but i also think this could be better

Sorry, but at this point I don’t want Noora to be the person Sana opens up to. I love Noora so much and I’m proud of her for dropping the bus to show Sana she’s on her side, she’s with her no matter what. But we have so many possibilities now that can make Sana’s storyline better: Chris, Elias, her mom, Jamilla, Yousef, Isak and Even.

I believe opening up to her mom or Jamilla could add so much representation, because even if they aren’t exactly like Sana it would be amazing to see strong female muslim characters on screen together.

Elias is also a very good option, I think. We’ve seen how supportive he always is and how he tries to protect her and make her feel good (“if you’re sad, I’m sad”). Also, the conversation they had in the swings left me with so many feelings, and I want them back like that.

The amazing Chris. She’s the one who introduced everybody to Sana, and it would be so interesting to see her softest and caring side, since we don’t know much about her. She’d be an amazing listener to her, I know that. (I’d take Eva too, tbh).

Yousef. Yeah, this is probably my romantic side trying to sabotage me. But he’s such a good guy, and we already know how much he cares (about Sana and in general). He pays attention, he listens, and that’s exactly what Sana needs right now.

I’d take Isak and Even, too. I know there’s been drama about the fandom caring more about Evak than about Sana, but putting that away they are friends and they care, so I’d be so happy too.

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I think one of the reasons the rest of the boys love Louis so much is because they know he fought for them and that he has always had their best interests at heart. If they hadn't agreed with what Louis was doing, I think we would've seen it in their body language/interactions with Louis onstage and in interviews. Also credit to Louis for trying to contribute and make the band better. With hardly any solos, he could've sat back and did nothing, and got the same share of the salary in the band.

he could’ve easily sat back and let bitterness swallow him up about not getting any solos, but instead he used it as a tool—not for his own personal gain, but for the band’s. i love my lion boy.


So I was trying to come up with a gemsona but I couldn’t decide between these two. Blue Sandstone is my favorite gem but I felt like a purple gem would fit my personality much better. Also I do feel like I have a fighter/tomboy side (which would be Blue Sandstone) but also a much more vulnerable, girly, fluffy side which I think Charoite could represent better.

Either way it’s so fun to draw in this style and I think I’d love to draw these girls again in the future!

Also they’re supposed to be the exact same height, Blue just uses high heels to be taller so that she’s more intimidating. :P

Also also, Charoite has no weapons altogether because she’s a wimpy sweetheart that will break down crying instead of ever attempting to fight.

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I have to admit, I was seriously disappointed in Star Realms. Tabletop made it look fun, but so many games just fizzled. Like, my first two turns may push me into a faction or two, but then I never see them again, forcing awkward builds that never pan out. Or that happens to my opponent, which isn't much better. There just don't seem to be that many choices, really. "Vomit out your hand, then buy whatever you can afford." Am I missing something, or was the game just not for me?

It’s possible that the game just isn’t for you. It could also be that the way you’re building your deck, you aren’t thin enough to get a quick turnover of your cards. Think about trashing low-value cards (like the starting cards) and look to replace them with more of the cards you want.

I’m not an expert at all, but maybe that will help? It’s also totally possible and fair that it’s just not your jam.

i am so weak for alternate universes. it just fucks me to think about how one small choice could change your entire life and how things could be if you just did this or that differently. like there could be versions of me living dozens of different lives and they’re all me but also not me. do they wonder about me too? how close have i been to living a better or worse life? fuck.

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im probs the only one out here but i really like the idea of lena and winn together. like not only would it hopefully let winn have a freaking healthy relationship, but i think he could be really cute with lena. and I'd love to see her have some romance on the show. plus they could be cute little science nerds together. like idk if im looking into it but it seems like they could be setting it up perhaps

Lena is a million times better than Lyra. That’s for sure. And Winn deserves so much better. Lena would be amazing for him and they could just be nerds together. Also Lena deserves some happiness. Who better to make her happy than Winn, a known puppy??? I mean I’m all about multi shipping so sign me the fuck up on this ship. 

