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Finally, the fic I promised that anon ages ago is finished (it’s not even that long, I’m sorry, school just got in the way).

They requested: “You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.” I hope they weren’t expecting this to go a sexual route because I took this in an entirely different, but still cute (hopefully) direction.

Jamie’s sick, stuffy nosed whining under the cut:

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went out with my brother today and I saw a squirrel in my neighbors yard, so I said “hey squirrel!” and this squirrel dropped everything it was holding, and rather than running away like most squirrels do, it ran towards us
it came right up on our porch and kept trying to approach us! i kept telling him to backup lmao, he was getting so close, like we thought he was gonna jump on us or something omg. so my brother went inside to grab him some nuts and the squirrel almost followed him in. we haven’t fed squirrels here in years so it’s not like this squirrel knows us or anything???? i have no idea why he came up to us (maybe he was that hungry?? but he looked healthy so idk) but we gave him some nuts and he sat there eating for a while then ran up to the tree in our front lawn and took a nap! he’s come back a couple times already, we left some pumpkin seeds and nuts out and they were gone. he was climbing around our porch earlier and a different squirrel also came over to check it out

so yeah i guess we have a pet squirrel now

pics for proof B)

we’re thinking about getting them food that’s actually good/natural for them to leave out, granted they keep coming back haha. maybe get them a feeder?? i love squirrels so like this is a dream, you won’t catch me trying to pet a wild one tho


Dear Mama,

Juniper is getting so big! She’s already taking girl scouts this year and she wants to play outside in our family barn with the foosball table. She’s so rambunctious but she is a darling little girl mama. I wish you were around more often so you can see her, she reminds me of pops when she gets real stubborn and determined.

I took a nap earlier today to relax my tired and aching body. It’s been hurting lately and I am always tired, I bet this is a sign that the baby is going to come soon. Conner has ben very excited to meet the baby, he talks to my belly a lot. The doctors say that the baby could hear us now and Conner is taking advantage of every waking moment to talk to the little peanut.

I find myself excited too. I can’t wait to meet them, mama.


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How are you today?

I was pretty exhausted in the afternoon from driving to church and back, so I took a nice long nap. Right now I’m feeling pretty okay, though I had to fight back against a plummeting mood earlier this afternoon. I hate it when that happens. It also didn’t help that this morning, I dreamt that one of the girls in my friend group whom I’m not very close to (but who’s close to some of the others) wanted to decapitate me. But oh well. 

Also, I’m pretty excited about my French class later today (it’s already Monday here).

EXO as : Husbands

A/N: I’ve watched too many WGM clips. xD It’s unhealthy. I hope you like this random one.

Xiumin - You were strolling the streets of Shinchon, Seoul when he suddenly stopped. You looked at him, confused. “What is it?” you asked. You took few steps forward and he pointed to the ground. “Do you know how to play this game? Sabangchigi?” he asked. “It’s like hopscotch, right?” “It is hopscotch. Do you like to play?” he asked as he waggle his eyebrows. “How do you play it?” you asked. He picked up two pebbles before showing you the way it’s done. “And what’s the punishment if it crosses the line?” “Piggyback ride. Call?” “What if I lose?” “We won’t stop ‘til you win then.” “Call.” 

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Luhan - “I could stare at your eyes forever,” you mumbled while looking at him. He chuckled before placing a kiss on the tip of your nose. “You couldn’t because you have to blink.” The smile on his face didn’t fade as he continuously caress your cheeks. “How did I get this lucky? Hmm…” “I don’t know and I believe I’m the one who should ask you that. How did I get this lucky?” “For our argument’s sake, we’re both lucky to have each other.” “You could say that.” “I love you…” “I love you too.”

Kris - You love to take random videos of Kris since you started dating and now that you’re married to him, it was no different. “Mr. Wu, I’m sorry if we called you during your date with your wife,” the producer apologized while Kris was sitting on a chair with a make-up artist doing his make-up. You started filming him as he spoke. “It’s alright. I mean, ____ don’t…” he paused glancing at your direction, “mind at all,” he continued before smiling at the camera. “You’re weird ____, but I love you.”

