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Don't be scared today! Do you mind me asking what you are scared of? If it's personal you don't have to share

I don’t mind sharing, I just don’t see why anyone wants to hear about my woes lol

I think I’ve mentioned on here before I suffer from IIH (Increased Intercranial Hypertension). My body makes too much spinal fluid and it puts a lot of pressure on my brain, which not only causes migraines from hell but it also puts pressure on my optic nerves and fucks my eyes up. 

Lately the headaches have been worse and I’m having some other symptoms I’ve not had before so I go back to the doctor today for some tests but one of the possibilities he mentioned was a brain tumor or aneurysm so we are doing an MRI.  It’s not likely, chances are it’s just the condition, but my dad passed away from a massive brain aneurysm so I’m naturally a little scared. 

But I’m staying positive and I don’t think it will be anything serious.

And please no hate for sharing this, it seems like anytime I put something personal out here I get accused of fishing for attention.  I was just answering a question 💜

my neurologist client kindly diagnosed me with migraines during our fun call in the oncall room because, he says, women can’t get tension headaches.

I was giving him a massage at the time and focusing on tense muscles in his neck and shoulders and explaining that i love giving massages because I too get massive muscle knots and tension headaches so i can vividly picture the process of the muscle letting go of the knot and the pain and the headache easing.

i’m not saying I don’t get migraines cause some of my headaches fit that profile but i was just so astonished that he could ignore the very words coming out of my mouth and actions that would seem to support those words because “women can’t get tension headaches” so i must experience migraines. then he kindly recommended some migraine medications to me.

i massively antagonised an old pole sore spot which is why my whole right arm has been hurting since Thursday and the headache kicked in yesterday and i’m trying to work the three giant knots out of my arm and shoulder and neck and just thinking about how women don’t get tension headaches bc i guess we don’t hold tension in our necks and shoulders and also we don’t even have anything real to be tense about, god

You Haunt My Dreams

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: The reader gets some unexpected visits in her dreams.

Warnings: ANGST, death, violence, blood, car wreck (idk if that be a warning), some fluff. 

Word Count: 1,619

A/N: Well it looks I’m starting another new series. I hope this one isn’t too confusing. Just as a note the italics are supposed to be a dream sequence. This was my first attempt at writing dreams so I hope its not too bad.  Also I apologize for any errors in this one, I wrote and edited it while I had a massive headache so it may be a mess. Either way I hope you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome!

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Anxiety. Anxiety and fear filled you. You had been waiting in the Bunker for hours. Sam and Dean should have been back by now. Something had to have gone wrong. Sitting on your bed, you bounced your leg nervously. If they didn’t return soon you were going to take matters into your own hands. Getting up, you walked over to your armoire. Opening the doors you pulled out the gun you kept in there. Tucking it in the back of your pants you moved to the door. As you reached for the handle you heard the bunker door open.

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Today was a busy day and towards the end I was fighting a massive headache and was almost in tears about still being at work.

But I got to talk to friend towards the end and it made it all better and I’m sensationally happy. 😊

Also, I have watched over ½ of Guardians of the Galaxy during lunch and hope to finish the rest tomorrow so I can see the sequel this weekend. Loving it so far and hate that I waited so long to see it.

Also, have some random selfies from today that I had intentions of posting with captions but now you just get mass selfie spam!

You Knew? || Stiles S.

Word Count: 1,895ish

Request: Could you do an imagine where you’re pregnant and you and stiles have to tell everyone but you’re super nervous?

Warning: Anxiety, nervousness

(gifs are not mine)




Your heart hammer against your chest as you drummed your fingers against the granite countertops of your bathroom.

At first, you thought maybe you had food poisoning from the Lo Mein you and Stiles had the other night. But once the vomiting had continued for more than a week, you knew something was wrong.

Your period didn’t help either. It has never been routine at all, even after your doctor recommended birth control to help even it out. It didn’t. Now, you could go months without having a period and then the next month it is as if someone set off a bomb in your stomach and Niagra Falls is flowing in between your legs. 

So, here you were staring down at the Clearblue stick waiting for the test results as you bit your thumbnail impatiently.

All these thoughts ran through your head. What if you were pregnant? Would Stiles want the baby? How did it even happen, you and Stiles were always careful? You were on the pill and he always used a condom. Except for, oh no.

You smacked your hand against your forehead remembering the night at Lydia’s lake house. The pack had decided they needed a weekend away to just let loose and not have to worry about something/someone coming to kill them. That weekend consisted of a bunch of mixed drinks and hot-tubbing. It also included a very intimate skinny dipping session with you and Stiles. After you had gotten drunk and stripped, you ran into the lake leaving a hammered Stiles to trip over himself as he pulled his pants down his legs. Once the boy was officially naked, he had managed to get into the water where you wrapped your legs around his waist and the rest was history. Except now, it might be ruining your future.

The box said the test would take five minutes, so you had set a timer on your phone. You continued to bite your thumbnail down to the nub as you watched the clock tick down.


You were starting to feel the pain in your nail bed that you were now chewing on.


Your other hand was scratching at your arm, a horrible effect of your anxiety.


You felt your stomach turning to knots as your heart felt like it was going to pound out of your chest. You hadn’t stopped staring at your phone in so long that your eyes were now watering.

However, you couldn’t tell if it was from your dry eyes or the stress of the situation.


This was it and once again you got the urge to throw up. This time, though, you knew it was from the anxious feelings that were tumbling around in the pit of your stomach.


Your heart felt like it dropped onto the floor. Tears were now running down your face and you knew it wasn’t the stress anymore. It was now the gut-wrenching fear that you were going to have a human grow inside of you, you had to tell everyone, you were going to be a mom.


How the hell were you supposed to do this? You were only sixteen, how were you supposed to be a mom?

You sank to the floor in your bathroom, letting your back lean against the wall as you sobbed ferociously. This was actually happening, you were going to have a baby.

You and Stiles were going to have a baby.

What if he didn’t stay? How were you going to tell him? Would he dump you?

In your heart, you knew that he would never. (At least you trusted him not to) You knew that he would feel a great responsibility and he would blame himself for “ruining your life”. Stiles always took the blame.

“Babe? Where are you? I brought soup and Star Wars! Hopefully, you can keep it down this time.” He mumbled the last part worriedly.

Your whole body tensed. Now? Now was the moment you were going to have to tell him? Why universe? Why would it do this to you? You couldn’t have a few days to ponder over the right moment like all the girls in the fanfiction get? Rude.

Your breath was coming out in shaky pants and your vision was getting blurry.

Now could not be your moment.


