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Insecurities {pt.1}

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REQUEST: an angst/fluff jimin scenario or something in which the reader and him meet after one of their concerts and become best friends and realize they have feelings for each other. Maybe the reader and Jimin helping each other with their insecurities.


Genre: fluff, slight angst (we’ll get there later though)

Pairing: Jimin x You

Word Count: 3200+

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY FIRST EVER REQUEST! I’m really sorry it took me forever, but school was going on, ideas were rough…and I just felt like this prompt made for a good series. I will say that writing this in a dual perspective is quite challenging. I really hope you guys enjoy this. I’m really hoping this series turns out well (mechanically wise as well as storyline goes). 

[Y/N’s P.O.V.]

Noooo! I don’t want the concert to end already! I had so much fun. Can’t they just stay here for a while more? I mean, they don’t have to perform. They can just talk with us and stand there, or sit…or lay down for crying out loud! Just, don’t leave us yet.

The concert was coming to an end and the boys were walking around the stage, greeting us, waving at us, messing around. Jin and Tae were at the very center, messing around. Taehyung had decided to dump an entire bottle of water  on Jin, and the two were just running around chasing. Hoseok. Rapmon, and Yoongi decided to mess around with a hat that another fan gave them. It was so cute…Hoseok was wearing first, but then decided to give it to Rapmon…HOW ADORABLE! Jungkook on the other hand was on the far left waving to all the other concert goers and just interacting with everyone else. My sweet sweet Jimin…ahhh, he’s just perfection. OH MY GOD HE’S COMING THIS WAY! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Wait…the plushie! I almost forgot the plushie!

It was a cute little mochi plushie. Pastel pink, round, fluffy, and absolutely adorable; everything that Jimin was. There are so many people in front of me though, there is no way they’re going to let me get at the very front. Luckily I’m not too far back, but it’s now or never. I have to throw the plushie now. After all, no one is going to get hurt, or trip over it. It is the end of the concert. 

I took a deep breath, and with great strength, threw the pink mochi plush. I didn’t want undershoot and have the plushie end up in the dark abyss, which is pretty much the floor where the boys can’t reach. It’s always better to overshoot in this case, because worst case scenario, it goes over them. But I suppose that wasn’t worse case scenario for me.

I have such horrible timing. Always have, always will.

The moment I threw it, well, I didn’t overshoot. Nor did I undershoot. Instead, I hit a target.

“Oh shit…” I gasped.

[Jimin’s P.O.V]

I swear to god. Taehyung and Jin hyung are just too much sometimes, but still…I’m glad they’re having fun. I decide to walk to the far right of the concert stage since no one was really there. I’m standing, waving, and just ultimately smiling that so many people showed up! I mean, I never knew this many people would show up. I couldn’t help but feel such a warm feeling envelop me. The happiness I’m feeling, nothing can compare at this moment.

What the hell was that? What just hit me in the face? I looked down at my feet and see that it’s a pastel pink plush. I bend down to pick it up and when I do, I look into the crowd wondering just who could’ve possibly thrown this at me.

Her! I mentally point at the girl who is embarrassed for her poor life and is spewing nothing but sorry. Her almond eyes, round because she was so shocked. Brown and bold they are, and her forehead is furrowed, probably because of how mortified she’s feeling. I don’t understand why, it was an accident. As a way to calm her down, I smile a gently, thanking her for the plush and letting her know that I’m ok. The moment I smile, the furrows on her forehead disappear, although she doesn’t stop with the “I’m sorry” mantra. But…I’m glad she’s a little bit at ease. A beautiful girl like her shouldn’t worry so much.

[Y/N’s P.O.V]

The concert ended and I decided to stay behind because I wanted the venue and the pit to clear. See, I have a slight form of enochlophobia. Tight spaces in crowds, large moving crowds, essentially, anything more than 80 people freaks me out. When I was 12, I was in the school gym on the first day of school. And that means brand new textbooks that you have to lug around all day because teachers love to assign massive amounts of homework. It doesn’t help when you’re an honors student either. That means two textbooks in my hand, and two in my backpack. Seriously, I was Atlas…carrying the weight of the world on my back. That can bring a kid down when they’re only 12 and 90 pounds.  

My dumbass school was overcrowded too. A school that was only meant for 500 kids, was trying to cram and jail about 900 of us. It was hell itself. Fights breaking out every day. Riots between different classes was the norm. And being bullied was just something that was as cool as the latest trend. Anyways…here I am, carrying the world on my shoulders when the stupid P.E. teachers decide to dismiss us. That’s when all hell broke loose.

I’m in the middle of the crowd trying to get out. About 300 of us, trying to get out of the double doors that held us in. Everyone is pushing and shoving, when all of a sudden, I feel myself falling down. Nothing to hold on to. No one to catch me. I fell on the floor, and all that I saw, were feet going over me. Kids shouting, rushing to get out, because like always: The youth have no concern for the wellbeing of themselves or others.  Feet were dragged over me, people were trampling over me, falling over me, being knocked over, while I was in the center of it. I shut my eyes, hoping that this would all end soon. My friend, my hero, she tried so hard to get people to walk around. But when she couldn’t, just like me she had to wait until everything was over. She helped me up, and walked me over to the nurses office where I had a massive headache for hours. Only to be picked up by my mom, taken to the hospital, and find out that I had a concussion.

