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In The Group Chat

Christian Yu x Reader

Word Count: 1.687

Warnings: Nada

A/N. Lately I keep meaning to write smut and it ends up being cute stuff;-; mayBE there’ll be a second part that involve some sMUT. BUT THIS DUDE THOUGH


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Fucked over. That’s exactly how you felt.

How could Dabin do this to you? You told him about your crush in confidence but of course he had to out you in front of the very man himself. Over text no less.

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Lover of the Light Part 1

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Part 2.

When I saw my best friend break down crying because of his son being taken, it wasn’t the way I wanted to see my best friend fall. The bastard Cameron Hayes assaulted me and killed Half-Sack before taking Abel all because he wanted to get back at Samcro.

It’s been almost a week that we had been staying in Belfast, Ireland. We still haven’t gotten Abel back and everyone was getting a bit antsy. They had especially had to begin to get on each other’s nerves as well when I walked in on Gemma and Maureen threatening each other.

“I should take your right eye for talking shit about a man of God!” Maureen sneered at Gemma.

“It wouldn’t be the first thing you took from me.” Gemma scoffed as Maureen stood up and leaned over the table at Gemma as Gemma did the same.

“Well, maybe if you didn’t chew men up like a meat grinder, they wouldn’t be overseas looking for some tenderness.”

“You little dink of a whore!” Gemma snapped back as I spoke up.

“Enough! Enough!” I said as Gemma stood up and walked over to the kitchen sink and leaned over it to calm down.

Once they quieted down I turned to Maureen and asked her a question.
“Maureen, do you mind if I go down to the store and get some smokes? I can pay for them, it’s just that Jax took mine and I don’t know where he went?” I questioned as I Maureen looked up from the table as she nodded her head.

“Thank you.” I turned around and began to head for the door as Maureen spoke up again.

“Don’t worry about the money. You’ve already done enough for me it’s the least I could do.” I smiled as I nodded my head and began to head down the stairs. I walked over to the shelf and grabbed a pack of cigarettes before putting 50$ in the cash register. As I was doing so I heard a crash come from the office. I slammed the cash register closed before reaching behind me and grabbing my gun before slowly walking towards the door and kicking it open.

Once, the door opened it revealed as half naked Jax and a very exposed Trinity.

“Oh shit!” I yelled out as I lowered my gun.

“What the-” Jax said as he bent down and pulled his pants back up before coming eye to eye with me.

“I-I’m sorry. I said as I turned around and headed for the door.

“(Y/N)! Wait up!” Jax said as he began to run after me.

“It’s okay Jax. You go back to fucking your sister and I’m going to go calm the fuck down.” By now Gemma, Maureen, and Trinity had come out to see what all the commotion was about.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jax questioned as I walked towards my bike. As I threw my leg over the side of my bike before grabbing my helmet and putting it on.

“Ask your mother,” I said as I sped off.

                                                         Time Skip:

I pulled up at the wharf as I switched my bike off. I sighed to myself as I went over to the edge before taking a seat and hauling out my pack of smokes and taking one out of the pack. I tapped my jacket and my jeans before I realized I didn’t have my lighter.

“Fuck!” I said to myself as I went to take my cigarette out my mouth I heard a voice come from behind me.

“Need a light?” I looked next to me to see a hand holding out a lighter.

“Uh… Sure.” I said as I took the lighter and lit my cigarette. “Thanks,” I said as I handed the lighter back to the stranger as they raised their hands.

“You keep it.” The stranger said as I nodded my head before turning back to face the water.

“So, what’s someone like you being out here at this time of night?” I questioned as I heard the guy chuckle.

“Wondering why you’re doing the same thing.” Before I could respond I felt this sharp pain hit the back of my head before everything went black.

                                                   Jax’s POV:

I sat in church with boys when my phone went off with an unknown number. I furrowed my eyebrows before looking towards Clay.

“Go ahead. We’ll finish up here.” I nodded as I stood up and walked out of Church.

“Hello?” I said confused.

“Jax Teller?”

“Yeah?” I said as the doors to the church open and the boys filed out.

“We have something you want.” I chuckled before saying;

“And what might that be?” I questioned as the boys sat around me.

“Your little girlfriend. (Y/N).” I felt as if the world around me had fallen down. I spoke again as the boys looked over at me with worried and confused looks.

“Prove it.” My heart stopped when I heard her scared and panicked voice.

“H-hello?” She questioned as her voice sounded shaky.

“(Y/N)?! Are you hurt?!” The boys all stood around me as she spoke again.

“Y-yeah. J-Jax helps me.” (Y/N) whimpered as I went to speak up the stranger’s voice spoke again;

“Now, you listen to me. We want to make a deal with you?” The stranger said as I looked directly at Clay.

“What kind of deal?” I questioned as they spoke again;

“You’ll find out on Friday. Till then we keep her.”

“You hurt her and you’re dead. You understand me?” I said as the voice chuckled.

“See you Friday, Teller.” And with that, the phone call ended. I closed my phone before laying it on the table.

“What’s wrong Jackie?” Chibs questioned as I wiped my hand down my face.

“They got (Y/N),” I said as I felt my knees weaken as the boys all packed around me.

“Who?! Who got (Y/N)?!” Chibs yelled out as he slammed his fist on the table.

“I don’t fucking know! They want to meet with me on Friday.” Clay leaned on the table with his fists as he looked over at me.

“Why do they want to meet?” Clay questioned silently.

“They want to make a deal,” I said as I turned towards him.

“What kind of deal?” Clay questioned again;

“I don’t know but they did let me talk to her,” I said as Tig spoke up;

“How did she sound? Is she okay? Is she hurt?” Tig questioned repeatedly;

“She sounded scared and she said she was hurt,” I said as Tig and the rest of the club sighed as Chibs threw a bottle of beer at the wall.

“For the love of the fuck!” Chibs said as he sat back down. “We got to get her back.” I sighed as I sat next to him.

“I know, it’s all my fault that she’s gone.” The boys all turned towards me before Tig began to slowly turn his head to look at me.

“What the fuck did you do to her?” Tig said as he lunged himself at me as Happy and Clay held him back.

“I didn’t do shit to her!” I yelled as I stood up. “She fucking walked in on me and Trinity… Then she ran out got on her bike and left. That was the last I saw of her.” I said as Bobby began to chuckle.

“You were hitting that when (Y/N) walked in?” Bobby questioned as he chuckled as I looked at him confused.

“So, what?” I questioned as he spoke again;

“Well, for one nice and for two, don’t you see?”

“See what?” I questioned confused as he let go of Tig.

“She loves you man and to see you grab a hold of the first piece of pussy you see kills her man. (Y/N) has been with you through thick and thin.” I stood there in silence as my heart began to race. ‘She loved me?’

“We need to get her back,” I said as I turned around and sat back down.

“But we need a plan before we just go barging in there, guns a’ blazing,” Chibs said as we all agreed.

“Well, we got about three days before we got to meet with them. That’s enough time to figure out what we’re going to do.” The boys nodded as Clay spoke up.

“Let’s head into church.” We all nodded.

“This shit ends tonight.”

Connections (2/5)

Chapter 2

| O N E |

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Summary: Your spouse died in a car accident, he left you behind with your ten year old son. Chris has gone through the same thing, but instead of a ten year old son, it was a ten year old daughter. When you two meet at a soccer game, connections are made and sparks are flying. But when your son has a conflict with his daughter, things start to fall apart.

Word Count: 1,282

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Warning: None

A/N: Glad you guys are enjoying this series so far! Here is part 2! I hope you enjoy ♥

‘’You got everything bud?’’ you ask, putting the backpack on Jacob.

‘’Yeah, packed it up last night. And I finished my homework as well!’’ jacob smiles happily.

‘’Great,’’ you smile, kissing him on the head.

A sound of a horn honking comes from outside the house, his carpool was here. You give Jacob one last hug before he ran out the door. As he got into the car, he waved goodbye to you through the window. You waved back and smiled as he went off to school. When the car was halfway down the street you get out your phone, and went straight to Chris’s contact. 

You pressed the call button and put it up to your ear. There were three rings until you heard his lovely voice say ‘Hello?’

