but i actually want to do something completely different


I grew up in LA and I started auditioning when I was nine. My mom, Jules, was a script supervisor and my dad did live TV, he was an assistant director. So when I first started acting, I just wanted to be in the crew. But I ended up auditioning for stuff and was turned away from anything remotely commercial. I got indie after indie, and all the weird, quirky stuff. And then Twilight came along. We didn’t know we were going to do more than one film, but Catherine Hardwicke was directing and I was like, ‘This is cool, actually.’ Then it just turned into something completely different. But it was never decided: 'Right, I’m going to balance the commercialism of my career.’

If it helps

You know my friend who’s like a fifth grandparent who I’ve asked you all to pray for because of his health (he had a lung transplant)?

Well, he predicted this in August of 2015. When everyone was writing Trump off as a joke. We were sitting in the recovery room after he has a minor outpatient procedure and he said to me, “So, what do you think of that Donald Trump then?” I said I thought his campaign was a publicity stunt. Nearly everyone thought so at that point.

My friend told me that he thought Trump was running sincerely, and not only that, but he’d win. (Please keep in mind that predicting something and wanting something are two different things)

Now, my friend is brilliant. His advice works literally 100% of the time. I’ve actually yet to see him be wrong on anything like this. I’m completely serious. I’ve known him ages and he’s always right. The only time I’ve seen him be wrong in general, ever, was when he didn’t think he’d survive a major hurdle he thankfully pulled through (even then though he never gave up). Other than that, he’s always right. He’s too humble to admit it, but he is.

But I admit I was skeptical. My friend went on to explain why. Every single one of his predictions came true. He said that it’d be between Trump and Clinton, and that the media would call a Clinton victory prematurely. This would lead to complacency which would allow Trump to win. So many people have been alienated by the political elite for a long time, and that that’d also come out-people are more than sick of politicians letting the country down so they’d vote for a non-politician, and so on. He then predicted every milestone of the election.

Over the past year I’ve been amazed as every single one of his predictions came true. In a way though I wasn’t surprised at all. My friend is always right.

But, those weren’t his only predictions.

He also predicted that Trump wasn’t half as extreme as he’s claiming to be. He thinks Trump has said all those things to pander to the Tea Party types while the moderates voted for him out of anger towards the establishment. Trump himself had every sign of being a moderate before this election.

So, the man who predicted this in August of 2015, who hasn’t been wrong about anything yet, thinks Trump is secretly a moderate.

I think my friend is right. I at least hope he is. And he hasn’t been wrong yet. So that’s a good source of hope.

Second First Date

A/N: Today is Valentine’s Day, so I decided to do a piece of my own (not a request) where Spencer and the reader have been dating for a few years and on their third Valentine’s Day together Spencer decides to recreate their first date ever. @coveofmemories


Spencer walked out of the bedroom in his pajamas; you were supposed to be going out to dinner in less than 10 minutes. What was he doing? After three years together (a year and a half of which you had lived together), maybe he’d just forgotten. “Aren’t we going to dinner?” you asked, watching as Spencer walked over to the refrigerator. 

“I actually had something completely different in mind,” he said with a small smile, “I just didn’t want to spoil the surprise.” When he opened the refrigerator, you saw chicken, green onions, lemon juice, parsley, garlic…

“Is that the ingredients for…?”

“The lemon chicken spaghetti we had on our first date,” he replied. “I figured after three years, I wanted to show you that I still remember every detail of our first date.” He looked down at his white t-shirt and flannel pajama pants. “I actually do remember what I was wearing, but I wanted to be comfortable.”

When you walked into the kitchen, you thought back to when Spencer first showed up at your apartment three years ago. Since then, you’d moved in together. “I was wearing dark wash jeans, which have since developed a hole, so I had to throw them out. I was also wearing a dark green t-shirt and a black blazer on top.” You remembered - the outfit on top of the fluffy hair on his head.

“Do you remember what I was wearing?” you asked, pressing your lips to his. Back then he tasted like strawberry chapstick, now he tasted like Spencer. It was a delicious taste you’d become accustomed to over your years together.

Slowly, you swayed back and forth in the middle of the kitchen while Spencer nibbled at the spot beneath your ear - the one that always had you panting and pleading for him. “I do. You were wearing black jeans, those black leather boots that you wore in bed that one time, specifically because I liked the way they looked on you on our first date and I wondered what it would be like if you were only wearing them.”

That had been a fun night. You’d felt so amazingly dirty and he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

“You were also wearing a flowing purple halter top, which I believe you left at the cabin we went to for our first anniversary.” He really did remember everything. You were insanely lucky to have met a guy like him. 

