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Since you explain things so beautifully, why do you ship captain swan?

I ship Captain Swan because they are a truly beautiful pairing, in looks and in emotional connection. I have never seen a ship have such chemistry like Emma and Killian do. I have never seen a ship be allowed to be romantic on the level that Killian and Emma are. Captain Swan is given such room to grow on the show, is handled elegantly and respectfully, and provides the most fulfilling payoff I have ever experienced in my many years of fangirling. They have had a natural sort of progression that has hit all the shipper sweet spots. They fulfill and subvert so many pairing tropes, it’s ridiculous (in a good way). I love how they conrtrast in so many different ways (Emma is light, Killian is dark), and yet they fit together so perfectly - yin and yang. They balance one another out. They are not perfect by any means and they know and accept that about each other. They are devoted to each other and aren’t afraid to express it. They kiss and they hug and they hold hands. They are affectionate and loving and fierce and determined and only ever bring out the best in each other. Shipping Captain Swan means I don’t have to imagine the simplest romantic gestures in my head because they actually exist for this pairing in canon. They are cheesy and sappy, yet strong and wonderful, and everything I’ve ever wanted out of a fictional romance. They are this absolutely epic romance, steeped in fairy tale and wonder and magic, and yet are so grounded in a sense of realism. The people behind Captain Swan (from the actors, to the writers, to the creators - hell, even the social media) are devoted to telling their story well and realistically and in a way that doesn’t deprive of a single damn thing. They are very much the golden standard - a ship of dreams. The type of OTP that any self-respecting shipper would be honored to love. They are the all-around perfect shipping package and shipping them is one of the easiest, most enjoyable experience a person can have.

I did the Uzi and the MAC-10, the Beretta should’ve been expected.

This is the Beretta 92FS, one of the most common 9mm Parabellum handguns ever made. It’s the sidearm of a number of police forces and militaries and is a common sight in holsters from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It’s as iconic as the AK, and without the ties to communism. 

The story begins with Beretta, the oldest gun company in the world. How old? Well it began operations with Bartelemeo Beretta who began making barrels for arquebus’s in Venice in 1526. So yeah, that’s almost 500 years. Now to save on text, I’ll skip to the modern era.

During WWII, Beretta was one of the largest armorers of the Italian military, giving them the Beretta 38 Submachine gun and the Beretta M1934-5 pistols. These guns were a common sight in the hands of both Italian troops as well as many different members of the Axis Powers, including Germany and Romania. And unless you live in an alternate universe where they won, the Axis lose and Beretta make even more money as they effectively became the main armorer for the Italian military.

These ranged from the absurdly popular M12 submachine gun, the modified M1 Garand, the BM59 and a number of other designs. However pistol wise, they didn’t make much following the creation of the Beretta M1951. This was a single stack magazine 9mm pistol and the first Beretta gun with a locked breech. It was popular with the Italian military as well as a number of Middle Eastern countries like Iraq and Egypt, who made their own versions, the Iraqi Tariq and the Egyptian Helwan.

However the 1970′s was seeing a shift from single stack to double stack magazines. Guns like the CZ-75 and the older Browning Hi-Power showed the advantage of a double stack magazine. Beretta knew this was a great idea, so they decided to work on a new design. They took the 1951′s look and added a locking block barrel design from the German Walther P38. And fitted with a 15 round magazine, the original Beretta 92 was made.

Now for those who are attentive, you may have noticed this doesn’t look like the 92FS on top, and that’s because this is the original 92. These guns had a frame mounted safety, heel magazine release, steel grips and sad finish. Well that’s because over time and requests, the guns sort of evolved into the 92FS.

The first revision was the 92S, a requirement by a number of law enforcement agencies that saw the frame mounted safety swapped for the now iconic slide mounted safety/decocker. There was then the 92SB, a gun intended for Air Force trials, which saw a firing pin block added and the first gun fitted with a push button magazine release over the heel mounted one.

