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A Tiny Problem, Part Two

Heyo! So, after quite a long wait, I’m here with part two if my tiny!sides au fic. Enjoy!

Part 1

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Roman did truly feel bad for leaving Virgil alone with the two toddlers. Really, he did. But Roman had a sneaking suspicion that Logan and Patton’s current state was due to magic somehow leaking from his room. It was the only thing that could explain it. Roman smiled to himself as he looked through the bookshelf in his room, knowing Logan would be proud of his deductive reasoning. While Roman, admittedly, wasn’t as much of an avid reader, did have a small collection of books. Most of which were fairytales, but there were also a couple spellbooks in the mix. In fact, the latter is what he was searching for. There had to be some sort of spell to reverse this. While yes, Logan and Patton were adorable, Roman didn’t want to know what would happen to Thomas when two major parts of his personality turned into children.

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Hunter Allen doesn’t usually frequent the NYC gay club scene, but somehow, surprisingly, a bitterly cold February night finds him at Malestrom nursing a beer and leaning against a railing that overlooks the floor. Even in his tightest jeans and nicest button-down (he’s here to drink, not to get laid—his boyfriend away for the weekend at his parents’ place is New Hampshire) he feels out of place, always the stupid country kid from southern Missouri even though he hasn’t stepped foot in that state for nearly five years now.

The dance floor below him is packed with gyrating bodies moving fluidly under the streaks of pink and purple from the lights overhead. The music is loud enough for Hunter to feel in his chest, shaking its way from the soles of his feet all the way up to his throat and heart like it’s a part of his blood now. Taking another drink, Hunter blinks and his eyes fall, almost as if pulled to, a couple that manages to stand out through the dense crowd.

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why is it that when someone says “[character] is gay/trans/bisexual/etc.” cishet people ALWAYS need some kind of evidence like……ok ? show me evidence as to why the character is cis and straight then. i want a 10 page essay in MLA format, double spaced, and with times new roman font as to why the character is cis and straight because you always are projecting your own straightness and all that on these characters without ever being questioned so why can’t we (LGBT+ people) do the same ?