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Secrets Out {Part 1} {Part 2}

When you made your way to their dorm later that day with the hat that you had taken, you were nervous to say the least. You wanted to ignore that gut feeling you had yesterday. ‘I’m just being paranoid’ you said to yourself quietly ‘they’re my best friends they wouldn’t just do anything to jeopardize that’ you kept reassuring yourself.

When you got to their dorm. you placed the hat on the countertop closest to you and right away you heard whispers, you couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying but from the words you did hear, you knew it sounded somewhat serious? When you closed the front door to get their attention it immediately went quiet. You fought yourself so hard to not overthink it, you crossed it out of your mind. Gone and forgotten.

You walked in to where they were all sitting, and sat in between Jungkook and Jin, you didn’t know how to explain it but it felt different, the whole atmosphere changed, Jungkook felt uncomfortable around you and Namjoon seemed to have sat straighter when you sat down and you saw it. Remember that pit in your stomach from yesterday? Well it was back and deeper than ever, you wanted to bring it up but you couldn’t seem to find the words and there was an awkward silence before Taehyung stood up making everyone jump a bit. “hey y/n! Let’s go play video games!” “tae-” you couldn’t finish your sentence before Taehyung pulled you up and dragged you to the living room where all the video games were. Taehyung got your mind off everything happening around you, but those slight moments where you would look around to see Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi standing in the back whispering amongst themselves made you sink back into the depressing state where you question everything. Taehyung quickly picked up on your pauses and brought you back to the games. You felt him trying so hard to make you happy and get your mind off it, he knew about what was going on and he was trying to distract you?

Jimin came into the room being his giddy self but you felt it was forced. Was he forcing himself to be happy around you? why would he do that? Jungkook ignored you at almost all cost, something was eating at him and you were determined to find out what it was. What have they all been hiding? Usually you wouldn’t be afraid to speak up, ask them, but now it seemed as you were the source of the problem. You excused yourself to the bathroom to pick yourself up. when you came out, you must have been really quiet because none of the boys seemed to have heard you. Before you turned into the living room you heard voices you stayed behind the wall determined to find out what they were talking about, how you could fix it. “hyung I really can’t take this anymore every time I look at y/n I feel like crying” you recognized it as Jungkooks voice. “Jungkook you can’t say anything, she’ll be so hurt if we told her” a voice you heard as Namjoons said. “what we did was cruel and I’m also hurt we did that but why now Jungkook? Why suddenly after all this time you feel like you need to tell her now?” “Jin hyung please see where I’m coming from, I like y/n more than just a friend, but I can’t ask her out knowing what we did” Jungkook said he sounded as if he was so close to crying. “guys shut up y/n…” jimin said quietly. You’ve been spotted. You just stood there almost frozen. What have they done that was so bad? You’re going through all these years you’ve been friends with them in your mind. Wondering what has been happening behind your back.

They knew about your problems with trust and ‘friends’ in the past, they knew how you overthink everything, they knew about your anxiety, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. “y/n…I’m-” Jungkook mumbled. “I don’t know what you did or what it has to do with me but you better tell me… now!” you were angry. That pit in your stomach seemed to have dropped to your feet. Your mind racing with thoughts. “y/n I think you should sit down” Jin said softly following a mumbling in agreement from Jiimin, and Hoseok. You didn’t know what they did but you felt like crying again, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your surroundings turning dark. you sat down in front of them analyzing each of their faces.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Namjoon looking like at any second they would burst out in tears more than you were, Jin and

Yoongi just look worried like they were thinking about what you were going to do and not having a conclusion. Hoseok is clearly upset with himself he looks like he’s mentally punching himself, he has that triangle mouth that appears when something is really upsetting him. What was going on? Why are they acting like this? What did I do? What happened? Can I fix this? Shit. You were breathing fast while not breathing at all. The silence was painful you were losing your patience. “well someone speak!” you said loudly making them all jump. You looked around once more and all of them seem to be either in tears or near tears. Jin took a deep breath, he grabbed your hand as if to make sure you won’t walk away. “y/n, we….”

A/N: ok so idk how much i like this and i feel like i rushed it and its getting to the problem too fast? idk but there is a lot i want to write that works with this so we’ll see a lot of you have been asking for a pt. 2 and i was so happy a lot of you liked it since it was my first time writing a series type thing, but I’m happy and thankful. i forgot to put the title of the story on the first part but i think ill be calling this series ‘Secrets Out’ what do y'all think? ok i hope you liked this part~ pt. 3? (ps i feel like the angst was weak with this one so I’m sorry)

decisions (pt. 2)

summary; shawn and y/n see each other after weeks and months of missed phone calls and unanswered texts, but when they finally find a time to talk, hearts only continue to get broken.



