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We all give Kara grief for being so obvious with her identity, but Alex is definitely worse, at least at the DEO, because you know she's got a clamshell picture frame on her desk, Kara dressed up for her first day at CatCo on one side, early Supergirl victory pose on the other, and whenever J'onn tries to say something, Alex just gives him a look like "Am I not allowed to be proud of my sister now?" and he walks away, because he keeps pictures of the both of them in his wallet.

because he keeps pictures of both of them in his wallet.


Today I am a cotton candy princess!! I was told I wouldn’t wear my pink wig to work. Oh you silly of course I will! I think I might finish up the Hamzo Yakuza one tonight if work isn’t too busy! Y'all are free to ask me about myself or opinions on things OW related. It’ll give me something quick and easy to work on tonight. Love y'all!! 😘😘😘😘

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Shame on you for sitting there begging for money over and over again then shitting out half assed commissions for people to pay for a wedding to a guy who treats you like shit. Please get your life together and not live off other people's hand outs and stop asking for money cause you clearly don't need it to live like you say you do. Shame on you karma will get you 10 fold.

Oh my god lmao. Someone’s jealous. I KNEW this would happen! Do you honestly think before you spew out embarrassing shit?

Usually I don’t post things like this, but I need to make things clear, because this isn’t the first time people have sent me something like this and expect me to go, “Aw. Now I’m sad. I should give up.” Or whatever.

–First of all, I am not paying for this wedding. My mom and future mother-in-law are paying for it. (Very thankful) Why pay for the wedding and not help me on other days? It’s a gift. To help in an event that happens once in a lifetime, and to make my day amazing. They’re not there to wipe my ass and give me handouts.

–Second of all, I work very hard on my commissions. I don’t really care if you’re sitting there judging the quality of my work because you have nothing better to do or you just feel like being salty. I’m constantly sick to my stomach, have eye problems, along with depression and anxiety. Though I hardly need an excuse. I know I’m a good artist.

–Third of all, apparently you’ve missed the posts I made about Chase and how we’ve improved and that’s the only reason we’re moving on in our lives. There are plenty of ups and downs, but overall, he’s improved, I’ve improved. That’s that. I’m not a moron.

I ask for people to help me with financial needs, and that’s not a problem. People are generous, and I’d never force anyone to help me. Many people do it when they’re feeling at their lowest. I may over-reblog sometimes, but that’s when I feel like I’m in a panic. I don’t live in luxury. I don’t have a lot of money. I don’t have opportunities left and right to get jobs. I’m not sure why you think that, where you heard that I live financially well, or why you need to jump right to conclusions. But if you don’t like it, please unfollow me?? Why is that hard???

I’m not going to stop just because you’re butthurt. ♥  ♥ go lay down and count to 10 or something

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I just.. am confused... why can't people say "I need to practice my french" or something or like "I understood most of this" Like... ? is there something inherently bad about it or does it just annoy you?

uhhhh idk if you mistook me for @fatlardo cause that was her post? and she explained it really well on her blog already so you can check that if you want. id give you a link but im on mobile

like tbh it wouldnt bother me too much on a personal level if someone commented that on a post of mine, but i also grew up in a very different area of canada than karo and people don’t have the same attitudes towards french here. like ottawa is a government city so almost everyone is bilingual, and anglophones and francophones all work in the same places. anyway i can totally see where karo’s coming from and i support her in not wanting people to comment shit like that

I made something the give me more structure and help with daily routines~! An AM and PM chart and a Habit tracker~! I’m going to clean my room, get this laminated and cut and show you guys because I’m super excited. I really need structure. I’ll also put the pdfs up to download~!

therapist: so tell me about yourself

me: you need to know before any of this that i am extraordinarily self-aware and have been dealing with this on my own for more than a decade so probably won’t respond well to traditional therapy techniques as i’ve tried pretty much everything that you can find on the internet for a long enough time to build up a tolerance for it all so you might have to work harder

therapist: alright then i’m going to suggest something a little different, you might have heard of this one but maybe give it a shot… it’s called…. “mindfulness”

me: alright so we have 45 minutes still but i’m just gonna go ahead and leave now.

just to clear some things up...

It came to my attention yesterday that some have been pointing to my videos and saying that I am giving credibility to the anti-Semitic movement, and my fans are part of it as well for watching. I don’t want to cite the sources because I don’t want to give them any more attention.