“Babe? You in there?” Startled by the sudden sharp sound against the door, you jumped slamming your elbow into the wall with a loud thud.

Which in turn, alarmed Stiles to no end.

“Babe? Y/N? What’s going on? Unlock the door Baby?” You still didn’t move as tears poured down your face.

A small sob left your lips before you sniffled and whipped at the fallen droplets of water.

“Y/N are you getting sick? Please open the door. I just want to help Babe. I don’t care what you look like as long as you’re okay. Please let me in.” He softly cooed through the door.

It was as if your eyes had been small tiny dams and they were blown up. Tears flooded your face and the sobbing got even uglier. 

Stiles could hear you now and was more than worried.

“Babe, I’m coming in.”

At first, you thought he was going to break the door down so you scooted out of the way. That wasn’t it though. Somehow, he knew where you had kept the bathroom key and soon the door was unlocked.

His body froze in the doorway as he looked at you against the wall. But in the next second, he was wrapping his arms around you tightly as your face pressed into his chest.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Please tell me what’s wrong.”

But you didn’t have to tell him, you showed him.

Slowly, you slid the test from your hands and laid it against his knee. His body went rigged staring down at the little blue plus sign.

“Is that a-?”

“Uh huh.”

“And it’s-?”

Once again you nodded your head as you both stared at the tiny blue plus sign on the stark white stick.

“I’m going to be a dad?”

He seemed in shock but you’re mind had already been focusing on the fact that you two were going to be parents so hard that as he uttered those words something inside of you snapped. Tears rushed down your face at rapid pace and a wretched sob burst from your chest.

“Hey, hey, hey. Everything is going to be okay.” Stiles cooed dropping the stick onto the white tiled floor and wrapping his flannel-covered arms around you. “I’m going to take care of you.”

You buried your head into his chest hoping that what he was saying was true. That this was actually going to work out.

“I’m going to take care of us.” He whispered while his free hand wandered down and placed itself on your stomach. You were far too early to tell, but Stiles didn’t care. He wanted to make sure that you knew he was in this for the long haul.

3 weeks later

Today was the day that you and Stiles were going to tell the pack that you were pregnant.

It had been hard hiding it from them since most of the time all Stiles wanted to talk about was the baby, which didn’t bother you, of course, it just got to be a bit suspicious when the two of you would be talking in very hushed whispers or passing notes because of the supernatural hearing.

Plus, all you wanted to do was tell Allison and Lydia, but Stiles and you had promised that you had to wait until you were ten weeks before you would tell the pack.

This morning marked approximately ten weeks and Stiles was itching to tell. Of course, you both had already told your parents (which ended with a lot of yelling, tears, and fear but most of all they let the two stay together as long as you both promised to finish school). Now, it was time to tell the pack and you had to admit, it made you more nervous than telling your parents.

Stiles held your hand as you both got out of the jeep and started walking towards the school building. With every step you took, your heart hammered away in your chest threatening to break through.

“Hey,” Stiles called gaining your attention. “Everything is going to be okay.” He reassured gently stroking the back of your hand.

“You’re right.” You breathed out letting a few of your nerves go. The knot in your stomach, however, stayed and continued to coil itself with anxiety.

Soon enough you were facing your fear as you and Stiles stood in front of everyone as the pack sat at the picnic table staring at you.

“We have something to tell you,” Stiles muttered glancing back at you for reassurance. He was excited to tell the pack but you could tell that he was also just as nervous as you. His sweaty palms were an indication to that.

“That you’re pregnant?” Malia guessed from the end of the table. Your heart dropped into the pit of your stomach waiting for everyone’s reaction and slightly relieved that you weren’t the one to have to say it.

“Malia, Scott said to wait for them to tell us” Liam reminded her to which the young werecoyote rolled her eyes.

“They were taking too long, plus the stench of fear and anxiety is going to give me a massive headache. Figured I would save the two some time.” She shrugged taking a bite out of her apple as everyone at the picnic table moved their attention from her back to you and Stiles.

“You guys knew?” You wondered out loud.

“I didn’t, thanks for keeping me out of the loop,” Lydia muttered bitterly while pursing her cherry red lips.

“We could smell it,” Scott explained sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “Plus, Stiles told me.”

Your head swung to the side where Stiles’s eyes were as wide as saucers. 

“You were the one that suggested we wait to tell them.” You growled feeling very angry on the subject.

“Baby, I know I did, but he’s my best friend. It’s like one of those things you tell me you’re automatically telling him.” He explained rubbing circles on your hand.

You rolled your eyes knowing that there was some truth to his statement. “We vowed to keep it a secret though. I didn’t tell Allison or Lydia. The only people I told were my parents and you.”

He let out a sigh. “Baby, I’m sorry.” His puppy dog eyes were out. The ones that he knows you can’t resist. You tried to fight against them while holding up your mental defenses but honestly, it wasn’t even worth the fight. You sighed giving in.

“Whatever.” You huffed.

“Great, now that that is settled sit down and let’s discuss what you have for baby names,” Lydia demanded, pulling your arm softly so that you could sit next to her.

In that moment surrounded by all of your friends, you knew that this was all going to work out. It was going to be tough but this baby and you had all of these amazing people behind you, your family, your pack. And that was all you needed.

What the Easy men would say to comfort you

requested by anon. sorry for the confusion. ‘pick me up lines’ is too much like ‘pick up lines’ and my brain did what it wanted. 

I’m only going to do a few because my well of creativity is dry tonight (if you think of it, pray for rain) and I’ve also got a massive headache. But please know I put love and as much effort as I could muster into this <3 

Lipton: I know you’ve been down, and I know it’s been a tough run lately, but it’ll be okay. Do what you have to do. Trust that it’s all going to work out; because it will. I’ll be right here to help you through it. 

Nixon: I think you’re overthinking things a little, sweetheart. Take a deep breath. Now look at your problem again. See.. it’s not nearly as bad as you thought. You can do this. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be okay. 

Toye: I really fucking hate it that you’ve had a bad day. I’d do anything to fix it for you if I could. But look at you. You made it, you survived. You’re such a badass, and I’m proud of you. 

Roe: My mother used to say every day is a gift. I think that she had it wrong. You are a gift to today, and today is lucky to have you. Make today better than yesterday. And always remember that at the end of the day, I’ll be there. 

Shifty: Why I– I think you’re the most wonderful person in this whole world. Not because you’re perfect, I can’t rightly recall ever meeting anyone that was perfect, but because of how kind you are. How no matter what, you don’t let anyone change you. I think that’s downright beautiful. 

