but i actually really really enjoyed it

just gotta say…. I really hope jack is sitting back enjoying this chaos, he earned it, yo. he really got us good and i am so damn INVESTED in all this. i dunno if i believe there is gonna be some EPIC closer or anything - but it doesn’t matter. i’ve never felt closer or more a part of the community than now and tbh i’m fairly new. i only kind of got into jack’s stuff this year, granted i binged a lot of it and have actually been subbed for 2 years. i just wasn’t a HUGE jse fan until 4-5 months ago? so yeah. really awesome spending this crazy 20 hour ride with ya’ll. you guys rock. <3 

& jack sincerely, thanks for being such a cool dude. i’m exhausted because of your shenanigans, but i’m also super happy. @therealjacksepticeye

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Hey! You probably get this question a lot but why did you move over to okyio? I've been gone for a while so I missed it if you already explained.

awh hey love :’+) !! welcome back to the community !!! i actually don’t get that question often tbh!! but i decided to move cause I really wanted a fresh start. esp after getting a lot of negativity in my old blog (i still do but it’s okay!!!) + i wanted to change up my style / aesthetic + switching seemed like the best option for me?! but i’m really glad i did since i’m so much happier posting content that i enjoy :’+) thanks for asking + i hope you have a great day love !!

Trollhunters is so good. It’s so underrated too. I think it might be getting more popular but still it’s not nearly recognized enough. All the people who enjoy cartoons such as Miraculous Ladybug, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Adventure time, Gravity Falls etc. should really watch this. The first two or three episodes are kinda boring and when I first watched it I actually stopped because of this but if you push through those you won’t regret it. Also Trollhunters is created by freaking Guillermo del Toro! The same guy who made Pans Labyrinth and The Devils Backbone! So if that doesn’t say something to you about the quality of the show I don’t know what would.

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Can you do a Bill x reader where she's a dancer, and he insists that he teachers her some of her ball room routine but he's super clumsy and they end up falling on each other and idk just some fluff please! Can I also be tagged in it if thats okay? I love your writing xx

Word Count: 864

A/N: aah thank you for my first request! This was really cute and 110% something Bill would do. I have no knowledge about dancing whatsoever, but this request was really well-timed because I’m doing social dance in school right now and this is an actual move we’re learning. I hope I described it okay. Enjoy :)

Step with Me

“You got it!” you cried happily. Bill smiled like a child and squeezed your hands. He did the basic dance step one more time, then laughed sheepishly.

“N-n-now give me s-something harder,” he said.

“Are you sure you’re ready?” you wiggled your eyebrows, pulling him by the hands further down the deserted dance studio floor. Bill had waited for you outside like you had agreed, and once you had finished your class, he came so that you could teach him a few moves in peace. You weren’t sure why he was interested in dancing. A little part of you thought that maybe it was because you were, but you brushed it off as wishful thinking. Still; the thought made you happy, and Bill insisted on learning, and you could never say no to Bill.

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Why do you think people dislike tlj as much as they seem to?

It may be a combination of dashed hopes and busted headcanons. But honestly “everyone” is very subjective. The vocal fandom online is actually very small. All the casuals I’ve talked to who aren’t rabid fans have enjoyed it, tbh. But those of fandom online who have been invested in how ep 8 was going to go and who didn’t get what they wanted (OT fans, for example, just *really* wanted to see Luke restored to larger than life grand master Jedi) are upset because… well… like Luke said, it did not go how they thought it was going to go.

In the end the online SW communities are actually a really bad barometer for figuring out how well the movie is and will continue to be received in the weeks ahead.


Here’s my fic for @mlsecretsanta! Merry Christmas, @brookscribbles!

I had a lot of fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it! :) I decided to go with Alya/Marinette/Chloe, since I’ve really wanted to write a poly fic for them for a while now, and your prompts gave me a great chance to try them out! Also, Adrinino is mentioned! I couldn’t find a good place to actually put them in, but! Maybe I’ll write an actual Adrinino at some point.

Marinette, Alya, and Chloe have a few traditions they try to follow each Christmas.

Some are more successful than others.

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oooh 12 and 25 for the fanfic asks pls!! <33

12. favorite character to write about this year

ahhhhhh okay it’s like a solid tie between phichit and yuuri?? i write yuuri more though so probably yuuri 

25. a fic you read this year you would recommend everyone read

i’m actually working on a fanfic rec list right now but off the top of my head, i really enjoyed High Flying, Adored by terra_incognita ( @miss-terra-incognita) and ive never even seen miraculous (well, ive heard enough in passing but you really dont need to be into it to enjoy this fic!!! its got a lot of heart!! give it a try!!!