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Suho - “Oppa, are we all set?” you asked Xiumin and Lay while all of you were setting your house for Suho’s birthday. “We just have to light the candles then it’s good.” You started fidgeting once again. “Do you think he’ll like it?” Lay held your hand before smiling. “He will love it, ____.” “DONE!” Xiumin exclaimed before walking towards the two of you. All of a sudden, you received a message from Sehun. “They’re on their way here,” you announced. Lay lowered the lights and waited for his arrival. You could hear the shuffling of shoes and the click at the door. “I’M HOME!” Suho announced. Lay turned back the lights, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you all greeted in sync making him smile as he lovingly looked at you. He made his way towards you before placing a kiss on your lips. “Thank you, ____.” He glanced at his group members. “Thank you everyone.”

Lay - The sound of rustling grass made you feel glad. The pristine running water glimmered. You took a deep breath before you shivered. “HAHAHA!” You heard Lay’s laugh but you can’t see him anywhere. You twisted and turned until you were fully awake. “Good morning,” he greeted before rolling back to his side. You groaned. “What time is it?” you asked. “A new day, love. What are you dreaming about? It sounds good.” You looked at him, confused. “What are you talking about?” you asked and blush crept on your face as soon as he started moaning. “Am I in your dream?”

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Baekhyun - “I’m sorry Baek, but I don’t think I could watch you perform,” you told him while you were inside the comfort room. “I’m caught in a traffic jam.” Baekhyun pouted. “I can’t hear any honking noise. You’re a bad liar ____.” “Okay, fine. I’m too lazy to get up. I’ll just watch you tomorrow night.” You heard him sigh on the other line. “Alright… but you have to spoiled me later.” You giggled. “Fine.” “Rest well,” he said before ending the call. You fished out your old lightstick before making your way towards your seat. Some of the fans recognized you and you acknowledged them. As the show started and progressed, you noticed how he squinted his eyes towards your direction and during 3.6.5, he even ran towards your side and pointed at you. “YOU’RE HERE!” he shrieked before skipping backwards towards the center stage along with other members. 

Chen - “I’m done cooking!” he announced as soon as he settled the bibimbap he made on the dining table. He went towards the living room where you were resting and held both of your hands. “I’m dead tired, Dae… my neck even hurts,” you complained but he still insisted that you should eat what he made. As soon as you sat on your chair, he sat right beside you. You took a bite of his dish and he looked at you intently. “Do you like it?” he asked. You didn’t replied but instead, you just looked at him. “You didn’t?” “It’s delicious. Are you sure you’re the one who made this?” you asked. The smile on his face became wider. He stood up before standing behind you, massaging the back of your neck. “Tell me where it hurts…” “There…” you groaned. “Ouch, my hair!” you complained as he accidentally pulled some strands of your hair. “Sorry.” 

Chanyeol - You woke up around twelve thirty in the middle of the night after you took a power nap. You tied your hair up as you made your way towards the kitchen. As you were preparing a meal for Chanyeol, you heard the door opens. He didn’t said anything until he saw you in the kitchen. “What are you doing there? I thought you were sleeping,” he said. “Are you waiting for me?” He asked as he sauntered towards you, hugging you from behind. “I miss going home seeing you like this.” “I miss you too,” you mumbled before turning off the stove. “It’s done already?” he asked in surprise. “Yeah. I made this earlier and I just heat it up.” He planted a kiss on your lips as you faced him. “You’re the best!”

D.O - “What are the other things we need?” he asked while you two were buying food stocks for your house. Kyungsoo insisted earlier that he would come to the supermarket with you. He wanted to make sure that you will always have something to eat while he was on tour. “Kyung… our cart is already full.” “I want to make sure you’ll eat a lot once I’m away. Now, what are the other things you need?” he asked as he continue to search for more stuffs that you need while he’s away.

Tao - “I’m home!” you announced the moment you arrived at your home, only to see a pouting Tao sitting on the couch while you personal laptop was resting on the center table. “What made my baby grumpy?” you asked but he didn’t answer. So, you decided to turn it on, only to see your old tumblr blog. “Oh…” “Oh? That’s all you have to say? Your blog! It mostly contains Baekhyun posts! You even made an appreciation post of him. How about me ____? Do you even have one for me?” You started laughing out loud making him pout even more. You kissed his lips as you giggled. “I love you, dork.” 

Kai - You were cutting the beef for Taeoh as you two were babysitting him. However, everytime you cut a strip of beef, Kai eats three cuts or more. You slapped his hand and he glanced up at you. “Why?” he asked, looking at you, innocently. “You’re eating too much.” You stared at him harder. He pouted his lips. “Taeoh-ah, eat this. Your auntie’s scolding me.” He leaned forward, towards her. “She thinks I don’t feed you well.” Taeoh glanced at you, flashing you a grin. “Am I not feeding you well?” he asked, feeding him a beef wrapped in lettuce (?) He nodded his head. “Yah! You bribed him!” you joked. He scrunched his nose. “Oh please. You love me.” He turned to Taeoh. “She loves me right?” He nodded his head. ‘Goodness gracious!’