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Theatrestuck: who is that kid who insists they know what they're doing even though it's the first production they've ever been in and they keep touching the fucking curtains when they're backstage

eridan “listen, i just think that if you did it my way, the way i (a person with no experience in lighting or technical design) told you to, it would look a lot better! my uncle was in an off-broadway production once so trust me i know whats best. also could you give me (some lesbian in props)’s phone number, she’s really cute, and – what do you mean my mic’s on?” ampora

i’m so tired of y'all calling rafael a horrible person? is he a saint? no he isn’t he makes mistakes he has flaws he hasn’t made the smartest decisions on earth i get it, i understand. but the fandom has overexaggerated his flaws to the point where i just can’t even bring myself to read y'alls posts without cringing. the fact he had money and “power” and is good looking doesn’t automatically write him off as a wrong and an immoral person? i loved michael a lot but i’m also tired of fandoms’ need to vilanize rafael so they could make michael look better. they’ve both made mistakes, and while i agree michael was a good guy there’s no need to bring rafael into it? this situation with luisa ticked me off in particular because ??? what the hell. let me start by saying i don’t approve of he fact he used his cancer to bring her back? i think that was awful and you don’t joke around with things like that, that was wrong. but then again, somehow, y'all are over the moon that luisa kicked rafael out and i’m wondering… why? alright, rafael is not emilio’s biological son, but y'all are forgetting how much hard work he’d put in that hotel? he looked after luisa, he was putting up with so much shit from everyone, people tried to sabotage him all the time, and he was still trying to be fair? luisa was unstable, drunk, inseminated wrong woman with his sperm, ‘caused so many problems overall, fell in love with their “stepmother” aka the woman that ended up being their father’s killer? honestly, her father’s killer since rafael is not even tied to emilio in any way. yet rafael was the one who tried to put up with all the mess and make sure she gets help and goes to therapy? what she did instead? ran away with rose who’s a psychopath? and now we’re supposed to admire rose because she wasn’t the one who killed scott (even tho she killed so many other people????), let’s not forget she also got in the way of luisa’s happiness so many times, wore a mask and pretended to be someone else and manipulated luisa as much as she could???? but no, rafael is the bad guy?? ok

also i LOVE luisa she is one of my faves even though she’s messed up, she makes me laugh all the time and the show wouldn’t be the same without her? but can she please dedicate herself to a new life without rose perhaps? and get therapy and be happy?

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i have a crush on my best friend + i think she miight like me back but idk, we cant talk abt it bc her emotionally abusive mother monitors her messages + wont let us meet in person! i have to wait until we meet in person to talk abt Any lgbt stuff.. i also have ptsd/avpd/dpd so that makes everything Hell. like i just,, love her so much but what if she hates me for it? idk what i'd do.. im SO scared of being all alone again. i wish i wasnt so mentally ill... it makes even good things hurt :(

because of how controlling her mother is and from what youre telling me about your mental health, it probably isnt the best to pursue her romantically. even if she did like you back, you two would never be able to talk about it in person or on the phone. and if she doesn’t like you back, i’m afraid you have too much to lose (her friendship)

of course, this is only my suggestion but i highly highly recommend not saying anything to her when there’re so many things that can go bad. i wish you the best of luck.

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Do you think it's important for more negroid characters like garnet and sardonyx to be on television? what do you think of such representations on TV now, versus how things used to be where white characters were more visually concentrated in animation?

well, of course! I’m all for using mainstream media in a positive way to share a better and diverse representation of people!

In fact, this is the base of my graduation project, hahaha!

I think media is such a powerful tool and for the longest time were used to convey clearly dubious ideals and lifestyles. at the same time, it has a massive influence over ourselves and how we perceive others, so we could turn that around and use it to our advantage!

not only that, but thinking about narrative, it’s also really interesting because we are shown endless options of characterization it used to be treated as “uninterested”.