Speirs: You can’t let this stop you. Don’t let this situation get in the way of your goals. Forge ahead. Accept the fact that you’re stronger than you think you are, and show them you’re going to fight. Show them the soldier you’ve become. 

I can do more of these, if anyone doesn’t see their fav, just drop it in my ask. Love you all. Each and every one of you deserves an encouraging word from your boy. 

05/06/16 || I’ve done a good chunk of this massive book, I have a head full of history stuff and I can’t wait for next wednesday for this exam to be over. I’m super tired and I have a terrible headache wich is not really helping the fact that I have to study. I also keep thinking of my holiday at the sea and I can’t wait and that’s in like more than a month and I want it now..

{Misery} Saeyoung x MC

   Being at a party, especially one where you didn’t know anyone, was not your idea of a good time. Why your friend had dragged you here, or why you actually agreed to be dragged here, was a mystery to you in its entirety. The whole situation in and of itself gave you extreme anxiety. You didn’t like being in situations like this. As much as you wanted to just cling to your friend for the rest of the night, you didn’t want to make her feel bad, and you didn’t want to embarrass or bother her when she was having so much fun. Typical of you to be like this.
   You looked around for someone to talk to or something to do besides stand around awkwardly, and decided to just hang out by the snacks. They were free, after all. What else were you supposed to do? You eyed the various items on the table and thought about what to get. Honestly, you didn’t really know what anything was. Everything was so fancy that it was almost unrecognisable to your eyes. You didn’t want to be cliche and get punch, but you were really thirsty and didn’t have much of a choice. This wasn’t your party, and it’s not like you actually /wanted/ to be here, so you weren’t about to ask. Though, a party like this, fancy as it was, probably had champagne and other forms of alcohol in the kitchen
   Punch in hand, you sat down at an empty table and watched. Watched the people dancing on the dancefloor. Watched people talking and laughing. Watched the lights dance across the walls. Watched as a stranger walked over to your table. Watched as this stranger sat down next to you.
   Just like everyone else in the room, including yourself, he was dressed impeccably. The only thing that was a little off was the fact that his glasses weren’t plain. Not plain black, or blue, or brown. They were yellow. Not even plain yellow either, but yellow with brown stripes. An odd choice, you thought, but it did bring a little life to this otherwise lifeless party.
   "You seem like you don’t really want to be here.“ He stated, simply.
   "Is it that obvious?” You asked.
   "It’s not that it’s obvious, but it’s easy to know what ‘not wanting to be here’ looks like when you see it in every reflective surface.“ He answered.
   You laughed in response. "What’s your name, Mr Mysterious Stranger?” You asked.
   "I’m afraid that’s classified information, ma'am.“
   "Nice to meet you Afraid That’s Classified Information Ma'am.” You replied jokingly.
   He laughed and you quickly apologised for your humour. “No, don’t apologise for it!” He assured. “Honestly, I love those kinds of jokes. My name is Saeyoung, by the way.” He reached out his hand.
   "I’m (MC)“ You replied as you took his outstretched hand and shook it.
   You two talked a little bit and got to know each other. You learned that he, too, had been dragged along by his friend that was an actor and always got invited to parties like this. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to come here, unlike you, but he thought it would be more fun.
   "So you’re not having fun talking to me?” You asked, feigning hurt.
   He was quick to correct himself, “No! It’s not that I’m not having fun, I’m having loads of fun talking to you, I just meant that the party as a whole. I mean, I could’ve gone the whole time without knowing you were here, and if you weren’t here, I would’ve thought the party would be more fun in general. Independent of whether you were here or not.” He rambled.
   "Are you done explaining yourself? Or do you wanna ramble some more?“ You asked teasingly.
   He seemed relieved at your statement, "I think I’m good…” He answered with a slight laugh.
   You talked more, but over time, the music got so loud you could barely hear yourself think, let alone Saeyoung’s voice. It made your head pound.
   "You wanna go somewhere else?“ You practically yelled though he was sitting right next to you. You doubted he could even hear you.
   Your thoughts were confirmed by a barely audible "What?” from Saeyoung.
   You sighed and simply took his hand and began to lead him towards the door. As you exited the ballroom, Saeyoung paused. “Woah, at least buy me dinner first.” He said with a laugh.
   "Sorry, I just wanted to get out of there. All the noise was giving me a headache.“ You confessed.
   "I know just the cure.” He said decisively.
   "Oh? What is it?“ You questioned.
   "Well, it comes in two phases. Phase one is about to begin.” He said, taking your hand and leading you down the street.
   You walked in a bit of an awkward silence, but you didn’t really know what to talk about. It was always painfully difficult for you to start a conversation.
   Thankfully, Saeyoung took the initiative and began to speak, “So… (MC). You starting to feel any better now that we’re outside? Fresh air, nice breeze, nearly quiet?”
   "Yeah, surprisingly. It’s really nice tonight.“ You looked down at your hands that were intertwined. It didn’t bother you much, despite the fact that you had just met a few hours ago. It was actually kinda nice. You had never really had anyone who would go to this extent for you to feel better over a headache. Most people would just tell you to take a Tylenol and deal with it.
   "Good, because we’re here!” He exclaimed.
   You lifted your eyes to find a park that was empty and quiet, besides the creaks of the swings and the chirps of the crickets. You could see the blinking of the fireflies as well. It was beautiful. “Where are we?”
   "It’s the place I come to when I need to think. It’s pretty much always quiet like this at night, so I figured it would help.“ He said with a sincere smile.
   "Thank you.” Honestly, you didn’t know what else to say. You were just overwhelmed by the fact that Saeyoung, this person you had only just met, would go to such lengths to help you.
   He began to lead you around the perimeter of the park as you talked about whatever came to mind. From embarrassing moments to your biggest fears, to things that you found oddly satisfying, you talked about it all. In all the years that you’d lived, you had never had a person that you felt so comfortable talking about all this with. It felt almost insane how at peace you were.
   As you made your way around the park for about the fifth time, Saeyoung stopped you.
   "Hmm? What’s up?“ You asked, concerned at the abrupt stop.
   "Phase 2 begins!” He said cheerily, as he began to lead you elsewhere.
   "Now what?“ You questioned.
   "Surprise.” He said simply.
   "But that’s what you said last time!“
   "And wasn’t it a surprise?”
   "Well… Yes, but-“
   "My point has been made, then.” He replied with a smug grin.
  With your free hand, you gave him a playful shove and continued to follow him.
   Soon enough you ended up at a small ice cream parlour on a street corner. “So,” you began, “this is phase 2?”
   "Yep. I always find that. when I’m feeling down, sweets help. Plus, you seem like an ice cream kind of person.“
   "Nice observation, but… I’m lactose intolerant.”
   "Are you serious?“ He asked, and you stayed silent, "Oh my god, I’m so sorry!”
   You tried to keep your blank stare, but eventually, you caved and broke out into a grin and were consumed in a fit of giggles.
   He looked confused for a moment, and then joined in with you in your laughter, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were serious! You made me think I seriously screwed up or something.” He admitted between his laughter.
   You rested your hand on his shoulder to steady yourself. “I’m sorry, honestly.”
   He held the door open for you, “C'mon, their mint chocolate chip is the best!” He exclaimed.
   You followed him in and walked up to the counter. As you both ordered, you began to get your wallet out of your bag but he held your hand down. “C'mon you did all this for me, at least let me pay.” You protested.
   "Not a chance.“ He responded, putting your wallet back in your bag and handing the cashier his card. You both took your ice cream with a thank you and were on your way.
   As you stood outside the small shop, you noticed Saeyoung watching you and not eating his ice cream. You looked at him with a questioning expression, "What is it?”
   "Just try it.“ He replied.
   "Um… Okay.” You responded awkwardly as you licked your dessert. As soon as your tongue made contact with the cold food, your eyes widened, “Oh my god! This is amazing!” You said, covering your mouth.
   "He laughed lightly, with an uncontrollable smile on his face, “What did I tell you?” He asked, finally beginning to eat his.
   "The truth. That’s what you told me.“ You stated as you nearly devoured the ice cream cone. Soon enough, you felt cold on your nose. However, you just brushed it off and continued to enjoy your dessert as you held up the conversation.
   Only a second later, Saeyoung stopped in his tracks and held you back. You turned to face him, and he stood closer to you.
   "You have ice cream on your nose.” He stated, simply.
   "Oh gosh, really? Um.. Okay, hold on.“ You searched around for a napkin in your bag or something to wipe it on, but he took your face in his hands and gave you a soft kiss on the nose. You felt your cheeks heat up and became speechless for the first time that night.
   "Got it.” He said with a small grin. He took your loss of words as an opportunity to wrap his arm around your shoulder and keep walking. “The party should be over, you wanna go back?”
   "Sure.“ You agreed, resting your hand on his that was resting on your shoulder.
   Several minutes later you arrived back at the venue and your friend frantically ran up to you, ”(MC)! Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you! You should’ve told me you were leaving!“ She was furious, but in her defence, you didn’t really give her much of a heads up either.
   "Sorry! Sorry! I should’ve told you, but I had a massive headache and I needed to get out for a little. I also couldn’t find you.” That was a lie. You didn’t even look.
   "Yeah, yeah. Let’s go. At least you were with someone and not by yourself.“ She mumbled, looking Saeyoung up and down, "Speaking of which, who is this?”
  “His name is Saeyoung. He was the one who I was talking to all night.”
   She got a smug look on her face, “Oh, I see… Well, in that case, I’ll wait for you in the car.” She said, with a bit of a sing-song in her voice. Maybe she was just trying to embarrass you, but you didn’t mind. In that case, you would play her game.
   Before she could even walk away, you wrapped your arms around Saeyoung’s neck and gave him a firm kiss on the lips. He seemed a bit surprised but kissed back quickly. You were grateful for the night you had had and grateful that you gave in to your friend’s endless pleas to join her. If you hadn’t you wouldn’t have met someone that would become forever special to you.

