but i actually want to do something completely different

Here’s the full transcript of Mark talking Darkiplier in the livestream

(Time approx. 3 hours, 52 minutes to 4 hours, 4 minutes into the stream. And, yes, this took forever). Thought you’d like this, maybe.

I’ve bolded stuff I find especially interesting.


Mark: Long ago, a long time ago, I liked to do these scary edits because I just felt like doing scary edits and this is how Darkiplier got born. And then what happened was over time Darkiplier became less and less about the scary figure and more about this romantic figure, and it always rubbed me the wrong way. And I kind of shied away from Darkiplier for a while. And I really really really- if I was going to bring Darkiplier, and when we thought about this, we thought, okay there should be a Darkiplier route. And that was there from the beginning, and so when I wanted to do it I wanted to do it my way, and I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to have this unending level of creepiness. And at the same time, I didn’t want to step on the toes of Antisepticeye because I know there’s a big fan base of that, and I didn’t want to get in the way of that at all and I really don’t care that there’s more than one dark personalities of people. But when I saw the opportunity to have this character here, I spent like 8 hours editing this, like just meticulously every single RBG. This is a layer, we green screened this one, I color corrected it, I separated the RBG layers I added the shakes and glitchiness every frame. I worked on the voice, too. The voice took me the longest to figure out. Like the shakes! And my computer was dying this whole time cause I put my effects on here.

Tyler: The amount of time you had to spend rendering this.

Mark: And so, the audio’s actually three separate layers. It would have been two, but Kathryn helped me out on that one to make it more clear. It’s a normal pitched layer that’s edited, echoed, reverbed, mastered, and convoluted which means it’s just thrown off to the left and right, and then it’s a deep layer of that. But then to make it really come together- it didn’t live without this center channel that wasn’t convoluted but was centered. But getting that voice right was so pinnacle, so paramount to what I wanted to come out of this. And we did like thirty minutes of shooting various versions of me talking to the camera and I wanted to pick the exact dialogue that really kind of gave away my idea of what Dark is in not a terribly obvious way.

Tyler: The other thing, this was supposed to all be one video.

Mark: But YouTube annotations, this new version doesn’t allow you to link the same video multiple times, so these are literally the old videos that I first did when Darkiplier first came about, like, these are the ones, especially this one here, and then this is my cheap knockoff Darkiplier.

Amy: Canon Darkiplier.

Mark: Canon Darkiplier. And I’m going to readily admit something. I joked about Darkiplier because it didn’t seem like something people wanted to take seriously, and I’m okay with that on certain aspects but it had diverged into multiple different facets and multiple different personalities, and everyone had their own version of Darkiplier, and I thought it was hilarious that, “Hey, here’s my version of Darkiplier, and he’s an idiot.” Like, he’s just this weird emo kid. And then I stepped back from that, like, I stepped back. And you can even- in that time, when I was doing those videos, in this era, I was not very happy. I was kind of… I was pessimistic about a lot of things. And I felt like that bled through in a lot of things I did. And that’s why even October of last year I literally made Darkiplier an emo character. And then when we were getting to this, I thought about it like very carefully and I thought back to why I did it originally, and I did it originally because, well, Darkiplier wasn’t even a thing. Darkiplier was not a thing when I was making those videos. I just wanted to make some creepy stuff. And then I thought about that, and I was like if I want to make a statement about who this is, I need to own that and I need to put something out there that is not ambiguous, because I realize that’s where I went wrong. I didn’t have a solid character so obviously, people would come up with their own versions, they would fill in the gaps where they saw fit. So, when I made this I had to embrace it fully and fine-tune it down to exactly where I wanted. When you choose the “fake” choice carrying through to this one, I really wanted that to come through, except at the end to this video, where it gets silly, but that’s because the real me comes in and the real me’s an idiot. And I’ve actually watched this over and over again because I’m listening to the takes I put in here and I’m listening to my inflection and my tone, my demeanor and I’m imagining like how to refine it better next time when I bring him back, like how to do it better.

Tyler: I remember now, I set up the table.

Mark: Yeah, you did. You set up the table we had to change it out for clear glasses because the green screen was reflecting through. But yeah, even this, like the intersplices of anger, and this is me getting real deep in the meta of Darkiplier, like if that’s even a thing that can be- let me just pause it here. I don’t read too much into this but if there’s something that I want to take seriously, I want to actually do right. So, in my mind, Darkiplier is an entirely different person from me. But, much like Warfstache, doesn’t obey the laws of physics. He exists in another world entirely and bleeds through into this one. This is sounding really nerdy of me.

Tyler: I remember the Warfstache talk.

Mark: So Completely unironically, Darkiplier is a completely separate entity from who I am. But, he admires what I’ve accomplished, and he’s very much… people picked up on this, and people thought it was really creepy, because it’s what I wanted. He’s a social manipulator. He is literally, 100% manipulative. He leads you into this false sense of security, and he wants you to trust him because he wants to take advantage of you. That is literally what I wanted for Darkiplier. And how creepy and scary that actually is from the surface. Especially in this first bit, where he says, “If dinner is what you want, then I can provide.” And I wanted this to come across in a seductive way while also masking, like, this burning rage inside that breaks through the suave nature of it. That was my clue to reveal he’s not your friend. He’s not here to help you. He’s here to use you. And that also came across when I was thinking about, like, the effects. Like, his image shatters, he separates because he’s not entirely kept together, you know what I mean? So, I wanted like the drastic impacts of the rage pulling back suddenly to the calm nature and the demeanor and this last one, I was thinking was especially telling. It’s not me trying to break through, it’s his shell cracking.

Kathryn: I love that.

Mark: Yeah? It’s my favorite of all of them.

Kathryn: That’s one’s my favorite. I have legitimately just gone and watched that bit.

Mark: Yeah?

Kathryn: It’s really good.

Mark: Oh, thank you.

Kathryn: I really like that.

Mark: Yeah. And number 1 the visuals work hard on this one, but nailing the audio- that high-pitched ringing that a lot of people were like wow that really hurts my ears, that was by design. That was supposed to hurt because listening to him- a lot if inspiration for him comes from G-man from Half-life 2 and 1, like this weird interdimensional person that seems human but is obviously not and doesn’t obey the laws of physics, and is just like this shell of a person that’s in a suit. Not a suit, literally a human suit, and is trying to figure out how to puppet it right that you believe him, but he’s really good at it. And that’s where the scariness of Darkiplier, I think, really comes from, is because he seems like someone you can trust, and he will manipulate you, and take advantage of you, and literally use you, and to me that’s terrifying. Like that’s the antithesis of what I want to be and so if I’m going to make an opposite version of me, he’s gonna be the fucking worst. Like worse than any romantic story can ever bring about. He’s fucking awful.

Amy: It was convenient, though, I like the way it goes from Relax to this, like the video “Relax,” because then people were not expecting this. But it’s so nice to have it on Valentine’s Day. It works so well.

Mark: And then came the bullshit transition that we had to do. So, this is comical in a way.

Amy: It doesn’t drag it though.

Mark: Yeah it doesn’t drag. You get the scary. Tyler’s here-

Tyler: In Mark’s suit, which I have fit in, but not the pants.

Mark: He didn’t fit, we forgot to get a tie, like, we printed out a mask, and I looked at this and was like I could try to make this creepy, and then I went, I objectively can’t. Let me throw in some punch sound effects.