That, my friends, is how I came to slightly fear crowds. Ironically though, I decided to go to the concert by myself because I didn’t want to feel like I was dragging anyone along. I also don’t want my friends freaking out thinking there’s something wrong with me every time I fangirl. God…I really have to make some kpop friends. Although, it was fun having all these fans with me, the singing, the chanting. The screaming. Especially when they all came out on stage! OH. MY. GOD! THEY LOOKED DIVINE! The sons of Aphrodite herself. But Jimin. My god. Jimin, was a sight to see. His beautiful pink hair, parted in two. His muscles. His thighs! And my god that Jibooty! If I’m being honest here, I can just stare at his butt all day long. Not that I was, but I was totally staring at his ass. Thoughts about the concert continued to play over and over again as I exited the section I was in. I walked straight outside thinking it was going to be empty, but was welcomed with a swarm of concert goers, merchandise sellers, and hot dog vendors. I just want to get to my car and go home. I am so exhausted, and my throat hurts so much from screaming. Will I be able to talk tomorrow?

I’m sitting in my car waiting for traffic to die down when I begin looking and enjoying all the beautiful videos and pictures that I captured. My god…Not Today was so hyped. And Jungkook! His performance. I mean, yeah, I’ve seen him dance. I’ve heard him sing. But by himself?! His choreography too! It was so simple, yet so intricate. THIS BOY CAN PERFORM! 

But when Jimin came on stage. Wow. Wow. Wow. I mean. Wow. That’s all I can say. This boy has me speechless and wrecking my mind. I’ve seen his performance before, but to witness it live, that was a whole other experience. To see him blindfolded, dancing, body rolling, performing his iconic swirls and turns and spins. The way he moved. His contemporary background was definitely showcased, and my god his vocals. I. Am. Speechless.

The videos kept playing one by one, and I kept scrolling through all the pictures that I had taken, admiring all the members features. Thier jawlines, their eyes, even the sweat glistening and dripping off their faces. It wasn’t until long growl rumbled from me.

“Oh my god, I’m starving” I realized.

Traffic had dispersed and I was now driving with a huge smile on my face still succumbing to the idea that I had just seen the boys live! I didn’t realize how long I was sitting in my car. It had been a whole hour! I starting driving until I remembered that there was a small diner not too far off.

 [Jimin’s P.O.V.]

We walked back stage drenched in our own sweat…well, except for Jin hyung. He was soaked in his sweat and water because Taehyung decided to pour water all over him. Although our limbs were like jello, and our muscles were stiff and sore, we had smiled all over our faces and just enjoying the high we got from performing.

“DID YOU SEE THAT RAINBOW OCEAN?!!! GAH…” exclaimed Namjoon.

All I can think about was if my performance was as great as everyone else’s. Jungkookie’s voice was stable, and well, he can do just about anything perfectly. Tae was good too. His voice, soft and light, yet powerful at the same time. Hobi hyung performed amazing and the crowd…well, they went wild. I just… I wish I performed the same way they all did. I don’t know. Maybe I did? But I know I could have done better. My footwork could have been cleaner, my arms could have been more fluid, I definetly could have put more emotion into it.  Maybe I’m just not-

“JIMINIE!” shouted Tae.

I heard my name being called and began walking over to Taehyung.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You ok? You seemed to be a little lost.”

“I guess. I’m just tired if anything.” Little did he know I was critiquing my performance.

We all gathered and started heading to our dressing room so we can all just sit back and relax in our comfortable clothing. It wasn’t until Jin said something that we all began talking once again. 

“Aigoo, listen to my stomach…I’M SO HUNGRY” Jin whined.

“But hyung, you’re always hungry.” retorted Jungkook

“Don’t act like you’re not hungry, I know you are! Listen to your stomach 

“I’m almost sure that’s just your stomach”

Hobi hyung walked up to them, “Oh come on Jungkookie, it’s late, we’re tired, let’s go get something to eat. 

Now that I think about it, I’m starving. I was so exhausted I totally forgot about my hunger.

“There was this diner not too far from here. Let’s go there!” Jin replied.

We grabbed our sweaters since it was cold outside, and began walking since it wasn’t too far from us. I wish we actually decided to drive over there, the 10 minute walk felt like forever! My muscles, are just exhausted. I’m exhausted!

When we reached the diner, it was quiet. No one was here, which, for us, was heaven. We love our fans. We truly do, but after a concert, sometimes peace and quiet is what we need. The hostess led us to our booth and we all squeezed in. Rapmon going in first, then Hobi, Yoongi apparently wanting to sit next to Hobi, but felt uneasy because he was too close to Namjoon. Jungkook sat next Yoongi hyung, probably hoping he would buy him something, With Tae then sitting next Kookie, it’s no doubt that Jin is going to have a handful today. I decided to sit at the edge, only because if I want to get up and go to the restroom, I have no one to crawl over, or have to ask people to get up.

As the hostess leaves, our server stops by, hands each one of us the menu and asks “Is there anything I can get you to drink? 

“SPRITE!!” Hobi hyung shouted.

“I’ll take a coke” added Yoongi hyung

“Can I get an apple juice please?” Jungkookie asked in his meek voice.

“I’ll take a coffee and water,” Rapmon hyung said politely. 

Once everyone placed their orders, the server looked at me. 

“Uhh…I’ll take a water,” I said meekly.

We were quiet until the server came back with our drinks. “Why coffee? Don’t you want something cold?” I asked Namjoon hyung.

“That’s what the water is for. Besides, the coffee is to help me wake up.”

Hyung picks up his coffee mug and places it to his lips, getting ready to take a sip. He blows on the coffee in an effort to cool it down, but fails the moment the hot coffee comes into contact with his lips.

“AIGOO!! THIS IS SO HOT!” he shouts. He reaches for the glass, but with his luck knocks it over, making the water spill all over me and Jin hyung.

“AISH! WHY?! For once can you grab something without knocking it over, or breaking it….” Jin hyung scolded.

“It’s ok..I’ll be back, I’m just gonna go to the restroom and pat this dry.” I got up and left an angry Jin who was too busy scolding Namjoon. 

[Y/N’s P.O.V.] 

I  walked into the diner fatigued and famished. As soon as I stepped towards the sign that read ‘please wait to be seated’, I heard someone shouting. 


