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“That’s Y/N?” He asked Raven, his eyes never leaving your silhouette.

She chuckled to herself, noticing the shear amazement in his eyes. “Dude, you’re totally drooling.” She teased.

Alex swallowed hard, and wiped his mouth. Though nothing was there in the first place.

Before he could respond, you walked over to him, and smiled.

“Nice to meet you Alex.” You muttered.

He was taken aback, furrowing his brows. “H-how–”

“She can read your mind.” Raven stated.

“So, she’s one of us?”

You couldn’t help but giggle, still overhearing his thoughts. “Yes, I am one of you.”

Alex felt his lips twitch into a shy smirk. You were out of this world beautiful, and he was hooked. “You’re beautiful.” He breathed.

Raven, rolled her eyes and huffed. “Okay Romeo, I am taking this girl to meet Charles. When you’re done daydreaming, you can meet us.”

She started pulling you along with her, away from Alex and Hank.

The very second you stepped out of his view, he immediately smacked his hand against his head and groaned. “You’re beautiful?” He mimicked himself. “God, I’m an idiot.”

Hank shook his head, chuckling. “An idiot who has a crush.”

“Shut up.” Alex groaned.


… when skellies get elctricuted? idk man.

hah, fuck anatomy, I am having a helluva fight with this artblock, so just getting something stamped as DONE is a fucking miracle

also - I have too many different ways I want them to look as humans, I had such a hard time picking a design… and then, out of my hands this crap came to be. Im sorry, it’ll be better next time pfffff


“You’re starting to fall asleep again, (y/n)”, Alec complained but you only grumbled respondent.
His arms were way too comfortable to just leave.

“I am totally awake”, you claimed.
“Oh yeah? What did I just say?”
You tried to remember really hard but you couldn’t. Alec gave you a few seconds before he got his confirmation. “Come on. Time for bed.”

“But I don’t want to stand up. It’s so perfect right now.”
“Maybe for you (y/n), but I can’t feel my left foot anymore”, Alec complained and you looked up to him, barely keeping your eyes open.

“Are you saying I am too heavy?” You tried to sound angry but instead only managed a yawn, that made Alec giggle. 
“No you aren’t”, he gave back and stood up with you in his arms.

“What are you doing?”, you asked, cuddling into his strong arms.
“I’m bringing you to bed, since you obviously don’t want to walk on your own.”

You didn’t reply to this. It didn’t seem to be too hart of a thing to do for the tall boy and you really were too tired to walk. You didn’t even manage to stay awake till your room. Cuddled into Alec’s arms you fell asleep again and this time he didn’t wake you.

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Pairing: Steve x reader

Summary: Steve Rogers was an innocent bunny. His innocence was what made him your best target to embarrass or tease. it was your favourite game until he decided to no longer play the victim.

Author’s Note: it was so fun to write. I always love Steve being an innocent angel while all the others try to ‘corrupt’ him, I just love it. The only hard part was righting the heated up scene(I am still red). I was giggling all the time while writing this. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: inappropriate jokes, flirting(?)

Word Count: 1480

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Steve rogers; the innocent golden retriever puppy and the butt of all the avengers’ dirty jokes.

It all began when you were all relaxing and drinking and tony decided to play a game of never have I ever. The game heated up quickly and became the filthiest game of never have I ever.

‘never have I ever done it with handcuffs.’ Clint said in a slurred voice.

Natasha, Bucky and Tony were the ones to sip their drinks. You were just grinning when you noticed Steve’s bright crimson face.

‘what’s wrong with you Stevie? You grinned and folded your arms. He looked up from the drink he was holding as he muttered something.

‘first time’s always a shocker.’ Tony said and the room was filled with drunk giggles.

‘that’s it.’ Steve got up and left the room.

From then on, it became your favourite time pass; making Captain America blush.

You were walking in the kitchen, it was around 4p.m so you thought of getting a fruit as a snack. You saw Steve and Bucky chatting by the counter. A plate of fruits with a knife kept neatly was what grabbed your attention. It had two bananas and you had an idea to embarrass Steve. You got a big banana and walked towards them.

‘hey,Steve,’ you said and they both turned to look at you. ‘mine’s bigger.’ You waved the banana in his face. He looked confused for a few seconds until he got your reference. A pink smudge appeared on his face. Bucky smiled a little before grabbing one himself.

‘mine’s the biggest!’ he held it up in the air with a dramatic proud look on his face. Steve felt a heat rise to his face.

‘why do you have to do that!’ he walked out stomping his feet. You both busted in laughter seeing his childish reaction.

