but i also didn't feel like putting any effort into anything

Listen I know we all love bilingual Lance and boy oh boy guess who’s here with some bilingual headcanons!!

•Lance used to speak fluent spanish as a child, but when he started going to public school, he just … Lost that ability.
•Lance can understand some words and phrases in spanish but doesn’t really know how to form sentences. (he knows all the cursewords and tries to use them as much as he can bc that’s Cool™)
•He can understand enough words to get the gist of what people are saying.
•Lance started to feel kind of detatched from his family since he couldn’t speak spanish and basically everyone else (save for the younger kids) could.
•His family doesn’t put any effort into teaching him spanish bc they want him to be more American than Hispanic (a sad truth that I unfortunately experienced)
•Lance starts to take spanish classes seriously when he gets to high school. He slowly learns how to form proper sentences, and he’s at the top of his class bc he wants to connect with his family language-wise. He tries hard, and grasps the language without any help from his fluent-spanish-speaking parents.
•One time, he had to do a project in spanish class, but he didn’t know how to form the sentence he wanted. So, he goes to his parents for help.
•Big mistake.
•His parents are from different regions of south america, so they speak different forms of spanish. Whatever he’s learning at school is. Not. The same.
•He had to go back and forth from his dad to his mom for one goddamn question like holy crow.
•"No, no! Your father is wrong! I speak PROPER spanish!“
-That was an actual quote from my mother it’s legit.
•His father ends up being right. At least in terms of School Spanish.
•Lance’s teacher ended up taking points away anyway bc she knew he wasn’t capable of speaking in such eloquent, complex spanish.
•He once went over his vocab list with his fam since he forgot his spanish dictionary at school. Another mistake. Don’t ask your different-spanish-speaking parents for translations when they’re in the same room.
•They spent more time arguing about the translation than actually translating.
•Mom: “Aficion? I’ve never heard that word in my life! It doesn’t exist!”
•"It means ceiling fan, mom.“
•M: “Oh! Then you mean ‘hincha’!”
•Dad: “Hincha?! Are you trying to teach our son slang?!”
•"Wait, that’s slang?!“
•"Well, ya-”
•D: “Aficion es the tiki tiki.”
•M: “No. El tiki tiki es la hincha!”
•They slowly seep into full spanish and Lance is watching on in amusement.
•He ends up texting his aunt about the right answer, and she tells him that it’s aficion.
•Mom loses the argument.
•He has a presentation in class for an oral test. He knows he has a great accent and great understanding of spanish, but when he goes up to speak, he can’t say anything.
•Everything comes out slow and stuttered, but he still gets an A+ bc his pronunciation is on point.
•There’s a non-hispanic/latinx kid in his class. They get straight A’s and speak faster than Lance. Lance is jealous of them. It’s not fair that a person who isn’t surrounded by latin culture can speak it so well, while he can’t.
•They’re the top 2 in the class, but Lance is always second. He’s always second in everything.
•Eventually, Lance learns enough Spanish to understand full sentences. He gets a giddiness in his chest when he can understand EXACTLY what is being said in spanish. He loves it.
•Even when his parents are scolding him in spanish, he tries his best not to smile bc he UNDERSTANDS!! •He tries to get his parents/family to communicate with him in Spanish more bc he’s so proud that he can FINALLY understand them. He feels connected to them again, and loves the feeling of embracing his heritage at last.
•Then … His family asks hin why he never talks back in spanish.
•Lance is still shy and insecure about his spanish, bc sometimes he makes mistakes. And sometimes, fluent speakers are not the nicest when it comes to that. He’s afraid they’ll make fun of him bc he’s still learning.
•He goes to a restaurant that has people who only speak spanish in it. He then has to order from the menu.
•He asks for a soda. When the waitress leaves, his entire family is beaming at him. He asks why.
•They gush about his perfect pronunciation and format. They’re proud of him. They had no idea he knew it so well.
•Lance is almost brought to tears bc his family is just as proud of him as he is - especially on something so important to him.
•He talks and laughs with his family at dinner again after that.
•When he gets in space, he tries to keep himself knowledgeable in spanish. He doesn’t want to forget again.
•He listens to old spanish radio shows and songs all of the time. He listens to sports, no matter which kind, in spanish.
•He tries to teach the other paladins Spanish. He grins when they start cussing under their breath in spanish. Sometimes, the paladins will just slip into it and they’ll forget that they’re speaking another language bc it’s so second-nature to them.
•But Lance notices, and it feels a little more like home.

Black Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 |

Summary: Starfire and Robin are officially an item, but what does that mean when the resident empath is stuck living between their respective bedrooms? Finding a new bunk buddy in Beast Boy was certainly not her first choice, and when she engages in a strange, night time activity, how long before the changeling notices what she’s up to?

His first instinct was to stop her.

There were so many questions running through his hazy mind, it was staggering.

Nonetheless, it was pure impulse that he acted on, knowing that he had to get to her before she vanished. He needed answers, and they needed to work through this, neither of which would happen if Raven fled the scene, like he knew should would.

“Raven, wait-” His voice was choked up and distant, even as he tried to reach out to her.

The expression on her face betrayed the horror she was no doubt experiencing, the numbing fear. She’d been caught, and so had he.

Beast Boy was shaken, but no where near as jittery and paranoid as the cowering empath. The earth beneath them seemed to come to life, the objects in his room skittering across his floor. The frame of his bed moved, his oak dresser creaked against the tiles in response to an otherworldly force, his toys and figurines clattering to the floor. A few candle jars smashed to the ground in pieces, the glass shards splaying out like dangerous, glittering gems. The candle wax would no doubt stain the wooden panels.

None of it mattered.

He couldn’t bring himself to care, not when the girl responsible for so much chaos was so violently distraught. The blood seemed to have drained from Raven’s already pale face, all the while she clutched at the sides of her skull, her fingers digging into the roots of her violet hair.

Even now, he could hear the others rushing to his room, the heavy, echoing footfalls of both Cyborg and Robin as they raced down the hall.

The lights in his room flickered on and off, until she burnt them out entirely, the bulbs bursting into an ear-splitting smattering of glass.

He tried to get to her, but some invisible force was stopping him, pushing him back.

The Titans banged on his door, their voices muffled by the whirlwind of catastrophe now contained in his bedroom.

She was spinning out of control, and the more damage she did, the worse it became. Bit by bit, she was overwhelmed with a surge of emotion and, thus, her powers raged on in an endless storm of electricity and malevolence.


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The Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 2

Originally posted by rosaesse

Pairing: Draco Malfoy X reader

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 2396

Summary: Draco saves you from killing yourself but when his plan to bring his people into the school threatens your life - he’ll do whatever he can to keep you safe.

A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to @milkywaygalaxygirl for being my first ever submitted comment! I hope you like it :) (PT. 3 coming soon!) 

Also feel free to submit any idea you have for future parts, these will be answered privately, to not spoil any possible events.

( @faithful-music @mrs–banner )

Warnings: Talk of suicide, physical encounters, Technically torture.

Part 1  :  Part 3

Draco sat outside the infirmary wing waiting for Madam Pomfrey to give him some sort of report. His hair had grown greasy from not leaving that seat to shower for days, and every time he ran his hand through his hair, the more of that grease got on his hand. His hand shot up from his hands when the door to the infirmary opened.

Dumbledore and all the house heads emerged… he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed them even going in. They all seemed sullen and the house heads walked away as Dumbledore sat down on the wooden bench with Draco.

“You were the one who discovered her… yes?” Dumbledore questioned lightly. The pair had not had good relations, and they both knew it. Draco only nodded, staring down at his shoes. “Would you please tell me the details of what happened that night?” Draco nodded, sitting up taller and wiping his hands on his trousers before speaking.

“She had offered me some tutoring in astronomy and when she didn’t meet me after dinner I got worried, but I didn’t think much of it. I started asking people around if they’d seen her and no one had… Curfew was coming so I went back to my dorms, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about where she was and if she was okay. I noticed her when she was sinking… I think she may have put stones in her pockets or something. She was already out at that point… she almost seemed… happy. At first, I thought she was some…. creature, I couldn’t see her hair and her eyes were transparent but when I realized it was her I just… ran. I don’t know how I found her in the lake… but somehow I did. I grabbed her and just… ran with her in my arms. What was I supposed to do ya know? I couldn’t just let her die.” Draco spoke as though he was talking to someone he trusted, though he most certainly did not trust Dumbledore.

“Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing? You seem to know her…” The old man spoke.

“Yeah… her parents died and everyone picks on her. She’s been getting a hard time from my friends lately and I didn't do anything… I let them torture her. Shit fucking Christ!” Draco’s head fell into his hands as he realized that he should have done something more to stop them. Dumbledore made no effort to criticize him for his choice words, he was in pain and telling him to watch his language was not going to help.

“Perhaps you should head to the bathroom… clean up a bit, you don’t want her to see you like this when she wakes up now do you? That’s no way to impress the girl you love.” Draco was baffled as Dumbledores words, but the old man only chuckled and stood, walking away whistling to himself. I hit him then harder than it had before… Y/N tried to kill herself because he had done nothing to stop his friends.

Draco went to the bathroom as Dumble door suggested, and he surely did look a mess. He pulled his vest over his head and looked angrily at himself in the mirror.

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

How could he have let this happen to you? Almost every evening for four months you two had been together. Every evening your connection grew stronger… yet he did nothing to stop his friends. Bloody hell he even laughed along with them. He knew he should have stopped them. She was kinder to him than them all combined, though she’d never admit to it.

“Bloody hell Draco what are you going to do about this?” His voice resonated through the empty bathroom like a soft breeze over calm waters, smooth and with nothing to stop it. Looking at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess and his eyes were sunken deep into his skull, hovering above dark circles that looked as though they could have been drawn on with a quill. He splashed his face with cold water before fashioning his hair the best he could to look acceptable before turning and walking away from the mirror, leaving his reflection behind him.


When you woke up, all you felt was a twinge of disappointment. How could you have failed… again? You were sure of it this time… perhaps this was heaven? No, the pain you felt in your body was too real for this to be some godly alternate dimension. Madam Pomphrey scurried over to you when she noticed you had woken. She looked at you pitifully, obviously trying to show her sympathy without having to bring up your failed attempt to end your own life.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Please dear, drink some water. I’ll go fetch the headmaster.” She spoke as she handed you a glass of water and then walked hurriedly out the door. You thought you’d be left in peace then, but the silence was short lived as the heavy doors to the infirmary flew open. There he stood, his platinum blonde hair in his face and he appeared breathless as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he stumbled into the room. Anger and confusion bubbled up inside you, your hair turning white. Though you never thought you’d see it turn colors again.

Draco approached you carefully, as though not to spook you and cause you to flee from him. You watched him as he inched closer to you. You mostly just wanted to be left alone. You especially didn’t want him around. Why was he here anyway? Is he here just to rub salt in the wound?

He didn’t sit when he came close to you, he just stood there in silence, the way you would when you were in the room of requirements. You rolled to face away from him. No words were exchanged that day… or in the two days following that one. It wasn’t until the fourth day that he had the courage to speak to you.

“It’s happening tonight… the whole… vanishing cabinet thing. I thought, maybe you’d want to know.” He went silent, not expecting you to respond, and you didn’t for a few minutes. But when you did your voice came out hoarse and tired.

“Am I going to die?”

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

He lifted his head to look at you after you spoke. The color of your eyes had reverted back to blue, along with your hair, but there was almost a fear in your voice as you spoke.

“No, I think… only one person is going to die tonight.” The voice he spoke in did not seem like his own. It was thick and sour to hear.

“By the end of your wand, no?” The words slipped past your lips like sands through the hour glass, there was really nothing you could do to stop them. He began to speak;

“If I don’t-”

“-they will kill you.” In an effort to finish his sentence you interrupted him. His eyes fell then, he looked more upset than he did before.

“No, Y/N… they will kill you.” He sighed and looked away, “I don’t want you to die.” He sighed as you rolled away from him. He knew what you wanted to say, you did too. You were dying to say ‘well I do.' “I know it may not seem like it, but you know Y/N…. I really do care for you. Despite everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve let my friends do… I care more about you than all of them combined.” He paused for a moment. “Look, Y/N.” He reached for your hand and grasped it lightly.

Originally posted by xxvampirediaries

You were simply limp in his grasp, you had nothing left in you to do more than roll over and choke out a few words every now and then. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to hold onto him for dear life or to rip your hand away and tell him to leave you alone. After all, how could you possibly trust what he’s saying? You’d seen him lie to others, and he could be very convincing.

“You don’t have to believe me Y/N… I know how you are. After all, I’ve spent every day for months with you, I know you don’t in believe what you can’t see with your own eyes.” His voice was softer now, though there was aching pain behind it. You closed your eyes and just listened to his voice as he spoke of the little memories together. Eventually, his words became a mush of sound, and you unintentionally drifted to sleep as he spoke. You only startled awake when his hand withdrew from yours. “Just… don’t say anything okay? I… don’t know how tonight’s going to go and… I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to talk about it in the morning.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain you hadn’t heard what he said, he stood and left as quickly as he could.


You were still in the infirmary when everything went down. You almost wished Malfoy hadn’t pulled it off, just so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. But then again, he’d be killing someone no matter what he did, the only difference is that one of you saw it coming, and the other didn’t care.

You weren’t scared when the doors to the infirmary burst open and Bellatrix Lestrange came storming in, followed by other death eaters. Including Malfoy. Your hair was still a deep dark blue as you watched them, you had nothing to fear for, so there was no reason to fear them. You were silent and your expression bored as the gang of people approached.

“And what have we got here.” She waved her wand at you as a gesture of who she was talking about. “What’s your name?” She looked at you intensely, you didn’t answer, only let your head roll to the side. “I said!” Bellatrix screamed, “What is your name?” You rolled your head back to look at her, your eyes tired and your emotion unchanging.

“What’s it matter? If you’re going to kill me just do it.” Draco looked between the two of you anxiously, worried that Bellatrix might hurt you. She tapped her wand on her chin and spun in a circle as she spoke;

“What to do, what to do.” She backed away from you pressing her tongue to her cheek, then she shot you a devious smile.

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“What do you think Draco? What shall I do to this… figure of… tainted blood.” She asked him as the rest of the group got busy trashing the building. The pale boy looked taken aback.

“Uh- I- Well,” He looked at you with a sorry expression, “She doesn’t fear death… so maybe… leave her to live would be torture enough?” His hands shook lightly, you watched as he gripped his wand tighter. She laughed out loud. 

“No.” She lifted her wand at you, “Avada-”

“-Expeliarmous” Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Bellatrix had made the decision to kill you, but Draco Malfoy had made the decision to save you. You don’t know which one made you happier.

Draco!” Bellatrix screamed, stomping her foot like a child. “What is wrong with you.” He shook his head and stepped between the two of you.

“I’m sorry Bella but I can’t let you do that.” He spoke softly. She looked between the two of you, before breaking out laughing.

“Oh!- Oh! Merlin!-” She choked out between fits of laughter and catching her breath. “The Draco Malfoy care’s for some half-blood filth?” She laughed louder before quieting down and thinking for another moment. “Oh wait… She’s not the one you’re-” Draco coughed loudly and stepped toward Bellatrix.

“Just leave her be.” His tone was deep and threatening, though she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh… wait a moment. I have a good idea! Quite a good idea indeed!” She skipped over to get her wand, and when she finally fetched it, she pointed it at Draco. She watched you as your hair turned black. “Oh! OH! OHHH! We have ourselves a Meta over here now?” Upon hearing those words Draco snapped his head to see you sitting straight up in bed wth pitch black hair and eyes. This was the first time he’d ever seen you scared.

“Don’t hurt him.” You were practically pleading since there was really nothing you could do about it, your wand had been lost in the lake. Bellatrix’s smile grew.

“Oh yes, now we can definitely have some fun.” Bellatrix cackled, “Sectumsempra!” Draco cried out in pain and fell to the ground. His white shirt began to stain with red blood. In a panic, you flew out of bed to his side, your hair turned blue again as you felt the distress of Draco in pain set over you. His pale skin seemed paler as he struggled to breathe and stared at the ceiling, blood draining from his body, getting all over you as you held his body close to yours. Bellatrix only laughed as she screamed and begged for her to stop. You didn’t have time to think before Bellatrix was casting another spell at you, knocking you out beside Draco on the floor.

