but i am content to tears

4 months with no contact. if you were to tell me a year ago that i’d be able to go 4 months without hearing your voice, i would’ve laughed in your face. i remember the first time we didn’t speak for a whole day. i’ve never felt an emptiness like it.

4 months with no contact and i am a totally different person now. i have scars on my skin that you’ve never seen. i have stories to tell which you’ve never heard. i have memories i won’t share with you.

4 months with no contact and i am thriving. i am doing well. i am healthy, happy almost. i am content with life and i am moving on, slowly.

4 months with no contact and this is not the first night i’ve broken down in tears. i miss you. in a very naturally human way. i miss you.

4 months with no contact and i still feel sick when we don’t acknowledge each other whilst passing by. but i don’t see red anymore. i guess that’s an improvement.

4 months with no contact. 8 months with no contact. a year. 5 years. i will miss you for a lifetime.

—  you promised you wouldn’t leave but now you’re gone and you’ve moved on and you no longer think of me
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe that bts won a daesang award. the crazy amount of hate they have been getting has been so discouraging, but both army and bts worked hard to prove them wrong. i remember when they couldn't even pay for a car for their mv, and now they're winning album of the year. i completely understand why they were crying, i myself am in tears. they are so hardworking and humble, and it feels so good for that hard work to be acknowledged in such a public way. so many were saying that they'll never amount to anything, that nobody likes them anyway, but bts has always kept pushing forward, working hard to release great content for us. i feel so proud of them, just as proud as if i had won an award myself. i will never stop stanning this band. i don't want to ever let them down as army, and i want to keep gaining recognition and awards for them because i couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. who has worked so hard to get here? who has remained amazingly, shockingly humble throughout the years of rising popularity? who always has words of encouragement for army that brighten my day? who

why am i miserable when there’s a boy in my life but bored to tears when there isn’t like i’m just never content ?? when will another cute boy come fuck me up like i’m waiting……it’s time

its so weird for me seeing media representation of two girls kissing or something b/c it makes me think; is this how straight people feel when they watch romance movies? iv never felt anything while watch a heterosexual kissing scene, i watch entire romance movies waiting to feel something, to connect to the characters and then i watch Hayley Kiyoko’s 5 minute music video about two girls and it has me on the edge of tears and it makes me so upset b/c to me finding content like that 5 minute video is so rare sometimes i start to think that i am incapable of feelings. this is why representation is so fucking important 


I’ve seen a lot of shipping wars in my time, I’ve seen a lot of general discourse in my time (and wow does that make me sound old) but I swear to God the RWBY fandom is one of the most toxic places I’ve ever seen when it comes to shipping.

Male character breathes, half the fandom tears him to shreds.

Hetero or Homosexual shipping content, the other half of the fandom tears them to shreds.

Fandom is supposed to be a place where every fan can feel safe and welcome to post about their interests and share their content with others.

But somehow this particular fandom has decided to wage a war against itself. That is not okay.

Things that are okay in a fandom:
- Not liking a particular ship/character
- Bitching about a particular ship/character in the anti tag or on your own private blog
- Having a civilised discussion about a ship/character
- Disagreeing with someone and having your own opinion
- Unfollowing people who post stuff you don’t like (I know a lot of people have Unfollowing Anxiety, but it’s OKAY!)
- Asking people about why they ship a particular ship/hate a particular character

Things that are NOT okay in fandom:
- Posting hate of a ship/character in their tag
- Attacking anyone who likes something you don’t
- Demonizing people for liking something you find offensive
- Sending someone hate or death threats because they like something you don’t (this is particularily disgusting)
- Disagreeing with someone by insulting them or what they like

I bitch about stuff I don’t like all the time on my blog. For example I’m vehemently against Renora as a couple for various reasons but I’m not going to attack anyone who ships it. If they enjoy its, fine by me. I hate Adam with a passion but I can understand when people find him to be an interesting character. I like Bumblebee but won’t hate on Black Sun because of it.

Everyone has opinions and preferences, and if those opinions and preferences offend you you always have the option to unfollow or blacklist.

As I always say: Ship and let ship. There is enough space for everyone.

okay but im all about mercy and widowmaker bonding over being dead. like widowmaker coming in all haughty and assuming like ‘you do not know how it is to die! i have been there!” and getting shouty about it and mercy just taking widow’s hand and setting it over her silent heart. 

oh boy isn’t it wild how u can just see 1 thing and it ruins you lmfao bc I’m having a breakdown over this stupid Instagram post

           The Haircut Part 2 (!!!Smut Warning!!!)