Tyler: I have to make sure, cause-

Mark: He couldn’t see shoot.

Tyler: No, I couldn’t, and I had to keep moving the mask cause there was one time we did this that the mask ended up completely on the side of my head and I was just like, hey Mark, you can’t touch my face.

Amy: The convenient thing about this, though, with all the glitches is that you can hide stuff with it.

Tyler: Yeah, and there’s a reason I never let go of Mark I have no clue where anything is.

Mark: Yeah, oh man. Oh, this, oh my god. Oh, and secret Easter egg- you know who Dark is because he doesn’t have a shadow. Totally intentional and by design.

Amy: His toes are missing too, but.

Mark: Shh he doesn’t have toes he’s so scary.




@hernikbox here you are! @comyet / @myebi’s Ink Outfit! This was actually on my list of stuff to do, but I kept putting it off because of how many colours there are on Ink’s outfit!

Wanna see these clothes another way? Ask me.

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How Reylo Can Happen

I’ve had a theory for months but haven’t wanted to post it because I wasn’t sure about it until after TLJ teaser and panel. I will try to keep my explanations short and to the point.

For Reylo to happen, there will need to be extensive character development and storyline between Kylo Ren and Rey. Those familiar with Reylo meta’s and theory have speculated Force Bonds (hearing/seeing each other’s thoughts) and Kylo saving Rey to gain her favor. Well, what if I said that both were possible? But not without a little thing called Halfway Plot Switch and something called Conflict Killer. What are those and what do they mean? Well, let’s go back to the Director himself, Rian Johnson. When asked what movies he watched to prepare for TLJ he mentioned a movie called Letters Never Sent (LNS). Immediately our eyes were drawn to the romantic storyline of this movie but that’s not important as far as Reylo is concerned. What is important is the structure of this film and the tropes within it. Trust me Rian isn’t concerned with the storyline. He is concerned only about how it was executed. 

I won’t go into the details of the storyline of LNS because that isn’t the point. What is the point, is that LNS starts out to be one movie about these geologist setting out to find diamonds, but it turns into something completely different when they are trapped fighting for their lives after a forest fire.

At the TLJ panel Riann and Daisy both state that it’s amazing how this movie starts out and how it actually ends. Daisy threw us a bone and stated (I am paraphrasing) that Rey is meeting her hero but sometimes you shouldn’t because they may not be what you’ve expected.

So, what does all this mean? What the hell am I babbling about? I’m going to warn you now do not read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled. Although yes, I am speculating it might hold more water than you think. Read on at your own risk.

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I don’t know if anyone even knows what’s going on in Turkey, but we are faced with probably one of the worst possible democratical challenges in Turkey’s history. I voted, I had to go through so much stuff to be able to vote in this referendum, because I live abroad. Today, I don’t want to leave my bed, I don’t want to go outside, I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to study and to be honest, I don’t want to exist at all. Half of the country voted against the change, not that it would even mean anything will get better. It could’ve just postponed it getting worse. But with mere 1% they won the referendum. There has been so much fraud in this election, so I personally don’t even believe that we actually lost at all, but that’s besides the point for now. I don’t want to see my beautiful country, the incredible people that has to live under these circumstances to suffer anymore. And I felt like I did everything I could’ve done. But that’s never the case. So whether you’re feeling miserable because of Brexit, Trump or the Turkish Referendum or something completely different, all I ask from you is to get out of bed. I know it’s hard, believe me. But we won’t be able to help if we don’t try. So please just go out and do something nice. Go volunteer, donate if you can, help the little kids with their homeworks so they can get the education they deserve, read and learn yourselves, study hard, learn new languages and gain new perspectives, try to understand other beliefs, discuss about it, just do anything in your power to make the world a better and a more understanding place. Because it’s so easy to wallow in self pity and wish everything had gone differently. But to make a difference you have to start from somewhere, however little it may be.

About Adlock

Haven’t you ever noticed that the only time we see Sherlock and Irene alone together (after their first meeting) was that fireplace scene and Irene seemed to look at him differently… I don’t know… 

It wasn’t like the other extremely sexually-tense “eye sex”… 

…which happened when there is someone alone with them… 

Alone, it was… warmer…


…inflamed rather than tense…

…and actually loving… 

And I think that’s when something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT shifted in their relationship because believe it or not, they actually do have something.

I also want to note that after their first meeting, Irene is actually gentle with Sherlock when they’re alone… 

Like in the Deduction Scene:

Originally posted by i-am-adlocked

A gentle finger on the lips… and the fact that she’s shushing him. She’s a dominatrix but she also finds out what people likes. She knows Sherlock would like the gentleness from her. Still in control and powerful but gentle in a way that mesmerises him completely—as if he’s hypnotised with her.

And he actually doesn’t shy away from the fact that he’s interested…
His jaw ACTUALLY drops at the sight of her and he ACTUALLY gets tongue-tied because he wants to impress her so badly.

But after that scene near the fireplace, as I said, something shifted…

After that, they’re openly gentler with each other…

…even when someone’s in the room…

…and it became that way ever since…

  • me: i'm 19 and i can confirm that people my age view 15/16 year olds as children. there is no reason a decent person my age would be with someone that young romantically.
  • ot*yuri shippers: um?? but its only a 3 year age gap?? which is perfectly healthy?? gosh stop hating omg you don't know what you're talking about
Little Bird // Sirius Black

A/N: so, this got longer than I wanted it to but also short as well ? i started this with completely different intentions of where it actually went and don’t know if i really like it? but again, oh well. i wrote regulus as exactly as i imagined him to be - a mysterious, quiet, attractive young boy who’s kind of a rich spoiled brat who’s always doing what mummy says, but also has a rebellious, sly, flirty side to him as well and is just really good, ya know? so, i might write some regulus stuff soon? like a dating regulus would include or something ? but, anyways. i don’t speak french and only know basic words that you should know from every language really - like hello and thank you and i love you and colors and stuff. so, i was relying on google translate and hope its not wrong :) hope you guys enjoy this possible trash. 

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“Oh, darling,” your mother wailed. “Oh, don’t you look lovely?” 

You painted on a fake lopsided grin and ran your fingers over fields of beads yet again. A silky soft, beaded dress in the creamy beige color that reminded you of antique pictures and coffee with far too much sugar hung from your shoulders. Exquisite dress robes fell to your beige Louboutin heels. Your hair was curled into a halo-like updo and your face was weighed down with makeup. You looked just like every other pureblood girl your age did - elegant, intelligent, and wealthy. Except unlike those other girls, you had a Black family heirloom sparkling on your ring finger. 

Unlike those other girls, you were engaged to the future your mother had built for you - Regulus Black, a mansion on a hilltop, and a life devoted to filthy prejudice. Today, you’d catch a three hour long glimpse of the life you were destined to live at your engagement party. You’d be surrounded by people that were better than everyone else, on Regulus’ arm smiling at his witch of a mother, and flashing everything you had in everyone else’s faces. All of which sounded tolerable a year ago. 

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Every Me And Every You - Two

Spencer reid x reader

You’d spent the whole of last night thinking about your conversation with Spencer. You couldn’t quite get your head around the fact that he’d told you that he liked dominating people.

Nor could you believe that you’d blurted out, “I trust you,” and asked if he’d show you.

