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We Meet Again

Steve x reader
WC 1238
Summary Based on this prompt Can I ask for an immortal reader x Steve where they met in the 40’s and she remeets him later on? Xoxo (I hope I did it justice!)
Warnings Some swear words

Leaving your shop late one night, you made sure that everything was locked up tight before you left to go home, arms heaped with pieces of material, a travel sewing kit tucked underneath. You were a seamstress in New York City and you did very well for yourself. Seeing how most people nowadays couldn’t even sew a button or hem a pair of pants, you were successful and your success allowed for you to open up your own shop. This meant long hours and you often took your work home with you but you didn’t mind. After all, since you really had no social life, you were able to throw yourself into your work. Once upon a time, growing up in Brooklyn, you had friends, family, and a special someone, a small, quiet boy, but now, you were left alone and you preferred it that way. You didn’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

That fateful night proved to turn your whole world upside down.

Walking home in the dark, you heard footsteps behind you. You weren’t afraid - you lived in a safe neighbourhood and your shop was close to your home, but you were always alert and cautious. Speeding up, the footsteps also sped up. You turned the corner quickly and the footsteps followed. Your heart began to pound and you spun around to face whoever it was who was following you.

“Can I help you?” you spoke loudly and clearly, making sure that the guy knew you were aware that he was following you.

Taking a step back, he stuttered, “Ah, n-no. Sorry.”

“Then why are you following me?”

He held up his hands, “I’m… not?”

“Leave me alone. I don’t appreciated being bothered,” you snapped.

The man scampered off and you heaved a sigh, turning to continue your walk home. You walked by a restaurant and out came a group of people, loudly laughing and clearly enjoying themselves.

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(I would have asked this earlier, but I figured someone else would. But since they haven't...) Are we ever going to find out how Nate and Mare got back at Dark for choking Nate? And how can they be sure that Dark won't come after Nate again for it?

Dark is deep in sleep one night when Mare teleports a few box-shaped objects into his room silently before plugging them in and promptly disappearing. Dark senses the disturbance and rolls over, ears perking to listen for the sound of an intruder when all of a sudden a heavy metal cover of “Never Gonna Give You Up” blares at top volume over all the speakers that Mare just left behind.

Dark nearly jumps out of his skin.

EXO Reaction to seeing their gf's wedding themed photoshoot with another member/idol

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doing some sexy stuff while you shoot just to keep you distracted from the other guy* “I don’t like when she looks at other men… no..”


*Doesn’t say a thing but you can feel his strong stare while you are shooting* *He just gotta protect his girl*


*Looking jealous* “Yeah right… shoot with that guy.. wedding theme.. sure.. not that I wanted to do it…. aish”


“She looks so pretty… if this is only for a photoshoot.. I wonder how it will be for out wedding” *Thinking about the important stuff here*


“No.. no I’m not angry.. I happy.. see… this is my smile.. why do you keep asking if I’m jealous” *You are clearly jealous nini*


“Jeez… this is a bad time for proposing right? That guy… had to come and ruin everything.. gotta think of my strategy again” *Frustrated plans*


*No one has seen the guy for days* “Oh… Lay? I don’t think he’ll make it.. my grandma invited him to her house… you know he always wanted to go… I guess I’ll be the replacement”


“And keep your distance! Don’t even think of grabbing her waist! That zone is mine!” *Just making sure you are safe*


*So done with life* “So he gets to see her dressed in white before I do… how is this fair? This is not the life I had chosen.. where do I complain?”


*He’ll be there for the shooting. Just to make sure things go according the script. Maybe to show a little of dominance.. to make a statement* “He better know his place.. I’m the boyfriend.. he’s just a co worker..”


*Fanboy #1* “WOAH! Look at that! Babe you look so fly! DAMN! Can we get married already?!”


*Someone is not very happy* “I guess there won’t be dinner for you tonight Jongin… no chicken for a month…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

me: oh boy i sure love zarya and ana they have to be some of my favorite characters! it would be cool to hear from them like we do with carolina ravassa and anjali bhimani and jonny cruz and-
dolya gavanski and aysha selim, who definitely feed off of my suffering:

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Who the hell even cares about the speed of a raven in flight or how far Dragonstone is from the Wall? Sure it matters to people like you who like to pick the show apart and spoil the fun. But the rest of us who are just along for the ride could not care less. So while S7E6 maybe raised some eyebrows, it won't sink the show. No matter how much you want it to.

