but i adore how much they grow throughout the show


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These two could pass for father and son if we didn’t know they were uncle and nephew. Fili does have a different face shape, but the eyes, their movements… Fili must have looked up to his uncle when he was a wee lad because you can tell how much he adores his uncle. I feel like he would do everything just like him so he would one day grow up to become the dwarf everyone talked about. Thorin was that father figure for him because little is known about Dis’s husband. Fili would do anything to make his uncle proud and would do anything to make sure nothing happened to him. The importance of family is strong in these two characters. It really shows throughout the series of films. But I also feel like Thorin wishes he could be twice the dwarven man as Fili. Fili doesn’t get the dragon sickness when he sees all the gold after they get Erebor back. He just looks at it as if the whole journey was only for this, plus he almost lost his brother. Thorin sees this in Fili and sees how much his nephew has grown and knows that one day he will be king because that’s the man he wishes he could be. Fili could possibly be a reflection of Thorin from when he was Fili’s age and Thorin just wants the best for his sister’s sons. 

I’m sorry if that just sounded like a whole bunch of rambling. 

Why the "No!" scene in 3x3 was important

So, I think some people might be wondering why on earth Barry would even bother to ask Iris if their awkward first date was a sign they shouldn’t…(be dating). This is Barry we’re talking about. The ‘you’re everything to me’, 'what I always think about’, 'Since the day I met you’ Barry. This is the Barry that on that awkward date went and PERSONALLY MADE a bouquet (or what’s it called?) of flowers of a heart, and then changed it to her name because he was nervous and wanted it to be perfect, special, because she’s the girl of his dreams. The only girl he’s ever wanted and will ever want, his anchor, his soulmate.

So why would he even question it?

To be honest, I don’t think he was questioning it. He knows, for himself that they’re meant to be. He loves her in any universe and timeline. He knows that it wasn’t a sign. However, he was questioning maybe if it was the right time, and most significantly he was questioning whether IRIS thought it was right.

My headcannon for why he asked that was that he was insecure, he wasn’t sure if it was him and she wasn’t feeling him, he wanted to know, he wanted to be sure, he wanted to give her a choice.

Choice is the key word here. Barry knows that they always end up together, and so does Iris, but he gives her this choice. He implies that in regular circumstances this may mean they aren’t supposed to do this (right now), and so he offers her the choice, for her to turn him down. You can best believe that Barry would’ve been HEART BROKEN if Iris had said yes, he would not be okay. But he asked her anyways, and made it seem like it was no big deal, he wanted to be sure that she was okay with it. I really like that.

And for the other reason why I felt it was important. We all know Iris wants to do this with Barry, but it’s so beautiful to see how much, we see it in her eyes, in her smile, but to hear her be vulnerable and passionate about wanting to be with Barry is really sweet. It was awkward when she yelled the “No!” but it was also endearing and I have no doubt that inside Barry was doing summersaults. xD Barry was all happy and giddy that she adamantly wanted to be with him.

It was her choice! HER CHOICE. SHE LIKES HIM. A LOT. It wasn’t just destiny or 'meant to be together’ (though they are) but they are because they love each other. And since she’s found and realized this love, she sees him in a completely different light. She’s being vocal about it. I love that!

So that awkward scene was overall one of my favorite parts of the whole episode, even the kiss and the fact that they walked in the same direction 😂. It was realistic, it was sweet, it was adorable, and it showed how much they really care for each other and want to make their relationship work.

I can’t wait for the next episode and to see their relationship grow throughout the season!