This originated from a video I made a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me—That people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.

I think it’s important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.

I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel.  Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive.

As laughable as it is to believe that I might actually endorse these people, to anyone unsure on my standpoint regarding hate-based groups: No, I don’t support these people in any way.

Thanks for reading.

Day Forty-Eight

-An older woman repeatedly tried to hand-write her PIN on the screen rather than use the keypad, despite my subtle suggestions. There is something to be said for a person this determined in their ways that they will not give up. It is not necessarily a wholly positive thing, but something is there to be said regardless.

-A mother described her daughter to me as “a people-watcher.” I had already picked up on this, as she had been staring me in they eye, unblinking, unwavering, peering directly into my soul. She knows things now that I had not known about myself. She holds answers about who I am and why I am here. This young girl could unravel my psyche in a single word. Thankfully, giving her a sticker seems to have won her over. I am safe. For now.

-My offer of a sticker to a young boy was abruptly refused. “I do not want a sticker,” he informed me in a very direct manner. I laid the sticker back down, ashamed of the boy. Moments later, he whispered, “Actually, I think I changed my mind.” I knew that he would come around. I handed him a sticker cheerfully, glad to have recruited another member into my sticker collective.

-I rang up a man with a long and scraggly beard, yellowed around his mouth. I wrote this off as the result of a cigarette habit, but this assumption was dashed as he drew near. I caught the scent of what was undoubtedly the urine of a severely dehydrated person. He carried out his transaction, smiling and humming, surprisingly cheery for a man whose face has just been pissed on.

-An elderly woman purchased a large bag of popcorn after completing her purchase. She then placed this bag upside-down within a plastic bag she seemingly procured out of thin air. She then left the store, entirely unaware of the trail of buttery goodness the hole in the bag left in her wake.

-A man in a security guard uniform strutted through the store with a gait I have only seen in supermodel geese.

-I was informed by an older woman that it was very kind of me to give her her receipt. Her tone had me convinced that this was a genuine sign of gratitude and not just a default pleasantry. It is one of the most basic aspects of my job, but the appreciation means a great deal to me regardless.

-A woman asked me if she could have a discount. I was unable to comply. She then offered my one of her children in return. He seemed to be quite a jokester, but before I was able to sign any paperwork for it, I noticed that my supervisor was next to me and I had to pass up on this offer. I will acquire a jester yet.

-A new man has begun walking laps through the Target doors, entering one and immediately exiting the other, no purchase to be made, no browsing to be done. Is this a new trend? Or a friend? Coincidence? Conspiracy? My journalistic integrity demands that I get to the bottom of this. I may not be a journalist, but I have this integrity nonetheless.

-Taking her receipt, a woman softly said her goodbyes. “Happy days to you,” she whispered, words somehow escaping her motionless mouth. I feel that I have just served some sort of ageless deity on her way out of this world to the next. The only other possibilities I can see are that she has not changed her speech patterns in decades, or she was simply a fan of the Fonz. These seem much less probably, though.

Ever wanted to get that book edited? Now’s the time.

Hey all. I just landed a great job in Japan that starts in March, but because I let my present employer know ahead of time, they gave me the boot. This means come January, I’m out of job. If I can’t find work, I can’t get to my new job. That’s why I’m coming to you.

I am an experienced long-form editor with a degree in editing and publishing. I have over 2500+ consulting hours with a mix of fiction and nonfiction.

  • Need something proofread? I got you.
  • Is your plot being a ninny bitch? I can help you charge ‘er up.
  • Don’t know why your murder scene has no tension? Boy, I sure do.
  • Revising an area paper? A thesis? A dissertation? Get an editor.
  • Totally new writer? Never worked with an editor? No problem.
  • An old pro? Give this pair of young eyes a try.
  • Is your resume in need to new life? I LOVE MAKING RESUMES
  • Need help with a query? Trying to find an agent? Are you unsure about the entire publishing industry? It’s my job to tell you all about it.
  • Trying to get into med school? Grad school? Just school?? Not to brag, but I have a med school essay success rate of 100%. No shit.

And as a sample of my work:

Now, if this intimidates you, please don’t worry. These clients were all ready and prepared for some hard-hitting feedback. If that’s not you, no problem– I can be gentle.

Because my life is literally about to tank without some form of income, I’m reducing my normal rate by half.

