but i also kind of hate him

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i kind of hate people picking at a video of Shawn being 'rude'. I don't think people understand how many people are saying things like "i love you" "you're great" to him. That's great if you would be so happy with someone saying those things to you, but you also have a very different life compared to Shawn. Just because Shawn doesn't react the way you would or the way you want him to doesn't mean he's rude. I'd probably do nothing at this point if I were Shawn, I'd just be tired and want a nap.

He was probably overwhelmed or simply in a bad mood? It does happen even to shawn. I understand why the other anons are upset? But i dont know of a single celebrity who hasnt at one point been “rude”. I don’t think he meant for it to come across as rude though 🤔

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i think amelia is pregnant bc she was eating all that yogurt and just the way she's been acting... but i also have a fear she is acting like this bc she's on drugs. it's one or the other bc i think if amelia knew she was pregnant she wouldn't do any drugs. i'm afraid it is becoming a crowen 2.0 which i don't want at all bc i never liked crowens relationship since i thought they were toxic and especially owen in it. i've grown to hate him less though with amelia. a bunch of my random thoughts lol

I won’t be opposed to her being pregnant, but then they’re also kind of turning into Japril 2.0 with her pregnancy last season. Like, can’t the writers come up with something new and fresh? I truly believe she’s not doing drugs right now. For as much as Amelia has never had a filter, she’s always kind of hidden her feelings away from others. Alex is the only one on the show who knows what really happened to her. So I don’t blame her for trying to avoid those thoughts and feelings as they all came rushing back to her. I don’t know…I always liked Owen I think, but hated Crowen. If they turn them into Crowen I’m done.

As much as I love mutual pining and using it for every ship ever, I really don’t picture it applying to young, pre-relationship Baze and Chirrut

Because I imagine it as Baze being completely lovesick, head over heels pining, “I would die if he found out how much I love him but also he keeps accidentally flirting with me and doesn’t he know it’s killing me?”

meanwhile Chirrut never feels like this because he’s under the impression they’re already dating

problematic fave yet again


october 18th, 2016.

Y'all bear with me for a minute while I cry about Prompto Argentum. Square Enix worked so hard to make people like this character and at first it wasn’t working. At one point he was voted most hated by the audience. So they went back to the drawing board (several times) and what they ended up with is one of the most complex, relatable, and sweet video game characters ever. Prompto is more than just the comic relief, he’s also very lonely and insecure. He has struggled with his weight and has a dark secret he keeps to himself out of fear of rejection. But he is still so kind and tries so hard to make his friends smile. Square did a great job with him and I hope they are proud of the final product 😊

I LOVE THE FACT THAT BAEKSOO ARE BEST FRIENDS it just makes me so happy like their platonic love for eachother should not be disregarded bc yall think ksoo hit baek bc he hates him lmao remember showtime days where they did that one interview together as mcs i feel like baek did most of the talking bc he felt ksoo was still a bit camera shy n i appreciated that alot and also that time where ksoo hugged baek at the airport, he was getting alot of hate at that time:( their personalities kind of balance each other out but from other exo member accts ksoo could be as 4D as baek and i think that’s beautiful…get u a best friend that can play around but still love u and support u as much as baeksoo……

Okay but, Snape is actually 100% justified in hating Sirius? The man almost got him KILLED. He’d basically led Snape to where Lupin was, knowing he was a vicious werewolf at the time. Snape could have died. Also, Sirius could have inadvertently gotten James killed too as he’d run off to help Snape. Sirius used Lupin’s condition as some kind of shitty prank, not thinking about how Lupin would feel about being exposed for it, or you know, possibly KILLING someone. I love Sirius, but he was wrong.

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Bro, my dude, have you ever drawn Friedkin? I'm regrettably in love with his stupidly handsome face, and him in your style would probably give me a heart attack of the best kind ;-; (no obligation at all, just know that if i could, I would marry your art style ;;;;-;)

This took me way too long, considering it’s not that much, but drawing characters for the first time is always hard. And i only drew him for you, I still hate his guts and want to set him on fire! 

Leafpool: Mothwing is so beautiful and intelligent and pretty and wonderful and beautiful and sweet and kind and nice and beautiful. Did i mention she’s beautiful? Gosh I wish I knew what was going on in that beautiful golden head of hers i worry about her so much. She’s so amazing though and such a good medicine cat shes going to do great things. And she’s just so gorgeous she my best most closest friend.

Also Leafpool: Wow this Crowfeather guy is kind of a jerk I want to stay away from him as much as possible he probably hates me anyway and he just glares at me all the time and how can Cinderpelt think I like him?? He’s rude and awful

Crowfeather: *saves Leafpool’s life* I love you

STILL Leafpool: Yeah I think I love you too. 