The other time something like this happened was when he was sitting peacefully with newspaper and a good cup of coffee. Bucky and Sam were having a whisper fight in the background but he couldn’t care any less. He was finally serene.

‘great day, great coffee, no worries.’ he sighed out of relief as he looked around. ‘I wonder where’s-’ his thoughts were interrupted when he saw you walk in. Normally, he would just smile and glance at you while you returned it but today was different.

You were wearing shorts and a top with a very deep neck which wasn’t something you would usually wear. All three of them looked at you with varying expressions of shock. Sam and Bucky stopped arguing, Bucky’s jaw hung down while Sam’s eyes grew wide. Sam recovered from the shock and whistled as you walked were all of them were sitting. You smiled brightly and took a seat opposite Steve.

‘what’s with the sudden change (y/n)?’ Sam folded his arms.

‘why? Do I look bad?’ you pouted.

‘no, you look hot.’ Buck closed his mouth. ‘It’s just that it’s a very sudden change.’ he ran a hand through his hair.

You noticed Steve’s expression. His grip of the newspaper had become tighter; his eyes were wide and never left the sight of you. you smirked and decided to do something.

‘what’s with you Steve? have I made you uncomfortable?’ you looked at him innocently while you leaned towards him.

‘what?’ he looked dazed. ‘no! no, I, um, you-you look great!’ he tried to cover up as he tore his eyes away from you. Bucky and Sam tried to stifle their laughter. You leaned a little more forward giving him a full view of your cleavage.

‘really? You seem to look a little too red. Do you have a fever?’ you touched his forehead and his breath hitched. your plan was working. ‘you know what?’ you moved back in your seat. ‘they don’t talk.’ You kept a hand on your chest.

  ‘I-I wasn’t looking at your-, you know.’ He moved his hands violently trying to explain himself. Sam and bucky were almost rolling on the floor seeing his state. He glared at them but it only made them laugh more.

 ‘I hate you.’ he covered his face and groaned. You moved near him and bent down to his face.

‘you love me.’ You whispered in his ear and walked out of the room.

 Only if you knew what sensations had you ignited in him by just that very comment. he saw how you left the room bouncing a little at every step.

‘she’s going to be the death of me.’ He breathed.

‘hell yeah.’ Bucky straightened up in his chair while Sam was still giggling.

‘she surely knows her ways,’ Sam wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘I mean damn, she seduced Captain fucking America.’

‘that’s not my name.’ Steve folded his arms and glared.

He was finally getting tired of this game you were playing with him. he may be ‘innocent’ but he wasn’t clueless. he couldn’t take your teasing anymore so, he simply took a step on the right time.

All others were on a mission or busy somewhere else. It was just you and Steve in the tower that night. You were lying on your bed listening to your favourite song, occasionally making fireballs in the air. The song didn’t seem all that interesting anymore, you took your headphones off and sat up. You were thinking of what to do until the thought of Steve popped in your mind.

‘just what I need.’ You thought and headed out to find him.

He knew you would come to him sooner or later. He just waited patiently. He was completing a charcoal drawing until the little sheet of paper he was using to protect the drawing from smudging flew out of the gate. He had just gotten up to pick it until he saw you already standing there.

‘miss me sugar?’ you smiled and winked. he felt the heat rise to his cheeks again that only you could make him feel. He realized what he was doing and straightened up.

‘actually, yes.’ he leaned on the door by one shoulder. You were taken aback. Was he flirting back? You shook your head and decided to continue for this new side of him intrigued you.

‘looking for something?’ you quirked your brows and he nodded. ‘this?’ you pointed at the little piece of paper tucked in your tank top’s strap.

‘mhm, can I have it back?’ he moved his hand towards it but you took a step back.

‘no hands, Mr. Rogers.’ You gave him a cheeky grin.

‘alright, then.’ He leant down to your level. He stayed near your neck for a few second making your breathing uneven. he gently pulled the paper out, brushing his lips against the skin of your shoulder. He took it and waved it at you in a teasing manner.

‘won’t ask me in?’ you pulled yourself together.

‘of course, come in.’ he opened the gate wider and followed you in. you stood in his room admiring the drawings scattered around.

‘these are great.’ You examined them.

‘thanks.’ He smiled.

‘you wanna know the main reason why I came here?’ you turned to him and he replied in affirmative.

‘I was seeing this movie the other day and I don’t know why, but it’s very intimidating when someone does this.’ You pushed him lightly to a wall and kept both your hands on the wall near either sides of his head. You both locked eyes with each other before he broke the silence.

‘doll, I think you missed something.’ He spun you around and got you in the same position. ‘it’s the guy who does it.’ He smirked.

‘what’s gotten into you?’ you breathed.