That voice…I’ve heard that voice before. Why is it so familiar? As I turned to the familiar shouting, I recognized the six faces before me. There they are. Oh my god. What are they all doing here? Jin, Namjoon, Jungkook, J-Hope, Taehyung, and Yoongi. Wait…where’s Jimin?

I turned my head from the left to the right, then to the back of the diner in hopes of trying to find the cutie with a sweet shy smile. But I couldn’t find him anywhere.

“Excuse me Miss?” the hostess interrupted

“Yes?” I responded quizzically 

“Um…I’ve been asking where would you like to sit”

“Oh.” I chuckled. “I’m sorry, uh…how about any place that’s farthest from that group?” I asked meekly. 

“Sure thing miss.” 

I decided to sit as far as possible because one, I’m not one to intrude on someone’s privacy…I mean these guys go through so much. Second, I’m not comfortable with the way I look. Although I was known for being really pretty in high school, it’s one thing to be told, and another thing to believe it. I decided to order a hamburger and a coke since I was starving. When I was a younger, my dad always told me to wash my hands before I ate. I could already hear his voice in my head to tell me to go “WASH YOUR HANDS!” 

I got up, and headed to the restroom. I was so exhausted that I was drooping my head, when all of a sudden I smack my head into something…more like someone. I looked up and the missing face at the booth was standing right in front of me.  


“No no no…Don’t apologize, it was my fault. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Jimin responded sweetly.

 I was still overcome with euphoria and exhaustion from the concert, that it took me a while to truly register who I was talking to. 

“Oh. My. Gosh…” I was shocked. Speechless. I couldn’t think of anything to say. I felt even more sorry for bumping into him. “I didn’t mean to bump into you! I’m so sorry.” I raised my hands in an apologetic manner. But I felt that wasn’t enough, so I started bowing as if my life depended on it. 

“No. Please don’t” Jimin chuckled. He reached for my shoulders, and stopped me mid bow. “No need to do this, it wasn’t your fault.” 

I stood up straight, and felt ashamed. I not only bumped into him, but I made him feel a little embarrassed. WHY AM I BEING SO STUPID RIGHT NOW! OF COURSE I SHOULD STOP BOWING! I thought. But once I stopped, I began to apologizing over and over again. 

Jimin chuckled.

Why is he chuckling? I stopped apologizing and looked at him puzzled. 

“It’s just…no one has ever apologized to me this much.” He said. 

“I’m sorry.” this caused both of us to chuckle. “It’s just, well, it’s you. And, if I’m being honest…IT’S YOU! I’m freaking out here. I’ve never been this close to someone so famous. I’m even surprised that I’m talking this much when you’re standing right in front of me. I mean, not that you’re an alien or anything, and I don’t mean to be making you feel uncomfortable or different than me, but..IT’S YOU! YOU’RE JIMIN! You’re cool, and awesome, and well…you’re good looking. I’m sorry. I’m rambling. I should stop.”

I noticed that Jimin had become a little shy and awkward after you called him good looking. He smiled his usual shy smile and looked down towards the ground. 

What do I do? What do I do? I though. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do…until I remembered that you had gotten up to go wash my hands. Unfortunately, our small encounter has to come to an end. 

“I’m sorry, but uh…I’m going to have to excuse myself. Sorry for bumping into you.” I bowed, turned and started walking towards the restroom. I walked in, and the moment I did, I started pacing back and forth, back and forth, replaying the encounter that just happened minutes ago. 

“OH MY GOD Y/N! IS THAT ALL YOU COULD MANAGE? ALL YOU DID WAS SAY SORRY! OH I’M SO STUPID, I’M SO STUPID, I’M SO STUUUPID!!!!!” If I had the ability to kick myself, I would have done it by now. 

As I was washing my hands, I looked up, straight in the mirror and deep into my reflection. My god. How did he even stand to look at me. I can’t even look at me.

I looked at every single inch of your face and found a flaw every single way. Like the small faint scar on the top of your upper lip. This scar is hideous. Then my nose;  My nose is enormous. My skin: My skin…my skin is nowhere near clear, why is it filled with so many scars and blemishes? When will I ever be pretty? Beautiful? Gorgeous? Just how did he not vomit by the looks of me. I was flooded with all kinds of thoughts. 

I turned off the faucet, shook the excess water off my hands and placed them underneath the hand dryer. I sighed deeply, still dumbfounded as to how lucky I was to have an encounter with Jimin. As I was walking towards the door, I heard a small thud outside. “Is he still out there? There’s no way he would wait for me.” I uttered. I placed my hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and opened the door.

my neurologist client kindly diagnosed me with migraines during our fun call in the oncall room because, he says, women can’t get tension headaches.

I was giving him a massage at the time and focusing on tense muscles in his neck and shoulders and explaining that i love giving massages because I too get massive muscle knots and tension headaches so i can vividly picture the process of the muscle letting go of the knot and the pain and the headache easing.

i’m not saying I don’t get migraines cause some of my headaches fit that profile but i was just so astonished that he could ignore the very words coming out of my mouth and actions that would seem to support those words because “women can’t get tension headaches” so i must experience migraines. then he kindly recommended some migraine medications to me.

i massively antagonised an old pole sore spot which is why my whole right arm has been hurting since Thursday and the headache kicked in yesterday and i’m trying to work the three giant knots out of my arm and shoulder and neck and just thinking about how women don’t get tension headaches bc i guess we don’t hold tension in our necks and shoulders and also we don’t even have anything real to be tense about, god

You Haunt My Dreams

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader gets some unexpected visits in her dreams.

Warnings: ANGST, death, violence, blood, car wreck (idk if that be a warning), some fluff. 