It had felt like a stab in the back, but you couldn’t seem to pull the knife out. Shawn had chosen his girlfriend over you, and you couldn’t deny the obvious: you felt betrayed. You so badly wanted all of this to be a nightmare and to run into the arms of your bestfriend, but you knew that was no longer an option. 

The past three days have had you consumed with trying to get a hold of Shawn, begging for him to hear you out. Your heart told you to leave him be and to hate Shawn, but you couldn’t even will a finger to do so. The six going on seven year friendship between you and Shawn was too valuable to give up without a fight, but it was hard fighting a battle single-handedly. You might’ve been mad at the moment, but as much as you hated to admit it, you couldn’t ever get yourself to fully hate Shawn.

Luckily for you, Ian, Geoff, and Matt had been over at your house trying to comfort you since the night that everything blew over. You were initially surprised how they sided with you knowing how close they were to Shawn, but you were grateful for their support nonetheless. They’d check up on you, bring you food, and gave you the company that your heart so badly needed. The three were like the older brothers you never had.

“Seriously, thank you guys so much for doing all of this,” You gestured to all of the snacks, drinks, and games they brought over to you face.

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Funny how lance and allura share one moment in s4 and people started saying its endgame, i dont mind what ship becomes canon tbh but you can clearly tell this one moment took place between m/f ship and they are like its canon. Kl had alot of deeper moments with eachother but because its a m/m ship we cant really say for sure if its romantic or not and thats just sad. To me that moment between allura and lance was more of a lance/leadership moment which is defo gonna play a huge role later.


If the bonding moment happened between say Lance and a girl, people would be all over that shit saying it’s romantic and they’d be shipping the fuck out of it, but no, apparently it doesn’t mean anything because it’s between two boys?? 

But then Lance helps Allura unlock her potential once (which like you said, did show a very good leadership role in him) and suddenly Allurance is end game canon

I’m not saying that it can’t be canon, because the moment was really pure and they had another moment like that in season three. But it’s just so annoying because if you put Keith in this situation ^^ literally no one would believe there was anything remotely romantic to it, even though something like it LITERALLY ALREADY HAPPENED

Everyone’s all like “Miss me with that gay shit.” LOOL, but it’s legit right in your face you can’t ignore it. There was literally nothing not gay about the bonding moment and I refuse to believe otherwise

Never Lonely

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Seth Rollins/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirsty Crew! Welcome to another installment of me trying to write ‘Seth Rollins the sympathetic character’ instead of 'Seth Rollins the evil mastermind’! I hope I have done this sweet boy justice. Tagging my broskis @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and the broski among men, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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reading the AVPSY script while watching it is so weird like realizing how much they took out…..

Woke ASF

Hey Boo!🌸 Let me start my stating that your blog truly is one of the best out there, If someone wants to argue this fact just drop y’all locations and we can talk😂😂. I am not sure how these raggedy, edgeless hoes think there is something wrong with creating a space where black women can literally be themselves and be a family. ALL TEA NO SHADE🐸☕️.
Anyways lol I did not come here to acknowledge their foolish ways but bruh I got a story that I believe Kmusic Fam will enjoy.