BTS REACTS TO: s/o’s ex flirting with them

Anon Asked: BTS reacting to you being flirted by your ex infront of them and your ex is literally ignoring their presence

Personally, I think if something like this were to happen, you should be the one to react, not them. If I were them and something like this were to happen, but my gf/bf doesn’t do anything, expecting me to, I’d be high key annoyed with you, on god. But for the sake of romanticism… *sigh* - Admin Dayna


It wasn’t something he was fond of. The hassle of confronting your ex and possibly getting in a fight just wasn’t an appealing scenario for Jin whatsoever. But as your ex kept up with their antics, ignoring him and flirting with you, he could feel his patience and temper wearing thin. Truth be told, your patience was running just as fast, but much like your boyfriend, you kept a passive aggressive approach with it. Neither of you verbally or physically confronted your ex about his constant flirting and disrespect towards Jin. You both just stood there, half-assed listening to him, mainly ignoring him, mostly exchanging shady looks between each other whenever your ex spoke to you. It took a while for them to get the picture, but your ex left on his own accord. Even the blind could see how much you guys weren’t for the shits and shenanigans.

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Alright, I’m officially sick of staring at this and goodluck and godspeed to whatever poor soul reads this.

Here’s the full Octobill oneshot. SERIOUSLY NSFW this time

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“Let me see.”

“No.” Prompto’s voice was firm. He almost always wavered in the face of Gladio’s determination, but this time he was surprisingly steely. He didn’t budge. His fingers curled around his wrist as though he could hide the leather band from Gladio’s sight.

The wristband wasn’t that big. Two inches wide, max. Gladio couldn’t imagine anything worth hiding under there. Prompto’s left wrist was pale and bare. What was so different about the other?

It had started casual and quiet, Gladio’s fingers trailing up Prompto’s bare sides. They were both sweat-slicked and drowsy, edging on sleep. And then Gladio brushed his fingers past that wristband Prompto never removed. Prompto had jerked away, violent and startled. Immediately on edge, Gladio sat up, all thoughts of falling asleep pressed against Prompto’s back in the next few minutes gone.

And now here they were. Both naked, and Prompto barely clinging to the edge of the bed like he could somehow escape the confines of their hotel room merely by willing it. It would have been funny if Gladio didn’t feel so much like he was suddenly facing a cornered animal rather than what he thought had been his—had been Prompto.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, can you please do number #2 for Drarry? I was thinking what if in HBP Draco didn't go to jinx/attack in the bathroom Harry but instead turned around and said 'Why do you keep doing this to me?'. Then maybe he just starts telling Harry how much he loves him (and he can't help himself anymore, he starts crying about it), but also how much Harry aggravates him and basically how he has felt since year 1. Sorry that this request is long!

Omg yes I love this

Harry looked down at the Marauder’s Map and saw Draco’s dot heading into a bathroom. He quickly stopped what he was doing to follow him.

Harry opened the bathroom door just a crack and looked in. Draco was standing in front of a mirror, hands grasping the sink, tie loose around his neck, looking nothing like himself.

Harry walked into the bathroom, and Draco saw his reflection in the mirror. He whipped around, wand in his hand, and Harry did nothing to try to defend himself. He stupidly left his wand up in his dorm. Harry just stood, waiting for the curse to hit him, but it never came. He watched as Draco slowly lowered his wand. 

Why do you keep doing this to me?” Draco asked quietly, his voice cracking at the end.

“Malfoy, what-”

“Why?!” He cut him off, shouting this time, as his tears started to fall. “First it was Chang, and now everyone is saying how you’re crazy about the Weaslette and…and it’s not fair! I love you way more than she ever will, so why should she be the one that gets to have you! And I loved you first! The moment I met you in that bloody robe shop, Merlin, I knew I was doomed. I was the first person from this stupid school that you ever met, and you wanted nothing to do with me! Do you have any idea how that made an 11 year old me, with a huge crush on you, feel? I was heartbroken when you wouldn’t shake my hand in first year! You would always parade around with your stupid friends without a care in the world about me or how I was doing or anything! And I had to sit and watch you, wondering what it would be like to just be friends with Harry bloody Potter, and wishing that he would feel the same way about me as I did about him. God, you bothered me so much! All these years, we’ve never had just a normal conversation. I’d have to start a fight with you just to get you to talk to me! You always thought I hated you, but that’s not true. I just wanted you to notice me. I at least wanted you to know that I was there, that I still existed despite your efforts to ignore me, if I couldn’t have what I actually wanted. Because that was all I really wanted: you. Just Harry. Not the bloody Chosen One or the Boy Who Lived. I just wanted you. And I still do. But you don’t want me. And honestly, I don’t even care anymore if the Dark Lord kills me, because at least it will put me out of my misery of…this.” Draco gestured between them to indicate what “this” meant.

He was sobbing by the end of his speech and Harry was at a loss for words.

Draco turned back around to face the sink as he tried to quiet his sobs.

“Draco…” Harry said as he carefully approached him.

“Go away, Potter. Just go back to the Weaslette and be happy and never think twice about me after he kills me.”

“He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I won’t let him, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

Draco shook his head, but refused to meet Harry’s eyes in the mirror.

“You won’t be able to stop him if he really wants to kill me,” he whispered, hardly audible.

Harry gently grabbed Draco’s arm and forced him around so he was facing him.

“In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve stopped him from killing me four times already, well three, actually, because it was really Dumbledore who did it at the Ministry, but that’s beside the point. I can assure you that he really wanted me dead all of those times, but I’m still here. And even if it was just because of some dumb luck, I’m counting on that luck. He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I promise.”

Draco just looked at Harry for a moment, eyes bloodshot and watery from crying.

“It doesn’t even matter. You’ll just save me and then go right back to the Weas-”

Harry cut Draco off by grabbing him around the waist and kissing him. A kiss full of 6 years worth of passion, anger, competition, and most importantly, love. Draco’s knees went weak at the kiss, and if it weren’t for Harry holding him around the waist, he would have fallen.

Harry pulled away and rested his forehead against Draco’s.

“God,” he whispered once he caught his breath. “Will you stop talking about Ginny?”


“Draco. I don’t love Ginny. I love you. How you’ve never noticed is beyond me. Hermione says I’m so obvious.” Harry chuckled.

Draco just gave him a small smile and let the last of his tears fall.

“Now,” Harry said, grabbing Draco’s hand. “How about we go talk to Dumbledore about this ridiculous task you’ve been assigned.”

Draco looked on edge about it. Harry brushed the hair out of his face and kissed him again, this time short but sweet.

“We’ll be able to keep you and your family safe, I promise.”

Draco reluctantly nodded his head and gripped Harry’s hand tighter before letting Harry lead him up to Dumbledore’s office.

We’re Home, You’re Drunk (M)

Originally posted by cutemins

» taehyung x jungkook (vkook)
» 5.1k
» Exhibitionist ficguy ends up yanking him onto the sofa andfucking him raw into it
» warning: smut 

Bitter sweetness was all that ran through Taehyung’s mind.

Why was he officially the biggest idiot to exist? He’d let Jungkook leave again without saying anything about this crush that was growing.

Yes – very unfortunately – Taehyung had the biggest crush on his younger and instead of being normal about it, he kept quiet and left Jungkook to be completely oblivious. Wait – no. Taehyung did make it kind of obvious he liked Jungkook because he’d stood outside the bathroom door one day when he was sure that Jungkook was doing more than showering and multiple times had Taehyung imagined what Jungkook’s hand would feel like stroking him.

Obvious indeed, but only to himself. Taehyung wasn’t even sure right now if he wanted Jungkook or wanted Jungkook.

The tall boy looked like he’d be great to cuddle up to at night but that wasn’t the thing that Taehyung creamed his pants over. Oh, it was something completely different that starred in Tae’s wettest and most dirty dreams.

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reapergrimskellington  asked:

is there any basic tips for people who would like to work with dragons?

Hello!  Thank you so much for coming to me to ask about this topic - I’m very flattered!  I’d love to give you a few tips for working with dragons, and I hope I do a good job with explaining.  Just a disclaimer, this is all my own UPG.

For starters, I believe anyone who wants to can work with dragons, as long as they find dragons who are willing to work with them.  Sometimes it might be more of a challenge, sometimes it can be easier, such as in my own personal case.  Overall, dragons tend to be somewhat more willing to work with humans for their own personal reasons.  Sometimes it’s because they think we’re fascinating as a race, sometimes because we tend to have many of their kind reincarnate into ours, sometimes it’s because we’re emotional and cuddly.  It depends on the individual dragon, I think.

