but honestly this wont get notes


“Spencer James Smith (Born September 2,1987) is an American musician best known as the co-founding member and former drummer of American rock band Panic! at the Disco.”

                               Happy Birthday, Spencer!

anonymous asked:

What do u think of all of the irony hate on tumblr. I mean I can understand hating the bad member of the fandom(sexist, homophobic, pedophile and etc.) but not everyone who enjoys the show.

Honestly I dont care anymore this site is overflowing with hypocrisy and I found that peace and quiet is only an ignore or block button click away.

 there are so many things in this world to loose energy over, the middle east, ferguson, my neighbors dog that wont shut the hell up! all of those are viable reasons to get upset, people spreading hate over a show for notes is not one of them. 

In the end im going to come home after a long day, turn on my favorite show and no one is going to stop me from having a good time. 

enjoy yourself love who and what you want when and where you want and stop wasting time on childish individuals and their twisted idea of what it means to be morally correct and socially acceptable.

believe me it makes life much easier (^_^)/)

@ppl who were in bayo fandom pre-smash release

dont say shit like"theyre not REAL fans because they came here in smash!!!“

the fanbase will never grow w/ attitudes like that honestly. bayonetta fans are considered a cult following because of how small the active fanbase is and being exclusive like that really wont help us as a whole.

on that note: if you follow me and you played bayo originally, then hi! talk to me about the game all you want.

if you follow me and you only recently heard of bayonetta because of smash, then also hi! im always available to talk about the game and ill try to be spoiler free. i hope you get out and buy it!