but i always forgot :c

So, here is the last 2k14 follow forever! The end of the year is so close and I want to say thank you to all my friends here. For me, 2014 was a super weid year but I enjoyed it and, idk, I made new friends, I got more close to another and yeah! I super love/adore you, guys. Thank you to make my year a one to rembember (♥)

I want to say a super special thank you to the mcflysqaud gang. This girls are amazing and I am happy to have them as friend and to let me fangirl with them.

Here are my fave blogs and some of you are bold because I have a spacial message for you. ¡Los quiero mucho!

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I still want this to happen tho it probably won't:
  • Triple H: Roman Roman Roman I forgot to tell you. I've always got a plan C as well ...
  • Dean: (attacks roman out of nowhere)
  • Triple H: I win.
  • Breaking Sound: the sound of even more fangirls' hearts breaking and going to twitter sending death threats to Ambrose for turning on his "brother" while us real fans sit back and enjoy the show.