Word Count: 1,619

A/N: Well it looks I’m starting another new series. I hope this one isn’t too confusing. Just as a note the italics are supposed to be a dream sequence. This was my first attempt at writing dreams so I hope its not too bad.  Also I apologize for any errors in this one, I wrote and edited it while I had a massive headache so it may be a mess. Either way I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

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Anxiety. Anxiety and fear filled you. You had been waiting in the Bunker for hours. Sam and Dean should have been back by now. Something had to have gone wrong. Sitting on your bed, you bounced your leg nervously. If they didn’t return soon you were going to take matters into your own hands. Getting up, you walked over to your armoire. Opening the doors you pulled out the gun you kept in there. Tucking it in the back of your pants you moved to the door. As you reached for the handle you heard the bunker door open.

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A Choice: Hamilton Fanfic (Fem!Reader x Alexander, John, Hercules, and Lafayette) Chapter 5: You

Summary: The boys were your best friends, you loved them. And they loved you. But what happens when their love runs deeper than friendship? Will they manage to suppress their feelings for you or will they be willing to sacrifice their friendship to be with you. Either way, you have to make a choice.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Hamilton characters, those all belong to the great Lin-Manual Miranda.

Author’s note: Came back after a short break, sorry. Also, someone asked me to tag them, but I pretty inexperience wit those things and I’m pretty forgetful. So I’ve decided that I won’t be tagging anyone. Sorry for the short chapter, but I hope you enjoy it. Don’t reblog and well, enjoy. 


You woke up early, around 5, because of the massive headache you were having. You got up to get some water to cure the hangover you had. Going to the kitchen you got your water and went to sit on the table, there you got your phone.

You thought back to the reason why you didn’t have your phone in the first place. You tried to avoid it as much as you could yesterday, but it was always there in the back of your mind. You didn’t want to confront them about it- especially after the events of yesterday.

You lingered in thought for a couple of minutes, before you heard footsteps approaching. You looked up to find Hercules looking at you with concern.

“You alright, angel?” He asked.

You nodded hastily. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I was just a bit thirsty,” you said as you held up your cup of water.

Hercules came over and hugged you. “You’re so strong Y/N. But even you have weaknesses. You still look very troubled.”

You smiled into his chest. “Herc, I promise I’m fine. Just got some stuff on my mind. Nothing to worry about, k?”

Herc pulled back and stared into your eyes, searching for honesty. He sighed and then let you go completely. “Alright then, just remember that I’m always here to talk.”

You nodded and finished your water, following Hercules back into bed with the rest of the guys.

You thanked Herc quietly and fell asleep once again.

~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you woke up again, you realized you were the last one on the bed. Curious you got up in search of the guys.

You were about to step into the living room, but what you heard Alex say next made you stop.

“Guys, we have to tell Y/N how we feel!” Alex’s booming voice shouted.

You instantly shrunk back and saw Hercules furiously shake his head.

“Alex, are you an idiot? Did you forget what happened at the club yesterday? She must still be stressed. Throwing this to her face will only increase that stress!” Herc harshly negotiated.

“But look at what’s happening now! We keep fighting over her! This isn’t healthy for our friendship and the sooner we get this worked out, the sooner we can stop fighting!” Alex sassed back.

John stood up from the couch aggressively and turned to face Alex.

“You’re the reason we keep fighting! All you’re thinking about is yourself! You’re not thinking about her needs! How much of an ignorant, shitty, bastard can you fucking b-”

“That is enough!” Lafayette had stood in between of Alex and John, preventing a brawl.

“We are all a little worked up right now. Maybe we should all just take a deep breath and relax a bit. Y/N is still sleeping in her room and we do not to wake her. I agree that we need to tell Y/N how we feel soon, but today is not the best day. Let us just calm down a bit, d’accord?”

The rest of the guys slowly all sat down. They sat in silence for a few minutes. In those few minutes, you were debating to reveal yourself or go back to the room.

You were about to just run and hide back into your room when you heard Alex talk softly.

“I’m sorry guys, I-I know this isn’t the right time to bother her but… but it’s getting harder just being her friend. When I see her, I just want to hold her, kiss her, tell her… tell her that-that I love her.” Alex says with his hands in his hair.

John nodded and said,  “Alex, I get it. We all feel that way. The way she smiles, laughs, talks- I can’t get enough of it. And, as selfish as it may be, I want her all to myself. I can’t stand the thought of losing her.” John covers his eyes with his arm to stop the guys from seeing him tear up.

Hercules speaks next. “She’s got a heart of gold. She’s beautiful and charming. She’s the only one who really gets me. I would do anything for her.” He leans back on the chair with a hand over his heart, willing it to slow down.

Lafayette looks up and he gets a dazed look on his face, as if he is recollecting a distant memory. “Oui, I have never seen a person like Y/N. She is unique and gorgeous. When the sun illuminates her face, all I see is an angel.”

The room goes silent again, the boys all in their own fantasy world with you as their partner. You, on the other hand, were desperately trying not to cry as the weight of this situation finally dawns on you. To hear the guys talk about you like that, you finally realize how serious their feelings were and how much you were affecting them.

You had to admit that you didn’t really see this coming. Sure, you all harmlessly flirted with one another and you did feel some sort of attraction for all of them, but you never labeled your feelings as love. You respected your friendship too much for any complications like that to appear in your mind and possible affect your friendship.

But, look at what was happening now. You were unintentionally hurting the boys and they, in turn, were hurting each other. You realize now that you can’t keep running away from this situation. This isn’t college anymore. You had to face this like a proper adult and talk through this.

So with that, you gathered all your courage and walked into living room.

“Uh, guys?” You asked softly.

The boys instantly shoot up from their spot and looked at you with worried eyes, wondering how long you were standing near the entrance.


You looked at all of them in the eyes with a determined look.

“We need to talk.”


what’s up my name is Alex and I have to use a lot of makeup to look half-way like a normal human being. The picture on the left is me on a “good” day. The picture on the right is the best I get with concealer+foundation.

