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Alice, you're a fallen angel. How did you "fall"?

“I think I remember being an angel, and then I… wasn’t! Maybe Joey never wrote how it happened…”

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A doodled comic about my many inconsequential quirk related questions 

13 things to know if you are to date Draco Malfoy

A research project by Harry James Potter

1) Do not be alarmed when he rearranges your furniture without asking first. He’s much happier when the couches face the window and the bed is in the corner.

2) Cook him dinner. He will eat it even if it is charred and dry as long as you serve it with his favorite Merlot.

3) Compliment his hair but do not correct him when he doesn’t believe you.

4) Do not tell him to calm down. Say, “That sucks,” and listen.

5) Do not be afraid to take his hand in public. If he tries to let go, hold tighter.

6) Let him wear your sweaters and your socks and your underwear and everything else you might have in your closet, but do not lay a finger on his sheer green button-down.

7) Let him wear your glasses when he is in denial about needing a pair of his own.

8) Get him a bag of Skittles but take out all of the purple ones so he doesn’t have to weed through them.

9) Allow him to touch you first. Allow him to run his fingers down the length of your arms, to kiss your temples, to tug gently at your collar. Allow him to open you like a locket and put his picture inside.

10) And when you finally unlock him, when you unzip his skin and take a look at the magic encapsulating his soul and his mind and his heart, immerse yourself in it completely. Do not try to find your way back out.

11) Pretend not to notice when he stares at you with a stupid grin on his face.

12) Keep your promises. Forever. Forever. Forever.

13) Do not fucking touch him. He’s already mine.

Okay so last night I read @o0o-chibaken-o0o‘s post (aka perfection) before going to sleep and then woke up in a cold sweat and wrote this down. Also, I can’t stop thinking about @camael-fanart‘s sheer shirt drawings of Draco and… yeah. So.

Yuuri has a picture of Victor and him as his lockscreen and wallpaper, maybe from their day at the beach or a picture someone took during their pair skate or a picture from practice where they are both sweaty and laughing and so in love.

But Victor has (two different) pictures of just Yuuri and he changes them a lot (because he takes a lot of pictures of Yuuri and would like to use them as a wallpaper all at the same time), and every time he opens his phone he just forgets what he was about to do and stares at the picture for a full five minutes, marvelling at the beauty of his husband.

And one time, Yuuri uses Victor’s phone because his own is dead (when Victor is still in the shower or sth bc you know The Hair) and Victor’s lockscreen is a picture Yuuri didn’t even know existed of him looking out over the city lights of Saint-Petersburg with a small smile around his lips while he’s absentmindedly patting Makkachin, and his heart just swells until he can hardly breathe, and he figures out how to make your phone switch wallpapers every time you open them and takes a bunch of selfies where he blows kisses and makes funny faces and just smiles, but he leaves the lockscreen the way it is. And now every time Victor opens his phone, his heart stops beating for a moment and whenever one of the pictures appear Yuuri took, he immediately calls him if he’s not around to tell him how much he loves him and asks him to get married again.


Alternate version of Hermione design. She’s bald, yes. I like to explore every possibilities and the only way of doing it is drawing and actually seeing it… This is all conceptual, so I’m just throwing a headcanon here. I’ve drawn her design along with my Harry and Ginny. Somehow, I like the way my bearded Harry looks at her side. 

Again, this is conceptual. An experimenting. Just giving something to imagine.

Drarry’s gotten caught under the mistletoe once again, and sparks are flying <3<3<3

A redraw of this because I just wanted to see how much progress I’ve made in a week. I don’t actually know if I like this one more. Hmmmm. I might post the one with black line art in non-gif form later if you guys want! Thanks for putting up with my art mania this week! I am becoming obsessed!

“I wish there were more animated characters who are nonbinary/gender nonconforming or have an ambiguous sex”

Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Apos (RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne)

Crona (Soul Eater)

Chara & Frisk (Undertale)

Stevonnie (Steven Universe)

BMO (Adventure Time)

Headcanon that whilst living in Detroit, one night Phichit was bored and decided he was going to put makeup on Yuri (Because you can’t tell me Phichit doesn’t at least wear eyeliner) and after his finished product he swore never to put Yuri in make-up ever again because he created something so beautiful that he actually cried.

I’ve been working on this for the past two days…
This was supposed to be a simple work what happened-
I just wanted to draw Underfell babybones fluff since I rarely ever see the Underfell bros actually being NICE to each other in any format.

This started out just being a simple sketch of the two of them, then for some reason I decided it needed a background, and THEN for some OTHER reason I decided it needed a story-
Question is will I ever get around to writing one? haha

So anyways…None of the Voltron Paladins are neurotypical. 

None of them. 

Pidge and Keith are autistic

Lance has ADHD and possibly depression

Hunk has anxiety

Shiro has PTSD

Thursday Night Dinner at the Byers

I keep mentioning ‘Thursday Night Dinner at the Byers’ in all of my Stranger Things fics (here, here, and here) and, like, I just realized this is my random ass season 3 headcanon and I should probably explain it: 

  • Hopper means it when he says he shouldn’t have lied to her. That there are a lot of things he should’ve done differently. But he also knows that he’d do anything to keep her safe, that if Owens suggests one year then he’s gonna go with one year. But he keeps his promise and things are different this time around. 
  • He suggests Thursday dinners at the Byers house as a way for El to see her friends. He can’t very well take her over to the Wheeler’s house and the cabin is too far away to bike to every day and there’s no way in hell he’s shuttling kids back and forth to his house all the time, so he sets up a weekly dinner at the Byers because it just makes the most sense. Nancy can bring Mike, he can bring El and no one will ever suspect anything. 
  • He doesn’t think too deeply about the fact that no one questions, that no one even seems all that surprised about the fact that he’s going to weekly dinners at Joyce’s house. Flo takes to telling him to say hi to Joyce for her, encouraging him to dress up nicer on Thursday nights and goddammit Flo, for the last time there’s nothing wrong with what I wear.
  • Except that at some point, he does make it a point to rush home early on Thursdays and change out of his work clothes into something that’s ironed and not khaki. 
  • Jonathan is the one that cooks most nights and he has to admit that the kid is a damn good cook. Hopper makes El and Mike and Will set the table so that Joyce doesn’t have to worry about rushing home from work and taking care of it. He always helps her with the dishes afterwards, while Mike and Nancy and Jonathan and Will take turns tutoring El. 
  • Nancy bargains for a movie night every other week after dinner rather than tutoring and he gives in because she gives him these huge puppy dog eyes and he can literally feel Joyce laughing at him as he begrudgingly says yes. They take turns picking movies, though he always gives his turn to Eleven. 

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Happy Pride Month to all the aros and aces!! You definitely count and here are some silly aro ace headcanon doodles to bring some positivity :D Have a wonderful month!

I saw some TERFs (aka transphobes) reblogging some of my Éowyn art and just wanted to make it clear that I, my art, and my blog are 100% supportive of trans people.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?