How did I know I was going to get this ask? From what I can tell just with office murmurings, everyone noticed. Everyone. 

Also depends on your definition of sink the show. Critics are currently in the “it’s trash but we love it anyway” phase. It will absolutely see its final episode, but what will the dialogue look like about it at that point? What will its legacy be?

Anyway, time for me going back to SPOILING FUN. Busy day.


“we need to talk about alex.”

“what about him?”

“he obviously likes you. do you like him back?”

“honestly, i’m not sure. is this what liking someone is supposed to feel like?”

louise grinned. “we can found out. let’s call him and meet him somewhere.”

“how’s the nightclub sound?”


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can I ask for asexual Tony Stark for the trope thing? it would mean a lot to me!

(I’m pretty positive asexuality isn’t a trope but…I want to write ace Tony, so sure. We’ll roll with it. I’m sorry if this bugs you but I wanted to put a ship in here and I chose winteriron for this one. Also, Tony doesn’t know what asexuality is and is kind of hard on himself. I envisioned him figuring it out but it didn’t fit. Maybe down the line).

Tony’s always been great at projecting the playboy act for one reason. It’s an act. He can study how it’s supposed to go, what he’s supposed to say, from TV and movies and even, after a while, the trash magazine articles about him.

At first, Tony thinks everyone’s making it up. This attraction thing. That it’s a…myth, a story, an act of some sort. But after a while, after managing to brush off the weird looks and the explanations, Tony accepts that maybe other people get it.

Which isn’t weird. There’s a lot of things other people get that Tony doesn’t. Like when money is and isn’t an appropriate response and why people get so mad at him so suddenly and when to shut his damn mouth. The list goes on. Tony keeps a running list of the times people have told him he’s failed on this front, and just adds “sexual attraction” to it.

So he fakes it, like he fakes so many other things. He takes home super models and debutantes, actors and heirs and heiresses and, eventually, titans of industry. He comments on all those things people say make them sexually attracted to another person. He makes it public, he lets them call him a pig, because there’s one truth he’s learned.

If you tell a lie, make it the biggest, most public lie possible. Dare people to comment. Almost all of the time, they won’t.

Tony gets good at sex, too, gets, if rumors are to be believed, incredibly good. He supposes his skill is a byproduct of the attention he pays his partners. It’s not that the actual act of sex is awful, just kind of…blah. So he distracts his partners by paying them attention. The better he makes them feel, the less they focus on him.

So Tony has a reputation, and he knows that even if he wanted to, he couldn’t lose it now. he told too big a lie, went too public, they’ll never believe anything but that now.

And Tony…isn’t really sure if he wants the public to know. But the persistent rumors of his love of sex are getting in the way of this attempt at a relationship.

“How come we haven’t had sex?” Bucky asks out of the blue, nuzzled up with Tony on the couch after dinner. They’d gone out, even dressed up a bit, but returned home for dessert, now in pajamas.

The night had been great, until Bucky asked his question.

Tony tenses. Frozen to the spot, really, and Bucky is observant and notices immediately. “Oh,” he says.

He sounds so dejected that Tony gets some life back in him, having to fix this immediately, because he can’t let Bucky think whatever he’s thinking. He can’t let him walk away.

“I don’t like it,” he says.

“You…don’t like it?” Bucky says incredulously.

Tony closes his eyes. Even the guy out of the world for seventy years knows the stories. Get a reputation and then you can never, ever lose it.

“There’s an image, and I’m..I was…responsible for it, and I did some things…it wasn’t all bad, but it’s never been my, uh, cup of tea. So. I faked it.” Tony takes a deep breath. “I can fake it for you too! If you need it. But, uh, you know me? In a way the others never did? So you’ll probably be able to tell and I’m trying this honest communication thing, so here it is. Uh.”

Bucky blinks at him, then grabs Tony’s wrist, the move sudden but the grip gentle. “You…would sleep with me…just to make me happy?”

“Uh..yeah?” Tony says. “I like you happy, you happy makes me pretty happy. And, uh. False advertising and all.”