I believe it’s extremely important to include POC not only on the final product, but also on the team, so the experiences and stories remain true to the root, instead of becoming an idea or romanticization of real people.

I’m Brazilian, so that makes me a latina, even tho I don’t speak Spanish. I’m also a queer woman, that means I’m not attracted exclusively to cis man, even tho the society often tries to make this as “the norm”. In my veins runs Portuguese, Black, Brazilian and Arabic blood (at least these are the ones I know), so that makes me mixed, even tho this is expected from Brazilians and no one ever used it to degrade me in any form.

POC exist, and to see yourself represented in media shouldn’t be a privilege to a limited group of people with a limited set of characteristics.


no but seriously did no one think that making him a bubble boy would save his life? Everyone at the DEO just seemed resigned that he would die and there was nothing they could do.

Also like @contygold86 mentioned they could have sent him to earth 1, too! And we know from the Mixy episode that the Fortress of solitude seals so well it would contain a gigantic nuclear explosion… maybe he could have hung out there?

And to clarify I still loved the episode and I’m intrigued to see how the Legion changes him… but I’m also sad we are going to miss so much of his hero’s journey.

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I agree with what you said about kara's development this season being a disappointment but I also feel like sanvers didn't deliver either. We were robbed of a magnificent slow burn and although canon, they were sidelined in 2b. We only saw very few of their milestones and had barely any real intimate and passionate scenes between them. So overall, the entirety of this season was nothing but a disappointment.

Okay Yeah I have to agree with u. Sanvers deserved better. More passion and intimacy.
But at least it’s canon. I honestly never thought that could happen but now I’m happy about it anyway. Of course there was more potential but I think Sanvers was treated relatively well compared to other lesbian couples

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Hi, I read that you've dealt with with impostor syndrome in the past, and I'm really struggling with that right now. I'm in a good place and my friends are going through a lot, and I'm struggling to justify my success to myself when such amazing people are unhappy. I was wondering if you have any tips to feel less like this and maybe be kinder to myself, but without hurting anyone around me. It's a big ask, I know, but any help would make my life a lot less stressful

The best help I can offer is to point you to Amy Cuddy’s book, Presence. She talks about Imposter Syndrome (and interviews me in it) and offers helpful insight.

The second best help might be in the form of an anecdote. Some years ago, I was lucky enough invited to a gathering of great and good people: artists and scientists, writers and discoverers of things. And I felt that at any moment they would realise that I didn’t qualify to be there, among these people who had really done things.

On my second or third night there, I was standing at the back of the hall, while a musical entertainment happened, and I started talking to a very nice, polite, elderly gentleman about several things, including our shared first name. And then he pointed to the hall of people, and said words to the effect of, “I just look at all these people, and I think, what the heck am I doing here? They’ve made amazing things. I just went where I was sent.”

And I said, “Yes. But you were the first man on the moon. I think that counts for something.”

And I felt a bit better. Because if Neil Armstrong felt like an imposter, maybe everyone did. Maybe there weren’t any grown-ups, only people who had worked hard and also got lucky and were slightly out of their depth, all of us doing the best job we could, which is all we can really hope for.

(There’s a wonderful photograph of the Three Neils even if one of us was a Neal at http://journal.neilgaiman.com/2012/08/neil-armstrong.html)

my favourite vines


I will say, hands are some of the hardest things to grasp when learning how to draw! Even people who have been drawing for years can be intimidated by these lil appendages! My methods for drawing them might be a bit weird, but I’m happy to share some of the things I try and keep in mind while trying to capture the essence of The Hand

I hope some people can find this useful! I could probably have gone on and on about drawing hands in this post but it’s already long enough-


If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, keep moving forward. — bangtan through wings era.

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IM SO EXCITED??i cant wait to see allura as a paladin!!i really really hope she pilots the black lion i think allura bein the leader could show us a different side of her! and i think itd help her to bond more with the entire team and maybe get a better understanding of the lions too?

 also heres a quick sketch of her cause i love her