Generally, if you find one dragon that aligns with your interests well, you will probably not need more than one in your life, as they are very powerful creatures.  They are like people - if you can only manage one major friendship at a time, you should really take your time with dragons (or really any spirit), as they are like people.  They can be thousands of years old.  They have a million stories to tell you, songs to sing to you, spells and magical techniques to convey to you, and they’re still curious and looking for more!  Some are more reserved and gentle and you have to coax them out.  Others are more in-your-face and will let you know very adamantly  when they want to talk.

So, if you’re going to work with dragons, you’re going to have to meet one!  A lot of the relationship dynamic can depend on how exactly you make that initial contact.  If you purchase a vessel with a dragon bound to it from a spirit companion shop, for example (such as my own), the dragon will have actively been looking for someone to bond with.  If you find a nearby “elemental” or otherwise local dragon spirit, who likes to spend a lot of time in a nearby forest or something, they will be a lot less willing, and maybe even wary about spending time with someone.  They wouldn’t be more “wild,” per se, but it would be the difference between putting a ‘friends wanted’ ad out vs. being approached randomly by someone who really really wants to be your friend.  DJ Conway, in his book Dancing With Dragons, also talks about summoning them and such, but I personally find this to be somewhat disrespectful.  If you have met dragons this way who are cool with it, that’s fine, but I would not do it.

The way I view dragons interacting in and with our world, is like, they’re astral projecting here.  The same way that we astral travel, they can as well.  They come from a primarily spiritual plane - they don’t have a lot of physical needs like we do, but they have their own ways of reproducing and interacting and gaining satisfaction.  They have loads of free time, also thanks to their length of life, to work on themselves spiritually, so they’re much more advanced than humans in that aspect.  So, they astral project into our world to learn from us or simply interact with the new and exciting plant and wildlife - the same reasons we often want to astral project.  So they’re often going to be curious, but ultimately their anchor in this world is not physical, and sometimes their physical life will take over precedence.

So, now that I’ve got all THAT out of the way, let me tell you some of the basic rules for working with dragons!

  1. Be respectful.  Honestly, this goes for any spirit, but like, especially for dragons. They all pretty much expect to be treated like the human equivalent of royalty, because they are so much more advanced than us, and also because they are creatures of extreme pride.  Dragon interaction between other dragons involves a fair amount of formalities that are very subtle, something a human couldn’t easily reproduce.  They understand this and are generally forgiving, but in lieu of dragon subtleties, it’s generally best to use human politeness.  "Please"s and “Thank you"s are generally appreciated, as well as a fair amount of humbleness and gratefulness for their company or whatever work they do for you. You’ll find that if you treat a dragon this way, they will also treat you with a great amount of respect as well.
  2. Give offerings.  Humans don’t have a lot to offer to dragons except for knowledge of their own world.  Magically and physically, they are more powerful than us.  If they choose to care for us and protect us, it is out of their fondness for us (sometimes I feel like I am actually my dragons’ pet, haha).  Expanding from that pet metaphor, anything we give them feels similar to a dog bringing you a pebble or stick, or a cat bringing a dead mouse.  They think it’s absolutely endearing.  Offerings are a sign of our appreciation for them, and any effort made is appreciated.  Keep in mind, if you are trying to contact a dragon in nature, offerings will be much more necessary to even establish a relationship.  

    Different dragons have different preferences: most love having a candle lit for them, anything shiny, anything in their favorite color.  Some like incense - many prefer Dragon’s Blood just because they like that it has the word “dragon” in it.  I have a deep sea dragon companion who likes anything from the land - he’s fascinated by human culture and history.  I’d start with general offerings, and make them more specific as you learn more about the specific dragon you’re working with.
  3. Treat them like a person.  A relationship with a spirit is so much like any relationship with any person.  Take your time to build a relationship, and don’t be offended if they don’t trust you or aren’t responsive right away.  If you have to stop talking to them for a while, tell them why.  If they are being rude or abusive or overstepping their bounds in any way, let them know.  If they persist, end the relationship.  They have their own lives, wants, friends, and needs, just like you do.  If they don’t respond immediately to you, be patient and don’t assume that they’re ignoring you or have left you - they’re probably managing their own problems in their own universe.  They are not there to bend to your will, as they have their own lives!

Anyway, I think that covers the basics for working with dragons!  I hope this is what you’re looking for!  If you need more comprehensive information for how exactly you would get in touch with a dragon, go ahead and let me know, as this was a pretty general question and I didn’t want to talk your ear off TOO much, haha.  Don’t be afraid to come to me with any questions! Thanks again!

psychedellicjellyfish  asked:

hi! I don't know if I sent an ask to you already but assuming I didn't I wanted to say two things: one, your art is amazing and gives me life ;u; I first found out about your art through your Voltron stuff and oh man am I glad I did. Anyway, second thing is, I was wondering if you had any advice as far as practicing/improving with anatomy? Cause currently that's my biggest roadblock and holy crap your anatomy is P E R F

OMGGG. Well first off, thank you so much?? this is so so nice and I’m so glad you like my art ;~;

As far as anatomy advice, it’s really just all about practice. When you’re struggling with something, I know drawing it can be frustrating and even a little soul sucking, but with drawing, like any other skill, repetition is crucial. Since I’ve been drawing more for voltron lately, my anatomy has improved A TON just within a few months. 

Ways to practice?

1. Watch speed draws/tutorials. They can be very helpful just to see how someone who has developed good anatomy skills start things off and the process they go through. Like, some people use the circles/square shapes and connect it all as their base sketch. Others just dive in and go for it. Some people scribble. Finding a technique that helps you get the base down is an important start! There are a lot and if anyone has any faves/recs, please feel free to reply with links to this! Ones where artists are talking over the video and explaining their process can be especially helpful!

2. Draw!! From!! Life!! If possible!! My figure drawing sessions in school were so so so so vital and important to getting a better handle on anatomy. Even if you can’t take a class or hire a nude model, just draw people sitting in coffee shops etc or friends you’re hanging out with if they’re comfortable.

3. USE REFERENCE. I use photo reference for about 70-80% of all my art because it instantly improves the anatomy for me. Not using reference just gives you a big headache, especially when you’re learning/struggling with something. Just use google, find model archives (like this one!), or even take photos of YOURSELF in the pose you’re going for (I do this A TON when I’m having a more difficult time with a pose/expression)! Even if the reference/you don’t have the same body type as the characters you’re drawing, just seeing how a real body would fit well in a pose is an important base that you can easily tweak. 

4. Download an app like DesignDoll so you can pose them yourself! Even tho it can be a little difficult to figure out/use and it’s always gonna look more stiff than an actual reference photo, it’s easy to see with the ‘dolls’ when something is off with a pose or it’s not working etcetc and can help you be more aware of the limitations of anatomy.

5. Trace. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS BAD BUT HOLD ON. Don’t trace anything for an actual finished drawing, that’s not helpful and is bad. But when you’re practicing something, it can actually help to draw over a photo just to kind of get a feel for how it feels/looks properly. Especially if you then use your traced sketch as reference for practicing it freehand and then comparing the two to see where you’re getting things off/struggling.

I hope any of this helps. Anatomy is frustrating af and I absolutely still struggle with it whenever I draw (I def don’t think my anatomy is anywhere near perfect yet). Just trust yourself if you feel like something’s off and play around with it until you think it’s fixed. Bodies are difficult to draw and everyone struggles with them, even if it seems like they don’t! It just takes putting in the extra effort and hours to work on it. 

Also make sure you find variety for poses! Complex and simpler ones! I tend to still struggle drawing bodies in standing poses, for example, because I’m used to them being more dynamic. So make sure when you practice, you find a variety of references and see which poses are hardest for you and then go from there!

Good luck and let me know if it helps at all or if you have any more questions!

Snip Snip. (Chocobros)

This one’s about the boys having little kids who really hate getting haircuts. Sorry that the s/o’s involvement is very minimal, it just sort of unfolded that way.

His little one is fidgety. Very fidgety. Looking clearly unhappy and trying to get out of the barber’s chair. Wanting to settle down his child; he thinks of what would make a good bribe, and starts negotiating. Promising anything that could make a child’s heart race. His little one seemed to consider it, but the second the scissors came, all was forgotten. Tears, screaming, panicking; and most of it wasn’t Noctis. Expecting this and not ready to give up, both Noctis and the barber try to distract the little one with toys, or a story. And while it works, it only lasts till the little one sees scissors again. Which unfortunately, ended really badly. Noctis is too embarrassed by that point and just heads back. He figures he’ll have someone come over to take care of this, asking the little one who he should call. A small hand reaches out to his phone, and takes it. He looks at his child and waits, coming close to crying himself when he hears “Daddy you do it!” with an innocent smile. 