Ello ello.
Just wanted to let you guys know that I am having a massive headache and that’s why I am not really in the mood to RP right now. But also, I am in the mood to RP right now. Because logic.

Anyways, due to my head hurting like a bitch, I am slow as hell and very picky.
So I am sorry if I ‘ignore’ your asks/ replies for now.
I’ll definitely get to them later.

She’s So Gone (Rucas)

Okay so this was supposed to be a one-shot but i can’t do anything short so this will be a two or three part story. I hope you enjoy!

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon with the group of six friends in their usual spot at Topanga’s bakery. They needed to get their homework done for school tomorrow but it wasn’t going so well. Most of them had massive headaches and were feeling quite sick after the raging party they had attended last night.

“I don’t know how I am supposed to finish this stupid english paper?” Lucas asked groaning.

“I don’t know man but I gotta finish mine too,” Zay said slapping Lucas’ shouldeer.

“I have to finish this spanish homework. Do you know how hard it is to think in a foreign language with a hangover?” Riley said exasperatedly.

“Good thing I don’t care about grades too much or this would be very stressful,” Maya joked. “Except I can also handle my alcohol better than you lot.”

After a while of complaining and trying to get through their homework they either finished or gave up. They hung out for a while but soon decided it would be best if they went home and rested. First gone were Smackle and Farkle, then Zay and Lucas, and finally, Maya and Riley walked back to Riley’s house. When they got their they both got a giant glass of water and some aspirin and sat in the bay window in silence for a little before Riley spoke up.

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Zootopia: The Bird & Reptile Dilemma

(Link )

The lack of birds and lizards from Zootopia’s animal menagerie was duly noted. While the topic of fish and insects, relegated to non-sapience and predator food, has been resolved. The complete absence of the rest of the animal kingdom has not been so easy to clear up.  Many fans became giddy when the creators stated they were open to the idea of having movies based around cities of said species. Now the phrasing is very important (movies of other cities) and this notion has several factors that need to be taken into severe consideration before Zootopia nonchalantly triples in size.

Remember Zootopia’s message. Anyone can do anything and everyone is invited. While some people make the immediate connection that including more would only aid in this endeavor, I would instead like the viewer to imagine the implications. First and foremost, is Zootopia so creatively sterile that we’re already recycling the first movie’s theme? Are the inhabitants of this world so obtuse that they have reasoned that killing, separating, and judging people by their species is wrong and we should all live in harmony, yet we should also live in hermit kingdoms completely separate from all who are too different?

So the way I see it we have four options:
1. Birds & Lizards have always been here, just unseen.Stupid beyond description. No. Negative. Notta.

2. Zootopia integrates birds & Lizards into itself. Forgoing the massive headache of not even seeing them outside the city, what type of plot would have this be an issue? Are they setting up a bird only ghetto that is simultaneously kicking animals out of the district they already settled? Why is this happening only now?

3. Completely different bird & lizard only cities in the world of Zootopia. So we get a new cast of characters and a new plot. We still get all the problems above though, you have city of unified birds but only birds, Separate But Equal I guess.