It wasn’t that you were a shy person. Most of the time you were outgoing and loud and said what was on your mind. It was just….. well, this wasn’t a topic you’d ever really seriously talked about with anyone. Sure you’d made jokes about it with friends and stuff, but to have a full blown conversation with your friend and work colleague….one you found attractive too, well that was a completely different thing.

You’d been out for a run this morning and had spent the afternoon running errands and generally being a boring adult. Now you were relaxing in a bubble bath, thinking and contemplating the things he’d told you last night.

True to his word he’d sent you some links, you clicking and scanning through them before you passed out last night. Some of the heavier stuff scared you a little. You definitely didn’t think you would find people in full latex body suits and face hoods attractive or something you’d want to experience. But the thought of acting out certain scenarios that he’d mentioned, or being tied up and blindfolded, that did excite you somewhat.

But how much?

Lying in the tub you surveyed your body through the bubbles. Spencer had said there was a thin line between pain and pleasure. Hmmmm.

You couldn’t really spank yourself to see if you liked that. You’d never really be able to test your own limits. But you’d always enjoyed sex when it was a bit rough. Someone biting or scratching you, pulling or pinching your nipples hard. Did that mean you wanted to be whipped and spanked though?

You thought back to the links he’d sent you, and remembered that he’d said that if you wanted to explore this, you needed to be sure and you needed to find someone you trusted.

You trusted him.

Would he really be up for this?

Were you really up for this?

Only one way to find out. You grabbed your phone from where it was resting on the side of the bath and dialled. 

An hour later you were sat inside of Spencer Reid’s apartment, sitting across from him nervously.

“Are you certain this is something you want to try?” Your colleague asked you, watching for your reaction. You nodded, knowing that if you spoke, your voice would shake.

“And you know that you cannot let this effect our working relationship right? Normally if I’m doing this, it’s with someone from outside of my normal circle of friends. If this effects work, one of us will have to leave the BAU and it won’t be me offering to leave.”

You nodded again, knowing he was right.

You’d slept with coworkers before and had managed to keep the relationship in the office strictly professional. This wasn’t just sex though. But you could do it. You were sure.

“Did you read the information I sent you last night?”

“Yes.” You could definitely hear the nerves shaking your voice. You’d been much more confident over the phone. Now you were you actually here though….

“Are there certain aspects in particular you want to try? And things you don’t want to try? Talking about this is paramount to it working Y/N.” He took a sip of his coffee and you mirrored him. You’d asked if he had anything stronger but he refused, saying that you needed to be completely sober and aware of what was happening if you were being serious.

“Is this where we draw up some kind of contract or something?”

Spencer laughed, his eyes crinkling. “No. Whilst some people do actually do that, I prefer not to. I prefer to think that my partner will trust me enough without having a document to back it up. But you do need to tell me what you’re looking for here. And be completely honest.”

You took a deep breath, “Spencer, I honestly don’t know. The blindfold and restraint thing you told me about, I know I’d want to try that. The role play….. I think I’d like to try. But the whole ‘spank me and tell me I’m dirty’, that’s what I’m not sure about. I like sex a bit rough, but I’ve never been smacked or whipped or anything. But I think I like the idea of relinquishing all control. I just don’t know why.”

He smiled at you again. “Y/N, there’s ways for me to Dominate you without verbally insulting or physically hurting you, although I think you’ll be surprised. When the mood is right the endorphins in your body will take over and you may not feel as much pain as you’re expecting to. Everyone’s different. But there’s other ways.”

“How?” you breathed out, the nerves completely wiping the things you’d read last night from your mind.

“I could have you strip naked and spend the whole day waiting on me hand and foot, not allowing you to speak or get dressed. I could take you out for dinner and have you wear a remote controlled clitoral stimulator, which I’d have the control to. Or I could have you naked on my bed, spread eagled and instruct you to touch yourself whilst I watch, having you stop when I say stop and following my instructions only.”

Fuck…. All three of those options sounded ridiculously hot to you right now. You adjusted yourself on his couch, realising you felt wet between your thighs.

“You’ve flushed. And you’re wriggling.” He’d noticed, oh course he had.


“Why are you apologising? It’s good that this is turning you on. If it didn’t, I’d be worried about why you were here.”

“I just…. I wonder if I’m too ‘Vanilla’ for you. Whether my tastes won’t be the same as yours.” You’d come across that term last night.

“Yet I bet up until yesterday, you thought I was as ‘Vanilla’ as they came right?“ He air quoted with his hands, an amused look on his face.

You couldn’t not smile because it was true.

“Everyone starts somewhere Y/N. We can start slowly, maybe some restraints and sensory deprivation, see where your limits lie. And go from there?”

“Okay. Can I ask something first? Why are you wiling to do this with me Reid?”

He shrugged. “You asked. Everyone needs someone to show them the way if they’re new to the scene. It helps that I find you attractive, and if I’m being completely honest, seeing you handling some of the gear that had been collected as evidence this week, did give me ideas. So…. Do you want to try?”

Now or never Y/N.

“Yes…. Tonight?”

“If you like. I’ve not long showered and given the splashing I heard when you called, I presumed you’ve bathed.”

You nodded at him again.

“Okay. First things. I’m clean. I haven’t had a partner since my last STD test seven weeks ago. If you’d prefer to use protection though that’s 100 percent fine with me. I have a selection.”

Wow. You wondered what else he had a selection of, although you imagined you’d be finding out fairly soon.

“Erm, I’m clean too. I had a pap smear and tests done fourteen weeks ago and I haven’t been with any once since. I’m on the depo injection too. Condoms sometimes irritate me.”

“Good. My preference is without, but safe sex is important. Next point, safe words. And does your 'no’ actually mean 'no’. Because I need to be sure. Which is why the safe word is important.”

You’d read about safe words before. Some of the thrill came from hearing someone seemingly in pain and asking you to stop, but carrying on. Or saying no, but having someone continue. NOT in a rape scenario, that was something you’d never do, although you couldn’t quite bring yourself to ask Spencer whether that was a scenario he’d played out.

“Safe word……can it just be a colour?” Your mind was drawing a blank.

“It can indeed. Some partners operate with a few colours actually. Yellow meaning stop doing that particular thing but don’t end the scene, and red meaning to stop completely, scene over.”

“Can we do that?” you asked, now starting to feel slightly less nervous. He was making it easy to talk to him about this and you were thankful for that.

“We can if that’s what you want. If you say yellow, I’ll ease off initially and if you say it again, I’ll try something different. Say red, and we just stop completely okay, end of play, no judgement. Does this mean that 'no’ or 'stop’ means I can continue.”

“Yes. Although I’m not sure I’ll actually say no or stop. But who knows. What about…. What about if I’m gagged?”

“We won’t go that far tonight, but if that’s the case, we’ll make sure you can snap your fingers. I’ve seen you do it enough times at work before so I know you’re capable of it.”

Won’t go that far tonight. Oh jeez.

“Are you ready? Is there anything else you want to ask? Don’t be scared Y/N. And don’t be frightened to ask me what I’m doing or to use the safe words okay.”

“Okay. And… Yes. I’m ready.” Your heart was pounding and you felt slightly light headed, but you were ready.

“Alright then. Let’s move into my bedroom. Don’t worry, it’s not like the red room or anything. It’s just a normal room. I keep my toys locked away in a chest, just in case.”

Toys. Oh christ.

But you wanted this. As nervous as you were, you definitely wanted this. The feeling between your legs was a clear indicator of that.