The biggest change was the 92F, in response to the US Armed Forces pistol trials in 1985. These changes included a redesigned trigger guard, parts modification to make it all 100% interchangeable, modified the grip, hard chroming the bore to make it more chrome resistant and finishing it with a new finish called Bruniton, that made the gun more resistant to wear. And it competed against the SIG-Sauer P226 and beat it narrowly over the Beretta being a cheaper gun. 

And from there, the 92FS became the hottest seller of the 1980′s handgun market. A large amount of police departments bought them, and a shitload of militaries have the 92FS in it somewhere. It was accurate, reliable and big. Like 40 ounces loaded big. It was perfect for those big hands. And with a gun that’s still selling like hotcakes, there’s got to be other versions.

The first versions were newer ones Beretta made to replace the older guns in the US Military, The M9A1, fitted with a front rail, better grip checkering, larger sights and special sand-resistant magazines and is used by the US Military. The M9A3 was also made, with a tan finish, 17 round magazines, bigger front rail, removable sights, straighter grip and other modifications. While the M9A3 didn’t get adopted by the US Military and they keep making programs to replace the M9, knowing how most US Military programs go, the M9 and M9A1 are gonna be the US Army standard for a long time.

Other versions include a number of compact models, ones in other calibers like 9x21 IMI, .40 S&W, the machine pistol 93R, the French PAMAS G1, the Stainless Steel 92FS Inox, the Brazillian Taurus PT92 copy and so many others, the 92FS line is a line that almost beats Glock in the amount of other models.

And with a gun like this, you know damn well it’s a film legend. And courtesy of a man and a movie, the 92FS is a legend.

A little known Hong Kong movie director by the name of John Woo.

John Woo’s Hong Kong action flicks are icons of their time. The Killers, A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled and other movies helped launch Woo into fame in the US and with that came the 92F and 92FS. Woo liked both the 92FS and the Taurus copy, the PT92 for their large size and near bottomless magazines. And if that didn’t make the guns popular, there came another movie that helped promote the 92FS series.

Die Hard.

To say this helped make the 92FS even more popular is an understatement. With Beretta’s product both common on the movie poster and the sidearm of Bruce Willis’s character John McClaine. Every scene you see him in, you see the 92F. And if that didn’t settle it, it’s use in other 80′s and 90′s film classics did.

From the holsters of US soldiers in Iraq to the megaslums of Detroit, the 92FS is a very common sight. It’ very large, in a very common caliber for movie armorers and is big and iconic. It got it’s first appearances in Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Miami Vice and has showed no sights of stopping. When you need a villain or a hero to have an iconic and big gun, no gun is as fitting as the 92FS.

And with a filmography that makes Clint Eastwood look short, comes a fame in video games. And the 92FS’s first couple of video game appearances were with a series famous in the 1990′s and now.


Yes, just like in movies, the 92FS got a start off with one of the most iconic FPS games ever made. In the digitized toy gun arsenal for Doom, one was a water pistol shaped like a 92FS painted black. With that and it’s use in film, the 92FS has been as common in video games as it is in movie. From the noir of Max Payne to the tactical combat of Project Reality and Squad, the 92FS or one of it’s models shows up in some way.

That’s not even half of the images I could pull for the 92FS and it’s variants, but it’s a great example of how common this gun is. The 92FS is a common handgun, as iconic as the AK and while it’s almost 30 years old, shows no sign of slowing down in popularity. And while more modern designs show up and usurp it, it’s still one of the most produced handguns ever made.

It’s a part of film. The grainy effect, a cop with nothing to lose, two Beretta’s with infinite ammo, and a desire for vengeance. Or if you’re filming your magnum opus and you need something striking.