“I was,” you replied, standing on your toes to kiss him again. “We were supposed to go out to dinner. Just like tonight, but we had a torrential downpour so we decided to stay at my old place and make dinner with whatever we could find in my refrigerator. That ended up being lemon chicken spaghetti. I made it. You wanna make it together tonight?”

“That’s definitely the plan,” he muttered against your neck. Over the 10 minutes, you both chopped up onions, parsley and garlic and sautéed it with oil and butter. 

“This smells amazing,” you said, putting the chicken into the pan while Spencer boiled some water for the spaghetti. As you inhaled, the delicious smells brought back the feelings you had when you’d first been shut in together by the rain. You thought it must’ve been to good to be true - he must’ve been too good to be true. But three years down the road, you knew he wasn’t. He was just as amazing then as he was now. 

Once the food was ready, Spencer prepared the plates. You could practically see the overlay of your first date and now. He was standing in nearly the same place, making the same food, smiling the same smile.

“God, that was delicious,” you muttered later on, swallowing the last bite of chicken. “So what did we do after dinner?”

By your hand, he pulled you up from the table and took your mouth in his. “I believe the ran was so awful that the power went out, so we ended up on the couch and I read you some of my favorite passages from Wuthering Heights by candlelight.”

It had been the most romantic experience you’d ever had, and certainly your most romantic first date ever. “So are you gonna read to me again?” you wondered, burying your head in his chest.

“Definitely, but I think the end of the date might end a little differently than our first date,” he said gathering you to him as he walked you toward the couch.

You nearly started to cry as he turned the lights down in the apartment and lit a couple of candles. “How’s this one going to end?”

“In bed, rather than cuddling on the couch,” he laughed against your neck as he picked up the book from off the floor. “I have other plans that don’t reflect our first date.”

“Fantastic.” You could only imagine what he had in mind, but first, first you wanted him to read to you. You loved listening to his voice - so smooth and genuine. “You’re gonna read to me first, right?”

“Of course. Lean back,” he instructed, placing the book in front of you both so he could read it. “I’ll read some passages I like instead of the whole story.” As he began to read, you sunk into him, allowing his voice to wash over you. “My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath: a source of little visible delight, but necessary. Nelly, I am Heathcliff! He’s always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.”

shattered-raine  asked:

What are the boys like sleep deprived? (You can include any extra boys you want, but I'm curious about the mafia boys)

Alright, this will be fun. First, though, I’d like to clarify that my Mafiatale AU is completely different from the others, not even relating to them. At all. Raine knows the background AND the story, so when they take a look at this they’ll definitely see something different than you do. Because my story is actually a branch of the main timeline that goes wrong, so. Here we go:

MT Sans:
Hon, he’s been constantly sleep deprived for the past 5 years at LEAST, if you haven’t been together longer than a year. With everything he’s done to find you? He’s had to learn how to push himself through the lack of rest, and thus, he’s not himself when he’s well rested. When he hasn’t slept in days, the only difference you’ll find is the lack of time he’s spending with you, because he’s probably working on something. So, then, what’s he like when he actually gets some decent sleep? He’ll want to waste that extra energy as fast as he can, he’s not used to having so much. So he wants to go do everything with you, go everywhere with you, he’ll want to go buy a dog or adopt a kid, he will carry you across the golden gate bridge, back and forth, twice. When he has extra energy he gets super productive, so why not be productive in his relationship?

MT Papyrus:
Oh, boy, he gets tired fast, keeping up with whatever is going on in France, whatever’s mainstream in the papers, so when he gets sleep deprived all he wants to do is be with you. You fill him with so much life, so much passion, he could look at you for 5 seconds and be ready to burst forth into the streets to give the people what they want and handle anything life throws at him. He will want to hold you, cuddle on the couch, take a nap for a few hours. It’ll be good for him, and he’ll feel better knowing that he has you, with him, if only for a little while. After that, he’ll have to get back to work, but when he comes back home expect a lovely surprise. He’ll treat you for seemingly no reason, but he’ll know.

UF Papyrus:
Ah. This one. This grumpy little nut turns sour when kept away from the covers for too long, and he can and will lash out at anyone and anything. Including the few he loves most. But he doesn’t want that for you. He loves you, so much, he will go into hiding to prevent his explosiveness from creating emotional fallout. This tends to backfire, as it creates an entirely new problem, and then the fallout comes tenfold and he has to reassure you that, no, it’s not you, he would never in his life - but then an argument breaks out, and long story short, if it gets bad enough there will be tears. It will be inevitable, and you may be without a boyfriend, and he may just hate himself. When you see him approaching the point, tell him to go sleep for a while. Sleep WITH him, force him to relax. It’ll help a lot.

