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Hearts, Not Parts (Adore Delaska) Part 1 - Osiris

hello! i’ve written on here before but my old works are embarrassing, so just call me osiris. this is a deeply personal story to me because i’m a trans boy who wants to be a drag queen.

this is about a young trans boy danny who does drag as adore delano, and he meets pre drag race alaska and they feel a connection to each other, but danny’s afraid to come out in fear of rejection. starts off with a bit of adore/jinkx, but i promise it’s focused on adore delaska eventually.

i don’t know how many parts it’ll be. this is part 1.

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You literally adore your boyfriend as a god. Creepy.

Well, friend, you’re only seeing one small part of our relationship. Yes, I adore him. But I know very keenly that he is imperfect. He has flaws, large flaws, just as I have. He is perfect by no means. I do not elevate him to a level above human, nor should anyone—if you notice yourself idolizing or idealizing your partner, you need to stop! that’s unfair to both of you.

I apologize if I made anyone uncomfortable with my very overt displays of affection in the asks last night. However I will not apologize for my feelings and if you think I’m creepy you’re under no obligation to interact with me. Block me if you want. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As I said, you’re only seeing one tiny part of our relationship. Only the parts that I have turned into content for this blog. You have no idea who I am, no idea who he is, no idea what our relationship is like. As long as you’re hidden behind that anonymous gray face, you don’t have the credibility to level any claims against me.

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Hi :) I just want to know, how do you think of you and Severus? Like friend or girlfriend? I feel like his older sister most of the time :D what about you? (now when I wrote it, it seems stupid, but it's fun so whatever)

I’m not actually sure.  Part of me is inextricably attracted to his character, and I cannot help but imagine him in a romantic or sexual manner. However, there’s also that protective/guardian part that I adore as well, which could go either way.

I dunno. I don’t covet many things, but I covet my mental image of Severus.

sorry but ratatouille’s ending is such a perfect ending. i gotta be honest: even with movies i adore, the ending doesn’t tend to be my favorite part, even when they are good. i’m usually all for the middle, the journey, the action. 

but this fucking ending is an exception. just put it on and i’ll tear up over that brilliant representation of how just one little thing (such as a simple bite of simple food) can bring back the most nostalgic childhood memories full force, in an instant. that great speech by ego, where he finally understands what gusteau really meant when he said that anyone can cook. that cozy little restaurant they end up opening. that beautiful, soothing song in french. ego, no longer a respected critic but clearly much happier, walking into the restaurant knowing the truth and asking remy, ‘surprise me!’, just. it’s so good. i love it.


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but dangerous

After the part 6 of the playthrough I’m like SUPER excited to see what is going to happen! \(*゚∀゚*)/this game is like a roller coaster!

Also, I enjoy so much the experience through Jack and his point of view of the things that happened along the story of the game ^^ I couldn’t be more happy to watch it on his playthrough~


As everyone is investigating the basement Armin is trying to figure out this whole titan shifter jazz

i think i’m not alone in absolutely adoring this part of the movie:

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here’s the thing, I just can’t stop watching it. I can’t. Over and over and over, and I keep looking at newt’s expression as he reaches out to touch her, and there’s just? so much going on there?

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  • there is definite apprehension, and carefulness, but i think he’s not apprehensive for himself, but for her? what gets me most is how sure he is of the decision he’s making
  • but the way he looks at her, eyes unblinking, mouth tightening slightly, reaching out slowly and carefully so she can pull away if she wants, and he’s giving her the choice, making this as much about what she wants as it is about what he wants
  • and there’s still more?
  • this hair touch moment happens right after tina asks him about leta
  • so it’s like he’s saying, it’s you
  • i don’t know what leta likes anymore and people change and i’ve changed, and i hope you’ll accept the fact that it’s YOU i want to change for, and change with
  • and he knows this is what he wants, that there’s something here and he’s ready to move on from the picture
  • but he’s not quite sure if tina wants the same, but he still needs to take the chance?
  • it’s like he’s saying, for what it’s worth, even though i’m leaving and I don’t know when I’ll see you again, IT’S YOU WHO I WANT TO MOVE ON WITH, IF YOU’LL ACCEPT
  •  and then he returns to drive home the point, to insist he give her the book, and then he has to turn back again so she’s absolutely SURE what he means, which is perhaps, in that moment, the simplest and the hardest thing to say–
  • i want to see you again