but honestly this wont get notes

a few notes on trini and the #discourse going around: 

as much as i obviously would’ve loved for her to say the word gay or lesbian and as much as the lgbt community obviously deserves more and better representation than the crumbs we are given by hollywood, i saw trini’s storyline as being much more about being a questioning teen and offering representation to kids who are figuring themselves out, who don’t have a label, who are afraid to call themselves gay because they’re not sure what it all means, and honestly, i was nowhere near ready to call myself ANYTHING in high school, it took until college before i actively started using labels and i think questioning teens deserve representation too, especially since they have six movies planned and if all goes well they will explore trini and her sexuality much more in future films 

also neither becky nor the director ever claimed it was anything more than trini trying to figure out her sexuality, so i don’t think they were trying to mislead anyone or make it seem bigger than it was, which was an honest and raw moment of reflection from a teenage girl struggling with her identity, and that, i thought, was very well done because i could see my sixteen year old self in trini. your mileage may vary of course, everyone has their own stories they want to see represented and that’s totally fair. 

on another note: i understand the inclination but calling her trini kwan is lowkey ugly, given that (much as i love becky and her latina trini) this movie actively erased both major east asian female roles from the show (trini and rita), so to give her (a non-vietnamese actress) a vietnamese character’s name just further adds to that erasure. the production team was obviously avoiding giving her a last name and i bet it’s because they know there’s no way to give a latinx family the surname of “kwan” without it being weird and if they know that, there’s no reason for y'all to go around calling her a vietnamese character’s name when she’s obviously not. i love mexican trini and i love vietnamese trini and they each deserve their own names because people of color are not interchangeable. 

on that note it would’ve been nice for them to give zack a new surname but i understand they obviously didn’t want to mess with the original #iconic names too much (which is likely why they haven’t offered up an alternate surname for trini either) 

also her name is trini not trinity idk where y'all are getting trinity from, trini is a beautiful name on its own thanks for ur time goodbye


Get to know me: favourite things
↳ movies: I rymden finns inga känslor (2010)

“How can you go from happy to sad like that?”
“Imagine you have a circle, like this. Round. And up here, at the top, is the saddest you can get. Then you’re less sad. You’re almost okay. You’re fine. You’re happy, psyched, almost in a state of euphoria, and then just insanely happy when you reach the top. On the other side of sad. It’s like it couldn’t get any better. But it’s so easy to tip over the edge and go sad.”


“Spencer James Smith (Born September 2,1987) is an American musician best known as the co-founding member and former drummer of American rock band Panic! at the Disco.”

                               Happy Birthday, Spencer!

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You are my always. And as my always I have to tell you to snore less.

Dean walks into the bunker’s kitchen and leans on the counter, across from where Cas is sitting at the kitchen table. 

“Babe listen, as my always I have to tell you something.”

“What is it Dean? You know I always like our talks.” Cas takes a bite of the bagel that Dean had bought at the store a couple of days ago. 

“…You snore a lot” 

Setting the half eaten bagel back down onto the plate, Cas turns toward Dean. “I snore a lot?”

“I never wanted to admit it but you are loud sometimes.” Cas stands up and walks over toward where Dean is leaning on the counter. 

“You could have told me this Dean, why wait until now?” Cas looks into the green eyes that is the love of his life. 

“I dunno man, I just thought you might be mad at me for saying that and I-” Dean is interrupted by Cas putting his right hand on Dean’s left shoulder. 

“Dean, I would never be mad at you for something like that. Not ever, not now. I am your always and I am yours.” Cas leans in closer to Dean. 

“…Yeah, you are my always” Dean moves his hands up to caress Cas’ face and places a chaste kiss on his husbands’ lips.

“And you snore too Dean.” 

insp post


ok so recently someone reposted my art.. okay.. im a bit upset but its not a big deal… at least not for me :// ok but when you react negatively thats when you’re gonna get your laptop shoved up your ass

for me, its TOTALLY OKAY if you repost my art somewhere just AS LONG AS YOU GIVE ME CREDIT AND ASK ME FIRST honestly its that simple!!

anyway, i got the posts deleted but this persons reaction was just uNACCEPTABLE

example 1: 

(note: i wont even bother blacking out the user i mean like shes reposted a few other peoples art as well :// plus she might gain a few more followers from this so.. but im furious as hell)

“Its just a picture.. Everyone was posting it" 

yeh its just a picture.. tHAT I SPENT HOURS WORKING ON. I post it for my followers who requested for it and for them to enjoy it. noT FOR YOU TO JUST REPOST. 

and just because everyone was posting it, it doesnt mean that you can do it to. remember that reposting without credit is a crime. ITS STEALING. ITS PLAGIARISM. i might be wrong, but im pretty sure that if you use info/pictures without credit and stuff in college, you’re gonna fail or like get expelled. this doesnt only go for art, but for edits, pictures, information.. eVERYTHING. YOU HAVE TO SOURCE IT. YOUVE BEEN TOLD THIS AT SCHOOL, WHY DONT YOU JUST LISTEN.

example 2: 

lets just focus on the "logic” part. 

what the fuck.

didnt you see my watermark? whats even more confusing is that sHE MAKES HER OWN ART AS WELL?? (it seems like it idk tho) WOULDN’T SHE BE MAD IF SOMEONE STOLE HER ART??? ISNT THAT FUCKING LOGIC??



