but i already ate dinner

Things that i've done because i'm extremely adhd

• forgotten what i was saying half way through my sentence

•accidentally overdosed on my ADHD medication because i Forgot that i’d already taken it

•frantically looked for my phone while it was in my hand. I was on tumblr.

•dropped a pencil without noticing because i stopped focusing on it and my hand just.. Forgot to hold onto it.

•procrastinated eating until 2 pm

•stared at my math book blankly for 10 solid minutes because i zoned out and couldn’t process what i was looking at

•almost put a milk carton under the sink because i got distracted

•forgotten that i already ate dinner, and asked my mom when we were eating. She looked confused and told me we already had

•started to clean my room but got distracted by a box of marbles and ended up sorting marbles into color piles for an hour

•accidentally answered my Japanese teacher in german because my friend had been speaking german before class

•hyper-focused on anime instead of anything productive.

•disassociated while watching a cartoon and forgot what i looked like and was genuinely surprised when i didnt look like the main character

•y'know what i fuckin forgot what i was gonna put here, i think that just sums it up quite nicely.

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Rose and Ten are traveling and something happened that turns ten into a little kid (like 8 years old). Rose has to play babysitter and 8yr old ten might develop a crush on her idk. Thanks :)

I want to write a multi-chap like this sometime because this entire idea is just so cute thank you Anon

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The Doctor, Destroyer of Worlds, last of the Time Lords, asleep in her arms - drooling.

Properly drooling all over her shoulder, as an eight year old boy.

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“Dinner’s ready, I already ate but do you -”

The scene in front of you stopped you short: Sam, on your bed, still in his jeans and shoes, knocked out after days of not being able to fall asleep. Finally. He’d been so stressed lately; this case was affecting him for some reason he wouldn’t talk about and you could see how much it had been weighing on him ever since.

You grazed the wall with your fingertips until you flipped the light switch. Dinner can wait. Everything can wait. You were about to leave the room, give him some quiet, when you noticed his movement - his legs twitched, slightly, and he grabbed a fistful of the pillow, his breaths erratic.

He couldn’t have a couple of hours of peace, could he?

You walked over to your side of the bed and stepped out of your shoes, climbing up behind him. Gently, you brushed a cold, wet strand of his hair away from his face and kissed the top of his head, sinking your body behind his, dragging your arms down and tucking them between his arms and his waist. His fist relaxed a bit and you smiled against his hair, throwing a leg over his as quietly and slowly as possible.

But it wasn’t slow enough.

“What are you doing?” he mumbled, taking a deep breath, his eyes still closed.

“Cuddling with my boyfriend.” You kissed below his ear. “Go back to sleep.”

“Feels like you’re trying to climb a tree.” 

Your whole body buzzed with laughter. “It’s not my fault you’re a jumbo human.”

He smiled and kicked off his shoes, holding your hand on his side. “You wanna switch?”

“No, not at all. Do you?”

He brought your hand up and pressed his lips to your palm. “No,” he breathed, “I love this. And I love you.”

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Mafumafu & the Scandalous Bunny (121615)

(Photo; The Bing translation says “/) /)(Erotic scene ・-・) ? England”)

Fan: “Mafumafu-san, were you aiming for this? w”

Mafumafu: “Eh, but all I did was tweet a bunny normally! Even though I was thinking I made such a nice tweet-! (`;ω;)”

Mafumafu: “This bunny is making a cute face but it’s an outrageous bunny. I was met with such a disaster. I’m already going off to sleep.

I also ate dinner with Soraru-san today, and at this rate I’ll be meeting Soraru-san every day for a week. Even though we’re fellow shut-ins this is amazing. We’re exceedingly close to reaching 0%”

Shattered Dreams

“Do you think Usagi and the others are doing all right?” Naruto asked Sakura standing in the kitchen with her as she made dinner for herself and him while Haruka sat in her highchair having already ate her dinner.

“I’m sure Usagi and the others are doing all right Naruto. If they would have had trouble, she would have contacted you.” Sakura said giving him a smile, though she knew it could only offer him some comfort.

“Maybe you’re right Sakura-chan, but it’s been close to two weeks since I last heard anything from her.” Naruto mentioned.

Feeling like a champ

I worked really hard to get me and my co-intern out on time today – and it worked!! 

We signed out the service on time for the first time since I’ve been on this service instead of 1-2 hours later than sign out time. 

I rewarded myself with a quick run when I got home and dinner. Now I don’t know what to do that I have a whole two hours before I have to go to sleep. I ate dinner before 9pm and already got stuff ready for tomorrow. I may study for about an hour and then just get ready for bed and sleep. 

3/12 days straight done.