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Do outfit changes like that on the one beach episode or pearls space outfit require the same focus as shape shifting or do you think it's just a temporary outfit change like wearing a different shirt or pants throughout the day?

unsure, I’d say its like shapeshifting but its such a minor change that it doesn’t really take that much effort, as opposed to shapeshifting that dramatically alters their core form. However its also possible they just have some kind of prefabricated clothing in their gem (maybe also made of light? But premade and ‘disposable’?), like how Pearl’s spacesuit was like an ‘old’ suit in that it had the pink diamond symbol on it. Of course she could’ve just shapeshifted something from an old memory but it could be something like taking it out of storage sort of thing, its something she’s had around she never got rid of.

Gem clothing could be, like, prefabricated hard-light ‘skins’ they can put over their default form, like changing the theme of some program, a purely cosmetic thing. But there’s like a default ‘skin’ they have that’s the outfit they chose upon regeneration? So that’s their ‘neutral’, but they do have other stuff they ‘made’ that they can put over it? I dunno.

I was talking to my friend and we were talking about boyfriends, engagements, weddings, etc. and I told her that ideally, I’d like a short(er) engagement (like 6 months). My friend immediately made a disgusted face and then I got a lecture about why that’s a stupid idea and how people end in divorce when they rush things like that and how I need to be patient and enjoy just being engaged for at least a year. I explained to her my reasons and how it’s just personal preference and it was like my thoughts didn’t even matter and it just kept coming back to divorce and how my marriage is going to fail, etc.

I have just been feeling very discouraged since then and she’s supposed to be one of my best friends but I realized this weekend that we see things very differently (like the current race issues) and maybe it’s okay if I keep my desires to myself, or at least be careful who I tell them to. I just need to do my thing and not let others bring me down. I mean, I’ll listen and take other people’s thoughts into consideration because lots of times they’re right and I learn from them, but if it’s unnecessary negativity and belittling my desires to the point that I’m ashamed for wanting a shorter engagement, I need to be cautious about what they know about me. Ever since that conversation on Sunday, I’ve been very down and I need to let it go because there ain’t nothing wrong with wanting a 6mo. engagement.  

June progress report

(Apparently you can now buy 3D printable wargame scenery. What a time to be alive.)

Somehow I managed to add another 10,000 words to the Camelot branch this month. I have no idea how that happened, since the entire month was a huge chaotic jumble of moving, puppy-chasing, and ongoing respiratory issues.

The battle is well underway, but there’s a lot more of it to write. It’s divided into “rounds,” somewhat like a tabletop wargame. Each round, the Franks advance a little more, and Guen has to decide how to deploy her resources. In the first couple of rounds (now written), dark magic Guen can cast different spells to debilitate the attackers in various ways. Non-dark Guens will still have some initial decisions to make as the Franks’ attack plan becomes clear. After the first few rounds, Guen can choose to stay in the “observation tower” or go down to the front lines in one of two possible locations.

So yeah, there’s still a lot to write, and I can’t pretend that the Camelot branch hasn’t suffered scope-creep even worse than Frankmarch (since I’ve now been working on Camelot for almost six months and am still nowhere close to finishing). That said, I’m loving the fact that what started out as a romance-focused game is going to have this ginormous battle simulator. I want readers to feel like Guen has really accomplished something big if she wins the battle – and then, of course, that sense of accomplishment (or failure) will build back into the game’s central focus on characters and relationships. How will Arthur, Lancelot, and Morgana relate to Guen if she becomes a celebrated war hero?

It’s just going to take a while to get there. How did I ever think I was going to finish the battle scene by the end of June? Ah, well, I guess optimism is good. I’ll just keep on writing. :)

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Are you gonna ever acknowledge the fact that you're a racist? Or are you going to continue to post "pretty pictures" and ignore the fact that you're a disgusting human being?