FUCK YOU INSTAGRAM USER “THEFEELSFACTOR” HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I STABBED YOUR EYES OUT AND RIPPED YOUR LIMBS OFF?? how does that feel? ok that was a bit harsh. i wasnt really mad at the fact that you stole my art, but i was really mad at your reaction to me getting people to ask you to delete it

examples 3 and 4:

i dont get why shes so upset?? honestly she got herself into this. its nOT EVEN A SERIOUS PROBLEM. SHE POSTED 4 FUCKING PICTURES OBVIOUSLY SHOWING THAT SHE WAS UPSET. 


so the point of this whole rant is dont stEAL. dont say that its okay because everyone is posting it or because you just found it on google. aND DONT GET FUCKING UPSET. IF SOMEONE SHOULD BE UPSET, ITS US - THE ARTISTS OR WHOEVER MADE THE THING THAT WAS STOLEN.

yeh SO DONT STEAL. its so much easier to ask me if you can repost it first and credit me because we both end up happy :)) its literally that easy. 

and if you havent learnt your lesson, and you’re just gonna keep stealing, then fuck you. you’re probs gonna get something shoved down your throat :/

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What do u think of all of the irony hate on tumblr. I mean I can understand hating the bad member of the fandom(sexist, homophobic, pedophile and etc.) but not everyone who enjoys the show.

Honestly I dont care anymore this site is overflowing with hypocrisy and I found that peace and quiet is only an ignore or block button click away.

 there are so many things in this world to loose energy over, the middle east, ferguson, my neighbors dog that wont shut the hell up! all of those are viable reasons to get upset, people spreading hate over a show for notes is not one of them. 

In the end im going to come home after a long day, turn on my favorite show and no one is going to stop me from having a good time. 

enjoy yourself love who and what you want when and where you want and stop wasting time on childish individuals and their twisted idea of what it means to be morally correct and socially acceptable.

believe me it makes life much easier (^_^)/)

How To: Art Tumblr

Ducky’s Guide to Running an Art Blog!

Now, I’m not claiming to have all the answers, or perfection, but when you run an art tumblr, you always get the “how do I do that?” questions.

Well, here are the answers I give people who ask.

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What's your opinion on the non support of fans and how it affects the innocents eg. Lindsey, Marie, Eliza etc. I agree that we need to be heard and J&Co need to face consequences for their decisions but I'm not too thrilled about it being at the cost of those who had nothing to do with the decision. I'm sorry if this sounds offensive/I'm not trying to discourage those who choose to downvote & boycott etc, I genuinely want to know how you feel

My feeling is that while the movement is bigger than this show, focusing on this show is a good short term plan because if we can get this show to be held accountable for what it’s doing to minority representation and storytelling then maybe other shows will take note of it. Our focus should always be on JRoth, the CW, and the show. While it sucks that the people like the cast and crew are being caught up in this I honestly don’t feel like it’s going to effect them as much. Quite of few of the cast have already gotten other gigs or are starting to get other gigs. Their acting is being noticed and they’re getting work for it (or for the older people everyone already knew they were awesome actors and jobs probably wont stop when the shows gone).

If they’re smart then the cast and crew will know that what’s happening isn’t about them. It’s bigger than them and nothing we do should be seen as us trying to tear them down or say they didn’t do a good job. And honestly if they can’t see that this is bigger than them then I don’t know what to tell them. I’d rather have better representation for minorities than care about actors who don’t get it.

And honestly it really sucks to see people caring more about actors and actresses feelings than about the feelings of large groups of underrepresented people.

@ppl who were in bayo fandom pre-smash release

dont say shit like"theyre not REAL fans because they came here in smash!!!“

the fanbase will never grow w/ attitudes like that honestly. bayonetta fans are considered a cult following because of how small the active fanbase is and being exclusive like that really wont help us as a whole.

on that note: if you follow me and you played bayo originally, then hi! talk to me about the game all you want.

if you follow me and you only recently heard of bayonetta because of smash, then also hi! im always available to talk about the game and ill try to be spoiler free. i hope you get out and buy it!