Sehun -  “Sehun, look here.” “Aah, stop it,” he whined, covering his face with his hands. “Come on! Your fans misses you. Ever since we got married, you rarely post on instagram. So, come on!” you said. He wagged his finger towards your direction. “Sehun…” you called but he didn’t even look at you. “Hunnie, I promise that if you pose for a picture, I’ll give you a reward.” He glanced at your way. “A reward?” he asked and you nodded. “Anything?” “About that—” “Then no!” “Fine.” He didn’t budge. You approached him, wooing him. He glanced at you while posing subtly. After taking few shots, he got up from his seat with a grin on his face. “Now… for my reward…

Stuck with the MAMA request. T^T

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for the drabble game: hoseok, 60, 94, 102, thanks

60: tutor/tutoring | 94: fingering | 102: sex

“Hoseok?” you asked your boyfriend one afternoon.

“What’s up?” he replied, turning his attention away from the tv and onto you.

“You were pretty good in school right?” you questioned. He gave you a questioning look, wondering where this was going, before he replied.

“I was okay grade wise, I just hated it a lot,” he shrugged and you nodded your head in sympathy. “Why do you ask?” he inquired.

You thought for a minute about a good way to word your question. You wanted him to tutor you, but you also didn’t want to burden him if he had too much to do.

“Well, I’m not doing very well in science class and I thought maybe if you would be willing to-” you began to ramble on and Hoseok cut you off.

“I’d love to tutor you,” he smiled his heartwarming smile at you.

“Really?” you asked, your eyes going wide.

You heard him chuckle, “Of course.”

You tacked him in a hug, causing him to fall back on the sofa in surprise.

“Ah thank you so much!” you said into his shirt.

“Should we start now?” he asked.

You nodded your head, knowing that the sooner you got better in science, the easier school would be.

Hoseok stood up and walked into your bedroom where all your books were spread out on the bed. You followed in behind him and you both made yourselves comfortable on the bed.

“I’m just warning you,” Hoseok said, a slightly evil glint in his eyes, “I’m not gonna go easy on you.”

You looked at him for a while before finally replying. “Good. I don’t want you to.”

Hoseok smirked at you, “Fine then let’s get started.”

You were only about thirty minutes into Hoseok tutoring and you could feel your panties becoming soaked. You didn’t think it was possible to be turned on by your boyfriend tutoring you, but it obviously was.

Every time you would try to focus on what he was pointing to in the textbook, you would find yourself staring at his hands and how the veins would show whenever he flexed them unintentionally.

“Are you paying attention?” Hoseok asked you.

Your eyes snapped to his face to find that he was already staring at you. You blushed a deep shade of red as you realized you had been caught daydreaming.

“What were you thinking about that is more important than this?” he asked you, a serious look on his face as he waited impatiently for your answer.

“N-nothing,” you replied, scared that he would find out what exactly you were thinking about.

“Was it about me?” he asked with a small smirk on his face.

“Don’t be so smug,” you replied, “of course it wasn’t about you.”

Hoseok got close to your face so that your lips were just inches apart. You could feel your face and your core heating up from the close proximity.

“Then why are you blushing, hm?”

Your eyes shifted from his lips to his eyes and back to his lips again. You leaned in to close the gap between you two and you melted when your lips met. Hoseok immediately took control of the kiss and slipped his tongue past your lips and into your mouth.

You pulled away to catch your breath and Hoseok stared at you, never breaking eye contact. You were too busy staring at him to notice the hand that had swiftly snuck past your skirt and was now rubbing against the cloth of your underwear.

Once you realized where exactly his hand was, you moaned out in pleasure. He moved your underwear to the side and slowly slid a finger into your wet entrance.

“Let’s continue studying,” he said as he added another finger inside you. He began to talk to your again and it was almost like he was oblivious to the fact that he had two fingers inside you.

He asked you a question and when you went to answer, he curled both his fingers inside of you so that a loud moan left your lips instead of words.

“God Hoseok,” you groaned, “why are you doing this?”

Suddenly you were pushed on your back and you heard your books fall to the floor. Hoseok hovered over you and you looked straight into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed you passionately, his fingers still buried deep inside of you.

