sisters all under the age of 12. You knew why he was helping sell drugs for these Wakandan drug dealers, but you didn’t like it one bit. You were in the alley talking to Yuna, trying to plead with him to give it up and you’d figure out a way to help him somehow. The 2 guys walked speedily to you cursing as you held your hands up to show you meant nothing, just talking. The thinner asshat yelled out “we told you last time you bitch, leave our people alone!” Last week you had tried to get some prostitutes to stop working for this gang and let you get them help, so you took a few hits to the face.

“Hey man I’m just talking to one of my students that’s all” you pleaded. You remembered what being slapped around by these guys felt like and you were fine with not having that happen again. “I think you need a better lesson” the big guy backhanded you in the face, making you spin and fall to the ground. You felt a surge of adrenaline through your body and you used it to stand up.

That was stupid. So very stupid. But you were determined to show Yuna what these people were like, even if it meant taking a few smacks again. A few smacks would have been so much better than what you’ve gone through. It all happened so fast, you remember being punched in the head, stomach, and even one to the back. You writhed in pain on the ground as they took a few kicks to your stomach, cursing at you the whole time. Some in Wakandan and some in English, you believe for your benefit. All of a sudden the kicking and yelling stops as you hear another male voice yelling from behind you. A tall white man runs towards them and the two Wakandans and Yuna run back around the corner and you hear a car speed off. The white man, you now know was American from hearing him yell at the asshats, turned around and jogged back to you. You push yourself up onto your knees and hold your arms tight to your stomach to try to somehow hold in the pain. He knelt down in front of you telling you not to try to get up. “I had it under control, I can take a few punches ok” you slurred as if you were drunk, but it must’ve been from the fat lip you could feel. You look down as you feel a searing pain in your midsection, you pull your hands away from you to see you were covered in blood. The man stated in awe that you could even still move, “You weren’t punched, you were stabbed”! You looked up at his face, wide eyed in disbelief and just before you passed out you can remember saying “Holy shit, you’re Captain America”, fade to black.

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OK I am still kinda on semi hiatus from my jikook analysis but...

BUT hopefully this weekend I have planned to release two or 3 parts…depends … But I came to source of good danger era jikook moments that kind of refreshed my memory so I am going to do: Pt. 2.5 Danger era Pt. 3 My theory analysis of post-WOH era Pt.4 I need u era…. Pls… crossfingers for me I have to write a huge assignment till Friday 12 PM and I also have work twice this week so my time is really limited and I am barely surviving on my redbull collection …. BTW thank you so much for all the support so far…I really appriciate that

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I am so sick today… I wanted to keep it as a surprise for you guys but tomorrow I had training at Mc Donald´s. I was going to show off my grilling skills but I think I´ll have to reschedule that TTnTT. Anyways, I might not post as much as I usually do. Sorry.

Energy Work

I am an energy witch! Energy work is one of the best ways to do easy, inexpensive, and on the go magic! With practice, one can produce the same results with energy magic as with spells. But how does one start?

🔮Meditation. This is very important! Choose a set time each day, and a method of meditation, and try to get in tune with your energy. Even 5 minutes is good.
🔮Try to sense the energy around you. Go with your instinct. Feels high energy? Or maybe low? Just practice this.
🔮Try an energy spell, such as a psi ball exercise. Simple is best to start with.
🔮Visualize! Daydream, actively visualize, or work on what I like to call your “mind palace” (Sherlock fans know what I’m talking about 😆)
🔮Try to “see” energy though visualization. What color is it? What shape? Can you move it? Just play with it.
🔮Work on raising energy, use music, exercise, meditation, hanging out with friends, drawing, hobbies, basically whatever makes you happy and energized. Everyone will have different ways of doing it.
🔮Again, meditation! It doesn’t need to be long, one can even sit for 2 minutes, feel their energy, and be like “good it’s there”.
🔮Work on being aware of your own energy.



Hello all!