You honestly think I’m racist for not advocating vandalism? Maybe I just have different ideas about how to fix racism than you do. Yelling at me and calling me racist does nothing to change my mind and just alienates me which is not the goal when you want to work together as a community to combat racism. I’m open to hearing other points of view. And I know there are a lot of political text posts going around and I usually post them to my side blog rather than this one because that is just where I keep reblogged posts. So I am not ignoring what is going on.

just making this to show how easy it is to manipulate a picture, especially when it comes to miracle weight loss in only a few weeks etc
in the first pic I’m totally posed and flexed, which is how I prefer to take my pics and wish I looked 24/7 but honestly I don’t. I’m not hurting or holding my breath, it’s a pretty relaxed flex but still
the second pic is totally relaxed and how I look regularly, if I’m just standing with good posture
the third one is another way I prefer to take pictures. if you hold most of your fat on your hips, I’m sure you agree. hiding my hips has always made me more secure and also makes me look more fit.
and lastly completely blowing out (I took this morning) and I look completely different! my spandex make my hips look even wider because I rolled them down. but considering I took the first three yesterday and the last one today, it’s pretty easy for me to say my bloating is “before” and flexing is “after” idk I just thought it was interesting how to manipulate your pictures and body image. lighting, angles, and filters help a lot too

“Every individual has a different perspective on life. Many see it as the threshold to a new beginning with an abundance of opportunities. Others see it as a messy, mundane hell. As humans we should question every little detail. Is the glass half empty or half full? Does the glass even exists? It’s interesting how one’s own mind perceives an object, idea, or a person in a way others would never see without proper navigation. The perception of love can be a fairytale dream, but a tortuous, never-ending nightmare to others. Death is either glorified or feared.
Next time you are outside, acknowledge your surroundings. Look up at the sky and take in the beauty or the drawbacks of life. Realize how you normally see the world, and try to look at it differently. Life is too short to be normal and monotonous. You only grow old if you let life age you. Let the ocean waves tell you its secrets and experience life in a whole new perspective.” —Perspective, John Mancilla

photography by Aleia Murawski


It turns out I was one of the 6 people who didn’t see Jurassic World and I’m okay with that. Here’s how I spent the month of June!


Love & Mercy (2015)
I don’t know how they did it, but Paul Dano and John Cusack managed to individually capture enough of Brian Wilson to make me forge that they’re two different people. It’s a heavy story, but still super cool to “see” how Pet Sounds was created.

Kung Fury (2015)
When scholars look back on this time in history, I hope they realize that Kung Fury belongs in the holomuseum.

Stardust (2007)
Baby Daredevil! This film holds up as well as it did the day I first saw it back in 2007 and Septimus will always be my introduction to Mark Strong. It deserves nothing less than the highest praise. 


The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
(Page 235 of 876)
I’ve just finished the first “book” and thus am only as far as Arthur becoming king, but it’s all so fascinating! After reading The Once and Future King, this feels like a more detailed and engaging perspective on the Arthurian Legend. Totally worth reading.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
This was an impulse buy and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It…isn’t my favourite. I understand it’s a classic but it doesn’t age well. Spending 200 pages explaining how a sub could work and dedicating chapters to describing a narwhal or how an oyster makes a pearl doesn’t have the same awe that it would’ve in 1870. But even the narrator is aware of how dull it all sounds, “I will finish this somewhat dry but very accurate list with a mention of the bony fish I observed” (Verne 386). Ugh.

Doctor Strange: The Oath by Brian K. Vaughn & Marcos Martin
Strange is a character I don’t know much about but this felt like the perfect gateway read. The story had weight, the artwork is beautiful, and there were lots of demons and monsters so basically it had it all.

The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll’s House by Neil Gaiman,
Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli, & Steve Parkhouse
I’m still mildly concerned this series isn’t to my taste in comics. The issue of random DC characters popping up seems to have gone away, and the resolution to the whole serial killer convention redeemed the arc, but I’m still not sure about it. I’ll read another volume and see how it goes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection Volume 1 by Kevin Eastman, Brian Lynch, Tom Waltz, and too many rad artists to list
This is everything I wanted out of a TMNT comic. The collection puts the main and mini series in chronological order so if you haven’t gotten into this iteration of the turtles then this is DEFINITELY the one to pick up. There are nods to so many different generations while also adding new stuff that I can hardly wait until the next collection is released! 


The SMiLE Sessions by The Beach Boys (2011)
John Cusack was on the Nerdist podcast (press for Love & Mercy) and they were talking about SMiLE and it pushed me into the rabbit hole. The history behind it all is fascinating and it’s a shame that the record never got a chance to be fully realized.  