I have something called “cystic hormonal acne” which is a fancy way of saying “you’re fucked for life bucko”. I started having acne when I was 9 years old and now I’m 27 and it’s only gotten worse with no end in sight :) :) :)

My face hurts and bleeds literally every single day of my life. I’m also allergic to makeup (ALL makeup even the “hypoallergenic” shit)  so when I wash it off, my face is even redder, I have a wicked headache and I look 100x worse.

I also can’t go out in public without strangers making me feel bad about myself with advice I didn’t ask for.

I have been dealing with this for almost 20 years. I know more about my condition than you do. So when you give people like me advice such as “you should wash your face more” or “have you tried birth control?” or “stop eating dairy”, you sound like a massive throbbing chode. Don’t do it.

This is been a PSA from your local craterface motherfucker.

28. psychic!taehyung

28. Drive safely.
Psychic!Taehyung x reader
warning: major cursing.

because my one hell of a boring lecturer just came back and I want to murder someone everytime I have her lecture.

There are moments where Taehyung hates his ability to read minds.

All he wanted was some peace and quiet, to just get through a single lecture without having to listen in on other people mentally cursing the new lecturer who, Taehyung had to admit, was really hard to listen to. Not only was the old lady speaking at what most people deemed a snail’s pace, she also hardly finished her sentences, leaving all the students internally groaning whilst trying to figure out what she had meant to say and Taehyung with a massive headache. After the umpteenth time a strong wave of thoughts came washing over him, the psychic could no longer hold the low groan he was trying to suppress, willing the thoughts away so that he could find his own silence.

Alas, a new voice soon emerged from the back of his head, a single voice repeating a single word – fuck. If Taehyung wasn’t tired from all the noises in his head, he would have raised an eyebrow at his fellow classmate’s choice of mental words, but instead the psychic’s eyes washed over the lecture hall, scanning all the faces to locate the cursing lady. His eyes soon fall upon you, shaking – with anger? – as you glanced at your phone from beneath the table, your mind screaming curses that grew louder with each passing second. Taehyung kept his eyes trained on your figure as you re-read the text you had just received, spitting out curses at whom he guessed was a project partner.

“Excuse me? Who the fuck forgets to bring the submission half an hour before the shit is due? I swear Park Jimin, the next time I see you I will hang you off Namsan tower and leave you out in the snow to freeze! Ah shit, how the fuck am I supposed to get back to the dorms to print out another copy in time? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that little shit to remember to bring our submitted copy when he can’t even remember where we have our class. Fuck this shit.”

Taehyung couldn’t help a small chuckle as he listened in on your mental rant, taking in the way your eyebrows furrowed deeply as you furiously jabbed your phone’s scream, telling this Park Jimin person to go screw himself. He vaguely recalled you from other classes he shared with you, but had never managed to catch your name. Now that he had listened in on your rant, he was incredibly amused by you, wanting to know more about this person that intrigued him so.

By the time the lecture hour ended, you had decided to drive back to the dorms, and hopefully made it back in time to hand in your group report. As you stood to leave, Taehyung quickly moved towards you, lightly tapping your shoulder to gain your attention. As you turned to face him, biting your lips lightly in impatience and frustrated at being delayed, Taehyung bit back a laugh.

“Drive safely,” he said, a knowing smile on his face, before he stepped out of the lecture hall, leaving you more confused than you had ever been in your entire life. Soon enough, you remembered that you had more important things to do, and had run towards the direction of the car park.

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I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but I am a little who gets a period and it always makes it hard to regress(babies don't have to deal with puberty!!!) and I was just wondering if you guys had any advice to feel more comfy when that time comes? I don't often get cramps but I get massive headaches and really bad mood swings...

Surviving the period as an age regressor.

❤️ Don’t Skip Meals!
I know this is hard to do, but skipping a meal because you don’t feel good on your period can make your blood sugar drop and lead to a very irritable baby bear. It’s also very important not to skip meals before or after your period!

❤️ Say No To Sugar
Sadly, you have to deny those premenstrual cravings and resist the candy. Because of your shifting estrogen and progesterone hormone levels, your brain has a deceased level of serotonin. Which could make you crave sugars and cause you to eat too much! Instead, eat whole grains to ease those cravings.

❤️ Water All The Time!
Don’t stop drinking water. On your period, off your period. It really does lighten your symptoms and flow. I promise.

❤️ Exercise Just A Bit
A small amount of physical activity can relieve aches and pains all over. Try watching Care Bears and doing some stretches!

❤️ Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Pain Reliever
It’s acceptable to take one if you’re feeling bad. Be careful and take ONLY as instructed.

❤️ Stuffies Are Your Best Friends
Cuddling. It works.

❤️ Cool And Warm Compresses!
Use a warm compress for your lower back if you are experiencing cramping. And a cold compress for your head if you are experiencing headaches!

!! Your period does not make you any less of a little, age regressor, male, or female. Although it can be a little scary, there are many methods to lightening its side effects

Side note.
If you’re an age regressor, trans, or just disgusted by your period. Try looking into a low dose birth control!
It could relieve PMS symptoms, lighten your period significantly, stop headaches, clear hormonal acne, and maybe stop your period all together.

I got a low dosage of birth control for my endometriosis and regression and my period stopped all together. ☺️ (Safely and under the guidance of a very good gynecologist!) I haven’t had one in two years.
! It is not for everyone !

~ Mod Lynn

You Knew? || Stiles S.

Word Count: 1,895ish

Request: Could you do an imagine where you’re pregnant and you and stiles have to tell everyone but you’re super nervous?

Warning: Anxiety, nervousness

(gifs are not mine)




Your heart hammer against your chest as you drummed your fingers against the granite countertops of your bathroom.

