but honestly can we just talk about this scene for a second

things from the book that would've been cute as FUCK in to all the boys i’ve loved before movie
  • lara jean talking about the letter w/ peter because honestly her letter is so sweet but it’s so funny

- “In a low, quiet voice, Peter says, “Just so you know I don’t have any STDs.. I also don’t always take the last piece of pizza.”
- “Wait.” He hesitates, “Listen I didn’t mean to steal your first kiss or whatever. I mean, that wasn’t my intention-“

  • the actual way peter and lara jean kissed not that spin the bottle bs peter has loved her since literally the seventh grade

- “Peter and I were downstairs alone, the last two to be picked up. We were sitting on the couch.”
- “And then out of nowhere, he said, “Your hair smells like coconuts… Then Peter Kavinsky leaned right in and kissed me, and I was stunned.”

  • okay noah said in an interview that they decided to change the original kiss because it was hard to shoot -which is understandable- but the original is SO cute

That’s when I see him. Peter Kavinsky, walking down the hallway. Like magic. Beautiful, dark-haired Peter. He deserves background music, he looks so good. I run up to Peter and launch myself into his arms like a shot out of a cannon. I’ve got my arms around his neck and my legs hooked around his waist… Peter’s expression is registering pure shock and disbelief and maybe a drop of amusement, because Peter likes to be amused.

Raising his eyebrows he says, “Lara Jean? What the-?” I don’t answer, I just kiss him… My heart is beating so fast I forget to be afraid of doing it wrong. Because for about three seconds, he’s kissing me back. Peter Kavinsky, the boy of every girls dreams, is kissing me back.”

  • peter being low-key jealous
    • part one

“John Ambrose McClaren.”
Peter’s eyes widen. “McClaren? When did you like him?”
“Eighth grade.”
“I thought you liked me in eighth grade!”

    • part two

“At dinner I get a text from Peter. It says, If you’re going to hang out with Sanderson, can you at least not do it in public?”


“He pushes away from the wall and puts his head in my lap, and I go completely still.
I try to make my voice sound normal as I say, “You’re in a really strange mood today.”
He raises an eyebrow at me. “What kind of mood am I in?”
“The obnoxious kind,” I say, and he laughs.
“I’m sleepy.” He closes his eyes and snuggles against me. “Tell me a bedtime story, Covey.””

    • “I stand there for a second and then I go for it: I do what a girl in love with Peter would do. I do what Genevieve would do. I march right in and plop down in his lap like it’s my rightful place.”
  • talking in his car

Lara Jean; “Do you think there’s a difference? Between belonging with and belonging to, I mean?
Peter; “Sure. One implies choice; the other doesn’t.”

  • the estate sale!!!!

- “Peter’s mom’s van pulls up… before I can say a word, he says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But look what I brought you.” He passes me a donut in a napkin, still warm. “I stopped and got it special, right when they opened at seven thirty. It’s mocha sugar.”
- “You’re crazy,” Peter says, pulling me back in by the hem of my shirt. He’s looking at me like he did that day I kissed him in the hallway. Like I’m different than he thought.”

the notes

- “During chemistry, Peter writes me a note that says, Can I come over tonight to study for the test? I write back, I don’t remember study sessions being in the contract. After he reads it, he turns around and gives me a wounded look. I mouth, I’m kidding!”
- “Meet you at your locker after school?”
- “Can I borrow your chemistry notes from yesterday?
- “Can you take the bus home today? I want to surprise Kitty and pick her up from school so she can show me and my car off to her friends.”
- “Thanks for coming to the estate sale with me this weekend. You made the day fun. I owe you one.”
- “Don’t forget to pack a Korean yogurt for me!”
- (see christmas cookie bonanza) “If you make Josh’s dumb white-chocolate cranberry cookies and not my fruitcake ones, it’s over.”
- “You look pretty today. I like you in blue.”

  • the literal whole halloween part (Jenny Han said that they couldn’t do it bc of copyright w/ marvel and hp but it would’ve been great

“His eyes are big. “You look hot,” he says, sounding surprised. “What are you? An anime character?”
“No,” I say, or more like snap. “I’m Cho Chang.”