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I’ve always been confused (and a little irritated) by the assumption that all theoretical writing is either 1: useless because it doesn’t have a visible direct application or 2: needs to be accessible to every level of readership, by itself, with little or no relation to any other work that precedes it. I know why these assumptions have come about, but they’ve really only gained traction because the critiques are usually directed by writers who are both concerned about overall accessibility and the applicability of the work in the first place.

Accessibility is important, but readership levels are going to vary, and the complexity and audience of the writing are going to vary, too. By default, not every piece of theory is going to be easily accessible to every reader.

It’s not as though an inability to read any given piece of technical theory is a moral or ethical failing. It’s not as though writing in a complex way (even an overly complex way) is a moral failing, either - unless it’s intentionally written to obscure it from non-academic readers in order to keep them out of the conversation. Typically, the worst you can say it’s that it’s a technical failing - assuming that there’s no more simple way to put it. Often it’s a space or time saving issue - it’s written for an audience that already understands a lot of this stuff, and it can be (and should be) broken down for other readerships, but this particular document really only wants to be, like, 15 pages instead of 50 and rehashing a lot of stuff assumed readers already know.

I guess I’m just thinking out loud here, but while a lot of the critique against theory complexity and applicability is meant well (and we need to keep that critique in mind!), I think there’s a certain amount that’s largely just directed at writers in order to put them in their place, and when I see them pop up on social media, there’s almost always phrased in moral terms. I even see the accusations directed at people hoping to break down complicated jargons into more accessible works, as if the act of reading the original work, in itself, is a moral failing. That seems so goddamn asinine. I almost never see people accusing STEM fields of making their top-level writing inaccessible, even though I have seen more than one instance of STEM educators and writers deliberately making their fields inaccessible as a way of washing out students they saw as undesirable. 

So yesterday’s anon messed me up? I can’t stop thinking about that sweet concept, it’s so GOOD, why didn’t I think of it myself, it’s so perfect.

Like you KNOW Mordred is super attached to Shirou and that she also has negative 50 respect for Artoria.

So Mordred shows up in full swimwear, surfing board under her arm, shit eating grin plastered on her face, and Artoria just puts down the magazine she was reading in the living room.

“I’m going t–”
“–o go su–”
“It’s the middle of winter, Mordred.”
“–rf for a while, later!”
“Mordred, you cannot go.”

The clash of blue and red had already begun the moment Mordred entered the room. “Oh? You think you can stop me? Why can’t I go? It’s a fine day, Artoria, you know? Well, see y–”

“There’s a typhoon warning, Mordred. It is unseemly to go surf in the middle of winter, you’ll only worry those who see you. Stay home and join me for a session in the dojo. We would surely benefit from teaching you some discipline.”

“Oh? You wanna teach me how to be a boring six piece McNobody who sits on her ass all day and watches as her people go to war because she never bothered to learn proper politics? Yeah! I’m down! Let’s make ‘em unhappy! Not. Gonna catch some waves, see ya later, Arts.”

“Mordred, that is no way to speak to your… King…? Father…? Ah, just listen! You can’t go, and that’s final!”

“So it sounds to me like ya want Camlann 2, huh? ‘Cause by running your mouth like that is how you get Camlann 2, yeah, I’m down, clench your teeth, you shithead, because here comes my big, fat, nasty fi–”

“Ah, hold on!”

An angelic voice interrupts this catastrophe right before it reaches critical mass. “Mordred, you should stay home today! I’ll need your help cutting the pork and chicken I brought for today’s dinner. I was trying to make a new recipe, it’s kinda like yakitori, but we are also having a side serve of sweet and sour pork. You think you could wait until summer, and then we can all go surfing together?”

That click you heard just now? That was Shirou cutting the red wire and defusing a bomb with unrivaled finesse. The surfboard was GONE, the swimwear stowed, the fight a mere mirage, no sir, Mordred was fully clothed and her face pressed against Shirou’s chest. “Well, if Mom says so!” she exclaims, her voice muffled. “So should I help ya right now or do we have time?”

“We should get dicing the pork right now!”

“ON IT.”

And through this whole thing Taiga is doing The Face, you know the one,

peeling away at mandarins, watching as Artoria brews a Molotov cocktail of conflicted emotions within her. “You ok, Seiba?”.

“I’m fine.”

From the kitchen, Mordred, with the girliest voice, is clearly having a blast with “mom”.


Ok so recently i was shown an AMAZINGLY cute and fun game by my friend deviltusks. It quickly spread through our friend group ( caverna-leo & tumbletit) because come on it’s literally amazing and so relaxing!! uhhhg so nice!! anyways back to the point. I love this game theres just one problem everything is super expensive and gems are hard to get. i have been trying to find out some ways to collect gems in the game fast and in large numbers. I have come across a few ways that together can get you 260,000 gems (a whole fuck-ton). So of course i had to share my monopolizing ways to my friends, but they are all big dummies so im here to explain (with some pictures as well) how i get my gems to them and whoever happens to wander by.

First Method - 30,000 gems

Okay so this is pretty simple.

Click the more tab when you are outside your house.

Click your profile button and then click the invitation code tab.

Click copy code and it will ask you to leave a review do this quickly and return to the app.

Go to the lounge from outside your home. This will take you to a screen of chat rooms choose the newbie category. There will be a chat room called give me your invitation code. NOW SPAM THE LIVING HECK OUT OF THE CHAT WITH YOUR CODE BY COPYING AND PASTING.

You will receive 1,000 gems every time someone enters your code(your code can be enter 20 times). You can also enter 10 codes from other people yourself for 1,000 gems a piece.

Second Method - 30,000 gems

when you are in the chat room click the circle button above and it will show you the people in the chat room. add people until you have a total of 50 friends!!!

go to fruit monsters and go to settings.

Click the invite and invite the 50 friends you just got and it will give you 30,000 gems!!! easy!!!

Third Method - 200,000 gems!!!

okay so this is the more difficult one because it is slightly time consuming but for 200,000 gems i think it is worth it.

Download the Line app if you don’t already have it.

after you have it click the plus sign in the corner

search by id and just put in random words and numbers until you have 200 or so friends.

after you have finished that the rest is easy!

Go back to line play and click the add button.

click the invite button and invite all the friends you just added. each invite gives you 1,000 gems and you can do this 200 times. 

This also cuts the price of the face shop down by 50% and the first room expansion down by 90%!!!!!

well have fun buying a bunch of cute things for yourself and friends!!!! 


LINE ID - spritz626


***EDIT**** You can get up to 66,000 gems by getting people to enter your code now just give your invitation code to people who are making an account they get gems and so do you!!! Here’s mine!!!! XN-7118-1902
of course he cheated pt. 2 (c.h)

requested : PART TWO 

this part is going to be in separate parts, this one and an alternative one where the relationship doesn’t work out. so you can read this one or the other one if you’re into sadness, whatever floats your boat :))  

a few weeks later…

I walked down the sidewalk and looked through the windows of the small shops on the side. It’s been three weeks since the incident and I couldn’t get over the sight I saw. MY Calum screwing some girl, ignoring me to screw that girl. I sniffled at the thought. The past couple of weeks I sat in my bed and just binge watched Parks and Rec and American Horror Story and ate at least ten buckets of ice cream. I just decided today was the day I would go out and explore this dead beat world. Why not enjoy it by taking a walk to my favorite coffee shop. I gripped my leather bag and walked towards my destination. This was the coffee shop me and Cal went to everyday before he went on tour. Whatever. I still went in and the workers there instantly recognized me.

“Y/N!” The small and favorite barista exclaimed. “It’s been so long.” She said, going up to the cash register and typing in my usual order. I smile and began to take out my member’s card.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I look up from my hands and she was looking at me worried. I give her a sad smile and gave her my card.

“My ex boyfriend.” She gave this little sympathy look and looked down at my card.

“It’s on the house.” She said, smiling.

“No, Jenny, I couldn’t do that. Really, I’m fine, please don’t do that for me.”

“Just take the offer, Y/N.” She said, giving back my card. I smile and give her a quick thank you and a ten dollar tip.