This was just going to be a little drabble that had been going through my mind based off of a text post from @alrightevans, but it became something longer (a LOT longer)

The text post this is based off of read:

“i just saw a thing on fb like ‘does somebody wanna be fake engaged to me for like 2 hours to try free wedding cake samples’ and im just…………………..imagine ur otp”

If I can find the actual post I’ll tag a link to this, but that’ll take a lot of work and you all know how lazy I am.

Depending on where I feel like leaving off, this might become a short series, I haven’t decided yet, and it depends on your feedback. (Scratch this part, I said fuck it and I’m posting the whole thing in one go. Sorry for the length, it’s over 3.2K words, whoops?)

As always, tagging those requested and whom I think would like, and enjoy!

@howlingbarnes @bovaria @growningupgeek @hiddenwritingsintheworld @ilostmyshoe-79 @luxdxvine @vintagevalentinexx @abaddonwithyall @dancingalone21 @kittenofdoomage

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221B Con Intro Post!

Name: Merinda

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 38

Location: Texas

What do you do in fandom: Write all the things. Or well, a lot of smut anyway.

How long are you staying: Thursday-Monday

How are you getting there: Plane

Cosplays: Greg, don’t know what day

Where to find me:  I am on the PWP panel and ABO 2. 

Hugs: Def

Pictures: Go for it

Anything Else: This is my first 221B con. Also I am a human golden retriever so say hello, or I might say hello first. Either way I’m friendly as hell and I apologize in advance for how talkative I am.

Contact Details: Feel free to message me if you’d like my number/whatsapp. Otherwise I’m reliantfc3 on Skype

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So I just got the notification for your last post and I was scrolling through tour art when my mom asked to see what I was doing on my phone, thing is she probably wouldn't like me looking at two of the founding fathers making out, so I just had a heart attack. I managed to get it to like a teapots that was totally PG but my God am I going to be more careful


Fallen Angels, Ch. 20

Chapter 20 – After: Up from the Bottom of a Well

Chapter Summary: In which Loki and Sigyn figure some things out – some of which are easier to deal with than others. This chapter moves to the future again, right after Elli’s recent confession to Loki about his biological mother.
Rating: E for the story overall. If you are under 18, go read something else!
Characters: Loki, Sigyn, Thor, Anna (ofc), Balder (might-as-well-be-omc), Amora (a might-as-well-be ofc), Odin, Elli (a stone giantess and might-as-well-be-ofc)
Story Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy

I will re-blog with the tags.  I would be glad to add to or remove from the tag list at your request.

[I am, btw, posting this on my birthday. It would be a totally amazing birthday present if everyone who read this were to leave a comment. :D; yes, that was a shameless plea for comments; no I have no pride.]

Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin , for your help and encouragement and editing. You are an angel.
Thank you also to @pedeka for being an unfailingly patient sounding board and for listening to my whiny writer complaints.

Ch. 1: Walking with unblest feet

Ch. 19: “A rat!”


Elli took her leave early when it became clear that Loki preferred sulking in his workshop to actual dialog. She gave Sigyn a quick hug at the kitchen door, muttering something about needing to find someone.

“Elli, wait,” Sigyn grabbed her arm before she turned away. “You said you knew where the stone came from.”

Elli put her hand on Sigyn’s arm, almost petting her as she looked into her eyes. “I think you know, little one. It’s no place I could go. You’ve got the book, and I think you’ll find it much easier to read now than it was before your pain-in-the-ass husband started giving you lessons.” Elli squeezed her arm once more and was gone, leaving Sigyn with a frustrating list of questions, but at least an idea of where to start looking for answers.

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I'm on mobile app and idk if the "ask" page and etc says you don't answer mobile apps, or what they say. I was just curious if you do respond to mobile or could post some answers about it? Just curious if I can contact this blog :) please respond if possible

I think we have a similar ask in our queue, but I’m going to go ahead and respond to this immediately because I am confused by it.

As far as I know, mobile asks and non-mobile asks go to the same ask box, so there is no way to know which asks are coming to us from mobile sources or from a computer.

So… yeah. 

-Amy (Hufflepuff)