I made a post saying how you shouldn’t ship adam and daisy but shipping reylo is fine because there is a difference between shipping a fictional pairing and shipping real people but someone added that “people should ship whatever they want including real people” they missed the entire point of my post, and they are wrong. shipping real people is not okay, especially when one of them is already married, it’s disrespectful to their spouse. the only time I would say it’s okay to ship real people is if they’re actually a couple, like how adam and his wife are an actual married couple

Hey y'all! I usually don’t do this, but I really want to tell y'all about Ms. Quinn Gee! So I recently contacted Ms. Quinn (along with other mental health care professionals, she was the only one to reply) looking to gather some info about different options for seeking mental health treatment. Ms. Quinn responded quickly with some awesome advice to pass on.

I personally appreciate her dedication to the mental health field and her responding to me, period. I also know how difficult it could be to find a Black woman therapist, so I just wanted to spread the word to y'all.

If y'all want to contact Ms. Quinn regarding her services, feel free to email or call. She also does sessions via Skype and telephone.

Quinn Gee is an advocate for gender, racial, and sexual minorities and equality in relationships and family systems. Quinn is an alumnus of the University of Mississippi, where, under the mentorship of Dr. Laura Johnson, founded Sistahspeak!, the only non-Greek organization for women of color at the university. During her undergraduate tenure at Ole Miss, Quinn also was an active in several organizations and events, including “Take Back the Night” and “My Black is Beautiful.” She also was a teaching assistant for Multicultural Psychology and Human Sexuality under Dr. Johnson. Quinn holds a BA in psychology from the University of Mississippi, an MS in Professional Counseling, and is currently a PhD candidate with a focus on advanced human behavior. Quinn interned and co-facilitated groups and intensives at Experiential Healing Center  and is a Crisis Specialist with Alliance Healthcare Services, assessing and treating clients in mental health emergencies in the Memphis area.Quinn is on track for LPC licensure in 2016. Her areas of professional focus include women’s issues (including relationship systems, codependency, and relationship-based trauma) healthy sexuality, gender identity/sexual orientation issues, race based trauma, and intersectionality. Quinn uses a combination of modalities, including DBT, Talk, Experiential, and Somatic. Quinn offers mobile, individual, group, and couples therapy. She is a member of the American Counseling Association, Memphis Urban League of Young Professionals, Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues in Counseling, and the Gay and Lesbian Student Education Network. Quinn’s goal is to bring awareness of traditionally stigmatized issues to marginalized communities. 

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Some context: I'm thinking about writing a story where a character's magic is tied to symbols they have strong emotions for; for example an image that makes them feel safe would let them use protective magic. Anyway, my question: How quickly do you think someone would begin to feel strongly about something so abstract?

This is an interesting idea, but in all honesty, I’m not sure how long it would take for someone to feel strongly towards such an abstract concept. Maybe it will differ from person-to-person for a start…

My first instinct is… the feelings may strengthen quicker if the character is the one creating the symbols. What is safe for one person, is not for another. Do you think you could have it so… the individual (or ‘magic user’) envisions the symbols of their own accord, resulting in a variety of magical symbols that are unique to each person?

If not, then… psychologically, we all can look at one image and have very different feelings about it. You can do this experiment with yourself… If you Google something like ‘forest’ or ‘beach’, from the images the search returns, you will be able to pick which ones you prefer. Some may go for a crowded beach, others empty dunes. You may like a snowy, isolated forest, or a summer forest, full of wildlife. All this does is show to you how images and symbols can affect us on a deeper level, even if we don’t have any particular attachment to the pictures being shown to us.

For example, in the game, Until Dawn, there is something like this which might help you to understand the way you can viscerally react to an image. So if you want to go a step further and can get your hands on the game (NB: it’s R18), I’d definitely recommend it. If not, then here is a video with all of the relevant parts. tw: horror, gore, insects… basically, you might want to give this part a pass if you’re easily affected by typical horror-genre/psychological-thriller type stuff. Also, obligatory spoiler warning.