“Fuck you, Y/N.” She laughs. I smile and walk towards a seat, not knowing that was where me and Cal sat. I realized what I was doing and instantly get up, getting a few look from the people around me. I walk to another seat that was near the back but it had a really nice window view of the square. I sat down, letting out a huge sigh and taking out my book, “Pretty Dirty Things”, to just read. That’s all I needed. I needed to get away and read my thoughts away. Jenny gave me my coffee in a white mug and I thanked her, continuing to read.


I was already 50 pages into my book and I only finished half of my coffee. I couldn’t really focus. All I could think about was Cal. I just couldn’t get him out of my head.

“Y/N?” I hear someone say.  I could recognize that deep Australian voice anywhere. I sigh and turn around to see a very puffy eyed Calum. I turn back around but he just sat in the seat across from me.

“Please talk to me.” He said, looking at me with his red eyes and he was starting to tear up.

“Talk about what?” I said, putting my book down. “Talk about how the first thing you do after being away for three months is to stick your penis into a girl as small as my arm?” I said quietly so the old couple behind us couldn’t hear. He shut his eyes and dipped his head low. He wiped some tears away.

“Can I talk now?” He said after breaking the awkward silence. I look down at my hands and slightly nod my head. He let out a big sigh.

“I don’t blame you if you don’t want to be with me again. Let alone, be in the same place with me. I don’t know what was going through my head. I really needed release and I really needed you and I just did the most stupid thing and grabbed the first girl I saw. I don’t know how many sorries it’s gonna take to take back your forgiveness but I really am. But Y/N, my life is absolutely nothing without you. You’re the one who picked me up. I really need in you in my life. Either as my girlfriend or even a friend, I just need you.” He grabbed my hands and I could feel how warm they were beaus he was so nervous. I sniffled and looked away from his eyes.

“So I’m supposed to forgive you?” That was all I could say. Calum was the only one I ever loved and I have no idea if I should take him back or not.

“You don’t have too. You could hate me if you wanted too. I hate myself right now.” He says, his voice breaking. “But I am nothing without you.” HIs grip tightens around my hands. I look him in his eyes and stared into them as if it were an eternity. I could really see the sorrow and love he had in his eyes. I pulled his hands and pulled him into a hug and cried into his shoulder. His big arms wrapped around me and he tightened it, crying into my hair.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much.” He let out. I cried even harder into his neck, inhaling his aroma. I pulled away and wiped away my tears with my sleeve.

“One more chance.” I said, looking at my feet.

“I’m going to take that chance and make it last forever.” He said pulling me up to my feet and pulling me into a full frontal hug. “I am so sorry and I love you so much Y/N.” I sniffled into his shirt and I could feel the old couples eyes staring at us and I turned around to see them smiling at us.

lol i know this is pretty short but, if you wanna read the alternative part to this, i should post it up later or so :))))

The Soldier and The Surgeon | pt. 2.2

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Genre: Fluff, Humor, Angst

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 1779 

You are one of the most prestigious and successful surgeons in South Korea, working at one of South Korea’s best hospitals. Your life as a surgeon was boring and tedious, but everything changes when you go to Syria as part of your hospital’s medical volunteering team, where you meet a certain captain of the Special Forces, named Jeon Jungkook.

(A/N: I will seperate this story in three or four parts. This story is based on the drama “Descendants Of The Sun”, but I gave my own twist to it rather than copying the whole story. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, I definitely recommend watching it! It’s so good omfg.)

I finished part 2.2 sooner than I originally thought, so enjoy~ 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2.1 | Pt. 2.2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4

Eomma, I already arrived in Damascus!”

You were facetiming with your mom, since you promised her that you would contact her after you arrived. And since the airport of Damascus actually had pretty good wifi, you decided to surprise her by facetiming her instead of just calling, because you knew that your mom would like it more to see your voice, instead of just hearing your voice.

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i keep seeing people say that liam’s song is too mainstream or generic pop radio etc and i don’t.. see the problem? if anything, it’s a smart move. he’s already said that’s the direction he’d like to go eventually, but that the song itself doesn’t set up the whole album. he’s playing it smart by putting out something that’ll get him radio play, his own standing on his own name and not One Direction. strip that down is being received really well by the general public - so much so that it’s been picked up by 20+ radio stations almost every week since release, broke back up in the top 50 on the billboard hot 100, hasn’t left the top 10 in the uk on itunes and is back in the top 25 in america. he’s got a performance tonight that’ll be televised, and i think that’s only going to boost his popularity here in the us, it’s crazy to see it all unfold. he’s had a slow and steady raise (much like niall) and it’s building him exactly what i think he might have set out for. people are tuning into him, he’s getting himself a pavement for the stuff he’s going to put out. call it generic all you want but make no mistake - this guy and his label know exactly what they want and how to go about making it happen.



EXCUSE ME HOW DO I HAVE 51 FOLLOWERS ALREADY UM NO TUMBLR MADE A HUGE MISTAKE???? ok um wow hi everyone what the heck do I do when I have 50 followers imshook someone help. I don’t know how to celebrate so I'm down for some recommendations? like, if anyone wants anything from me or wants to ask me something go ahead!


So since season 2′s ratings have been terrible, and it’s very possible that the show will be cancelled, my friend and I thought that we’d continue the story. The plan right now will be to write 10 50-60 page scripts, the first one released in October or November. The plan to release one every week or two is something we’re still thinking about. (You’ll need to forgive us if it takes us a while to get them out, since we’ll need to put a lot of time and effort into it.)

It’s a big task, but it’s one we’re willing to take. We’ve already pinned down a new setting, the opening scene (some of which has already been written), some of the basic storyline and a couple of new characters. Changes will no doubt have to be made depending on how season 2 concludes – who survives, any storylines still to be wrapped up, etc – but that won’t be too much of an obstacle.

What we’re aiming for is to bring back a lot of things everyone loves about the movies. Season 1 and 2 have done some of this brilliantly, but in our season there will be a ton more phone calls, chase scenes, homages and double the amount of deaths. We know reading a script every week isn’t the same as watching it on unfold on TV, but we think a lot of people will appreciate being able to spend more time with these characters you love.

I’m putting this out there right now just to see how many people would be interested in reading. If you are, like this, reblog it, comment or send me a message. If there is enough interest, we’ll jump right into it and try and write the best thing we possibly can. Fingers crossed we do get season 3, but if not, well you’ll know where to come to get one.

More details soon. 

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pomerqueen  asked:

Because I love your headcanons Eric Matthews and riarkle but like also Shawn Hunter and riarkle in whatever way you interpret it 👍