‘well, let’s just say I got, very tired of all this.’ He mumbled as he closed the distance between you. ‘do you know how I feel when you do all these things to me?’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I am just left craving for more. I just want to touch you.’ his voice barely above a whisper. His eyes flicked to your lips. ’would you slap me if I kiss you?’ he tilted his head slightly.

You rolled your eyes and captured his lips as you pulled him by his collar. He wasn’t lying, you could feel how much he craved you by the way he kissed you. you pulled back while he looked like he wanted more.

‘aww, was I that bad?’ you teased him as you folded your arms.

‘no, I just wanted it to last longer. It was… fun’ he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. You moved back and he gave you a confused look.

‘take me on a date first, then, we can do much more fun stuff.’ You ran thumb on his cheekbone. ‘deal?’ you quirked your brows.

‘deal.’ He smirked and tightened his grip around you.

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so i'm re-reading the hobbit, and when it described hobbits i couldn't help but imagine kurama in the shire. the hobbits watch in confusion as this strange not-so-big person wanders around, occasionally picking one of them and staring at them intently for a few moments before huffing in annoyance and setting them back down. none of the hobbits realize he's looking for children to adopt/abduct and is getting annoyed by how short everyone is, even if it's nice being the tall one for once.

xD Oh my god that is perfect and I am giggling so hard right now.  

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Requested by anon <3 Sorry for the wait, i tweaked it a bit. Hope you like it!

Prompt: Markiplier imagine where he is dating the reader and she’s bad at video games so he decides to record a video with her where he tries to teach her how to play a game and it’s just really funny and this is the first time the viewers meet her and they end up loving her and mark together


‘I am bread’ was a stupid game with stupid controls and you couldn’t care less about it. That was a lie. You couldn’t care more about anything but the idiotic game that made you rage to the point where you held your breath in and mashed the buttons of your keyboard so hard your fingers were hurting.

You inhaled, slowly, murderously glaring at the screen whilst your boyfriend tried to hold in his giggles beside you.

“Not a word.” You uttered, biting your lip. Mark snorted, shaking his head and winking at the recording camera “I can do this, I can-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” You finished with a screech, throwing your arms up in frustration and nearly smacking Mark in the face.

You had died for the eleventh time. You felt like crying.

Overwhelming dread, embarrassment and rage over took you, and snapping to Mark you glared at him as if it was his fault for the torture this game put you through. You were never a good gamer, your fingers just lacked the speed and efficiency to press buttons at the right time and place, and you did even worse under pressure.

“What?” he grinned at you, “Need me to teach you?” his grin widened when you gave him a deadpan stare, your face portraying no emotion. You turned away from him when he eagerly scooted closer, grabbing the mouse and keyboard. You gazed at the camera with a disappointed glint in your eye as if to say ‘can you believe the nerve of this human beside me? I lose and he exploits my vulnerability to show off how good he is…’.

A couple of minutes later you were already laughing loudly as Mark tried to hold in his cool – it turned out he was worse than you, and ignoring his own tips he gave you a while back he let the game work him up to the point where his hands were shaking.

“Well look at that,” You hummed, eyebrows raised and watching your angry boyfriend glare at his poor result shown on screen “Looks like I’m not as bad at video games as I thought.”

His only response was a heavy, irritated sigh.

Later that day you were scrolling through the comments of the video, curious to what people had to say about your first appearance. A cheeky smile made its way on your face when the majority of comments were overwhelmingly positive.

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Sooooo!!!! Noctis what was it about Luna that made you fall head over heels for her????? And Luna! same question!

“What’s not to love? She’s beautiful, she’s intelligent, she’s graceful, she’s nurturing, she’s selfless, she’s… *realizes what he’s saying and cheeks flush red* Oh god… Yeah. I’ll let you figure the rest out. It’s hard to not fall for someone like her. Prompto hit the nail on the head when he said any guy would be over the moon to marry her. Well, yeah… he’s right. I am.”

“My, where do I even begin? He is truly such a charming and caring person. But also his honesty and shyness that comes along with it. He is so compassionate, and very loving too. *she giggles* He’s handsome and very passionate and tender. And the fact that he is just really adorable when he falls asleep on my lap. ”

*he flushes redder* Luna… the guys are never gonna let me live this one down either… I just kinda can’t help it. When I get comfortable, I get tired, and your lap makes a nice pillow… and I get sleepy when you play with my hair. It just sort of happens to make me doze off…“

*she chuckles and giggles at the same time* “My dear Noctis, your comrades are fully aware that you like to snooze off. What they don’t know is that my humming is making you fall asleep more swiftly. ”

*he lays down in Luna’s lap* “Hmmm, your humming *he yawns* and playing with my hair does…” *he closes his eyes* 

“May you have pleasant dreams, my dear Noctis.” *she closes in and places a tender kiss on his temple* 

Imagine you and Evie coming out to everyone.

