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゚・:,。★·͙⁺˚*•̩̩͙✩Captain America: The Mock Poster Project✩•̩̩͙*˚⁺‧͙★,。・:・゚
                                 THE WINTER SOLDIER

I don’t think I properly introduced this project, but here’s me, recreating famous (romantic) movie posters with the Captain America characters. The hope is to create one for each movie of the trilogy.   as opposed to 6 billions for the Winter Soldier and none for Civil War because SO MANY CHARACTER
Each poster is gonna feature the most iconic Stucky line of each movie (”Not Without You”, “I’m With You Till The end of The Line”, and possibly “Your Bucky”), and credits as similar as possible to the *actual* Captain America poster.
Today’s choice was Titanic (1997) by James Cameron.
It was my first pick, and I never wavered (even if I *might*, if time allows, work on my second and third pick, too). And the more I think about it, the better it fits. The sinking ship. The lovers separated by catastrophe. 

*Here you can find my tumblr post and art for Captain America: THE FIRST AVENGER based on Gone with the Wind (1939)

You can find the art on my Society6 shop here. I decided to post here a version cropped to look as similar as possible to the Titanic poster I used as base. Buuuuuuuut S6 requires square canvas for several gadgets, so the shop contains both this version and also a second, bigger one showing more of the art (the whole helicarrier, the whole shield and other such details.)

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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Make tickle fights, not Civil War

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

universe: Avengers Academy game (so basically High School AU or whatever age they are in the game)

summary: Jan, Sam, Rhodey and Peggy are watching horrors and their evening gets interrupted by some two heroes getting into a fight

length: 1 402 words

a/n: @steve-sketchbooks finally made her birthday wish, and I delivered! hope you like it!! guys, if you liked the fic, send Yuki extra love, because she told me to post it for you all to enjoy, while she could have chosen to keep it only to herself! (and while you’re at it, you can also send me love ❤ )


Make tickle fights, not Civil War

“Don’t go in there, don’t go in there, don’t go – AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Sam almost fell off the couch as the high pitched decibels pierced his eardrums. Rhodey was stronger and stayed in his place, just covered his poor ears, trying to protect them, while Peggy didn’t even flinch, just sent an amused look in the screaming girl’s direction. Jan was sitting between the boys, and screaming her lungs out in a shrilling voice, as the foolish girl in the movie ventured into the basement where the murderer was lurking and waiting for her.

“I told her to not go there!!” Jan yelled, pointing out at the TV, where the girl got hit in the back of her head and fell unconscious to the floor.

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Neighbors Steve Rogers x Reader

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America)

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Some mention of race and insecurities

Word Count: 3,468

A/N: Hey guys, I have been working on this for a while and it’s really long, like 6-7 pages long. I hope you guys enjoy this and that none of my friends read this either. Enjoy adorable Steve Rogers!!!!

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I was scrolling through Tumblr and what not when I heard a loud knocking at my door. Which was weird, because I wasn’t expecting anyone, I have no friends that would come over, and I don’t have a boyfriend to come over and surprise me. So it is either a very polite serial killer, or it’s someone who is lost and needs help of some kind. When I opened the door, I was met with an insanely tall and muscular chest.

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🎄 Writingbarnes Christmas Thingy Masterlist 🎄

Hello! i figured i’d compile all of the drabbles in one single post so it’ll be easier for you to navigate :)

Tags: Writingbarnes Christmas Thingy

• Nice Try [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

• Hot Cocoa [ Newt Scamander x OC - Reader Insert ]

• Say It Again [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

• How Dare [ Steve Rogers x OC - Reader Insert ]

• A Day in The Park [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

• Nugget [ Newt Scamander x OC - Reader Insert ]

• You’ll Thank Me Later [ Steve Rogers x OC - Reader Insert ]

• I Adore You [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

• Santa’s Elf [ Bucky Barnes x OC - Reader Insert ]

• Dance with Me? [ Newt Scamander x OC - Reader Insert ]

And last but not least, the three-in-one drabble post:

• Christmas Moments [ Bucky x Reader, Steve x reader, Newt x Reader ]


Marvel execs, listen up. I have a brilliant idea. Hear me out. So, time travel. 

If we can have Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan looking hot in the 40s AND still causing panties to drop NOW, well, I think it’s obvious that Hayley Atwell deserves the same treatment. 

Set it up during Agent Carter. However you want. I don’t know, use one of the infinity stones. Have Howard Stark accidentally create a time machine. Maybe use some crazy Asgardian technology. I can promise you we will accept it. 

Because imagine the possibilities. Peggy Carter: AN AVENGER. Peggy freakin’ Carter could single handedly put Shield back together and then co-run the new avengers with Nat, while Steve ‘adorable domestic stay at home dad’ Rogers is with the kids (after we get a thrilling, well written storyline about Steggy reconnecting and falling back in love). Peggy Carter, inspiring little girls. Hayley Atwell, dominating the MCU. 