Spencer stood and held out his hand to you.

Taking yet another deep breath, you took it.

This post got me thinking so much about how so many in this fandom view Jensen as only a tool to validate some ship and like to disparage him whenever he does/says something that might not go along with popular opinions of certain shippers. And I’m looking in every direction here. There are lovely people among all shippers, but there are appalling ones everywhere too. But what you ship shouldn’t even matter in this regard. What matters is that Jensen should be able to voice an opinion without hundreds of people trying to find some hidden meaning in it or - even worse - a hidden agenda that stems from internalised misogyny or homophobia. You don’t like what he says? Fine. Does it make him a bad person for having a different opinion than you? No.

People should really learn that respect goes both ways. Personally, I would feel rather distressed by so many strangers putting labels on me and trying to define who I am without even knowing me. I think the same goes for most people, especially if it’s done with such frightening dedication. Don’t tell me that you honestly like Jensen and respect him, when you try to present him as a completely different person than he appears to be and call everything he does that doesn’t fit your view on him “fake” and “hiding his true personality”. Because that actually only shows that you like Jensen for who you want him to be, not the person he is all on his own.

I could have added this to my response to the other post, but I think this applies to so many more instances where Jensen got hated on for daring to do/say something that goes against certain ships or doesn’t fit the way people want to see him. And this needs to stop!

Take that post I linked for example and look at the majority of responses and tags from other people. Look how most of them find all these theories about Jensen at least “interesting” and even more taking it as valid facts (even though the OP did say that it’s her thoughts on the matter only). I know there will always be haters who have absolutely nothing else to do than to dedicate all their free time to hate on other people. I don’t understand it, but I’m under no illusion to change that. But I do hope that if more people who like Jensen for the wonderful man he is will speak up, that maybe there will be more awareness about how wrong this behavior towards Jensen truly is.

Exo: Reacting to you liking thigh riding


Okay lets be honest here, this little cutie wouldn’t be so cute in this situation. He wouldn’t think too much about the request but would be thinking about how amazing you’d look on him and how good he would make you feel. Xiumin would be more than happy to add ways to pleasure you.

“Come have a seat Jagi. Tell me who’s making you feel this good.“ 

External image


I feel that Suho would be a bit surprised about the position you had asked for but nonetheless nothing would stop him from enjoying it as much as you. 

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll help make it a little bit more interesting”

External image


I personally think that Chen wouldn’t take you seriously if you told him. He wouldn’t think you’d have it in you. He would keep bugging you till you finally snap and take control. Don’t get me wrong nothing in his right mind would stop you from getting what you want.

“Come on babe, prove it”

External image


THIS BOI OMG. I completely feel that this boy would turn this into a fricken kink. Or he would use it against you to get what he wants afterwards.

“Jagi…It looks like we’re going to have a fun night”

External image


I think Baekhyun would be all for it. Heck he would even encourage it instead of being surprised. though on a side note, he probably would have had been the one that introduced you to thigh riding. 

“Hey babe. How about we try something new tonight?”


Yixing would be like Suho. He would be surprised and a bit confused in why you would chose his leg to ride. But he wouldn’t complain because seeing you please yourself would definitely turn him on.

“Why ride my leg, when you can ride something else?”

External image


Kai wouldn’t be the type to make a really big deal about it. I feel he was kinda expecting you to say something sooner or later. I mean look at his thighs. Do I really need to explain? Who wouldn’t want to do them?

“Come over here Jagi. You dont have to ask me twice.’


Kyungsoo would be the type to low key love knowing that you wanted to. On the outside he would tell you that you were being weird you had a wild imagination but on the inside its completely  different.  Secretly cant wait for you to actually do it instead of just talking about it and for his hand to have full range on you body.

“What are you waiting for Y/N?”

External image


Okay so even though he is the youngest, BUT HE SURE WON’T ACT LIKE IT. Sehun would be a total tease. (Daddy kink like omg) He’d want you to work for it. Maybe even beg for it until he is pleased with what you were doing.

“Does my baby want to feel good tonight? I guess we’ll see how badly you want it”

hello everyone Im aestheic-byunbacon, one of the new admins on this account. Im really excited to be here and cant wait to write more for you guys. Some bands that i really enjoy are Exo, Bts, Seventeen, Astro, Kard, Monsta X, and many more. I hope you all enjoy this :) 

Homecoming Feelings

Word Count: 2122

    A/N: this was requested by DezzyisFab. This was an adorable request and I had a lot of fun writing it! I hope it’s what you wanted!

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    Homecoming was coming up, and the core five were buzzing with excitement. Well mostly all of them were, the one who wasn’t too excited was Jughead of course. Dances just weren’t Jugheads thing, a ton of sweaty, horny teenagers shoved into a gym with spiked punch and god awful dance moves, yeah no thanks. He would much rather spend his night in Pops and continue to write his novel like he did most nights.

    “So Y/N,” Veronica’s voice snapped Jughead out of his thoughts, and he turned his attention to the (y/h/c) girl sitting beside him. “Who are you going to the dance with?” she asked, raising her eyebrows at the girl, and the rest of the table listened in, including Jughead.

    “Oh, well um… no one. I don’t even think I’m going to go.” she said shyly, stirring her straw around in her milkshake.

    “Awe, why not? You sounded like you were excited just a few days ago.” Betty asked.

    “Well, I don’t exactly want to go without a date and I don’t have anyone to go with. I just might stay in that night, do some homework, read a-”

    “I’ll take you.” Jughead quickly said, and Y/N turned wide eyed and surprised to the boy sitting beside her.

    “You will?” she asked.

    “Yeah, you will?” Archie asked as well, also very surprised by the raven haired boys offer. Jughead looked around the table to find everyone staring at him, and he rolled his eyes.

    “Of course I will, why are you all so surprised?” he asked.

    “I just never took you for a person who liked dances.” Veronica said, sipping her milkshake.

    “I don’t, I hate them.” Jughead stated harshly. “But, if Y/N wants to go then I’ll suck it up for one night.” Y/N leaned her head on Jugheads shoulder and smiled up at him, causing him to tense up. Veronica and Betty looked at eachother and smirked knowingly at Jughead, and he avoided eye contact with them.

    “You’re the sweetest Juggie!” Y/N exclaimed. “But I don’t want to drag you there if you hate dances.”

    “It’s just one night, don’t worry about it.” Jughead assured her, and she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him, and he turned crimson.

    “How’d I ever get so lucky to have you in my life?” she gushed. Before he could answer Y/Ns phone then vibrated, and she picked it up at looked at her messages.

    “Oh fuck…” she mumbled, standing from the booth. “I uh- I gotta go. I just remembered I have a paper due by 11:59 tonight or its late and I can’t get anything below an 80% on this or I’ll most likely jump off a bridge.” she said, taking money out of her wallet and throwing it on the table.

    “What’s that for?” Archie asked as she put her wallet in her backpack.

    “My milkshake.” she answered, and Archie picked up the $5 and tried to hand it back.

    “No, take it. Tonight is my treat to everyone.” he said and she rolled her eyes.

    “Archie, you know I hate when people buy me things, I feel like I’m in their debt. Just take it please.” she begged and he rolled his eyes and set it back down. “Thank you! Okay I’ll catch up with you guys later!” she said, walking toward the door. “Much love!” she called, blowing a kiss to the table as she walked out the door.

