but i also think they have a lot of unresolved feelings

why lance (probably) won’t be the red paladin, and also why keith (probably) won’t be the black paladin

alright, so, chances are you’ve watched and rewatched the season three trailer multiple times. or, at least, i have. in it, we see lance in both the blue lion and the red lion, and we also see keith in the black lion. 

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desim42 said: Hey Cassie! Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of people who have read Lord of Shadows notice that Julian seems to be headed down a dark path, maybe even one similar to Malcolm. Despite his ruthlessness, I don’t want to believe he could be evil or cruel, I feel that even despite his at times ruthless heart, his heart is the most caring of all. What is your take on the subject of Julian’s ruthlessness and the limits he will cross when under difficult circumstances.

ontheroadtodisaster said: Hi Cassie !!!! I love your writing and it did change my outlook on the world. Are we going to see the dark side of Julian in Queen of Air and Darkness even more than we already did in the first two books and will it ever, under any circumstance be directed at Emma? And please assure me that QoAD will end in a nicely, wrapped up way and definately not with a cliffhanger . (I would love you even if it doesn’t :-) )

It’s hard to answer this question without entering Ye Olde Realm of Spoilers. I will tread carefully and say what I can.

My take on Julian and his ruthlessness is that when we meet him at twelve, he isn’t like that. He’s a pretty gentle and ordinary boy. We watch him change due to the incredible stress and trauma of the Dark War, and the first time I think we see him do something ruthless, or at least something that requires some real steel and emotionlessness, is when he kills his Endarkened father to save his siblings.

Having the care of those siblings for so many years and basically raising them has made him ruthless in the sense that he’ll do anything for them. And though he may be overprotective sometimes, he’s stood between them and the world to good effect for a long time. Without him, his siblings would have been split up and scattered to the winds. They would all be deeply unhappy and shattered to one extent or another, especially Ty.

So unfortunately what Jules has learned is that ruthlessness is effective: it protects the ones you love. And what he’s learned from his losses in Lord of Shadows is that he should be more ruthless … not less.

Absolutely Julian has a caring and loving heart. It’s just that the circle of those he loves and trusts is small and he’s very very careful about giving love or trust to those outside it. He’s very clear to Emma that the world is us versus them as far as he’s concerned because that’s what his experiences have taught him. Would he turn off every parabatai bond in the world to protect his siblings? Would he kill, and what would it cost him: would he only kill the guilty, or also the innocent? 

Julian will definitely be faced with incredibly difficult choices. But keep in mind how his story differs from Malcolm's—Malcolm loved one person above all others, and in some ways isolated himself, even from his friends. Julian has never been able to do that. He’s too full of love for his family, for Emma, for Diana. He’s connected to his community in a way Malcolm wasn’t. Whatever paths Julian takes in the future, he has to reconcile those decisions with the love he has for his family and friends. Is Julian capable of cruelty and manipulation? Absolutely. But he’s also capable of great love and gentleness.

As for his ruthlessness being directed at Emma, he would never be violent or cruel to her or his family. It’s just not his nature, or the nature of his darkness.

QoAaD is a work in progress, so I can’t speak to specifics about the ways in which Julian’s ruthlessness comes out or how it affects the story. What I will tell you is that Julian uses some…unorthodox methods to deal with his emotional state.

Queen of Air and Darkness will wrap up the plot of TDA and be a satisfying end to the series. Some mysteries will be left unresolved and taken up again in the Wicked Powers, but TDA is written as a trilogy, and will be self contained as such. 

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

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My interpretation of the MOON signs

(You could probs relate your sun if you want maybe even your rising)

Aries: they take up your life: being loud, leaving mess on the stairs, creating arguments out of thin air and always filling the void with their drama. Very self-centred but oblivious to it so I’ll let it be. Problems they hav always someone else’s fault. Very loving and cuddly and express passion easily. Never stick to hobbies after announcing that its there biggest passion n cant survive without it. Though, they don’t wait around for things to be handed to them - they are always up to something interesting. Independent.

Taurus: they are great to spill your words upon and never flinch when u say something deep or shocking so it makes u chill af cause they are…Most of the time…they can get angered when things aren’t as it should as they are very stubborn. don’t like people who aren’t committed to friendship or plans/dreams and dont like people who dont give their stuff back. Seemed to hav cows eyes: very deep n dreamy and long eyelashes -often brown eyes that i know of or watery blue eyes. lov food or other luxuries.

Gemini: childlike, like everything light hearted and humorous. there has to always be words to fill up the quiet spaces otherwise they start to get agitated. Dont like boring people and will blatantly walk off or something. Nervouusss people. Tapping all the time. When they’re in a goood mood they’re goofy but can become detached and cold and become a bit of a smart arse. Like knowing their shit.

Cancer: homely people. Warm and loving to fault as they are always let down by others who do not give the same warmth and pure emotions back. I think they could probably guilt trip u many times. emotions are not hidden which is good and bad because shots are firedddd and their words filled venom when there really cheesed off. Like lots of nice things. also love cute fluffy animals. Love their family to be always near - protective can become smothering. Talk about the ‘good old days’ 24/7.

Leo: why are you so posey and dramatic? They like to tell a tall tale - love to add bits to the truth to make it more exciting - which is actually interesting to hear tbh so good job :) they love to be centre of attention obvs. Also hold their heads high and always seem taller than actually are. Full of exuberance. & they often believe in their abilities so they achieve good grades and r smarttt!

Virgo: lovs when people do little silly things for them because they like when people are as detail orientated as them. expect too much of people becaus they do too much for others. Nervous but lowkey cause their earthiness sort of makes it hum in the background. Has potential to be shady. I love their organisation, chills me the f out. Some reason i feel they be really good at ASMR videos because of their voice & movements. and they r actually quite talkative but its usually nothing too intellectual or snobbish just good natter. Bites their nails!

Libra: i dont get them. They dont make an imposing impression on me as they’re delicate and not too in ya face. Loves knitted jumpers and wearing light colours Ive noticed. Sweet n gentle. Probs could get away with murder. Gets really into things like a celeb or tv series for a while. Has fan blogs probably. like to talk about things such as kpop, clothes, items in their neat pencil case and make up. Idkkk

Scorpio: protectivveee. Intense. Passionate about theirs hobbies and interests. Can become lost in their own intellectual, abstract world forgetting what is truly important until they realise and become regretful and then hold many unresolved grudges. They are e m o t i o n a l but try to hide it - constantly simmering and on the verge of erupting. Though they are quite interested in their own passion - they’ll hype u up about yours and talk for hours about theirs and your own dreams. Abstract knowledge that seems to appear out of no where when they speak -unconventionally smart.

Sagittarius: want to escape reality. Someone i used to know would read a lot of books - probs erotic - she also used her work as escapism? her husband wouldn’t take her on holiday:( another i know comes across very cool and full of knowledge and like to says corny things like ‘you might as well live your life to the fullest because you’ve only got one’. acts like a philosopher. Has gooood taste in music. knows everyone and can keep good relationships with all of them.

Capricorn: thinks they’re are funny af but peeps often laugh at their jokes cause they’re just a bit shit. Tries to come across cool 😎looking for a for job but isn’t working out lol. Wants fame n fortune. they love to talk deep and intellectual without getting too personal. probably quite lovey dovey but it is buried deep inside them. likes to keep it light by listening to music or watching the telly otherwise there thoughts overwhelm them. ( i hav cap moon so might look like a different viewpoint to the others moon signs)

Aquarius: loves to make a point that they are different lol. Intellectual af cause they really smart. Can talk for hours on end but still likes down time. they are the world’s friend but they only let a few know the real them (if thats is actually the real them ). Quirky sense of humour. Hav big dreams and most likely succeed in pursuing them. they are very open about weird stories and experiences they hav had which is fun to hear. will hav something to say about every topic on earth - love to share an opinion.

Pisces: too kind for their own good. They know your weaknesses/insecurities from first time you meet. i think they have melancholy spells which they find themselves in a trance - i catch them staring blankly quite a lot. Love to ask if you’re okay. Mooody. Let down by humanity. Very chatty and has of cool things to say. Music may rule their life - musically talented in one case ik (probs used as escapism). Can be burdened with very unsettling thoughts of not being good enough; making sure they keep there reputation for being the nice guy which means getting pushed about

Why Larimar could be the Lapidot fusion

For day three of Lapidot Anniversary Week (prompt: “fusion”), I’m going to be doing some theorising about why I now believe that Larimar will be the Lapidot fusion, based on the properties of the stone and its usage in crystal healing.

(Source:  w w w . crystalvaults . com / crystal-encyclopedia / larimar – please remove the spaces, I’ve written it like this due to issues with posts not appearing in the tags if they contain external links)

“Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil Sea and Sky energies”

This immediately reminds me of both Lapis and Peridot.  Lapis, of course, has complete control of the sea and she can fly – and Peridot can also fly when she has her limb enhancers (as well as being the pilot of the Hand Ship in Jailbreak).

“It brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis”

Hi, Peridot!

“Larimar is one of the cardinal Water element stones, yet is born of Fire in its volcanic origins”

Originally posted by giffing-su

The fact that Larimar has volcanic origins is extremely interesting when you consider that real-life Peridot can be formed in the earth’s mantle (along with Peridotite) – which is something that Peridot herself mentioned in Gem Drill!  We also have the connection to water again as well, making it have relevance to Lapis too.

“Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress…”

“Larimar is a crystal of serenity, promoting relaxation in every aspect”

“Larimar is a powerful emotional cleanser and healer, especially for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and excessive anger or fear”

“It helps us moderate aggressiveness and deal with rage”

Originally posted by doafhat

Originally posted by starberry-cupcake

So, it could greatly benefit both Lapis and Peridot.  They’ve both had more than their fair share of stress and fear, and are both prone to exhibiting very bad tempers and/or aggressive behaviour at times (with Peridot’s explosive tantrums, and Lapis’ brooding and often unforgiving rage).

“The more intense the blue and contrast within the [Larimar] stone, the rarer and higher its value”

This jumps out at me for the fact that this principle also applies to real-life Lapis Lazuli.  Incidentally, Lapis in the show also has a Gem that’s pure blue (as opposed to having any pyrite/calcite inclusions)…

“Larimar is a wonderful stone for mothers”

If you interpret Pumpkin as being the Lapidot “child”, then this certainly takes on some relevancy! Especially considering Peridot’s comment in Gem Harvest about missing the “pitter-patter of full-sized Gem soldiers” (a reference to the expression “hearing the pitter-patter of tiny feet”, which is used when talking about people who are imminently going to have a child) when explaining why she and Lapis decided to grow their field of vegetables in the first place.