To sum up in a safe for work, non-spoilery manner: there are sections of the game where you are with a therapist, and he asks you to look at pictures and rate which ones out of the two presented to you that make you feel most anxious (4:13 in the video), going on to ask you to make quicker choices on the same pictures, as then your choices will be more instinct-based (6:25 in the video). He also shows you a separate image and asks you to report your feelings about it (1:38 in the video).

It’s a good, interactive experience to try if you want to better understand how images can affect a person, which may help you with the story you’re writing. Obviously the video is restricted to the choices the player made, so if you can play it for yourself, it’ll be more tailored to you.

So… I’m afraid I have no clear answer for you, but I would argue it would take at most maybe a few minutes for a person to form an attachment/response to an image, over, say, weeks or months… I personally would argue that people respond better when given choices. If your character only has one symbol to get attached to, they may struggle if it draws no emotion from them, but this in itself could be an interesting thing to explore in your story…! A character who struggles with certain aspects of their magic because they can’t connect to certain symbols.

It might also mean that some characters are better with some spells than others (e.g. one who can do all the ‘protective’ type spells, but none of the ‘offensive’ ones, or vice versa).

I hope this helps, Anon. I know it’s not much, but this is the kind of question where your answer is as good as mine…! Keep an eye out for follower responses via replies/reblogs, in case there are more suggestions to be had there.

Best of luck.

- enlee

Do you ever stop and think about how Baroness Lady Vex’ahlia and Lord Percival de Rolo III would be subject of all the gossip in Whitestone in a non-draconic-apocalypse setting?

People would totally say that he titled her so that she can be of any match to him in marriage. After all, she is no-one (someone says she is the bastard daughter of an ambassador which is a scandal per se) without her title, technically no more suited for the role than the people the Briarwoods put in charge. (but the people of Whitestone loves Vex, that’s the difference)

People would bet about how long it will take to Lord Percival to ask her hand in marriage, when there would be some other people who totally think he is not interested (they say he is more at ease with another half-elf, some say he is more interested in the brother, some say he is interested in both.)

Percy and Vex would tease the other nobles/the council with their endless harmless flirting that is not flirting but maybe it is or maybe not no-one is sure anymore.

Cassandra herself, despite being family, would wonder. One day she is sure Percival is in love, the next she is sure he is not interested, the next she wonders if they are already married, the next she wants to know if she should call Trinket nephew like Vax does. She is very confused.

Some people would even try to find a druid or someone able to speak with animals just to ask Trinket, the Baroness’ bear who is always with her.

I just think about this a lot.

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How about young Jacob and Abe fusion? Jacabe, if you will. Or perhaps, Rayon and No. 2? Ruby the Darkslayer could definitely stand to get a fusion at some point, but I'm not sure who with.

Young Kane is creepy looking but every time I draw him he turns out really handsome???? >:C  And Jacob always seems to end up like >____>

i intended to draw more of a waltz but they just look like they’re holding hands OH WELL 

he looks pretty normal but 


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Exactly. Jon is a very kind person and it shows that sometimes one act of kindness can make a big difference. Too many characters and aspects of the show in my opinion express the importance of a leader being feared in order to be a leader and have people follow them but with Jon, it really showcases how much they underestimate the power of just being a good, nice and kind person. He isn't someone who needs to be feared for people to respect or follow him.

How Jack Saddleback is reclaiming queer and transgender Indigenous identities
Jack Saddleback remembers growing up on his home reserve of Samson Cree Nation, Alta., as "a time of pure happiness."

“Within Cree culture — within many First Nations cultures — so long as the child is happy the community is happy.”

Saddleback is Cree. He’s two-spirit. And he’s a transgender gay man. Speaking to Unreserved host Rosanna Deerchild, he laughed as he acknowledged the many different identities he carries with him.

“My identity has been a constant coming out, I suppose, in more ways than one.”