  • Okay so Eric adores Riley alright
  • He helped raise her for the first 5 years of her life, she’s very important to him and he’s very protective of her
  • Even after he moves like 6 hours away to St. Upid Town (will forever love that joke) he still calls her all the time and stuff
  • So he’s heard about Farkle right…And while I *do* think Riley had a fetus crush on him (even in a bit of season 1 tbh), it’s not like she was running around professing it to people. The people around her had The Bet running because they saw how the two of them interacted
  • Eric didn’t actually meet Farkle until the kids were like 9 tho, so the phone calls didn’t really clue him in on a crush. Like sure, she talked about him A LOT. But Riley had exactly two friends, so of course he’d hear a lot about them
  • Anyway so when they’re 9 the Matthews are having a tad of a scheduling emergency
  • They told Stuart and Jen that Farkle could stay with them for a week because the Minkus’ had a trip. But then Cory remembered he had a 4 day long work retreat, and Topanga landed her biggest case yet and needed to put all her effort into it
  • Auntie Nebula (#reviveher) offered to watch baby Auggie while all that was going on, BUT Riley and Farkle got picked for a music video job out of everyone in their dance class, and you can’t exactly bring a baby on set for a week.
  • So they’re freaking out but Super Uncle Eric Matthews took it upon himself to drive down to NYC and babysit his niche and her friend for a week
  • So he meets Farkle and the kid is really shy and doesn’t want to say anything but Riley’s her bubbly self as he’s driving them to the video shoot
  • And he’s there allllll daaaayyy loooong watching them dance around which was obviously a bit boring for him, but he could see Farkle loosening up and having fun goofing off with Riley
  • By the time they get home for dinner the kids are both bouncing off the walls and he’s seeing them interact very similar to how he remembers Cory and Pangers acting when they were younger, but he convinces himself it has to be nothing. His niece cannot have already met his future nephew-in-law
  • By the time the second day of this gig is over he calls Cory like “WHAT THE F U C K” and Cory immediately is like “I KNOW WE ALL KNOW SHAWN’S RUNNING A BET DO YOU WANT IN”
  • He puts $50 down for the winter of 10th grade
  • And he spends the rest of the week taking them out to arcades and parks and stuff like that and he’s feeling a little conflicted because he always imagined meeting the man who steals Riley’s heart at a dinner party when she’s 26 and a successful doctor and the man has a watch more expensive than Eric’s house and is the 37 year old CEO of a major production company who has a house in the Hamptons and they bring a disgusting fruitcake that no one at the party eats and the man is polite but also very cold to the family and Eric will cry at the wedding and live out the rest of his days thinking that no man is actually good enough for his little Niche, no matter how impressive his mustache is or how many sports cars he owns
  • But this is just a cute, dorky little kid with an unfortunate bowl cut who just wants to talk about supernovas and black holes and stare at Riley like she’s everything good in the world
  • By the end of the week he decides he definitely likes this kid
  • The years go on, he sees Farkle every now and then since he follows Riley everywhere like a lost puppy
  • By the time they’re like 14 he knows Farkle well enough to emotionally adopt him as a nephew and give him his own joke nickname (robot, duh)
  • Okay like I wanna make it clear I think he only does ‘Niche!’ and ‘COUSIN AUGGIE’ as jokes, he’s embraced the funny uncle title, and he wants to make them laugh. I also think this absolutely applies with him always getting Maya’s name wrong- we know the Matthews brought her everywhere and everyone else considers her part of the family, so Eric brought her in on the nickname joke thing he does. I say that because he looked a little upset when he realized Maya genuinely thought he didn’t know what her name was- that, to me, said he genuinely considered her family and was worried he had hurt her feelings/didn’t view him as family back. Anyway, he now seems committed to calling Farkle ‘robot’, and did not come up with a nickname for Lucas, so I’m using this to assume he views Farkle as an honorary part of the Matthews Clan.
  • Anyway moving on okay so after he puts together the Dream Team for his senatorial run, he starts seeing a lot more of Farkle
  • Because Farkle is a lot more into this than the other 3, he seems to have a very genuine interest in politics and how elections work and stuff so he’s basically the one in charge of the little staff they put together
  • And after he wins, he uses all 4 kids all the time to make little videos to explain his plans/ideas and get better coverage online/get the youth more involved in politics. So he’s seeing Farkle a lot now because he really wants to help in anyway he can
  • And he genuinely does like this kid
  • And as much as it pains him to imagine Riley even holding hands with a boy, he’s kinda starting to wonder what’s taking them so long omfg
  • He knows Riley has a crush on Lucas (he knows alllll about the triangle bs), but he doesn’t think that 7 years of obvious feelings for someone can change in once subway ride
  • He also is so confused how Riley can be throwing goo-goo eyes at Lucas but is always clinging to Farkle
  • And then??? Farkle has a girlfriend???
  • Eric does not miss being a teenager as much as he used to, holy shit
  • So then, one innocent Valentine’s Day, he and his baby brother Josh decide to take his Weasel out to dinner like GOOD BROTHERS
  • They jokingly text Cory the whole time, but they didn’t realize he thought they actually thought he was being a bad brother by not breaking his reservations
  • They realized that after Cory and Topanga turned up at their restaurant like halfway thru the meal lmao
  • So the five of them have a great time and Topanga invites everyone back to the apartment for some wine (”Yes, Joshua, you can have a glass if your parents never find out”)
  • And everything is good and fine until they open the door and
  • Riley is shirtless and in shorter than short shorts and is on the table and Farkle is shirtless and has his arms wrapped around her waist and his face pressed into her stomach o h G o d n o
  • He can feel blood rushing to his head holy shit suddenly all he can think about is when she was 3 years old and insisted on dressing like Wendy Darling every day for a week and he took her to the park in her little costume and she asked him if Peter and Wendy were in love and she wanted him to tell her all about love and when she’d fall in love and she had a little lisp and her glasses were too big for her and kept slipping down her nose and he’s pretty sure he said something cliché like “you shouldn’t even look at a boy until you’re 40″ and it made her giggle for like 10 minutes and she called him silly
  • And now only a brief 13 years later she’s half naked with a BOY who is half naked and he can hear himself shrieking wordlessly but he doesn’t know how to stop himself from doing that
  • Suddenly Farkle yells “I’VE BEEN DATING RILEY FOR 2 MONTHS’ and now Eric needs to grab onto the arm of the couch to stop from falling over and he’s pretty sure he’s still screaming o h m y G o d she’s a little girl why is this happening
  • Cory and Topanga leave the room and Eric’s still not sure he’s not gonna pass out, he can hear Josh crying and why is Morgan clapping??? Is she trying to use a loud noise to scare the predator away from their clan’s young???? Not a bad plan
  • Part of Eric thinks he’s acting unreasonably because he remembers how he was when he was 16, but a stronger part of him remembers 5 year old Riley insisting on giving him makeovers so he could be a princess with her and NOPE THIS NIGHT CANNOT BE HAPPENING
  • He’s calling Feeny for help before he even realizes what he’s doing
  • He hears himself yell at the older man “FEENY MY NICHE HAS BEEN VIOLATED BY A ROBOT” and he really hopes that sentence makes sense to someone other than him
  • Suddenly the apartment is filled to the brim with other people and everyone seems to be yelling about something different he can’t help but yell for Feeny to help and tweet out his confusion and shock on this whole thing (he’s gotten really into twitter during the course of trying to Stay Hip For The Youth Of The Nation thing he was working with)
  • And suddenly it’s quiet and Riley’s angrily explaining that this was all a misunderstanding, she was just checking Farkle for injuries because he fell off a forth floor fire escape, and he can feel himself calming down, his heartrate returning to normal, every thing in the world is right again
  • Until Robot makes some dumb comment about ‘trying to break in to surprise her to be romantic’ and Cory’s chasing him out the door same Cory same
  • Panger’s is going to follow in the car and he and Shawnie Hunter make eye-contact and know that if there’s ever a place he both need to be, it’s in that damn car. He make a war cry and charge into the night
  • Eric’s live tweeting the chase because it’s helping him calm down a little and honestly the sight of it is pretty hilarious, also he quickly realizes Cory’s not as mad as he appears to be
  • By the time they get in the car the poor kid is shivering from being barefoot and shirtless in February, and even Cory’s coat and the blanket Topanga gives him aren’t warming him up. He’s looking pretty exhausted from running nonstop for almost an hour, and he still very clearly needs to go to the hospital because of that fall. Eric is finding all his anger rush out of him because he honestly just feels bad for the kid now.
  • And once he realizes he won the bet and is now almost a thousand bucks richer, it’s a little easier to move on
  • But not all the way
  • Oh no
  • Eric isn’t going to give them shit for this relationship but he is absolutely going to do everything in his power to make sure his niece is safe and happy
  • He is absolutely not above sending some of his bodyguards after them to spy on dates
  • He is not above giving Farkle little man-to-man chats about Riley’s happiness every time he’s alone with the kid
  • But ultimately, overall, he can see how happy they are together and that the really love each other, so he’s gonna be a big boy and not complain or think of ways to sabotage it
  • He was REALLY surprised when Riley got pregnant though
  • Like…He had already had the sex scare so he didn’t freak out like that twice. But the pregnancy was really unexpected
  • He couldn’t let himself get angry about it though because he was sure literally everyone else in their lives already yelled at them
  • So he just lets Riley know he’ll do absolutely anything he can to help out and hires Farkle to do odd jobs around his office bc the kid obviously should start saving up money since they wanna keep it
  • And sure maybe he pays Farkle a little more than he should considering he’s mostly getting coffee and filing papers and holding calls but he doesn’t want his Niche and future Great Niche to suffer or anything
  • Hormonal Riley comes crying to him about a lot of problems in her life but none of them involve Farkle doing anything to upset her so the kid can continue living
  • Honestly as stressful as the whole pregnancy is…he’s pretty sure they can pull through everything and make it work
  • They’re even more determined and crazy about each other than he even remembers Cory and Topanga being, and he’s actually almost jealous that he hasn’t found something like that yet but they’ve got it so young
  • He always sees Riley as a little girl no matter what but the more he gets to know Farkle and see how determined he is to make everything work out and provide for Riley and the baby, he has such a hard time associating him with the shy little kid that had a bowl cut, tap shoes and a book about dark matter
  • Like he may have knocked up Eric’s niece, but he’s actually like, proud of him? And glad that he knows him? It’s a weird feeling for Eric
  • And as the years go by and the kids manage to get on their feet and everything works out more and more every day, he’s really proud of both of them. Like, his niche is gonna be an Astrophysicist, for crying out loud! He tells everyone he meets! 
  • And now Eric is holding his Great Niche who looks just like Riley did when she was little, and they’re watching Riley and Farkle sharing their first wedding dance to some song about Neverland, and he remembers seeing two 9 year olds giggling and dancing and shooting each other adoring glances, and he’s remembering Baby Riley who was always waiting for Peter Pan to come in her window and whisk her away on an adventure filled with fun and love,
  • And he can’t find it in him to be sad because she’s almost living her own dream and he almost wishes he could’ve found a way to time travel and tell baby Riley that instead of the clichéd comment about staying away from guys till her 40′s
  • Because maybe things could’ve happened a lot faster if he had told her that sometimes Peter Pan likes to disguise himself as a robot and sometimes Wendy’s the one who leads them to the second star on the right
  • He’s pretty sure he claps louder than anyone when they finish the dance.