“As a soothing Water element stone, Larimar cools hot tempers and guides excessive passion into peace”

Peridot has generally become much calmer since being around Lapis, and seems much more settled nowadays.  Her passionate side is still there, but it’s very much being used for good and peaceful activities nowadays (such as “meep morp” and vegetable-growing).  Could a fusion into Larimar with Lapis help to further calm her, then?

“Larimar is an excellent stone for finding a soulmate”

As Peridot and Lapis barely leave each others’ side, I don’t feel like this point needs any explanation.

“It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships”

Originally posted by giffing-lazuli

I like the idea that Larimar can help with trauma – considering that Lapis has had a very traumatic life and would appear to be suffering from PTSD and depression as a result of this.  I know the article here is referring to “past-life” relationships, but it could still hold some relevance when you consider the living nightmare in Lapis’ past that was Malachite.

“Larimar assists in identifying self-imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behavior, especially toward martyrdom, and encourages taking control of one’s life. It is particularly useful in admitting guilt, when guilty, and in bringing about a sense of peace in truthfulness.”

Originally posted by venomade

Lapis started to express real guilt for her past actions in Alone At Sea (one such action, of course, was effectively martyring herself in order to protect Steven from Jasper - but deliberately hurting Jasper in the process).  There’s a lot of horror in her past that she still needs a helping hand to cope with.  Likewise, I believe that Peridot is also burdened with a lot of guilt for some of her past actions; which is something that she appears to be bottling up.

Therefore, fusing into Larimar could help them both to make peace with themselves and begin to let go of their pasts.

“It aids in breaking down the walls one has built around the heart for defense, and allows for emotional release and the clearing of deep emotional patterns. It helps one to reconnect to a previous, more natural state of playfulness and joyful childlike energy”

Originally posted by plugeth

I feel like this also has a lot of relevancy.

Again, Peridot is bottling a lot of things up – and quite often, Lapis appears to be putting up a front in order to hide her inner turmoil.  The pair of them do have a lot of playful energy at times, so Larimar could encourage (and completely embody) this.

“It emanates vivaciousness, humor, and a sense of one’s own power”

Peridot is the definition of vivacious!  She and Lapis also have a shared sense of humour (as seen in Gem Harvest, in particular) – and Lapis wields an insurmountable power over water.

“Light blue crystals [such as Larimar] help us accept the life we have, develop patience, reconcile differences, or seek forgiveness. They’re excellent for recovery efforts from addictions or destructive patterns, aid in curbing tempers, and help us become more dependable and cheerful. Light blue crystals also assist in dealing with grief, letting go of the past, and curing guilt”

I really think that this speaks for itself.

“[It] tempers excess, restores calm after a storm, relieves stress, and neutralizes extremes”

Originally posted by cartoon-epileptic

This scene in particular was both a metaphorical and literal “calm after the storm”.

“Larimar also utilizes … a fresh, welcome energy that moves us to serenity as new growth and life emerges. It brings hope, discovery and balance”

Much like Lapis and Peridot having a fresh start on Earth, discovering this wonderful new planet together… and even creating new life together.

Skam season 4, episode 8: “Don’t look back in anger” - oh but I will!!

Guys, I failed with the recaps as much as Julie failed to structure a coherent season 4 storyline. So Julie, girl, I get ya.  But I’ll still rant over what I’ve just seen.

I’ve been relatively positive about the post-hiatus episodes, because as painful as they were for Sana (and me), at least they were about Sana.  I was kind of sure that everything was going to be resolved in a way, because let’s be honest, in the end everything will be fine.  Expect, this time, I won’t be fine (yes, it’s all about me.  Call me Noora.)

Anger Issue part 1

Now, this last episode that just ended.  Episode 8.  Let me get the Even and co. stuff out of the way first, because I know that it causes the most anger right now.  

In the very first clip  of this week’s episode (!!) we got an entire conversation between the Bakkoush siblings about why the friendship between the Balloon Squad and Even ended back then.  We got Elias’ view on what happened (remember how Yousef told us his version? ).  We saw a conversation between Sana and Even all those years ago where it was pretty obvious that there were a few unresolved matters between him and his former buddies.  So surely it wasn’t too crazy to expect some kind of scene that would resolve that particular storyline, right?  Wrong.  In this week’s final clip we suddenly see them all peacefully re-united, playing, dancing, singing together as if nothing has ever happened.  Now, I don’t need to be spoon-fed with every little detail, I understand that people solve things, but this was a story touched upon quite a few times this season.  So how did the boys get there?  The cute, happy scenes felt completely un-deserved. Also, dropping a teenager’s suicide attempt as background information on said character and never following up on that is not just low, it’s simply irresponsible.  Get it fucking together, Julie.  

And don’t get me started on Isak, who apparently punched Mikael in a drunk, jealous rage back at the karaoke thingy.  Um.  Ok.  I get being jealous, he did seem a bit that way when he tried snooping around finding out more about Mikael.  Still, doesn’t make sense.  But yeah, give us that striking image of a favorite character violently bleeding and being in pain.  Only to have a bullshit explanation as to why that happened.

Another issue within this storyline that made no sense:  Sana seriously thinking that her sweet, loving, kind brother is a homophobe who goes around and punches her friends.  Um, what?  And then she doesn’t talk to him for weeks, only to finally get what happened when Isak tells her that it was basically his fault?  That’s crazy out of character.  Sana knows her brother. And for her to not ask him about it earlier is insane.  

Anger Issue part 2

Ok.  Moving on to the girls.  Sana destroyed Sara by releasing private chat screenshots she took of a conversation between her and Isak.  I am a bad person, because as much as I knew that it was wrong, I cheered for Sana.  Yep.  Sue me.  When Sana finally came clean to the girls (accidentally) when it looked like Isak might bet expelled (because he took the fall for Sana), they dropped Sana.  In one of the most painful scenes I’ve ever watched on this show, Chris told Sana that the other girls don’t like her as much anymore because they felt she had changed throughout this whole bus drama.  This was terrible.  And was surely to be resolved in some kind of scene between Sana and at least one of the girls, maybe Eva who seemed the most angry.  Well….the next scene, when Sana was all alone with the awful Pepsi Max girls and which included a powerful voiceover from Sana, we suddenly see the girl squad coming to the rescue in their very own bus, happily screaming for Sana who is all happy too and gets on the bus with them.  Now, did the girls see the light and finally got that their friend must have had reasons to do what she had done?  Probably.  I can live with not getting that scene. It’s not from their POV.  But to not have a scene between them talking about it in some way later on is not ok and doesn’t make any sense.  Another storyline resolved without feeling deserved.

Anger Issue part 3

And now…the final moments of the episode 8′s last clip. Sana and Noora talk, it turns out (for Sana, we knew this all along I guess) that Yousef does indeed like her a LOT.  We learn all this through several minutes of Sana reading the texts between Noora and Yousef discussing his feelings for Sana.  Um, ok?  If this is how you want to do it, fine.  They exchange loving looks and Yousef seems to understand that things are looking up for them. We’ll get a sweet scene between Sana and Yousef later, right?  Well….I guess not.  Julie went all Red Wedding on my feelings by having a big ass dramatic scene for the arrival of…Wilhelm and boy-Chris.  It suddenly became Noora’s season again.  That was the big moment of this clip.  For real, guys. The episode didn’t end with a Sana moment, it was all about Noora and Wilhelm and I guess that’s what the final two episodes are going to be about.  Everything else has been resolved in this episode.  Don’t expect any deep talks between Sana and Even, or Sana and Yousef or Sana and the girls about what happened to their friendship.  From here on it will be the resolution to season 2.  Good luck, Julie.  It was fine while it lasted I guess.


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[18] One Bullet – Clear, 3x12

I feel like I’ve referenced Clear so much already, so let’s finally get into it. This pivotal episode serves to dismantle Rick and Carl’s early misconceptions about my girl Michonne and transform the fam from reluctant allies to EndlessLove.mp3. It also continues that strong stare game they got going on, with a terse exchange that sizzles with sexual tension. (This is absolutely what I came for.)

A lot of what makes this partnership work is that Michonne never puts Rick on the defensive; there’s trust and respect, even at times where Rick seems to expect a hard time (see also: Welcome To The Tombs, Conquer). Here, that magic shows itself when Rick is in a bit of a huff about the acquisition of guns not going to plan and starts preempting criticism from Michonne. Calmly and incredibly softly, Michonne replies, “No, Rick, I don’t have a problem.” She then hands over the one bullet she did find, leaving Rick lost for words aaaaand maybe a bit turned on – who can really say?

The chemistry as Michonne delivers her line and hands over that flirt bullet is FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI. Y'all make a dragon wanna retire, man. Carl’s too young to be exposed to this adult content, but I guess he’s had to grow up fast in the apocalypse. I have never seen instantaneous unresolved sexual tension like it in my 24 years on this earth. If you watch reeeeally carefully, you can see the exact moment that their hook-up became a dead cert.

  • Danai: It was an ill-devised plan. Michonne does not call him out for this, but he kind of thinks she does. She hands him the one bullet she did find and he snaps at her, and her response is, you know, “I don’t have a problem with that.” It was so funny when we shot it, the crew all looked over to Mr Gimple and they were like, “Are Rick and Michonne gonna get together?!” and I was like, “Huh?” I don’t know what it was, but at that moment it made sense to me because she has to deeply respect the man she opens up to and she was already developing such a respect for him. She could see he was a good man burdened with leadership, versus he needed leadership to feel like a man. There was something about that realization of seeing him like that, seeing his brokenness and his pain and things that she could connect to that were making her put down her mess and open up more.


ENTJ-  You scare me. You are such and incredible leader, how do you do that?? But also I hate authority and feel a need to disagree with you at every turn because you’re so bossy. You’re not as cool as you think you are, but you’re almost as cool as you think you are and that’s pretty damn cool. Be my friend.

ENTP- Fuckin’ chill out you memelord. You’re either coasting through life or putting WAY to much effort into shit. You’re a bit of a narcissistic fuck but you’re still my favourite type (*coughs*). You’re too excitable and too much of a dick and you’re personality doesn’t make sense. Stop being mean to you’re friends. Learn to be more comfortable with emotions, it’ll be important later on in life. Be the friend that can cheer others up with jokes when they don’t really wanna talk about what’s wrong.