“You are not a product,” Bucky says firmly. “If you don’t like sex, then we don’t have sex. That’s fine, Tony. Now I know.”

“I still lo…like you a lot,” Tony says, barely catching the almost-slip-up. “I just…I don’t get why people feel that way? I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to be sorry,” Bucky says, now stroking the underside of Tony’s arm, which is pretty damn distracting. “Just…talk to me. What’s okay?”

“Everything we do?” Tony says. Kissing’s great. The way Bucky holds him, great. “And, uh, the things I say. I think your hot as hell, Bucky. But. The things about, uh, wanting that or whatever? I. Don’t. That’s just how people talk.”

“Right,” Bucky says. His fingers move up Tony’s arm, stroking under the sleeve of his t-shirt. “So…this is good?”

“Very good,” Tony agrees. “You good?”

“Very good,” Bucky mimics. He settles back into the couch, wraps his arm all the way around Tony, and pulls him close.

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Urgent - Hi I was wondering if you have any advice on how to ask teachers to use multiple pronouns? I'm starting high school this year and would like to be referred to with my pronouns by the staff ( I use she/her he/him and they/them) I've seen many letters regarding asking for the use of a new singular (as in one) pronoun but nothing on multiple (i'm genderflux) so I have been curious on how to approach this or genderfluidity in general in school (also i dig this blog this is a+ stuff frens)

Kii says:

We have basic templates for coming out letters here, but I would recommend adding in a short explanation of genderfluid and say something along the lines of “I feel comfortable with different pronouns at different times, and I will indicate this to you by (wearing a pronoun button/informing you before class/etc) If you are not sure, please use (pronoun you are most comfortable with) until you can ask me. Please tell me if you have any questions.” You are free to take this word-for-word, or alter it to suit your needs.

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larry being domestic wives

Harry pushed open the front door with her hip, her arms full of teetering Whole Foods bags. She watched helplessly as Louis came out of the kitchen and caught one of the bags just as it was about to hit the floor. “Thanks, babe,” she said, “I think that one had the eggs.” She set the bags down and went over to kiss Louis hello. 

“Can we just discuss my reflexes, though? I should have gone into football professionally or something,” Louis said as she unpacked one of the grocery bags.

“Sure,” Harry said, rolling her eyes. When Louis’ back was turned, Harry grabbed a bag of chips and whipped them at Louis, yelling, “Think fast!” 

Louis turned and picked up the chips from the floor. “Do not make me start a food fight with you, Styles. We are grown-ups.” 

“Uh-huh. How’s that football career now?” Harry teased.

“You’re the worst,” Louis said as she walked to Harry’s side of the kitchen and wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist. “The absolute worst. Now, what’s for dinner? I’m starving.” 

send me girl direction prompts 

There’s no easy way to start this post and I’m sure by now we all know what a post like this means. 

I guess first I would like to start by saying thank you. Thank you to each and every single one of you for making this experience the best RP experience of my life. Thank you for not only being there for plotting but also for anything else I might had thrown your way. Thank you for making this group feel like a family. 

As some of you know my due date is September 12, and you can tell by how I’ve been slacking on my activity that things had been a bit hectic. I had to leave everything ready at my school since I will be taking a semester off because of the baby. I had to travel back home, and now it’s just waiting. I’ll soon be full term and then the baby could come any day after that. 

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to this wonderful group.

I will miss you guys a lot; you were a great part of my life. And some of you know that the first time I had to step away from the group was when I found out I was pregnant so I can honestly say you guys have been with me from beginning to end in this pregnancy. So thank you so much for that. Also this was the first time I’ve ever played Alastor or any character like him, it was an adventure and I’m glad I was able to share it with you guys. I hope I can come back in the future when things have settle down a bit more, I think it’s long overdue to let someone else pick up Alastor and keep the plot going.

Thank you for everything.
Keep up the good work, and keep making the RP community a better place. 

