but i am funny ok

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this


Taeyong’s “cute” expression when he is practising revealed😂😂

  • Taehyung: I put the fun in dysfunctional
  • Namjoon: I put the hot in psychotic
  • Hoseok: I put the D in Agust D
  • Taehyung:
  • Namjoon:
  • BTS:
  • BH:
  • America:
  • Julius Caesar:
  • Universe:
  • Yoongi: how many times

Fem!Mint Yoongi feat. Unnecessary Space Background

  • grease lord
  • literally always has an arm around you
  • (probably from the second you met)
  • if he ain’t got an arm around you
  • you can guarantee he’s holding your hand
  • maybe resting on your leg
  • literally never stops touching you
  • constant backhugs when you’re cooking
  • “yuta you know you can like literally sit down ?? like believe it or not you don’t gotta inconvenience me like this when I am cooking?????”
  • and he’s just like “but we both know you love when I inconvenience you : -)))”

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Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*


1. 1st Verse
2. JHOOOOOOOPE 40 times on a loop but every time it gets higher
3. nut @ hoseok’s part it cypher 4
4. hoseok imitating puppy sounds
5. $ope for lyfe (feat. AgustD)
6. hobi’s shoes squeaking against the floor when he practices choreos
7. Jin’s laugh remix (1 hour version)
8. skit: my little mermaid socks
9. diss track @ twitter haters
10. ode to j-hope’s jaw and cheekbones
11. hope on the streets, angel in the sheets
12. sounds of the sun (not some nasa bullshit!!)


i swear this is a funny joke