4. Have movies where Bird & Lizard cities exist in an entirely different narrative universes. Probably the best of amongst this set. Though even as spiritual successors they can carry the burden of justifying their own existence.  So if you create these worlds, everyone is immediately going to compare it Zootopia; particularly the less fanatical in asking if the story couldn’t just have taken place in its originator. One aspect that makes Zootopia different from most other anthropomorphic animal stories is that being animals, not just essentially humans with animal motifs, is incredibly relevant. So we get the question as to what in the narrative theme would be so important that they need to be birds/lizards.For if we take the focus off them being lizards or birds, then why have birds or lizards? Are we taking a step backwards by having talking animals become merely literary cheesecake?

Speaking on anthropomorphization, lizards & birds raise other problems that aren’t caused by an all mammal population. Another medal Zootopia can pin on is its rather hardline stance on how far it extends its humanization courtesy. Animals stay the size of their wild counter parts. Everyone has the same number of digits as their ancestors had. Indeed without this qualifier, Judy’s perseverance plot ceases to exist.  Forgoing the necessity that the “lizard brains” have developed sapience, Birds face a striking challenge of possessing only feet. All wings suddenly becoming hands would instantly break the world’s own rules. Yet without such, the birds stand at a striking disadvantage with the rest of society. Lizard’s face the challenge of being cold blooded, which makes primarily lizard habitats a necessity but also restricts where and what they can do in comparison to warm bloods.

Approach from a different Angle


Undoubtedly some (if not most) of my readers are still willing to excuse the faults I have presented and see them as obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of utopian Zootopian society. Despite my prior words, I’m not completely against having them in the world.  So allow me offer another line of thought. What if the differences were irreconcilable but Zootopia had to deal with them all the same?

So far we’ve explored the practical challenges but taking it a step further: imagine a complete outsider scenario, wherein you cannot communicate with another being on the one basis that its thought pattern is too alien. What if lizards were as smart as mammals, but never developed empathy and had built a society completely based around self interest?  Considering the only uncontested lizard emotions are fear & aggression, what would the actual outcome be of encounter with such creatures? No pity, no compassion, no remorse. If they decide mammals are a threat, then it’s a campaign of whole hearted xenocide. If they decide mammals are useful than its slavery and if they’re really hungry than you’re food. You can keep them at bay only in so long as they measure what they would lose in retaliation to be more than what they would gain. Let Zootopia’s newest lesson be how to deal with sociopaths.

What if lack of hands has dramatically slowed the development of bird civilization in comparison to the mammals? Should the mammals interfere? What if the birds covet what the mammals have? And of course, what if Nick & Judy are opposite sides of these arguments?

Those are stories I would consider worth telling. I’ll reinforce that had they been in Zootopia from the beginning this discussion wouldn’t be happening but now we must measure the integrity of this lovely setting against all we want to see in it. Just some food for thought.


Progress 4/20/2017 - 4/21/2017

I spent 4/20 refining something that would probably be even funnier under the influence: the rubber band.
To make it even more stupid, now all four players can be attached to each other at once. Of course one player can’t drag three other players around like they can with just one since there’s more weight involved. I didn’t even have to change the physics or anything for that to work, it just happened by itself!

Also I just started to test 3D and Mode 7 looking stuff, but I barely got far with it before I got a massive headache and had to stop.

I’ll try to show more footage of the rubber band tomorrow but as for the 3D stuff that should take longer.

anonymous asked:

sorry if this has been asked before but if you have a synpath what are you called? synpathetic? othersyn? if synpath is equivalent to kintype what would they be called like plantkin for ex? sorry I'm just trying to figure this out for myself mostly,,

well if you’re trying to figure it out for yourself, off-anon is probably what you should’ve gone with, but~~

the point of synpath is that it doesn’t label the person who has it. a synpath is something you have a strong connection to/resonance with, and anyone can have a synpath (or more than one) without the need to take on a specific title.

so having a list of synpaths is probably more functional than having titles specific to types of synpaths. synpaths can be literally anything, so it makes more sense to say “i have [x] as a synpath” or “my synpath is [x]” than giving yourself a synpath-related label

(especially since otherkin can also have synpaths and having to differentiate between synpath and kintype with multiple personal labels could be a massive headache for all concerned //laughs)

TL;DR if you have a synpath you are called [you] with [x] synpath or however you’d arrange that grammatically. :3

does that make sense? i hope i answered all your questions;;;

Does anyone else ever think it’s kind of amazing that the Organization names are English anagrams? 

Cause it’s like to do that first the Japanese creators (who remember their first language is not English) had to come up with a name. (let’s use Axel as an example since I’m pretty sure Lea is an anagram of Axel in real life not the other way around like it is in-game) and if the name was meant to be a Nobody name then it would have to have an X in it when spelled in English, a letter that does not exist in Japanese (some combination of a k and s sound is usually used in it’s place) and barely used in English. 

After that they have to figure out the proper English spelling for it ( アクセル becomes Akuseru becomes Axel)  and then figure out how to rearrange the letters into something that at least remotely sounds like someone’s name (Axel becomes lea) keeping in mind what it’s going to sound like when you get it back into Japanese (Axel becomes lea not lee or at least in the Japanese dub it does), and then finally put it back into Katakana( lea becomes リア). 

Like honestly anagrams are hard enough when you stay in your own language this must have cause several people at square to develop massive headaches. Honestly this is probably the reason why half of the org doesn’t have official somebody names yet. 

Also probably at least partly the reason Ansem’s name was anagramed for Xemnas instead of Xehanort’s (I mean you can get No Heart and Another out of there but like…what Haxenxort, Xonahxert, Naoxhternx you get the idea they’re all super weird)

So the next time you think about how weird Kh names are…^^^^^^^^^^^^

Headstrong - Liam Dunbar // Part 2

A/N: Thanks so much for the response to the first part! I never imagined getting so many notes and gaining a bunch of followers, so thanks, it means a lot! This part is a bit longer, and I’ve decided there will be 2 more parts. I already have loads of ideas for the next parts, so I hope you’re all just as excited as I am! Again, please let me know what you think, your replies are super helpful!

Pairing: Liam x reader

Word count: 1813

It feels like you’ve been waiting in the ER for hours. In reality it probably hasn’t been that long. You still wished they would hurry up. Apparently Melissa is assisting a surgery, and the other nurses seem to prioritize every other injury over your bump on the head. Stiles did tell them you passed out in the car, but now that you’ve regained consciousness, no one seems too worried.

Scott and Stiles left the room right after they brought you in. They were extremely vague about where they were going, but promised they would still be near in case your  injury got worse. You don’t know what they could possibly be doing, but knowing those two, they’re up to no good.

“Do you want something to drink?” Mason asks you as he stands up.