INTJ- You’re cool, you get shit done and you’re a bit of a supervillian. What’s not to love? You’re a rare bird. There aren’t many of you out there, but you are important. If you weren’t here, who else would the ENFP’s annoy? You’re a behind the scenes leader most of the time, pulling the strings from a safe (and smart distance) but you aren’t afraid to get you’re hands dirty. You’re good at shit.But don’t forget, you’re not superhuman. Remember other people have these pesky things called emotions, be wary of them STILL i want you to be proud of you’re inherent assholeness.

INTP-  Mad scientist. I’m constantly searching for your approval because of my unresolved daddy issues and it freaks me out. Yes, you are a daddy. Some of you have your heads shoved up a little too far in you’re own arse. Just because you’re introverted and intuitive and darn cold, does not make you better than others honey. Basically, you’re a condescending shit. But hey I still put you on this weird pedestal, so we’re both guilty. You’re the genius on tv shows that isn’t diagnosed but falls on the aspergers spectrum somewhere.


ENFJ-  Baby, I worship the ground you walk on. You are so cool, calm and controlled while still being awesome, enthusiastic and excitable. Don’t be my friend, date me. But stop trying to fix everything. Think about yourself a lil okay buddy, and use logic sometimes too. Actually scratch all that, you’re perfect, I love you.

ENFP-  You are a beautiful, annoying bastard. You’re too nice and I don’t feel comfortable making mean jokes at your expense (because you’d probably take it seriously and cry yourself to sleep), but you have effortless charm. Stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the bigger picture, you’re not realistic. Be my friend, but not like close friend, y'know.

INFP-  Hello, the human equivalent of tumblr. Fuck. People either love you or hate you. I don’t know where I fall on that scale tbh. Sometimes you’re just a little too much honey, I’m not sensitive enough for you. Other times you are too precious for this world and I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and protect you. I am strangely attracted to you despite how awkward you probably think you are. You have a lot of knowledge in that head of yours. Be that person I have a weird co-dependant relationship with, that really isn’t healthy but I can’t exactly live without you and I’m not sure why.

INFJ- Ah INFJ, I haven’t met many of you but BOY, are the ones I know pretentious. You’re one of the least common MBTI type, and you probably know and take pride in this. You’re good at reading people, I know, but you can just talk to me instead of analyse from a distance bud. You’re ultimately very cool and creative, a little bit of a know it all but it’s justified. You’re a sweet bundle of joy and I love you. Be my best friend. You’re good at being a friend. Really good.


ESFP-  I like you a lot kid, you remind me of a younger me. We shouldn’t get along but I love/envy you. You’re caring and you have a great childlike spirit. Make some art and ramble to me some more. I seriously appreciate you so much. You bring me back down to  the ‘now’ with you’re crazy impulsive attitude and caring demeanour. Just learn to listen to me a lil more when I tell you you’re thinking with you’re heart instead of you’re brain again. You do it a lot, buddy. Be my lover.

ESTP-  You’re cool man. You’re Ferris Bueler. You’re a salesman that’s constantly selling me on your personality. Look we get it, you’re good with one liners and you’re athletic and everyone loves you, but also hey, think about others you little sociopathic flirt. Also, sometimes people really DO know more than you, I know! Crazy. Be my Idol.

ISFP-  You probably reaallly like music. Chill out buddy, I don’t know much about you but you seem stressed and too fierce for ur adorable demeanour. I know you are your own individual beautiful creative person, you don’t need to tell me. People DO care about you, i know sometimes you doubt that, but you got this life in the bad. You’ll probably never grow out of your angsty teen years tbh but it’s okay, find yourself an ISFJ and you’ll be okay.

ISTP-  So you’re just as cool but less attainable, loner ESTP. You’re in control of your own everything but also out of control and mildly self destructive? Be the mysterious kid I rarely talk to, but everytime I do I fall in love with you a little bit.


ESFJ-  Hey there soldier. In the best case scenario, you’re cutie Monica Geller, that’s a lil anal and mildly manipulative but really! very! sweet!. In the worst case scenario you are literally my worst nightmare. Your the squad’s glue tho. Sometimes you offer a cool third perspective, but you over simplify things and don’t try to understand my crazy theories and that’s annoying. Learn to get over yourself a lil, stop playing the victim buddy and compromise. Be my friend in a few years when you learn to self reflect better.

ESTJ-  You’re a manipulative bitch. You’re so judgemental, you’re Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls. You’re pretty cool. Even more of a rampant psycho than ENTJ. I don’t like you all that much (and something tells me you don’t really care) but I respect you a LOT. Stay a safe distance away from me and please don’t judge me. You’re too savage.

ISFJ-  Hey my emo saviour. You understand everybody and nobody truly understands you. You’re the reliable Colin Firth that the world of Bridget Jones’s run to after their crazy escapades with Hugh Grant. Just remember to have standards baby, and don’t accept everyone that runs into you’re arms. You’re worth more than what most people are willing to give. Be my favourite sweet emotional little kid brother (even if you are female.)

ISTJ-  You say 'interesting’ a lot. If life were a tv show, you’d be a sassy little hate muffin that tumblr idolised that everyone would remark didnt get enough screen time. You’re all business and sometimes you should let down that gaurd fam :) Think about people a little bit more bud. I respect you. I’ll be your friend! But it will probably take three years to build up our relationship and it will probably be accidental, but im here for u anyway.

The 6th house through the Planets and Signs

helloooo everyone right now I’m reading a book about the houses called The twelve houses: Exploring the Houses of the Horoscope by Howard Sasportas & Liz Greene. I wanted to get more info on the 12 house but I became fascinated with the 6th house. Maybe b/c it’s a earth house and it’s a practical or traditional house and my Cap Dom ass is intrigued lol idk but if you’re interested in the 6th house keep reading!!

Just some of the things the 6th house deals with:
-Work: our thoughts on work and how we obtain positions, how we converse with our co-workers and authority figures
-Service: how we handle being served and how we service others
-regular everyday tasks

The 6th house is the 5th houses boundaries. I’d like to think. For example: You bought a new car (5H) don’t forget to keep it clean, get gas, get the oil changed pay the insurance (6H). Lol I guess you can also say the 6H is the water that puts out 5H Fire or really just grounding the 5H. The 6H is how we unconsciously deal with everyday activities. It showcases the energies we bring to our mundane tasks and how we deal with them. The 6H is our reality check as I like to think of it. It’s takes many journeys through who we are on the inside and what surrounds us on the outside. (The book says this and I agree.)

The 6th house through the signs/planets:

The Sun/Leo in the 6H: the ego and identity revolves around health, daily routines and work. This person will feel the need to organize daily routines. This person will want to learn how to navigate everyday life in the most practical manner. They may even be the type to clean or organize when they are stressed. This person needs to have boundaries and routines it empowers them. They also enjoy servicing others. These people have learned how to care for their body. But some may learn this lesson later. When they start to neglect their health and cause illness their number one priority will be to get their health back up. Nothing else with be important to them during this time. They also have a knack for encouraging others to participate in a healthy lifestyle or to be more aware of their health.

The Moon/Cancer in the 6H: These people will find comfort and security when dealing with everyday activities. There mood depends on the ability to function through the mundane tasks. Illnesses that can run in the family should be considered and people should take the necessary precautions when preventing them. They can be emotionally engaged at work being wrapped in the personal lives of their co-worker or people that service them.

Mercury/ Gemini and Virgo in the 6H: these people need to gain knowledge in the process of dealing with everyday life and maintains health. These people’s health concerns may stem from excessive worrying, going over board when it comes to being active and not allowing their bodies to rest. People with These placements should be conscious of how much time they are using, and where they place their time. Sometimes these placements can make someone want to be super busy and they build their day with so many activities. Which can cause them to stress. People with these placements should engage in activities that allow lots of movement. Be aware of gossiping, slander and back biting in the work place. This placement can also have sibling issues that are unresolved to arise in the work place.

Venus/ Taurus and Libra in the 6H: people with this placement may have a tendency to fall for their co-workers. People with these placements will definitely like to improve their skills, talents and abilities. They enjoy adding flare to whatever they do. It has to be beautiful. People with this placement tend to put their artistic abilities to good use. They tend to create careers out of them. They also desire harmony in the work atmosphere. Beware of over indulging. People with these placements need to learn how to have a good balance. Taurus gives determination to accomplishing tasks while Libra is diplomatic when engaging in conversation with co-workers. Can become ill if too stressed.

Mars/Aries in the 6H: people with these placements may be impatient with co-workers. But these people usually want to run everything by them selves. But they will stand up for what’s right. Even stand up for a colleague they believe is being mistreated. With these placements it can vary between overly aggressive or just outspoken and standing up for the little guy in the workforce. Check what’s being aspects to Mars and the 6H.

Jupiter/ Sagittarius in the 6H: People with this placement might fill their time with too many activities and responsibilities. They may quickly finish one task just to get to the next. They take pride in their work and usually have a lot of energy for work. With this placement their could be travel, public, relations, educational activities amongst other things. Some people may be bogged down with many different activities or responsibilities and forget to take care of their bodies. Some may obsess about health if it has anything with cleansing the spirit. With Jupiter and it being excessive I’d be careful. Beware of fad diets. Usually, with these placements they want to be one with their body and spirit. So, in some cases they may tend to turn to crash diets if they believe it will cleanse them spiritually and make them one with there body mind and soul. However, this may not always be the case. People with these placements can also inspire others to take a positive approach about their self care.

Saturn/Capricorn in the 6H: people with this placement are great with organizing and have great administrative abilities. They also are good with details. They could thing their daily tasks are demanding and oppressive. They need a routine but they also can feel frustrated and trapped. I’d say a healthy balance is good for these placements as well. When it comes to illness it’s usually is a wake up call that they are living in an imbalanced lifestyle. They can be overly critical with people they work with. They can also fear being unacceptable or inadequate to their boss or co-workers. Losing a pet can push this placement over the edge.

Uranus/Aquarius in the 6H: this placement can learn that in order to change the outside you must first change the inside. They ask a lot of questions when faced with difficulties in their everyday lives. They’re approach work in a non conventional way. They have to always be engaged. Usually they find it difficult to work under others because they need to do the job in their own way. But also check aspects because they can bring inventive ideas while working with co workers. They may get unorthodox pets.