Three days. Three days you have been trapped in some creeps cellar in a cage, you checked your phone still no service. You were hungry , tired and freezing. Who ever kidnapped you at least threw in a blanket .

You wrapped yourself up sitting on the cold cement floor looking around for a way out. You heard foot steps coming towards your cell you scurried back into the corner looking away as a flash light shown in on you .

“Hey are you alright ?” They ask starting to pick the lock , “ Sammy over here”

Another pair of foot steps hurried over as the cell door opened . You were so weak, you tried to stand falling back , the man with the flashlight put his gun into his holster and the other rushed over picking you up cradling you in his arms. Taking you out of the building , your vision was blurred you seen scattered dead bodies including the one of the man that kidnapped you .

Once you were outside the one the other called Sammy set you down on the grass . The sun was so bright after not seeing it for a few days.

Sammy grabbed you a bottle of water which you gulped down almost drowning yourself not taking a breath.

Y/n: “thank you” you wiped the dripping water off your chin

The other man came out of the house smelling of gasoline as you watched the Windows turn black from smoke

“Come on we need to get out of here” he handed Sammy the keys and helped you up and into the back seat of the car.

Sammy: “ dean did you really have you burn the house down with them”

Y/n: “what were they” you shuddered in the back seat , the man you know knew as dean turned looking you over.

Dean : “ did they feed you blood”

Y/n: “ no ew…why would they feed me … Blood” you touched your hand to your neck where it has been bitten wincing in pain.

Dean : “ where do you call home”

Y/n: “ I …. I don’t have a physical address … No living relatives”

Sam : “ how did you end up back there with those vamps

Y/n : “ I travel a lot my car died a couple towns over…. I was staying at a hotel in this town …. I went out to the vending machine for a drink that’s all I remember”

Dean : “ what’s your name”

Y/n: “ y/n , and I’ve picked up from your conversations to each other that your dean and he’s sammy”

Sam: “Sam ,my brother dean just doesn’t want me to grow up”

Dean : “oh you love it” he smacked him on the shoulder giving him a smirk

You gave them directions to the hotel you were staying at and thankfully they didn’t clean out your belongings or give you a hard time although you did pay for the week.

Dean and Sam got a room at the same place to make sure they killed the whole nest. They handed you their numbers in case you needed them , You thanked them again waving out your door going to shower and go get something to eat .

You stripped your damp dirty clothes throwing them right in the trash . The hot water on your skin felt amazing you scrubbed and scrubbed careful around your cuts and bite marks .

You climbed out of the shower wrapping your self in a towel drying off putting on clean clothes . You fixed your hair into place and grabbed your room key and purse heading out the door calling the number the boys gave you.

Y/n : “hey I know I already thanked you guys, but I was wondering if I could buy you guys lumch or dinner … Whatever time it is … I know it’s weird some random girl offering to buy two guys she just met food… But I’m starving and….”

Dean: “ well you clean up very nice for a gypsy “ Dean said into the phone smiling ,he was standing in front of you on the walkway

You hung up the phone , and shook your head. Blushing a little , he was one to talk . He was easily one of the most handsome guys you had ever met.

Dean: “ I was just actually on my way over to ask you if you would like to join Sammy and I…”

You looked over noticing Sam already in the passenger seat of the impala. You smiled looking down at your gurgling belly .

Y/n: “ I could really use a burger or three”

Dean looked at you and shrugged impressed. Although he obviously didn’t believe someone of your size could ever put away three burgers.


You went to a cute little 50’s themed diner and looked over the menu and your eyes glistened . The waitress took the boys orders and then looked to you.

Y/n: “ I’ll have a bacon cheeseburger the works … Extra bacon, curly fries , onion rings, root beer float… And do you have pie” you looked up from the menu and the waitresses nodded looking at the boys who both were shocked at your order

Waitress: “ yes darlin’, we have Maine blueberry , Apple , and pecan”

Y/n: “ put this all on one tab by the way , and I’ll one of each , I’m sure whatever one I don’t eat one of them will… I’m starving”

The waitress nodded walking away looking at pad of paper and went to put your order in. Sam nudged Dean noticing his jaw dropped.

Y/n: “ judge me all you want , I haven’t eaten in days …” You laughed

Sam: “ no ,no we are not the type to judge… you really don’t have to buy our food”

Y/n: “ look , you guys did me a solid saving my life from …vampires and all… And I’m guessing you do it for a living … Also no offence what does a hunter really get paid for hunting … my dad used be a part of the BAU unit … I can tell that you two are like me… Except when my parents were murdered, while I was away to school. the government set me up well, I have a feeling all you were left with was your bitchin car and crazy skills I will probably never understand …I dropped out of school , I didn’t want to be like my father …being an only child it’s kind of expected… Losing him the way I did , I couldn’t stand to live at home… You save people , you saved me..Let me buy you dinner it’s the least I could do…”

Dean : “ we survive , we do what we do because it’s the right thing to do, not for a pay check …we’ve lost really good people in the process … Fighting the good fight… Its always been Sammy and I against the world” he looked as if he was trying to prove himself, getting flustered.

Sam: “ sorry about your parents y/n , did you ever think about going back to school”

Y/n: “ Nah , I didn’t leave on the best of terms”

The waitress pushed a cart containing all your food, she placed the boys in front of them and then yours . Your eyes lit up picking up your burger getting ready to bite into . Dean and Sam watched you intently puzzled.

Y/n: “ what ? Do you guys say grace…”

They shook their heads as you bit into your burger moaning involuntarily. Dean looked at Sam and chuckled. You finished almost everything in front of you, the pit that was your stomach was now full .

You forgot you ordered pie, the waitress brought the three plates out and you groaned not knowing if you could have another bite . Dean licked his lips you smiled offering him to choose first, Sam politely declined.

Y/n: “ mmm better than sex”you thought out loud forgetting you were with these two men you just met.

Dean almost spit out his pie watching you lick your fork , the waitress set the bill on the table . You pulled out your wallet waving her down giving her a hundred dollar bill telling her to keep the change. She smiled handing you a box for the one uneaten pie.

Sam: “thank you y/n” he nudged Dean

Dean: “yes y/n thank you”

You smiled giving them a nod , you all piled back in the car heading back to the hotel.


You went to your room , took off your pants and threw yourself on the bed turning on the tv. Hopefully they had something good on paper view. There was a knock on the door and you answered it and no one was there.