“Water’s fine.” You nod with a small smile.

“Coffee and a chocolate bar for you?” He asks as he turns to his best friend. Liam only replies with a nod of the head.

Mason leaves the room, and you watch as he disappears into the hallways. Great, now you’re left alone with Liam once again. He’s been quiet since you’ve been in here, which is good because his voice is annoying. His presence makes you uneasy, though. He was so rude to you, you still can’t wrap your mind around it. Could be because your mind can’t wrap around anything at the moment, or because you just can’t believe any guy could be such an asshole.

“Do you need anything else? I could refresh the ice, get you a new towel.” Liam offers.

“You should get a towel, yes.” You reply. “Use it to get yourself cleaned up, you look ridiculous.” You scoff.

“Thanks.” Liam huffs.

What did he expect? Now that you’re in the hospital already he’s suddenly willing to help?

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N]?” The receptionist that helped you earlier stands in the doorway. “Mrs. McCall is ready to see you. She’s in the last office of this hallway, on the left.” She tells you.

“Thanks.” You take the bag of ice from your head, lay it down on the chair beside you, and use both hands to push yourself out of the seat. You almost fall backwards, but two strong hands catch you right before you hit the ground.

“Easy there.” As Liam speaks, his breath fans against the side of your neck. He’s waaayyy too close for your liking.

Once you’re steady enough, you brush off his hands. “Don’t touch me.”

“Fine, whatever.” Liam mumbles, obviously annoyed again.

You slowly walk out of the waiting room and roam the walls with one hand to keep yourself steady. When you’re halfway there, you can feel someone’s presence behind you. “Are you seriously following me around?”

“You can’t even stand up on your own.” Liam defends.

“None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you.” You didn’t mean to say these words aloud, but you were constantly thinking them, and you just couldn’t help yourself. You sigh. “Just leave me alone, please.”

You continue your walk, this time with no one following behind, and you enter the room by yourself. Melissa looks stressed out, but her expression relaxes into a smile as soon as she sees you. “Hi [Y/N],” she pulls you into a careful hug.“It’s so good to see you again, although I wish the circumstances were better.”

“Me too.” You chuckle slightly.

Half an hour passes by. With Melissa checking out your medical condition and the two of you chit chatting about the time between now and when you last saw each other. Turns out you do have a concussion, but it looks like there’s no further brain damage. You should be fine after a day of rest.

“Remind Stiles to wake you every hour.” Melissa says.

“I will.” You nod.

“And please have dinner with us sometime soon.” She smiles. “It will be like old times.”

You used to visit the family every summer for two weeks. Of course, during that time, you would also spend a lot of time at Scott’s place. While Stiles and Scott were playing video games, you and Melissa would cook and talk. Those two weeks were always fun.

It has been a while since your last visit to Beacon Hills. Stiles, being a couple years older than you, would rather hang out with Scott. Which was fine, but you weren’t a little girl anymore who could play with her dolls for hours. You wanted to go out, have some fun, Stiles couldn’t offer that. Making friends was impossible because you knew it would only last for two weeks. So instead, you got yourself a summer job and used that as an excuse to not visit. But you missed spending time with everyone.

Now you’re planning to permanently move to Beacon Hills. Things were getting tough at home. You all figured it would be better for you to take some distance and live with your uncle and Stiles. At least for a while, probably until graduation.

“I’d love that.” You smiled. The two of you hugged goodbye.

“Good, I’ll see you soon.”

You walk out of the room only to find Liam waiting there for you. You sigh and roll your eyes at him.

“Guess I’m the only one to help you out of this place.” He shrugs.

“Where’s Stiles?” He promised it wouldn’t take too long, he should be back by now.

“No idea.” Liam replies so quickly and way too casual, he must be covering for whatever your cousin is doing.

“I don’t need your help.” You scoff. Walking goes easier now that a couple of hours have passed. But your head still throbs, and at random moments it feels like someone is trying to drive a nail into your head.

You stop and lean back against the wall. Closing your eyes and trying to focus on anything else but the pain.

“I think you do.” Liam speaks.

You open your eyes again, even though you don’t feel any better. “I don’t want your help.” You start walking again. Your vision is blurry but you push through because the least thing you want is to stay in this hospital for any longer, especially with Liam there.

“Do you know where Scott is?” You ask.


“All right, listen. If you want to help me, you tell me where they are.” You say, one again stopping in your tracks.

“I can’t.” Liam says. He looks conflicted, but you can’t feel sorry for him. “Scott will never trust me again.”

“He shouldn’t.” You snap as you take out your phone. Of course Stiles’ number goes straight to voicemail. Same with Scott. You don’t want to call the Sheriff, but you don’t have another choice, so you dial his number.

“Hello?” He answers the phone.

“I’m so sorry to bother you, but could you possibly pick me up at the hospital?”

“You’re not a bother [Y/N], what happened?” Your uncle asks.

“I have a concussion, it’s fine, Melissa checked me out.” You explain. “But Stiles and Scott left, and I don’t know how to get home.”

“I can be there in an hour, but I’ll see if I can reach Stiles before then.” The Sheriff says.

“Okay, thank you.” You end the phone call and stuff your phone back in the pocket of your jeans. Back to the waiting room it is, then. You sigh before you start to walk again. Liam follows right behind.

Once you’re seated again, you turn to face him. “You can go now.”

“You shouldn’t be alone with your concussion.” Liam points out.

“There are nurses around, there is no safer place to be than the hospital.”

“Yeah right.” Liam chuckles.

“What?” You ask him, annoyed.

“Nothing,” Liam smiles slightly. “Inside joke.” He says. “Anyways, we could use this time to get to know each other. You’re Stiles’ cousin, right?”

“Correct. I also have a massive headache thanks to you, so if you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk.”

“Your headache didn’t seem to bother you when you were chatting with Scott’s mom.” Liam shrugs a shoulder.

“You were eavesdropping?” You raise your brows.

Liam’s eyes go wide. “No..” His response comes out as a question instead of a defending statement.

“You’re unbelievable.” You shake your head at him.

“Not my fault you were talking so loud.” He mutters.

“Are you always this rude? Why are Scott and Stiles even friends with you?” You snap.

“Did your little bump on the head cause some memory loss? You spilled coffee all over me and refused to get me a new shirt, now that’s rude.”

“We’re not going there again, are we? Anyways, you bumped into me.”

“You’re worse than Stiles.” Liam scoffs.

“Then go! I told you to leave a million times before, if you hate me so much just go.” You exclaim. “God.” A sigh escapes your lips.

“I never said I hated you.” Liam mumbles. “You’re just frustrating.”