Neptune/Pisces in the 6H:
Weak nervous system. Could be prone to colds and illnesses. People with this placement should take precautions to Strengthen their nervous system. Could benefit better from home remedies or all natural medicines. There faith plays a huge part in recovery. Usually are very sensitive to the work place atmosphere. They could be the scapegoat. Always taking the blame for everything wrong (Like Jerry from Parks and Rec) however, some people may turn to them for support. They could be the person that everyone goes to to relieve their stress/burdens. Usually not interested in mundane activities.

Pluto/Scorpio in the 6H:
People with this placement should know that when it comes to illness it’s usually and indicator or other issues. Everyday tasks cane be very important. They are usually dedicated when it comes to work or a tasks. They usually want to always improve methods that exist already in the work place. They must have work that is totally consuming and engaging.

***most of the things in here is from the book. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you pick up the book and get to know your houses a little bit better***

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HI! I was wondering what are ur favorites stony fics

Sorry to do this to your ask friend, but I’ve been meaning to create a Stony Masterlist for a while now so that’s what we get! I devided the fics by trope but if more than one trope applies to a fic I’ll pick the trope I feel most applies and just write down in it’s description the other tropes are in it. Okay? Let’s do this!

Keep Reading

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yoi fic rec list, part 5

i’m providing commentaries this time bc damn it, my feels cannot be contained

For Him by justrae2010 / @justrae2010

When Yuuri takes a hard fall on the ice, at first glance he seems to be okay. It’s only when he wakes up and doesn’t recognise the affectionate silver haired stranger at his bedside that he realises just how wrong he is.

This is the story that makes me happy whenever I receive update notification bc it always happen when I wake up from sleep. I remember reading ch 9 and I was crying even before I was actually awake. I reread it again for feels but it could never beat what I felt the first time I read it. It’s been a regular routine, waking up from sleep and finding out that there’s a chapter update!

Chapter 10 turns me into a crying mess again but it’s adorable as well bc of what’s revealed. I won’t tell you why, so please read the story to find out why!

The story updated today with chapter 11 and I screamed in excitement, reading together with friends. Memory loss hurts, honestly, but I’m glad even when Yuuri can’t remember the details of the lost memories, he can create new memories.

But, Yuuri, running away halfway across the country because you think you are hurting Victor, it hurts me too ok.

centripetal force by braveten / @actualyuuri

Victor speaks seven languages.

(Physics isn’t one of them.)

Luckily, though, he ends up rooming with his antithesis: a shy, black-haired boy who just so happens to be a physics major.

I started reading this last night, from 1 am to 5 am. For those wondering why I was awake at such odd hours, 1) I already slept earlier, 2) I forgot to take my medicine, 3) I was hungry so I ate cookies and 4) I can’t sleep.

Honestly, this story is such a relaxing story to read. I have to agree with Victor on physics, though. I just don’t understand physics (I failed the subject in high school and barely passed in national exam), but I am also not good with maths and formulas. My friends who took physics said it’s easy if you understand the formulas and I was like, “You have got to be kidding me.“

I took nursing so thankfully, there’s no physics involved.

Halfway into the story, I was able to guess who Boxers Guy was (and I was like, omg, was it who I think it was?! and my friend was like hmmMNNNNNN) but the revelation hurt me just as it hurt Yuuri, especially when it’s followed up with a misunderstanding. Still, I was glad when everything was resolved!

I cried in relief (and I still don’t understand physics).

 The Selection by Galloping_Monroe / @gallopingmonroe-blog

Returning home on the tail end of an injury that ends his dancing career, Yuri Katsuki is trying to find his future again. As a Five, he knows his options are limited, but when he finds an invitation to Crown Prince Victor Nikiforov’s Selection, he is convinced by a friend to apply.

He never thought he’d be Selected.

When he is, he finds that his world is changed forever, and that the Crown Prince is not exactly what he’d expected.

I have come across this story a lot of times while I browsed AO3. The summary intrigued me but I didn’t read it until a few days ago. There’s 21 chapters and I devoured them within one day. Such a classic move from someone who could read 18 volumes of manga in just 3 days, or finish 24 episodes in just 3 days.

I find it cute that the characters we know are trying to win the heart of Prince Victor but Prince Victor only has eyes on one person and that person is so oblivious to this romantic attraction, thinking they are only friends.


I would have loved for Victor to end the Selection and just get married to Yuuri, but I applaud Yuuri for admitting that he still need time to get ready and Victor understands. Communication is important, folks.

I remember telling my friends I wished these two just kiss and in the chapter I was reading, they actually kissed. Who would have thought two characters kissing makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?!

The unresolved sexual tension, though.

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui / @lucycamui

In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.

(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).

When my favourite fairytale combined with bakery goods, gosh!

My friend told me that I wouldn’t even notice I was at the end of the story until I reached the last chapter. I scoffed, saying NO WAY, but I was a fool, bc I didn’t even realize I was at the last chapter. Curse your speed reading skills, Zue!

I asked my friend, “Does this story has an evil stepmother?“ and it turned out the evil stepmother was Yuuri’s ball of anxiety. I’m so glad Victor never give up in finding his love. The rain scene where they kissed? IT WAS TOO SWEET!

But the true MPV of this story? PHICHIT!

Gosh, I never dreamed of a fairy!Phichit but I demand a fairy!Phichit now! The hamsters are so cute, too.

Kings in Couture by slightlied / @forovnix

a devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands

I was so giddy when I read the scene where Victor arrived and everyone was in panic, scurrying around making sure everything was perfect and ready for him while Yuuri just watched in confusion. (It’s such an iconic scene.)

My first thought when I saw the word ‘kic’ was, ‘what the heck is kic and why are ppl talking about kic fic?‘ but I wasn’t too concerned with it at the time so I didn’t bother finding out. Two weeks ago, I finally kicked myself into reading the story. I expected Victor to be mean to Yuuri but I saw cute interactions instead.

Yuuri’s tight jeans, though.

I browsed through 27 pages of the author’s kic tag while I was reading the story and I must say, the experience was glorious.

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4. and 39. with Remus/ Sirius you can choose. I love your blog alot💜

So I already did both these prompts for Sirius so I chose Remus instead! This is pumped full of feels, take care when reading. 

Also, some domestic Jily that no one asked for, but got anyway…

4. “Walk out that door and we’re through,” and 39. “Please come home, I miss you.” 

prompts | masterlist

Harry Potter had his mother’s eyes. He resembled his father, with a tornado of jet black hair and a mischievous yet charming grin, but the shape and color of his eyes were purely Lily. He was, quite simply, adorable. And you loved him so.

Bouncing him on your leg, Harry stretched two, pudgy hands out in front of him and curled his little fingers around your hair, giggling loudly.

“Don’t you yank my wig off, you little gargoyle,” you joked and Harry burst into a fit of giggles as though he understood your joke.

“Always knew that wasn’t your real hair,” James grinned, “And my son is not a gargoyle. He’s a baby troll.”

“Are you suggesting that Lily got freaky with a troll?” you asked and James barked out a laugh.

“What can I say? She’s kinky. Besides, who needs monogamy anyway?”

“At least the troll was more satisfying than you ever were,” Lily remarked, padding into the living room wearing a wicked grin. You choked on your laughter.

“That’s not what you said last night,” James smirks, sending a wink to his wife. He reaches out to catch Lily as she passes, she tries to dodge him, but he’s quicker and she shrieks a laugh as he collects her into his arms, pulling her onto his lap. Lily slaps his shoulder and he kisses her cheek.

“I don’t need to hear the details,” you cringe and James chortles.

“Come on (Y/N), you’re into it…” he waggled his brows, “I’m sure Lily wouldn’t mind an extra body in our bed.”

You snorted and Lily shook her head, biting her lip. “Why did I marry you?”

“For the sex, of course.” James remarked, flippantly.

“Fifth-year Lily would not be impressed, to say the least,” You retorted, “No matter how good the sex is…”

“Oh, I think I’d send fifth-year-Lily to her grave if she knew,” Lily mused, “and I wouldn’t be here, sitting on this ones lap, talking about it with you.”

“I think all that hate was just unresolved sexual tension,” James mused, though his grin was devious, “I knew you were having wild, sex dreams about me…”

“Harry, you poor, poor boy,” you remarked, as Harry launched into a fit of hysterics, “You’re going to be stuck with these jokers for the rest of your life. I pity you already.”

“Well, ya ‘know, he can’t stay innocent forever,” James remarked, though his eyes twinkled slightly as they observed his son. Pride, awe, love. There were stars in his eyes and Lily and Harry were his universe. Your smile was soft and genuine.

“Not while Sirius is around,” Lily retorts and you snort in agreement.

“Why in Godrics name would you name Sirius fucking Black his godfather. The poor boy already has to put up with James Potter as a father,” you mock-scolded Lily.

“His persuasion techniques are irresistible,” Lily grinned with a wink.

“I knew you and Sirius were fucking,” James shook his head in shame, “And to think you wouldn’t invite me…”

“Please,” Lily scoffed, “You had six years with him all to yourself. You ought to learn how to share…”

“What do you think I was doing before when I invited (Y/N) to one of our…meetings,”

“You do realize that your ten-month-old son is right here, don’t you?” you piped up, and Harry let out a delightful squeal as if to prove your point.

“Like I said, he can’t stay innocent forever,” said James, matter-of-factly.

At that moment, Harry mouth stretched into a soundless yawn and you grinned goofily at how adorable it looked on him.

“It’s his bed time,” Lily noted, rising from her husband’s lap. You handed Harry to Lily and she cradled him in her arms, beaming down at her son as he gazed up into her eyes. It was the perfect portrait of a mother’s love, a rare and priceless piece of art.

“Here, Lily, I’ll take him,” James offered, standing and stretching his arms out for Harry, “You can have a chat with (Y/N) here,” he gave her a knowing look. Lily nodded. She planted a tender kiss to Harry’s forehead and brushed some of his wild hair aside, gazing lovingly at her now-sleeping son. James, Lily and Harry; they were a masterpiece. Your heart swelled, ribs cracked, ribcage fractured. Nothing’s indestructible.  

When James had left, Lily threw herself into the armchair previously occupied by James. She sighed, airy and contented. You knew how she felt, you had felt it before.

“James is a lot of things but subtle isn’t one of them,” you noted and Lily chortled.

“He’s still learning.”

“Good luck.” You smiled, “You have a beautiful family, Lily.”

Lily’s lips curled into a soft smile, and in that smile, you saw a beauty that only true love could induce. Agape. The definition was written on her lips, sparkling in her eyes. She’d found her happiness. You’d only just lost yours.