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i was in an abusive relationship in the same way and when i heard Jasper's monologue i could just hear myself saying 'i'll be better! you can hit me if you want! i can handle it!' and everyone saying Lapis is the only one REALLY abused hit too close

(cont) and anyway i just really wanted to thank you for standing up for a fictional character because this fandom is a mess 😶😶😶

I don’t know how anyone can say one was hurt more than the other. They are both deeply damaged and I think the reason people think Jasper isn’t as bad off in the fallout as Lapis is because Jasper was always smiling and begging for more in ‘Alone At Sea’. They probably think since she’s so “happy” it must’ve not have been bad for her while Lapis is choking back tears by thinking about what she did.

People react to things differently and SU is showing that.

I’ve never been in an abusive relationship but I think survivors can relate both to Lapis and Jasper. People who wanted out and were tempted to go back have Lapis. People who wanted to go back because they don’t want to be alone or genuinely think things can get better have Jasper.

And I’m not so sure I stand up for characters as much as try my best to understand them and realize that they aren’t as one-sided as some of the fandom might think

How will the Emma, Regina, Evil Queen dynamic change throughout the season?
Kitsis: The Evil Queen is kind of like the snake with the apple. That’s what she’s offering up to Regina. This is a different Evil Queen. This is one that has just been separated so she has all of Regina’s memories and thoughts and thinks that Regina has completely failed. Like any good villain, she is going to find your insecurities and exploit them.

anyways i’m sobbing bc the eq is going to exploit emma and regina’s relationship bc she knows that going after emma….. is going after the closest person she’s got (besides henry)….. and it’ll completely destroy regina….. i’m not,, okay

I have one student who comes from a pretty crappy background (like family-wise), and when I first met him, he only colored artwork using red. But over the course of the last month, he’s opened up so much, and ever since I showed him how you can make different colors by mixing primary colors, he’s started using different colors in his work. And my job sucks sometimes, and the pay is horrible. But I would continue working there for a million years if it meant this one kid has a good life because he deserves it so much, and he’s worked so hard for it.


A virtual brain helps decrypt epilepsy

Researchers at CNRS, INSERM, Aix-Marseille University and AP-HM have just created a virtual brain that can reconstitute the brain of a person affected by epilepsy for the first time. From this work we understand better how the disease works and can also better prepare for surgery. These results are published in Neuroimage, on July 28, 2016.                                

Worldwide, one percent of the population suffers from epilepsy. The disease affects individuals differently, so personalized diagnosis and treatment are important. Currently we have few ways to understand the pathology’s mechanisms of action, and mainly use visual interpretation of an MRI and electroencephalogram. This is especially difficult because 50% of patients do not present anomalies visible in MRI, so the cause of their epilepsy is unknown.

Researchers have succeeded for the first time in developing a personalized virtual brain, by designing a base “template” and adding individual patient information, such as the specific way the brain’s regions are organized and connected in each individual. Mathematical models that cause cerebral activity can be tested on the virtual brain. In this way, scientists have been able to reproduce the place where epilepsy seizures initiate and how they propagate. This brain therefore has real value in predicting how seizures occur in each patient, which could lead to much more precise diagnosis.

V.K. Jirsa, T. Proix, D. Perdikis, M.M. Woodman, H. Wang, J. Gonzalez-Martinez, C. Bernard, C. Bénar, M. Guye, P. Chauvel, F. Bartolomei, The Virtual Epileptic Patient: Individualized whole-brain models of epilepsy spread, NeuroImage, Available online 28 July 2016, ISSN 1053-8119, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.04.049

The Virtual Brain: reconstruction of brain regions and where they are connected. The green cubes indicate the center of brain regions that are connected. Credit: INS UMR1106 INSERM/AMU   

The Virtual Epileptic Patient: brain regions and their connections are rebuilt by computer. Digital simulations generate an electric signal similar to that generated by the brain during seizures. These simulations allow digital testing of new therapeutic strategies. Credit: INS UMR1106 INSERM/AMU    