Much love,

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A friend and I came up with a scenario...
  • Grunt A: Plumeria, I've got something to tell you...
  • Plumeria: Sure, what is it little sis?
  • Grunt A: *sigh* well, you know how Grunt B and I are getting pretty serious and, we've decided to take things to the next level.... well we got carried away and... I'm pregnant....
  • Plumeria: oh? You are??
  • Grunt A: yeah... can we keep it??
  • Plumeria: I don't see why not? But we gotta ask Guz-
  • Guzma: I hate kids.
  • Plumeria: Really Guz? No one asked for your opinion. Let her keep it.
  • Guzma: I sure ain't the daddy.
  • Plumeria: Let her keep it!
  • Guzma: alright, fine. I'm not raising it.
  • 9 months later....
  • Guzma: who's a cute little grunt?! Yes you are! Let ya boi pinch those little cheeks. Goochy goochy goo!

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Do you believe in the preservation of the capitalist system?

I’m a technological utopian (ideally).

If you’re not sure what I mean: Star Trek.  Eventually we will reach a technological state where the underlying laws of capitalism, I believe, will not be true anymore.  At which point, human development will force us to shift away from a capitalist society into one that acknowledges 

“Hey, we can make food for essentially nothing, people don’t need to buy power, and everyone can basically buy themselves a small home with a 3D printer.  The basic underpinnings of our economy aren’t there anymore, so we need to reframe how we work as a species.”

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Iiaat to not be sure which finger you can feel a sensation in? Like when you cross your fingers in some way (using both hands) and not be completely sure which finger is the one you get a feeling from? I'm not sure how much sense this makes but eh.

This is not an autism thing but rather an experience almost everyone encounters! Our nervous systems and brains are wired in such a way that this occurs not only when crossing our fingers, but also when we cross our arms, legs, or other appendages! Often times, with thought, we can distinguish what is feeling what, but as an unconscious sensory experience, our bodies have difficulty distinguishing where sensory experiences are coming from when entangled!


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Leatherhead🐊: April my friend. Since Slash first created his Tumblr account, why not follow us back? I'm sharing the Tumblr account with Slash and the other Mutanimals.

Well, you see there was once a time where I followed everyone back. But then I began to get so many followers at once that it got confusing. And it became so my dashboard was filled with things I had no idea about or no interest in. So now I only follow close friends and the turtles in my dimension.

And I’m not sure you are from my dimension. I saw the post where you said you chose to be with our group. Sweetie, I’m sorry but that’s not how it works. You can’t just choose because we may not even be the April and the turtles you know in real life. Dimensions are confusing.

So yeah, if I don’t follow you back, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be friends!

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What do I do if I am in an abusive household that I cannot at the moment get out of parental units? Do you have any tips?

report them to the authorities if you have sure evidence of the abuse?

we know that abusive households are very, very terrifying to live through and we hope you know how to keep yourself safe so that you do not get hurt in anyway.

we would suggest not doing anything to provoke the abusers (obviously this is what anyone should say but we digress) as so you do not bring harm upon yourself.

if you have a friend that you can stay with till you can get on your own feet we would highly suggest heading to them for help (no matter how embarrassing this may seem to some this is the best idea we have for this situation).

we hope that we have been of some help to you in your plight.

stay safe.

we love you.


Thank you all for your entries–I will have a master post with ~~comments~~ out before I leave for Portland, but I wanted to get things drawn so I could ship pre-Portland also. 




@rhiorhino pretty sure I have your address but also we know how I like to send things to the wrong address so. CONTACT ME. 

Thank you all so so so much, I got loads of great content I can’t wait to share. Do y’all like doing contests? Something I should budget for, or?


“No” she hit the steering wheel “if only she’d believe me that he left of his own free will than we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“That’s not my problem” he mumbled “that’s your department. You were supposed to prep her to get her ready for me. Do your job so I can do mine.”

“Are you threatening me?” she demanded.

“Is that what it sounded like?” he laughed as he exited the car.

She jumped when the door slammed. How had she gotten into this mess? She was only supposed to pretend to be her friend. Keep tabs on her. Make sure she got pregnant. That part had been easy. Replacing her birth control pills with placebos. Now the scientists wanted another baby. The problem now was Juniper hadn’t dated anyone since they got rid of Cash. Why couldn’t Juniper just accept he was gone? Dumped her like Blake had.

Cinnamon knew she was slowly losing her usefulness to the scientists. If she couldn’t deliver on their demands she was out. Replaced like an old pair of socks. She had to get rid of Junipers new friends. She nodded formulating a plan. She could make this work. She’d done it before.