“So do you,” she whispered, very softly, almost tentative. She knew the subject was still raw, wounds were still exposed from the fight you had had with the love of your life. The memory of it stung the gashes on your heart, it stung behind your eyes.

“I don’t know anymore,” you sighed, “I mean, he’s still beautiful. He’ll always be beautiful…”

“Fights happen. Ugly words get said and, for a while, everything’s on fire and you want to launch yourself into the sun. But it gets better. It really does.”

“Sounds like personal experience?”

“Hey, just because I love James doesn’t mean he’s not still a git. We’ll always bicker. But that’s just who we are. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

That smile again. Agape.

“Remus he – he loves you, (Y/N). I’ve never known a man to be so in love with someone. It’s like a scene from an Audrey Hepburn film…”

There it was again, the pieces of your heart expanded and swelled, flowing over your ribs, leaking into your soul. Images flashed before your eyes as you thought of the other night.

“Walk out that door, and we’re through” He growled, low and animalistic. It was fierce and threatening, a wolf’s warning. Each word sunk its teeth into your heart and tore chunks from your chest.

“He doesn’t want me there,” you said after a beat of silence, “He doesn’t want me anymore.”

“That’s not true,” Lily whispered, “He’ll always want you.”

“Walk out that door, and we’re through.”

“Maybe once,” you said, pensive and sad, “But not anymore…”

Silence clouded the air like a fog of unspoken pain. Pain snuck out of your eyes, trailed track marks down your cheeks, and stuck to your chin. You swatted it away and felt the salt soak your skin. Lily reached across and covered your hand with her own, all smooth skin and slender fingers. You looked up at her, watery gaze staring into her own.

A knock on the door scattered your thoughts. You started. Lily leapt to her feet and minced toward the door. The door swung open and murmured voices resonated through the kitchen. The sound of footsteps and you rose to your feet, turning to see who the unexpected visitor was.

Lily entered the room and stood off to the side. And then…

Remus,” you whispered. It was only when you said his name that you realised how much your lips loved the word, how effortlessly it rolled off your tongue, how it danced in the air and filled your heart with more love than it could contain.

Remus stared into your eyes, pain written in every soft line, every wrinkle, filling every corner of his elegantly handsome features.

“(Y/N),” he rasped. Your heart sung and your soul wept.

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” said Lily, before disappearing up the stairs to James and Harry.

You averted your eyes. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“I had to see you.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“(Y/N),” he was pleading, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please come home, I miss you.”

“Remus,” you began, your voice tight, “Y-You hurt me. I can’t just come home. I want to, but I can’t…”

Remus nodded. “I understand. Sometimes, when you’re a werewolf, it’s hard to tell who is prey and who isn’t and sometimes, you end up hurting the people you love the most.”

You fell silent at that. Even your thoughts were quietened. He rarely ever spoke about his problem when you were together. In fact, the last time he had mentioned it was before the two of you got together, in your sixth year at Hogwarts. It had been a warning, a ‘I’m impossible to love because I’m a monster and monsters do not deserve love.’ You had vowed not to leave him, yet here you were. You had abandoned him for two days.

Every cell in your body burned for him.

“The truth is, I love you so much, I can’t breathe without you. For two days, my lungs screamed for you because you give me the desire to want to breathe. I need you.” Remus stepped forward, closing the distance between the two of you. He cupped your face in his strong hands, and you let him. You let him press your foreheads together as he continued to mumble ‘I need you, need you, you.’

I need you, need you, you. 

Tears filled your eyes and dripped from your lashes. He kissed them away, planted tender, sweet kisses to your entire face, as though his lips were a brush and he was painting you. And then, he found your lips. He kissed you. And you kissed him back.

When he kissed you, it truly was like a dying man taking a gulp of fresh air. You realized how much he needed you, how much you needed him. You had been so lost in your own skin, your bones so fragile, your heart lifeless and empty, your soul trapped in a limbo. And now here he was, kissing you passionately, a warm embrace that filled your lungs with air and painted your skies blue.

And then you felt it. Agape.

On plot holes in general

To clear the air: I’m not just talking about Moftiss. But I’m also talking about Moftiss. 

The thing about plot holes is that there are two types: ones which are unresolved plot threads, and things wherein the writers failed to show us something and assumed we would fill it in ourselves. An example of the first type would be John’s letter to Sherlock at the end of TST. Why introduce the letter if it was never going to be shown, read, or referred to again? An example of the second type is how John got out of the well and still had feet in later scenes. There, the writers could have showed us John realising that only his shoes were chained and showed him removing them and climbing up the rope, or they could have showed someone climbing down to cut through the chains. But it feels like a hole because they didn’t. 

Eurus *could* have used all of her brainwashed fellow inmates/patients to make all of those arrangements, but without seeing any of it, it feels difficult to swallow. If they’d shown even one scene of her doing some of this, we might have been more willing to extend some benefit of the doubt, some extrapolation of “oh, I guess there was more of that, then, ok”, but we didn’t see any of it. There was nothing there to explain how supposedly-dead Mary kept sending posthumous home videos. 

Then again, most Bond/spy movies do the same thing, honestly. If Bond’s credit cards were cut off, how did he rent that Aston Martin? Where did he get that new suit? Last time we saw him, he was wearing jeans and a ripped t-shirt and had no luggage with him. Has he been wearing the same underwear for the entire movie? Does he ever brush his teeth? Personally, I’m one of those irritating watchers who always wants to be shown the parts that make it feel real. I suspect that screen writers leave this stuff out deliberately for three reasons: 

1) They think it will be dull. They figure audiences don’t want to see Bond trying on shirts or going to the bank to take out cash or maxing out on a credit card. Better put in some more car chases! 

2) They’re already trying to edit things down to fit into a prescribed run time. Therefore Bond doing cardio to keep fit for all those foot chases gets cut. 

3) They actually don’t want the protagonist (or villain, as the case may be) to seem human; they want us to see them as almost super-human, so Bond clipping his toenails never gets written. 

The thing is, the day and age of willing suspension of disbelief is over. Audiences are more analytical than they used to be. We’re used to getting explanations when we want them, because information is so widely available now. When things don’t add up or make sense, we find it irritating, not artistic. I honestly think that Moffat and Gatiss think they’re being artistic by not explaining things fully (though that doesn’t excuse them by a mile for constantly underplaying the realistic emotional fall-out of the things their characters suffer), but the fact is that their audience simply finds it underwhelming and sloppy. I think it may be partly a question of generations, too, but I also know fans of Sherlock who are their age and older, who find their plot holes as irritating as fans in their teens do. Personally, the more realistic something is, the more it will draw me in. I want to know where Bond got those dry socks from to replace the ones that got wet in the rain. I want to see him jet-lagged after flying halfway around the world. I want to know how he paid to get to that island or that city without any working credit cards or debit cards. You can’t book a flight with cash, not a commercial one, at least. “He took a charter,” the screen writer says, shrugging it off in an interview. Sure, fine: then show it. 

Moffat mentioned somewhere that Sherlock delivered Rosie, which is a frankly appalling thought, especially given that there was an actual doctor in the car, and given Sherlock’s horrified face at the thought of an event involving female genitalia unfolding in his very presence, I somehow can’t picture this in the slightest. 

Part of the problem is also that their episodes span too much time too rapidly to address the questions of how their day-to-day relationships function, what those dynamics really are, etc. Too much is skipped over for the sake of advancing the plot. I would personally rather see more attention given to detail and less to unbelievable plot arcs. I expect Doctor Who to be wholly unbelievable (and even there I used to snark about dropped plot threads and unsatisfactory resolutions as well as under-handled emotional fall-out, when I still watched it). I expect Sherlock to be believable, though, and there was just so many holes. 

All I’m saying is that Sherlock is not the only show that does this. There are a LOT of holes in series 3 and 4, but my larger issue is the emotional fall-out thing and the dropped threads. (Why make such a big deal with the memory altering drug? Why was there a dog bowl that Sherlock recognised? What did that damned letter say??? What did Ella tell Sherlock to do for John? Because I bet it wasn’t “go to hell, Sherlock”, yet that’s the advice he chose to take. Why???) Yeah: we like to be shown these things. It’s not enough to explain it later in an interview or a panel at a conference. Put it right there in the canon as though you meant to all along. That’s what ticks my boxes, at least. 

Rambling aside. Back to the current fic. As you were! 

Renew The Get Down

Hey all,

I really love that Tumblr is rallying around Sense8 and trying to get it renewed. With the same energy, I think we can also try to renew The Get Down. There’s already a petition you can sign to show your support (which is linked at the end of this post), and if you have Twitter feel free to spread the petition there too.

Here’s my testimony to the show if you. In Part 1, you might not fall in love with the story right away, but you really fall in love with the cast. The direction is a bit all over the place, but the chaos works for the 1970′s Bronx, New York setting. Part 1 is cheesy, outlandish, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Episode 1 can be treated as a microcosm for the rest of Part 1, but the series gets more grounded and less outlandish as it progresses. Part 2 really raises the stakes. Honestly, you’re missing out on a lot of bonding moments and character development if you skip Part 1, but Part 2 is where the drama really starts, and if you watch all of season one you’ll understand why fans are so frustrated with the cancellation. Part 2 left us with so many unresolved plot lines. Similar to Sense8, it seemed things were just getting started out, and they cut us off. The Get Down had great amazing black and Latino/Latinx representation, and also included canon gay/bi representation. The young and incredibly talented cast made The Get Down enjoyable even when the writing and direction wasn’t at its best. Tremaine Brown Jr., who portrays Miles “Boo-Boo” Kipling, was just a 14 year old rapping on the subway when he was approached by a casting director for his ability. A lot of these actors and actresses are new names, raw talent, but The Get Down will make you remember their names.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and Immigrant Heritage Month.

Please sign the petition (there’s only 3,000 signatures at the time of this post) and spread the word to #RenewTheGetDown


Okay, bye Jon! love, Sansa ❤️

I never write about Jon and Sansa (apart from fanfiction obviously, but that really, really doesn’t count), and I have my reasons for that, but I feel like I sort of have to right now, because one scene that I hated at first, though now absolutely love, is being, once again, ripped apart and taken totally out of context for no other reason but the same old, same old that people just seem to not be able to not assume that Sansa is power-hungry, greedy, jealous and simply doesn’t give a flying crappy shit about her big bro Jon. 