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do holtzbert for who does this and that :)

how they comfort each other when one of them is upset: Erin always attempts to use rational methods of calming Holtzmann down, but in the end she just tries to get her to dance. If she can get her to loosen up a little bit, she’ll start to feel better, and communicate better. Erin doesn’t get mad often, mostly just frustrated, and Holtzmann always finds it to cute to really do anything about it. But if someone hurts Erin? That’s a whole different story. Holtzmann gets riled up, and riles up Patty, and soon everyone is working to defend Erin’s honor. 

who asked first Holtzmann did, and she tried so hard, so so hard, to be smooth about it, but Erin was so dense, she didn’t notice she was being asked out, which kind of threw a wrench in Holtzy’s plan

who says ‘i love you’ more Holtzmann knows Erin likes to hear it, and likes to write it on little notes for Erin to find later. She’s often embarrassed to say it out loud, but she ALWAYS makes sure Erin knows she’s loved (see more under who’s more needy)

kisses more Erin loves giving Holtzmann kisses, on the cheek, and the forehead, and the nose, and the neck, and- everywhere. And when they first start dating Holtzmann is weird about PDA and blushes like crazy

hugs more they don’t hug too often, but when they do, it’s usually a running bear hug from Holtz that knocks Erin onto the ground

drinks more Erin tries to avoid drinking, because she is such a sad drunk. Like just the saddest. And she never lets Holtzmann EUI (engineer under the influence) 

who’s more outgoing Holtzmann is- but if they’re out with the group, neither of them want to talk to new people, they’re both MORE than content with the family they have

who eats more erin eats more often, but like a bird, and just picks at all of her food (it’s never been a weight issue though- she’s just not a big eater) She loves berries though, and can go through like a large carton of blackberries in a single meal- despite only eating 1/3 of her sandwich for lunch the day before. Holtzmann likes to binge eat when she does remember, it’s more fun that way 

who’s more needy  Erin is 100% the kind of gal who at 2 AM leans over and says “pssst… you awake? do you still love me?” Holtzmann keeps an ‘I love you sticky” on the nightstand for times like those, and hands it to her without opening her eyes, instead choosing to go back to sleep. 

who’s more kinky Holtzmann wants to try EVERYTHING in the bedroom, not necessarily for the kink, but just because she’s so curious. Erin is hesitant, but there’s some stuff she enjoys more than other things. 



I’m still setting up a last few things (I think I know how to get the audio to work, but I’m gonna need ya’ll to tell me if you can hear it haha) but then once that’s set up I’ll get started!

This stream is going to be different than the ones I normally do: To maximize the art-osity, I am going to have my chat window CLOSED. So it’ll just be straight drawing for me. So in advance, I say hello and I hope you’ve been having a good day/continue to have a good day :) I will keep a small window open to make sure the stream hasn’t crashed or anything.


* This stream (like all my streams) are SFW, no posting inappropriate links or being gross or mean

* If the stream stops working for you, try refreshing your browser - that usually fixes the problem. If multiple people are having the same problem, I’ll refresh my browser and that should fix it.

I’ll be streaming for at least 5 hours, so the stream will end at 8PM (Eastern Time). If I go over, I’ll let you know.

I think I covered it all? Okay that’s all enjoy the stream! And congrats to the winners!

My big problem with privilege binaries is I think they encourage people to not talk about how they’re different from one another.

Like if two people meet without identity labels, a higher class person can say “i was really pressured to achieve. Our Family had a History and if you didn’t live up to it, you got abused pretty badly. I still have anxiety and fear, and although I became a successful salesman, I still wake up sometimes in a cold sweat and throw up because I deserve to die for not being a lawyer.” And a poor person can say “I saw more sickness and death than any soul ever should, but we all took care of one another. Queer and trans and ‘mad’ and 'sick.’ No one loved us so we loved each other.” And they can cry and hug and feel like they learned something from one another.

