but how fuucking cute is this

vriska  asked:

ok but what about vriska being all alone and bored and kind of cold so she goes up to Rose while Rose is like sitting and reading or s/t and Vriska just... crawls her way onto Rose's lap and flops down and Rose is like, at first unsure but then she realizes that Vriska makes a good arm rest (and its also kinda cute how Vriska purrs when her hair is stroked,,,)

this is kinda gay : /

anyways vriska takes like 20 god damn minutes to get comfortable and rose is just like………who do u think u are but then vriska falls asleep instantly when shes comfy

vriskas motivation to come over is i want attention also humans are warm which is nice time to nap

then there sits rose with a snoring troll in her lap and shes trying to navigate thru vriskas miles of hair to see her book

but she loves it

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@ilovfruit sjfjks the cutest!!!! um tori? id die 4 tori !!! cute n funny n soft n a++++ content !!!!!!!! also the sleepy doggo on her sidebar will make u feel warm n soft :( just like her :(

@hanbin listen i love lana so much they’re so fuucking funny and cool and oh my god. i never understood how someone as amazing as them exists its rlly… incredible :( anyway i love lana so much the greatest funniest coolest person n blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@4soju aaaaaaa m soft bean :( listen… gabrielle is so amazing nd so warm nd so incredible nd she rlly…….is so lovely :( i love her with m entire heart :((((

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for the crayon colour ask thing: smashed pumpkin (because its cute and gay), medium orange, and permanent geranium lake?

Medium orange: favorite fruit? Kaki

permanent geranium lake: favorite flower? the lily (even if the smell is too strong and makes me sick sometimes)

Smashed pumpkin:  Why you like the person you do? oh fuuck where to start? They are smart and I love how passionate they get about they things they love. They are so nice and I feel at peace whenever I am near them. Also I love how they laugh the nicest laugh a good gay laugh.