UF Sans:
Hoo, boy, do I have some news for you: This boy right here? He never. Ever. Ever sleeps. Even when you think he’s sleeping. He’s watching you sleep, and when you wake up to check on him he’ll close his eyes and pretend he hasn’t opened them in years. So he’s in a state of aggressive nasty comatose thinking at all times, and until you can get him to consistently lay down with you and shut his eyes, it will stay that way. There are ways to get him to do it, though, so keep trying and don’t feel discouraged.

UT Papyrus:
He doesn’t sleep often due to his attempts to stay alert in case night terrors consume his brother, but he practically generates energy with every moment of his existence, so it’s no problem. If he’s having a low spell he’ll be completely out of it. His depression might attack him in his most vulnerable moments, look out for a bad mood, because once he’s in one it’s extremely difficult to get him out. I say extremely difficult, but with the right placement of kisses and encouraging words, you’ll have him feeling better than when you first agreed to date him. He will be eating out of your hand for months. He’s a cool dude.

SF Sans:
Oy, he’s worse than Fell Paps, it’s so bad, cause at least Pap gives you fair warning. You won’t know he’s tired until he’s shouting profanities to whatever god is out there, to you, about you, until he’s two inches away from your face with his teeth bared and there’s nothing you can say or do to stop him. If you start crying, he will not feel bad for you. If you do nothing, he will yell even louder, he wants a reaction out of you. Do you not care about what he’s saying? The best things you can do after he blows up at you are to cry, then avoid him, then give him an earful when he comes to apologize, or you can continue to do nothing and look at him coldly whenever he does so much as enter the house. The first one will have him pondering his actions and whether you deserved that or not, but the second one will have him at your feet in a sobbing mess after a couple days because you DEFINITELY didn’t deserve that, and he’s so sorry, please, talk to him, love him, he misses your voice and your kind, gentle, sweet love, oh man. He won’t ever do it again if you neglect him long enough, but it will hurt the relationship quite a bit and he will never be himself again.

Let’s see, US Sans doesn’t get sleep deprived, he cares too much about his vanity. If he was he’d just be sluggish and look less presentable, not very responsive, not as productive. Then he’d take a nap. That’s all. SF Pap is the same way, but he sleeps into the late hours of the day, and he’s lethargic anyway. US Pap will get cuddly when tired, HT Pap will eat anything, regardless of edibility.

HT Sans:
He’s already clingy. He already naps all the time. If you get him tired, you will never escape the bed. Not for weeks. He will carry you around everywhere, feed you, bathe you, as soon as you step foot within his room expect to be his doll for a while. It takes a lot of sleep to charge someone 9 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

UT Sans:
I love saving him for last, can you tell? His voice gains an octave, but loses half the power, everything is spoken in a whisper. He will cling to you desperately as if letting you go would mean his last breath. If you go anywhere, he will fuss, and make up an excuse as to why you should stay. If all else fails he’ll pile up the blankets and complain it’s still too cold without you, and if THAT doesn’t work, he’ll fake cry until you finally come over there and snuggle with him. It will be like that all day, but he’s usually like that, to no one’s surprise at all. If you give him the chance, he will practically write poetry for you with his mouth, he loves to talk to you until he can make you turn colors. And then he’ll play with your hands, and run his fingers through your hair, if you have any, and trace across your face, so he can “Get you to sleep.” It’s an excuse to boop your nose. I promise you. He’s so sweet, I’m love him.

It built up… but then it like shot down again. Oops. First time doing something completely digitally. Normally I draw on paper, scan it, and then color it. Wanted to do something different. Well, Here’s Linda getting on Sans for vaccinating Frisk when, after all, vaccinations transfer disease and what not-according to HER knowledge. Sans ain’t takin’ any of her crap. 

Helen is just done. She’s done. Completely burned out. Also scared of the skeleton-being religious and all. Diana is used to Sans and Linda arguing, and is actually rather hypocritical-telling Linda not to get on Sans’ nerves when she herself does so all the time. 

If you can’t read the writing: “Are you really bringin’ this up again?” 

You’re endangering Frisk! Vaccinations only cause illness!”

“Linda, calm down.”

Lord have mercy…” 

“You’re supposed to be Frisk’s parent! But you’re a monster, so of COURSE you don’t know how to take care of a human child!” 

