but how do i get rid of this


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new. 

Ya know when ya go to take a shower and there’s another guy in there, there’s soap on the ground and you’re like ‘oh I shouldn’t pick up that soap. Wait a second, that’s a bomb! How do I get rid of this bomb? I know, I’ll kick the dude so hard, for some reason wearing his underwear in the shower…I’ll kick him so hard he’ll bounce across the room, the stick of dynamite will go up his arse, he’ll explode and turn into an amorphous blob all over the floor because I just fucked all his shit up and now his feet are over there and his ass is all around him instead of just being behind him.’ WHAT DID I DO?


the greatest story teller of our generation

So a demon is possessing the body of my rogue’s adoptive-brother. She obviously doesn’t want to hurt him, but she doesn’t want him to hurt the rest of the party.

Rogue: Well that leaves one person. I stab myself in the stomach.
Everyone else: WHAT THE FUCK.

The DM laughs a bit, making some rolls as I get yelled at for stabbing myself.
Fighter: “The fuck is that going to accomplish-”
DM: The demon seems frazzled for a moment before rushing over to [rogue’s] side and using a cure spell on her.
Demon: “The fuck was that?! How did you do that?!”
Rogue: “You’re possessing my older brother. Unless you got rid of him completely, I doubt he’s suddenly going to become passive rather than fussing and obsessing over me when I’m injured.”
Demon: “Well-”
Rogue: “Try your luck at killing me. See how that does over in my brother’s body.”
Demon: “Bullshit! I’ll deal with you and your gross sibling love later-”
Rogue: I stab myself again.
DM: *More rolls* He returns and heals you again.
Rogue: “Thanks for the healing.”
Demon: “Quit it, can’t you see I’m trying to kill people!”
Rogue: I stab myself again.

My confused party takes this as permission to attack him, knocking him out pretty quickly while he’s distracted with me.

Fighter: “…what just happened?”
Wizard: “Familial bonding.”

TL;DR: Rogue beats demon possessing her brother by distracting him and tricking him into healing her from brotherly instinct.

(Note: anything in quotations is in character, if not, it’s ooc)

What I liked most about this episode is that the writers really did do what they promised to “pull back.” Not necessarily on the story issues themselves, but on the Winchesters. We’ve spent a lot of seasons now with the both of them fighting huge threats in ways that are completely unimaginable. I think because of that, it’s incredibly easy to forget how actually dangerous the Winchester brothers are. But here, they were up against human beings. People they don’t want to kill, and beings that don’t need soul bombs or even grenade launchers to get rid of. Instead, they Home Alone a freaking cabin in the woods and take a handful of highly trained soldiers out without killing anyone.

Sam and Dean Winchester are terrifyingly dangerous to everyone, human or otherwise, but it’s not easy to appreciate that until they have to tone it down.

For that alone, 12x09 was supremely well-written episode.


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics

Bitty stood in the doorway, his eyes wide open and his hands clasped over his mouth.  He had come downstairs to investigate the noise of shuffling furniture only to find himself with his mouth hanging wide open.

“Oh my lanta! You boys actually did it!” Whiskey and Tango looked up to see Bitty.  Between them was a gorgeous sofa in brilliant robins egg blue.  The cushions were fluffed to their fullest, and a soft scent of lavender filled the room instead of… whatever that smell used to be. Bitty could barely contain himself.

“What… Where… How did you convince… Oh lord, it’s just so beautiful.  What did you do with the old one?  I’ve been trying to burn that thing ever since I moved in.  I can’t believe Holster let you get rid it!”

“What?” Tango blinked at Bitty with his usual confused look as they dropped the sofa into place.  “We didn’t get rid of the couch.”

Bitty’s eyebrows lowered. “Then… then what happened to the old couch?”

“Bitty, it’s right here.” Whiskey gestured in front of him.  Bitty tilted his head at him, looking for an explanation. 