During Bucky’s recovery, he discovered soap operas.  Specifically, he got hooked on Korean sageuk thanks to a Filipino grandma who lived next door to them and loved watching them online.

She didn’t understand a word of Korean but got by with subtitles and was pleased as punch that her “nice next door neighbor’s boyfriend” understood Korean and could explain the stuff that got lost in translation.  She was also of the opinion that Bucky needed to eat more - therefore Bucky was spoiled on Filipino merienda (snack) staples.

Eventually, Steve discovered where his wayward boyfriend got up to in the afternoons and eventually HE got hooked on Korean sageuk too and Lola Magda’s arroz caldo. 

What, Steve could spend hours drawing all those magnificent costumes!

No, Bucky, Steve is totally not like that plucky and intrepid inspector girl who ends up being a King’s Royal Consort.  Nope.  What are you talking about?


The Blanket Fort headcanon, based on two Certain Ducks in my life who practically raised me on ALL the soap operas!

(Yes, our fave Korean sageuk will ALWAYS be Dong Yi!)

Prompt: “When was the last time you ate?”

Character: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers

Warning: Neglecting needs without meaning to

It wasn’t that you ever meant to get completely engrossed in your work, it wasn’t that you meant to forget to do things, or let time fly to the point that you could spend days working thinking it was merely hours. It wasn’t that you meant to do that. You just did and you’d always done that. Which is where Steve came in, because Steve, small, loving, feisty Steve Rogers, always came to check on you and bring you back to reality and make sure you were okay.

You had started telling him years ago when you’d be working on your next piece of writing, when you’d be so engrossed in a story that you couldn’t do anything but write, and then a few months after that he got given the spare key to your apartment so that he could come in and make sure that you were okay and that you’d been looking after yourself. More often than not you hadn’t and more often than not you didn’t notice Steve presence until he addressed you, by which time he’d have cleaned your apartment (nearly breaking his back and busting a lung in those process, which had you been aware you would have told him off for) and had made you some form of food that he would force feed you if he had to. For a guy who had all sorts of health problems and should probably be babied himself Steve Rogers was certainly a motherly guy, he cared and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy him looking after you. You just wished he took it easier and didn’t hurt himself in the process. 

It was another one of those days where the words just seemed to flow out of your head and onto the type writer that you’d saved up for after years of working in a diner, you had a deadline for this next piece and you were glad to finally be at a point where you might complete the piece in time and even have time to redraft it again. But that sort of level of inspiration came at a price, inspiration was a fickle thing really. 

You didn’t notice Steve, not when he cleaned up the dishes by your sink or took your rubbish out or straightened your bed covers, not when he started to cook at your stove, nor even when he had to take a few minutes out because his arrhythmia was causing his chest to hurt. 

“When was the last time you ate?” You blinked at the voice and the light hand that squeezed your shoulder, it was shaking, that wasn’t uncommon for Steve issues with anaemia and arrhythmia meant his hands shook a lot. 

You pushed away slightly from the desk, hands took yours and Steve tutted at the raw skin from where your fingers had slipped through the keys of the type writer, a plate was placed on your desk and Steve started to work on wrapping your fingers in thin gauze, he always seemed so prepared. It endeared you, the way his brow furrowed, and his hands shook as he tutted and fixed your scraps and made sure you were okay even when you forgot to.

“I..I don’t remember…” One hand was released, “Eat.” you took a fork to the pasta (where Steve got Pasta from in your kitchen you weren’t sure) and started to eat it, watching as he finished up your last hand. Now that you were out of your little trance you noticed the throbbing in your fingers and the growl of your stomach. 

“Thank you, Stevie…” You finished the plate of food, watching the man who sat on your spare stool. He looked tired, he didn’t seem liked he’d been sleeping well. Steve slept a lot, but it wasn’t always restful and it worried you, you supposed he worried the same way you did for him…you didn’t want him to worry too much, didn’t want him to have that sort of strain on his heart. 

“It’s okay, I just don’t want you to waste away, y’know? If I gotta be careful, so do you.” You took his hand in yours, his hands were so cold all the time, so much thinner then they should be, but there was an endearing quality about it even if you worried. But then Steve was probably better at looking after himself then you were, even if he kept picking fights. 

“I know, Stevie…I just get in the moment and I don’t realise.” You never meant to led your needs to neglected, it was accidental and you wished you were better at organising your needs and your writing, but you weren’t.

“That’s what i’m here for.” And he was, Steve was always there and giving him the key to your apartment was probably the best decision you ever made even if Ms. Higgins next door thought it was scandalous. 

Captain America! It’s an honor. I’m shaking your hand too long. You’re really great. I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me. Thanks for thinking of me.

Scott Lang, being the ultimate fanboy

From the D23 Civil War trailer