but i also love forwood

Caroline…what are you even doing?

I love you bb. You’ll always have a place in my heart.

But what you said was absolute BULLSHIT. You cannot compare Tyler biting Nadia to save your life with you sleeping with the guy who killed his mother. There is just no comparison. This isn’t about you sleeping with some random guy. This is about you sleeping with Klaus. He is not just a wrong guy, he is THE wrong guy. 

Caroline needs to take responsibility for her actions and stop policing Tyler’s feelings. And it’s not like he actually really held this over her head and kept reminding her of it every 5 seconds! He only mentions it when it’s worth mentioning. When SHE’s the one trying to push her way into HIS life because she can’t stand him being rightfully mad at her. Tyler shouldn’t have to suppress his justified pain because you don’t feel like being reminded of it, Caroline. That’s pretty damn selfish. Human? Yes. But selfish nonetheless. Telling Tyler to “get over” her sleeping with Klaus is beyond shitty. This is not even debatable. I seriously don’t know what the writers were thinking or trying to accomplish with that little speech, but my guess is that that they were trying to sell it as “sex positivity” by giving her the last word…and it could not have backfired more if they’d tried. They just turned Caroline into a horrible person with no regards to anyone’s feelings but herself.

So. Much. Fail.