    “So.” Veronica said, turning her attention back to Jughead who sat looking out the window, watching Y/N as she disappeared into the darkness outside. “You’re totally into her, aren’t you Juggie?” she asked, causing Jughead to turn his attention to her.

    “What? No, absolutely-”

    “Yeah, he is. He told me.” Archie laughed, and Jughead shot him a look.

    “What the hell man?”

    “I knew it!” Betty squealed. “You have to tell her.”

     "I don’t have to do anything except for live and die, everything else is an option.“ Jughead retorted and Veronica rolled her eyes.

    "Just tell her how you feel Jughead, she obviously feels the same!” Betty and Archie nodded their heads.

    “Tell her during the dance!” Betty exclaimed,and Veronica smiled big.

    “Yes! Do it!” she yelled. “It would be so cute, you two would be slow dancing, her arms wrapped around you neck and yours her waist-” Veronica started to ramble.

     "You looking lovingly down at her and she stared up at you!“ Betty added. "And at the end of the slow song, you can smile down at her and just tell her how you feel!” Jughead collected his things and rolled his eyes.

    “I’m leaving.” he said, and the girls just sighed. Jughead stood up from his seat and started for the door.

    “If you don’t tell her, we will!” Archie called and Jughead turned around.

    “Like hell you will Arch, just remember, me and you share a room and I know where the shavers are.” Archie ran his hand through his hair worryingly, and the girls giggled.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t actually shave your head.” Betty said.

    “God I hope not, I wouldn’t hear the end of it from you two.” Archie teased. Veronica took a sip from her milkshake and smiled.

     "Damn straight.“ she said.

                                 • • •

    "Y/N! Come down here, we want to see how you look!” Veronica called, sitting with her mother, Betty, Kevin, and Archie.

    “Coming!” she yelled. Y/N rounded the corner and came down the steps. There she was in a simple but beautiful strapless emerald green dress that was tight and glittery up top but fanned out around her waist and ended a little below mid thigh. Her makeup was simple except for her signature cat eye, and her hair was done nicely as well.

    “Oh my god.” Betty whispered as she made her way down the steps.

    “Oh my god is right, Y/N you look amazing!” Veronica yelled, making her way to the (y/h/c) girl. Y/N smiled and blushed.

    “Awe thank you, but not nearly as beautiful as you and Betty.” she gushed.

    “You are seriously slaying me right now!” Kevin said, walking over to her and examining her dress. “Green is most definitely your colour!”

    “Jughead definitely got lucky with you as his date tonight.” Archie said, walking over to Y/N. “just wait until he gets a look at you!”

    “You guys are actually the sweetest!” she blushed, giving them all hugs.

    “Are you guys ready to go?” Hermione asked, and they all nodded their heads.

    “I believe so.” Veronica said. “I love you mom, I’ll see you soon.” She called as they all walked to the door. They all jumped into Archie’s car and drove to the school. The car was filled to the brim and electric with excitement.

    “Jughead said he’d meet us at the entrance of the school.” Betty said, turning off her phone and putting it in her purse. Archie parked the car and they all filed out.

    “Look how pretty her dress sparkles!” Kevin said, and Veronica grabbed his arm and rolled her eyes.

    “I’m your date Kev, spend some time gushing over me.” she laughed.

    “Veronica, you look absolutely stunning as always, my love.” Kevin said and Veronica smiled big.

    “Thank you.” Y/N noticed Jughead standing by the entrance, staring down at his phone. He was in a suit, which she had no idea he even owned and his grey beanie still adorned his head. Butterflies filled her stomach all the sudden, and she continued to walk towards him nervously.

    “Jughead!” Betty yelled.

    “Look at your hot ass date!” Kevin yelled as well, and Jughead looked up at Y/N. He froze in place as she walked up to him, and he swallowed hard.

    “Well aren’t you going to say something?” Veronica asked, and Jughead shook from his trance.

    “I-uh. I mean, you look absolutely beautiful Y/N.” he stammered and she looked at the ground, trying to hide her deep crimson blush.

    “Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself.” she smiled, and it was Jugheads turn to blush.

    “Yeah okay, you guys are hot and all that. Now let’s go inside!” Veronica said, pulling Kevin towards the door. Archie took Betty’s arm, and Jughead held his hand out for Y/N, and she took it. They all made their way to the gym and slowly separated, Kevin and Veronica going straight for the punch, Archie and Betty going right to the dance floor, and Y/N and Jughead towards the side of the gym.

    “Thank you for being my date.” Y/N said and Jughead smiled.

    “It was no problem, honestly.”

    “But you don’t like dances usually, so I don’t want to force you into something you don’t like.” she said.

    “Really, don’t worry about it. I’m actually having fun.” He assured her, and she nodded.

    “Well good.” she smiled. They sat there for awhile, talking and laughing, completely unaware that they were being watched by the rest of the crew.

    “Do you think he’s told her yet?” Veronica asked.

    “No, I don’t think so. They aren’t acting any different.” Archie said.

    “What do you mean?” Betty asked.

    “He isn’t overly happy like one would be if they found out their crush liked them back, and he isn’t completely crushed like one would be if they didn’t.”

    “Makes sense.” Kevin nodded his head, taking a sip of his punch.

    “Well he better tell her soon, the dance is going to be over in an hour.” Betty sighed, watching as Y/N laughed hard at something Jughead said.

    “He’s not that funny, she definitely likes him.” Veronica said, rolling her eyes and earning a laugh from Kevin.

    “Well those two have the same sarcastic, dry sense of humor, so whatever he said was probably funny to her.” Archie commented, and Betty nodded. Just then, a slow dance came on throughout the gym, and they watched as Jughead held his hand out to Y/N.

    “Oh my god, he just asked her to dance!” Betty said excitedly.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled. The four of them got into their pairs and started dancing, and watched as Jughead and Y/N awkwardly started to as well.

    “Hey Y/N, you’re looking good!” Reggie yelled, and everyone’s attention turned to her and Jughead. “When you want to dance with a real man, you’re always welcome to come dance with me.”

    “Don’t worry about him, Juggie.” Y/N whispered, looking up at him. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed.

    “He’s probably right, you’d have more fun with him anyways.” he said.

    “Absolutely not!” Y/N said. “There is no one I’d rather be here with.” She smiled up at him, and he smiled back down at her.

    “Y/N, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Jughead said, the words spilling from his mouth before he even had a chance to realize what he was saying.

    “What’s up?” she asked. Jughead took a deep breath, deciding it was now or never.

    “I really like you Y/N, more than a best friend.” he said, looking down at her. He carefully read her facial expressions, and watched as a smile grew on her face and her eyes lit up.

    “I really like you too, Juggie.”

    “You do?” he asked, very surprised.

    “Of course!” she nodded and laughed.

    “Well that’s a relief, I was worried I was going to lose you.” Jughead sighed, and she giggled.

    “You could never lose me, I’m here to stay.” she smiled up at him. Jughead smiled down at her as well, and he slowly leaned down. Y/N met his lips, and smiled in the kiss.

    “Finally!” Veronica yelled, walking up to the two of them. They quickly pulled apart and blushed furiously. “You two were killing us, honestly. We were worried because we thought Jughead wasn’t going to tell you tonight.”

     "Well I’m happy he did.“ Y/N said, smiling.

