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As much as I love Andrew Lincoln, the ONLY reason I stick around for this show is Melissa McBride. I am very much a Caryl shipper and do my utmost best to respect Norman Reedus because I love Daryl - but my unconditional love for Carol Peletier is what convinced me to stay. I’m so screwed.

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yes,i am a very lazy HawkSilver shipper And there’s a fanfic i highly recommended name call “sweet talker” by clintspietro!( which you can easily find it on AO3)
This fanfic is soooo sweet and pietro is toooooo cute!!!!(and a very grumpy oldman who need love so damn much)
because i love this fanfic so damn much so i think i need to draw a fanart for it to support the author!  :)

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I am a die hard Add x Ain shipper, but right now, I want to have some Time Tracer and Eun fluff, please? (If you think about it, they're actually the closest ones to canon if you read Time Trouble.)

The first thing Add does when he wakes up is spit up a wad of fox fur.

“Eun,” he complains, “can you stop sticking your tails in my… Oh.”

The kumiho turns over, her tails flickering as she snores softly. Something in Add’s heart twinges as he watches her nose twitch and a contented smile spread across her face.

It’s already time to get up, but Add doesn’t have the heart to wake Eun up, not while she’s sleeping so soundly.

So he lays down again, lets her fluffy tails smother him in warmth, and drifts off into the void of sleep again.

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yes mclennon shippers

i am whining about mclennon and i’m not gonna fucking stop until you stop fetishizing a sexuality and forcing a homoerotic relationship on two straight men

it makes gay men uncomfortable, did you know? and stop trying to act like you understand what “john and paul went through” because 1) most of you do NOT have any idea of what its like and 2) john and paul do not know what its like because they didn’t go through it

it’s disgusting and im tired of seeing it on my dash

I love the idea that the Shimada brothers dragons are sort of sentient in their own way. Sort of like giant scaly energy cats. And what if, just hear me out, the dragons reacted to the Shimada’s emotions without the brothers inclinations. 

So during battle Hanzo’s dragons refuse to hurt Genji despite how much Hanzo demands he isn’t his brother and while it embarrasses Hanzo terribly Genji is still glowing about it. 

Or at one point Zenyatta see’s Genji interacting with his dragon in a very casual way and becomes curious. So he asks Genji if he can perhaps examine the dragon and Genji is a little shy but agree’s. When he summons the dragon the first thing it does is wrap itself around Zenyatta, purring like its nobodys business, Zenyatta is completely charmed by it while Genji is in the corner trying not to die from embarrassment. 

Hanzo has similar problems with his dragons and their illogical fondess for a certain cowboy. 

Still friends?

… yeah.


So me and @astarisms were talking about screencap redraws and because of this wonderful chat we are now on a mission

You ever have that one ship, that one ship that makes you complete shipper trash. That one ship that you basically, eat, breathe, and sleep that ship. It’s the ship that’s on your mind when you wake up, and it’s the last thing on your mind before you go to bed. That one ship that just makes you curl up into a ball when your thinking about happy, fluffy, sad, angsty headcanons. It’s the ship that you love anything in the whole world and that you’d do anything to protect your precious baby. 


Aaaand more triforce voyage AU, now with colors.

Expect a comic soon.