Barry Allen x Reader

Author: Bekah814 

(A/N): Okay so I’m a little pissed that the first one of these i did got fucking erased like i was so proud of it and its gone -cri-  so here i am re-writing through the tears.

                              ~Previously on The Haircut~

Small mewls of pleasure were coming out of your mouth as you saw Barry pulling up a chair and watching you contently while slowly stroking his long , thick , hard cock. You were thrusting your fingers in and out and rubbing your clit viciously and practically screaming Barry’s name as you were reaching your climax. All of a sudden a strong hand stopped you. “nooo” you whined as Barry chuckled and pulled your hands above your head. “I wonder what you were fantasizing about when you were fingering yourself, because you’re soaking wet babe” he said as he put your legs on his shoulders.

             “So tell me (Y/N), what were you thinking about?” He whispered huskily into your ear. “Mmm well Daddy, I was thinking about riding your face and tugging on your hair making it all messy, while you vibrate your tongue on my pussy” you purred. “luckily for you princess I can make that happen” Barry said as he sped you over to the couch and in the correct position. “Don’t pull my hair princess or i’ll be forced to punish you.” Barry said from in between your legs. “Mmm Daddy” you moaned out as he licked your pussy. “You like that?” he asked as he started to speed up. “ah , oooh yess daddy! Right there!” You practically screamed as he thrusted his vibrating tongue in and out of you pussy. You grabbed onto his hair and started grinding your hips forwards, backwards and in a circular motion, as his hands grabbed onto your ass. “Yes Daddy fucking make me cum with your tongue” you screamed just as you orgasmed. “As delicious as you taste i told you not to pull my hair princess. So now you have to be punished.” Barry said as he sat up licking your juices from around his mouth. “So come bend across daddy’s lap and let me punish you.” He said in that sultry voice that made you shiver with arousal. You quickly snapped out of your thoughts and complied with pleasure. As soon as you bent over gave your plump ass a swift smack causing you to whimper. “I told you not to pull my hair princess” smack. “But you did anyway.” smack. “Not only did you pull it” smack “you yanked it smack. With that last hit his calloused fingers rubbed over your red ass to sooth the pain he caused. “Daddy i need you to fuck me please !” you begged. “Of course princess.” he said smirking. as he got from under you and put your legs once again over his shoulders as he pumped his enlarged member and aligned it up with your entrance. He slid in nice and slow causing you both to moan out in pleasure. He wrapped one arm around your waist and the other one was on the head of the couch as he thrusted in and out of you at a fast pace. “ahh fuck ! (Y/N)! you’re so fucking tight babe.” Barry moaned out as he leaned down and peppered kisses down your neck and to your breast. “GO FASTER BARRY PLEASE!” you moaned as he slipped a nipple into his mouth and began to suck, bite and tease your breast. Your moans were out of control as he used his flash speed to go inhumanly fast. “YES! YES! YES!”  you screamed as Barry pounded into you. “fuck my tight pussy daddy! Just like that !” you exclaimed. “You like that? You like when this big dick fucks your tight little pussy?” Barry asked as he fucked you hard and fast. He knew how much you loved dirty talk so he did it as much as he could. You were on the brink of your orgasm and you could tell he was too. He gripped your hips hard while he pounded into you and you were sure it would leave marks along with the hickies on your breast. “Barry im gonna cummmmmmm!” you said reaching up and pulling on his hair. “Fuck princess I’m close too. Ughh tell daddy where you want his cum.” Barry moaned as his thrust became sloppy and faster. “Daddy i want it inside me.” You choked out as you started to squirt around Barry’s Dick. You started jerking around as you squirted. The sudden movements brought Barry the extra push he needed causing him to cum deep inside you. You moaned as you felt Barry’s hot load inside you.He continued to thrust in and out of you riding out both of your highs. With one last soft thrust he pulled his soft dick out of you and rolled over beside you. He pulled you up to his chest and kissed you passionately, when he finally released you he said  “SO (Y/N), I’ll take that as you do like my new haircut.” 

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Eehh? You got a weird taste in art.. and art content..


night off

For @thegalacticpope

Damian tears open the crinkly plastic and dumps the contents on the table. They scatter and one rolls away; he catches it just in time with a slap of his hand.

Bruce is sitting next to him sorting the contents of another bag into piles. He’s glancing occasionally at a booklet of instructions.