Once he pulled away from the kiss, he pulled his fingers away too, leaving you with an empty feeling. He hastily reached down and pulled down his shorts and boxers and you realized just how hard he already was.

Hoseok didn’t hesitate to immediately slide into you and you both moaned at the friction. As he thrust into you and hit the spot that made you see stars, you could feel your coil tightening.

You knew there was no way you would be able to last much longer and you began to moan out Hoseok’s name with each labored breath you took.

“That’s it baby. Come for me,” he whispered into your ear and suddenly your walls tightened around his length, triggering his own climax.

He pulled out of you seconds later and moved off of you.

“Let’s continue studying,” you mimicked his words from earlier, causing him to chuckle.

“Maybe later,” he replied, “but right now I want a nap.”

You looked over at him to make another comment, but you realized he was already asleep.

‘Oh well,’ you thought to yourself, ‘I guess I can take a quick nap too.’

Creepypasta #382: The Hospital

Working in a Psychiatric Hospital is not how most people think it would be. Our minds have been flooded by this Hollywood version of mental illness that brings about visions of frizzy hair and strait jackets. This is not the case: most patients are nonviolent and sign in voluntarily, and strait jackets are illegal in the U.S. The day to day workings on an inpatient psychiatric unit are pretty routine and boring to be honest, and this is even truer of the night shift.

I had been working on the psych unit for about three years. I was only 24 years old and had been hired right out of college. It was nice to be able to rub it in my parents face that I got a job with a Psycholgy degree since they had questioned me all through my undergrad. I didn’t plan on doing this forever, but the pay was too good to walk away from. My job was pretty easy and my coworkers relatively bearable. My job basically consisted of sitting at the end of a hallway all night, making sure everybody stayed in their rooms and doing routine checks every fifteen minutes to make sure nobody was killing each other. The unit was locked at every exit and they key was a magnetized strip in the ID badge every staff member wore around their neck. The windows did not open because we were on the seventh floor and we would frequently get suicidal patients.

So began my sixth night in a row of night shift duty. I had picked up this Saturday night shift up as overtime and I was regretting it as soon as I stepped on the unit. I mentioned earlier that most of the patients are nonviolent, but of course there are exceptions and one of those exceptions was currently occupying a bed on our unit. It is 10:58 as I stumble onto the unit already half asleep from a very recent nap I took. I heard screaming from the C corridor and hurried down to see what was causing the commotion. There was a patient being restrained in middle of the hallway, she was not one of our regulars, and I didn’t recognize her at all. She was small, maybe 5’3” and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She was older, maybe in her mid fifties, but it is always tough to judge the age of someone at the hospital (mental illness and frequent drug use often made patients appear much older than they were). She was yelling in another language that sounded vaguely Middle Eastern, which made sense based on her complexion. This did not strike me as odd, the hospital was in a pretty major city so we got of immigrants who didn’t speak a lick of English (not to mention the patients who would yell at staff in tongues when upset).

She was a small woman, but she was putting up quite a fight and six staff members were already involved trying to get her into the restraint chair. I calmly walked over and asked if they needed any help in the restraint. A staff member who I didn’t immediately recognize (he must have been per diem) looked up from fastening her ankle into the chair and said they had it under control. I believed him, and I figured the nurse would be there with sedatives any minute, so I went to relieve the evening staff from A Corridor. He told me it had been a very long night and handed me the clipboard and immediately left. I pulled up a chair at the end of the dimly lit hallway and began my very boring night.

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Tinder Verified


TV star Kurt Hummel’s dating life is going nowhere, so he signs up for Tinder. Unfortunately, nobody believes that he’s really TV star Kurt Hummel.

Words: 6248


For the Todaydreambelievers Fic GIft Exchange 2016

I put the full prompt at the end, so as not to give it all away up front.

I had a lot of fun writing this fic, but I loved all of the prompts and if I had more time I’d have written them all (I still might…). Hope my giftee likes it!

Thanks so much to @todaydreambelievers for all the hard work they put into keeping things going in the Glee fandom.

And thanks, as ever, to my superbeta - @mshoneysucklepink, and to @darriness’ extra eyeballs.

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

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written by @gryfon-spanish-werewolf    .

Greeting! Hope this message finds you well. It took longer than I thought to write the bodyguard au, what with finals coming up, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging. Here’s a small piece of what I’ve been working on: it’s earlier in the timeline, for reference. May it add delight to your day :D


The two and a half year old was already having lessons, in between meal times and nap. Elsa leaned against the far wall, ever vigilant. The tutor had called for a break and left, likely on her way to the loo or whatever they called it here. To her dismay, Anna wasted no time in walking over, feet now more sure of themselves, even adding an extra, needless hop to her step that her parents no doubt found endearing. Elsa kept her eyes up, already knowing the floor was clear of dangers with the possible exception of the alphabet blocks if Anna took three steps to her left.