So recently Florida had a bitch ass visit from Hurricane Irma (her hoe ass, literally FUCKED shit up but thankfully I am okay) . Myself and my lil sister stay in a red zone so we had to evacuate the place, so we decided to pass the hurricane at a shelter (which was an elementary school)with three of our girlfriends (we are all Haitian women, shoutouts to my Zoes lol). ANTI ways. The shelter was PACKED and we had people from across the globe there, dead ass hella languages were being spoken even Lingala. We waited in line for literally a whole entire lifetime.So when we finally get our classroom (Our home for the next 2 nights). Out classroom was also connected to another classroom ( with a bathroom in the middle) and the classroom next to us was full of Korean people (mostly guys lol). To be honest I wasn’t checking if they were cute or not cause a bish was STRESSED WITH IRMA RAGGEDY ASS😔😒 plus physicality isn’t that much of a big deal for me since I’m looking to find out if your holistically yourself (as in mind, soul, and body) #hippystatus🌸🍃
My classroom had about likes good 13 people in there I met some really cool people and most of us were young.
So as the hours go by our classroom became super lit because we started playing games and we black folks was having hella fun lol but the crazy thing was the Korean Boys legit kept coming through our classroom’s entrance in order to get to their rooms and they literally did this like 6 times bruh (mind You there is legit a whole door that directly gets them to their respective area😅) there was even this moment where two of them came to our classroom “to wash their hands” (both classrooms had sinks so…🙃) so while they were there waiting their turn they were staring at us and whispering MAD LOUD about us (they said something like I really wanna join them and when they got caught they started smiling so big 😜 it was so cute (I was like bruh just SPEAK🗣🗣😒). But here comes the COOLEST PART OF THE STORY YALL 😂😂
So I love to read, I’m legit always reading a book, so as I’m in my classroom chilling one of the boys come over to our side again(😅) but this time he walked up to me and sat next to me on the kids table I was seating at lol he smiled at me real big and asked me: “ Are you in my class as well because I’m reading that book too”. I forgot to mention the book I’m reading is Sister Citizen: shame, stereotypes, and black women in America by Melissa V. Harris- Perry (it’s a must read). I look at him and I say: “Lol no I’m reading this for fun what class are you taking?” Then this boy says: “I am taking a class called Black Women in Society” so you know I had to ask why was he taking the class. This boy says: “ Well a lot of my Korean guy friends always wanted to know more about black women because we believe that they are beautiful inside and out but they aren’t a lot of you guys in Korea and I wanted to know more about what it meant to be a black women so I decided to take a class about you guys and because I also wanted to meet some black girls” bruh I was laughing so hard and then we started talking about how Asians and black people have a lot in common and he wishes he can see more black women in Korea and he also expressed his annoyance for the cultural appropriation going on in Kmusic world bruh that man was passionate, like dead ass he was so annoyed and I appreciated that he peeped the different perspectives and his English was PERFECT !

Long story short y’all Idols or not them boys outchere ready to embrace they beautiful Queens👑 So don’t be shy lol I mean not all people are going to like you and that’s fine but don’t let that stop you from making that first move my loves. I know this story MAD long and it’s not about love or a fine ASS men but I hope y’all enjoyed it lol.

Hopefully I’ll meet you GUISE at our first real life cookout! 💕 stay bless Queens🌸🍃

Is anybody else embarrassed/annoyed by the fact that you have to ask random people or associates to help you get items off the shelf because you’re too short (5′1 or 155 cm approx)? Also, why doesn’t anyone working in the store go around and make sure that everything isn’t pushed back on the shelves? Finally, how about we make it a law that the shelves can’t go up that high? Or do I need to start going to the store with one of those long claw devices? 

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What are the top things you want to see from S5?

Not much I can say because there are a lot of things I wanna see, but, I have no guarantee they’re coming specifically in season 5 yet. We don’t exactly have promo material for that at this juncture.

I’m massively excited to see Lotor interacting with the paladins. In particular I’d really like to know where for sure Lotor was ten thousand years ago, and how and when he got here.

I’m also, at bare minimum, very interested to see where this all goes with the generals. There’s the future promise of Sincline to tell us that things will work out, somehow- and I think if they’re gonna have Lotor pull away from Voltron at some point, the other Sincline pilots are probably going to be how it happens. Because, honestly, Lotor is way too smart to walk back into Zarkon’s arms if he could ever possibly help it. 

Zarkon has no actual leverage to make him want to stay. Lotor’s given up on him and Haggar actually caring about him a long time ago, and conversely it’s a very clear reality to him they want to hurt him.

But the generals? I could see Lotor burning a pretty impressive bridge if he feels like it will get him back in with the generals. And while I’m not sure what context would pull on that- I doubt the generals themselves would necessarily without an outside pressure acting on them- it’s sure interesting to think about. And, given the nature of this show, I think it’s a given that 1. we’re gonna see Sincline assembled in proper, and 2. we’re probably gonna see Sincline and Voltron brawl, at least once, because this show has a keen sense of what’s cool and two Voltrons duking it out is pretty dang cool.

Now- I don’t think all that’s going to happen in s5/6 alone, but we definitely might build in that direction.

Some Fucking Homecoming Headcanons Ok

It’s homecoming 4 me, im waiting 4 my friends to come over so we can get ready, and im just excited so take these headcanons 

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Sunday Seven

1. The Foo Fighters show was amazing this week. I was super salty about having shitty seats, but it still was an amazing show. I cannot wait to see them again.

2. Life is about one week away from resuming some normalcy. One more week of fall baseball for my son and band for my daughter. Then it can go back to being all about me. 😂

3. I’ve decided I’m still going to work some NCAA Basketball games, even though this new job is requiring more of my time. I love working the games, so I think it will be OK.

4. We haven’t gone to the State Fair yet. We didn’t go last year either. Today is the last day. Not sure if I can bring myself to go. It’s such an ordeal (and so damned expensive). But my son REALLY wants to go. So I guess we’ll see how the day goes.

5. There’s a charity golf tournament for someone I knew in college on Friday. I’ve played in it each of the first five years, but I’m on the fence about it this year. I should probably just call in and play. But I really shouldn’t call in sick to work. Decisions….

6. I love what little of the Fall season we get here in SC. We get about 2.5 seasons here, but October and April are about the only months where the weather usually isn’t a big ol’ bitch.

7. These next two months are going to fly by. I really need to start thinking about the holidays. Ugh….


new commissions post!

if you still want the sketchy black and white style (see previous commissions post) i will do it, the pricing just may be different since i found it a bit too tedious for how much i made off it.

i will not draw NSFW (suggestive themes are alright), realistic/”feral” animals (furries OK!), complex robots, or adult/minor shipping. 

please message or send me an ask if you’re interested! if longer correspondence is needed we can move to email. 

all pricing is in USD and will be through paypal invoice only, so be sure to include your paypal email in your message. 

more examples below the cut! 

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arin and danny are a couple, they mention it casually and how suzy is super chill, but theyve been in love for so long that some people arent sure if it was a bit or not because they act nearly the same as before

“Aren’t you ever even slightly ticked off that people still think we’re not dating?”

Dan looked up from his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, confused. He stared at Arin and swallowed the piece of bread in his mouth.

“People think we’re not dating?” He asked. Arin gave him a look of bewilderment, eyes wide as if they were saying ‘uh, yeah, it’s all over the internet!’

“They think it’s a joke cause we ‘act the same,’ whatever that means.” Arin looked at Dan as he bit into the sandwich again. Dan simply shrugged, closing his eyes for a moment and looking like he was pondering something.

“Hey, at least we know. And that’s all that matters, right? Two years strong, baby.”

Dan did have a point. There was no need of validation from the fans for their relationship. Still, Arin felt uneasy with people thinking it was all a big joke, and he grumbled in frustration. He took a last bite as Dan rose from the table, grabbing his backpack and giving his boyfriend a peck on the cheek. Arin muttered his goodbye and pulled out his computer.


It was nine at night when Dan got a text from Arin.

Arin <3<3: Dan, how do feel about

The text was cut off, seemingly for no reason other than a warning that what was to come next would be slightly serious.

Arin <3<3: doing a cute video with me

Arin <3<3: i mean like a couple thing 

Arin <3<3: it’s totally not to prove people that dont believe us wrong 

Dan laughed and texted back ‘Why are you obsessed with this?’ Another ding came from his phone. 

Arin <3<3: want to prove everyone youre mine 

Arin <3<3: want to show everyone how much you mean to me

Arin <3<3: that this isnt a joke because i really love and care about you

Fuck, Arin. Yes.

Dan smiled as he felt a blush creeping up on himself. God, he fucking loved Arin, and he wanted everyone to know that.


During the “three days of the dead” spirits are supposed to come back to Earth to visit the living. The living are then supposed to show their courage by welcoming the dead with a smile and have fun. After the three days, they reunite to the Nyx River during the night and release lanterns into the sky to say goodbye… until the next year.  

Here takes place our Halloween event!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° there’s also a writing prompt if you are interested: Write a short scary story that your OC experienced~ !! It will be read in front of the King himself so be sure to scare the hell out of him nyaha~! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

 We look forward to seeing your entries~ you can put a queue or post it right away, no worries!! Also feel free to make interactions or tell us how you feel about the event~ Don’t forget to @sakudrew/@brandonbrandoff or/and @felostheir so we can reblog it~ ^v^)/ and see you October the 30th for a little puzzle ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ…

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Following up on that question about starship engines, how much information is there on the Executor's sublight engines? I only know that they're Kuat Drive Yards stardrives, are freaking huge and that there's 13 of them. I want to have Admiral Piett geek out about his dear ship with the captains of Death Squadron, so I'd like to fill that scene with a ridiculous amount of technobabble.