Evie: *takes a deep breath* Ok I have an announcement. 

Mal/Carlos/Jay/Ben: *look up from whatever they were doing*

Y/N: *stands up; takes Evie’s hand*

Jay: *notices you two holding hand hands* uhh…


Evie: *nods* Yeah.

Mal: *snorts* Kinda hard not to know.

Carlos/Ben: *nod in agreement*

Jay: Am I the only one that was left in the dark?!?!?!

Evie: *giggles* Guess so.

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best chemistry moment

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omgomgomg. this is the anon who has a crush on a girl in their theatre class from before, and we had class again today and o m g. i drew a little comic thing based on a conversation we had last week and she read it and she was hysterically giggling for a long time and i am d e c eas ed i am s obbing she is the most angelic most perfect being to ever exist and i cant get her laugh out of my head its so adorable and just f rICk i fell h ar d i fell rllyrlly hard. 1/2

2/2 and someone brought those little sweetheart candies that have “i love u” and “hugs” and “yes” and “xoxo” on them to class, and we both got a bunch and she kept reading them aloud and showing them to me and i was fDyING SHE KEPT WHISPERING I LOVE U AND HOLDING THESE LITTLE HEART CANDIES IN HER MOUTH MOCK-DRAMATICALLY AND IT WAS SO CUTE AND FUNNY IM DYINGGG. sorry if you dont wanna be flooded with crush stories haha, ill stop but im vVV EMOTIONAL AN GAY RN



also I don’t mind crush stories I love em but I worry I flood other people’s dash @that people plz dont unfollow me,,, you’ll miss out bc I’ll open requests super soon

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lol whenever i see alec with his bow, i instantly remember that "what do you like about my character? his bow and quiver" thing that matt and harry did in the comic con panel lmfaoo iconic they are so funny asdjkghl

Hahahahaha. The way Harry said this in such a deadpanned way and Matt’s giggle…. I laughed so hard. lol

Not to mention the line “think of me when you shoot your arrows”. Why the hell did you screw this up every damn time, Matthew?! WHY? I will forever be bitter that we also didn’t get this as a blooper.


(Not My Gif)

You both loved the song so when Peter heard you playing it in your dorm he immediately sped off to your room excitedly. You were humming the tune to yourself when Peter appeared. He was the first one to start singing.

“Sweet dreams are made of these!” Peter pointed to you as if queuing you in.

“Who am I to disagree” you sang back trying as hard as you could to hold in the giggles.


request: “39 with Daehyun please!“ ~Anon “Can i request a drabble with bap’s daehyun + 1? Thank you! Omg i had such a hard time choose cause all of it seems so cute! 😄😄 thank you again!“ ~ @soshibaby98

1 - Am I your husband or your taxi service?

39 - The floor is lava

genre: fluff

pairing: daehyun x you

word count: 538

AFF link

A loud sigh filled the bedroom as the sheets rustled against each other, Daehyun rousing from his Saturday afternoon nap. He could hear faint giggles and shrieks from the living room, which was probably what had pulled him away from slumber. Taking his time stretching and easing himself away from the warm comforting bed, Daehyun smiled at the sounds floating upstairs.

The high pitched screeches and laughs of his son peppered the air around Dae as he made his way downstairs. He found you standing on the couch, legs shoulder width apart and slightly bent with your five-year-old son on your shoulders.

“Daddy!” the little boy called with joy.

A grin spread across his father’s face. “And what exactly are my two cuties doing?”

“The floor is lava!”

“Get off the floor dad! Your feet are burning!” Still a little groggy from the nap, it took your husband a moment longer than normal to react. As quickly as he could manage, he leaped onto the loveseat opposite the couch where you and you and your son were. Using both hands you lifted little Youngsoo off your shoulders and set him on the coffee table in between the two couches.

“Quick! You have to make it to the kitchen before the volcano erupts,” you urged. Squealing with a mix of terror and excitement, Youngsoo leaped off the table and onto a couch cushion placed on the carpet. He lost his balance slightly, nearly touching the carpet when he caught himself.

“Careful!” Daehyun urged. While the little boy’s back was turned, your husband quickly stepped on the floor and then onto the couch next to you.

“Cheater,” you whispered low enough so your son wouldn’t hear. Jokingly, he hushed you before pulling you into his arms. The two of you encouraged Youngsoo as he made a few more leaps and jumps toward the kitchen tile.