Just to make this clear, She really, really cares a hell of a lot about Jon Snow. I just want to say that, because it can never be said enough. Heck, we know Bran and Arya are coming, but Sansa doesn’t, Jon is literally the only person she has left. He has proven to her that he will do anything to keep her save, not because of his own selfish wants and dreams, but because he’s, you know, a freakishly rare and wonderfully attractive flippin good guy, the only one she’s come across to ever since she saw her father’s head roll. Sansa complains to him that he has to stop protecting her, for crying out loud. Yeah, I’d totally say Sansa hates Jon guts, if that would be the only option when answering a multiple choice question going a bit like ‘What do Sansa haters want most?’ 

Sansa hands down receives more hate than Jon does, though Jon has not been treated kindly by all either, since season 7 started. He’s been called a sexist. Now, truly, I think of all the men in Thrones, Jon is about as feminist as it gets, but oh well, meta for another time. 

The whole point of Jon and Sansa arguing like old grumpy married couple in front of everyone to see, is because the way they solve it, the way this plot ends, is to show us that, both are wrong/right, it’s not about that, it’s about how they solve it. 

Same goes for episode 2. 

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Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she has a good point, but Jon wants to go and makes some great points too. Both are right/wrong. The decision made at the end is the best possible outcome. Not because I want Jon to go, not because I want them separated, but because the grounds on which he leaves her are just utter glory for any Sansa fan. If there was ever fanservice for Sansa stans, this was it.

Now, let me finally drag myself to the point I actually wanted to talk about… People jumped at the chance of saying Sansa was totally and perfectly fine with Jon leaving the moment he gives her Winterfell. It’s so stupid to me, because if Sansa wanted Jon’s power, him going away, leaving her in charge or not, would always be a perfect opportunity for her. She should’ve been overjoyed at the mere mention. She really, really isn’t. Prove can be found in the gif above. 

As a bookreader, I want to kindly remember everyone that ‘Winterfell belongs to my sister, Sansa’. This just brought it all in full circle to me, basically a dream come true

Sansa is not suddenly perfectly fine with Jon leaving, and though I understand where the jokes all come from (’Don’t bother rushing! we’ll be fine! Take as long as you need! bye Jon!), I think they also missed a deep point here that only people who don’t blindly dislike Sansa see. 

Unfortunately, loads of people blindly dislike Sansa, because Oh My God, character development! it’s so hard to grasp for the simplest among us on earth (yes, Sansa haters are stupid dumb humans, I said that).

Loads have completely and totally misinterpreted Sansa simply being okay with Jon going because he gives her command, and that is all she ever wanted, they think she has what she wanted now, and they’re right, but they’re also wrong. Sansa has what she always wanted, it’s just not what they think it is. 
It wasn’t power that Sansa was after, as a bookreader I hope the show stays true to this. She’s not power-hungry, she’s nothing like Cersei, Daenerys, Stannis… she’s not addicted to the thrill of it. What Sansa has been after, especially when it comes to her relationship with Jon, is respect and recognition. For people to finally see that the little girl with her charming prince dreams, the one who was actually in love (gag) with Joffrey, is gone

Jon leaving her in charge of Winterfell doesn’t give her the power she’s always craved, it gives her the recognition she’s been looking for. Jon trusts her and her knowledge, her instincts enough to give her Winterfell, and with that comes great responsibility. 

In episode 10 of season six, Jon tells Sansa they must trust each other. As beautiful as I thought that scene was, I also never denied that it sounds more like him saying ‘trust me’, and Sansa heard that too. Jon diagnosed her trouble with trust, and he correctly recognized this as a problem. He failed to see, back then, that her lack of trust could be easily solved with trusting her, respecting her. And here the issues of 7.1 really find their root.

I know Sansa did not suddenly accept Jon leaving because she gets to rule over Winterfell now, because she has the North… The only one who ever believed that is what Sansa wanted was Littlefinger, and his attempts at giving her the North always translated in him having even more opportunity to go full ‘Look at what I did? Look at all I’ve done for you? It’s all for you. You need me.’

Sansa doesn’t want Jon to go, she doesn’t want him to leave Winterfell, abandon his home, abandon her, but she accepts him leaving because she realizes he trusts her. All Sansa has wanted is for Jon to trust her. He trusts her now. How beautiful is that, when you think about it? They trust each other. They’re, in a way, total equals in this perfect little partnership of theirs with loads of conflicting, unresolved and confusing feelings.  

I think that Sansa realizes that if he trusts her, well, she can trust him too, trust him to do what is right, to do what he must do, trust him to come back to her. So, she allows him to leave her.

Royai: Possible ‘Secret Relationship’ Implications

I talked about this on a tag meme I did, and I liked my analysis enough that I figured I’d edit it up and add some pictures.

I’m going to talk about the reasons why Roy and Riza having a relationship in the manga could possibly be a thing. I am 80% sure that despite how clearly they loved each other, Roy and Riza did not have anything going on between them in the series. However, there are some points I want to make that lean toward them possibly being together in a romantic sense throughout the manga.

My main point is how comfortable they are around each other. Comfortable enough that she’s the only one he cries in front of. He holds back his emotions throughout Hughes’ entire funeral and only lets himself be vulnerable when they’re alone in front of Hughes’ grave.

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A lot of people say there’s a lot of unresolved sexual or romantic tension between them throughout the series, but I honestly don’t see that. I see two people who clearly care about one another a great deal, who, with one look, make it obvious that they’re in love. But I don’t see them really pining for one another or anything like that. They act like an old married couple. They don’t seem to act like they want to kiss or touch each other desperately. Which, to me, says that perhaps it’s because they already do. (This could be because I’m Ace, though, and I do not go looking for sexual implications in my OTPs, so maybe it just goes over my head all the time, but…)

Case in point, I knew my husband for ten years before we got married. In the first four years or so, we definitely were a couple of teenagers in love. We pined for one another when we couldn’t see each other. When in public, we stared at each other silently wishing we could go somewhere to be alone, we made out as often as possible. After about four or five years, the feeling of “I need to touch this person because I have a lot of pent up sexual and romantic tension for them” pretty much died down and we became very comfortable with just being around each other. If we didn’t hug or kiss for a while, it was no big deal because we had each other and we knew we could arrange to be together to do those things whenever.

My point is, Roy and Riza act like that around each other, which tells me that perhaps the reason they aren’t desperate to touch one another all the time is because they already do. They already do all the things normal couples do. They’re used to intimacy so why would they itch to touch each other 24/7? If they were as in love as they appeared to be, but couldn’t be with each other, I think they’d show more signs of yearning for one another. This, of course, could be because we just don’t see it since they were not the focus of the series and their relationship had no huge importance to the story (and Arakawa has said that she does not include anything that doesn’t need to be in the story), but I feel like, even with the amount of time they had been together, if they had never touched each other or kissed or hugged or whatever, they’d have a hard time masking the want they would have for each other. Their comfort in each other’s presence could be more than just them having spent a long time together.

My other point is the Barry the Chopper scene where Roy gets super jealous of Barry touching Riza and prepares to burn him to a crisp. Riza stops him and seems absolutely unfazed by his jealousy, which could indicate that he’s acted like that multiple times in the past and she’s used to telling him to calm the hell down.

Roy also gets annoyed again after they’re done interrogating Barry to see if he’s the real thing. Barry flirts with Riza again calling her ‘Missy,’ looking at her with hearts over his head. Roy is visibly annoyed in this scene as well.

My next point isn’t exactly evidence, but Roy and Riza did change clothes in a car together and didn’t come out of that looking flustered or blushing or anything like they might have if they were unused to seeing each other in various states of undress. I mean, yeah, Roy learned his alchemy from her bare back, but it’s not like he saw anything else. I feel like he’d still get flustered if he saw her without a shirt on, even if it was just her back, because if they weren’t together, if they weren’t touching each other on a somewhat regular basis, he’s just a guy in love and he’d want to touch her and he’d blush about it or get embarrassed easily when seeing her. Think about Ed in that scene where he was in the room when Winry was changing. He was flushed and embarrassed because he was a kid in love who had never touched the person he loved intimately before. So this one kind of goes back to my ‘comfortable with each other’ theory.

Oh, and also, that scene where Madame Christmas asks why Roy doesn’t just go play with Elizabeth. What kind of ‘play’ is she insinuating? And why does she know this is something he would do? And why do the other girls think they have a ‘chance’ now that Elizabeth has been taken by another man? What has Roy been telling them about her?

Anyway, these are all minor things. It doesn’t necessarily point to them being in an actual relationship. It’s probably more just evidence that they care for one another beyond that of superior and subordinate, but these are the things that do make me question whether or not they were actually in a secret relationship.

Side Note: I’m talking post Ishval relationship here, not young royai. I’m a firm believer that nothing happened between them pre-Ishval, not even when Roy studied flame alchemy from Riza’s bare back. What I’m talking about here are all the things that make me think they might have had a relationship during the series, in the time after Ishval and after Riza becomes Roy’s subordinate.

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Sense the SDCC thing, I've been seeing a lot of art and fics that are dragging Kara/Supergirl. Like I get that some people are upset at the actors but the characters have nothing to do with any of this. I started watching the show because I read the comics when I was a kid, I just loved Supergirl as a hero. It's really kind of upsetting. They're treating a character like shit because they don't like something the person who portrays them did.

So this is a long dissection of the current Supergirl fan behavior, but if you’ve been wondering what the hell is going on, you might be interested in reading these concepts.

I understand why you’re upset. I am too, because Kara is such a wonderful character. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a character as much as her.

But there are two things you should realize when seeing this:

1. They never really cared about Kara to being with. Your loved Kara-focused content isn’t changing or leaving, because these people were not making the Kara content. They were likely initially making Supercorp Lena-focused content.

2. It’s not even about her.

I think what a lot of people who are newly joining this SDCC homophobia discussion are missing is that a lot of the most vicious backlash is not from people who are uniquely upset over this issue (though there are certainly people who are- and understandably) but from people who have had consistently overzealous reactions of hate toward actors and characters alike, save their fave (pretty much Katie Mcgrath/Lena Luthor).

On tumblr, and very noticeably in this fandom, there are sections of fans who seem to genuinely enjoy hating things. It’s a sport.

They’re having fun sending the most hurtful things they can think of to actors, and are the quickest to begin making vicious memes and jokes surrounding a negative event, before there has been a consensus within the community of how bad the “sin” was.