    "Trust me, we all are. By the way, we were all invited to Cheryl’s place after the dance and we are all going, so be ready.” Veronica said, making her way back to Kevin.

    “I don’t think we have a choice on whether we get to go or not,” Y/N joked and Jughead nodded his head.

    “I think you’re right.”

    “ well maybe we’ll have fun.” Y/ said, trying her best to be optimistic about it.

    “As long as you’re there, I’ll have fun.” Jughead said and Y/N giggled.

    “So cheesy, but cute.” she said.

    “Yeah, but you know you like it.” Jughead said, grabbing her hands. Again they started to dance, enjoying the rest of their night.

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“I think it’s actually like what Eurus says - the emotional turmoil is actually worse that gore. We wouldn’t want to do that anyway. Particularly the scene with Molly is really a gut…really puts you through the wringer. And, actually, nothing happens except a ticking clock and he [Sherlock] has to say something he can’t - she [Molly] has to say something she can bring herself to say and he can’t bring himself to say and it’s really powerful. And, that’s the way to do it.”

Mark Gatiss on The Final Problem

“I’ll tell you what’s interesting about that scene is it was a completely different scene. It was a completely different scene there. And two people liked it and that was me and Mark, and absolutely everybody else hated it. And we kept saying ‘no, it’s good’ against a title wave of ‘we don’t like this scene.’  And, on the very last day we spent writing this episode we looked at each other and said, ‘Look, you know what, everyone thinks this is shit, except you and me. Let’s just go to our office and think of something else.’  So, we did. And, it was just written in the morning and we came out saying ‘That is the BEST SCENE in the episode!!!’ We always said the other one was flawed.”  Steven Moffat

“Sherlock finally understands he’s stronger and smarter than Mycroft, in a way. Not because he actually is smarter, because he is less smart, but because he is, uh, his emotions, his connections to other human beings, um, the wisdom he’s gained from the connections he has gained in the world make him stronger. He sees that partly because of the extreme of Eurus, who has no connection to anything. He’s just pure brain, not understanding anything of what it is to be human, makes him realize that everything he has worked towards, everything he has tried to step away from himself and tried to deny about himself, is what makes him the strongest one. He isn’t as smart as Eurus. He isn’t as smart as Mycroft. He’s just always going to win against them because he is better and stronger and that it him becoming the Sherlock Holmes of Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett. The one we’re used to. The wise old man of Baker St. Who’s still terrifying and still cold, but has a heart you never doubt.” Steven Moffat


what was supposed to be a series of doodles morphed into a comic- based on an ask I got awhile ago (although at this point, I don’t remember exact words, or who sent the message).

I would have liked to touch upon stuff like this after I did the whole “How did the Skelebros meet the boneheads” comic, but I didn’t want to stop working on this after I started drawing it down. So, consider this a comic that takes place after the events of a comic that hasn’t come out yet 8D;. (something tells me one of my next pages for my blog, is one that shows the comics in some kind of chronological order >>; 

Like I said, I don’t remember exact words for the message, but I think it was something along the lines of whether or not Sans and Papyrus would be freaked out of one of the boneheads suddenly removed their head, only to see they were completely fine. I don’t remember what my answer was at the time (wow there’s actually a lot I don’t remember from this ), but my conclusion while making this was, yeah they probably would be. Considering the only time we see Papyrus’s head detached from his body is when he’s killed, I get this sense that maybe that’s just something Papyrus and Sans can’t do. Not unless they want that specific body part to turn to dust.

continuation/slightly different ending under the cut:

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I grew up in LA and I started auditioning when I was nine. My mom, Jules, was a script supervisor and my dad did live TV, he was an assistant director. So when I first started acting, I just wanted to be in the crew. But I ended up auditioning for stuff and was turned away from anything remotely commercial. I got indie after indie, and all the weird, quirky stuff. And then Twilight came along. We didn’t know we were going to do more than one film, but Catherine Hardwicke was directing and I was like, ‘This is cool, actually.’ Then it just turned into something completely different. But it was never decided: 'Right, I’m going to balance the commercialism of my career.’

Fic: Perjury

Why did I write 2700 words of lawyer AU? Haha, who knows! I think I just really like the idea of illicit affairs in offices made of windows on the 10th floor of important buildings.

Here’s where I tell you guys that my familiarity with the law profession stems completely from one class I took five years ago and about fifteen minutes’ worth of wheatgoogling.

Also: Mature content ahoy.

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Thoughts: S4 and endgames

Okay people so I’ve been trying to keep a very level head about the endgame relationships for The Originals, and I’ve really tried to look at them objectively, looking purely at the narrative and how the writers are trying to shape the ending. Now after 4x10 and 4x11 I’m not going to lie I think it’s a total toss up. I obviously ship klayley and want them to be endgame, but I’m not deluded. I knew the chances of the writers doing something so different i.e. having the actual parents of a child born out of wedlock being together was slim to none. But here we are. Hayl*jah has been completely wrecked this season and I really don’t see them coming together in the end and making it work. This whole season has been proof that they cannot be partners or consider each other equals. Their conversations are flat, unemotional, and often fall under the category of “I can’t believe you’ve done this!? How will we work?! I guess we should make out now to prove that this is in fact a romantic relationship.” Then they end there. While simultaneously having every episode this season with Klaus and Hayley’s relationship make new leaps and bounds. They’re fiercely protective of one another and have done nothing but support and fight for the other all day every day. The soft looks Hayley gives Klaus. The comforting talks and moments Klaus takes time out for to give Hayley, not because of Hope, but because he cares for her deeply. The loving touches BOTH have now given each other to show that they care and understand. It’s almost too much. It’s almost too pointedly romantic. And it’s blatantly in contrast to hayl*jah’s failing relationship. Now this last episode we ended with Hayley purposefully not being there for El*jah when he woke up. Once again CHOOSING Jackson above him. As much as the writers stress that while Hayley loved El*jah while being with Jackson, I appreciate that they show that she still deep down knew the right choice was Jackson. That he showed Hayley what real love was supposed to look like. And now she’s determined to stop being with El*jah. And quite frankly why point out so many blatant problems with hayl*jah at its core only to have them be endgame? Maybe it’s for the drama, but to me this not a sudden break to cause suspense, but a natural decline to “falling out” of love which is done way more often when a couple is really truly over. Now I know if you’re reading this you might be thinking, but wait that doesn’t mean klayley is endgame just that hayl*jah is out. There’s stilll klar0l*ne. Now my opinion on that ship is extensive and deserves another post, but I’ll keep to topic and say I really don’t think they’ll be endgame if the writers have any kind of integrity. C has no place on the show. She would solely be fan service to a majority of people who don’t even care for the show she’d be hopping onto. She’d be a prop for Klaus and not one that would highlight anything about his character. Actually I think she has absolutely nothing to offer Klaus or NOLA in terms of development because all of his development was done without her. All the storylines don’t involve her. She’s merely a reminder of someone Klaus used to be, and that person was not a good person. C didn’t even like him. Wanted him? Yes. Liked him? Nope. When it comes down to it if Klaus had to pick between the life of Hayley or C, he’d pick Hayley every time. If C had to pick between Klaus or Stefan we ALL know who she’s choosing. So why pull her into a story that made it just fine without her? One that made Klaus a better person without her. She adds nothing. The writers don’t need to worry for ratings because they know season 5 is their last one so they have nothing to gain by giving KC fans their endgame. However, they’ll lose writing integrity because it’s clear the only way C will fit into the Mikaelson’s family is if you blind fold yourself and squint with your eyes closed very tightly. So in my opinion, KC has been out of the running for ages. They’ve just been teasing them now for ratings and attention from tvd fan base. Now more than ever though I’m convinced the writers might actually go for a klayley endgame. Now I say this with a lot of apprehension and speculation of course. The writers have never failed to disappoint me before so I’m not exactly counting my eggs before they hatch here, but I do believe they are setting up something for Klaus and Hayley. Their scenes this season have been without a doubt the most developed and fleshed out of all the relationships on the show. Their partnership also has clearly become more than just needing to be there for Hope. Actually it’s almost ironic that so many people believe that this is the only reason why Klaus and Hayley speak to each other, because many of their conversations at their core are about their feelings and understanding of one another. They seek comfort in one another and view each other as equals which is where an understanding and bond formed between them. Truly their development outshines every other on the show, romantic or not there is something there that’s more layered and sincere than the rest. Klayley’s development was earned, every nuanced detail built up to, and now their relationship is at the best it’s ever been. They really almost easily could cross over into something romantic by the end of this season and I would only half be shocked. They will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be Hope’s protectors thus always being in each other’s lives. Hayley and Hope really are going to be Klaus’ endgames no matter what and this season has only proven that they can work together as a team and be happy with one another with or without the rest of the family. Everything Hayley and Klaus long for is found in the other. In reflection of these past episodes and season 4 in general, the writers are really pulling through for klayley shippers and it’s not a sudden occurrence. Season 3 set them up to be in a good place for season 4 but oh man my shipping heart wasn’t ready for all of these extra klayley centric moments showcasing how good they are together and how much they care about one another. So here I am almost convinced TO writers will pull a showstopper by giving klayley a chance at romance. It will be well deserved. It will somehow, in someway be the shows endgame so why not the kind some of us have been waiting every season for?