Anna craned her head up, blue-green eyes cheery and bright. Elsa ignored her, her time better spent scanning the area, especially if her charge was going to literally be within arms reach.

A flicker of movement caught her eye. She looked down briefly, seeing that Anna had lifted her arms up and towards her.

Elsa grit her teeth.

Anna bounced on her toes.

Elsa folded her arms closer.

Finally, Anna put her hands down, forlorn. Elsa’s sigh of relief cut off halfway; Anna had figured out the problem.

“Please?” Elsa closed her eyes in despair. The question was repeated, this time with the arms and bouncing.

“No,” Elsa ground out, searching the doorway. Where was that damn tutor?

She sensed the toddler recoil, as though physically struck. “No?” She whimpered. Elsa heard a tiny foot stomp. “No’s’a bad word, Elsa.”

The bodyguard stiffened. She leaned over the girl with impatience, eyes cold and impassable. “No, it’s not. It’s a good word, if you know how to use it correctly.”

Anna’s frown crumbled, fat teardrops gathering in her blue-green eyes. “But I said ‘please’,” she said. “A nice word.”

“Nice words don’t always get you what you want.” Anna’s face fell and Elsa quashed the guilt rising from her stomach. The girl had to learn sometime, and better now than later.

Elsa leaned her head against the wall as Anna started to sniffle. She was a guard for god’s sake! She was a highly skilled, highly trained, highly disciplined warrior who knew ten different ways to kill a man with her own cravat. She refused to be some glorified baby sitter for a sniveling, entitled little–

A wail erupted between her feet. Anna fell to the floor amid great heaving sobs, her misery echoing horribly in the high ceilinged library.

Elsa clapped her hands over her ears, staring down in white faced horror at the bawling child. Anna never had tantrums. She was stubborn and a bit rambunctious but in all her years Elsa hadn’t heard anything quite like this.

“Shh! Anna stop this!” Elsa hissed, casting a fearful glance at the doorway. “Just, just stop, I’m begging you.” The girl refused to listen to Elsa’s reasonable, incredibly compelling argument. “This is pointless, why are you crying? Look I’ll, I’ll go get Her Majesty and everything will be fine. I’ll be right back.”

If Elsa had not possessed reflexes honed by years of training she may well have bowled Anna over right then and there. As it was, Anna clung to her pant leg, face and cheeks red, inhaling for another soul rending sob. Elsa was trapped.

“Anna please.”

The girl stilled. “Please?” She parroted, getting the word out between hiccups.

“Yes, please,” Elsa emphasized, using her hands. “Please stop crying.”

“Please,” Anna agreed, sounding much more content and much less like she was attempting to be, or to summon, a banshee.

Elsa’s shoulders slumped, crisis over. “Thank you, Anna.” Gently she eased her leg out of the toddler’s reach. Anna was looking at her again. “What?”

“Please?” Anna held up her arms. Elsa held back a groan.

“Anna I… I’m not…” How did one explain to a two year old that there were people who fought and people who nursed? People who cooked and people who wrote, people who taught and people who ruled? To Anna, people were people.

And everyone could lift her up.

“No’s'a good word,” Anna reminded her solemnly, stripping Elsa of any possible defense she could have raised. “Don’t use it for bad.”

The tutor rushed down the hall, skirts bunched in her fists. A thousand different apologies arranged themselves half formed in her tongue– Hallvardurs would have her hide and the king would have her house for sure! She stopped briefly at the entryway, regaining her breath. She didn’t know which explanation of her tardiness would satisfy the cold woman, but she had to try.

Arendelle’s Royal Bodyguard stood in the middle of the room with her back to the door, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet as she swayed back and forth. That alone was enough to make the tutor pause, but as the woman turned and revealed her front, her jaw dropped.

Anna had her arms around Elsa’s neck, eyes closed in peaceful sleep, weight supported effortlessly by the strong and surprisingly caring arms of her protector. Elsa shifted her weight from foot to foot, copying with only minor difficulty the motion she’d observed the king and queen doing when rocking their child to sleep. She wasn’t smiling, but her face was soft and turned utterly towards the slumbering girl in her arms.

The tutor left without a word. She had a far better story to tell.