I normally charge $45/hr for developmental editing, $30/hr for copyediting and $25/hr for proofreading. My prices are already cheap.

Right now I will do any type of editing you want, on any kind of document, for only $12/hr.

That said, I will happily negotiate.

I can edit about 10 pages an hour, depending on how polished the work already is.

My goal is not only to correct your document, but help you understand your mistakes so you don’t make them again. I literally want to make you a better writer.

Basically, writing without an editor is like going outside with only underpants on. Not only will I get you some clothes, you’ll be damn stylish.

stay like that. love people endlessly. and when it doesn’t work out? you’ll heal and you’ll learn to love again. i know that it’s hard to give up everything and still have hope in nothing. but you are not nothing. you have a beautiful and giant heart and no matter how much you think it’s broken, you’ll find a way to love again.
—  something a good friend said to me that i think about a lot

Hi,It’s me Mari-ejem ejem. I mean I’m YF ,well this day is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY!!! AND I’M A WOMAN,this day especially for my iimspirations and friends.
@elladoodles,gurl really i love your friendship and your art and really i hope that you have fun today.
@areablog,you’re the first persons that you give me your friendship and i’m feel special.
@spatziline with you i can watch that i can do something without limits,and really i appreciate that.
@aweirdlatina,you’re super smart , kind and funny i love you.
@anomalyah ,you work super hard,you’re kinda and friendly , i hope that i am your friend.
@marionette-j2x, i love your art and your work since i was have 11 years old , i grew up with your art and for you i stay here in tumblr,my inspiration.
@weather-art my friend,my sister,we will have a crossover haha well really you stay with me help me , maks me laught,and grew up top ,really i want to continue being your friend.
@daronnefcy , i don’t know if you will look this post but you draw amazing, you work super hard for Svtfoe and you’re the 2nd girl in Disney.
I want be how you and do a programm how you did it.

GURLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!❤❤.


BEHOLD almost every design that’s up for sale in th’shop! i keep getting emails from redbubble about shipping deadlines so that’s something to be aware of if you’re planning on giving one of these “good” “products” to your friends and/or loved ones this holiday season. 

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trash aus
  • i borrowed ur pen and its been 2 weeks and i still haven’t returned it because every time i talk to u, i am reminded of the massive fucking crush i have on u which always ends up leaving me speechless” au 
  • “u caught me dramatically lip syncing/dancing and instead of laughing u joined in v v badly and we did a fucking duet together” au
  • u sat next to me on the plane and idk if ur nervous or something but wHY DO U NEED THE TOILET SO FUCKING MUCH” au
  • “i’m a bus driver and despite my no-coins policy, u always manage to weasel ur way into giving them to me w/ stories that cannot possibly be true” au 
  • i didn’t realise i was staring at u while daydreaming” au 
  • “i have never met u in my entire life but u keep sarcastically responding to my tweets and i wanted to punch u until i saw ur avi and now i sort of want to kiss u” au
  • i thought u had a crush on our friend and u thought i had a crush on the same friend when in reality, we have a crush on each other” au
  • “we fucked last night and i left before u woke up and ur standing in front of me right now… for a job interview” au 
  • we’ve been married for 2 years now and u just had surgery that left u real fucking dopey and u keep telling me that u wanna take me out and marry me” au
  • “this is my first time at a gay bar and i’m kinda nervous so i got real drunk and now ur listening to me rant on and on about how gay two characters are for each other,” au
  • i drunk texted u thinking u were my ex and in the morning i woke up to a hangover and a long ass text from u telling me i could do better and shit” au
  • “i’m a popular fanfiction writer and u catch me writing the latest chapter in a cafe, and we end up talking and i keep going on and on about this cute commenter who i find out is u when u comment on the next chapter” au 
  • ur my best friend’s older brother and u just caught me singing along to my to best friend’s brother by victoria justice with a bunch of dicks drawn on my face.” au
  • “ur in a band i really like but ur band name is fucking stupid so i made an anonymous twitter account with new band name suggestions except it got really popular and now u wanna meet me” au 
  • ur my daughter’s teacher and u asked to meet me after school so i got real scared and now i’m shouting at u about how u shouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s skills due to their disability” au
  • “u helped me shout at some prick at a bar” au
  • ur the really sassy blind kid in my class who always brightens up my day with ur remarks and one day u confront me abt why i always laugh” au
  • “its a school reunion and woah u got really hot and woah we’re fucking in the bathroom” au 
  • we’ve been binge watching this show for a while and then i found out u didn’t ship my otp so i spent the rest of the day convincing u to ship them together” au

if u write any of these, TAG/MESSAGE ME!!!