He picks up the scissors, and taps into hope he didn’t know he had. “It just needs to be shorter.” He’d repeat to himself. Moving around, cutting some hair here, then some there. Using a brush to settle it down. When he was done, he wished he would have given the barber another shot. He inflicted the worst haircut he’d ever seen on his own child. Cleaning up as fast as he can, he sits the little one down. “Listen, you look so nice! How about, we tell everyone you cut it yourself okay?” There’s a nod and a handshake. And when his s/o comes home and sees the choppy, inconsistent hair, they look to Noctis, who could only say, “I guess I should’ve kept an eye on the scissors, haha.”
They weren’t impressed.

He just picks up and cradles his kid the second, he feels like there was going to be a fuss. Saying sweet, encouraging things. Trying to make the haircut sound like an adventure. And while he wants to keep his kids happy at all times, this is one time he hoped his kid would just stay still long enough to get this done. While he’s talking, he gestures for the barber to take a crack at doing this sneakily. It goes well enough, quite a bit managed to get trimmed. But then, the whining and wriggling about started, and he was forced to let down the hyper fuzzball. Who went on to run straight for the door, not wanting to stay another minute. Prompto apologised and gave a small tip for the trouble, making an effort not to focus on how exasperated he felt.

At home, he decides he might as well cut the hair. Looking up tutorials, reading whatever he can find. Just anything that would help him make sense of how to give children haircuts. He takes a deep breath, and trims a little. Then consults whatever guide he’s looking at. This goes on for a bit, and he feels pretty skeptical about how it’ll turn out. Paying attention to the length on each side, hoping it looks at least decent when dry. But to his surprise, it actually looks somewhat nice. When his s/o sees, they praise him a bunch, that is until they feel the back of their child’s head and notice a nice patch that’s a lot shorter than the rest. He can’t believe that slipped his mind.

Having a thousand things to do, is hard enough on it’s own. But when you need to look after a child, it’s that much harder. He’s normally very patient. And he’s also a very doting parent. However, all of that only goes so far when his child is throwing a fit and his phone has gone off multiple times. The barber kept trying to employ all sorts of strategies to pull of the haircut slowly but surely. Yet, there was too much to do and not enough time, so with complete and utter resignation, he decided it’s better not to keep at something that isn’t going to get any results. Spending a great deal of time alternating between calming down his child and returning phone calls, he finally got a few moments of peace.

Asking his child to take a seat and sit still, he raced to get the job done. Too irritated by that point to care about anything other than having this out of the way. He could sense a small crying fit was going to come on, and just put the scissors down and did a little deep breathing to calm himself down, while his child flailed about for a little while. His apathy was beyond words, so he just went back to it. Rushing through with nothing but sheer willpower and the adrenaline rush of exhaustion. He takes a look when he’s done, quite pleased with the result. His s/o later messages him, saying that they absolutely love the job he did, and think that he should be in charge of haircuts from now on. There was a lot of internal screaming.

He waits, and he waits, and he waits. He doesn’t see his little munchkin calming down any time soon. It had already eaten up so much time, he just zoned out. Wanting to figure out, what it was about haircuts that drove children into hysterics. He stuck on, only because he had faith his patience would be rewarded. Just when it started to get quieter, and he felt hopeful, the barber got his attention. Looking thoroughly agitated, but apologising. Because his child was too unruly to keep at it. Trying not to panic, he messaged his s/o. Asking what’s best. They were sick and tired of this haircut getting delayed, and in the spur of the moment told him to do it himself so long as it’s done.

He was tempted to go back to the barber and try again. But looking at how much more peaceful the little munchkin looked with him, he was willing to try it. His s/o meanwhile realised that a delayed haircut is probably better than the mess Gladio might leave behind. Rushing to their house, hoping to stop him. He however, wasn’t feeling very confident. He tried cutting a sheet of paper just to test whether he could cut in a straight line. Disappointed, he looked to the empty bowl nearby with a heavy heart. He had no choice. He placed it on the little munchkin’s head. Prepared himself and started cutting. When his s/o finally made it back. They were torn between helping their child feel good about the new hair or, chewing him out for giving their child a bowl cut, of all things.

anonymous asked:

How are our heads coming?

You can always message me personally about the progress of them. I’m more than happy to talk to you about it and there’s no need to feel like you are bothering me! ^^

We’re expecting that the “Master Head” for Tale Sans should be done very early June! Fell sans will be built from Tale sans afterwards when a mould is made and shouldn’t take as long than starting from scratch!
It’s just a few things have come up like family issues, frequent trips to the vet for my cat, Vince juggling with the progress as well as getting the rest of his cosplay together for the convention we are going to at the end of the month, plus an unexpected set back of our materials reacting badly with eachother which made the head go from 90% done down to basically 60%… It’s kind of been us jumping through hoops constantly and a bit of a struggle…. With the con closing in so soon he’s been putting a lot of effort into his armor for his Genji cosplay as of late (if anyone is interested in that, I can show some progress pictures of it! It looks amazing!!).
As far as I am aware, no one who has already paid/partially paid needed the heads very soon (one person requested September but they’ll be done MUCH earlier before then) so with quality and precision in mind for everyone I told him it was best if he focused on the armor he is doing at the moment and then putting his all into the rest afterwards when we get back. I want you guys to be completely satisfied with them and although he’s a fast worker I don’t want him rushed and exhausted that would potentially make him sick with more delays (sanding for hours at a time with all of that pink insulation foam everywhere hmmm….)
On my side I’ve been pretty busy finishing things that need to be done, slowly bringing together items I plan on hauling with me to Atlantale and for my future online store. Charms, prints, decals so far.. Doujinshi & Zine making too… It’s been an endless amount of research especially considering how absolutely horrific Canadian shipping standards are. Currently waiting on the test print of my swap sans and swap pap charms to come in and see how they turned out! Super excited!! I will also be going on a short 1 week or so internet hiatus tomorrow so that I can pump out most, if not all, of my commissions I have currently. Passwords are going to be switched and whatnot so I wont have access to Tumblr for that time.

All in all, before our materials hecked up, the head was completely sanded and BOY it looked fantastic!! I wish we took a small video beforehand. We’ll be sure to do that once it’s looking back up to par!!
I’ve talked to quite of few people already about what was going on, but in case there are any other concerns or questions you can definitely message me about it. You guys have been a HUGE help and it was a relief to see a lot of debt off our backs, especially with the health of my cat taking an abrupt turn for the worse.. Really, thank you! Sorry it’s been kind of a long post but there was a lot to say and since I wont be around for the next week or so I thought it’d best to give a detailed answer! (๑•̀ᴗ•́๑)

-Tale sans planned to be done for early June.
-Real life/other things hecked up our scheduled plan on having it done sooner
-One week (or so) long internet hiatus starting end of monday(May 8th) so that I can get work done. I will not be able to be contacted for this time.
-If someone for some reason ABSOLUTELY MUST NEED to contact me within this time you can send a message to @sinvoidsfw
-Thank you bless you have a wonderful day  (˶ ᵕᴗᵕ ˶)

A fic to celebrate one of the most important days of the year

Y’all know what day it is…our favorite blue paladin’s birthday!!!! so to celebrate this (should be) international holiday, here is the first chapter to a fic, starring Lance as a journalist, and Keith as a police officer, also featuring shay and the rest of team voltron (except pidge who will be introduced in a later chapter don’t worry guys I didn’t forget about her). tagging @hastalalaterkeith7152 for letting me bounce ideas off you and also practically forcing me to write this :) length for this chapter is about 3780 words. please guys tell me what you think of this. would you like to see more chapters?

Chapter 1: Late

Routine was a pivotal function of life. It provided structure, organization, and better time management, which were all qualities of successful people. That was why Lance McClain began nearly every day in the same fashion. Wake up, make coffee, drink coffee, read the newspaper, shower, brush teeth, get dressed, go to work. Simple. Very difficult to screw up. Yet somehow, this particular morning had so easily gone to mush.