“Well, you are too.” You’re a bit calmer now that you allowed yourself to cry out to him.

“Maybe we should try to be a little more gentle around each other.” Liam suggests.

“Is this your new attempt at getting me to replace your shirt?” You raise your brow at him.

“You should also start trusting me.” He chuckles.

“Hmm, don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.” You manage a small smile.

“Scott could do it, you can too.” Liam smiles.

“Yeah, how did that even happen? Your friendship with Stiles and Scott, I mean.”

Liam’s smile turns into a frown. His dark brows furrowed over his eyes. “Scott’s been tutoring me.” He finally answers. “Yeah, I struggled with Biology.” He nods.

“Sounds like Scott.” You smile slightly. “He’s always trying to help everyone.” That’s what you like the most about him, he’s so kindhearted, just a genuinely good person. Melissa did a great job with him.

“He used to annoy me, actually.” Liam shrugs. “But we’re closer now.”

“And Stiles?” You asks.

Liam lets out a small groan. “Stiles struggled a lot with trusting me. I think maybe he still does. But I don’t blame him, it’s my own fault.”

“Why? What did you do?” You can’t help your curiosity anymore. You’ve been away for such a long time, it’s strange how different Scott and Stiles’ their lives are now. They’re not such loners anymore, they have a pretty big group of friends. So many things have changed.

“I can’t tell you.” Liam sighs.

“Fine.” You mutter.

“I want to, but it’s not up to me to tell.”

Now it’s your turn to frown. “You did it, right? Makes it your story to tell.”

“It’s not that simple, [Y/N],” Liam sighs. “Maybe you should talk to Scott.”

With every vague thing you’ve heard today, that’s the first thing to leave Liam’s mouth and actually make sense.

anonymous asked:

Do you know were I might watch you mention at the atlcon?

TURNS OUT i just searched for it, and there’s a really awesome quality recording of that panel!

if the time-specific thing doesn’t work, the question is at like, exactly 12 minutes in. it’s super sweet and i’m like [violently hides face in cardigan]

part of me is happy i stayed in the vendor room during this panel, because i would have been a disgusting puddle of mush on the floor

Anonymous said:

Hey. I was just wondering. Are you going to be at burcon this year or nashcon next year?



exciting news about burcon, actually! after the con, i’ll be in burbank until the 19th. so if you’re going to a station breaks show, i’d love to give some hugs there!!

as far as nashville goes, the iowan weather might leave me landlocked. in february we get hit pretty hard by winter!

Anonymous said:

Hey Scout! Do you think you’ll go to torcon next year?

i’d love to! biggest issue would be that, if i did torcon, it’d have to be as an attendee. what with money conversions and all sorts of headache vending in canada would be, the fact that creation is also tacking on a huge price increase would also be a pretty massive challenge. but we’ll see! if i get a steady paying job between now and then, it’s possible!

Anonymous said:

You’re the purest little angel to ever exist, just fyi. bUT I wanted to know what you think about cosplayers portraying your art, and on Rich/Rob being shipped together. Thaanks!

thank you ;o; sO 



cosplayers portraying my art. they are bringing to life (to LIFE!) something that was in my head. do you know how insane that is!? it’s the sweetest, coolest gesture. i really encourage it, too. it makes me incredibly happy.

as far as r2 being shipped together, it’s not personally my thing, but people are into what they’re into! they’re not made uncomfortable by it, and i know i’m not, so more power to the people (in KoC there’s gonna be a scene where they like, literally get married–they are shipping themselves)

i’ve also heard that g’n’g has poured some fuel on that ship as well, which i think is super interesting. it was never the intent, but where i laid out tools of carpentry, some have built a ship with said tools

My Top Ten Tips for Studying Well

I’m quite conventional when it comes to studying. Chances are, you’ve probably heard of some of these at one point of another. But I’m here to show you how they have worked for me, how some are helpful and others not so much.  Detailed post below!

1. Find your motivation. 

The first thing you need to do is find motivation.  Now I’ll admit, this is the hardest but definitely the most important.  It will define your work ethic and as work features so centrally in our lives, your character and purpose in life. 

List out your motivations for studying.  Think properly about them. Think about the things you value most in life and how they relate to your studies. Though this may be an important part of it, try to think about it beyond just what your parents, school and society expects of you. 

 And bear in mind, they may change as time passes too. That’s why you need to constantly ask yourself: Why am I studying?  And make sure you can answer it clearly and truthfully. 

2. Mind over matter

Your brain is like a muscle. It needs to be trained, pushed and honed to function at it’s fullest potential.   Just like those crazy fitness junkies who enjoy the burn / torture exercise. (Blogilates y u do dis?!) They tell you the pain is really all in your mind.  80% of the battle is mental. 20% is  the actual effort.  

Sitting down to actually do your work is arguably the most arduous first step. Half the time when we don’t want to start something is because we’re scared of failure. It will happen, so just embrace it and move on. An unfit person will always struggle at first. The decisive factor is whether they continue even when they don’t feel like it.  

A lot of this process is conditioning your mind.  You must believe that you can do it and will do it in order to actually do it. This can include positive affirmation, reminding yourself of your values and goals, imagining the process and the results.  I had a teacher who told us about a student who would approach his essays with an attitude that he had already finished.   This would take off the pressure and the stress he felt initially so he could actually do it. 

Therefore, most of my tips below relate to making the first step to sitting down to studying easier and mental conditioning, rather than actual study techniques.  

3. Create the space

This is obvious but: find a clean, quiet place to study free of distractions.  And then stick with it.  
This is part of mentally conditioning your brain to associate one specific place with studying.  Don’t play games there, don’t eat eat there, don’t hang out there. Only study there.  This is to combat procrastination and distractions.  Your brain will eventually cease to seek out things to do other than study once you condition it to think there is nothing to do but study. 

Make it an environment you want to be in. Mood is largely dictated by atmosphere.  If you wouldn’t want to be in a messy room generally to begin with, you are so not going to study in it. 

Here’s my checklist for a solid study environment:

  • Good lighting - Poor lighting strains your eyes and makes you sleepy. Natural sunlight, a well lit room or a solid white light lamp are the best.
  • Minimum noise - Some people can study with a lot of background noise, I can’t.  I try to places with minimum talking or music because it interferes with my concentration.   
  • Chairs and Table - Find a solid chair with a back.  Your back will get tired if study for long periods with nothing to lean on.  It is important to also find a chair that is proportionate to your table and body height.  Normally if you are sitting up, the edge of your table should line up near your belly button. (Can be hard to find, so don’t be super pedantic unless it’s an adjustable chair.)
  • Aesthetically pleasing - I make sure it’s neat and tidy.  For the decorative types, motivate yourself by sticking up inspiring pictures and quotes.   You’ll find yourself much more excited to study in this visually appealing space than usual.

