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Scarlett was jumping rapidly on her bed in a stream of giggles.

“Alright baby girl, time for bed!” her mother, Kaitlin announced for the millionth time.

“No” the girl shrieked, her blonde curls bouncing, green eyes glittering with mischief.

“Yes it is” Kaitlin sternly demanded, pushing away from the doorway towards her daughter’s bed.

“But moooooom”

“But Scarleeeeeeeett” the mother mimicked, causing her daughter to giggle happily.

Scarlett relented, lying on her bed with a flop. Her mother chuckled at the little girl’s dramatic antiques, tucking her in.

“Can you at least tell me a bedtime story” Scarlett asked, giving her best puppy-eyes expression that she knew her mother cannot refuse.

“Hmmm” Kaitlin pretended to think for a moment “Alright, what story do you want to hear?”

“The one with The Pirate and The Princess!” Scarlett excitedly beamed, an answer that the mother knew was coming.

Kaitlin laughed “She was not a princess, silly, she was just a very beautiful noble woman”

“But she was a Princess to him” the girl grinned “Now can you tell it, please. It’s my favorite. And grandpa said he wanted to hear me tell it next time we go visit”

“Oh, he did?” Kaitlin mused.

“Yes, he did” Scarlett affirmed “And I need to know it by heart for him to love it like I do”

He already knows it by heart, baby girl, Scarlett thought wistfully.

“As you wish, my darling daughter” Kaitlin sweetly smiled.

Scarlett settled comfortably between her sheets, her bright green eyes looking back at her mother enthusiastically.

“Once upon a time,” Kaitlin began “there was a vicious pirate. He was known for his brutality, dishonesty and manipulation. Everyone feared him. They feared even uttering his name for there was a legend that claimed he would appear and hurt those who dared to mouth his name. That pirate was an invisible soul. Many believed that he was nothing but a myth, sewed by someone’s wild imagination, while many believed that he stayed hidden so he can strike and hurt his enemies when they least expected it. What none of them knew was that The Pirate was always in the sea, on his ship. He could not bear to stay on land for too long,

‘I’m a free man’ he once told a friend of his 'The land has too much confines for a soul like mine’

As years went by, The Pirate began to feel an emptiness settling in his heart. He had never thought that life in the sea, with nothing but endless miles of water surrounding him would not be enough to satisfy him. True, he liked the fact that his name struck fear in everyone hearts, that grown men trembled in his presence. But there was something missing, something that he yearned for even though he could not recognize.

One night, The Pirate decided to settle an old revenge and paid an enemy of his a visit. You see, Scarlett, The Pirate’s enemy had stolen from him something very valuable that he held very close to his heart, so in return, The Pirate was going to steal something that was equally as precious to the enemy-”

“But what did the enemy steal?” Scarlett wondered.

“He stole one of The Pirate’s ships. The one he loved the most” Kaitlin answered.

“How many ships did the Pirate have?” Scarlett asked.

“He had three ships” the mother chuckled. Her daughter knew the story better than she, herself, did and insisted on asking the same questions every time.

“And the enemy stole his favorite?” Scarlett wondered wide-eyed.


“But how come he did that if he was a nobleman?”

“We didn’t get to that part yet!”

“I’ve always wondered why” Scarlett shrugged.

“The Enemy stole the Pirate’s ship because he believed The Pirate to be on it and he wanted to kill him. He said 'That Pirate must die. He brings nothing but terror to this world’ to his wife before he made the decision to attack the ship. Luckily for the Pirate, he had been sailing on a different ship the night of the attack. So when the Enemy realized that, he decided to take the ship for himself.

The Pirate, in answer to the Enemy’s theft, kidnapped the Enemy’s little girl”

Scarlett gasped at that part like she usually did, causing Kaitlin to smile.

“You see, my darling girl, the Enemy had two children, a boy and a girl. But the girl was his favorite. She was kind, and sweet and loving. When the Pirate found out about that, he was determined to find her and take her hostage. And he did, giving the father the choice of either returning his ship to him or to never see his daughter again.”

“That’s mean” Scarlett frowned “The girl didn’t do anything to him”

“That is very true” Kaitlin nodded “But The Pirate didn’t care. He wanted his ship back at all costs. So he kidnapped the girl. Of course, when he took her from her home, he never thought that the girl would be as beautiful as she was. Her hair was brighter than the sun, and her blue eyes were crystal clear. The Pirate did not want to admit it, but the moment he laid eyes on the Beautiful Girl, he fell in love with her.

Once they boarded the ship with the Beautiful Girl still sleeping in his arms, he ordered his crew to never lay a hand on her,

'She is under my protection’ he said 'Anyone who would harm her would be thrown overboard’”

“And did anyone harm her, mommy?” Scarlett asked.

“One man tried. And The Pirate, like promised, threw him overboard. No one ever dared to try and hurt the Beautiful Girl, who many people were starting to call His Princess, again.

His Princess hated that nickname,

'I’m not your princess’ she yelled at him once 'I hate it when you call me that because I hate you’.