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ralphrius  asked:

Hi! I was wondering something. Are there any YN fangames out there that you feel are absolutely wonderful but are kinda neglected?

Uhhh… if we consider these fan games “popular”…

  • Yume 2kki
  • .flow
  • The Looking Glass
  • Fleshchild
  • Yume Nisshi 
  • Lcd Dem
  • Me

…then, yeah, I’ve absolutely got a few!  

The Other Line

I already rambled about this game in a previous post, but here’s that post summed up: Psiwolf put an amazing amount of time and effort into this game and it shows.  It doesn’t just copy the Yume Nikki formula, it builds off of it and makes it a unique product of it’s own.  While Psiwolf has taken down the link to the current version on the basis that it had too many bugs for him to fix, you can find it here.  I wish I could give you ver. 0.07, that one was stable and pretty nifty too.  Either way, it’s very much worth checking out.


(screenshot from Wavyup’s play through post!)

From the author of Me comes another balls-out trippy fan game, Somnium. I like this one slightly better than me, if just for the concept alone: You don’t get to pick your dreams.  Instead, you have a randomly generated dream every time you sit down and day dream.  You collect memories instead of effects, and the deeper you go into a dream, the deeper the memories.  It adds an extra dream layer to an already dreamy genre.  Groovy!  Currently in version Gamma with 4 endings.

Ultra Violet

(Gif is from metal-tan’s tumblr [sorry i didn’t ask, you can ask me to take it off this post if you want!].  Check out the rest of her gifs of this game here!)

It’s a traditional Yume Nikki fan game (collect effects and such) with some heartbreakingly beautiful graphics. It has some neat evens, some scary events, and some pre ok puzzles.  It’s also very good at creating a mood when it wants to (you’ll see that when you get your weapon in the game).  Currently in v.04, no endings.


Made by jojogape/ayosu-itsuki. This game is notable for having some neat effects that do interesting things (not all, most are just ascetic, but yo he has more than just the speed & light up effect what a pimp), as well as a feat system.  ”Feats” are anything from little to big events, and there’s 32 to find in all.  What I’m really trying to say about this game is that the author did his best to make exploring rewarding and fun, and for the most part (there’s boring parts in every game), he accomplishes it. You don’t find that in most fangames, man.  Even Yume Nisshi, which is popular for some reason (not as much in the English fandom) is really kinda boring 90% of the time.  Too much wandering.  Currently at v.09 with 3 endings.

Elysium City

You play as Anne, a girl who invents a machine to another world just to escape her boring life at home.  She gets more than she bargained for.    This game’s graphics are gorgeous, and I’m really digging how the story is panning out so far.  It’s only in version 0.15, but wow it’s very worth checking out holy moly.

Answered Prayers

Game theme of the month here at Pinkuboa.  Another game that’s heartbreakingly beautiful, you play as Fluorette and wander around her version of the dream world, the spirit world.  Not much plot beyond that, but wow it’s gorgeous and worth looking at.  Currently at version 0.03, unfortunately on indefinite hiatus.

Broken Bottles

The only reason why I’m shaky about suggesting this game is because it’s going to end soon, but it’s still worth mentioning.  I love the Greek Mythology references & use of patterns in this game, as well as all the cool events.  Basically, it’s another well done pretty artwork type of game that makes exploring fun. :o   Currently in v.03, the next update is going to be it’s last. :c

I want to suggest to you You May too, but it’s a baby in development terms so I don’t give it under-appreciated cred yet, but it definitely should be a game you’re looking out for & playing the demo.  I haven’t played Divinity Fatum, My Favorite, Amihailu in Dreamland (at least the latest update), Kataribesou, or Gnosis, but I’ve heard good things about all of them, and are all on my “games to play” list.  Miserere is also a good game, but I can’t tell where it stands on the popularity chart so I’ll put it here.  I hope you enjoy all these games! :D

And before anyone ask, I’ve played some of Debris & Hallucigenia btw, but I’m not exactly impressed with those.  Sorry! ;w;

Just saw Before the Flood on Nat Geo and it was a great depiction of the reality of the climate situation today. But sometimes it can get really overwhelming seeing films and articles like this, and many feel they just don’t have the capacity to do anything. So here’s a list of some small changes you can make to help:

  • Become a vegeatarian. Agriculture contributes a lot to carbon and methane emissions between raising the cattle and providing cattle feed. If you can’t see cutting out meat entirely, try just cutting out red meat or cutting your meat consumption down slowly.
  • Use less energy in your home. Unplug appliances, chargers, lamps that aren’t in use. If possible, significantly cut back on what power is being used when away from your home for long periods of time. You may not directly control your energy source, but you can cut energy consumption.
  • Buy used clothes. In modern society, it’s extremely difficult to expect people to limit their closets to a few outfits. If you buy used clothing from a local thrift shop or secondhand store, you cut down on energy and resources used to produce an entirely new garment. Plus something old for one person can be something new and exciting for you.
  • Walk, use public transportation or carpool when possible. I know you can’t walk everywhere, especially when you don’t live in a walkable city with propoer infrastrucutre. But less private transportation means less cars on the roads, and thus less emissions.
  • Promote a sustainable lifestyle. Let all your friends know what your doing. Your parents, grandparents, teachers, community leaders, pen pals. If it becomes normalized, it doesn’t seem like that big of a change right?

THESE ARE NOT SOLUTIONS TO CLIMATE CHANGE. These are just the simple ways that each person individually can adpot sustainable practices in their lives. It’s also important to realize that due to other factors, some people may not have the capacity to do these things, and that’s okay. Do what you can. And if this becomes normal, if more people decide, hey, this is an issue worth fixing, than we can work together to create a real solution.

anonymous asked:

Is there a point when one can have unrealistic goals for a relationship? For Valentine's Day I asked my boyfriend for a thought out (but simple) date day where I didn't have to do any planning, and that didn't end up happening. Should I be mad at my boyfriend for being lazy or am I just trying to change who he is (someone who is lazy and doesn't plan)?

This is a good and complicated set of questions:

Question 1: What should you reasonably expect out of a romantic partner? Are you expecting too much or not enough?

Question 2: How much should a person change when they’re in a relationship? Does wanting anything different from a romantic partner mean that you’re trying to alter his/her personality?

I’ve wrestled with these issues forever. I have always fallen for intense dreamer dudes who have big ideas crammed into their little human-sized skulls. Their heads are so full of ideas that sometimes they forget the niceties of human interaction. I told myself for years that those niceties were part of the problem, that I had been trained incorrectly for wanting them. To think that someone calling me back or touching the small of my back as I go through a door was important was me falling prey to society’s bullshit.

What I was really wrestling with (and this is just me here, I am not talking about you) was picking men who reflected how I felt about myself back at me- men with more important things to deal with than me. My thoughts and feelings and needs weren’t important to me, and they weren’t important to the guys I dated. I made sure of it. All of my questions about what was reasonable in relationships were seen through the lens of “but I’m probably being high maintenance”. The thing is, I’m not high maintenance, and also fuck that term in its ass. I’m not a plant to be maintained, I’m a human being who seeks and gives love like a magician. 

Hilariously, those boys’ more important things they were tackling, like capitalism and greed and conformity, were usually a way to not deal with their own depression/anxiety/addiction/low self-esteem- we were both putting a bunch of vague hypothetical bullshit in front of our own feelings and hoping for the best.

But as the Internet wisely said, get you a man who can do both. There are men and women tackling big heady issues and also kissing you on the cheek because of how the light looked streaming through your hair just now.

What you should expect out of a romantic partner is a sense that you are safe, appreciated, and treasured. Period. That treasuring can take many forms, and here’s where we have to do a little work on ourselves: Part of dating in general is navigating how you like to feel treasured, balanced with how the person you’re dating treasures people. Before you even get into a relationship, you need to know what makes you feel loved. Once you’re in the relationship, you need to communicate what makes you feel loved, clearly and with no “you’re probably going to fuck this up”. You also need to look at the person you’re dating realistically and make sure that how you are seeing him/her is accurate and not a dreamy fairytale that will never be satisfied. It’s a lot of work to do, but it’s worth doing.

Back to your situation, where you asked for a date to be planned and it didn’t happen. I feel for you. That’s a fucking bummer. Maybe it didn’t happen because he doesn’t really care about you. Maybe it didn’t happen because he was trying to think of something amazing and he choked under the pile of options. Maybe it didn’t happen because he is lazy. What needs to happen as soon as possible is a conversation about that date. Here are some talking points:

-What happened to the date I asked for?