You shrugged closing it turning around to two different pairs fangs a girl and a guy, didn’t look to be more than seventeen. you screamed fighting it off to reach for your phone . One of them kicked it out of your hand, thankfully you already hit dial.

Fang one :“Thought you could get away little bitch, kill my whole family … Well you forgot the two of us”

Fang 2: “your blood is so intoxicating , wasn’t to hard to track you… Father was stupid to try and keep you as a pet…”

Fang one: “ now sister, lets not play with our food, besides we have to get back to the others”

The girl laughed holding your head cocked to the side getting ready to drink, Dean came busting through the door sword in hand.

He sliced the guy vampires head clean off splattering his blood all over you and the girl vampire. She let go of your neck shoving you to the side Sam grabbed you putting you behind him .

The girl vampire fell to her knees in defeat , waiting to be killed. You almost felt bad for her, but then remembered what she was and what she was capable of. With no hesitation Dean swung his sword and her head fell tumbling at your feet. You looked down horrified , and sat on your bed.

Sam started gathering the bodies and wrapping them up to dispose of them. You walked into the bathroom in horror to have your second shower of the day.
You came out in just a towel , to Dean still in your room.

Dean : “ I uh…. I can come back…” He looked you up and down

Y/n : “please …”you rolled your eyes , “just hand me my bag please” you laughed

Dean handed it to you, still not being able to take his eyes off you. You held you towel with one hand while searching your bag for something to wear.

Y/n : “ok so these nests …There are more, or at least they made it seem so”

Dean : “well depending on who fed from you… a vampire once it has your scent… It’s for life”

Y/n: “oh great” you pulled out a long shirt and pair of shorts to wear to bed .

You walked over towards dean pecking him on the lips.

Dean : “wait ..”

Y/n: “ twice in one day, You saved me… Let me give you a proper thank you” you gently shove him on the bed.

Dean: “ woah y/n any other time I’d be all for …” He kept you from taking your towel off.

You stood back a little embarrassed , you had never been turned down before.

Y/n : “yeah sorry , your right … I don’t know what came over me”

Dean: “hey it’s been a rough few days for you ,and you did say the vamp said there were others we have to be on guard… ” he watched you go into the bathroom to get dressed. “So stupid” he muttered

You came out in your night wear dean was still muttering to himself sitting on the edge of the bed. You smiled to yourself rolling your eyes.

Y/n : “ does Sam usually take this long” you sat down beside him

Dean: “ he just texted me , he’s almost done”

You got up walking over to the mini fridge bringing out the to-go box with the slice of pie from the diner. And grabbed some to go forks you had collected handing one to dean .

Y/n : “ this is great pie… I’ve made better… A big part in not wanting to be a cop, or an federal agent … I just want to bake and cook… My father refused to pay for any sort of schooling or training for it…”

Dean: “you make pie … And cook… Your higher than a ten … Why haven’t you made some man insanely happy”

Y/n : “ my last boyfriend I caught in bed with my room mate … He was a moron anyway… There had been a few hopefuls over the past year … But … I don’t stay in one place long enough to really get to know anyone… the most conversation I’ve had in a long time has been with you and your brother ..”

Dean: “ and you barely know us”

Y/n: “ I trust you two, if you didn’t stick around I’d be dead” you shrugged offering the last bite.

Dean: “ do you want a beer? I could use a beer” he stood up heading for the door

You huffed discarding yet another outfit. Into the trash .


Dean came back with Sam cooler in hand and Sam on his laptop. Dean sat down his cooler and sat down at the table . Sam closed the door giving you a shrug and sat across from Dean.

Y/n : ” sweet a sleepover” you joked

Sam: “ three other girls have been kidnapped In the past few hours… The nest we took you out of doesn’t seem to be the only one …”

Y/n : “ how do you track them…”

Dean: “ hunny they will be back, and we will be waiting” he cracked open a beer handing it to Sam , then offered you one you politely declined he cracked his own taking a gulp.

Sam : “ y/n try and get some rest, you look exhausted we will be here”

Y/n : “ sounds like an excellent idea” you crawled under the blankets turning on the clock radio to the local classic rock station and trying to fall asleep … Your eyes fluttered shut, hopefully you wouldn’t embarrass your self snoring.

Dean : “she likes burgers, pie,she is like us, she passed like every station until finding the classic rock… She is so… So damn beautiful…”whispered looking over at you

Sam: “ she’s also in danger… When we take down the other nest, why don’t you ask her out…” Sam gave a hopeful grin

Dean : “ right , keep her safe first…I’ve never been much felt this attracted to a girl since…”

Sam: “yeah I know… Which is why you should go for it…”

You smiled to yourself listening to their conversation. You didn’t blow it practically throwing yourself , maybe they would teach you how to hunt too.


You woke up to Dean passed out in the chair and Sam still tapping away on the laptop , you sat up and stretched .

Fool in the rain by led Zeppelin started playing on the radio , you turned it up a little singing it to yourself .

Sam playfully rolled his eyes, as you stood up still singing… Along dancing around .

Sam: “ I take it you had a good sleep”

Y/n: “ waking up to led Zeppelin Sam , you need to lighten up a little” you grabbed his arms forcing him to twirl around with you.

Dean groaned dropping the bottle he fell asleep with and realized what was going on.

Dean: “Sammy?” He laughed

Sam: “ apparently waking up to led Zeppelin means dancing like a fool”

Y/n: “ what’s the point of living if you can’t enjoy the small things” you continued to sing along

Dean smirked watching you dance around and you let Sam go back to work grabbing onto Dean.

Dean: “y/n I don’t dance” he chuckled

You weren’t having that , you grabbed a hold of his hands forcing him like you did with Sam.

Sam: “come on Dean lighten up a little” he winked at you.

Y/n: “And the warmth of your smile starts a-burnin’ ,And the thrill of your touch gives me fright.And I’m shaking so much, really yearning .Why don’t you show up, make it all right?
Yeah, it’s all right.” You sang twirling around towards Dean , either he had to catch you or let you fall.

He caught you smiling shaking his head , dancing with you goofily . The song ended and he stopped still holding you looking into your eyes.

Sam cleared his throat , and he let you go shaking it off . You quietly sighed to yourself as he went over to see what Sam had figured out .

You grabbed your clothes heading to the bathroom to freshen up and get dressed.

Sam pointed out on the map to Dean of all the possible places he figured the nest would be, you left the door open a crack to listen.

Dean: “ ok so three different spots… How are we supposed to hunt all three, one of us needs to stay with y/n… And your not going alone that would be suicide mission… Cass is still m.i.a.”

Y/n: “simple you take me with you, train me” You came out arms crossed

Dean: “ absolutely not, you would get yourself killed”

Y/n: “ I’m also a target I could draw them out for you”

Sam: “Dean she kind of has a point”

Dean: “ no … We are not dangling her I their faces … It’s to risky”

Y/n: “ well I’m going… You said it your self .. Neither of you can go at it alone… Too dangerous , and you want to keep me safe from harm… Which means I can’t be let out of your site”

Sam: “and unless you magically find Cass….”

Dean: “Fine…you stay close”

You nodded, you tied your hair back smiling.


After witnessing and actually having your first vamp kill under your belt you were relieved. Each and every last one dead.

Sam and Dean even were impressed how you handled the whole situation.

Sam left you two alone to go fetch some supplies , they would be heading out tomorrow.

The time you spent with them only being a few days felt like years. You grew to care about them , especially Dean.

Dean stopped by your room to check up on you to make sure you were ok after slicing your first vamp.

Dean : “ you were really good out there today , I’m impressed”

Y/n: “ me how about you two… I killed one measly vampire … You and Sam at least killed a dozen”

Dean : “it was your first time … How do you feel?”

Y/n: “honestly… I feel fantastic… I get it … Why you guys do this for a living… Although we didn’t save them all… Those people …we saved them .. that felt so good”

Dean sat down on the edge of your bed, in silence. You could tell he wanted to say something but was holding back.

You walked over closer to him , straddling him. He looked up at you with a gulp.

You slowly placed your lips on his then pulled back to see if he wanted this as much as you.

