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It’s that time of year again!

Starting December 14, there will be twelve days of Sherlocky fic-writing excitement coming your way.

Whether you’re a seasoned fic writer or this is your first time, whether you tackle only a few of the prompts or try to cover them all, whether you write drabbles or 221Bs or ficlets or full-length fics, you are welcome to join us in this challenge. The list of prompts is below–one for each day leading up to Christmas–and how you choose to interpret them is entirely up to you. Just be sure to tag your fics with #12 days of fic mas 2016 so that other people can find and share them!

  • December 14: Letters to Santa
  • December 15: Candy canes
  • December 16: Family gatherings
  • December 17: Fairy lights
  • December 18: Snowman
  • December 19: Eggnog
  • December 20: Home for the holidays
  • December 21: The perfect gift
  • December 22: Starting a new tradition
  • December 23: The Yard’s annual Christmas party
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: White Christmas
How to handle the SKAM withdrawal: read these books

So you’ve already watched S1-2 of Skam and rewatched the few Eyewitness episodes to the point you can recite not only the lines but probably the characters’ thoughts as well… And yet Nov 14 is still too far away. What to do in the meantime? 

Go check out these awesome NA books (some of them are light and fluffy but most aren’t, so make sure you have some tissues close by and drink plenty of liquids ha)

This Is Not A Love Story by Suki Fleet 

When fifteen-year-old Romeo’s mother leaves one day and doesn’t return, he finds himself homeless and trying to survive on the streets. Mute and terrified, his silence makes him vulnerable, and one night he is beaten by a gang of other kids, only to be rescued by a boy who pledges to take care of him.

Julian is barely two years older than Romeo. A runaway from an abusive home, he has had to make some difficult choices and sells himself on the street to survive. Taking care of Romeo changes him, gives him a purpose in life, gives him hope, and he tries to be strong and keep his troubles with drugs behind him. But living as they do is slowly destroying him, and he begins to doubt he can be strong enough.

This is the story of their struggle to find a way off the streets and stay together at all costs. But when events threaten to tear them apart, it is Romeo who must find the strength within himself to help Julian (and not let their love story turn into a Shakespearean tragedy).

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Aqours DIARY: Everyone’s Diary (January 2017) 
Kurosawa Dia

Caption: Good morning, Uranohoshi Girls’ High School— Let’s spend today smiling with the radiance of lily flowers too—

Waking up early in the morning— Being the first to arrive in the student council room before everyone arrives at school is part of my daily routine.
The morning school broadcast is the duty of the student council president— That’s the reason why.
Though that sounds like a good enough reason—.
The truth is I don’t feel like I’m only directing the work at all.
I mean— School broadcasts are normally the work of the broadcast committee in other schools, right?
It’s because Ura Girls has few students, but even so, how did it become the duty of the student council—.
But well, it can’t be helped.
I can do nothing but accept the fate that has befallen me—.
After all, just like how humans cannot choose the parents they were born to, they also cannot choose the land they were born in. No matter where they end up—.
Just like how flowers must bloom where they are placed, people who can’t make the best of what they have— will not be able to find what is truly important to them.
Though when it comes to that— Of course, my sister might rebutt angrily that I’m too much of a perfect student, and that not everyone can be like me— hehe♡

But, oh well.
Surprisingly— I like this duty of making the school broadcast♡
Putting in an effort to speak in a calm voice— and reading off a manuscript is to my liking too.
Being of use to the members of the school before me directly like this, that doesn’t feel bad at all.
Fufu— Maybe rather than being an idol, I should aim to become an announcer instead?

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine January 2017 issue

Personally, when it comes to a Yandere-kun, I’m of the school of thought who favors the idea of having our male yandere be exactly like Yandere-chan in personality. Lacking in emotions and will to live until he meets senpai.