-Here is why the date was important to me, which you might not have realized.

-Here’s how I like to show you that I care about you. Do you feel cared about when I do these things?

-Here’s how I see you showing me that you care about me- does this seem right to you?

-Can we make some lists of ways we can show each other we care that we’d both appreciate?

For you, be careful that you’re not just checking for receipts of your boyfriend’s love for you, and that you’re also open to the way he shows love. Pay attention to his actions. For me personally, requesting something from someone I love is hard for me, so it’s very disappointing if it doesn’t happen. But I’ve dated plenty of men who never realized how important that stuff was to me, because I didn’t communicate it. I communicated the words, but not the magnitude of importance behind them.

There are reasonable shifts you can expect in relationships- a new partner says they’re not affectionate in public but is happy to hold hands if it is something you say you want- and there are fundamental incompatibilities between people that can flunk relationships- you feel affection is only expressed in lavish presents and your partner is poor. You don’t want to date someone who you want to change a billion things about to make them “right”. This is a person, not a Burger King order. However, learning to adjust to each others’ needs and wants is an important part of relationships. So how do we navigate between “adjustments” and “personality overhaul”?

What I look for, simply, is if effort is being put forth. If there is communication and effort about what each person wants and needs from the other, that’s enough to bring any unreasonable expectations back down to earth, and show me that this guy cares enough to show me his heart. If you see effort being put forth and you still aren’t satisfied, this isn’t the relationship for you.

Good luck to you. Both of you!  

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ok i get what you're saying. Remus was a really good person but he didn't have it that bad. i mean, he had a sad storyline, but he ended up getting married and having a son. in the general scope of everything, he really isn't that special in terms of surviving. he died, but towards the end, everythng was in place ya know???

Under the cut, you will find 2178 words of why Remus Lupin Really Did Have It “That Bad” 

alternative title: The Character Who Had Every Right To Grow Bitter At Everything Ends Up To Be A Brave, Kind, Understanding, Compassionate Hero Who Literally No One But Teddy and Harry Deserve

alternative alternative title: You Obviously Didn’t Read The Same Books I Did 

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I like a lot of the Jedi Council members, but seriously guys. You put this teenager in a war, one who's mental stability isn't the best and expect him to fight in hell, watch tons of clones he came to love die, not to mention jedi he grew up with, and expect him to come back fine? Even after you forced him to plan and attack again and again because you didn't bother to? Then you say "we don't trust you" Jedi council wtf? Sorry im rambling but just-I'm sorry but god Anakin was so young!

I feel you anon.

Anakin is incredibly young when he’s sent to war, and he’s already most likely dealing with complex PTSD from his history as a slave before the war even comes into it. And that’s never been addressed at all. At no point did anyone on the Jedi Council, or even anyone else in the Temple, think that perhaps this was a thing that should be addressed, or that a lifelong history of abuse and dehumanization might have an effect on his development as a person. At no point did anyone even consider that hey, maybe he’d find it easier to give up his attachment to his mother if he knew that she was free and safe.

And the war obviously doesn’t help.

The thing is, the Jedi as a whole don’t seem to have any concept of mental health at all. There are no psychological services. There doesn’t even seem to be anything like religious counseling. The closest we get is Anakin’s attempt to talk to Yoda in ROTS, in which Yoda demonstrates categorically that he has definitely never had any training in counseling.

But it’s not just Anakin. This is a systemic issue.

Clone Wars is, for me, the most horrifying thing to come out of the PT era, because it confirmed and made canon all of my most awful headcanons about the Jedi. To whit:

- The Jedi take children from their parents for training, with or without the parents’ consent.

- Child soldiers are normalized and completely unremarkable in the Jedi ranks. (Also apparently no one else in the Republic has an issue with child commanders of military operations.)

- The Jedi have no qualms about using mind tricks as mental torture to obtain information.

- The Jedi don’t just ignore slavery - they are actually willing to work with slavers if it will further their own / the Republic military’s goals. (It should be noted that I haven’t even seen the Zygerria arc: I’m talking here about the opening movie, and the Jedi / Republic’s willingness to work with Jabba the Hutt without so much as suggesting that hey, maybe he should stop enslaving people.)

- The Jedi are willing to potentially wipe out an entire race (remember that brain worms Geonosis arc?) as part of the war effort. No one is disturbed by this.

And I could go on. All of this is canon now.

But the fact that no one is ever disturbed by any of this just goes to show that it is systemic. We’re not talking about the members of the Jedi Council, as individuals, screwing up. We’re talking about a Jedi culture, a culture that has formed most if not all of those same Council members practically since infancy, a culture that normalizes child soldiers and has no concept of psychological trauma. The members of the Jedi Council are as much products of that Jedi culture as anyone else.

The reason they clash so much with Anakin is that he isn’t a product of that culture. He’s trying desperately to fit into it, but he also has his birth culture and his mother’s teachings and he consistently finds himself approaching things differently than a Temple-raised Jedi would and it’s that conflict between his cultures that most often sets him at odds with the Council.

And that’s also the main reason, when you get down to it, that the Council doesn’t trust him. He’s an outsider, and the Jedi of the PT are incredibly insular.

tsukkiwglasses replied to your post “That scene in the shack after they rescue Shiro, when Shiro asks Keith…”

Im trying to write a Keith based fic right now and this was so inspiring and I think I might take this into account now. Especially the fact that Shiro doesnt even consider how important all of this searching is to Keith

Shiro has no time for that haha

I think it’s significance tho really depends on why Keith was feeling lost, and why he got kicked out of the Garrison. Because if it was in any way because of Shiro, then you could easily tell how finding Shiro at the seeming end of his search means a whole lot to Keith. 

But we dunno what happened yet. (But ofcourse we all assume that it was because of Shiro cuz he’s Keith’s impulse control and every time he’s not around Keith does something stupid and gets in trouble haha)

And like, you feel there’s alot of feeling in what Keith says, but you can’t really explain why, and when you watch it the first time you won’t pick up on these things because you dunno yet what kind of influence Shiro has on Keith and how he changes him, you see it later in further episodes when we get to know Keith a bit more. 

And then when you watch it the second time, you might assume Keith is just trying to figure out what Shiro has to do with what the cave drawings were telling him, because you already know that he can sense the lions then.

But if you kinda step back a bit and think about it a bit more, and take into consideration what we’ve seen in season one and how important Shiro seems to be to Keith. It kinda maybe gets a different meaning.

Because we see Keith is opening up there a bit, we haven’t seen him really talk about himself or his feelings in this way other than in that scene. And Keith is a caring person and is very expressive of his emotions, but it’s never like this.. He just seems so open and sincere and his expression and voice are so soft and so different from how he usually is.

So to me at least it doesn’t seem like he’s just trying to explain Shiro what happened and how he knew to come for him, but that there’s a bit of a hidden layer to that, that Shiro just doesn’t pick up on. (or well, purposely ignores I dunno haha)

And there’s The Pause.

Keith talks about feeling lost and then he says “ It’s like something, some energy was telling me to search”. 

But he doesn’t continue explaining.

He just stop and looks at Shiro for a moment, like Shiro is somehow supposed to understand what Keith is talking about just from that. And only when Shiro is like “For what?” he continues.

It’s kinda funny to me. Specially Shiro’s face at that moment. 

And ok, we all know that Keith was sensing the blue lion. But at this point Keith doesn’t know it, and is probably just confused about why this wall led him to Shiro out of all things.

So I dunno, maybe MAYBE Keith is questioning what exactly that “something” he was feeling was or maybe he wants to know how he and Shiro might be connected, (for just a bit tho, because he learns it was the blue lion right after this and Shiro falling from the sky on the day he was so anticipating for was just a coincidence apparently..) 

and Shiro’s reaction to all this is so funny cause it just:

(yeah I was holding my head there too, Hunk)

I wonder if in those few moments before Hunk speaks and it all falls into place for him, Keith was a liiiittle bit upset haha.

Cuz why is Shiro thanking those guys??? They didn’t do shit! it was Keith who was preparing for this for months! Who got the explosives from somewhere! Who beat up the doctors! They just showed up and really didn’t do anything besides being in the way and putting Keith and Shiro in more danger than necessary. And now Shiro is thanking them without even really acknowledging Keith’s efforts and “feelings” there in any way whatsoever…

Like he doesn't even say thank you to Keith! And it was Keith who rescued him!!