  • lara jean being sweet to peter bc he’s nice to kitty
  • lunch
  • peter likes lara jean
      • “He definitely likes her, Kitty agrees, her mouth full. “He… he looks at you a lot, Lara Jean. When you’re not paying attention. He looks at you, to see if you’re having a good time.””

“You forgot your bag,” he says, glancing over toward Josh’s house.
“I know,” I say breathlessly. “Thanks for coming back.”
“Is he out there?”
“I don’t know. He was a minute ago.”
“Then just in case,” Peter says, and he leans his head out and kisses me on the lips, open-mouthed and sure.
“…He drives off into the night and I’m still standing there with my fingers on my lips. Peter Kavinsky just kissed me. He kissed me, and I liked it. I’m pretty sure I liked it. I’m pretty sure I like him.”


- “Peter’s here; he stopped by after school to work on chem, and now it’s hours later and he’s still here. He and Kitty and I are in the living room going through the cookbooks.”
“Hey, what about these?” Peter pushes a cookbook in my lap. It’s opened up to a fruitcake cookie recipe.
I gag. “Are you kidding? You’re kidding, right? Fruitcake cookies? That’s disgusting.”
“When done right fruitcake can be really good,” Peter defends.
[Lara Jean tells story of “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote]
“That’s depressing,” Peter says. “Forget the fruitcake cookies.”

- “Josh!” I hear her [Kitty] squeal.
Peter’s head jerks up.
“He’s here to see Kitty,” I tell him.
“Yeah, right.”

- …”You’re making my favorite, right?” Josh gives me puppy-dog eyes…
“What’s your favorite?” Peter asks him. “Because I think the list is pretty set.”

sorry that one was long af but its so cute i wish it was in the movie

  • josh kissing lara jean and peter being jealous

- “And then he [Josh] jerks his head towards mine, and he kisses me. On the lips. His eyes are closed, mine are wide open.”

- In chemistry class I write Peter a note. You were right about Josh.
I tap him on the back and slip the note in his hand. When he reads it, he sits up straight and immediately scrawls something back.
Be more specific.
He kissed me.
When Peter stiffens, I am ashamed to say that I feel a little bit vindicated. I wait for him to write back, but he doesn’t. As soon, as the bell rings, he turns around and says, “What the hell? How did that even happen?”
“He came over to help us trim the tree.”
“And then what? He kissed you in front of Kitty?”
“No! It was just the two of us at the house.”
Peter looks really irritated, and I’m starting to regret mentioning it. “What the hell is he thinking. kissing my girlfriend? It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m gonna say something to him.”

  • peter confessing that he likes lara jean at the ski lodge

Peter grabs my hand mid-swat and says, “Wanna hear something funny?”
“I think I started liking you.”
“…Stop teasing.”
“I’m not teasing. Why do you think I kissed you that day at McClaren’s house back in seventh grade? It’s why I went along with this thing in the first place. I’ve always thought you were cute.”



  • “It’s like … it’s like there’s only ever been Peter. Like everyone else that came before him, there were all to prepare me for this. I think I see the difference now, between loving someone from afar and loving someone up close. When you see them up close, you see the real them, but they also get to see the real you. And Peter does. He sees me, and I see him.
    • Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”
Why I love the Ant Man/Ant Man & Wasp movies!

There is something so very beautiful with watching movies that portray certain relationship tropes in such a different and positive light than the usual toxic mainstream movie narratives.

1. Cassie & Scott’s relationship

This relationship is beautiful and pure. Scott talks to Cassie, not only does he communicate with her honestly and doesn’t treat her like she’s an idiot just because she’s a kid, he also seeks advice from her and is encouraging to her. There is none of this controlling father behavior that is being billed as protective. No. When Cassie says she wants to help people like her father, Scott never discourages her. He is proud of his daughter and whatever choices she wants to be and he lets her be the person she wants to be instead trying to tell her what to do. This is a father who not only understands his daughter but also treats her like an equal, like they’re both partners in this bond they have. This is how father-daughter relationships should be.