At first, you thought maybe you had food poisoning from the Lo Mein you and Stiles had the other night. But once the vomiting had continued for more than a week, you knew something was wrong.

Your period didn’t help either. It has never been routine at all, even after your doctor recommended birth control to help even it out. It didn’t. Now, you could go months without having a period and then the next month it is as if someone set off a bomb in your stomach and Niagra Falls is flowing in between your legs. 

So, here you were staring down at the Clearblue stick waiting for the test results as you bit your thumbnail impatiently.

All these thoughts ran through your head. What if you were pregnant? Would Stiles want the baby? How did it even happen, you and Stiles were always careful? You were on the pill and he always used a condom. Except for, oh no.

You smacked your hand against your forehead remembering the night at Lydia’s lake house. The pack had decided they needed a weekend away to just let loose and not have to worry about something/someone coming to kill them. That weekend consisted of a bunch of mixed drinks and hot-tubbing. It also included a very intimate skinny dipping session with you and Stiles. After you had gotten drunk and stripped, you ran into the lake leaving a hammered Stiles to trip over himself as he pulled his pants down his legs. Once the boy was officially naked, he had managed to get into the water where you wrapped your legs around his waist and the rest was history. Except now, it might be ruining your future.

The box said the test would take five minutes, so you had set a timer on your phone. You continued to bite your thumbnail down to the nub as you watched the clock tick down.


You were starting to feel the pain in your nail bed that you were now chewing on.


Your other hand was scratching at your arm, a horrible effect of your anxiety.


You felt your stomach turning to knots as your heart felt like it was going to pound out of your chest. You hadn’t stopped staring at your phone in so long that your eyes were now watering.

However, you couldn’t tell if it was from your dry eyes or the stress of the situation.


This was it and once again you got the urge to throw up. This time, though, you knew it was from the anxious feelings that were tumbling around in the pit of your stomach.


Your heart felt like it dropped onto the floor. Tears were now running down your face and you knew it wasn’t the stress anymore. It was now the gut-wrenching fear that you were going to have a human grow inside of you, you had to tell everyone, you were going to be a mom.


How the hell were you supposed to do this? You were only sixteen, how were you supposed to be a mom?

You sank to the floor in your bathroom, letting your back lean against the wall as you sobbed ferociously. This was actually happening, you were going to have a baby.

You and Stiles were going to have a baby.

What if he didn’t stay? How were you going to tell him? Would he dump you?

In your heart, you knew that he would never. (At least you trusted him not to) You knew that he would feel a great responsibility and he would blame himself for “ruining your life”. Stiles always took the blame.

“Babe? Where are you? I brought soup and Star Wars! Hopefully, you can keep it down this time.” He mumbled the last part worriedly.

Your whole body tensed. Now? Now was the moment you were going to have to tell him? Why universe? Why would it do this to you? You couldn’t have a few days to ponder over the right moment like all the girls in the fanfiction get? Rude.

Your breath was coming out in shaky pants and your vision was getting blurry.

Now could not be your moment.


“Babe? You in there?” Startled by the sudden sharp sound against the door, you jumped slamming your elbow into the wall with a loud thud.

Which in turn, alarmed Stiles to no end.

“Babe? Y/N? What’s going on? Unlock the door Baby?” You still didn’t move as tears poured down your face.

A small sob left your lips before you sniffled and whipped at the fallen droplets of water.

“Y/N are you getting sick? Please open the door. I just want to help Babe. I don’t care what you look like as long as you’re okay. Please let me in.” He softly cooed through the door.

It was as if your eyes had been small tiny dams and they were blown up. Tears flooded your face and the sobbing got even uglier. 

Stiles could hear you now and was more than worried.

“Babe, I’m coming in.”

At first, you thought he was going to break the door down so you scooted out of the way. That wasn’t it though. Somehow, he knew where you had kept the bathroom key and soon the door was unlocked.

His body froze in the doorway as he looked at you against the wall. But in the next second, he was wrapping his arms around you tightly as your face pressed into his chest.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Please tell me what’s wrong.”

But you didn’t have to tell him, you showed him.

Slowly, you slid the test from your hands and laid it against his knee. His body went rigged staring down at the little blue plus sign.

“Is that a-?”

“Uh huh.”

“And it’s-?”

Once again you nodded your head as you both stared at the tiny blue plus sign on the stark white stick.

“I’m going to be a dad?”

He seemed in shock but you’re mind had already been focusing on the fact that you two were going to be parents so hard that as he uttered those words something inside of you snapped. Tears rushed down your face at rapid pace and a wretched sob burst from your chest.

“Hey, hey, hey. Everything is going to be okay.” Stiles cooed dropping the stick onto the white tiled floor and wrapping his flannel-covered arms around you. “I’m going to take care of you.”

You buried your head into his chest hoping that what he was saying was true. That this was actually going to work out.

“I’m going to take care of us.” He whispered while his free hand wandered down and placed itself on your stomach. You were far too early to tell, but Stiles didn’t care. He wanted to make sure that you knew he was in this for the long haul.

3 weeks later

Today was the day that you and Stiles were going to tell the pack that you were pregnant.

It had been hard hiding it from them since most of the time all Stiles wanted to talk about was the baby, which didn’t bother you, of course, it just got to be a bit suspicious when the two of you would be talking in very hushed whispers or passing notes because of the supernatural hearing.

Plus, all you wanted to do was tell Allison and Lydia, but Stiles and you had promised that you had to wait until you were ten weeks before you would tell the pack.

This morning marked approximately ten weeks and Stiles was itching to tell. Of course, you both had already told your parents (which ended with a lot of yelling, tears, and fear but most of all they let the two stay together as long as you both promised to finish school). Now, it was time to tell the pack and you had to admit, it made you more nervous than telling your parents.

Stiles held your hand as you both got out of the jeep and started walking towards the school building. With every step you took, your heart hammered away in your chest threatening to break through.