(like ok, I don’t think Keith minds, he’s just happy to have him back.. besides It’s kinda something that is said without words between people who know eachother well.. But, no Shiro, its not YOU ALL! It’s Keith! Keith got you out! They had the intention but they didn't do shit! And I cant believe those assholes standing there like “Yeah we got you out, Shiro. Keith could have never carried your heavy ass out on his own and ride the bike with you, that’s why we needed Pidge to hold you! What non essential weight? ahahaha”)

And I get why Shiro might react like this, like his mind is still scrambled, he’s all "I’ve been abducted by aliens, my arm is missing, I can’t remember anyhting, aliens are on their way here, I really dun have time to try and figure out all this Keith bullshit right now and why he’s looking at me like this

since I got here.”

And another thing I find funny, is that we know Lance makes fun of Keith for all that “sensing the blue lion” thing at some point. And like why would he actually make fun of him for sensing it? Unless you kno, for awhile he just thought Keith was insane and that wall doesn’t mean anything.

So maybe Lance was making fun of him in the same way we kinda do. Like “ooohh a mysterious feeeling was telling me to search for you for a whole year Shiro, look at all these clues! what can this possibly mean??”  (just think how it all looked to them from the side at first)

(and now I’m just imagining Lance complaining the entire way to the cave like why do they need to be out here in the desert heat looking for caves because of Keith’s stupid wall of nonsense that means absolutely nothing besides “Shiro, I literally go crazy without you” and just being upset at Hunk for encouraging this madness. But then they find the blue lion and hes like “oh.”)

I also think it fits very well with the rest of the season and what we’ve seen with Keith and Shiro so far, cuz I think you can describe Keith’s feelings for Shiro in season one with something similar to “I’m lost without you” (not necessary in a shippy way. I dun really mean any of this in a shippy way actually, since it doesn’t have to be.)

Shiro is what directs Keith in the right path, and I think Keith is aware of this and is a bit scared of where he might end up (or already ended up) when Shiro is not around. (like that seems to be Keith’s issue, because he is a very independent person and doesn’t always listens to Shiro, so seems like he just needs him to calm him down and not really because he needs him to tell him what to do all the time because he thinks that Shiro knows better. Which I think is very interesting.. What is it about Shiro that calms Keith down like that? hmm)

And Shiro seems to be all “ You can do this Keith! You’re great on your own and you dun need me, because you’re great, buddy!” 

Maybe he doesn’t really get how much he means to Keith or doesn’t get why exactly Keith is so dependent on him. And because it’s something that’s kinda hard to miss, he’s either really really REALLY dense, or he knows, and just doesn’t think it’s something worth encouraging, so he ignores it.

I really wanna see what’s gonna happen with this in season 2.

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Just saw your sethkate meta response to an anon who didn't see what all the fuss was about lol And loved your analysis of the relationship. While I liked their interactions I didn't ship them until the ''Do you want some company?'' Scene, and then it just took off from there, I'm now sethkate trash! But from the start I found their dynamic to be ambiguous, and there was few scenes that stood in s1 that made me hmmm..undercurrents. So while subtle it was never strictly platonic to me.

If someone asked me if I shipped them in the first season, I would have said yes, but a better response would have been to say they intrigued me.

It intrigues me that the first moment they “met” was like the world stopping for a moment - Seth just staring at her through the windshield of the RV. Do I think it an accident that Kate was driving? Nope, no I don’t. She made a choice that literally put her directly in Seth’s path. I was intrigued by Seth’s face when she walks out of the bathroom. This is the moment he decides he’s going to protect her, even as he’s pulling her into something he has no business pulling her into. It’s this moment that makes him punch that dude in front of the TT to defend her honor and show the world they’ll have to get through him first. (Just watch DJ’s face again - he plays that moment beautifully.)

I am intrigued that Kate is the first one to back Seth’s play to leave Freddie behind, and at Seth’s reaction to it. I am intrigued that when danger is there in the labyrinth that Seth always seems to be standing beside her ready to throw up his arm to hopefully guard her from trouble. I am intrigued  by his instinctual reaction - just as quick as Kate’s dad’s and brother’s - to Tanner when he finds out he hit on her, and that Kate looked at Seth and not her dad or her brother.

But the moment that I love the most in S1 for them is the moment Kate does something instinctual herself for Seth that clearly no one has ever done for him before - when she steps in between Seth and Frost. Take a look at his face, at the way he gently reaches for her arm but she stands her ground - Kate is no paper tiger. But her strength relies on something entirely different than Seth’s, or anyone else’s - her belief in goodness and kindness and bravery.Her belief saves their lives in the labyrinth, and it causes Seth to see her in an entirely different way. Because of this, when they meet up again outside, Seth has come to realize that he and Kate have a lot more in common than he thought. Their brothers have fallen, her father has fallen, but they are both survivors.

And then we have season 2, which is really just a season long effort on Seth’s part to explain just how much he feels he doesn’t deserve her - he’s wrong, but that’s not his fault. Almost no one loves Seth Gecko, and even the one person he’s certain does love him - Richie - left him in the end of season 1. People leave him - that’s what they do. And that’s the reason he left Kate. He left her because he couldn’t stomach the idea of the only person other than his brother that he cares about leaving him too. And he rationalized it to himself by saying she was better off without him. But she wasn’t, was she? And we all found out how much that was true when Carlos kills Kate at the end of season 2, and Seth isn’t there.

Seth isn’t there. He isn’t even given a chance to help her. The person who protected her more than any other since the beginning of season 1 isn’t there. It almost feels like a punch in the face to him that he has to hear about it secondhand from Richie. He wanted her to be safe, to protect her courage and her light and give her a chance for something better than him, and she ends up being killed. Walking away from someone he cares deeply for didn’t help. He was wrong, and most importantly, he knows it.

Now season 3…season 3 is Seth’s path to deserving her, even if he doesn’t know she’s still alive at the outset.The thing about Kate that made her different for Seth than any other woman he’d been with/cared for is that he admires her. She is a genuinely brave, good person, and he wants to deserve her. (The same is true for Scott, you might notice. Kate Fuller has a habit of doing that to the people around her.) And he does. Seth Gecko, gentleman thief, brings everyone together and, in Kate’s words, makes them heroes. The man who couldn’t find a vein to shoot himself up in season 2 finds one in a half a second when it means giving Kate his blood, his life force. If blood is the conduit to the soul, as we have been told from season 1, Seth is willfully giving a part of his soul to save someone he loves. He wasn’t there when she died, but he’s there to bring her back to life. He runs to her, and when Scott hesitates and believes all is lost, Seth does not. Because this is Kate, and when it’s Kate, you fight like she would fight for you.

That’s the reason Seth couldn’t shoot her earlier in the season - also, because he loves her, and ending her life is something he can’t fathom doing. Even though Kate begs and pleads with him he can’t do it - and that’s a parallel with the scene in episode 10 where Kate is standing in front of the gates of hell, only this time Seth is begging her not to - not to walk away, not to leave him, not to walk to her death. The man who spent so long protecting her, who didn’t have a chance to save her in season 2, now has to stand by and watch the woman he loves save him. 

And his response is of course that he knew it was coming, that he knew it had to. Seth Gecko does not deserve nice things could practically be tattooed on his body. It’s his fault, of course it is. But in her last moments, not only does she boldly tell him she loves him, but with one sentence - Time to let go, partner - she also absolves him of his guilt and his pain. Kate is making the choice to do this, and Seth is not to blame for starting her on this path. She is Kate, after all, and nothing will stop her from trying to save the people she loves, even if it means putting a stake through their heart when they ask her to, or refusing to stop fighting to influence a brother to make the right choice.

Or walking into hell to kill the queen and yourself so that the people you love can live. And Seth loves her so much he drops his gun and throws it away.

And in the aftermath, we have Kate, smiling bitter-sweetly at Seth, and Seth unable to look away from Kate until Richie pulls him away. Seth saved her life so she could make her own choice, and it’s as clear as anything in that smile and his caught gaze that she would do it again for him. She would make that same choice all over again. People don’t love Seth Gecko, not as a general rule, and not really in practice either. But Kate Fuller does. And as is clear from the look on his face, as much as he admired her before, that’s increased tenfold now.

Kate Fuller has helped make Seth Gecko a hero.

Love can do that to a person.