“You don’t have to do this, Father,” Damian says, looking down at collection in front of him. He picks up a tiny head. “I am aware that Pennyworth is forcing you.”

“Alfred isn’t forcing me to do anything,” Bruce says. “Hand me bag number three.”

Damian hands him the bag.

He looks over the table. There are twelve bags to get through. They’ll be here for hours. Damian could build it alone. He’d been reluctant to admit how excited he was at the prospect of building Hogwart’s– Hogwart’s– with LEGO, but he was excited.


Had been.

But he’s not going to enjoy it if Father is trapped here against his will, held by the threat of– he doesn’t even know what Pennyworth threatens Father with anymore, but it’s still effective.

Damian sighs and opens another bag.

There’s a hand on his shoulder.

“Damian,” Bruce says.

Damian looks up at him.

“Alfred didn’t say anything. I want to help. I haven’t gotten to do anything like this in years. Will you stop sulking and just let me?”

Damian studies Bruce’s face and sees nothing but sincerity there. He nods, a little smile on his face.

“Look how tiny this owl is,” Bruce says, handing it to him.

Damian studies it and then pulls the other instruction book over to himself.

They build for hours, hunting for pieces and handing them to each other, watching the shape of the structure fill one end of the table. Alfred brings them drinks and then dinner and then the clock chimes.

“We can finish tomorrow if we need to patrol, Father,” Damian says, casting a reluctant glance at the LEGO pile. They’re so close.

“We aren’t patrolling tonight. Find a gray 8 by 2. And one of those black gear pieces.”

Damian nods and grins broadly.

“Found it!” he exclaims triumphantly a moment later, handing the piece to Bruce.

They work far past Damian’s regular bedtime and Alfred brings them a snack just as they’re snapping the top parapets into place.

“Good work,” Bruce says. “Thank you for letting me join.”

Damian looks over the thing, opening doors and windows, admiring the details.

“It looks satisfactory,” he says with a smile.

Bruce tousles Damian’s hair and then stretches.

“I’m stiff,” he says, standing. “Don’t get old, Damian. It’s a bad idea.”

“I will consider your advice,” Damian says.

“Wanna wrestle?” Bruce offers, glancing toward the living room.

Damian doesn’t turn from Hogwart’s right away, but there’s a thrill in his chest. Not working, but playing. Not worrying about laughing or snorting or holding back.

“Yes,” he says. “I will agree to–”

He doesn’t get to finish because Bruce has already scooped him off the ground and right there, by Hogwart’s and in front of tiny plastic Harry Potter, Bruce flicks Damian’s shirt back and gives him a raspberry right on his stomach.

Damian kicks in protest, giggling despite himself, and shouts.

“Put me down!”

Bruce relents and sets him down.

Damian crouches into a fighting stance.

“If you want to do that again,” he says to Bruce, “you have to earn it.”

Bruce doesn’t hesitate.

They go down together, a tangle of limbs, and Damian holds his own for several minutes before Bruce pins him.

Damian giggles helplessly until Bruce lets him up again. He sighs happily and breathlessly and looks up at his Father.

“Round two?” he challenges.

Bruce grins.

“You’re on.”

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travis said they recorded another taz bonus episode for this maxfun drive i am. Beyond excited bcus im praying its another taz nights. i want to see my mother troth again. i want to hear her voice. i love u troth.

yeah with maxfundrive they record a bonus episode of every show they have on the site and i, can i just say, i almost teared up when u mentioned troth i love her so much.. like i love tom collins too but troth was what pushed me to actually donate money to get the bonus content because of the fact that shes a tiefling and she really did live up to my expectations

“no sideblogs,” i whisper. “we create an incomprehensible jumble of content like men.” i sniffle. i have 4 sideblogs. my main blog is still an incomprehensible jumble of content. i am still not like men. a single tear rolls down my cheek. why has god forsaken me

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Thank you so much for making my day...I get online and the first things I see are you standing up for artists (as someone who lives off of art its nice seeing people stand up without a care to art theft) and then I see the post about crying, and to know I'm not alone in the overly crying department. I cry several times a day, because my emotional response for anything is crying. Ive always been scared to cry in front of others because my family was harsh on me for it. Thank you! 💜

