but i actually do it

  • me: *hasn't seen the new episode but reblogs gifs from it*
  • me: I'm lying to my followers. I'm a fraud
  • me: ...
  • me: *finally sees new episode*
  • me: *reblogs more gifs, now guilt-free*

Dirk Gently, second attempt :-)


lol self-indulgent aus. Back in the day I made a whole story/universe where everyone is birdpeople/monsters, and it happens to be playing card themed. The new overwatch sprays gave me an opportunity for some feathery dears :b

Zen’s based off a Danphe, Jesse’s a Roadrunner boy~

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Could we get some Chara and Frisk hanging out? "Ghost" form Frisk or not is up to you, I just really like your style for them. :D

Frisk has the softest, puffiest, most squishable looking cheeks in the whole universe.

Or at least that’s what Chara says. Nobody else can see the ghost so you’ll have to make do with their word.

- Poisond

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Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

 Criminal Hatred (S14E12)

Lonesome When You Go

written by 13Ways / @13ways-of-looking  for the @1dbigbang

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“Don’t let her draw the chocolate, Boo. It makes me look dirty,” Harry had said, wiping his face with his sleeves and smusging it all the more, making Louis laugh endlessly.

“Of course we have to draw the chocolate, Harry. How else are we going to remember today?”

Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam are surgeons-in-training at the most prestigious program in the United States.

More than that, Harry and Louis have a history unknown to the others, a history that involves dogs and God, anatomy lessons, food fights, vinyl jazz records, and one hell of an oyster tour.

A story of trust and friendship, of poetry and rock songs, pink-tinged dawns and the darkest nights.

A tale of portraits, tattoos, and everlasting love.

So, I’m laying in bed, just kinda thinking, and I’m curious; what is cuddling really like? Like, can it be awkward or uncomfortable, or is it as good as people make it out to be? Maybe it gets hot too fast or you can’t stand staying in the same position for so long? Is it completely overhyped? I just really wanna know

they are young boys, are you guys actually surprised they talk like that?!?!? what did you expect from them, drinking tea and talking like intellectuals??? have you actually been around teenage guys or boy groups in general??? 

this is as natural as it gets!

Harlots Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free Choice — Nancy Birch, just because there can never be too much Nancy

unpopular opinion: i hate cons. the fan questions give me so much second-hand embarrassment. and on top of that it only ever leads to fandom drama which i am soooo not here for.

I really love Brazilian folklore characters

* theres a headless mule who still spits fire somehow (Mula-sem-cabeça/Headless mule);
* a ghost boy that haunts fields because he suffered a horrible death by being dumped into a poisionous ant colony (Negrinho do pastoreio/Black boy from the fields);
* a forest boy-thing that has his feet backwards and plays pranks on people who want to harm the rainforest (Curupira);
* a man that carries around a big sack to kidnap kids who misbehave (Homem-do-saco/sack man);
* a mermaid who lives in the rivers in the north of brazil and lures men into the dangerous waters (Iara);
* a pink dolphin-thing that has the power to transform into a handsome young man every ‘festa junina’ [which is a party that happens in june] and he dances with all the unacompanied women, and sometimes lures them into the lake and knock them up (Boto-cor-de-rosa/Pink boto);
* a black boy that has only one leg and he goes around playing pranks on people, and the only way to capture him is to throw a sieve into a swirl (Saci Pererê);
* an old woman that has a face like a crocodile’s who eats children (Cuca);
* a giant snake that has flaming eyes, who sometimes burns the forest and other times he protects it from wildfires for some reason (Boitatá);

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can i just tag you in anything and everything that has to do with eggs now?

ummmmmmm 🥚YES PLEASE🥚

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A Quick Guide to Professor Oak and his Grandson’s Relationship

1. “Professor Oak interacts with Ash more!!!”
     ↳Ash is literally the main character of the series. 

2. “Professor Oak is abusive to his grandson!!!”
     ↳ A) Please research what an abusive relationship is.
          ↳ B) And then research Parental Supervision.

3. “Professor Oak can’t even remember his grandson’s name!!!”
    ↳ Clearly a game-mechanic so you can customize your rival’s name.