So recently I’ve been seeing a lot more ship hate going around for pairings with an age gap, like ereri and sebaciel. I, personally, just kinda ship them, but I have a friend who would go through hell and back to protect them. She got really upset at all the hate in her dash, so I wrote this.  While reading some of the anti-rants I noticed that there were some misinformation. Some are the following:

1. It’s pedophilia. To just get it out of the way, let me say that it is legally stated that pedophilia is when adults go after children age 11 years or younger. In a medical standpoint, its prepubescence to age 13. So ereri, where Eren is fifteen, technically isn’t pedophilia. For the other ships where one person isn’t over 13 years old, I will say yes, it is pedophilia. I won’t say that it’s not. However, what I will say is that most of the time, when there are people under thirteen shipped with someone a lot older, the other person is usually a superhuman or not human at all. (Sebaciel  : Sebastian is a demon. Billdip : Bill is… a triangle. Etc.) So there aren’t any rules drawn out for those things, because as far as I know of, beings such as demons and talking demon triangles do not exist. And I could bring up the point that pedophilia is when adults, a.k.a humans, go after children.  But they still could be pedophilia. (Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me just say I do not support pedophilia. I honestly do not. I just think its unreasonable to call piece of writing or art that someone worked really hard on ‘supporting pedophilia’ when it really isn’t.)

2. It’s abusive/sexually abusive. The thing I don’t understand is how you know ships are abusive. These are fictional characters, and though it hurts, that’s the truth. There is nothing concrete about. The ships we, the fandom, create, are even less substantial. So there is no physical proof of anything of their relationship as evidence that the ship is in fact abusive. I mean, unless it has been canonly shown that it is (which I understand. If a relationship has been proven abusive, then I will not argue against it), it’s only abusive if you’re interpreting it that way. An example could be ereri. A lot of antis say it’s abusive because of the court scene, but Levi had to do it so that the SC could take custody of Eren. He did it to help Eren, not because he’s some kind of sadistic bastard who loves beating children. Afterwards, he even asked Eren if he resented him, to which Eren said that he did not.

3. Even if you age up the characters, it doesn’t change the fact that in canon, there still is a huge age gap. Um, yeah. That’s true. But like I said before, these are fictional characters that we can change. That’s why we have AUs. That’s why we have gender benders. What makes aging up any different? If we want to age up our characters in a fanfic or fanart that we drew, isn’t that our right to do so? It’s not like we’re trying to change the canon fact (I repeat: we are not claiming that it is canon when we age up our characters).

4. You mischaracterize some of the characters. This…. Is actually something I kind of agree with and kind of don’t. I mean, I really do understand what people mean with this. In ereri, some people try to make Eren a complete uke and I honestly don’t see that. He’s an angry fifteen year old who saw his mother die and wants to wipe out the existence of an entire species. And I can’t see how Levi would be uke either, because, you know, Humanity’s Strongest and all that. However, like I said before, fiction characters and all that. You could argue by saying that if you take away a character’s personality, then is it really that character. I would probably counter by saying if you take away someone’s lifestyle, is it really their life but whatever. It’s hard for me to defend this one because I kind of agree with it.

5. It makes me feel uncomfortable so you have to stop. Um, not to be rude to those who feel uncomfortable, but isn’t it a little selfish to expect someone who really loves the ship to stop just because you said so? I mean, yeah, I do care about your feelings, but couldn’t you just unfollow me and block the tag? That’s like me saying, ‘I really don’t like looking at the color red so you can’t use red in any of your drawings even though it’s your favorite color’ when you could just not look at my drawings at all.

6. It’s gross. Um, okay? That’s totally your opinion and not a fact at all? If you’re trying to prove a point, please support it with facts. I will respect what you think, but please don’t try and convince me that a ship is ‘gross’ without evidence.

Okay, so those are the main six points I think people bring up. Let me just say that I am not trying to convince you to like Ereri. I respect that you may not like a ship. I have my own NOTPs as well. However, you do not have the right to hate on a piece of writing or art because you do not like something. And when I mean hate, I mean the big difference between this:

Hi! I personally do not like Sebaciel so could you please tag your works? Thank you for understanding.

And this:

What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you ship that you gross, sick pedophile? Go to hell.


Also, there are methods to avoid ships you don’t like either.
1. You can block the tag.
2. If you see something without a tag, kindly ask the user to tag their works.
3. I do understand that some shippers are assholes and will not listen to you. Report them, block them, or unfollow them.
4. Same with the posts. Block them or report them.

Second First Date

A/N: Today is Valentine’s Day, so I decided to do a piece of my own (not a request) where Spencer and the reader have been dating for a few years and on their third Valentine’s Day together Spencer decides to recreate their first date ever. @coveofmemories


Spencer walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas; you were supposed to be going out to dinner in less than 10 minutes. What was he doing? After three years together (a year and a half of which you had lived together), maybe he’d just forgotten. “Aren’t we going to dinner?” you asked, watching as Spencer walked over to the refrigerator. 

“I actually had something completely different in mind,” he said with a small smile, “I just didn’t want to spoil the surprise.” When he opened the refrigerator, you saw chicken, green onions, lemon juice, parsley, garlic…

“Is that the ingredients for…?”

“The lemon chicken spaghetti we had on our first date,” he replied. “I figured after three years, I wanted to show you that I still remember every detail of our first date.” He looked down at his white t-shirt and flannel pajama pants. “I actually do remember what I was wearing, but I wanted to be comfortable.”