“Hey,” Stiles called gaining your attention. “Everything is going to be okay.” He reassured gently stroking the back of your hand.

“You’re right.” You breathed out letting a few of your nerves go. The knot in your stomach, however, stayed and continued to coil itself with anxiety.

Soon enough you were facing your fear as you and Stiles stood in front of everyone as the pack sat at the picnic table staring at you.

“We have something to tell you,” Stiles muttered glancing back at you for reassurance. He was excited to tell the pack but you could tell that he was also just as nervous as you. His sweaty palms were an indication to that.

“That you’re pregnant?” Malia guessed from the end of the table. Your heart dropped into the pit of your stomach waiting for everyone’s reaction and slightly relieved that you weren’t the one to have to say it.

“Malia, Scott said to wait for them to tell us” Liam reminded her to which the young werecoyote rolled her eyes.

“They were taking too long, plus the stench of fear and anxiety is going to give me a massive headache. Figured I would save the two some time.” She shrugged taking a bite out of her apple as everyone at the picnic table moved their attention from her back to you and Stiles.

“You guys knew?” You wondered out loud.

“I didn’t, thanks for keeping me out of the loop,” Lydia muttered bitterly while pursing her cherry red lips.

“We could smell it,” Scott explained sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “Plus, Stiles told me.”

Your head swung to the side where Stiles’s eyes were as wide as saucers. 

“You were the one that suggested we wait to tell them.” You growled feeling very angry on the subject.

“Baby, I know I did, but he’s my best friend. It’s like one of those things you tell me you’re automatically telling him.” He explained rubbing circles on your hand.

You rolled your eyes knowing that there was some truth to his statement. “We vowed to keep it a secret though. I didn’t tell Allison or Lydia. The only people I told were my parents and you.”

He let out a sigh. “Baby, I’m sorry.” His puppy dog eyes were out. The ones that he knows you can’t resist. You tried to fight against them while holding up your mental defenses but honestly, it wasn’t even worth the fight. You sighed giving in.

“Whatever.” You huffed.

“Great, now that that is settled sit down and let’s discuss what you have for baby names,” Lydia demanded, pulling your arm softly so that you could sit next to her.

In that moment surrounded by all of your friends, you knew that this was all going to work out. It was going to be tough but this baby and you had all of these amazing people behind you, your family, your pack. And that was all you needed.

stereden  asked:

I think mobile Tumblr is eating my ask, so here I go again! (if already received, just ignore these ;) ) I reread Reverse recently, and then you put me through hell and back again with the angst, hurt-no-comfort Kaga/Tobi short of hell (If I make you cookies, will you write the two dorks a happy ending? Pretty please, with chocolate chips on the top?) and I'm still on a reincarnation AU kick, and Shisui/Tenzo got me thinking. Kat, what if they're the reincarnations of Kagami and Tobirama? (1)

But they don’t remember, at first, and then Tenzo/Tobi finds a nearly dead Shisui/Kagami in the river and everything comes back to him, and like HELL he’s going to let Kagami die on him when he just found him again, so he spirits him away and heals him, and doesn’t tell anyone because he doesn’t trust anyone, not even his own students, not after Orochimaru and Root and Danzo, and by the time Shisui/Kagami is conscious again the massacre has happened, and they’re left to deal with what happens next (apart from Danzo dying a slow and painful death, of course, which is a given) Deciding to put an end to corruption in the village, and protect the last Uchihas still loyal (even if Itachi is definitely messed up and needs some heavy therapy) and gut the bastard running around calling himself Madara (Tobirama/Tenzo seriously considers using Edo Tensei with Danzo’s body to bring back his brother and sister-in-law, because Someone needs to deal with the headache that is Uchiha Madara and anyone pretending to be him, and Hashirama is just annoying enough to be deemed a weapon of massive headache, and 2.Mito can deal with what is left with extreme prejudice while still ignoring her husbands pouts that this is his best friend. Also Tobi now has MOKUTON and hates it and wants his suiton affinity BACK log damn it, there’s plants everywhere he steps it’s annoying (but it makes Kagami smile, despite everything, so maybe he tolerates it. Maybe.) (He just wants ONE life where he and Kagami can be happy. Is that too much to ask?)

I mean, wow. It would have to be a pretty extreme personality shift for Tenzo, but wow.

So this is the second bday gift for @provocative-envy (im going overboard probably im very dramatic i just really like you and your work so) hope you like it! (also may continue this at a later date idk lemme know if you would like to be tagged if i do)

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Tmi venting

Honestly very upset with myself. I’m such a mess right now. I had a massive cold sore outbreak on my chin, mouth and gums and the symptoms have been killing me for days. I had no idea that you could have swollen lymph nodes, fever, headache, muscle pains, and sore throat all from cold sores. Also been dealing with some downstairs problems but that’s a whole other confusing story. All of this was happening during the most important week of the semester; career showcase. The week designated for devoting your time to looking professional and talking recruiters into giving you a job. I looked like a fucking freak and had to painfully smile through it all. I’m just so ready for this to be done. I haven’t been able to eat very much or work out and I just want to get back to normal life.

Luckily the week is over, I have some interviews to show for my work, and my sores are going away.

Sorry just needed to vent


Today was a busy day and towards the end I was fighting a massive headache and was almost in tears about still being at work.

But I got to talk to friend towards the end and it made it all better and I’m sensationally happy. 😊

Also, I have watched over ½ of Guardians of the Galaxy during lunch and hope to finish the rest tomorrow so I can see the sequel this weekend. Loving it so far and hate that I waited so long to see it.

Also, have some random selfies from today that I had intentions of posting with captions but now you just get mass selfie spam!

Happy Monday!