The “punishment” begins before the jury is out, and trying to defend those in the situation feels like trying to put a bullet back into a gun after it’s been fired. 

(Maybe it’s more like stepping in front of a bullet, because once these few have decided that the target is guilty, they won’t stop, and anyone who disagrees with them is guilty, too. Blogs and actors alike.)

This is partially why my discussion of the SDCC event had a “are they homophobic” slant (other then that I believe the nature of the event itself- if it was homophobic- hinges on the feeling behind the words, unlike most other instances of homophobia. It’s complicated and some people understandably disagree so far, but it’s really how I see it and I’ll be talking more about it a little later in different posts).

People started calling Melissa and Jeremy homophobic right away. Started targeting Kara as a character. Started “spite shipping” Lena and Reign. 

Or alternative to these options- immediately fan re-casted Kara as someone else to still be able to ship Supercorp. 

From where I stand, if you can so easily let go of this characterization of Kara, you never really cared about her as a character to begin with. If you don’t know that this was The™ person to play Kara Danvers, you’re likely more invested in the role she plays for Lena than for her as herself. 

And regardless of gender, I am uninterested in ships in which one character exists for the sake of another. (Lena existing purely for the sake of Kara’s development squicks me, too)

Recasting a woc as Kara doesn’t sit well with me either, for that reason. It’s a similar concept to how Maggie must exist as her own complex and valued person, apart from Alex, because she is a character of color.

I can’t really read the minds of these people, and I guess I could be wrong, but it’s hard for me to imagine actual Kara fans recasting her in this way.

Essentially, a lot of these people, or at least a very vocal minority, are so quick to accept that something horrible has happened because they want an excuse to hate them. 

They like it. 

Maybe it’s because they’re upset with the way society is and want someone to suffer for it. Maybe it’s because they have unresolved anger in their lives. 

But as it stands, it appears as if these people are using moral rightness and social activism as an excuse to be as mean as they want.

And like @youngbloodbuzz said in the link above, you start to look at their past behaviors in a new light. Were they genuinely upset at characters? Actors? Did they really feel like a travesty was occurring? That someone needed protecting?

Or were they just looking for reasons to call someone a “stupid cunt”?

It’s like they’re genuinely thinking, “It’s okay for me to make fun of someone’s physical appearance, call them intense names, make memes about how horrible they are innately, and send them death threats because they said something problematic once that a lot of people will hear.”

Sometimes they’ll call it “coping”, and maybe some people truly believe that makes it okay. But coping mechanisms are not above reproach.

If I hurt someone because I’m upset about something- even if I hurt someone because they did something wrong- it doesn’t erase the fact that I hurt them. We are still responsible to how we react to bad situations. We are still responsible for not reacting in an overly inflated way. 

Sometimes people will focus on how those that they’re attacking have more of a responsibility to be good people. That they are but mere bloggers, screaming into the void. They can’t possibly be accountable for how they behave. 

“I’m tired of talking about how bad the fans are, we should be focusing on what they did wrong!”

It creates an atmosphere in which an honest mistake from a well known person is much more crucifiable than the purposeful cruelty of the fans. We’re discouraged from criticizing popular blogs because the person they’re attacking has a wider audience and larger consequences for mistakes, as if popular bloggers don’t reach and influence thousands of people and as if we aren’t allowed to shape the way our own community functions.

Meanwhile, people who genuinely value morality and social activism fall prey to this thinking. They’ll even join in on the action, because they think it’s a moral act. 

Rebellion, somehow. Righteous fire. 

It’s a twisted mindset that spreads because people are afraid to be on the wrong side of morality.

Even people who really think the reaction is “too far” are quiet about it because they agree with the fact that what the offending celebrity did was wrong, and see that the level of vitriol for them now is overwhelming.

This is how I imagine that people who believe Melissa and Jeremy’s words to be homophobic but who do not think a couple of mistakes makes someone pure evil are relating to the current tumblr dialogue: 

“Wow this thing was homophobic!”

“Huh, yeah, I agree. Maybe not intentionally, but yeah.”

“That means this person is homophobic!”

“Uh, well, not sure I’d go that far-”

“Oh and look at this other somewhat problematic thing they did a while ago”

“Hmm well that’s bad, but not everyone outside of social activism gets that that’s a bad thing, so I can see-”

“Wow did you hear that this person also has an opinion about the show that I disagree with! What the fuck is wrong with them?”

“Oh. Well I actually agree with them in that situation but-”

“Omg they think that their character is like this! Do they know them at all??? What kind of terrible actor doesn’t know their character?”

“Well that’s a pretty common way that people are reading this character. Just because you-”

“Here’s some conjecture about their personal life that I imagine happened that paints them in a bad light.”

“Well, you don’t know that, but either way you shouldn’t be diving into their personal-”

“Oh and here’s a totally real story from an anon about someone they know who knew this person in the past and says they were a jerk at this one point-”

And it becomes too much. If you don’t really love the actor, really love their character, you either extract yourself from the group or you ignore the opinions you disagree with. 

It becomes quite clear that these people want to feel this way and won’t be changing any time soon.

And the more there seems to be a consensus about the issue, the less willing people are to speak out, for fear of rejection.

The Spiral of Silence theory is a good way to explain it:

To avoid isolation, people tend to refrain from publicly stating their views on controversial matters when they perceive that doing so would attract criticism, scorn, laughter, or other signs of disapproval. 

Conversely, those who sense that their opinions will meet with approval tend to voice them fearlessly and at times vociferously. 

Indeed, speaking out in such a way tends to enhance the threat of isolation faced by supporters of the opposing position, reinforcing their sense of being alone. 

Thus a spiraling process begins, the dominant camp becoming ever louder and more self-confident while the other camp becomes increasingly silent.

Importantly, the spiral of silence occurs only in connection with controversial issues that have a strong moral component. What triggers a person’s fear of isolation is the belief that others will consider him or her not merely mistaken but morally bad. Accordingly, issues that lack a moral component or on which there is general consensus leave no room for a spiral of silence.

Additionally, I believe that if someone does speak out against the (perceived) majority, it is most likely to be someone who is very strongly opposing of it.

A person who believes “It isn’t homophobic at all! They are innocent!” is more likely to voice their disagreements than “Okay I agree with your assessment of the situation but I think maybe we’re being too harsh…”

So the “minority”- who could technically very well be the quiet majority (people with middle-ground opinions just don’t get as many followers)- stays quiet. 

They might even change their minds to agree with the “majority”, over time. 

Believing that the mindset of the group that you belong to is wrong is psychologically uncomfortable, so it is not uncommon for someone to try to adjust their thinking to fit those they feel connected to.

So, eventually, the only people who are speaking at all are those “majorities” who hate these people. Or those who act like they do for notes.

And then this thinking escalates amongst those still talking about it (remember: because it’s fun for them and they want to milk it for as long as possible) and it quickly translates to hating their character, once they’ve temporarily run out of material to be angry with the actor for.

So, back to your concern, how long until, “it’s hard to look at Melissa as Kara right now, because of how I fear she might feel about gay people” becomes something like “Mon-El is abusive, but Kara can choke so whatever” ?

(And on that note, one should consider how much they really wanted to protect Kara Danvers’ characterization from Mon-El’s influence, and how much was just a part of their hate-hobby.)

Maybe it won’t go that far. I hope it doesn’t. I hope people come to their senses about this.

But it’s escalated even since yesterday, when I started making this post. The language being used to describe Melissa when she is speaking normally, about normal things that some people have a difference of opinion on, is abhorrent. 

So if you’re just trying to enjoy fandom in a peaceful and creative way, I encourage you to watch how the people you interact with react when something negative happens.

Are they disheartened? Crushed? Are they considering leaving the show and it’s fandom? Writing serious essays about how they’re hurt?

…Or do they come alive?

Are they incredibly angry, and then making jokes immediately? Memes and edits and creative content more so than they do on a peaceful day? Do you get the sense that they aren’t going anywhere, for a long time, even though they don’t seem to enjoy anything about the show?

Then you might be better off unfollowing them.

Of course, not everyone who makes a joke about negative things is thus enjoying it. It makes people feel better to make light of situations as well as to express anger, and doing so doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re drama-seeking.

And sometimes people slip into the mob more than they would like to have, retrospectively. Say cruel things that they regret later. 

It happens, and tumblr can be a persuasive and pervasive place. 

If you follow someone who initially reblogs some slightly overly hateful things, but who then backs off after the first wave, they probably aren’t the kind of person who is fueled by anger. 

I’ve seen a lot of people I considered to be level-headed get wrapped up in overly aggressive, black and white thinking during the initial reaction to events.

But then sometimes, a couple of weeks later, they’ll post a tentative “Anyone else still wanna kinda like this thing, even though we said it was bad before?” and they’ll get enough approval via reblogs to feel like it’s okay to go back to normal.

Some blogs quietly sort themselves out, in the end.

And if you’re one of those people who goes overboard occasionally, I get it. 

You’re hurt and you didn’t realize that the basis for the fan reaction that you were involved in was morally shallow. That the people you were supporting were not righteously furious, but using righteousness as an excuse to be furious.

But remember the message here: people make mistakes. It’s the patterns that really tell you who they are.

And I think we can be better. Have better patterns, as a group.

In the end, I encourage you to point out when a reaction is too harsh, toward anyone. Even if it’s difficult. Even if you agree that what the person did was pretty bad.

Agreeing that “black and white thinking” is bad can feel like you’re lowering your standards for morality. But I promise, you can still value the things that you value and loathe the things that go against it, without condemning someone’s entire personhood based on a mistake or a handful of mistakes regarding those things.

Even big mistakes.

People are complicated. We are all made up of really good things and really bad things.

It’s easy to believe that someone is wholly bad when they screw up.

The hard part, the part that will ultimately ground you and help you mature, is realizing that someone can have some really bad parts within them and still be good people. (I encourage you to remember that when thinking about yourself, as well.)

The trick is recognizing the difference between when people are making honest mistakes that unintentionally hurt people, and when they’re willfully behaving a certain way because they want to hurt people (or don’t care that they will). 

And further, between when people are lashing out because they’re hurt and when people are inventing hurt to be able to lash out.

These distinctions will help you realize who you can guide or trust to work their issues out on their own when they slip up, and who you should distance yourself from.