Even though The Pirate laughed, he was truly hurt by her words. What The Princess did not know was that The Pirate was falling in love with her more and more each day. With every word she spoke to him and every smile she gave him, he was falling in love with her.

One night, he was at the deck of his ship, steering it through the wind. Normally, one of his crew members would handle the ship during the night, but in that particular night, The Pirate could not sleep. He could not stop thinking of the Princess. He loved her very much but did not know what to do to make her love him back.

I’m a monster, he thought, I hurt people. And she’s a good person. She would never love me.

As his thoughts drifted, he heard footsteps moving up the steps and saw the Princess coming towards him.

'Why aren’t you asleep, Princess?’ he asked her.

She smiled at him and replied 'I’m not a Princess’.

'You are to me’ he whispered to her.

Even though The Princess rolled her eyes at his words, she couldn’t help but blush. She was shocked by his words and wondered if he truly meant them.

That night, he taught her how to steer the ship. And let her take the lead. The Pirate was very happy that The Princess was spending time with him. She never talked to him before, always yelling at him to leave her alone when he tried to speak to her.

'Will you answer me honestly if I asked you a question?’ she asked him at some point in their conversation.

'I will try’ he answered.

'Why are you keeping me here?’ she wondered.

'You know why, I want my ship back’ the Pirate shrugged.

'And you know that my father will not give it to you’ The Princess said 'I don’t have much value to him in comparison to having something against the Almighty Pirate.’

The Pirate was saddened by the look of hurt in the Princess’s eyes even though she hid it well, but he did not know how to comfort her.


'So what will happen to me?’ the Princess interrupted 'When you finally realize that he’s not going to give you back your ship, what will happen to me? Will you throw me overboard like you did with that crew member who disobeyed you’

The Pirate was silent for a while. Through all the time that the Princess was with him, he never thought of what he might do with her should her father indeed refuse to give him back his ship. A part of him wished that her father would not respond to his quest so he could keep the Princess with him. But he never thought of how that would make her feel.

'I will not harm you, Princess,’ he answered her at last.

'So then what? I will always be your hostage’ she whispered, tears in her eyes 'Because if this is the fate that you have planned for me I would rather to be thrown overboard.’

She began running down the steps and back to her room, crying softly, when he caught up to her. He spun her around and forced her to face him,

'You would rather die than stay with me, Princess?’ he growled, equal parts angry and hurt.

'No!’ she snapped 'You don’t understand. I would rather die than have to live as a prisoner. Even if I was your prisoner. The constraint would kill me, it would kill my soul. And I’d rather die before having to watch my soul die.’

The Pirate could not sleep for days afterwards. The Princess’s words rung in his ears. How could he give her what she wanted? If he sets her free, his entire reputation would crumble. His enemies would think that he had gone soft. But if he kept her with him like a hostage, she would forever hate him. And he did not think that he could live with that.”

“So what did he do?"Scarlett inquired, completely engrossed in the story.

"He went to talk to the Princess. Ever since their talk on the deck she had been enclosed on herself, she never left her room and refused to talk to anyone. So he went to her room to talk to her.

'When you said that you would not be a prisoner, even if you were my prisoner, what did you mean, Princess?’ He asked her softly, sitting on the bed next to her.

She remained quiet for so long the Pirate thought that she would not answer him until she whispered,

'You’re not as bad as people say you are. In fact, you can be strangely sweet and sometimes even charming. I don’t mind your company as much as I say I do. And sometimes, I even enjoy fighting with you’

The Pirate was shocked to his bone by the Princess’s confession.

'Then why don’t you want to stay?’ The Pirate asked.

'Because I need to be here by choice. I can’t be a prisoner. I would feel like a caged bird.’

The Pirate stayed silent for a while. His brain was trying to conjure up a solution for the situation. On the one hand, letting her go would hurt him too much. He loved The Princess even more than he admitted to himself. On the other hand, The Princess would never be happy being his prisoner. If she ever wanted to be with him, she would have to be there with him by choice.

'I love you, Princess’ he admitted to a very shocked Princess. Never had she thought that The Pirate actually loved her. She thought it might be an infatuation, but never had she thought that he was in love with her 'And I know that you do not love me back. And that you would never love me back if I kept you here. Tomorrow, we’ll sail back to your home. I’m letting you go, my Sweet Princess’”

“Did he kiss her, mommy?” Scarlett was wide-eyed, fascinated with the story.

“Yes he did. He kissed her gently on her forehead and left the room. A few days later they were back in her hometown.

The Princess was very upset, but she did not know why. She was going back to her home, to her parents and brother. However, she felt more upset about the fact that The Pirate had not bid her goodbye than she felt happy about seeing her family again.

What no one realized was that The Princess’s father already knew that they were coming back. He had sent many ships in search of his daughter and news told him that The Pirate was approaching their hometown. And The Father was planning to engage in a battle with The Pirate and kill him.

The Pirate’s ship was close to the shore when the Father’s ship attacked them. A great battle bellowed. Until the Father shot The Pirate, with his new pistol, in his side.