When you walked into the kitchen, you thought back to when Spencer first showed up at your apartment three years ago. Since then, you’d moved in together. “I was wearing dark wash jeans, which have since developed a hole, so I had to throw them out. I was also wearing a dark green t-shirt and a black blazer on top.” You remembered - the outfit on top of the fluffy hair on his head.

“Do you remember what I was wearing?” you asked, pressing your lips to his. Back then he tasted like strawberry chapstick, now he tasted like Spencer. It was a delicious taste you’d become accustomed to over your years together.

Slowly, you swayed back and forth in the middle of the kitchen while Spencer nibbled at the spot beneath your ear - the one that always had you panting and pleading for him. “I do. You were wearing black jeans, those black leather boots that you wore in bed that one time, specifically because I liked the way they looked on you on our first date and I wondered what it would be like if you were only wearing them.”

That had been a fun night. You’d felt so amazingly dirty and he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

“You were also wearing a flowing purple halter top, which I believe you left at the cabin we went to for our first anniversary.” He really did remember everything. You were insanely lucky to have met a guy like him. 

“I was,” you replied, standing on your toes to kiss him again. “We were supposed to go out to dinner. Just like tonight, but we had a torrential downpour so we decided to stay at my old place and make dinner with whatever we could find in my refrigerator. That ended up being lemon chicken spaghetti. I made it. You wanna make it together tonight?”

“That’s definitely the plan,” he muttered against your neck. Over the 10 minutes, you both chopped up onions, parsley and garlic and sautéed it with oil and butter. 

“This smells amazing,” you said, putting the chicken into the pan while Spencer boiled some water for the spaghetti. As you inhaled, the delicious smells brought back the feelings you had when you’d first been shut in together by the rain. You thought it must’ve been to good to be true - he must’ve been too good to be true. But three years down the road, you knew he wasn’t. He was just as amazing then as he was now. 

Once the food was ready, Spencer prepared the plates. You could practically see the overlay of your first date and now. He was standing in nearly the same place, making the same food, smiling the same smile.

“God, that was delicious,” you muttered later on, swallowing the last bite of chicken. “So what did we do after dinner?”

By your hand, he pulled you up from the table and took your mouth in his. “I believe the ran was so awful that the power went out, so we ended up on the couch and I read you some of my favorite passages from Wuthering Heights by candlelight.”

It had been the most romantic experience you’d ever had, and certainly your most romantic first date ever. “So are you gonna read to me again?” you wondered, burying your head in his chest.

“Definitely, but I think the end of the date might end a little differently than our first date,” he said gathering you to him as he walked you toward the couch.

You nearly started to cry as he turned the lights down in the apartment and lit a couple of candles. “How’s this one going to end?”

“In bed, rather than cuddling on the couch,” he laughed against your neck as he picked up the book from off the floor. “I have other plans that don’t reflect our first date.”

“Fantastic.” You could only imagine what he had in mind, but first, first you wanted him to read to you. You loved listening to his voice - so smooth and genuine. “You’re gonna read to me first, right?”

“Of course. Lean back,” he instructed, placing the book in front of you both so he could read it. “I’ll read some passages I like instead of the whole story.” As he began to read, you sunk into him, allowing his voice to wash over you. “My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I am Heathcliff! He’s always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.”

Examining the Doctor

Okay. I’ve been yearning to come home and write this all day, but adult-ing and making a living took precedent, so what are ya gonna do? 

I’ve been re-watching the two Framework episodes a ton. For reasons. And I’m not going to go into Fitz’s actual brainwashing or memory replacement or whatever AIDA did because I’m not sure what it is exactly yet. What I do want to do is delve into his current actions and choices right now.

Because yes, there’s several interviews where Iain says the Doctor and Fitz are two different characters, but there’s another where he said something, referring to the Doctor, that struck me. He hesitated and said “yes and no” when the interviewer brought up his complete character transformation and then said,

“It’s still [Fitz].” 

So I want to reconcile the two. I’m not gonna delve into how he’ll remember or even touch on the life-affirming look between him and Jemma. 

I want to get into the other stuff. 

The darker stuff. 

And yes, that means Grant Ward plays a part in this too. 

I’m not going to condone the Doctor’s actions, and I don’t think he’s misunderstood. In the Framework, he’s a villain through and through. At least at this point in the narrative. 

He doesn’t even have an anti-hero aura about him. He’s had several people come up to him now and essentially tell him, “you’re better than this. You’re a good person.” 

In the real world, Ward had the same thing done to him. And every time, he would deflect or say, “I’m not a good person,” or blame his upbringing or recall twisted memories and show a bit of remorse. Ward claimed to know who he was and just wrote himself off as a lost cause. At least… that’s what he would express to others. 

But the Doctor? 

He is insulted at the insinuation that he is anything other than himself. 

He considers himself a good guy. 

This is such a social commentary – it’s insane – because they took the guy with a solid moral compass – a true hero – and put this good guy in a world where he is seemingly the bad one.

But here’s the thing. Throughout history, and also – you know, today – we have many morally sound people doing really bad things. 

People who go to bed at a night with a clean conscience because they don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. 

In a world where Hydra is king, and the king is merciless, he has grown up (or at least, he thinks he’s grown up) to believe that that is the way the world works. The way the world has to be. 

So he does everything within his power to maintain that status quo. 

On some level, real world Ward knows what he’s done was wicked. That there was wickedness brewing inside him. And he blamed that wickedness on every single person he came in contact with. So anytime anyone challenged his character, he would agree with them. He resigned himself to being the villain. (But really it wasn’t his fault, so saith Grant Ward). 

This Doctor completely owns who he is. And the times when he is provoked into believing something different about his character are the times when his wickedness really shines through. 


Someone popping into your life, telling you it’s not your fault, their face full of pity, and that you can be better.

Well, what if you were already the best version of yourself (according to you, the woman you love, and the rest of your subordinates)? 

Throughout the series, Fitz has always struggled with identity. Who he really is. Deep down, he’s known he’s a good person, but it took him a long time to understand and appreciate parts of himself he didn’t think were good enough.

So the Doctor seemingly has it all in the Framework. He has the girl, he has power, he’s changing the world, and he’s using his genius mind to do it.

So Radcliffe and Daisy challenging his perception of himself… telling him that what he’s doing is wrong and this isn’t him enrages him. 

Not because they’re, essentially, calling him a villain. He doesn’t see himself that way, so it rolls right off his back. 

Because they’re insinuating he wants to be something other than what he is. 

Anytime we see more emotion from the Doctor, it’s in direct relation to a character challenging his perception of reality. 

He knows who he is. 

He sees no problem with who he is. 

He sees no reason to change who he is. 

Because in this upside-down world, he’s the man he wants to be. 

And that, my dears, is the scariest part of the Doctor. 

A man who genuinely, truly, whole-heartedly believes what he’s doing is good. 

What he’s doing is right. 

In a world where Hydra is king, and the king is merciless, he’s doing what he believes to be true: 

Eliminate the threat. 

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oh! sin city jimin do you wanna be in an actual relationship with y/n? you know, like be actual boyfriend and girlfriend or something like that

I’ve never been in a real relationship. With her, I might be willing to give it a try. However, there are things about me that she needs to know before doing something like that… And I’m not sure how she will feel about them once she finds out. The things that I want and the things that I can let myself have are completely different things.

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