There are way more things I hate about Chidi than like about him.  His stupid Clark Kent glasses.  His extensive turtleneck collection.  Oh, and he loves ethics sooooo much, he once talked about John Rawls for two hours.  I timed it, and he only stopped because he saw me timing him.  Granted, he laughed and kind of made fun of himself…it was a nice moment, but still.  He always twitches his eyebrows when he says, ‘Absolutism.’  And he tilts his head whenever I say anything ignorant, but he never makes fun of me….which is nice.  He’s also incredibly patient, and kind, and surprisingly jacked.  And…OOOh fork!  I’m in love with Chidi.

Eleanor realizing she’s in love with Chidi

To Take (Pt.1)

Summary: With all your memories gone, and the sudden information that you are now a vampire–who do you trust? Do you trust your mind that says to hate Yoongi? Or your heart that says you could never? 


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 Could I request a Yoongi vampire AU scenario where he’s the vampire prince and you’re a human he’s chosen to be his so he turns you to be with him and you have to move into the castle and all that, and you start out hating him despite him trying to make you like him through kind/sweet actions and gifts because you didn’t want to be turn and you keep rejecting him, until you eventually fall in love with him too? 


“Y/N, what would you do if I said that I wasn’t human?”

You grinned at him, reaching for his hand. “What would you do if I said that I already knew that?”

He let out a breath through his teeth, and, with pain in his eyes, his hand tightened around yours. “Why did it have to be you?”

You woke up to morning light leaking through curtains that looked expensive–but maybe weren’t. The comforter on the bed, though soft, seemed to swallow you whole. You thought that maybe the bed could have been yours, but you weren’t sure; there was a sneaking suspicion in your otherwise confused state that had you believing that you didn’t belong there.  The elegant yet ancient brick of the walls of your room appeared semi-foreign to you–this was not the home that you had lived your entire life in, but you’d been there before.

Well, it wasn’t like you were sure that you didn’t live there; you couldn’t remember your past, how old you were, what your house might have looked like, the country you were in, or even your name. The only memories that survived in your blanked out brain included a young boy with dark hair, expensive children’s clothing, fangs, and a bright red ball.

“Y/N–you’re awake.” You shot up into a sitting position, turning to face the owner of the voice. His hair was slicked back and dyed a light pink, and, like the young boy from your memories, he wore expensive looking clothing: a suit collared up to his neck; it appeared to be made out of fabric that would be more suitable for palace curtains. For some reason, when he opened his mouth, you expected there to be fangs.

There weren’t.

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Here’s a couple of more Halloween pictures, as well as new additions to my Sonic series. Sonic as the Werehog and Lah.

I still never got around to playing Unleashed, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it from generally non-bias Sonic fans (though they all say avoid the Wii port), and I adore the soundtrack and visuals. I kind of hate even typing “werehog”, but that is the official title, so… I mean, “were” just means “man”. Sonic’s really already half man half hedgehog. The “werehog” is clearly half anthropomorphic-hedgehog, half wolf. It should be wolfhog or hedgewolf, but I guess they didn’t like the sound of those. Anyway, I decided to make him look beast as hell.

There’s also Lah, the cute ghost from the “Night of the Werehog” special. She has a fetish for were-beasts and the look of terror on people’s faces… she’s kinda kinky I guess.
I can’t get over how good the animation was in the videos for that game. Good enough to be a theatrical feature.

Anyway, happy Halloween! Hope you all had a hell of a night. I might do a pic of Chip to finish up this little batch.

Day6 Watching Kdramas
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  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.

Okay, am I the only one who thinks that it’s kinda weird that (at this point in their relationship at least) Simon knows so much more about Magnus than Alec does? 

I mean…

  • He knows that Magnus and Camille were on-again-off-again, and possibly lived in Inda. 
  • He knows that Magnus enchanted a fire-breathing pet snake for her 
  • Also, Simon knows that Magnus had a really rough time when he first joined the Shadow world- that is why he takes bby downworlders under his wing. 

  • He knows that Magnus and Raphael are super close and that Raphael is like a son to him 

  • He knows that Magnus once tried to kill himself in the late 1870′s 

  • AND he knows that Magnus’s mother killed herself because she couldn’t stand raising a demon child 
I don’t hate it! It’s kind of sweet because Simon knows a totally different version of Magnus but I also think that kind of emphasizes that point. At this point, Alec knows a very tailored version of Magnus but Magnus kind of knows every version of Alec. So it’ll be really interesting to see how/if that dynamic shifts.