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hey, just wanted to say that I had never considered Rhajat as Azura's kid... until I came across your blog. How did I not notice how pretty Azura!Rhajat is before

Aqua!Rhajat is best Rhajat!

… Well, not in terms of stats obviously but Aqua!Rhajat is my wife and I love her to death.

My heart goes out to the parents driving home without their children. To the teenagers with an empty desk beside them at school today. To the best friends who turn to make a joke to someone, only to remember they’re not there. To the teachers who call out the register, only to stumble on a name. My heart goes out today to all those affected by this horrific, barbaric and heartbreaking attack in Manchester.


oi, trigger, where’s my hug

bonus panel i didn’t wanna finish:


“That’s the trouble with hope. It’s hard to resist.”

and another boxer!lexa~

I made a Togruta and based her colors and overall design off a Monarch butterfly! I’m going to keep her as an OC since I really like her and I might have some ideas for a backstory for her.


The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.


@myetie AND I DID A COLLAB AND IM SCREAMING I STILL CANT BELIEVE THE BEAUTY OF HER ART. I did Mari’s lineart and colored Adrien, she did Adrien’s lineart and colored Mari. LOOK AT THE BEAUTY. 

We decided to do a fantasy and Zelda inspired drawing/AU SO HERE IT IS AND IM STILL SCREaming

...And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while.