but i actually have headcanons

I’ve been working on this for the past two days…
This was supposed to be a simple work what happened-
I just wanted to draw Underfell babybones fluff since I rarely ever see the Underfell bros actually being NICE to each other in any format.

This started out just being a simple sketch of the two of them, then for some reason I decided it needed a background, and THEN for some OTHER reason I decided it needed a story-
Question is will I ever get around to writing one? haha

So anyways…None of the Voltron Paladins are neurotypical. 

None of them. 

Pidge and Keith are autistic

Lance has ADHD and possibly depression

Hunk has anxiety

Shiro has PTSD

I’d like to think Sakura’s first birthday on their travels might have gone something like this:

It hasn’t been too long since they’ve started their travels—maybe a few months or so. The day before, they’d arrived in some moderately sized village whose name isn’t important to remember, and decided to stay there for a while; to take rest, stock up, explore, and help around.

Sakura wakes in the morning a little later than usual, which surprises her, since she remembers asking Sasuke to wake her up when he wanted to leave to buy some food. She gets out of bed, changes into day clothes, and makes her way to the kitchen only to find Sasuke there, setting up breakfast on the table, apparently just done cooking.

“Sasuke-kun,” Sakura greets, a bit startled. “Good morning.”

Sasuke only nods. “Morning. I made breakfast.”

Though not exactly a rare occurrence, this still makes her smile—because she’s quite sure she knows the reasoning behind this.

“So you did.” She pauses, and smiles wider, an edge of teasing to it. “And you let me sleep in, too. Didn’t I ask you to wake me?”

Taking a seat at the table, Sasuke merely shrugs like it is nothing, but the way he avoids her gaze makes her think maybe he’s a bit embarrassed. 

“There wasn’t much that we needed to buy, so I figured I might just go alone.”

Sakura simply hums at this, but there’s that knowing look in her eyes, and she thinks Sasuke sees it when he fleetingly glances at her. But, she says nothing, only murmurs an affectionate thanks and sits to eat her own breakfast (one she remembers telling Sasuke she quite favored, not too long ago). 

But his particular behavior doesn’t end there. They head off in town afterwards, and he accompanies her every step of the way, even when she heads out to shop for herself. At some point, she tries to tell him that he doesn’t need to feel like he needs to stay, that he can go to the stores he likes instead of tailing behind her into ones she knows he’s not interested in. But Sasuke stays, and he never complains, prompting another knowing smile to her lips. He even pays for her lunch when they head out to eat, later.

Then, he takes her to the Hanami festival. At this point, Sakura doesn’t question him anymore; she knows with certainty why he’s acting so especially nice. They stay there for hours, visiting food stands and trying out game platforms (well—Sakura did), watching the pretty pink trees blooming in full; and though it is crowded, with girls trying to pester him after his good looks, Sasuke never scowls, never looks surly. It ends up making one of the very best birthdays of her life.

When they retreat from the festival, they take the long way back to the inn. Sakura has an armful of prizes she’s won for herself, and in her free hand, she holds a stick of syrup coated dango (which he paid for, again), chewing on it thoughtfully. She’s happier than she’s been in a long while, and in the moment, she thinks it can’t really get better than this.

But Sasuke proves her wrong as they stop by a small wooden bridge overlooking a river surrounded by beautiful cherry blossom trees, pretty pink petals fluttering in the wind, as he says, “I do have a gift for you, you know.”

Sakura’s green, green eyes turn towards him and widen, and she swallows her bite of food with a blooming blush. “You do?”

Sasuke nods almost imperceptibly, and she thinks she sees him swallow, but she can’t be too sure.

She opens her mouth to ask what he’s gotten her, before he suddenly leans down and presses his mouth to hers with achingly gentle pressure, lone hand gripping her shoulder to anchor her in place. 

He pulls away before she can fully realize what’s happened, but doesn’t put much space back between them, the ghost of a smile tugging at his lips. His eyes soften when she reaches to touch her lips with her free hand (which has dropped the dango she’d been holding, she now realizes).

The tug of his lips becomes more insistent, and he taps her forehead with two fingers—the gesture heavy with affection. “Happy birthday, Sakura,” he says.




“S-Sasuke-kun! You made me drop my dango!”

“…I’ll get you a new one.”




Who am I kidding this is too fluffy to have really happened….

  • Lance: *winks* Keith, talk dirty to me.
  • Keith: I’m not wearing any fucking underwear because you never put the fucking laundry in the fucking dryer like I’ve asked you to at least 100 fucking times.
  • Lance:
Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?


College!AU Belle x Adam headcannons

-Adam is a former football star. He has played football his entire life and plans to join the NFL at the end of college. He is in a car accident due to drunk driving and becomes paralyzed in one arm so his career is over. He also suffers from massive scarring down his face.