The Executor’s sublights are called Executor-50.x engines, and that’s about all we know. I couldn’t even tell you for sure what kind of engine they are. However, KDY also manufactured the Imperial I-class and Victory I-class Star Destroyers, which both use ion engines for sublight travel. I think it’s safe to assume that the Executor-50.x engines are also ion drives, albeit massive ones. Since I can’t give you specifics on the engines, I’ll give you a rundown of how ion drives work.

Ion drives use a controlled fusion reaction to produce a stream of charged particles, which are forced out of the exhaust ports to provide thrust. These particles are mildly radioactive (in the case of the Executor, any ship that flew too close to the engines would be vaporized by the radiation) and they travel at close to the speed of light. The engines can be powered by generators, chemical reactants, power cells, or pretty much any other sufficient source of power. On Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts, power came from one main reactor and a number of secondary reactors, though the type of reactor is unknown. If the engines are indeed ion drives, they will be nuclear fusion reactors cores.

That’s about everything I can find, unfortunately. I hope it helped!

~ Jacen

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But how do we know they slept at pj's and not at, uh, someone else's house? Not saying they didn't, but we can't be sure..?

Because they said they were going to Sophie and PJ’s for the weekend, and in the past they’ve always stayed with Sophie and PJ. 

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I would just like to point out that "I'm just looking for that moment to drop my Jedi knickers and pull out my real lightsaber" is a real quote from Ewan McGregor.... So uhm.... I'm pretty sure that you and him working together on Kenobi would be... A treat?? Let's just say it would quickly jump into rated R territory.

LOL. True. He is a fairly ridiculous man who does seem to harbor some aversion to wearing pants, and I do live to encourage ridiculous people.That said, unless we’re really going with “sad, naked Obi-Wan staring wistfully at the sunset” a la that picture I made @calyssmarviss draw for me, I’m not sure how we can necessarily bake in all that much gratuitous nudity into a story about a sad lonely man who cries a lot and talks to ghosts. (Maybe this film can explain why Qui-Gon learns not to just pop in unexpectedly.)

There’d be a lot more musical numbers than Star Wars is used to, though, for sure.

My First Reaction When I listened to Natasha, Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812

Prologue- “Okay so there’s a war going on and Andrey isn’t here got it.”

Anatole is hot, He spends his money on women and wine, -__- okay nice to know—WAIT A SECOND ANATOLE IS HOT NATASHA IS YOUNG AND ANDREY ISN’T HERE OH GOD NO-  

Also, that is not how you pronounce Natasha (I’m British)  


Moscow- Maria’s voice is my aesthetic 

The Private and Intimate Of The House - wHeRe aRe mY gLasSeS?

Natasha & Bolkonskys - Come on guys why can’t we all just get along?

No One Else - Okay nice sweet love song but come on sweetie all know what’s going to happen.

The Opera - I wish I had the confidence of Natasha tbh also are we sure she isn’t gay? - Why tf is there a minute and a half of just screaming I’m scared. - Began to pass into a state of intoxication. Ooh looks like someone is getting a little bit tipsy there Natasha. An exceptionally handsome man walked in With a confident yet courteous air.  OH.MA.GAD. This was Hélène’s brother NO Anatole Kuragin NO He moved with a swagger  NO Which would have been ridiculous Had he not been so good-looking. wut?           And he looked right at Natasha NO.How handsome he is~bitch How intoxicating I see what you did there Dave, I see what you did.                       And Anatole entered the box. Oh no

Natasha and Anatole - The fuckboy song

The Duel - Oh fuck this shit is catchy also Anatole foot fetish confirmed ALSO HE’S FUCKING MARRIED I FUCING KNEW IT

Dust and Ashes - *cries*

Sunday Morning - Time for church!

Charming - *Ahem* GAY

The Ball - Brah

Letters -Brah x 2


Sonya alone - *Cries again*


Balaga - BaLaGA


In My House - *SHOOKETH*

A Call To Pierre - Grace’s voice gives me life

Find Anatole - *inhales* BOI


Natasha very ill - Did this bitch really try to kill herself because she found out Anatole is married~BItCH

Pierre & Andrey - Andrey you are kinda a dick but it’s alright cuz your fiance cheated on you so it’s okay I guess.

Pierre & Natasha - PIERRE MA BOY

The Great Comet Of 1812 - *sobs* Beautiful