Omg honey ❤ hahaha of course– I think anyone who produces any kind of content has had it ripped off or stolen at some point. I’ve seen it twice in two days on here ugh. And yes!! Literally ask my wife, I’ll literally just be talking and have the smallest thought that is really happy or sad or anything and I just have tears roll down my face but I doesn’t even phase me? I just am having a conversation normally with tears rolling down my face 😂😂😂

a friendly reminder to star wars shippers

we are all in this together, okay? no matter what’s canon and what’s not, we’re the ones who are going to have to deal with it and i am sick and tired to seeing people tearing each other down over ships. what will be will be. and if you don’t want to see ship content, no one is stopping you from blacklisting it. this goes for people who don’t want to see anti stuff as well. there are anti tags, and you can block those. please just remember that we’re all human beings with our own life experiences and that we should make an effort to be kind to one another

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So I watched season 1 of lot when it aired but only recently binged s2 cos of exams. I low key shipped rip and sara but now after seeing your posts I'm like so deep into the ship... and it helps that the recent episodes have just been killing it on the tc front.. so just thank you for posting tc!

Thank you, oh my god! I have many gifs idea I’m going to get on now between requests and I’m even considering writing for them :) (wild ‘cause I usually never write F/M). I’m glad you enjoy my TC content! When caught up on Season 1 in two days, I was like “how does Tumblr not like them?”, I was so shocked I hadn’t seen almost any of their content online. 

I’m so happy I am finding other people who love TC too *wipes a tear*

It’s okay, It’s okay, It’s okay, It’s okay, It’s okay

I’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear 

I’m here

20 minute doodle of a scene from @yousayrun ‘s wonderful fanfic and this scene would not leave my head since I was listening to “Here Comes a Thought” on repeat when reading the latest chapter. It was a beautiful experience, honestly. Tears were shed hard. :’)

the types as Relient K lyrics
  • intp: kinda break the cycle of the double edged sword of being lazy and being bored.
  • intj: I’m a hostage to my own humanity.
  • infp: can’t hold a candle to her, cause all the moths get in the way.
  • infj: loneliness and solitude are two things not to get confused.
  • istp: be certain the steps of left and right don’t fight the direction of upright.
  • istj: and if a nightmare ever does unfold, perspective is a lovely hand to hold.
  • isfp: well I found a list of flaws that I saw in myself and other people and I threw it away.
  • isfj: to be content with where I am and getting where I need to be.
  • entp: I just wasted ten seconds of your life.
  • entj: the most crucial thing I lack is a thing called tact.
  • enfp: I spent all last night tearing down every stoplight and stop sign in this town.
  • enfj: because I know that to live you must give your life away.
  • estp: hold on now; don’t you blink or it’s gone.
  • estj: the end will justify the pain it took to get us there.
  • esfp: I can’t complain; every day’s too short to let it go to waste.
  • esfj: I don’t like the steps I took to get to look into your deepest feelings.

I really hate to write this post, this is a special night for Lukas, Germans fans and fans of Lukas around the world. This is also the beginning of England’s new start with a new manager and young talent. So when I had to hear our representatives within the stands, England fans, continuously display disgusting behaviour in the background (content warning: war songs, mentions of the IRA, celebrating they were only there to drink beer) throughout the game…it reduced me to the wrong kind of tears. Especially after what happened in London today, those supporters couldn’t even muster a fraction of respect for our hosts or for themselves, and quite frankly it made me feel ashamed, very bitter, unable to enjoy the occasion for the most part. And my feelings are not even relevant in all this, it’s just not okay to behave that way, at a game or anywhere. 

I hate this happened, but it’s happened before and will probably happen again. Not sure how it can be answered, but maybe the commentator on ITV NOT praising the loudness of our fans could be a damn start. I hope there’ll be some retrospective action. 

Not everyone will have heard, or have had their comms pick up on it, but I can be sure that the people within the stadium must have heard it, and for that I apologise. I’m truly disgusted.

Public Sex (M [for mature, obvs])

Genre: Smut Butt

Requested: Yaass

Pairing: B.I.xReader

Warnings: Public Sexy Time, Cursing, Explicit Sexual Content… The usual

Author’s Note: I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m gonna butcher this smut. Idk y

Word Count: 1,026

“Guys, I am really not that short.” Jinhwan tries to defend himself, but everyone just laughs. Except for you. You were completely oblivious to the scene, as you were focused on B.I.

He had been ignoring your attempts to get him to touch you again, and it was driving you mad.

And today tears it. Underneath the uproar of laughter, you had been touching Hanbin dangerously close to his member, while whispering dirty things into his ear. He pretended not to notice, but you can tell by the small beads of sweat forming on his forehead that he was being affected.

