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Service Dog Things that are ShitToTrain™

There are a lot of things that are obviously difficult to train, like learning to ignore distractions like other dogs, screaming kids, and food, but there are a few things that are surprisingly ShitToTrain™ your service dog. 

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( ░░ ❀ in honor of reaching 200 followers, i’ve decided to post the faceless photo hunt that i’ve been working on for months, casuallyfound below are 430 faceless photos of all sorts of ladies && gents. i’ve been collecting images and adding them at random, so there isn’t much rhyme or reason, but i do think all of these could be used to depict FCs. i apologize if there are any repeats, because knowing me there may be. please like/reblog if you’re using !! ☼ ) 

tysm, ily guys for even noticing my dumb ass. i’ll do a follow forever when i hit my next goal, bc i srsly love all of you guys so i would just end up listing all of you &&  my dash is always lit af. s/o to my 200th follower, @sierraroleplays, btw :~) 

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Adoribull - “What I Like About You”

Dorian and Bull discuss each other’s finer points.

I’ve always liked the little indent in Dorian’s lower lip, and I think Bull would too. <3 (I hit a block near the end of this fic, so I apologize if it seems cut short. I had a goal in mind when I started writing this, and then it just became a hodgepodge of all these fluffy things I wanted them to do, so yeah.) :T

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The Iron Bull was a lucky bastard. The man himself thought as much as he lay awake in bed one lackadaisical morning, accompanied by a familiar, warm body, and a soft sound ghosting over the hole in his roof.

It was going to be a chilly day if the wind was already cutting its path through the mountains.

Dorian Pavus was never an early bird to begin with, but in the cooler months it would become nearly impossible to rouse him from his hibernation-like state, folded as he was, like a brown egg in a bowl of bread dough. Sometimes, Bull would pile all their blankets on top of Dorian and call him “petit croissant”, or he’d knead the half asleep mage back and forth like a great rolling pin, until all the drowsiness was squeezed out indefinitely.

There were those days, however, when the heat of last night had yet to finish sifting through them, phantoms of fingerprints and fevered breath still echoing well through the sun’s ascension.

So, the Bull was not one to waste – he would mold Dorian with his lips, his hands, and his words, just enough to unfurl those long, dusky limbs, only to have them latch onto another, more fleshy, source of warmth. It was Dorian’s prefered wake-up call out of the dozens he’d received, and Bull wouldn’t disagree. “Amatus…” He’d breathe into the Bull, as if the very air were spirited from his lungs. In turn, the low vibration at the back of Bull’s throat would rattle them both, until Dorian shook from carnal overindulgence. It was this level of high, when Dorian was hard-pressed to refuse any of his lover’s administrations or suggestions, that the Bull felt he could take his time mapping out all the bits and pieces he had an unusual affinity for.

Like that dimple in Dorian’s bottom lip.

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Ahem. Hello, this is Ann speaking: It’s only been a little over one month since i started this blog and i already hit my personal first goal. (a while ago…but i’m lazy, so yeah.) thank you so so much everyone for following me!  ♥ I can’t put in words how much it means to me, when someone follows my blog and likes my edits. Since my life is a huge mess at the moment, it really gives me a reason to be happy and smile. 

I also want to thank all my mutuals & this is going to be a shoutout to them. (next time, i’ll do a full follow forever with favs and evrything, i promise!) 

I always see you on my dash and many of you make me smile and laugh (may it be through their tags or posts) everyday, it means a lot! I am pretty sure that I am older than all of you (hence my url) and maybe that’s the reason I feel like a tumblr mom, lmao. I read all your tags and textposts and when you’re feeling sad, i worry. :( Be happy and stay healthy, i love you all ♥ 

If i missed anyone, i am sorry!! (I get confused with side/mainblogs alot.) So please check out these amazing blogs and people! 

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Name: Sayum
Age: 24
Favorite Jack-phrase: “Punch the like button IN THE FACE!”
About Me: Made the above image this morning for my animation warmup. Hi! I am a freelance artist and I am building my life on a foundation of the pennies I earn. Its people like jacksepticeye that keep me going. His upbeat intro always makes me smile and when I see him enjoy playing games it encourages me to continue my journey in becoming a game artist and designer. I want to make video games that jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and everyone that watches them will enjoy. Sharing my stories and experiences with the world in such an interactive way is one of the many things I want to do with my life. I would love to make friends with the rest of the JSE community so feel free to hit me up!
To Jack: Thanks for making your fans smile! My goal is to someday open up youtube and find you playing one of my games. I hope you have a wonderful day LIKE A BOSS!