July 3rd, 2017

It was sort of a rough weekend. I was ill with a migraine most of the time, even had to miss a D&D session. Apparently, it really sucked and everyone got horrible rolls, so maybe my brain made the correct decision? I think what I’m really happy about is I got all my food prepped well ahead of time so I won’t have to worry about it if I get another one.

This Week

The air conditioning is broken at my fiance’s office, so he gets to work from home all week. That should be pretty nice. We love watching SGDQ together so now we don’t have to text each other all day about it! We have a 4th of July thing to go to, and I really hate fireworks but–I suppose.

Is it bad that I’m already thinking about my next meal prep? I always have so many ideas and can’t wait to try all of them!


I’m not expecting to need to achieve outside of my normal set of personal expectations. I hope to work out three times during the work week, twice on the weekend, and to eat my prepared meals. Typical stuff!

Bits and Bobs

We have that meeting about the rent increase this morning. I have a very simple argument, yet I’ve gotten quite nervous. My fiance is very, very serious about moving. Sure–this apartment isn’t paradise but springing a spontaneous move?  I think we’re looking at an apartment today. That’s how serious he is. I mean, sure if it’s amazing it will probably win me over but the thought of juggling a move into the other eight thousand things I need to accomplish this summer feels idiotic to me. I also don’t really like the idea of losing the gym and the park. Granted, those are the only things this apartment has going for it–stuff outside the apartment. Also, not so hot on moving with a cat that’s only two months past adoption. I do have to admit she’s surprised me in every situation I thought she’d get upset, such as a weekend guest or our weekend trip. I think a move would definitely fire some alarm bells, though.

Migraine activity was about (my) average during June, but losing nine days of one’s life is not acceptable. I have an appointment in August but my doctor has been pretty unhelpful in the past about them. Permission to be bitter? It’s a massive pet peeve of mine when everyone swears they have the magical migraine cure. “Dunk your feet in hot water. It will instantly go away!” Uh, no it fucking won’t? “Take a Tylenol.” Wow, I’ve never thought of that before. Tylenol is about as useful as its candy coating…

Oh, oh! Also, when people think migraines are just really bad headaches! Bitterness over, you may now sweeten your coffee. Oh, I’m just salty because I’m in another prodrome. It may not develop, but it also could.

Stuff That Makes Me Smile

Nutritional Yeast. It’s actually really good. I had no idea what to expect, but I really like it! It doesn’t completely fill the cheese-void that Daiya does, but it’s really great used like parmesan cheese. I’m going to try it in my tofu cream cheese recipe soon to see if I can up the savoriness on that recipe.

I know I take pictures of her sleeping up here all the time, but look how cute that face is! 

Apps featured in this post include: Streaks and Migraine Buddy

Project Bunny (4)

Authors note: Welp this is the night to finish things so I pushed myself to finish this despite my horrible writing skill. This chapter isn’t really fluffy at all….more like how G gets bunny to be cooperative…possibility of another if people actually like this…

fell!bunny @ me

Mr.G @stealthnerd

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1137 // And she always tries to keep her sane

Finally back in Manila again. Whew! Batangas then Laguna escapade was lit! It was so lit that i rarely update or post IG stories. I only had the time to make one when i was sober enough to hold my phone and check some of my account notifications. Geez, too tired to even think serious stuff. I also have this massive headache due to the drinking session we had from 12mn until 5 this morning. Define walwalan? It’s been so long since i had a taste of Black Label, and we manage to drank more than 5 of them. I was drunk actually, but because the pool in our casa offers a hot spring, whelp—you do the imagination. There were a couple truth and dares to begin with, and i got a dare to lick some ketchup from a hot stranger’s lower lip. Eh game ako so i do the deed. Besides, puro lalake halos mga kasama ko talaga ‘don kaya keribels. Mga tropa naman eh.

Pero i wanna sin and be merry while i’m here. Hahaha. Uggh. I’m hungry.

What the Easy men would say to comfort you

requested by anon. sorry for the confusion. ‘pick me up lines’ is too much like ‘pick up lines’ and my brain did what it wanted. 

I’m only going to do a few because my well of creativity is dry tonight (if you think of it, pray for rain) and I’ve also got a massive headache. But please know I put love and as much effort as I could muster into this <3 

Lipton: I know you’ve been down, and I know it’s been a tough run lately, but it’ll be okay. Do what you have to do. Trust that it’s all going to work out; because it will. I’ll be right here to help you through it. 

Nixon: I think you’re overthinking things a little, sweetheart. Take a deep breath. Now look at your problem again. See.. it’s not nearly as bad as you thought. You can do this. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be okay. 

Toye: I really fucking hate it that you’ve had a bad day. I’d do anything to fix it for you if I could. But look at you. You made it, you survived. You’re such a badass, and I’m proud of you. 

Roe: My mother used to say every day is a gift. I think that she had it wrong. You are a gift to today, and today is lucky to have you. Make today better than yesterday. And always remember that at the end of the day, I’ll be there. 

Shifty: Why I– I think you’re the most wonderful person in this whole world. Not because you’re perfect, I can’t rightly recall ever meeting anyone that was perfect, but because of how kind you are. How no matter what, you don’t let anyone change you. I think that’s downright beautiful. 

Speirs: You can’t let this stop you. Don’t let this situation get in the way of your goals. Forge ahead. Accept the fact that you’re stronger than you think you are, and show them you’re going to fight. Show them the soldier you’ve become. 

I can do more of these, if anyone doesn’t see their fav, just drop it in my ask. Love you all. Each and every one of you deserves an encouraging word from your boy. 

05/06/16 || I’ve done a good chunk of this massive book, I have a head full of history stuff and I can’t wait for next wednesday for this exam to be over. I’m super tired and I have a terrible headache wich is not really helping the fact that I have to study. I also keep thinking of my holiday at the sea and I can’t wait and that’s in like more than a month and I want it now..