You smirk, giving his member a quick rub making him groan, only quiet enough for you to hear. Your smirk only grows wider, palming it some more, but stopping when his eyes start to shut. He shoots a glare your way, but you just look at him.

“What.” You say, mocking innocence.

You huffs, looking away. He bites his lip, deciding if he should this right now or not. He knew that if you just up and left to the bathroom, they would know what was up. He looks over at you, you see his glare from the corner of your eye. You bite your lip and push your breasts together, while leaning into the table, suddenly interested in the conversation. You began laughing at something Junhoe was saying and B.I. was beginning to get impatient.

He reaches over for your leggings, sticking his thumb underneath the hem. You jump in surprise. The cold phalange was a great contrast to your warm waist.

“Hanbin!” You scold him quietly. He grins, “Like you weren’t just doing the same.”  

You narrow your eyes at him, but you look away just as  all of his fingertips are touching your waist. By then, you had gotten used to the temperature of his hand. You try to keep a straight face while he kept pushing his hand deeper, past the hem of your underwear. You gasp as he circles your clit slowly. “Hanbin-” You moan out before slapping a hand over your mouth. You look up, to see Jinhwan and Junhoe looking at you. The boys at the table behind you hadn’t noticed.

“Uh, my stomach hurts…” That was enough for the boys to go back to their food, ignoring you guys.

He began circling roughly at your clit. You begin whimpering at a low volume. “Mm baby. If we were alone, I’d have you screaming my name at full volume.” He whispers in your ear. Your hands fall down to his, applying more pressure to your clit. “You like that baby?”

You nod subtly, bucking your hips into you guys’ hands. But he stops you. “You’re too obvious. You started this, so cooperate.” He voice was stern, but you liked it. Whenever Hanbin got dominant, he performed better.  

He pushes two fingers into you quickly and doesn’t hesitate to speed up. He was still engaging in the conversation, but you could no longer talk. Your walls were hot around his fingers, and he had to bite his lip to keep from groaning.  

Your purse was on the table, hiding what was happening. You found yourself having to lean on it, unable to sit up. You subtly roll your hips on to his fingers, tiny whimpers leaving your hips.

“Wow, your stomach must really hurt. Hanbin teases, and the other two nod. You narrow your eyes at him again. "Yeah. It happens.” Your voice comes out more threatening than you anticipated. You looked over at him. Although he was being an asshole, you wanted to feel him. You wanted to tug on his dark strands, drag your nails down his back, squeeze his biceps, something; and he notices. He grabs your hand and puts it on his thigh. You squeeze his thigh once, before getting another idea.  

You move your hand over his crotch, rubbing slowly. Hanbin couldn’t take it anymore.  

“Hey guys, we’re gonna head to the to the bathroom. ___ needs to vomit.”

“Well hurry up! Don’t vomit on the table!” Junhoe exclaimed, and you both bolted to the handicap bathroom.

You lock the door and Hanbin pushes your chest against the door. He discards your leggings and underwear before undressing himself.

He takes no time aligning himself and getting himself into you. “I missed you so much.” He says, his thrusts achingly slow. “Then why were you ignoring me?”

“To see how long you can stand it, and a month? I didn’t expect that at all.”  

“Well, I’m full of surprises.”

“Obviously.” He grabs your hips, pulling you back to meet him, his cock throbbing inside of you. You push back onto him, moans getting out of control. “Baby, you still have to stay quiet.” He moves the hair away from your ear, nibbling on it.  

He turns you around and your legs wrap around his waist, and he continues to thrust into you. He grabs and squeezes your ass, smacking it a few time. You moan into the crook of his neck. You leave love bites all over his neck, which he was going to yell at you about later.  

He slowed down all of a sudden, and you whined. “Hanbin please!” You try to push yourself onto him, but he stops you. He rocks slowly into you, silencing you with his own lips. He massages your tongue with his own. Both of your hands roam each other uncontrollably. “I love you Binnie.”

And that was enough to making him rocket into you, causing you to scream out in surprise. Your nails drag down his back as you feel your high creeping up on you. You continue to sloppily kiss your boyfriend until he grabs your ass brings you to slam into him, causing slapping to sound throughout the bathroom. “Binnie-yah!” Your high washes over you, and Hanbin continues to chase his own. He rocks into you a couple more times before pulling out and releasing onto the ground.

“Well. We made a mess.”

**~Yep. My previous assumption was correct. I butchered this lawl.**