✒️💕 fanfic end of the year asks ✒️💕

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HC: Robbie is surprisingly good at knitting. Before he died he learned how to knit from his mother and it was one trait he carried with him after he died. Now every time he knits he gets a warm happy feeling and doesn't know why but he enjoys it.

That’s so cute omg?? My version of Robbie has really poor coordination, so he can’t really knit or do intricate things like that, but I do like the idea of him  associating knitting with positive feelings bc of his biological mother! 

Oddly enough, I actually hc Schneep to have a hobby for knitting, and he’s really good at it due to his job as a doctor giving him amazing hand coordination skills. I think Robbie would like watching Schneep knit and he’d just visually stim to the gentle, repetitive motions along with listening to Schneep’s soft humming while he knits.

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honesty hour: most hated stim

A few people have asked me the same thing before, but I don’t really know if there are any stims that I hate?? There are things people do in stim videos sometimes that annoy me (like in drink pouring videos when they put in a ton more ice than is necessary, or when an ice cube lands outside of the cup and they just pretend it isn’t there, or in paint mixing videos where they don’t mix it the same way that I would lol), but in those cases I still enjoy the actual stim itself! I can’t really think of any stim I’ve seen before that I outwardly dislike lmao

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My sister introduced me to this game recently, and I really like it so far! Playing it was the most fun I had with an otome game since I played Cinderella Phenomenon, but that's besides the point. I was reading the pregnancy scenario and started to wonder how the MC, her LI and Jack be like when the child was actually born?

Thanks very much for playing our game (and thanks also to your sister for introducing it to you)! We’re really happy and flattered you enjoyed it that much!

Good question about the followup to the pregnancy ask. I was wondering about what the characters would be like as parents too. Maybe something like this…

The MC would probably be the fun parent of any couple she’s in. Taking a page out of her father’s book (literally), she’ll tell her kid many fairytales and stories about her adventures. Also like her father, she’ll lavish her kid with affection and support and brag about how amazing they are to everyone. Anyone who ever dares to disagree will get a sword to the face or worse. :’D

Mikali would be a caring, domestically inclined parent who always tries to be there for his kid. Even if he’s king of Merrica by this point, he’ll make time to take his kid to play dates, cook them homemade meals, help them with their schoolwork, etc. But since the MC will tend to spoil their kid, he’ll have to be the more responsible parent. He’ll never raise his voice or anything like that, but he’ll be the one to intervene if his kid’s about to do anything stupid.

The sorcerer would be a strict, but well-meaning parent who’s always looking out for his kid. He would push them to eat all their vitamins, get good grades in school, stay away from shady merbirds, etc. He’d have a hard time telling his kid how much he loves them and might seem overly harsh at times. But it’s clear he always wants what’s best for his kid and will do anything to protect their wellbeing.

Malik would probably take a more hands-off approach to parenting. He’ll let his kid explore and figure things out for themselves. Let them learn from their mistakes and all that, even if they occasionally get into trouble. But never make the mistake of thinking he’ll let you get away with troubling his kid. Sure, no one will ever be able to prove he caused the smoking crater where your house used to be. But you’ll both know the truth.

Jack might get a little jealous that of all the attention the kid receives at first. But he’ll soon realize how to use that to his advantage - namely, that people are much more willing to give you their money when a cute child is asking for it. ;) Jack and the kid will quickly bond over becoming partners in crime. The kid will grow quite fond of their good old “Uncle Jack” - even if Mikali/the sorcerer/Malik puts a crater in Jack’s birdhouse at some point.


here’s a comic commission i drew for @gabapple​ and @mamodewberry​ based on a snippet from their fic: Never Look Away! please go read the fic when you can!!

thank you so much for trusting me with this comic, i’m super honored!! <33


K.O.ffee time || PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 || PART 6

The fact that they’re probably gonna argue about who has to clean the table, now, gives me ideas for a squel. (just kidding)

Oh yeah I love A Series of Unfortunate Events, the way the adults just [clenches fist] consistently disregard children’s allegations of abuse and allow them to remain in increasingly perilous situations, a word here which means “dangerous and hard to watch”

Couldn’t sleep last night.


I love Diego. Diego is very funny. He’s a very cool guy, quite a smartass, and I really appreciate smartasses. He used to make fun of me for the stupid backpack I wore. There were a few situations where I couldn’t [wear the stilts]. [When] I was on a cliffside or running in water and stuff like that, I had to wear this backpack with a telescoping head that came off the top, and it was really stupid looking. And the first time I wore it, it was like the first day we shot in Jordan. And he said [Puts on Diego Luna accent.], “Something terrible has happened. Ever since you put on that backpack, you have depressed the entire crew. It’s very sad.” He just went on about, “Please, for God’s sake, please take it off. For the love of God.” Anytime I put it on, “Everyone respected you just one moment ago. But now, it is evaporated.”