Linda’s gonna get it now… 

Stop yelling! You’re just going to make him mad again! Do you-” 

“Vaccinate your kid, Linda. Not sayin’ it again.”

Finding Your DCP Roommates

Alternately Titled: How I Inadvertently Became A Founding Member of The Disney Wine Mom Club

Originally posted by cilebrias

Here I’m writing specifically how I found roommates for my last program, as I’m still looking for roommates for my new program. That being said, I’m not doing anything different this time around, but I thought it’d be easier to write about the search that I already completed.

For Disney housing, there is no actual guarantee that you will get any particular apartment or roommates. If you find roommates ahead of time, you can request something together to increase your chances of getting what you want. So while you can go in blind, most people look for roommates beforehand. The best way to do this is fill out the roommate survey below, and share it on tumblr, in the facebook groups, and/or record a video of yourself for youtube. The most important thing to know is that you can only room with someone who has the same arrival week as you, so make sure you look for that when going through surveys. I say arrival week only because some international dates will differ. For most people, think in terms of same arrival day.

The DCP apartments range from having two to eight occupants so while like I said, you’re not guaranteed any particular number of roommates, the first thing you should do when looking from roommates is decide which housing complex you’d like to preference (Look for a future post coming soon) and how many people you’d like to live with. Most apartments have six occupants so you’re most likely going to have five roommates to look for.

Originally posted by disney-darling-blog

In fall 2016, I  shared my roommate survey in the three DCP facebook groups I was in, and within a couple of hours I had a reply from one girl. We bonded over a favorite tv show and then I noticed another girl’s survey, so we added her to our chat. Then we found another girl’s roommate survey who meshed well with us so she and her best friend joined our group. In the last couple of weeks we found our last girl when she posted a survey after us. This time around, I posted in only one group and got a positive response in about half an hour where I was added to a chat with two girls and our group began. A couple of days later, we’ve added our 4th girl, so we’re deciding if we want to add two more girls.

Finding new roommates is very very awkward. Like dating. You have to be completely honest and true to your personality in your survey. You’re going to live with these people for months so it’s important that you live with people who want similar things from their roommates. How important is it to you that your apartment is organized? Do you like to live in a hot or cold apartment? Will you share groceries? Ask questions like that ahead of time to get the best experience.

Just message a bunch of people who you think you could fit well with.  A lot of people will ignore you. A lot of people will message you twice and then never reply. Don’t get discouraged! You’re going to find your people. People will be getting accepted for months so you have time. Our fall 2016 group was already so excited to meet each other, that we gave our little group the name “Disney Wine Mom Club”. Finding those girls for my DCP last time gave me friends for life and I already know my 2017 girls are going to be just as special to me!

Good luck on your roommate search!

Also look below for the roommate survey!

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ifartconfetti replied to your post: ah yea… love the fact that in my current situation…

moving out eventually also helps a lot. i wouldnt be as content as i am here in my home village since the entire mindset of people here is completely different from people i get along with. if you actually have the chance to study and you want to there’s also a very high chance of there being a fuckton of other trans people around.

i wouldn’t even know where to move out to… and while studying is something i am considering idk if i really want to do 3-4 more years of school


I honestly thought all the complaining about Halestorm’s lyrics would stop now that Into The Wild Life is released, but it seems to have gotten worse… to all the people still claiming that all Lzzy writes about is rough sex, have you even listened to their new album? Or actually taken the time to read the lyrics? There are 15 songs on that record, if you count the two bonus tracks, and the only two that have anything to do with sex are Apocalyptic and Gonna Get Mine. Maybe Jump The Gun, and I don’t really view that one as a song about sex. No, I’m not gonna count Amen only because the word “sex” is once uttered in the chorus, that song is about something completely different. I personally love all the songs on the new album, and Gonna Get Mine and Jump The Gun are actually two of my favorites. They’re super fun and catchy and make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs and I don’t see the problem with the lyrics, honestly, there are enough songs about other things. The Reckoning - about a broken friendship, if my memory serves me right. What Sober Couldn’t Say - Lzzy recently said on Instagram that she wrote that song about some drinking habits she had developed. Amen - about breaking free from the chains of society and living your own life. I Am The Fire - obviously about self encouragement. I also don’t see how Familiar Taste of Poison, In Your Room, Break In, Freak Like Me, Hate it When You See Me Cry, Better Sorry Than Safe, and several other songs from the previous two albums have anything to do with sex. Do I have to go on? Please just stop complaining about something you obviously have no idea of. (Sorry for English mistakes, I’m not a native speaker)


get to know me meme : (1/10) favourite actors/actresses → Jennifer Morrison

“I love acting because you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again, every day, and that’s what attracted me to wanting to do this for a living. So to be given an opportunity to create something completely different and live that out is the dream. It’s incredibly rewarding.”