4. Plan 

Plan backwards.  Start from your goals and work out how you will get there. This will extend from plans on a long term to mid-term basis all the way to daily disciplines.  You’ll find that once you’ve thought about what you need to do and how to get it done, the overall process of studying is less overwhelming.

It’s helpful to brain storm and list out how you will achieve your goals over a year long / semester long basis.  Once you’ve got the long term figured out get a diary, a planner, a piece of paper whatever.  Plan out your weekly schedule to include your activities, study sessions and rest.  This will help you to see if you are on track to achieving your long term plans.  To do lists are also helpful in planning what specific tasks you need to complete in a day.  Prioritising tasks helps you to not waste time because you always know what you’re supposed to be doing. 

An important thing to keep in mind while planning is that ironically, things do not always go to plan. Don’t be disheartened if they do (took me a long time to learn).   Make sure you set aside buffer time for distractions, interruptions, things that come up and the spontaneous moments that make up life. 

5. Be organised

What’s the difference with planning and being organised? You ask. Well, planning just means knowing what to do, being organised basically means knowing where your stuff is.  Like planning, organisation helps reduce the overwhelming feeling that you have no idea what is going on.  It gives you a sense of control over your studies.  

Firstly, figure out what medium is most helpful to you whether it be computer, paper and pen etc.  Create a comprehensive system where you know where all your content goes.  Make it a priority to review and reorganise those folders whether digital or paper every week. 

Physically organising your information is a way to review your work and also help your brain compartmentalize the information.  If you understand the contents’ order and purpose in the syllabus you’ll have greater recall. Furthermore, it saves you all that time trying to organise notes during the week of exams which you could use actually studying. 

6. Study in blocks

The key to studying well is not studying more, but studying effectively

I’ve had many people moan to me about how much they study but how little it pays off. That’s because they’re doing it wrong.  12 hours of study in one day does not equate to 12 hours of effective and productive study.  (Unless you are a machine.)

This is essentially another aspect of mental conditioning and body hacking. Your brain can only concentrate to its highest capacity for a certain period of time.  On average it’s an hour, depending on the individual and the task.  After around the one hour mark, your brain begins to wander and it cannot take in as much information.   The way around this is to study in timed blocks with timed breaks.  

My study blocks are based on the tasks:

  • 1.5 hours with 30 minute break- Out put orientated tasks e.g. essay writing
  • 45 minutes with 15 minute break - In put orientated e.g. readings 
  • 30 minutes with 5 minute break - Computer orientated e.g. typing notes 

Taking a timed break helps boost concentration by giving your brain a break so it doesn’t feel so tired.  Normally breaks should be taken away from your study space doing something different to what you were doing before.  It’s best to not to spend your break on Facebook or YouTube, as it interrupts your studying frame of mind.  The best things I find to do are: reading, eating, listening to music or talking to people. 

7. Create an incentive system

This really relates to the above study block system during breaks but extends to other forms of incentives too.   

After completing your required study for the day, treat yourself to something.  It can be you get to play a game, watch an episode of Friends, eat a whole chocolate cake as long as it proportionate to the work you’ve done.   This way, you’re mentally conditioning yourself to think that study is rewarding.

Other more long term incentives may be a day out, a holiday, a chance to do something you’ve really wanted. Try to think of a creative incentive that motivates you (aside from your academic goals.)  

8. Maintain healthy habits

People tend to underestimate this, but your health is the absolute cornerstone of your existence, let alone your academic performance. 

You need to get enough sleep.  At least 8-9 hours to be functioning at a healthy optimal level. 6-7 hours is just not cutting it.  There is countless research out there showing us that inadequate sleep effects you in every way.  Therefore, constantly pulling all nighters for assessments will not allow your body to perform optimally for  exams.  Your recall, concentration and  problem solving skills will not function as well as it would after a good nights sleep.  

Another key thing is also when you sleep.  If you sleep for ten hours from 3am-1pm, chances are you will still not feel very great. The sleep deficit myth is a trap.  You cannot make up for lost sleep by oversleeping on the weekend.   Our bodies function best when we follow the patterns of the sun.  Of course, in our day and age this is very hard so it’s best to be asleep by 11pm in order to allow your body to get the rest it needs from deep sleep between 1-2am.  

Other key things include eating well.  Overeating or a poor diet can have direct impacts on your concentration and energy levels.  Try eating a massive Maccas meal and see what happens? Food coma.  

Staying hydrated is also connected to concentration. A lot of the time that I have headaches is from dehydration.  Also constantly sipping water makes you want to go to the toilet which keeps you awake.  It’s better than coffee!  (Which makes you dehydrated.) 

9. Balance out your life

If your life is all about studying, you are very soon going to find it is a miserable and isolating slave driver.  Study is a means to help you understand and interact with the world, not the ends of itself. 

Remember what you value in life and stick with it.  Make as much time as you would for those activities and relationships as you would for study.  This will help you to keep perspective as to why you study. 

Do not make my mistake or one that I constantly see repeated in many others, to throw my social life, my hobbies and passions at the mercy of study.  I reprimand myself for how I neglected people and things that were equally, if not more important to me. 

A healthy work life balance is important to your mental and spiritual well being. Many scary stories are told to us law students about lawyers driven to anxiety, depression and even suicide through insane 70 hour work weeks.  I myself developed what I considered to be a mild form of anxiety that came and went through my last year of high school through to the first few years of university. 

If you are developing some form of mental or physical health issue due to the effects of study, stop.  It’s not worth it.  Make sure you talk to someone about it, whether it be a friend or even a doctor or counselor. You worth more than your performance. 

10. Be intentional with your rest

In light of the last point, you can imagine how important this is.  Rest needs to be ingrained into your schedule.  Without it, you will soon find yourself burnt out. 

I have also come to realise that rest is not just simply being a potatoe and watching netflix and scrolling through my feeds a million times over.  Often I find these activities tire me even more and do not motivate me further.  

You have to use you time of rest intentionally.  Think about what things invigorate you most: that inspire you, challenge you and build up your character.  For some it may be spending with family, doing something you love like music, art or volunteer work.  For me, it is spending time with God and realising that all of the above that I do is only made possible by Him and for Him.  I am reminded that here is why I study, what my goal is and where my identity really lies.  

Of course, you always do need some time to be a potatoe and just watch netflix. 

Hope my own tips and ideas were helpful and all the best! (: