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BTS Reaction-Loosing a bet (18+)

Yes when I make dirty reactions for BTS I find it really fun trying to find all the gifs I need, it weirdly makes me happy…..I need help lol :-)

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Jin:  You two had made a bet on weather or not he would score an A on his test.  When he did you admitted defeat and asked him what he wanted.  He looked at you with his eyes and said “you know what I want noona.”

Suga:  You two had bet that he couldn’t get two songs written by the weekend so when he handed you three you were surprised.  He just looked at you and told you to slowly take off that cute shirt that you are wearing so he could admire your twins first.

J-Hope:  He had bet you that you couldn’t stay quiet longer then him.  When you lost he would text you to see him in his room where he would be laying down and asked you to be on top for once.

Rap Mon:  He bet you that you couldn’t go a week without looking at Tumblr.  When you lost, he would bring you into the studio room and tell you to do a dirty strip tease for him.  He would intensly watch you the entire time until he decided to touch you.

Jimin:  You had bet him that you could go a whole day without talking to him.  You couldn’t stand it and sent him a text.  He told you to come and meet him.  You saw him standing there with his lollipop in his mouth.  “This lollipop is you later noona.”  He’d say with a smirk.

Tae: He had bet you that you couldn’t go a few days without watching Youtube videos of them.  When he caught you watching “N.O.” he would smile and say “Noona you lost now take your punishment.”  He’d push you lower as he made a happy face.

Kookie:  He bet you that you couldn’t go one day without mentioning his age to him.  When you did one day by accident his dark and seductive side would come out.  He’d pick you up and lay you on the bed where you’d let him have his way with you.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
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hi Sophie. i am very curious about why is Camila still following Lauren in instagram. Except Lauren, all the other 5h girls follow camila. What do you think about that? p.s: i am new to this ship and at the beginning i was thinking that fans are nuts and ridiculous BUT after i watched camren videos and saw Camila and Lauren's behaviours and the way they looked each other, i believe deeply that CAMREN IS REAL. (Lauren refuses as much as she wants :) )

I really don’t know what happened there, cause Lauren unfollowed and re-followed Camila a few times, which means that it might just have been an accident or a technical mistake from instagram at first, but then seeing how freaked out the fandom got, saying that Camren was over and that they were fighting, maybe Lauren realized that this would also be a good way shut down CS so she re-unfollowed Camila to keep those rumors going and throw the fans off - Lauren can be sneaky like that lol

Flight Log Theory [Post-Arrival Trailer]

I’m baaaccckkk! The Flight Log: Arrival trailer dropped today, which means it’s time to travel back to the world of plot theories! This is, naturally, an extension of my already-established theory, so I’d recommend going and checking my past theory posts out first.

Flight Log: Departure
Flight Log: Turbulence

Also, I’ll be talking about the Flight Log: Arrival trailer, complete with screenshots, so if you haven’t watched it yet, definitely go check that out first.

That being said, here’s part 3 of my Flight Log theory!

We start off with a series of beautiful yet horrifically dangerous set of scenery shots. A frozen alpine tundra, tumultuous oceanic rapids, and jagged seaside cliffs. The text reads “Nature. Wind. Flight. A bird”. This sets up the metaphor of wanting to “be a bird” and wanting to “fly” throughout the rest of the trailer.

The first time we actually see Jinyoung, he’s walking barefoot in the snow, a metaphor for his momentarily “deceased” body. When your heart stops, blood stops flowing, making your body cold. Walking barefoot in the snow would be essentially the same feeling.

The text then goes on to say, “I often asked myself, can I fly like a bird? And here I am now…”, ending with a flashback to the shot of Jinyoung standing at the edge of the skyscraper roof from the Departure trailer. As I stated before, this is the pinnacle moment in his grief process. It’s when he decides that, instead of moving on with his life, he wants to “fly” with his friends. In other words, he wants to join his friends in death.

The next part is a little jumbled up in the trailer, so I’m going to post it in timeline order here.

It’s revealed that Jinyoung tried to drown himself. Though we only see it in this one, brief scene, the lack of struggle and all-around containment of the area (there’s a glass roof above him keeping him from going up for air), it’s easy to tell that he put himself in this situation on purpose.

I’m assuming he waterlogged himself to effectively drown himself, at least temporarily, until his heart is shocked back into action with the defibrillators. (Side note: I can’t stop laughing at the gap between the paddles and Jinyoung’s chest. Yay for fake revitalization! Hahaha)

When his heart is restarted, his mind is stuck in a sort of “where am I?” state. This is the beach setting. The waves crashing against him, pulling his body this way and that is the blood pumping through his body again, returning life and feeling to each different part.

As he slowly comes back, he starts to regain his memory. “In water,” the text reads. “Perhaps that was the very last thing I remember. I was trapped.” This is accompanied by the underwater footage from the Turbulence comeback, as well as the shot of Jinyoung’s attempted drowning this time around. The text goes on to say, “I’ve failed…”, referring to the fact that he was brought back to life and, therefore, didn’t succeed in his attempted suicide.

“I don’t exist anymore…” goes beyond everything and exposes how he feels. Clearly, through the Departure and Turbulence videos, we’ve seen how much he misses his friends. They always are around him, but never interact with him. This very much makes him feel like he doesn’t exist anymore. While he still breathes and feels, the fact that his friends are all somewhere else without him makes him feel isolated.

Remembering how alone he feels, Jinyoung is shocked yet again. In a way, his brain is flooded with all the pain all over again. The whole realization, however, only takes about a second in real time. This is clear by the face he makes after he’s shocked back, which is similar to the one he makes in the last shot on the beach.

Now, this is where things get especially dark. The scenes in the snow aren’t actually real. Once again, they’re his subconscious. The snow is representative of the tingling sensation his body feels as blood begins to circulate through his veins again, as well as the cold resolve he feels.

Most people… when they fail, they just give up and don’t challenge themselves. But I’m different. I will never ever give up. I am not afraid of anything, because you were there. I am ready to fly.

This would really be a motivational segment if the implications weren’t so bone-chilling. Throughout the Flight Log series, “fly” has always signified death. The six boys could fly after they died, while Jinyoung couldn’t, since he was still alive. That means the last sentence signifies his readiness for death.

It’s the second to last sentence that is the most damning, though. The first half is in present tense, while the second is in past. Present tense indicates that he still is not afraid of anything (even death). He is alive and willing to do whatever it takes to “fly”. Past tense, however, proves that his friends are no longer with him. They are his strength, so the memory of them still curbs his fears.

For one last time, we see the six boys all playing around without interacting or even acknowledging Jinyoung. This is just another reminder of how they’re separate from him. They are dead, but together, while Jinyoung is alive and, at least in his mind, alone.

However, as he watches them play this time, he sighs and smiles instead of looking surprised or upset. His determination to join them puts his mind at ease while these flashback-like memories appear, making them more of an encouragement to join them than a reminder of how they were while they were alive.

The suicidal undertones of this entire trailer hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I watched it and, even after watching it a few more times, they haven’t disappeared. It’s dark in a very underhanded sort of way, but it wraps up the trilogy brilliantly. From the initial accident to Jinyoung’s determined decision to fly, we went on a trip.

Assuming the Never Ever music video doesn’t add anything new, the end will be left open. Honestly, I think that’s for the best. Clearly, showing any deadly scenarios directly wouldn’t be smart, and Flight Log was more about Jinyoung’s grief process than anything else. Whether or not he “flies” at the end is up to each viewer.

“What if MC was a youtuber?”


  • You are a youtuber that did challenges (You know the ones i’m talking about)
  • Honestly didn’t realize that your job was making videos until he saw a video on youtube that you did a few days (while at his place)
  • He then discovered your whole channel and oh boi
  • Not only was he in fits of laughter from your comments and jokes
  • But a while back you talked about your favorite movies in a video
  • And out of the ten, three where movies he’s been the lead role in
  • Once you get home from something (shopping? A walk? Idk you chose)
  • You find zen laughing at your videos
  • Nooo
  • Nooooooooooo how’d he find those
  • “MC! I didn’t know you were so funny!”
  • Insists on being in one of your videos
  • One time you did his make up for a challenge
  • “Zen….you look better than I do”
  • He totally supports the youtube thing
  • And anytime you need a partner/friend for a challenge
  • You can bet your ass he’ll be willing to do it
  • Also your fans are really confused because like


  • You are a gaming youtuber
  • He actually watched your videos
  • Somehow this boy didn’t realize it was you
  • Until he heard you recording a video
  • You were playing some horror game for your channel when a jump scare happened causing your character to die
  • He peered into the room to see what was going on
  • (he accidently go into camera view)
  • Yoosung knew that you played games
  • He also knew you swore like a sailor while playing said games
  • So he didn’t think anything of it
  • But a fews hours later
  • The video was uploaded
  • And he was watching your video when he saw himself???? In the camera????
  • WAIT MC YOU’RE *interest channel name here* !!!!!????”
  • ‘Yea…i thought you knew?’
  • “NO!!!!”
  • Oh boi what are you going to with this child
  • He’s your number one fan
  • Really loves to brag to his LOLOL friends about you
  • And when you ask for him to be in a video with you
  • !!!!!!!! he is ALL over that
  • But he’s really nervous /What if he fucks up?/
  • Your fans absolutely adore him


  • You are a vlogger
  • But you’re fans do get to see her and they like her
  • She didn’t understand what you meant by
  • You ‘document your life everyday’
  • But once you moved in with her and started vlogging
  • She was even more confused
  • You would walk around talking to a camera sometimes
  • “MC…? What are you doing…?”
  • ‘Oh sorry Jaehee! This is just something i do’
  • You respect her privacy and when she doesn’t want to be on camera
  • There is fanart of you and Jaehee because so many of your fans ship it


  • You were a youtuber that made videos whenever you had an idea or whenever you wanted to tell your fans a story (Kinda like Dan and Phil)
  • Jumin got home….earlier than expected
  • As you were filming a video telling a funny story from your past.
  • You were using the living room to film
  • As you started to explain your story
  • Jumin opened the door
  • You didn’t notice
  • He didn’t want to disturb you
  • So he listened
  • Once you got to the funniest part of your story
  • He made a small laugh
  • “J U M I N  WHAT THE…!”
  • You just realized he was there
  • “MC, I enjoyed the story..but who are you talking to?”
  • This fucking guy
  • You turned off the camera
  • And did your best to explain youtube to jumin
  • He didn’t really understand it
  • But he supported it
  • And if you ever did a tour
  • He’d be more then happy to travel places with you
  • Your fans didn’t really realize that you were dating the rich Jumin han
  • Till the tour
  • Your fans didn’t really know how to feel
  • But soon accepted him
  • After you told stories about jumin

Saeyoung(707): (this one is for vine. Rip 2k16)

  • You were a viner but you also made stupid/fun skits on youtube
  • And since your boyfriend Saeyoung was ‘trapped’ in his room all day
  • You took it as a day for yourself and began to plan some skits
  • All was well
  • You were in a costume that you found online
  • Super ready to film this, it was your best idea yet
  • You were going to film a short skit about Christmas
  • You had already filmed the part out of the costume
  • So now phone in hand and reindeer costume on
  • You say your line
  • Then you hear a burst of laughter
  • It was Saeyoung
  • He had left his room for once because he ran out of snacks
  • But now he was trying to breathe because of how much he was laughing
  • After he had calmed down, and you had gotten out of that weird costume
  • You told him about your vine account and youtube channel
  • He knew
  • Of course he knew (that little shit)
  • He always laughed at how creative and funny you were
  • He started to help you do videos and skits (so you didn’t have to do them alone rip)
  • Also refuses to let any hate show up in your comments
  • Your fans thinks he’s just as funny as you are


  • You filmed creative and inspiring videos
  • You had this aura of positivity
  • So you started filming inspirational things to help spread that positivity
  • V had found your channel through a fellow photographer friend of his
  • His sight was bad, but not gone.
  • Still it was hard to realize it was you
  • Once he heard you voice while watching it
  • And the wonderful words you spoke
  • He teared up
  • You were so amazing….did he deserve you? 
  • You came home to see him tearing up looking at a screen
  • “V? Oh my god are you oka-…is that my video?”
  • He explained that his friend sent it to him
  • and he started to explain why he thought he didn’t deserve you
  • A lot of hugging and forehead kisses from you
  • And now whenever he was feeling down, he’d listen to your words of inspiration.
  • The fans don’t know about him, but you have mentioned that you’re dating a famous photographer

Saeran (Unkown):

  • Your channel was a clusterfuck of whatever you wanted it to be
  • From pranks, to music covers, to ranting about this or that, to stories from your life
  • But you were actually really popular somehow??
  • And the day that Saeran and you went for a walk to get ice cream, was the same day a bunch of your fans made a meetup…..at that same park
  • You had thought it was the next week
  • As you and your edgy bf walked around the park
  • You heard screams, a lot of screams
  • It was your fans noticing that you had actually shown up
  • Saeran was actually afraid (Who wouldn’t be with a bunch of people running in your direction screaming)
  • You stayed for a little bit, saying hi to everyone and getting pictures. All that jazz
  • Once you noticed that saeran was hella uncomfortable
  • You apologized to everyone, and said you had to leave, but still to have fun and make friends
  • You walked up to saeran and he pretty much ran out of there, with you behind him
  • Poor boy was shook
  • You explained that you did youtube and what it was
  • He was confused
  • Once you got home you showed him your channel
  • He didn’t know what to think about it
  • But you were pretty funny (Not like he’d ever admit that to you)
  • Once he saw how creative you were with pranks he came up with an idea to prank Saeyoung
  • And to this day, the video of you pranking saeyoung for a week straight, non stop pranks, but nothing on Sunday just to see how on edge he was. Is still number one most popular
  • Your fans love saeran, they think he’s edgy as fuck, and some of them are afraid of him.
  • But they love him
Rant time:

So, I just watched the video of Josh falling into the crowd on Twitter and it actually really upset me. I don’t usually post about this sort of thing but what i saw in a matter of 15 seconds just really got under my skin. 

For one, it didn’t look like he was being held up very well, which Tyler just tweeted a few days ago about this. Not having your phones out while they’re in the crowd. To support them. I know that for some people it was probably a little difficult. And even though it may have been an accident, it also could have been prevented. But what really got me upset was once he fell everyone swarmed and started grabbing at him. Groping would probably be a better word. Grabbing at his butt and I’m sure some people grabbed at his stuff too. Someone pulled at his pants, I even saw someone grab a fistful of his hair. 

I get that everyone was excited and in the moment but that is no excuse to grab at someone like that. I mean, pulling his hair? Really? Did no one think that it probably hurt? Did they also forget that Josh has anxiety, and no one cared to make sure he was okay. I can’t imagine how he felt during that moment and after. He probably felt super uncomfortable having a bunch of (I’m assuming) teenagers grabbing at his butt and at his junk. Personally, I would feel really violated if that happened to me. 

My point being is that if this were to ever happened again try and help instead of harass and grab them. I’m sure it would be difficult to help but it would be a lot easier to at least try. They’re people just like us and deserved to be treated like everyone else. It’s already bad enough that there are so many younger fans calling them “Daddy” and saying a bunch of vulgar things to them or about them. I get that you find them attractive, because so do I. But please don’t grab at them and say stuff like that to them. It’s just disrespectful. These are two people you look up to and idolize, don’t treat treat them like that. And what’s really sad is that this is the second time this has happened.

And this really goes for any artist you’re seeing. Have respect for them. Stop sexualizing them. They’re not objects, they are people with feelings that more than likely don’t want to be grabbed at. Or have those sorts of things yelled at them or tweeted to them or whatever. I honestly cannot stress that enough. 

I just really hope that this doesn’t make them stop doing things in the crowd, because I’ve never seen them before and that is one of the things I’m most excited about. I’d really hate for that to get ruined by people that don’t know how to act. But more importantly, I hope that Josh is okay. 

Could Bill Cipher Return?

So let me just say first and foremost, I’m aware that as much as I’d like it to, Gravity Falls isn’t coming back. Unless Alex Hirsch said something and I missed it.

That being said, I stumbled upon something today by accident. I was looking through YouTube trying to find something to watch and this popped up in my suggested videos.

Now if you listen closely, you might just hear what quite a few people in the comments, as well as myself seem to have heard. Playing this scene backwards reveals that Bill was actually saying;

“A-X-O-L-O-T-L My time has come to burn! I invoke the ancient power that I may return!”

Well, as soon as I realized that he had spelled out the word ‘axolotl’, my mind went straight to the animal. For those of you who don’t know, an axolotl is an aquatic creature with the incredible ability to regenerate any part of it’s body. You could literally cut all of it’s limbs off and it would grow them back. You can also get them at a pet store, but that was the extent of my knowledge on them. So I looked them up.

As it turns out, axolotls are linked to the dog headed Mayan God, Xolotl. One of his most notable acts? Executing the other Gods as a sacrifice to create man. Depending on the story however, he either killed himself after the executions, or he turned into an axolotl to hide from being killed due to fear of what comes next.

With all that being said, a question remains; did Bill ask an ancient Mayan God to help him regenerate or perhaps even take another form to hide from his one unspoken fear, death?

I obviously don’t have the answer and there isn’t really any other evidence to back this up but still, it could be possible. Besides, it gives me some ridiculous false hope that Gravity Falls will come back, and I’ll take what I get in that category.

I need a moment…

because the sound wont stop echoing in my ears and the sight wont leave my eyes and the smell of gasoline won’t leave my nostrils…I feel like I’ll be sick. I know it’s been a few hours since I heard and watched the accident. And I know it’s been a few hours since I alerted the office and my coworker ran out into the road. I know its been an hour since I comforted said coworker, she fell in the gasoline and failed to save his life. But she doesn’t know yet, and hopefully she wont know. I feel sick from walking down the highway so I could get to my ride and watching assholes continue to take photos and videos.

“But how can you be so sure”

What I find so interesting about this fandom is the diversity of opinions regarding Larry. You’ve got those that believe in it 100%, those that believe its a 100% fictional relationship created in our minds, those that flip-flop back and forth every day, and a range of others. 

A common question I consistently see coming up on my dash is “what makes you believe” or “how can you be 100% sure”, as if some blogs on here have some magical answer they’re going to give you that will make all your doubts disappear. I’m sorry, they wont. Don’t get me wrong, this fandom has an incredible amount of knowledge but no one knows your doubts but you, thus, no one knows how much ‘convincing’ you require. 

The reason I say this is because these “how can you be so sure” questions are the same things people use to pick larrie’s theories apart. For example, maybe I joined the fandom because I watched a million fandom evidence videos and it convinced me 100% and I couldn’t see any other explanation for it. Well, then when someone asks me ‘what makes me so sure’ then obviously I’m going to be thinking of what convinced me to help convince you. However, you might think those videos are a load of BS. Another example, maybe I joined the fandom after seeing Yahoo UK’s  larry articles and thought the tattoos were the least platonic thing on the planet and that gave me my ‘ah ha’ moment. Again, this is going to be my first reference point when someone asks me why I’m so sure whereas you might think the tattoos aren’t a big selling point. 

If you’re new to the fandom or only kind of believe in Larry, just remember you’re on your own journey. It took me several months for everything to click whereas it took others only a certain moment between H/L or a few days of research. If you have doubts about something then I encourage you to address those doubts with your own research first, then ask for opinions. I do 100% support asking other blogs for opinions, but I know I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that blogs are less inclined to answer an ask when the person is making an unsound argument/opinion.

Also, if you want, you can read under the cut about other bloggers “ah ha larry moment’ and how long it took. As you can see, the responses vary: 

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Ok I have this alternate interpretation about 'Style' and its music video - it's about ghosts. The couple in the song died in a midnight car accident back in the 1950s & have been reliving the last few hours before their death in a tragic, endless loop for decades. Hence the lines 'he can't keep his wild eyes on the road', 'I know exactly where it leads but we watch each other go round and round each time', 'we go crashing down we come back each time' and 'end up in burning flames or paradise'

The James Dean and ‘red lip classic’ references alludes to something more sinister – they literally can’t go out of style because they’ve trapped in 'a frozen moment of time’ that will never end. She then begs 'Take me home’ over and over again, hoping each time that the ending will be different and he will actually succeed in taking her home safely (although we know he never does). I feel like it can also be a metaphor for Taylor’s relationship with Harry, how they’re stuck in a vicious cycle of an on-off relationship and how they are literally shadows of themselves (reduced as style icons instead of real characteristics), trying to relive the same moment in hopes to find a ‘happy’ ending. Note how even in the music video, it ends with the guy coming to pick her up in his car, which alludes to the start of the song ‘midnight, you come and pick me up no headlights’ - basically, an endless replay. Style is actually a pretty dark song if you think about it.


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Could you rec me some good cr1tikal vids to watch as a first time viewer??

yes absolutely it would be my pleasure!!!

titty simulator: not rlly that ns/fw its, as he describes, “a shoelace in between 2 magnets”, the first video i ever watched 

cat mario: one of my favorites oh my gosh

pictionary: i was cackling for 24 hours after this one

five night’s at freddy’s: this one is a horror game so watch out, but his reactions are so calm that it makes?? you feel calm?? i normally hate horror games and sometimes even horror game lets plays but this one….such a good video i rewatched again yesterday just fhjbfhdjb 

until dawn: another horror game, and there is a pretty bad jumpscare at the end (around 3:37, its not necessarily a jump scare but its gory and yeah just watch out) butdhgvdffhf i was dying so much 

hotfeed: he has these few videos where he basically parodies tabloid online stuff and….its good. and its short!! great for starting 

there are definitely some other videos id love to rec, but i’d probably write a 1000 word essay on accident hah. cr1tikal is just very great and i hope you enjoy these videos!!!