“We just cleaned it.”


favorite comic character meme: 4 series  — [2/4] catwoman vol. 3

“The mask is part of who I am now. But it’s also part of the problem, too. Because it became a person all on its own. So, the question is, how to get rid of that side, all the painful memories and mistakes, take back the mask… and still be able to sleep at night. Still be able to live with myself. I’m not sure if I can do all that, really… but I think I know how to try.”

Grounding, a quick how-to

i like to think of grounding as the magical equivalent of a jogger stretching their legs before and after a run. it focuses you and gets you ready to get stuff done. grounding is the process of ridding yourself of negative/stale/stagnant energies, and pulling in new, fresh, powerful energies, and connecting with the energies around us.

here is a short list of ways/options of how to do it.


literally shake it out. stretch, crack your knuckles, etc. breathe, roll your neck around, clench your fists and  then stretch them wide open.

visualization / the tree method

imagine tree roots growing out of your feet and into the ground, and branches growing out of your arms/head into the sky. pull energy into yourself through the roots/branches


you can invent your own ways to ground. as long as it involves pulling energy into you (from whatever source, it doesn’t just have to be the earth) and connecting with the sources around you.


All I feel is just this… emptiness, and I’ve tried everything I can to get rid of it. I’ve lied to myself, to my friends and I’ve smiled and pretended and said I was gonna run away, and I’ve done everything I could except this, which is tell you how alone and broken I feel watching you with my best friend like nothing ever happened. Because you don’t carry this like I do, and I hate you for that. And I- I envy you for that. And I just- I thought you should finally know.

Remedy (2)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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Remedy (1)

It took a good hour until all her wounds were tended to. Bruce had a pained expression on his face the entire time he was attending to her, probably unwillingly imagining the grim images of what was done to her, just as I had been doing.

“She seems to be fixated on you” Bruce said as he disposed of his latex gloves. “she trusts you; for as far as she can trust anyone”

I sighed, biting my lower lip, a nervous tick that I can’t seem to get rid of. “I noticed. What am I supposed to do with that?”

“I know it’s inconvenient, but you’re gonna have to be the one to take care of her. If she’s ever going to speak, it’ll be with you” Bruce said matter-of-factly.

“It’s not inconvenient” I said all too quickly. “I just..” another sigh left me, “I’m not good at this kind of thing”

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  • sherlock: gooooood moooooooorrrrnnnnnniiiinnnngggg good morning good morning GOOD MOOOORNING
  • john: what the hell are you on?
  • john: ???
  • sherlock: SUGARRRRRR
  • john:
  • john: you're on a sugar high?
  • john: i would've guessed crack
  • john: i'm getting rid of all the sugar
  • rosie: *comes running in* HI DADDD HOW ARE YOUUUUU
  • john: oh shit not you too.
  • rosie: YES ME TOO JOHNNY
  • john: did you just call me johnny?
  • john: *googles 'how to make a sugar high go away'*

Person 1: I want to create a world where all people are treated w dignity and allowed to survive. Sometimes that means defending those people from those who say they wish to kill or exploit them and make sure thru whatever means we have to use that they won’t be in a place of power to do that.

Person 2: I think that certain people are inherently less than human and worse than me and I’m willing to use violence to get me and people like me in charge of everyone so we can get rid of them.

some people, somehow: but how can I tell the difference between these two people?

Proper game prep

So, me and a friend I do a lot of Text-Based RP’s with are creating a dystopian world for my upcoming D&D game. While she’s working on the universe’s story and fluff, I’m statting it all up, specifically the addiction and withdrawal effects of a drug called “Hope”. Eventually…

Me: “So you said the monks can heal the withdrawal effects?”

Her: “Only the high priest dudes.”

Me: “It’ll probably be really exhausting. Basically force the junkie to take a long rest, but it gets rid of the negatives.”

Her: “How’s it gonna work?”

Me: “He starts hitting them with a big, magical stick.”

LATER; Talking about negative aftereffects of detoxing:

Me: “To be honest if the priest wasn’t making sure they’re not gonna die, this would probably kill them.”

Her: “The party’s gonna kill their teammate with concern. ‘WE DON’T TRUST YOU, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Oh shit.’ ”

Me: “Nah, they’re not that ba- I’ll send in an NPC first.”