The Princess had never been more frightened than she had been at the sight of The Pirate crumbling to the floor with his wound bleeding. She ran to him, crying for help. Her Father was surprised. She was begging for help for the Enemy! How could that be? She was holding the Pirate in her arms, telling him to open his eyes.

'Have you gone mad, my daughter?’ the father cried.

'Please, father, we need to help him! He’ll die if we don’t help!’ she begged, sobbing.

'Let him die! He’s our enemy!’ The father yelled, outraged by his daughter’s concern.

'No! I’m in love with him’ The Princess said.”

“Did The Pirate hear her say it, mommy?” Scarlett asked hopefully, as if that part would change in the story if she insisted on it.

“Unfortunately, baby girl, no. He was unconscious. And did not hear her. And her father was beyond angry at her audacity. It was her brother who took pity on her and convinced his father to take The Pirate back with him until he recovered from the shot. The Brother saw his sister’s tears, and the way she clung to The Pirate and knew that those feelings could not be faked. His sister, for some reason, loved that Pirate. And if The Princess loved him, maybe he was not as bad as everyone claimed for him to be.”

“And did The Father listen?”

“Yes, Scarlett, he did. He was not happy about it but his son reasoned that The Pirate would be far too weak to be dangerous anyways. So he agreed. A doctor was called to see him as soon as they arrived to the main land. They took him to The Father’s home where he promised all the other noblemen that he would keep him a prisoner until he recovered and then they would put him on trial for his crimes.

The Princess was frightened by the concept that her Father might put Her Love in Prison, but wanted, more than anything, to keep him alive. If it meant he had to be locked in a room at her house, so be it. She will work out a plan to get him out once he’s healthy again.

Yet, nursing The Pirate back to health seemed like a nearly impossible process.

'It would be a miracle for him to survive’ the Doctor said.

So The Princess prayed for a miracle. She sat by his bedside day and night, praying for the Gods to save Her Love. She held his hand and begged him to come back to her, to live for her.

The Princess’s mother scolded her.

'He’s an evil man!’ She would yell at her daughter 'You cannot love an evil man’

'He’s not an evil man, mother!’ The Princess would heatedly argue 'He’s the man that I love’

And she would go back to his bedside, kiss the back of his hand and hold it.

Through each day that he lived, everyone’s amazement increased. They thought that he would die and relieve the world of his existence, but he lived for her.

Twelve days after his injury, The Pirate opened his eyes for the first time and saw The Princess looking down at him worriedly. He smiled at her.

'I love you, too’ she simply said, smiling back at Her Love. And for the very first time, she kissed him.”

“What happened to them next?” Scarlett asked excitedly. That last part had always been her favorite part of the story.

“No one knows for sure” Her mother continued “Some say that The Pirate died two days afterwards. Others say that he was put on trial and then executed for his crimes. Others say he ran away and promised The Princess to come back to her but never quite made it back. But my favorite ending is that they ran away together and started anew. They got married and lived a wonderful life together with their children. And until this day, their love remains just as strong as it was when they first met. The End”

Scarlett was smiling as usual at her mother’s words. She, too, loved the last ending the most. Their love was so strong, they must have survived.

Until a thought crossed her mind

“Mommy, how come they don’t have names?” Scarlett furrowed her brows adorably.

“They do” Kaitlin smiled at her “And one day, my darling daughter, you will be ready for me to tell you their names”

“When?!” Scarlett excitedly exclaimed.

“Soon, my love” Kaitlin smiled softly.

“Can I ask another question please?”

“Yes” Kaitlin chuckled.

“Was The Princess’s mother right to tell her that she should not love an evil man?” Scarlett murmured her question.

“I don’t know, my darling daughter” Kaitlin answered honestly “What I do know is that The Princess’s mother was only trying to do what’s best for her daughter. She only knew The Pirate to be an evil man, that’s why she believed he should not be loved.”

“But even if he’s evil, does that mean that no one should love him?” the girl sadly wondered “Maybe if someone loved that evil person they would be happy and stop being evil, right mommy?”

“Maybe, baby girl. You might be right” Kaitlin gently smiled at her daughter “Alright, now time to go to sleep!” the mother demanded.

“OK” Scarlett yawned.

Kaitlin rose from her place on her daughter’s bedside, moving towards the door. Just as she was about to step out her daughter’s voice called after her,

“Mommy, I think Grandpa Klaus knows that story because he always calls Grandma Caroline a Princess even though she is not a Princess.” she stated.

“I think he does, baby girl, it was, after all, Grandma Caroline who told me the story”.

Perfect Nightmare (Chapter 1)

TITLE: Perfect Nightmare


AUTHOR: leavetherestunspoken


GENRE: Drama, dark, romance

FIC SUMMARY: Iona moves to London and falls in love with a handsome man called Loki. But she soon finds out he’s not everything he seems to be.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: None for now, but future chapters will become dark. 


She wasn’t sure how things ended up this way.

Never in her life did she think she’d be forced into love.

Never did she know she’d encounter The God Of Mischief.

It was her perfect nightmare.


Keep reading