-When he returns to school in the fall semester after the accident, Adam makes a deal with his father that if he gets A’s in all of his classes and manages to graduate on time despite being very behind, his father will pay for his expensive plastic surgery.

-Belle is an English major with a dedicated love for Shakespeare. She is going to her school on scholarship due to her father’s economic issues. Belle needs to find work to pay for books and food while at school, so she agrees to begin tutoring one of the most difficult students imaginable. Hey, a job is a job.

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TFA Characters and their Favorite Disney Movie(s)

Some of these are Pixar but since Disney and Pixar work together now it doesn’t really matter

Optimus Prime: Hercules 

Ratchet: UP 

Bumblebee: The Incredibles or Big Hero 6

Prowl: Bambi 

Bulkhead: Beauty and the Beast

Blurr: Blame it on the Samba (it’s a short not a movie but oh well)

Jazz: The Aristocats

Arcee: Pollyanna or Sleeping Beauty

Wreck-Gar: WALL E

Megatron: Idk but he’d like some of the more classic songs 

Blitzwing: Literally any movie with songs, but especially Cinderella and the Three Caballeros

Lugnut: Snow White  

Shockwave: Tangled but he’ll never say it 

Starscream: It’s a mystery my dudes

Blackarachnia: The live action Maleficent 

Lockdown: Any Star Wars film (yes it’s Disney now I can say that)

Swindle: Treasure Planet 


various Monster High characters with autistic traits

As someone that’s actually autistic and considers Monster High to be a huge special interest, I wanted to celebrate Red Instead April by making gifs of characters from my special interest that I see as having autistic traits

So I’ve done nothing but draw and take little naps all day and I feel super lazy about this but also like I’ve become Noctis for a day, so let’s do some HCs about artist Noctis 

- Noctis totally draws pictures in that journal to Luna. Prompto takes photographs of the landscape, Noct sketches them.

- Has a little pocket sketchbook that he doodles caricatures of the guys in. Once drew Gladio with giant wings and titled the picture Bird Brains

- Can draw very hyperrealistic portraits of people if given the time and materials to do so, it’s kinda mindblowing

- Prompto once thought a portrait Noct did of him was one of his selfies and it took him a minute to wrap his mind around how talented Noct is

- When he and Iggy were kids they drew in a sketchbook together because Iggy totally draws too

- Hates drawing hands with a passion 

- Swears a lot when he draws. Don’t be surprised if you overhear him just murmuring to himself and swearing when he’s drawing hands because fuck hands are hard to draw 

- Probably wanted to learn lithography or intaglio as a kid but prince duties got in the way. Instead he just knows a whole lot about both printing styles and gets really excited if the guys visit a town where he knows there’s a print studio

- Probably the person that drew Gladio’s tattoo

Damian was grounded. He’d lightly beaten some kids who were about to pull a prank on a disabled classmate. The shouting match between him and Bruce was legendary, driving Tim and Stephanie to the furthest corner of the house while Cass abandoned ship entirely. A few days later Bruce and Alfred had to leave town. No one else was available to “babysit” Damian – which really only entailed delaying his inevitable escape from the Manor – except Barbara.

“You know, Damian,” she said after a quiet dinner with the sullen teen, “I think you need to think bigger.”

Damian looked at her blankly.

“What’s his face, Michael Higgins? The ringleader? You know, there have been rumors lately about his dad’s company. If his dad went to prison for fraud, or embezzlement, or tax evasion, or whatever it is he’s doing wrong,” she waved a hand vaguely, “that would take Michael down a few notches, wouldn’t you say? They may not even be able to afford the school tuition after all those court fees…maybe he’d switch schools. Maybe they would have to downsize and move away.”

“And all these kids today have such a bad habit of taking technology for granted. They don’t secure their phones or clear their caches, y'know what I’m saying?”

She leaned across the table and pointed her ice cream spoon at him.

“Find out who cheated and how to prove it, without getting caught. If you have a hunch their parents are crooks, take them down. Find out who made that gross Fuck/Marry/Kill list of your classmates. Yes, I heard about that. Rat ‘em out – anonymously – for the their shitty behavior instead of getting in trouble for punching them like they deserve.”

Smirking now, Damian gave her an appraising look:

“You sound like you have some experience with this particular brand of justice,”

“Well, I’m not saying I got my class’ 'Regina George’ expelled,” she replied, pressing a hand to her chest with faux modesty, “Or that I exposed a pedo teacher. Or that I borrowed GCPD equipment to do it. But yes, I do.”

“The trick is no one can guess it’s you, or you’ll be in trouble anyway. But you’re Batman’s son, just think of it as training.”

“And it you ever tell him I suggested this, I’m coming for you." She plunked her spoon down into her empty bowl and smiled threateningly.

Jason flying and hanging upside down in front of Piper and her pushing his glasses up as she giggles “ever seen spider-man?” And proceeds to kiss him

a small family of criminals in their early days before their demolition man, golden boy, or jack of all trades