2. Scott & Maggie’s relationship

How many movies would have gone the route of ex-husband and ex-wife still fighting and being angry or controlling or jealous? When is the last time mainstream movies have allowed two divorced people to simply just be amicable and supportive? To just be friends who may have divorced but are still friends who care about each other and isn’t trying to use their daughter as some pawn in some marital fight. No. Instead we have Scott and Maggie treating each other respectfully as you would another adult and parental figure. We have them finding a way to make things work for Cassie. We have Scott still being part of Maggie’s family despite her having remarried. These are not two people harping on each other and trying to find flaws and faults. No, we have two people who care about each other and trust each other and have each other’s backs.

3. Scott & Jim’s relationship

This is something that is more prominent in the first movie, but it’s also still existing in the sequel - there is no male ego/macho-ness crap going on between them. Jim married Maggie and is Cassie’s step-father, but there is none of that he’s the evil wicked step-father who’s trying to ruin things. No. Instead Jim is just a guy doing his job in the first movie, and in the second he’s a friend being supportive. How many other mainstream films or even TV shows would have made a huge deal of a love triangle drama or have Jim be evil and horrible just so Maggie and Cassie would go back to Scott and he wins and proves himself the hero. But no, these movies aren’t about any of that macho drama. Both Scott and Jim care about Maggie and Cassie, and instead of having it be a competition, they have basically decided that two people can do it better than one to protect their family and the people they love. It literally warms my heart to see them hug multiple times in these films, even if it’s a family group hug. There is none of the drama of Scott trying to sabotage Jim and Maggie’s marriage or trying to prove that he’s Cassie’s father and Jim isn’t. No, these are two men who have a healthy and respectful relationship and honestly that is SO DAMN RARE in this day and age in films and TV shows. Both Scott AND Jim have a place in Cassie’s life and they both love and look after her. I’ve said it before but Cassie is so lucky to have two dad-figures in her life.

4. Hope & Maggie

While it can be argued that perhaps Hope and Maggie should get to spend more time in scenes together interacting, it still is a positive in these films that we never see these two women being rivals for Scott’s affections or fall into that trope of jealous angry catty and petty women fighting all the time. They are just two women with their own lives who share some important people in common and they’re fine with that. Hope isn’t trying to steal Maggie’s place with Scott or Cassie, and Maggie isn’t all freaking out about Cassie spending time with another woman whom Scott may be with. Again, not seeing any fights is so damn refreshing!

5. Ava & Janet

First of all, just the fact that Ava isn’t an evil villain. No. She is a victim of institution, of SHIELD, and perhaps even of Hank’s arrogance. She’s just a desperate young girl who was used and abused with only one adult figure who cares about her and wants to look after her. Yet her story didn’t end with her dying or with her being alone or becoming this horrible person. This movie doesn’t have her kill Janet, instead, Janet sees her pain and her sorrow and instead of either of these two women trying to take each other out, we see Janet reach out to Ava and HELP HER. For once, someone else is taking her pain seriously and actually helping her instead of hurting her. Ava gets to be happy, she gets to have a happy ending and be a family with Bill. And Janet gets to be reunited with her family, her daughter. Instead of using violence, this movie allowed two female characters to interact with empathy and kindness and understanding. And everyone gets a happy ending that they deserve. Nobody had to die.

6. Hope & Scott’s relationship

Scott’s relationship really with all the people around him is really just such a huge positive in these movies, and his relationship to Hope is no exception. He doesn’t yell or scream or act like it’s her fault, Scott is able and willing to admit to his mistakes and feel bad about it and allows Hope to think and decide things for herself. He doesn’t push or prod, nor is he hanging around anxiously waiting. No. He knows he messed up and Hope is mad and she gets to be mad. And while Hope gets to be mad and process her feelings, Scott is focused on trying to just be a good dad and stick to the rules. If anything, romance isn’t even really much of focus between them until near the end of the film where she seeks and initiates their relationship again. Healthy and non-toxic relationships is so hard to find these days. The fact that they get to be individuals instead of two people co-dependent on the relationship and not knowing how to exist without the other, is so very important.


here is hoping that more MCU movies and other mainstream movies/shows will take a look at the way the Ant Man/Ant Man & Wasp movies portray healthy relationships and actually do more of that as well!

Dickon Tarly

I have no idea where these D*ny stans got the idea that Sam would just be fine with her burning his father and brother because they were mean to him. 

We can all agree that Sam’s father is a massive asshole. So is mine. Doesn’t mean I want him to die in a fire, and I am a far more hateful a person than Sam. Like far more.

But I simply don’t understand how they ended up lumping Dickon in with Randyll as an asshole. If you think Dickon bullied Sam, please rewatch the dinner scene from season 6 and pay attention. 

Dickon makes friendly small talk with Sam about hunting. 

Everyone is friendly and smiling, in fact, except for Randyll. Then, when Randyll starts laying into Sam about Gilly being a Wildling, watch Dickon. He is so uncomfortable that he stops eating, looking down at his plate as he holds his fork and knife frozen in midair. He looks nauseated and scared.

Remember, Dickon is Sam’s little brother. He’s the second son who watched his older brother be abused and disowned for failing to live up to their father’s expectations. Then, he has to take his brother’s place as heir. 

Yes, Dickon is better at fighting and hunting which earns his father’s favor and love. He hasn’t had to face the same abuse Sam has, but I’m sure there has been a fear in him since childhood that the same could happen to him if he falls short.

In season 7, Dickon 2.0 stands by his father, sacrificing his life, because there is something ingrained in him that makes him believe he should do as his father does. Be like him. But Dickon is also sweet, and afraid of his father. 

Just before the loot train attack, Jaime and Bronn ask Dickon what it was like to fight in his first battle. At first he says, “It was glorious.” But Bronn reassures him his father is not around, clearly picking up on Dickon’s fear of this tyrant. Then Dickon speaks more honestly, expressing his sadness.

Dickon Tarly has no purpose in this show aside from showing us who Sam’s brother is. It would have been super easy to make him an asshole, too. But they didn’t. We get a few brief moments of character establishment with him and none of it portrays a bully. 

He’s sweet, a little dumb, and overall a pretty good guy. I can’t see any evidence to suggest him and Sam had a bad relationship. And again, even if they did, Sam would not just be fine with him dying screaming in a fire. 

I genuinely don’t understand. 

IF you were going to argue anything, why not argue that Sam will accept that his father and brother died as soldiers in battle? Happens all the time. Why argue that Sam would not care because they were mean to him? I just… I don’t get it. These people are so strange.

Subtle changes equals angst

I couldn’t help but notice a particular scene in the new Sanders sides video that kind of made me sad. It’s shortly after Deceit suggests that Thomas uses Roman’s Aunt Patty excuse.

As pictured above, the first time Patton insults lying, saying that it’s wrong, Deceit reacts dramatically and not very seriously. He isn’t too offended and I don’t think he takes Patton too seriously. But then, seconds later, when Patton chimes in with something along the lines of “I’m your morality and I’m here, so it must be wrong”, Deceit’s expression changes drastically.

He’s just standing there, looking at Patton. I would almost say he looks hurt. It’s more subtle, but it reminded me of Virgil before he was accepted by the others and how he would react when insulted. When Patton bashes Deceit again and talks about how Roman is supposed to defend honor, so why is he listening to Deceit? And his expression changes, but more subtly.

Deceit still looks offended, but I also see a determination. It’s almost like this is the exact moment he decides to prove Patton wrong, that he can be useful and Thomas should be able to go to the callback.

Deceit has been shown to be some form of self-preservation here in this episode. If we look at the other sides, they “display” the characteristics that they represent. Deceit is very protective of himself and his purpose in helping Thomas. I hope we see more moments like this because honestly, it had me screaming. I love it.

anonymous asked:

How do you write Connor so well? Could you share some writing tips?

That’s really sweet of you to say. Honestly, it’s just me trying to pick up on every little thing we actually know about Connor and filling in my own interpretations of what they mean. We really don’t know that much about Connor. He’s only in the beginning of the play then throughout you get little snippets of his life from other characters…but it’s not that much to go off of. Even then, it’s how they saw him which can we a warped version of what he actually was. When I’m writing him, I try not to focus on Evan’s Connor because he’s only a projection of Evan’s own self. It’s important to remember that he’s not Connor. He’s Evan. That’s Evan’s mind talking to him using Connor’s face but it’s not Connor himself. He’s not a ghost coming back to talk to this random kid he’s interacted with once or twice. He’s 100% Evan’s mind projecting.

So then you have to focus on what you actually know about him. I’m gonna dissect it because I literally love analyzing characters it’s my favorite thing in the entire world. You didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it anyway yolo (im sorry).

The first time we meet Connor is at the breakfast scene. What do we know about that scene?:

  • Connor doesn’t want to go to school.
    • It is the very first day of his senior year. Not many people skip the very first day of school. It’s supposed to be a fairly easy, chill, exciting day to most people. Getting to know your teachers, seeing friends, catching up with people, not much work etc. I’m going off of my own school experience to analyze this bit: Skipping/Not wanting to go/Having anxiety over going doesn’t mean you’re lazy and don’t like work. It generally means that you feel uncomfortable, anxious, lonely, scared about having to navigate the world of school and your peers. Connor doesn’t have friends. Going to school, sitting in class, doing group projects, eating lunch, doing anything in school alone and without friends is fucking hard. It’s awful.  It’s not a surprise he doesn’t want to go.
  • Connor is high.
    • Judging from typical school days, it’s probably somewhere between 6 - 7 in the morning. That’s early. That’s someone who wakes up and immediate gets high. AND it’s the first day of school. That’s someone who needs something to help them cope just to get through the day. He needs something to help him take the edge off of life because doing it without anything is a daunting thought.
    • Cynthia also says “I don’t want you going to school high Connor. We’ve talked about this.” Which implies that this a fairly regular thing for him.
  • Connor reacts negatively when Zoe speaks but ignores Larry.  
    • Okay so I love this bit because my psychology loving self adores this kind of shit. It’s amazing and beautifully done and asdlhfal;ksd
    • After Cynthia tries to get Larry involved with making sure Connor goes to school. Larry says, “What do you want me to do? He doesn’t listen. Look at him. He’s probably high.” Connor stays quiet. Then Zoe confirms Larry’s statement and says, “He’s definitely high.” And Connor responds with a “Fuck you!”
    • Every time Larry speaks Connor stays quiet. His body language in the scene involves Connor resting his arm on the side of his head and, by doing so, is putting some sort of physical barrier between his facial expressions and his dad sitting next to him.
    • If I recall correctly, I don’t think Connor ever once actually speaks to his dad??? Larry talks at him but Connor never responds. No words are ever spoken from him to Larry. (I think, I could be wrong)
    • SO the point here is that Connor doesn’t say shit when Larry is nagging at him but the second Zoe opens her mouth to do the same he immediately responds with a big “fuck you” and puts his head down on the table.
    • The way I analyze that scene is that the fuck you was really meant for Larry, that he was pissed off at his father, but he took it out on Zoe. He redirected his anger onto his sister because it’s a lot easier to take advantage of a younger sibling then the head of your household.
    • Judging from how Zoe speaks about him later in the play, he probably redirected a lot of his anger onto her and it really messed her up.
    • Him not speaking up to Larry could also mean that Connor is potentially afraid of him?

The second time we see Connor is at school with Jared and Evan:

  • Connor cares what people think about him and he’s bullied. 
    • Jared says, “Hey Connor. Loving the new hair length. Very school shooter chic.” Connor responds by staring at him with this perplexed look of wtf dude seriously. He was just nagged at home, forced to go to school when he’s clearly uncomfortable about doing that, and then he gets there only to be antagonized by Jared who pretty much refers to him as someone who slaughters innocent people.
    • His ‘wtf dude’ look is totally justified in my opinion.  
    • Jared then says that he was just kidding and that it was a joke. To which Connor replies with “Yeah no it was funny. I’m laughing can’t you tell.” His tone starts out light and sarcastic. When Jared doesn’t respond, he steps closer to him and voice raises. “Am I not laughing hard enough for you?” He’s clearly offended by what Jared said.
    • Jared calls him a freak and walks away.
  • He gets bullied by Jared so he turns around and becomes the bully to Evan.
    • Like he did with Zoe, Connor redirects his pain onto people he know won’t fight back or who he views as weaker than him.
    • Evan nervous laughs when he’s left alone with Connor. Connor can probably see that Evan is scared of him and uses that to his advantage. He says the whole, “What the fuck are you laughing at? Stop fucking laughing at me?”” Stop laughing at me. Not laughing at what Jared said. But specifically laughing at Connor himself. Connor doesn’t want people laughing at him because he cares what they think about him. “You think I’m the freak? I’m not the freak. You’re the fucking freak.” He yells at Evan and pushes him to the ground.
    • People have all obviously analyzed all these scenes before. I’m not close to the first one to say it, but obviously, these are words he wishes he could say to Jared and Evan is the surrogate for his rage.

And finally we have the very last scene that Connor is in which is the computer lab scene:

  • Connor is apologetic after he loses his temper.
    • He sees Evan, who has clearly been crying. I think it’s unknown how long Connor was actually in the room with him/if he overheard the phone call with Evan’s mom. I’m assuming that Evan wasn’t actually speaking out loud when he was writing his letter, that it was more for the audience to know what he was writing. So if Connor had been in the room and listening, he could have heard Evan’s side of the phone call and seen him quietly crying on his laptop while writing something then print it out. Since he was near the printer, he took the paper to give to him. He didn’t have to do that. He wanted to.
    • I think he wanted an excuse to talk to Evan again after he pushed him. He probably felt bad. I feel like he views Evan as someone who’s harmless and unintimidating, which is why it was easy for him to channel his anger onto, but then he started to regret that choice, so he tried to reach out.
    • He never actually apologizes with words and instead tries to do it through actions. I bet you that Larry does the exact same thing too but Connor probably never realized or picked up on it. (I could do a full character study on Larry too omg he’s a great specimen to take apart and a fantastically flawed character like everyone else in the show its beautiful fuck)
  • He’s got a dark sense of humor.
    • When finding out Evan broke his arm from falling out of a tree, he replies with a “That’s the saddest fucking thing I ever heard.” But he doesn’t say it in a mean way. He smiles and laughs under his breath.
    • HE WAS TELLING A JOKE. He was trying his best to be nice to Evan and lightly joke around with him but I doubt they have similar styles of humor. I think it’s the only time Connor actually genuinely smiles too??
    • And Evan doesn’t really laugh. It’s more of a nervous “plz don’t hurt me again ur a lil scary” kinda laugh. So Connor backs off and changes the subject.
  • He’s observant.
    • He notices that no one signed Evan’s cast. 
    • He noticed that Evan has no friends hence the “now we can both pretend we have friends” line. 
    • He noticed Evan’s sad and alone so he’s making an effort to be nice to him. 
    • He noticed that he printed a piece of paper and that it would be a good ice breaker. 
    • He’s quiet and he notices things. It’s subtle but it’s there. I bet you Connor secretly knows everything about everyone. 
  • The boy just wants a damn friend. 
    • He’s lonely. Evan’s clearly lonely. Why not try to befriend him?
    • He’s signs his cast super big so it takes up the whole arm. For one, it gets a laugh out of the audience. But two, he kinda knows that no one else will sign it so he makes his name extra big so everyone will see and know that both of them aren’t alone/friendless.
    • This is also interesting to me because I wonder if Connor knew he was going to kill himself then. Often times suicide is something people plan out ahead of time. I wonder if he knew what he was going to do and I wonder if writing that on Evan’s arm was a secret way for him to leave something semi permanent behind. A way to be sure that someone would remember him when he’s gone. If that’s the case then that was some powerful shit to slip in and it hurts my soul.
  • He’s angry and paranoid and suicidal.
    • So obviously Connor reads Evan note to himself, thinks it’s about him, freaks out and leaves. That’s the last time we see Connor.
    • I’ve looked at this scene in a few different ways. The first way I see it is that Connor could of had symptoms of paranoia. He sees his sister’s name and his first thought is that Evan did this in a malicious manor. He views people as out to get him. It doesn’t take much to set him off. He’s got a lot of anger inside of him that he doesn’t know how to release in a healthy way so it ends up with him blowing up over the slightest little bumps in the road.
    • The second way I view it is a little different. If I’m thinking about my point before (about him already having plans to kill himself) then I wonder if he was just using the paper as an excuse to get angry and leave. He had already made his mark using Evan’s cast. His name was there. He technically didn’t need Evan anymore. Thus he “freaks out” over this paper and it helps fuel his desires to end his own life. As someone who has been suicidal in the past, I understand wanting to find every excuse you can to help end things, to justify what you’re doing, and to push people away. It’s a super fucked up way of thinking but, when you put yourself into that mindset, I don’t think it’s that crazy of an idea.
    • “Is this about my sister? You wrote this because you knew I’d find it.” (Hinting at the paranoia point) “Yeah you, uh, saw that I was the only other person in the computer lab.” (Mentally trying to convince himself to believe that Evan did this on purpose, even though it goes against everything he already knows about Evan) “So I could read some creepy shit you wrote about my sister and freak out, right?” (here comes the anger) “Then you could tell everybody that I’m crazy! Right?! Fuck you!” (cue the storm off)
    • And then we hear from Evan that Connor hasn’t been in school for three days.
    • And eventually we find out why.