But if they meet in a space shaped by privilege binaries, then the response to the person from the rich family is “oh lol that must have been so hard lol lol lol”

I… Don’t want that world.

I don’t think fighting for rights and dignity makes that world.

I think fighting for rights and dignity makes the opposite of that world.

One of the details I loved in Dragon Age: Origins was that, regardless of what origin you picked, all the other stories still happened.

It you didn’t play a city elf then all the events of the wedding (and after) still occur. There are two dead Aeducans instead of one, a body in the cells with Lesky, Jowan still turns up at Redcliff, and Howe kills the Couslands anyway. The clan still looses Tamlen.

You’re basically picking where you want Duncan to go recruiting.

Theoretically, if you only make one character from each background, than you’re creating a set of 6 timelines within a single universe that is entirely based upon where Papa Duncan decided to turn up one morning.

Like even deeper down the rabbit hole; the only difference between the dwarven commoner origin and the dwarven noble origin is how successful the commoner is at the games.

If the commoner is successful, then they’re revealed and catch Duncan’s eye, and he later conscripts them. They leave before the noble is sent to the Deep Roads. If they loose then they die, and Duncan stays long enough to see the trial and find the noble in the Deep Roads.

I LOVED that, and I really wish there had been something similar in Inquisition. 

Escaping fate Part 1

Here it is guys. Please tell me what you think about this. It will determine how long this series is. Thanks love you.

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 1,534

Description: A reincarnation A.U where you and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson. You both need to learn from them in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Song: My Immortal by Evanescence 

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You were gathering food with your mother. The sun was just right, hidden behind the pyramids, so you were covered in shade as you worked on pulling out roots, and gathering the vegetables you had planted. But the Egypt air was still hot as you stopped every so often to wipe away the sweat and drink some water.

It was on one of these brakes that someone reached out and touched your arm, making you jump and spin around. You sighed in relief as you saw your neighbor.

He had broad shoulders and tan skin from working outside with his father. He was one of the most eligible men that lived in your village. Every girl was after him, except for you. And that drove him crazy.  He smirked at you and grabbed a hold of your hand. “Scared you didn’t I?”

You rolled your eyes and ripped your hand from his. “Yes. Now if you don’t mind I have to finish helping my mother and then get to the Nile, we need some fresh water.” You said in a brisk detached tone.

“Come on y/n, just take a little break. I need to talk to you about something anyway.” He said grabbing your hand again, and dragging you away from your work. You were going with him whether you liked it or not apparently.

You had trouble keeping up with his long strides as he led you away from the small family farm you had, and towards the houses that lined the edge of the river.

He eventually pulled you to a stop behind his small house, boxing you in with his hands on either side of you. Your back was to the wall. You felt your heart rate begin to rise “What are you doing?” You asked trying to keep the fear from your voice.

“You know when you ignored me, I thought you were just playing hard to get. But then I saw you with him.” He said spitting out the word in disgust “After that I made my desire for you known, I started chasing after you. You still shot me down. Now here we are and I will have you. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way you will be mine.” He said leaning down whispering in your ear while his hands began to caress over your skin.

You shuddered and cringed as far back into the wall as you could. The realization that you wouldn’t be able to stop him began to enter your mind. He was stronger than you were, and there was no one around to help you if you screamed. The only person who might be able to hear was your mother, but she was most likely on her way to the river.

Tears fell down your cheeks and you opened your mouth to shout, hoping someone might be passing by. But he lifted one of his hands and pressed it over your mouth, silencing you.

Then, before you knew what was happening, he was gone. His hand was torn away from your mouth and his weight was lifted. You fell to the ground crying it in relief and looked up to look up to see who your savior. It was him. It was Spencer.

He faced off against the other man with a fierce, angry look in his eyes. “Y/n is mine. Stay away or l will end you.” Spencer said his voice coming out as hard as a rock. There was no doubting the truth in his words.