“I win!” he shouted, throwing his arms up in the air. It hadn’t been a race or competition of any kind, but if the kid thought he’d won then so be it. With the game over, you stepped down from the couch, going to pick up Youngsoo and congratulate him with Daehyun following shortly behind you.


“Yes darling?”

Your son smiled slightly, sticking the tip of an index finger into his mouth – just like he always did when he wanted something. Barely audible, he asked, “Can we go to the park and play?”

Chuckling you left a soft kiss on the kid’s forehead. “If daddy will drive us.”

“Am I your husband or you taxi service?” Daehyung feigned annoyance with you, raising an eyebrow when he spoke.

Turning in your arms, Youngsoo turned and reached out for his father, who happily took him from you. “Pretty please, daddy? I reeeeaaaallly want to go to the park with you and mommy.”

Unable to resist the natural cuteness of his child, Dae immediately gave in. “Okay, okay. Let’s go get your shoes on, bud.” Before your husband could carry your son into the front room to get him ready, you grabbed him by the shoulder. Leaning in and placing a peck on his cheek, you thanked him. “You’re lucky I love both of you,” he teased.

I am a bisexual female.

As a female attracted to males,
I can wear pink and dresses and makeup,
Giggle a lot and kiss boys frequently
And spend my time on picking outfits to catch a male’s attention.

As a female attracted to females,
I can wear plaid and cut my hair short,
And fix lightbulbs and cars,
And be repulsed by male parts.

As a bisexual female,
I can be attention-seeking and shallow,
And flirt with many people.

As a female,
I can get angry when I’m on my period,
And like beautiful things,
And talk behind another woman’s back.

But as an intelligent female,
I can know that my labels do not define me.
I can recognize that as a small part of a demographic group,
I do not represent all people like me,
And that no single person defines a community.

As a powerful female,
I can be able to make things,
Or control a room.
I can see that strength is both physical and mental.

And as an independent female,
I can live separately from my labels.
And even if my actions happen to coincide with common stereotypes and ignorant false definitions,
I am still not defined by the perceptions and judgment of others,
And neither is my demographic group.

Because there is such a huge difference
Between what I am
And who I am.

—  I Am. – k.l.y.


“You’re dating Remus?” Sirius basically shouted as he stormed up to me. 

I almost choked on the food in my mouth. “uhm.. yeah, I am.” I mumbled turning around to face him. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Sirius grunted, clearly upset. I went to open my mouth to answer when I heard two voices snickering in the background. 

“What’s so funny you two?” I turned back around to see James and Peter clutching their stomach's from laughing so hard. 

“It’s just- I can’t believe you didn’t know!” James managed to get out.

 “And your face right now is priceless!” Peter chimed in. They both erupted back into laughter, causing me to giggle as well. 

“Your face is pretty surprised right now.” I said trying not to laugh. 

“Hey, what’s so funny?” A voice said from behind us. Sirius turned around to face a confused Remus. Sirius’s face was red, looking like he was ready to explode. 

christmas parties

(this is… SO long.  i am so sorry.  it got away from me)

“Ok, so… I once got so drunk that I kissed Ilse… I wanted to get a tattoo of a flower, but I was too scared, so I have a supply of the same temporary tattoo… and I’m straight.”

The entire party burst out laughing.

“The lie is supposed to be hard to guess, Ernst,” Wendla spat out in between giggles.

Ernst’s face fell so dramatically that he looked like a kicked puppy, and the entire party was off again.

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Sirius Black Headcanons

I have this notion that Sirius would be intimately attuned to a posh English speech pattern (the accent as well as phrasing and intonation) due to his essentially wizarding royalty status (despite his break from the rest of the Blacks, at least the highly elitist ones). But, for giggles and because he’s just likes showing the lack of importance he places on meaningless gestures like “proper” speech when it’s so culturally subject in the first place, he’ll speak cockney slang sometimes. Really gets into it, too. Like, old-timey rhyming slang and all that. James finds it hilarious but hard to understand. Remus secretly appreciates Sirius’ attention to detail. Peter laughs along but is usually confused.

…Can you tell I am in no way British?

BTS reaction to you describing yourself as unicorn


Request open


“Wait, what?”

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“Ah, the drug started to kick in, I see.”

“I didn’t do drugs!”

“Not sure about that one”

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“If you believe hard enough, you’ll be a unicorn in your next life… Let’s be unicorns together!” #wiseWords

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Jiminie would giggle and find it extremely cute

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“Unicorns are amazing, wonderful and very beautiful… They suit you…” *wink wink*

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“And then I am the strange one..”

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