He played with your hair and the kissed you back holding you into him. You ground down on him picking up pace Causing him to lay back.

you crawled on top of him pulling your clothes off piece by piece and then helped him with his. His hand slipped between you legs finding you clit making figure eights causing you to whimper into his mouth.

Dean: “ ive been thinking about this moment since you kissed me.. I stupidly turned you down… I’m ….”

You cut him off kissing him to shut him up, as sexy as his voice was you wanted his lips to be on yours. He gently rolled you over onto your back kissing down your body ,placing his mouth on all your sweet spots.

You wanted him inside you so bad , but he was drawing it out . He kissed his way back placing one on your vamp bite mark.

He slowly entered your core , filling you up. You tilted your head back to cry out .you whimpered wrapping your legs around him to bring him closer.

He started out at a slow but swift pace, drawing in and out of you slowly and steadily. You hoarsely groaned and bucked your hips upward into his, squeezing your walls around him wanting him to pick up the pace. Which he did, holding you close panting in your ear. Mix of both your moans escaping.

Dean : “you feel so fucking good”

You couldn’t even respond to caught up in the moment. Your were trying to focus on not cuming before him. All you could do his pull him close .

He rested his forehead against yours, looking into your eyes .

Y/n: “ Dean…” Your stomach began to tighten…

He immediately picked up his pace a bit more grinding into you harder and faster . Muffling your screams of your orgasm with a kiss as he came along with you .

He slowed his pace down finishing you both off and He rolled off you gently laying beside you . You whined at the loss of him inside you. He wrapped his arm around kissing your forehead as you nuzzled in.

You to lay in silence for a little while trying to recover. Until he broke the silence turning to face you .

Dean: “ come with us”

You chuckled looking up at him.

Dean : “ I’m serious y/n … You can stay with us… I already talked to sammy… He agrees, a girl like you … As sweet and insanely beautiful as you are… We can keep you safe, and …”

Y/n: “ … And you will finish training me” you smiled

Dean: “to protect your self …” he played with your hair

Y/n: “ ok”

Dean: “ ok?”

Y/n: “ if you want me to come with you I will … I’ve been on this adventure to find myself for far to long… Who knew finding myself here with you … A supernatural hunter … made so much sense”

Dean: “ and tomorrow I want to take you out”

Y/n: “ shooting ?”

Dean : “ easy tiger , on a date”

Y/n: “ you like me , huh dean winchester”

Dean: “ I think we already established that” gesturing to your bodies.

y/n: “ I like you too” You leaned up kissing his cheek .

He smiled reaching beside him to get his cell phone off the side table . You snatched it and he looked at you puzzled.

You turned the camera on and took a picture as you kissed his cheek . He goofily looked annoyed but you knew he loved it. Saving it as your contact picture handing it back.

He shook his head dialing Sam, he hadn’t called or texted whether when he got back.

He didn’t answer , Dean looked a little worried and got up out of the bed. And hurriedly put his clothes on.

Dean: “ I’m going to go check the room. He must have fallen asleep”

Y/n: “ok” you smiled kissing him once more before he left you alone

You threw yourself back on the bed smiling ear to ear . Your stomach full of butterflies, you had never in a million years would have thought knowing.

Someone less than a week you would agree to staying with them. Maybe he felt bad for you ,knowing you didn’t actually have a home to return too…that didn’t matter.

The connection you felt to dean even more so after the time you had just shared warmed your heart. You hadn’t fallen this fast for anyone besides your first love .

You went into the bathroom and cleaned up putting your pjs back on. You came back out dean already back laying propped up on the bed.

Dean: “yep he fell asleep alright … In baby… And he had a girl with him…” He chuckled , “ the room is literally a few feet away”

You shook your head with a small grin laying back down in bed, as he put his arm out so you could cuddle back into him.

Y/n: “ he was Working on his night moves” you sang jokingly

Dean : “ classic” he smiled kissing your forehead chuckling , he tickled your arm until you fell asleep listening to his heart beat.


Alex Summers x Reader - Call It A Date

Your Mutation: Control over 50% of your brain
Request: Super fluffy Alex Summers x reader where he comes back to the school and falls in love with one of the new teachers. If possible, can she be Hank’s younger sister and she knows all about him from Hank but still falls for Alex because he is super wonderful to her? Thanks! I am excited you are taking requests 😊
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 677
Rating: PG
Warnings: fluffity fluff, language

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The school had been crazy for the past few days. There had been an increasing amount of students coming in and it had been hectic. All you wanted to do was lock yourself in your brother’s lab and work on your project. But instead, you had to paperwork for your classes and for the new students. Part of it was Charles’ fault; he was the one who thought of putting out that advertisement.

“(Y/N)?” Hank said, knocking on your already open classroom door. You sighed and set down your paperwork.

“What’s up now?” You asked.

“Another teacher is out sick. We need coverage. The class is downstairs. I wouldn’t ask, but you’re the only available teacher.” Hank explained. You nodded, annoyed that yet another teacher had fallen ill. The flu was going around the school and you would be finding the cure for it if you didn’t have to cover all these teacher’s classes.

Your mutation allowed you to have control over 50% of your brain, meaning you were even more intelligent than your brother. He had graduated college at 15, while you had graduated college at 11. That was one thing you always held above his head.

“You want to get lunch together? Brother and sister bonding time?” Hank chuckled as the two of you made your way downstairs.

“I’d love to, but we both know that the amount of work we’re both doing right now won’t allow us to have any personal free time. It’s very tedious and I would like to just go sit in your lab forever.” You told him. He nodded in agreement. The two of you began walking down the stairs when you heard a new voice.

“Hank McCoy!” The man smiled. He was attractive; very attractive.

“Alex Summers!” Hank laughed, running down and shaking his hand. A boy stood next to Alex with a blindfold on.

“Oh, Alex, this is my sister, (Y/N).” Hank introduced the two of you.

“You’re the famous Alex Summers? My brother has told me a lot about you.” You smiled, shaking his hand.

“I hope McCoy hasn’t been saying too many bad things about me.” He replied with a wink. You felt a small blush on your face and you mentally scolded yourself. You barely had enough time to eat, how would you ever have enough time for a relationship? After taking Scott to the Professor and letting him show off his abilities, Alex and you were left sitting alone outside.

“So, what’s your mutation, if you don’t mind me asking?” Alex grinned, taking a bite of his food. Somehow, the boy had convinced you that you could take a short break from work to eat lunch with him.

“I have control over 50% of my brain.” You said. Alex’s eyes widened and he nodded.

“Impressive. I bet your brother is really jealous of that.” He smirked.

“Yeah, especially because I graduated college at 12 and he graduated at 15. I might be younger, but I’ll always be smarter than him which is a plus. You control plasma energy, right? Hank told me about it awhile back and it’s so interesting. If you don’t mind, maybe some time I could do some tests on you? I just want to see how the plasma effects the rest of your bodily functions. It’s pretty interesting.” You rambled. Alex smiled as you spoke.

“I’d love to do that. Now, would this count as a date, or will I have to ask you on one?” Alex smiled at you. You felt another blush appearing on your face.

“It’s up to you. If you want.” You giggled. You hated that he made you feel like a school girl with a crush, but he was incredibly funny and handsome.

“Let’s call it a date. We can get food after the tests?” You nodded in agreement.

“Hey, Summers, stop hitting on my sister.” Hank called over from where he stood a few yards away.

“Fuck off, McCoy!” Alex laughed.

“It’s a date?” He asked with a smile.

“It’s a date.”

I fucking love Alex Summers. I hope y’all enjoyed! Requests are closed.

Please Help Me Move Out Of My Abusive Home

So for those following me you’ve probably seen my post already about me trying to save up to move.
I will be moving in with @omsparkles out in Oregon. I currently live in Missouri.
Things have gone from bad to worse.
Lets start from the beginning. My name is Pax, I’m a disabled, mentally ill, trans man that as of right now am living in an abusive household. My mother continues to mentally abuse me,refuses to let me get treatment to start T, I cannot get therapy at all while i am here, and i am constantly on the verge of suicide because of her. Most nights she prefers getting drunk and screaming and smashing things in the house, and I am terrified for my life around her.
I desperately need out.