The other man stood up and laughed at him. “Oh I don’t think so. Didn’t you see us a second ago? How close we were. I think that maybe y/n might like me a little bit more than you. Isn’t that right my love?” He asked looking to you.

You could see Spencer shaking with rage. You jumped up off the ground and ran to him yelling out his name in a desperate effort to get him to stop. “Spencer! Please wait. It’s not true he was…” But just as you were about to reach him he pulled away and ran straight at your neighbor.

You ran after him pumping your legs faster. But then something reflect off the light, making your stomach twist in fear. You realized it was a blade and Spencer was running right into it. You made your legs move even faster, you were able to push him out of the way. You saved him but you couldn’t save yourself.

You let out an agonizing screech as the knife went through your chest. Your neighbor’s eyes widen a moment and then grew hard. He let out a cold laugh and let go of the knife in his hand making you crash to the floor as all your strength began to leave you. “What a shame.” He said and began to walk away as if nothing had ever happened.

Spencer screamed out and crashed to the ground, next to your limp body. Tears began to fill his eyes as he pulled you into his arms and rocked you back and forth.  “Why would you do this y/n? How could you do that to me, you know I can’t live without you.” He cried.

A small smile formed on your face when you reached up to caress his cheek. “I did it because you would have done the same thing for me.” Your body began to grow cold as you struggled to stay conscious. “I’m scared Spencer. We still had so much to do together. We were supposed to get married. Have a family. We were supposed to be happy. “

He rocked you back and forth in his arms “You’re not going to die y/n. We can still have all those things. Just stay with me. I know you’re strong enough. Please stay.”

“I love you Spencer. But we both know how this ends.” You said, your hand falling away from his face.

“Then I’ll find you y/n. Some way, somehow, I will find you. We will be happy. I promise.  I love you y/n and death isn’t going to take you away from me.” He said staring down at you as your blinking became slower and slower.

The last thing you saw was him running off, after the man who had killed you. Then darkness took over and you were lost to the world.

You sat bolt upright in bed breathing hard.  “What the hell was that” You thought to yourself. You looked around but it was just your room. There were no pyramids or the sounds of running water coming from the Nile.

It had felt so real to you. The sensations and feelings were so vivid. You felt the fear of the dream. The loss of hope and life, you had even felt that overwhelming love the dream you had for this man named Spencer.

You sighed and tried to shake it off. It was your first day of work and you didn’t need the added weight this dream thrust upon you. But it sat there the whole morning, as you brushed your teeth and showered. All through the small breakfast you had prepared yourself.

Images of the dream kept coming back to you, especially ones of this Spencer. He was average height. Wild brown hair, light skin compared to that of your neighbor’s from the dream, but the thing that made you keep coming back were his eyes. His fierce brown eyes were not only soft and sad as he had stared down at you in his arms, But also fearless and angry.  

Thinking about them now sent shivers down your spine. Shaking the feeling away you looked at the clock on the microwave and knew that you would half to rush or be late. You put the dirty dishes in the sink and ran out the door in a rush to get to the B.A.U.

When you walked into the building with five minutes to spare you wanted to cry in relief. But you weren’t exactly there yet so you held in and jogged over to one of the elevators. A man with a head of black hair, light skin, and a very serious face accompanied with equally serious brown eyes gave you a polite nod as you stepped into the elevator. You recognized him from when he interviewed you for the position.

The doors closed behind you as you stuck your hand out. “Hello Mr. Hotchner. My name is y/n. You did my interview a few weeks ago.”

His eyes ran over your face a second time, then realization hit. “Yes of course you must be Y/n. I remember you were quite impressive. Top of your class too.” He said smiling now. He shook your hand and you talked for a moment tell the elevators opened.

You looked away from him to step out of the elevator, only to be greeted by a very familiar pair of brown eyes. The man in front of you was about to talk, but then his eyes met yours and stopped. You read there the same shock and bewilderment, that you were sure was mirrored in your own.