Mystery Show (Podcast)
Of all the podcasts I listen to, I think this one has the most fun with what it is. Solving mysteries that can’t be resolved with a Google search is interesting enough, but the tone is as light and enthusiastic as I’d hoped it would be! Go subscribe and catch up as the episode count is still in single digits.

The Adventure Zone (Podcast)
While it revolves around D&D, I think anyone with an interest in fantasy would find this enjoyable. The character building and personality of the players takes greater emphasis than dice rolls and proficiency checks. It’s inspired me to think about my D&D adventuring in a more role-playing manner.


Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Wizards of the Coast)
And so wraps up my first campaign! As an introduction to the mechanics of D&D, I think it was a wonderful success; there was variety in the locations, battles, and quests! If you can find a group of 4–5 like-minded people then pick this up even if you’ve never played before.

And that’s it! Have a great July and don’t hesitate to recommend anything that you’re super digging right now.

Separate Lives,Engaged

Because annytecture wanted to know how they broke the news….


Moving day. For as long as she could remember, moving had always been a negative thing. Moving from one place to another, alone, in a rush, nothing but painful memories. Even the move to New York had been bittersweet, tainted by remorse at what she was leaving behind.

But this time it was different. This time Henry was running back and forth with David, pulling boxes excitedly out of the caravan of cars in the street. This time, a pair of strong arms will pull her into his and steal heated kisses out of everyone’s view. And after the kiss, when she looked up to him, forehead pressed against hers, she could see the happiness in his eyes.

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Embers‘ is about a relationship. I wrote all of Chino [Moreno]’s lyrics and they deal with how loss affects interpersonal relationships, like in a family dynamic. If a family member dies, that can really twist things up. I used a sort of ‘oceanic’ vibe in the lyrics. I’m talking about ‘I’ve been staring at her laying still for so long,’ and I’m talking about the ocean at that point. The ocean is a metaphor for life.

When the band wrote the music to that one, there were two different endings. In one, it was ‘Lamb Of God,’ like, boring, we’ve done it a million times. And then Mark wrote this other beautiful, swelling thing, and I heard it when I was still down at the beach writing my book and listening to it. I’m a huge Deftones fan, and I could hear Chino‘s vocals on it. One day, during the preproduction I come in and Mark and Josh [Wilbur, producer] are sitting there and they’re like, ‘What do you think about Chino doing vocals?’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ Chino came and he sang me the melody he had in his mind, sort of nonsense words like how we singers do. So I took some fragments I had and made it fit. He crushed it. He’s Chino. There’s no one that sounds like him.

—  Randy Blythe about Chino lending his vocals for “Embers”

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How do you know when you're in love... How do you know when you've fallen out of love...

you can feel it when you fall out of love. your mind starts processing things differently and little things he/she does that you normally would’ve look passed get on your nerves and you’re constantly ion edge. 

in love though?! its unexplainable. you just want to be consumed by them. when you hug them, nothing feels close enough..u wish you were literally one with them so you can be as close as possible, you start to always think of them before yourself, you find yourself breaking rules for them, you get excited and HAPPY to do little things for them (like making them rice crispy treats as a surprise when they get off work). You know you’re in love when you can FEEL their sadness or happiness without even having spoke to them, everything feels connected. you know you’re in love when feel at home when you’re laying on his chest. But hey, all those things don’t guarantee a relationship to work - you can really be in love and still not be meant to be w that person for life. love is a dangerous drug.

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Hi! I'm really sorry if this is offensive in any way, but what is the difference between Bi and pan? Bi and poly? Again, really sorry!

Hey anon! 

Asking questions is how we learn, so if it’s meant in a sincere way to gain knowledge, there’s no offense taken :-) 

This has been a big debate on FYBG recently, actually. Many people are very attached to their labels and get offended when anyone else gives a definition that doesn’t match their own. So as a pretext to answering your question, let there be a disclaimer that these definitions are very personal to each individual and therefore no one is “wrong” or “right” if they are defining a label for themselves. 

Bi has a few different definitions depending on who you ask. Some people define it simply as “attraction to two or more genders”. Others define it as “attraction to your own gender and other genders”. And others (and it should be noted that this is a fairly old and rarely still-used definition) define bisexual as “attraction to men and women”. As the bisexual and non-binary communities have grown closer and recognition about non-binary genders has grown, this last definition has fallen by the wayside. The reason many bisexuals choose to use the “attraction to your own gender and one or more other genders” definition is because same-gender or same-sex attraction has been an aspect of bisexuality that bisexuals have been persecuted for and discriminated against for. 

