but i am blaine


The crossover is two weeks away and I SRSLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT  and the fact that they’re gonna get stripped of their powers and can’t do anything but sing is gonna be so epic 

this hits me hard because as a 14 year old kid (way back in 2010-2011) I used to watch these three in Glee  and I couldn’t be happier that they’re getting this kind of opportunity again SALJFGKNUGHKJF MY C H I L D H O O D 

The Flash and Supergirl aren’t the only ones showing off their pipes on The CW. During the first three episodes of iZombie’s new season (premiering Tuesday, April 4), David Anders’ Blaine sings not once, not twice, but three times! The first tune is a fun nod to musician-not-series creator Rob Thomas, while the other two are courtesy of Blaine’s new job.
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Bucky: That little man disrespects me. H - He insulted my food, my hair, everything. 

Tony: Is there anything I can do to cheer you up? 

Bucky: A hug would help. 

Tony: If I hug you, will you go back to work? 

Bucky: Yes. 

Tony: Two-second hug. I’m going in. 

[Tony and Bucky hug, Steve comes in]

Steve: Aw! 

[Tony and Bucky pull away, Tony’s pants zipper is pulled down revealing his boxers]

Steve: Uh… 

[Steve points to Tony’s pants revealing what had happened]
Tony: [to Bucky] How did you do that? Your hands never left my back! 

Bucky: I am the David Blaine of zippers. 

Tony: I was trying to cheer you up. 

Bucky: You did. 


Reincarnation + Soulmates AU:
There’s one thing I know about [him]. Just one thing. If I met [him] again,  I would absolutely know.” - Doctor Who, Hell Bent.

In every life, you are Blaine Anderson and I am Sebastian Smythe.
In every life, you are drawn to the stage.
And in every life, I am drawn to you.
And in every life, I am yours.

like they’re just being so domestic and doing homework together and they have the same book in front of them, and we know they have classes together, so they’re literally doing their homework together and you can just imagine like

Blaine: Kurt, did you understand number two?

Kurt: Honestly, I don’t even fucking know. I kind of just bullshitted it. I don’t understand why we have a workbook for improv class in the first place.

Blaine: I mean, it does have some interesting information I didn’t know. It’s relatively useful. Especially that one part in chapter three.




Blaine: Yeah who am I kidding screw this.