Living with ADHD is sometimes gives me pleasant surprises like “oh look I already got a spoon for my coffee apparently”.

manifestation tip:

once you attract something, you want keep it all up by doing acts of kindness and being grateful. every night i say to myself what i am grateful for from that day. i usually end up smiling and feeling warm inside, because positive emotion raises your vibration. always try to give just as much as you receive if not more. by the way this isn’t always material giving. say something nice or do a chore for a loved one. do it with love, not just because you want to attract more. before you know it gifts will continue to flow into your life from source energy. this also helps with keeping a positive attitude no matter how the day goes. you’ll always find something to be grateful for, and you will always have the wonderful feeling of helping/giving to someone else. ✨

a day in december: traditions

on ao3

@sitting-in-thee-corner​ said something about chugging hot chocolate and i just ran with it

i love the classmates but whenever i write them it turns into a weird meme-y shitpost also definitely not my best work but considering i’m writing a fic a day i’m giving myself a little slack for this month

ITS LATE BUT I WAS REALLY BUSY (and then had a lovely hour long conversation with a very very tired and slightly delusional @zoenightstars​) AND WAS UP TILL 3 AM YESTERDAY IT STILL COUNTS OK ITLL BE FINE

Adrien tilts his head and stares at his classmates, who are all crowded around the teacher’s desk. Alix and Kim trash talk each other loudly as Nathanael stands on a chair and scribbles on the chalkboard. Chloé raises an eyebrow when she sees Adrien by the door before Nathanael taps on her head. She scowls and swats him away. Sabrina hands him another color of chalk. Max is saying something about odds and Ivan is nodding along like he understand as Nino listens with a glazed eyes.

Alya joins Adrien in the doorway. She purses her lips. “Hm…”

He frowns. “Do you…?”

She shakes her head. “Not a clue.”

“Uh, guys? Can I get through?”

They turn to see Marinette standing behind them. She gives them a half smile, arms wrapped around a large box from the bakery.

“Do you need any help?” Adrien offers.

She shakes her head, her bangs falling into her eyes. She makes a face and blows them away before saying. “I don’t haul flour bags around all day for nothing.” She tightens her grip on the box and holds it with one arm, showing off her muscles by flexing her free arm.

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Although, listen. What is up with the dress???

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THIS IS DISNEY. THERE ARE COSPLAY DRESSES 1000000 TIMES BETTER THAN THAT. THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ELEGANT SUMMER DRESS, NOT THE DRESS. (I haven’t been this disappointed in something Emma Watson was in since she and Rupert ruined the Romione kiss #forever bitter.)

BUT YES. Sterek. All Disney movies give me Sterek feels but Beauty and the Beast is a special case, always. I mean


And then, just for the feels



just sayin’….

am I the only one who can’t seem to keep any hobbies because if I’m not “the best” at whatever it is I become obsessed with, then I just give up and find some other new hobby. Like, I’ll think me becoming a pro at whatever hobby is impossible/unattainable or I just want to be good at it NOW without putting in the effort to learn. I just want to finally be good at something!

give me a Sirius Black who is hurt. give me a Sirius Black who is angry. give me a Sirius Black who is utterly terrified. give me a Sirius Black who is traumatized from years of parental abuse, who finds himself unable to breathe sometimes because something James says jokingly far too closely resembles all the poison his mother spews intentionally. give me a Sirius Black who wakes up in a cold sweat with his mother’s vile words ringing in his ears, who crawls into bed with Remus because he knows he will understand.

give me a Remus Lupin who is conflicted. give me a Remus Lupin who very much loves his parents, but can’t forget his father’s prejudices, no matter how much he’s changed. give me a Remus Lupin who remembers exactly how it felt to be bitten, to feel as if his blood had turned to venom. give me a Remus Lupin whose scars are not all from the full moon. give me a Remus Lupin who wordlessly wraps his arms around Sirius in the dead of night, when the only sounds to be heard are the sobs being torn from Sirius’s throat. give me a Remus Lupin who understands far too well. give me a Remus Lupin who runs his hands through Sirius’s hair and places a kiss on his forehead and promises, “it’s okay. it’s okay. I’ve got you.”