but i am a shipper

Keith: I’m lance’s best friend.

Pidge: No I’m Lance’s best friend.

Keith: Fine, then I’m Lance’s best friend who isn’t a girl.

Pidge: Hunk is Lance’s best friend who isn’t a girl.

Keith: Then what kind of friend am I?

Pidge: His boyf-

Lance: [laughing nervously] You’re both my best friends! 

so im less than halfway through Punisher and being the kastle shipper that i am, was anticipating all the moments they’ll have together. so far, its the most angsty shit ever, and for some reason my heart breaks more for karen. when frank follows her back to her apartment got me all fucked up because karen is just so….lonely. she’s lonely as fuck. it just seems like all she does is work and …worry about frank so when he appears back in her life, those brief moments of pain and worry are so clear in her face its actually hard to watch. 

NOTE FROM CO.  I debated posting this submission by “anonymous” because of the controversial nature of her post. However, I finally decided to post [with some redaction of negative statements about a certain NST] because the writer said this was the first time she has ever submitted a comment. I know how hard it is to have the courage the first time to submit something to a blog in this fandom. I also do want readers to be able to express controverisal views, as long as they do so respectfully. Given those caveats, here is her post.

This post was submitted by “anonymous.” 

Purv Was Slow on the Uptake About the Breakup With Abbie

Purv’s information has been incorrect on many occasions. I am not a shipper by any stretch – this is actually the first time I’ve ever posted a comment. But it seems Purv is determined…. 

[NOTE FROM CO: I redacted a couple of sentences in the above paragraph from anyonymous’ post because they involved negative speculations about Purv’s motives. I don’t support negative speculations about any NST, even one I have disagreements with like Purv.]  

The truth is no one knows what is going on in Sam’s personal life or if he is with Mackenzie (other than those intimately involved and their close circle of family and friends). Both Sam and MacKenzie seem to have an 18-month expiration date on relationships based on their past entanglements. After their extended time together, one – or both – of them may have decided it didn’t feel right. They’ve had very different upbringings and are at different times in their life. Merely sharing a love for hiking and other physical activities isn’t enough to sustain a long-term relationship. It is equally possible that they have broken up.

I also don’t view Sam as Cinderfella. Considering that his father left the family when Sam was just three years old – and Sam’s statement that he had very little contact with his father until shortly before his death – I think it is likely that Sam bears some scars that will make him very cautious when it comes to living with someone, marrying, or having children with them until it has endured well beyond 18 months. I don’t understand the giddy and enthusiastic “I hope they are still together” or “maybe she’s moving to Scotland” or “she liked a wedding gown.” Yes, I want Sam to be happy with whomever he chooses. I don’t understand why people – strangers to Sam – are so invested in it being MacKenzie. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts anon. I agree that ultimately no one knows what is really going on inside anyone’s romantic relationship–except the parties involved (and even then, sometimes one doesn’t know what the other one is doing or thinking 🙄). And yes, although Sam and MacKenzie do seem to have a lot in common, we don’t really know anything about how well suited they are for each other for the long haul.

I also agree that it isn’t helpful for any of us to be too invested in whom Sam or Cait dates. Celebrity relationships are often difficult to maintain for numerous reasons related to the nature of the entertainment industry. As such, it is best not to invest too much emotionally in any celebrity relationship.

I really don’t know much about Sam’s love life prior to the women he has dated since Outlander premiered, so I can’t comment about how long his relationships have typically lasted. I also recall reading somewhere that MacKenzie had a long relationship with her ex-husband before they married. Since their marriage lasted two years and they dated before that, the 18 month “expiration date” doesn’t hold for her.

I don’t think we should speculate on whether Sam’s upbringing has left some “scars” that make him cautious about commitment. It is always fascinating to me how siblings can have different romantic relationship histories, even though they have the same parents. Many factors go into people’s decisions to be cautious or not regarding engaging in romantic relationships.

Yes, Purv (and some other NSTs, including myself) were “slow on the uptake” regarding Sam and Abbie splitting up. That is part of why I posted (probably inadvisably) my speculation that it was possible that Sam and MacKenzie had broken up. I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. However, back then Purv’s information about Abbie was not from a first degree source, so there was plenty of room for error. Purv has recently said she has information from a source with only one degree of separation from Sam or MacKenzie. This source reportedly claims that they are still together. Furthermore, yesterday Shatner referred to Sam’s “girlfriend”  in the present tense (he didn’t say “ex-girlfriend”) and he also suggested that the rumor that Sam’s girlfriend (i.e., MacKenzie) was dating someone else isn’t true. Although I did have my doubts about the status of Sam and MacKenzie’s relationship, I am inclined now to believe that they are probably still together. I will wait until the holidays are over before coming to any final conclusions. 


                                                          However long it takes.

                                                                 Yours, Klaus

You ever have that one ship, that one ship that makes you complete shipper trash. That one ship that you basically, eat, breathe, and sleep that ship. It’s the ship that’s on your mind when you wake up, and it’s the last thing on your mind before you go to bed. That one ship that just makes you curl up into a ball when your thinking about happy, fluffy, sad, angsty headcanons. It’s the ship that you love anything in the whole world and that you’d do anything to protect your precious baby. 


Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.

I have to confess that I never intended to become friends with you, Summoner. But you’re always there when I need you, to the extent that when you’re not near, I feel…not quite myself. 

In game quotes from Alfonse. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I SHIP IT…

Wait a moment.. there’s a lot of homophobic people in Russia right?

And Brendon and Dallon acted extra gay on their performance there

That means..



also maybe to show them that they can be themselves no matter if they are on homophobic territory


(btw on these photos they look so in love what the fuck)

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