Pansexual is most often defined as attraction to any/all gender and sexual identities. Often, pansexuality emphasizes that it is attraction regardless of another person’s identity. 

Polysexual, going off of the Greek root for “many”,  has been most often defined as attraction to multiple genders. Going off of this definition, pansexuality and bisexuality can be seen as types of polysexuality because they both incorporate attraction to multiple genders. However, someone can be polysexual and not identify as bisexual or pansexual. It’s kind of like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. 

If any followers have additional thoughts on these definitions, please let us know!

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i'm sure you've answered this before, but how did you come to terms with being bisexual?? like, how did you Know that you were? because i'm still really questioning if i am or not and i think hearing someone else's story might help me figure things out. (if you don't want to answer/aren't comfortable that's fine, though.)

i think Knowing and coming to terms with it were two very different things for me. figuring it out was simple enough. i watched orphan black and realized how interested i was in the cosima/delphine story and there was one specific moment when i thought “wow i’m like Obsessed with the gay stuff in this show– oh god fuck”

i kinda figured it out all at once in a single night and i did a Really Nerdy Thing. i took advice from a fanfic. i read this fanfic forever ago where this guy tries to figure out if he’s gay by watching some clips on youtube of guys kissing and then i think he slowly worked his way up to watching gay porn but we all know lesbian porn is for the most part disgusting and produced for the consumption of straight men so i avoided that route. anyway i watched some girls kiss on youtube and i spent about a month considering what that all meant and then i figured out i was into guys and girls (cause i did still like guys)

but coming to terms with it took like a year since i spent a lot of that time feeling like it wasnt Real. like it was a phase or something in my imagination or something society wouldnt let me be. i succumb to peer pressure easily so i sort of figured once i was out in the Real World i would just be straight again but after a while i realized that wasnt gonna happen and im good with it now. i think.

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Arima has ownership over Haise. That means he'll discard him the same way Akira's nagging Haise to get rid of Hinami. CCG's so damn cruel D:

True tho I think Arima’s ownership over Haise is a little different from Haise to Hinami.

One, Haise is now living as a CCG investigator except with a different name and is also supposedly being treated as a human on the other hand, Hinami is being treated as a ghoul in Cochlea.

Another, it hasn’t been mentioned how long the ownership period lasts but it’s been over 2 years since then for Arima and Haise unlike Hinami where it seems it will last shorter than 12 months.

And also, we’re just assuming it’s only Arima who gave Haise the rights over her where Arima got his from the Washuus themselves. I find it a bit surprising that Arima has the power to let someone under him attain ownership rights over a ghoul.

(I haven’t read ch. 34 yet so if any of these have been mentioned there then I apologize. ;u;)

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Honestly a lot of the 7 have mental health issues and have suffered trauma and no one should be comparing two people's issues or saying one is worse that the other they all are valid like yes BOTH percy and nico were not okay in some of the books

Exactly! Each of the seven has been through a lot, so when someone is speaking about one character specifically, don’t bring up the others for comparison. If they want to talk about how Percy’s mental health is, let them. At that time, the discussion is about Percy, and you can start your own discussion about different characters on your own post if you’d like. 

Nature vs Nurture

One of the most interesting things about raising two boys together is seeing how differently they turn out. Obviously my kids are close enough in age that we’re raising them essentially the same way, and yet they have turned out so differently. And nowhere is that more clear than in the way they play.

Mac has always had a bit of an engineer’s brain. He wants to analyze everything and figure out how every little detail of a toy works. He loves board games and problem solving and anything where there is a clear goal (so he’s never really enjoyed just piecing legos together – he wants to follow instructions and build a specific structure). It’s so different from the way my brain works, but from the beginning it has been his method of play and it’s been fun exploring that with him.