Some very vocal portions of the fandom are, unfortunately, the latter.

okay I really did enjoy “shut up and listen” but I’m frustrated to see that the show is able to discuss real world discrimination…..when it is either analogized through aliens/ai’s……or when it applies to a white person. like am I supposed to really believe that minkowski has faced discrimination not only as a child but as an adult in her career for the sole reason that she’s an immigrant……..but lovelace has never faced discrimination until becoming an alien copy????

like yes, having a Polish accent and not knowing English like native speakers is hard. as a person who is part Polish on my white side, I have family who have come here not speaking English and have strong accents and it does cause legitimate hardship sometimes. I can see how frustrated my babcia is when she tries to speak and no one understands. I know it must be painful for such a brilliant, resilient person to be seen as less capable; to speak English and then have people demanding translation because she is seen as incomprehensible. but she would be the first to say it isn’t anything on what my black immigrant family goes through on a daily basis despite speaking multiple languages flawlessly. whiteness will always act as protection, no matter how conditional and incomplete. being a white immigrant to North America is not the same as being a person of colour here, immigrant or otherwise.

and you cannot seriously be telling me that the only time this show wants to deal with real world discrimination against human beings is when it’s xenophobia against a white person from eastern europe. even with cold war politics factored in, I can’t accept that in the world of wolf 359, xenophobia and cold war paranoia exist, but not misogynoir. and if minkowski’s experiences are worth talking about, why is no other form of discrimination ever mentioned. why is there no acknowledgement of racism, of homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc. we’re talking about characters predominantly coming from a military background, but the only person to ever face bigotry or be held back in her career is Minkowski, not even for her accent, which she has concealed, however painfully, but for her name????

I’m frustrated because every time we’ve brought up problems with the show, or asked that there be better representation of queer characters, of characters of colour, and of the challenges those identities come with, we’ve been told that the focus is the story. we’ve been told that those issues of discrimination or real world marginalized identities aren’t the focus. but that isn’t true. this show wants to deal with these issues of alienation, marginalization, and identity–just not when it comes to people of colour, queer people, disabled people, etc. no, we get analogies. we get an AI and an alien to relate to (and I do truly relate to them but come onnnnn), and a single gay character who’s dead, and unresolved violence against the only character voiced by a black woman (but of COURSE it wasn’t MEANT to be about race and no one ever considered the implications). in the handling of Minkowski’s past and struggles, the crew shows that they very much understand how discrimination impacts people, and how to talk about it, so why is that nuance and sensitivity not applicable to groups that are directly marginalized?

like if they really wanted to talk about discrimination and Minkowski, I think her character being canonically Jewish would make a lot more sense in the context of both Poland and America. It would certainly be a more realistic and compelling reason for her to experience discrimination, and would have also explain why she would leave Poland, which is notoriously antisemetic. but all this over being a white Pole? I don’t believe that, and I certainly don’t believe it is the only instance of real-world discrimination experienced by anyone in the show.

anyway, those are my complicated, frustrated feelings about this episode. but before I finish, I would like to say one final thing: if you’re gonna talk about the significance of Minkowski’s name to her heritage, and the hurt caused by Eiffel’s careless, pervasive mispronunciation, at least get it right. because if the crew had bothered to research anything about Polish naming, they would know that as a woman, Minkowski would actually be Minkowska. and I feel like if you’re going to discuss the microaggression of having your name butchered by English speakers, you should at least be using the right name.

A Jasper Case Study (Part 8): Conclusion

The Road to Redemption

Before working on the new episodes, it occurred to me that I hadn’t tied up the loose end that was the Jasper Case Study. While I will be writing about her in her future appearances, I do want to end with this post, sort of as a marker of where we thought Jasper would be as opposed to where she could possibly end up.

So, before I formally start off this post, I want to do a brief recapitulation of what we’ve read from Jasper’s character thus far.

Anonymous said:
Jasper is the best and most perfect thing to come out of a bad kindergarten… She always believed herself to be the best. But she’s too full of herself. Amethyst was the runt and one of the worse things to come out of a kindergarten always believing her to be the worst. But with encouragement and people telling her she was the one good thing to come out of a kindergarten.

Not meaning to use this ask to insinuate anything about the asker, I would like to use it as an example for the general sentiment around Jasper when I started writing the Case Study nine months ago. We’d just got episodes like Crack the Whip, Alone at Sea, and Earthlings.

What we found was that Jasper’s exit hole was what Peridot called, “the most perfect” she’s ever seen. And the first thing I wanted to point out there was what was meant by that kind of perfection. In the show, we get the sense that Peridot, in her very literal and pragmatic way of speaking, was talking about the hole, without steady implications towards Jasper herself.

Because in SU, there’s more to a gem’s gem-etics than just the exit hole. The material of the ground, the minerals in the dirt, all determine the kind of gem that will emerge. And I think it’s important to note that the Beta Kindergarten was exactly that, a second banana to the Alpha Kindergarten next door.

It was a last ditch effort on Homeworld’s part to claim back the war. They didn’t expect any gem from the Beta Kindergarten to be strong or worth keeping. They needed more gems, and haphazardly stuck injectors into the ground.

I think it says a lot that in the Zoo, the majority of Quartz gems are Amethysts, with only a handful of stragglers from the Beta Kindergarten like Carnelian and a few Jaspers. Something I talked about in the past was that there was a good chance the majority of her Kindergarten-mates didn’t survive the war.

To gems, the “defects” are obvious. Jasper and Peridot immediately knew, for instance, that Amethyst was a “runt,” and that Garnet was a fusion. It was sheer luck that in the frenzy of trying to incubate more gems, Jasper’s was given just enough space, enough depth, such that she would emerge the way a Jasper should.

Jasper escaped a lot of what the other Earth gems suffered by never truly escaping the war. In her own words, she keeps fighting. Fighting is how she shows she’s just like everyone else, not just the kid from the Beta Kindergarten.  And so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense that she’s so “full of herself.” If fighting was what got her recognised, and gave her some sense of control and order in the chaos of being born in the worst parts of the war, why would she keep doing it now in peacetime? Despite her relatively high rank, and her being a celebrated war hero, she still stands by this philosophy.

It shows that the issues she was fighting during the war, never really went away.

The moment she felt she could be stronger in a fusion, it consumed her completely. We got the same feeling from Amethyst and Pearl, when they were with Garnet. Being in a headspace with someone so confident and sure of themselves is intoxicating when that is precisely what one feels is missing.

Recently, we’ve seen a character who is full of herself, who thinks herself the best and incapable of failure. We’ve seen how Aquamarine operates. She isn’t fond of long-winded speeches about herself and her moral code, something Jasper has done since her very first appearance. When she can, she defers the work over to Topaz, fully committing to a role in reconnaissance, in the shadows.

She doesn’t mind that she looks weak and small, in fact, she uses it to her advantage in Are You My Dad? Because she knows that when it all comes down to it, she could take anyone in her way.

When Steven tries to poke at possible self-esteem issues in Stuck Together, Aquamarine isn’t even fazed. Nothing takes her aback. Instead, she puts up a face of disgust and confusion, because she can’t imagine why people would think she didn’t feel great about herself.

In contrast, Jasper is constantly trying to convince those around her, and herself, that she’s all she’s cracked up to be, that she can indeed fill the perfect hole out of which she emerged. Amid her trauma from the war and the stress of maintaining that image, without realising no one, in fact, is looking that closely.

Anonymous said:
I don’t get why people are so hung up on Jasper being such an awful gem. Every single one of them have done unforgivable things, they’ve all done things that really unsettled me, none of them are completely good. There is no complete good or bad, two sides to every coin. And sometimes its ignorance. People hate Jasper so much, but what they don’t seem to be seeing is that she doesn’t know how bad she is. Shes been taught its good. We’ve been taught it’s bad. Yes its awful, but they’ve all done bad stuff.

And I think it’s here that we start talking about what exactly that “bad stuff” is that opens up talk of redemption in the first place and how she might be reached on these different fronts. I talk about these in plural because it is seldom that someone does a particular harmful thing once and continues to believe it was right. Usually there is an entire framework in which they are enmeshed, a lot of values and traditions in which they are indoctrinated. And I think that this lens, of a wider sociocultural structure with each action and word having its own meaning, is something that can be applied to all the characters.

It should be said that motivations and actions aren’t completely dictated by the individual in as much as they are the member of a larger community. How we’re brought up, what we consume, the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves, all of these things affect what we value and how we decide to act.

With that said, I want to apply that to Jasper for this post. As I’ve said many times, I think it’s important to understand why actors do things. While the action in itself can be analysed, particularly when going for reform, understanding the individual is necessary to reach them and prevent said harmful action from being done again.

1. The (self-)destructive value system

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hanabi222  asked:

How do the twins in your twin AU interact? (Marin & Marinette and Adrien & Adrienne)? Do they joke around a lot? Which pair fights more? Do they tease each other about their crushes? Sorry for all the questions, you are amazing!! Can't stop thinking about this AU...

No no, thank you!! I’m happy to hear you like the AU so much!! 

Marin and Marinette:  They have a good balance with each other, what one lacks the other makes up for. He is a strong advocate of her not stealing phones and also staying out of other people’s business, so when she does the opposite, it becomes a point of strain between them. Likewise, she gets annoyed with his perfectionism and in general they really like to call each other out on their BS, whether it is out of good will or no. But while they will fight on occasion, they always quickly make up. 

They are competitive when it comes to gaming but make one mean tag team, they roll their eyes at each other when Tom and Sabine get all mushy, they strongly support each other in their individual interests. There isn’t a lot of teasing about crushes, since they are so supportive, but it does happen. They’re comfortable talking with the other about anything, except for Marin with things that really deeply bother him. 

Sometimes Marinette babies Marin because he’s younger than her by 2 whole minutes, which just means she looks out for him more. Marin likes to sew clothes for Marinette to wear and feels really happy every time she wears one of his pieces. They will defend each other till the end of time. 

Adrienne and Adrien: They have a LOT of inside jokes. It’s almost ridiculous, and worse is that the jokes make no sense to anyone else. They really don’t often fight, with Adrienne being so mild mannered and Adrien being so nice. They joke around a lot in private. If they have a photo shoot together and only one is being photographed at the time, the other will make funny faces or gestures at them to break their focus (and get them in trouble with the photographer). 

They have a harder time talking about the deeper stuff, they like to bury it rather than let it out (a trademark of being an Agreste) which does lead to some unresolved issues between them. They will feel uncomfortable if they’re not around the other for extended periods of time but that anxiety is improving. When there is an Akuma attack, their first instinct is to check if the other is OK. 

That’s about all I can think about for now. I’m sure more details will come to me later haha