I really hoped this wouldn’t happen again but it did, so get ready for a really long rant.


Whether it’s for “erasing LGBT representation” or “being against your ideals”, you simply CAN’T go tell someone to kill themselves just because they do what you don’t like. It’s immature and stupid, because you dare to bully other people because they don’t do what you want them to do, completely ignoring the damage you’re doing to that someone.


I’m guessing you don’t even know what homophobia really is. VIOLENCE against people just for being who they are is. Shipping something different from what you ship isn’t. But you choose to consider it that for whatever reason, but it’s not. You’re actually not any different from the ones harassing them just because of being them.


If you’re capable of ignoring this post, you can ignore those people shipping it as well. Hell, you can even block those people. There are a lot of other tags to enjoy, whether it’s other ships you like or anything out of that. And if that ship is actually confirmed, then I don’t see why you have to worry about those ships bothering you.

So please, stop this shipping harassment for once and for all.


I grew up in LA and I started auditioning when I was nine. My mom, Jules, was a script supervisor and my dad did live TV, he was an assistant director. So when I first started acting, I just wanted to be in the crew. But I ended up auditioning for stuff and was turned away from anything remotely commercial. I got indie after indie – and all the weird, quirky stuff. And then Twilight came along. We didn’t know we were going to do more than one film, but Catherine Hardwicke was directing and I was like, ‘This is cool, actually.’ Then it just turned into something completely different. But it was never decided, ‘Right, I’m going to balance the commercialism of my career.’

After several attacks in Saudi Arabia today, two of which targeted a Shi'a area and one near the Prophet’s mosque in madina, all claimed by ISIS (an extreme Sunni group which hates shi'as and is behind the attacks in Baghdad and Turkey), Saudi Twitter and journalists are blaming Shi'a Iraqis. And in the same threads they are applauding the attacks that took place in the Shi'a area of Qatif. Like…I just don’t understand…I really don’t…is there something in the water in that despicable country ? Are they drugged? Brainwashed? Where does their abysmal stupidity stem from? In their mind they are the ones who are oppressed. They remind me of when Fox News and its people always finds a way to blame black people, Muslims, or Hispanics for things that are actually their own fault. If these people are Muslim then there are completely different versions of Islam because I want nothing to do with them. If these people believe they follow the ways of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) then there must be some serious confusion because when I look to them I see nothing but hate, intolerance, bigotry, ignorance, and just sheer stupidity that would make a pebble on the ground seem like Einstein in comparison to them. How can you be a Muslim and that hateful? How can you pray and fast and read Quran yet you still manage to refer to other Muslims as “deviant sects” and “kafirs”. How is it that the majority of terrorists captured or ID’d in Iraq come from Saudi Arabia yet they view themselves as the oppressed ones? As God as my witness we may share a book, but have two completely different interpretations of it. We may share a religion yet have completely different understandings of it. I look at your “respected” scholars and they spew nothing but hatred. I look at your forums and websites and groups and I see nothing but hatred. How do we get a Prophet like Muhammad (pbuh) who was sent as a MERCY to mankind yet all your religious texts are about “kafir” this “deviant” that? Who the hell gave you a monopoly on the truth you disgusting, pathetic, filthy swine. La3nat Allah 3alekom ya wahabiya. We will never forget how it was your people who made the blood of mine flood the streets of Iraq over and over again until they were stained red. Terrorism has no religion, but it has an ideology, and it’s exported by you. As far as I’m concerned we are enemies until the day of judgement and I want nothing to do with you people. So if you’re a wahabi, salafi, or anyone who thinks only your religion or sect is magically the “saved” one and all others should go to hell then F*** you and gtfo off my blog. Enough is enough.

You know what makes me sad?

The fact that the majority of TWD fans are smarter than the writers. Like, if nothing comes from all these theories and well researched facts it’s just such a waste. Completely ruined potential for an epic storyline. 

So many people would agree with you if you were to say “I don’t know man, the writing for this season has kinda sucked”. And those would be the casual viewers! 

I reeeeeally hope this 90min finale that is being aired everywhere at the same time actually means something. I hope something big happens and for once I don’t want it to be a death, they have to do something better. We’re 5 seasons in, we’re invested and if you keep giving us the same story with a different backdrop we’re going to get bored. 

Come on TPTB, get your shit together.