There are plenty of sadist boys in anime who are possessive and sadistic over someone and mostly just like to make a game out of it, but I can only recall a few examples of an anime boy being like how Yandere-chan is, where the obsession is an absolute need without control, instead of a game he chooses to play so he can feel some meaning. If we ever did get a Yandere-kun, I would want him to be the type of Yandere that Ayano is, instead of just a regular sadist.

It’s alright, it’s gonna be hard but trust me when I say that you’ll be fine. It’s okay to think about them, it’s normal to be stuck on them so don’t be so frustrated when the first few months feel like a typhoon of emotions between what you want and what you need. That’s how it is, but just because it’s okay doesn’t mean you can choose to stay in that position. It’s only going to hurt you in the end so when I say that you’ve got to try and move on, please don’t hang your head and say that you can’t because you can, you just don’t want to. You don’t want to because you’re stuck on the idea that there could have been something more, that you haven’t heard the end of it, but sometimes there’s a limit to how much longer you can drag a situation out. In this case, the longer you try to hold on, the more it’s gonna hurt you. Glooming over negative situations can take so much out of you, trust me, I know. I know you’re afraid. Afraid of what comes after this, afraid for whether you’ll find someone else who you can love just as much as you loved them but you know something? You don’t love the same way twice. That’s as reassuring as it gets. They aren’t the last one, there’s so much more different types of love to come. 7 billion people in this world, don’t you dare tell me you’ll never love again. You can’t stay bitter about this forever. In the end you’ll realize that the only person holding you back is yourself.
—  to a friend, and to anybody struggling with moving on, you’re going to be okay.
Here, Under This Apple Tree (BTS x Reader Fiction) (Introduction)

Set in a distant place, in an area long forgotten, the time has come for the young Princess of Pearls (reader) to fulfill her royal duties and find a suitor from a foreign land to heal relations after a bloody war between the three kingdoms. Between her childhood friend and guard who can only helplessly watch from the sidelines, a mysterious, yet cheerful bowman aching to show her adventure, and a taciturn, but thoughtful Prince who seems to want to be anywhere but there, how can she possibly choose?   

This Joseon-inspired fantasy surely holds elements of the angst of growing up, the titillations of budding romance, the struggles of different cultures trying to find peace, and just a few surprises along the way.  

Characters: Reader X BTS

Pairings: Reader X (A Member of BTS)

Genre: fantasy, romance, angst, warring, Joseon area ish

Word Count: A lot, so far. It’s a long story, but I hope it’s a well written and worth-while one.

A/N: A story I’ve been wanting to post for a long time. Hopefully, it is one that you guys will enjoy. I know I’ve taken a hiatus from this from a while, but I went to Korea and then got busy with school. 

FB reminded me that I became a Doctor/Rose shipper three years ago. 😊😊 Fell down the rabbit hole while desperately googling through my Doomsday tears…

In the comments I’m talking about having a show hangover from crying so hard and that, because I couldn’t yet bear to go on without Rose, I was already a few eps into rewatching S1 (“and I’m appreciating it a lot more!” Oh, sweet summer child..) 

I found doctorxrose.com and read one fic at this point (A Bargain With Time - gee, wonder how I happened to choose that one? 😏 Only to get smacked by the angst fairy at the end!) And saw enough to know I wanted to wait and avoid spoilers. My swan dive into the fic pool happened after I finished JE some weeks (??) later. And I really can’t imagine life without this! 


Since I don’t have time to write I’ll be taking head canons again example below, and I have queued up a few old posts so that you can still have something to read. 

Ex. “How Alex reacts to his s/o stealing his clothes

-thinks its cute

-probably makes inappropriate comments

-etc. etc. 

But please only choose three characters per head canon request. Thanks!


anonymous asked:

thank you for all the amazing gifs! did you get to meet Benedict in Hong Kong?

Yes yes yes. Actually I rather ‘saw’ than ‘met‘ him, but anyway. I was so lucky.
Here is my long story:

When I had heard there would be Doctor Strange Hong Kong premiere, I so wanted to go. If he couldn’t come to my country then I could go to there to see him, and I would be so happy just to see his shadow on the red carpet.

And then suddenly I saw this news about the fan meeting with Benedict. There were several competitions being held by Marvel and 2 or three popular internet movie sites in my country for only a few fan meeting tickets. They were choosing just one or two people per one site and the competitions were about fan arts, best replies, showing how much I love Benedict or something like that. 

You can guess how desperate I was then. I applied for two competitions; best reply and how much I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict really is a big name here too. There were so many competitors and they were all desperate.
I tried my best. I wrote many posts about  Hamlet review, my personal Benedict collections(blue rays, DVDs, books, Bena Risa bag, Hamlet tickets ets), and even my silly gifs. Yeah, I posted my stupid little gifs on the movie site just to draw attention to me. What wouldn’t I do to go to see Benedict.

But actually I had no hope. I thought nobody would notice me. I was so sad.

And then I got a phone call. They said I was chosen for the fan meeting with Benedict. I was one in three people they chose. Can you imagine how happy and thrilled I was? I couldn’t believe what they said so asked them if it was real. They said, “We saw your post. You really are a big fan, aren’t you? The fan meeting will be a very small group thing, so we need  some enthusiastic fans for it.”

And you know what. Later that day, I got another message from other movie site that I was chosen there too. Can you believe it??? It was Christmas and birthday and omg the best day of my life.

Yeah, that’s how I finally got the ticket and went to Hong Kong with other 29 people who were chosen for various purposes. Many of them are famous costume players, fan artists, big bloggers, and Youtubers. I was no one among those big names. Really, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

So. I went to Hong Kong and saw Benedict on the red carpet,

and got his autograph on the poster.

(This is Benedict signing on my poster. I couldn’t focus well of course. He was right in front of me!)

And then had the fan meeting with him the next day. It was actually a live streaming interview of some famous media with Benedict(hosted by Marvel), and fans were just supposed to sit there and watch the interview reacting enthusiastically. No signings or talking with him allowed. But Benedict was before my eyes, so that was enough. I wouldn’t and couldn’t expect more.

Benedict was so sweet and gentle and funny. He smiled and gave fans small finger hearts(not to me though ;’)) and appreciated for all the presents from fans.
And you know what. This was Benedict noticing my ‘floral Doctor Strange’ (X) placard.

And this was an answer to my request(I had asked the interviewer before hand to ask Benedict).

So yes, I was so so so lucky and happy and had fantastic time in Hong Kong. :)

Here, Under This Apple Tree (Reader X BTS Fiction) Chapter 1

Set in a distant place, in an area long forgotten, the time has come for the young Princess of Pearls (reader) to fulfill her royal duties and find a suitor from a foreign land to heal relations after a bloody war between the three kingdoms. Between her childhood friend and guard who can only helplessly watch from the sidelines, a mysterious, yet cheerful bowman aching to show her adventure, and a taciturn, but thoughtful Prince who seems to want to be anywhere but there, how can she possibly choose? This BTS, Joseon-inspired fantasy holds elements of the angst of growing up, the joyous tribulations of budding romance, the struggles of different cultures trying to find peace, and just a few surprises along the way.

Characters: Reader as the Princess of Pearl, all members of BTS 

Pairings: Reader X (A Member of BTS, to be later determined ;)

Genre: fantasy, romance, angst, warring, Joseon area-ish vibe 

Chapter 1 Word Count: 1893

(Princess of Pearls/READER POV)

       I sat up straight in my chair for the first time in what felt like hours, feeling strain against my shoulders, neck, and back from having sat still in the same wooden chair since the sun was highest in the sky and now the hazy, sea-scented light was growing long in the windows. My fingers ached most of all, having held the tiny needle as I worked on embroidering a ceremonial sash, sewing with gold thread a hawk preying on a wolf into the heavy silk fabric. There were many holes from when my governess, Lady Jeon, had insisted that I take out a section and begin again, as it wasn’t quite as straight as she knew it could be. I turned my head lightly towards the window and felt a refreshing gust of wind on my furrowed brow. Even though I enjoyed the work, especially with Lady Jeon’s tender instruction, all afternoon I could see from the corner of my eye flocks of seagulls playing along the rocky shallows and gliding over curls of sea-salt scented breezes. Every time I could see their white feathers gleaming in late afternoon sun beams, I felt wisps of envy as I was caged in my library where most of my instruction took place. Though it was a beautiful cage with polished shell-lined bookshelves and decorated with delicate driftwood furnishings, I longed to feel that same breeze comb through my hair. Lady Jeon had noticed my wistful side-glances towards the sweeping open window and a kind smile blossomed on her patient face.“Go ahead and go, my child. You’ve put quite a lot of work into your embroidery for today and I think your poor fingers need rest,” she stated, not looking up from her own work. I couldn’t help but to spring up out of my seat, in an unladylike fashion, and bound over to her. Lightly, I wrapped my arms around her neck and placed a dainty kiss on her cheek.

      “Oh thank you! I will not go far. Just as far as the old apple tree in the meadow to the North,” I promised with a gleeful smile on my face. “And I will be back before dark.”

      “Hurry now, you’re wasting sunlight,” she commented. I hurried out from the intricately carved driftwood library doors and took the servant stairwell down towards the kitchen, as it was always faster than the grand staircase.

       I dashed straight down to the stables, the scent of hay and sweet feed greeting me along with the soft exhaling from several velvet noses. Running to the last stall on the right, I could hear the impatient stamping of Sparrow’s slender hooves. The stable attendant swiftly had her saddled and bridled, her bit-chain jingling like bells. My heartbeat quickened as he helped me mount her and we galloped off with a windswept thank you.

       Sparrow’s golden coat glistened like feathers, her white mane whipping about my face and wrapping around my legs. We shot through the Northern Gate of the palace and headed up towards the high meadows.

        The lonely apple tree still standing proudly, a lone survivor in an empty meadow and I could hear the rush of passing water in the river nearby. As we arrived, Sparrow slowed down to a trot and I slipped down from her, giving her free reign. A giggle passed through my lips as I saw her prance to a smattering of apples that had fallen. I caught up to her as she munched on their sweet crunchiness, pulling a small leather-bound journal and graphite pencil from her stitched saddle bag. I settled at the base of the tree, where the thick roots writhed and bent out of the soil: it created a perfect spot to sit. With a fluid movement, I kicked off my shoes and lifted my long, cumbersome gown up past my ankles, feeling the sun against my skin.

        Opening my journal, I began to immerse myself in writing.

        I hardly had filled out two pages when a slight uneasiness crept up in my stomach, almost as if someone may have been watching me. I glanced towards the edge of the forest, feeling as if that was the source of my uneasiness. My eyes fluttered up into the gnarled branches of the tree, wondering if my guard had been waiting for me there.

        No one.

        All that was there was an exceptionally perfect jewel-toned apple hanging above me. I stood up, attempting to reach it. It was beyond my grasp: I tiptoed on a raised branch at first but when that proved unsuccessful, I attempted to jump. Frustrated and in defeat, I sat back down with a huff from my lips.

         As I picked up my literature again, the same sense of uneasiness crept back to me.

         Suddenly, a light crunch sounded from above me and the perfect apple landed directly in my lap. Protruding from its core was a long arrow with three black, iridescent crow feathers at one end. I picked it up, quickly surveying the meadow.

          There, casting a long shadow, stood a lone, dark bowman.

           His hair grasped my attention first, as its length was flirting with his leather belt and the color was reminiscent of the feathers on his arrow. It fluttered around his prophetically peaceful expression, strands of it touching his quizzically drawn brow and swept across the slight bump in his nose. His blackened leather jerkin revealed his muscular arms. His long, tawny buckskin trousers were tucked into a tall pair of artfully crafted boots. After a few moments of sharing our glances, he broke into a broad smile. His pink lips parted to reveal his beautifully white teeth, with only one of the front ones slightly askew, and his eyes crinkled into crescent moons.

           As he walked towards me, his head slightly bowed and his right hand placed over his chest, I recognized him.

           My cheeks flushed as I recognized it was his wanted poster that I had hastily removed from a palace bulletin and currently had tucked away in my journal. His face wasn’t quite what it had been in the poster, as he had been depicted there with cruel eyes. The face approaching me was kind and gentle. My legs instinctively moved to conceal the leather journal as he came closer.

           “I saw you trying to reach that particular apple and I thought I’d offer my assistance,” he commented with the slightest of smirks lingering on the corner of his lips. I leapt up and held the arrow back with its tip still buried in the apple in a menacing manner. He threw his head back and heartily laughed. “You look quite dangerous, Princess.”

           “I am,” I insisted with a crinkle of my nose. “How did you know I am the princess?” I asked, my eyes narrowing.

           “Everyone knows the Princess wears pearls in her hair and a golden sparrow upon her breast.” He chuckled as I tried to cover the embroidery on my lapel. “I assure you, I mean no harm. I only wished to offer a lovely princess what she obviously wanted,” he shrugged lightly. He removed his bow from his back and set it an arm’s reach away as he sat in front of me, cross legged. I was intrigued by his relaxed manner. “May I remove the apple from my arrow for you? It would be a shame to let such a fine specimen spoil because of our distrust of one another.”

           I thought for a moment before I handed it to him. He gave me another smile as he carefully worked the arrow head from the apple, twisting it. As it parted, the apple broke into two perfect halves. He offered them to me, but I only took the top half. “You should eat the other,” I stated.  

           “If the Princess requests, I’ll eat this half deliciously,” he commented. I watched his full lips wrap around the red outer flesh. As he bit into it, some of the juice ran down the side of his hand and onto his flexed forearm. My face went hot as he licked the juice slowly from his skin as his eyes intently held my gaze. I blinked before slowly sitting down and taking a bite from my own half.

           “Pray, what is your name, sir?” I asked cautiously. He gazed back at me with an expression I could not discern in his dark eyes.

           “I am Jimin, of The Laughing Ones. But you may know us as The Wolf Riders,” he commented back.

           “I know of your people,” I hummed back to him.

           “May I have the pleasure of knowing your name?” he asked.

           Suddenly, a staff hit the ground like lightening, its silver tip resting between Jimin and I, though it pointed more towards my new acquaintance. I stood up, as did Jimin, his body half bending towards his bow.

           “Stay your hand,” threatened the staff wielder from clenched teeth.  Jimin stood frozen, his eyes having hardened and narrowed.

           It was Jeongguk. Lady Jeon must have told her son where to find me. Though, this wasn’t uncommon, as he had been by my side for as long as I could remember. I should have expected his arrival. He stood straight and tall, about his proud shoulders was a silken plum robe embroidered with the hawk symbol that was bestowed upon him as an infant. His normally doe-eyed expression hardened to stone as he and Jimin’s glares could not be broken. The familiar scar on his cheek had turned slightly pink in his anger at Jimin’s informal and personal manner with me. His black, shoulder length hair was tied back neatly, revealing his twitching jawline.  

           “Stand down, sir. This gentleman was only harmlessly offering me something to eat,” I explained, my voice sounding harder than I intended.

           “But, Princess. I recognize this Wolf Rider. He’s wanted for crimes against our people,” Jeongguk insisted, his eyes never breaking away from Jimin’s still body.

           “Aren’t we all wanted for crimes against your people?” Jimin muttered.

           “Now, we shouldn’t use such slurs in polite company,” I stated to Jeongguk, chastising his manners. Jimin simply laughed, shaking his head as he did.

           “No, no I am not offended. Do not worry, Princess. I personally do not consider that term a slur. Wolves are my brothers,” he said with pride in his voice, his laughter receding into a smile.

           “I intended it to be a slur,” Jeongguk snapped back. Jimin’s smile evaporated and his expression darkened.  

“Both of you take a step back and sit with me,” I commanded. Jimin instantly turned and bowed to me before complying with my orders. Jeongguk, on the other hand, remained tense and positioned to fight. Lightly, I reached out and touched his forearm. I could feel him slightly relax his grip and his eyes flickered to me for only an instant. Hesitating, he took his step back and sat himself down, keeping his staff in his hand by his side. “Your staff, sir,” I implored.

           “Keep your distance from her, sir,” Jeongguk gritted, intentionally laying his staff down carefully on top of Jimin’s bow. Biting sarcasm hung in his last word.

           I regained my composure, sitting down at the top of the triangle, smoothing down my gown.

attractivelysarcastic  asked:

What is a Zine, exactly? I just want to know since I'm interested in joining the Voltron AU Zine!

Sorry for the late reply! 

Zine is short for fanzine, which in turn is short for fan magazine! They’re collections of art (and sometimes fic too) for a certain theme–sometimes they’re ship/character specific, sometimes they’re more gen. 

They vary a bit in how they run and how they’re organized but in general how it works is a few people get together and put out a call for applications. People who are interested in participating apply, then the organizers choose who will be included in the zine. Creators have a certain amount of time to make their pieces and submit them to the organizers, who then take them and turn them into a book/magazine which is then put up for sale in the fandom. Sometimes zine proceeds go to charity, sometimes no. Sometimes only digital copies are made, but more often there’s physical copies as well as digital. Sometimes you can also order extra merchandise like stickers/charms/buttons with your zine!

If you’re interested in the AU Zine make sure to read their rules before applying!

And if you want some examples of zines to look at to get an idea what they are feel free to check out @voltronfashionzine @voltronlookbook @voltronfoodfanzine @thevoltronzine @lazyvoltron @shallurazine @sheithzine @klancefanzine @shancezine @hancezine etc!

smokeauditore  asked:

15 21 23 37 for Maddy

15. If your OC could have a pet, what would they choose? Why?

She’s a cat lover through and through, so obviously she’d own a few! Other than that she’d own more German Shepherds and Dobermans, loves those types of dogs and believes they’re the best kind to own for protection. She’s also a reptiles lover (not for Deathclaws!) and would love to own snakes or small lizards. A possible she’d own a ferret, loves how hyper they are.

21. What personal problems/issues do they have? Pet peeves?

She can be overly sensitive and emotional at times, only because she suppresses her emotions a lot. She needs to learn to open up more and express he inner pain and anger in a healthy way. Pet peeves? When people talk down to her as if she’s a child.

23. What is a random fact about your OC?

she’s not flexible what so ever and can easily hurt herself if she does a wild stunt. So cartwheels and other yoga things are not in her favor.

37. What’s something that your character does, that other people don’t normally do?

I honestly don’t think there’s an answer for this one. She’s a little weirdo but most people are, so…!

Commissions [OPEN]

Hi! I open few slots for commissions, please see prices and info below.

Black & white portrait (additional single color available) - 20$

Color portrait - 30$

Half body - 60$

Animation (loop) - basic price + 35$

How I work:

1. I make 2-3 quick sketches. You can choose one of them and give any feedbacks and changes.
2. Sending payment via paypal
3. Main work process. During it I can show you work process few times (depending on work difficuty). Small feedbacks accepted.
4. Sending to you completed work in high resolution.

If you are interested, please send me private message on DA or e-mail (vrihedd.art@gmail.com)I accept only paypalAny work details always can be discussed.

Thanks for reading x)

30 Days of Otherkin: Day Twenty-Nine - One misconception about otherkin you’d like to clear up

One? There’s a few, actually…

Otherkin is not a gender. Otherkin can change how you view gender, but it’s not a gender per se.

Nor only young people are otherkin, and not all are kin because of Tumblr. Otherkin was there before Tumblr, and there’s older kin as well.

If you’re otherkin, you are your kintype, and not just like your kintype. That has been so difficult for many people to understand, but it’s what makes the experience out.

You cannot choose your kintype. That is either not otherkin at all or called a copinglink, depending on the circumstances.

So…I’m really scared to post this but I want some opinions on if this is good or not… I’ve been planning on starting a story (Sacrificial Seals) for a really long time and here’s the first chapter. I want to make it into a comic but one I only like to color and shade, and two I’m too lazy to draw out ALL of the scenes. If you want to help please pm me!

Seal Academy, a school where students will train to become an eliete force to protect the world. Located in a town known as Kurokawa, named after the black watered river that runs through it. Only a few chosen people from around the world can attend this academy. Chosen by who? you ask? Fate of corse! Yes, fate chooses these few individuals to hold legendary beasts inside of them. Mortals have begun calling them the “sacrificial seals,” due to how they have obtained these beasts trapped within them.


p>Years ago in an unknown part of the world, a group of higher-ups from around the world met. Previously they had been at war with eachother, though when they realized what the beasts they had used in battle had done they decided it best to seal them away. The problem thus far was not what to do with them anymore, but rather where to seal them and how. That was when the lady Fate ascended from the heavens and agreed that if it were to calm the humans’ rabble she herself would seal the beasts away. Hastily the emperors, empresses, kings and queens, agreed to lady Fate’s offer. She made them seal the deal with a contract that not even one of them bothered to read. Once each person had signed the contract Fate, who’s face was contorted into an evil grin, explained to them how to seal the beasts. “The beasts, cannot be killed, there for they must be sealed into a living being. According to your contracts, I have permission to seal them in your heirs and when they meet their fate, the beasts will be passed on to their heir.” Fate, cruel Fate had tricked them, decieved them, into sacrificing their own kin. Fate’s twisted grin never left her face as she sealed the beasts inside of the children. Some were older than others, but nonetheless they would have to live from that point on with the burden of two souls burning inside of their core. Now with a bow the lady Fate bid her fairwells, but before turning away to leave she looked at them and grinned. “Once a mortal meets their fate they can not escape it.” With that each of the foolish higher-ups dropped dead on the spot, leaving their heirs and heiresses to take their places. With a twisted yet melodic laugh the lady Fate dissappeared into the darkness of night, taking with her the souls of the foolish royals.

anonymous asked:

Ok, the mental image of a trainer throwing Poke balls at a Jäger while yelling "Jäger, I choose YOU!" is just HILARIOUS! The Jagers would rather jump into the arena and punch the Pokemon themselves.

Once (after a few… misunderstandings) they’ve sorted out how exactly the pokemon world approaches battles, the jagers bring the Heterodyne several pokeballs and the request that the Heterodyne fix the pokeballs to “catch” jagers so that the jagers will count as the Heterodyne’s pokemon and can battle again.
Since there is, of course, only one of any jager, they eventually are rumored to each be a separate legendary pokemon, and the Heterodyne is a trainer with a team of nothing but legendaries. The jagers are quite smug about this. (There was a bit of a temper tantrum when a scientist, early on, suggested that perhaps some of the jagers were Normal type pokemon. Fortunately the Heterodyne was around to clarify that they’re all Fighting type.)

anonymous asked:

Saw some anon bring up reddit a few posts ago and can I just say how weird it is that they latched on to y/oi so hard? Usually shows aimed at women go mostly ignored, but y/oi really blew up, I wish Al/l out had received the same amount of attention :(

all out and a lot of good anime didnt get the attention they deserve bc the fangirls would only watch hot dudes. i admit that drawing styles and eye-pleasing characters are huge factors when choosing a show to watch but these are all easy to overlook when the plot and characters are so well developed and intriguing.

im speaking as a girl.

asongthatsingsitself  asked:

Sparks 😊

Ayyyyy thanks! :) 

How long have I listened to them? I’ve listened to “Beat The Clock” and “The Number One Song In Heaven” a lot for a few years now, but only just started listening to more songs in December. 

Favourite song: I can never choose favorites. Of the songs I know so far, right now I really like “Moustache” and “Tryouts for the Human Race”. 

Least Favourite song: Not really feelin’ “That’s Not Natassia”. 

Favourite Album: Of the albums I’ve heard in full so far, Propaganda. 

First song I’ve heard from them: Weird story. Back in my 11th grade physics class, our teacher gave us these quarterly timed tests, that we had only 10 minutes to finish. The first one we had, he put on this song during the test and everyone just kinda laughed like, “….okay?? What is this??” I mean, I thought it was catchy. So I went home and looked up “Beat the Clock” and there was the song.  He played it every time we had the timed test and would let us know we had 5 minutes left when the song ended. Intense. 

Have I ever Seen them in Concert? Nope, hopefully this year! 

Any merch I posess: I have my fan club laminate and photo print. I bought the reissue of their first vinyl last week, too! 

Favourite recorded concert, If available: I haven’t watched any full concerts yet, but I really like a lot of videos from Rock N’ Roll Tonight in 1983! Also “Achoo” live in 1975 and “Tryouts For the Human Race” from Dee Vee Dee. 

Favourite Single/Music Video: I think I’ll go with “Tips For Teens” on this one! 

Favourite Member, current: Russell. :P 

Favourite Former member(if available): I don’t really know too much about the band members other than Ron and Russell, sorry! :[ 

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On my mind...

Things that have been on my mind (in no particular order):

  • Work. Always work. Politics at work. The dysfunction at work. Work relationships and people. Upcoming travel. 
  • My social life. Well, the absence of it and the struggle to be social while being an ambivert. 
  • Dating and how I should go about it. I have written about my struggles with traditional dating. I logged into my OKC account and bought a Match.com subscription.
  • The sugar bowl and whether I should reactivate my SA account and see what’s out there. It has been only a few weeks since I deactivated my account, so I don’t think I am going to run into very many new people. 
  • Choosing between spending my time in trying to date traditionally, or find an NSA relationship in the sugar bowl. 
  • Sleep and how I can get more than 3 - 4 hours a day. 
  • Everything that has been happening since Trump was sworn in. I have been quite stressed by everything. 
  • Family. My dad and his loneliness. My sister and her situation. Should I visit them soon? 
  • Motivating myself to get back to producing music again. Playing my drums more often.
  • My new trainer, who I am not entirely happy with. Related - my diet, fitness goals and workout regimen. 

Tarot of the Day-7 of cups 

In general this card points to a need to narrow your focus. Do not be misled by daydreams and fantasies; pick a practical goal and start working. When it appears, you are probably trying to do too much, and doing most of it not very well. Choose just a few of the myriad things that are on your plate, and work through these items one by one, carefully. You may be feeling overwhelmed. Remember that you can control at least in some areas, how much you are trying to take on. You may have several romantic choices at hand. Be clear and specific about what you want in a relationship, evaluate your choices thoughtfully, be honest and as clear as you can be with all people involved (including yourself) then move ahead. Beware falling in love with the “heady rush” that happens only at the beginning of a relationship. In no relationship does that rush last forever. Good relationships, even soul mate relationships, will settle into a less “rush-based” comfort zone at some point. That does not mean that you have to stay in a rut. with regards to your health Any symptoms that you are experiencing may be at least partially due to a lack of being grounded, but of course consult your doctor to be sure. Keep a journal of your symptoms and also of your thoughts. Physical exercise will help you stay grounded. Visualize your most important goals and desires being met. Use positive affirmations and/or treasuremapping to help make your dreams come true. Keep a positive attitude. If you need help doing so, reach out for it. There are plenty of positive influences available to you, you just need to know where to look. 

Blessed Be