Fitz, on the other hand, is so stereotypically boy. About a month ago, we were up at a friend’s cabin and their kids had a bunch of superhero action figures. My kids know who Spiderman is, but have never actually seen any superhero shows or movies (I’m not opposed to them, it just never occurred to me to show them to my kids), so they have pretty limited knowledge of that world. Still, Fitz was THRILLED to see these dolls and immediately picked a couple up and started bashing them against each other. It was just inherent. And now, he does it with so many things – he makes his baby doll and pooh bear fight, he makes his stuffed dinosaurs fight, he takes figurines from McDonald’s happy meals and makes them fight. He has literally never seen anyone play with toys that way, but knew immediately that he was meant to make those action figures fight. It was so bizarre!

I don’t mind the way either of my kids play. Both of their methods have come so naturally to them and both of them are harmless (Mac’s is obviously so, and Fitz’s rough play with dolls and stuffed animals doesn’t translate into roughness with people) so I figure, “you do you”. But it is startling to see these two boys from the same family with access to the same toys end up playing with them so differently.

Biology is crazy, man.

Barduil Week; Cultural Differences

Five times Bard and Thranduil discovered cultrual differences, and one time they didn’t

Despite their surprising number of similarities, there were also a great deal of differences between Bard and Thranduil.

Bard blamed their vastly different cultures, there were always going to be things that they just did differently, it was testament to how they felt about each other that none of this ever came between them, at least for long, they always got used to it in the end.

Most of the time it was fairly amusing, at least in hindsight. They always found a way to make it work.  

The first time they encountered a slight difference was actually the first time they met. Back at the battle, Thranduil arrived with his aid, saving all the survivors from Laketown and really Bard hadn’t stood a chance.

Thranduil had invited him to dine with him that evening in his makeshift war tent that was more luxurious than any house Bard had ever been in.

Bard had been trying not to stare too much (not at the tent but the beautiful elf sitting in it) and later Thranduil assured him that he had failed, but what he hadn’t failed to notice was something rather odd about the meal.

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You guys remember that background for Baekhyun in the mv with the white frames and suspended paper??? Uggg that set is to die for so I tried to incorporate it in some way (although idk how all the pastel creeped in – sorry not sorry about your hair Baekhyun). And I guess I have a fascination with floating boys.

And uhhh, this one is sorta done in a different style from the first one cause I’m trying to move away from outlining (not really sure how I like this look). 

Gosh, seven left — I don’t know who to draw next ><!!!

Sehun Version

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just a little craziness I have in my head: what if 1940's Peggy came back to Steve's life in the time of terminal frost, do you think he would chose her over Nat? How about you? Who would u chose bet. The two? :D if that's possible ofcourse hihi

That’s a really hard one.  Steve/Peggy is sacred to me, but I have to say he’d pick Nat.  I think what Steve said at the end of AoU is right; the guy that went into the ice that loved Peggy “died” in a sense seventy years ago, and the Steve living in the 21st century is someone a little different.  And that someone was partners with Nat and fell in love with Nat.  I don’t think he’d just throw that away no matter how Nat might have hurt him (and even though he hurt her) in “Terminal Frost”.  He might have spent some time with Peggy during the war, but he worked very closely with Nat for a year.  And, in HotS, she really was his first friend, the first person who cared about him as Steve Rogers rather than Captain America.  That meant a lot.

And I’d pick Nat for the same reason, too.  I love Steve/Peggy, and like I’ve hinted throughout HotS, there’s a part of Steve’s heart that will always belong to Peggy.  But his life and the rest of his heart and soul belong to Nat. :)  She saves him as much as he saves her, and that’s an awesome dynamic that’s absent from Steve/Peggy.

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So you know how there really isn't that much blood that comes out during our periods... more liquid comes out during our morning urination for example. you know how our urethras are really small compared to our vaginas? how come urine can come out all at once, but period blood has to come out really slowly for 5 days straight?

Because the mechanism is entirely different. 

Urine is a liquid stored specifically to be removed from the body. The menses are a mix of tissue and liquid that is expelled over the course of several days, because the endometrium does not slog off as a whole in one day, it’s a bit by bit process, which makes sense because if you tried to remove the whole thing in one piece, it would get stuck there and start decomposing inside you. That#s generally a bad thing. So you got two choices: make the cervix dilate (which would open your body to infections) or have the endometrium come off in pieces, which has the benefit that the inside doesn’t turn into big bleeding abrasion in one go, but instead a series of smaller one, which is easier to deal with.