I figured I could save it all on my own. I got a job and everything.
But because I suffer from autonomic dysfunction, and extreme anemia, and other illnesses, I am now only allowed to work 4 hours or else I risk fainting or having a heart attack while on duty. And because my work has also cut back everyone’s hours due to us getting other people from a closing store, i’m barely making enough money to feed myself.
I am desperate. I need out.
I am still taking commissions, but they’re going to take a while for me to finish due to how terrible my health is right now, and me trying to y’know… not killing myself…

I have a little over $600 saved up right now, and will continue to try and keep working my current job, but I really need help.
I’ll need to save up at least $1,000 or so.
If you can donate ANYTHING or commission me, that would help me sooooooo much! you can donate at shopkec@yahoo.com
I’m not sure how to add a donate button as of right now, but I’m trying to figure something out.
I’m terrified here and I just need some help, please.

My plan so far is to either take a GreyHound bus or a plane to fly out to Omi’s, and mail what else i can’t pack to her home, like my desktop, extra clothes, ect.

I will also need to put down my dog before I move. He is 15 years old now, extremely sick, and would not make the move. He becomes extremely depressed when I’m away and literally no one can take him (he’s a huge black lab that’s over 100 pounds). I plan to cremate him and bring that with me. He’s my best friend and this is the most heart breaking thing I’ll have to do, but there’s no other option at this point.

from what i can budget off of the CHEAPEST of everything, and what i can find online.
greyhound/airplane: $200 - $400
luggage: depending, could be $50+ (not certain)
putting dog down and cremation: $300 or more
mailing left over stuff: my computer is pretty heavy, so if i have to mail that, that could easily be $50+. so I might be looking at about $100 for it all.
food: (I’ll need to feed myself for a while until I can get a job while I’m out there) $100-200
so all around I’ll need a little over 1,000.
like I said, I have more than half already saved and will STILL be working to save up money. But i honestly need out ASAP.
If anyone is good at budgeting or knows more about moving PLEASE message me!

Please if you can help at all that would be amazing. Either share this, donate, something. I’m honestly desperate now. I never wanted to ask for donations but I have nothing else I can do and am scared shitless living here. I really need help.

Why I find it worthwhile to participate in 
The First “Protect the Creators” Day on Tumblr

Besides being great fun to be part of a group that shares worthwhile goals (and besides the pleasure to see how many of those I follow are participating), there are some more aspects of why I participate (debunking some BS along the way):

Am I creator? I think I am: I do photography beyond mere vacation snapshots, and I’m a writer/author (call it whatever you like) of original content. Even doing photography of any kind would be enough to qualify as a creator. Oh, there were some other creative endeavors in my past (unpublished), but that’s not what this campaign is about. I’m sure many of those participating can say similar things, besides doing photography or what else they show on Tumblr …

Am I an artist? No, I don’t see myself as an artist – I just take pictures and write (as far as I show on Tumblr). An artist has to be a creator, but it does not work the other way round. Well, this campaign is called “Protect the Creators”, not “Protect the Artists”, as far as I can see and remember, and this is a big umbrella for many people here …

Do I need protection? Actually – no. After my first encounter with a reblogging spree without credentials shown (because many people here on Tumblr use templates that hide these and many more) I found a neat solution that suits me well: Just a small, half-transparent watermark in one corner of my pictures, using a newly created version of my CA sign and my personal URL for photography work.

Do I have to ridicule those who think different about the need of some protection by Tumblr because I don’t need it myself? No, why should I? I find it much more satisfying to show some solidarity (ever heard of that?), and I sympathize with the idea behind this campaign, even if I don’t agree to everything. So – I’m in …

But is this campaign not only supported by a tiny minority of Tumblr bloggers, namely amateur photographers? Yes, mostly (as it looks). But being a minority exactly implies – what? That all who are part of a minority should just shut up and should not dare to demonstrate for a slight inforcement of rules that are already there? Yeah, even Tumblr haz rulz!

And remember: Everyone is a minority of one, until he/she/it joins a group – all movements start with a small number of people (sometimes with exactly one). And I like the idea of howling with the underdogs …

(Mixed metaphors, I know – I just couldn’t resist. ;))

But doesn’t this campaign shut out or hurt anyone who’s not a Photographer on Tumblr? No – why or how? The goal is not to prohibit or penalize reblogging, but to give some options of content protection to its creators, and to prevent copyright infringement in the first place (this would also serve those who do it inadvertently). The breadth and depth of such protection is a matter of discussion; there might be some nice ideas around that would serve Tumblr too. No extreme position has to stand in the end to get some progress.

And yes, Tumblr already does support creators with their DMCA form (the one or other problem notwithstanding), but it needs much work on the side of the creators to find and report violations – every single one of up to many thousands; if this is worth the effort, or not, is a different matter. Life could be easier for all parties …

But aren’t works of art or creations of any kind free to use by anyone in any form the moment they were published (or sold)? Nope, they are not. Publishing any form of creative work (of any kind, be it text, photography, video, music, or whatnot) does not put it in the “public domain” – unless the creator explicitely puts it there, or is dead for at least 50 years (what I think is already a ridiculous long time, but that’s what the rules are at the moment). So there are rules (sometimes quite complicated), laid down by international treaties signed by most countries of the UN, and even museums and their curators have to apply to them (much effort goes into making certain who’s the originator of a work, so correct and visible attribution is a must, even there, and curators might be a little bit pissed if someone just cuts off something from a piece they own to do something else with it) …

But it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things! Well – since when has this stopped people in pursuing their goals? What does a football (or “soccer”) game matter? This doesn’t make the position of those participating in “Protect the Creators” less valuable than the position of anybody else (who’s completely free to not participate at all, or only in passing if stumbling upon the campaign) …

Why am I on Tumblr at all and don’t go somewhere else? Because Tumblr is already the best platform I could find (I’ve put some effort in finding the right platform) – and I like the people I find here! This is what “social media platforms” are meant to be (and how they gather, hold and grow their user base) …

Something else? Others have given their share of arguments already, so I can just stop here and enjoy my dash in a “special way” … :)

– Christian


Hiya Tumblr universe, I’m reaching out hoping that some of you will be able to help, even just by reblogging. I am trying to raise some money with a Go Fund Me account for this stray kitten I am fostering: GoFundMe.com/Hope_for_Hunter

Meet Hunter! He is a 10 week old stray kitten we found outside the back door in Needham, MA, where the feral cat population is simply out of control. Hunter was crying, barely able to move, running a very high fever and seemingly close to death. The vet at the free clinic we took him to told us he MIGHT survive if we took him to the ER and got him an IV. Unfortunately it was a very expensive process that we were not prepared to take on. When we asked if we should surrender him, the vet was very honest and told us that he was certain if we did, the MSPCA they would euthanize him. We were determined not to let that happen! My wonderful friend Elena spent 4 days feeding him, giving him water in a syringe, and cleaning all the mats out of his fur as she could. When this clearly hadn’t been enough (although it most certainly kept him alive and he was showing signs of getting better) we knew we needed something more and took him to the MSPCA ER. We bit the bullet and paid the $180 it cost to have him seen and to receive antibiotics. It turns out that the mats she couldn’t get out were actually covering bite wounds from another cat that had grown massive infections, the real cause for his sickness. 

Hunter has been home with me for almost 48 hours now, and with his medicine and the wounds opened and cleaned, I am starting to see him act like the kitten he should be at this age! I still have to give him antibiotics twice daily and clean his wounds, which he does not like AT ALL, but i truly believe this whole experience is helping him become a wonderful addition to wherever his furrever home ends up being. Which leads up the reason for our GoFundMe. 

Hunters care has already put a financial strain on Elena and myself, which neither of us can really afford at the moment. Non the less, i refuse to let Hunter be put down for something so treatable. We are asking for donations to help offset the following costs:

$150 ER appointment
$30 Antibiotics/IV fluids
$200 XRay (potential necessity)
$70x 3 follow up appointments (I just spoke with the vet, kittens need to be vaccinated every two or three weeks, so when we bring him in he will need to come back a few times)
$30 kitten play pen
~$50  kitten food/ litter/medicine for ear mites

prosegarden cladinscarlet copperglowingfine <3