From everything that Connor, himself, has told us he’s deeply hurting. He’s quiet. Observant. He’s got many unchecked mental health issues. He doesn’t feel heard. He’s lonely. He uses coping methods to get by. He has little to no self worth. He carries around a lot of guilt. He acts out on people he know won’t fight him back. Probably because he needs to feel superior because everywhere else in his life he feels stepped on. He is both a bully and bullied. He had little regard for strong authority aka Larry. He craves personal connections but doesn’t know how to obtain them or keep them. He’s broken. So that’s how I try my best to write him.

THEN we have what everyone else tells us about Connor. This should all be taken with a grain of salt because everyone views people differently but their words shouldn’t be totally disregarded either. (Yes I’m going to go on longer even though you never asked for this I’M SORRY I CAN’T STOP NOW) So let’s see what little Connor character traits we can find out from other people that could be potentially used for writing him in the future.

The scene during For Forever tells a lot of about Connor through his family:

  • Zoe: Connor wasn’t very nice so that makes sense.
  • Cynthia: Connor was…a complicated person.
  • Zoe: No. Connor was a bad person. There’s a difference.
    • In response to finding out Connor pushed Evan. Zoe is shown to have no sympathy for her brother’s actions while Cynthia continues to make excuses for him. I see that as Connor having no mercy on his sister but probably playing his mom to his advantage with what he knew he could get away with.  
  • Cynthia: Did Connor tell you about the Harris’? We used to go skiing together, our families.
  • Zoe: Connor hated skiing.
    • Not a sports, activity kinda guy. Doesn’t like things involving social gatherings. Not friendly.
  • Larry: Somebody had to be the bad guy.
    • In response to reading Connor’s emails. This one is a little iffy in regards to Connor’s character. It’s more a Larry thing. Because I don’t know if Connor was actually aware that his emails were read or not but either way it shows that he was completely not trusted by his family. Also that pointing out again that Cynthia was probably a push over when it came to Connor and he knew that.
  • Cynthia: We used to go to the orchard all the time. We;d do picnics there. Remember that Zoe?
  • Zoe: Yeah I do.
  • Cynthia: You and Connor had that little toy plane that you would fly. [to Larry, with sad laughter] Until you flew it into the creek.
  • Larry: No that was an emergency landing.
    • This is big. Things weren’t always hell in the Murphy house. There were good memories. Sadly though good memories are often overshadowed by the bad ones. Connor seemed to cast a huge shadow over this family. But it is important to note that Connor and Zoe used to play together as children. Things. Aren’t. Always. Awful. Connor wasn’t a reckless beast. He can be written to be playful and funny and sarcastic and sweet. Just balance it out with the angst. People are complicated and have tons of depth so try to write them that way if you can.

Other things said at random points throughout the play…


  • “Connor Murphy is batshit out of his mind. Remember when he threw a printer at Mrs. G in second grade because he didn’t get to be the line leader that day? 
    • Connor has had anger issues since he was a child too.


  • “Still can’t believe the terrible news about @ connormurphy. I wouldn’t say that we were friends exactly. More like acquaintances. We were in chemistry together. I’m pretty sure. Also he was in my English class in 10th grade. Almost positive. Yeah he was definitely in my English class. Three days ago Connor Murphy was here and now hes gone. If Connor meant something to you please retweet or private message me if you just wanna talk. At time like thees we could all use a friend.”
    • Honestly, this says way more about Alana’s character but it still mentions Connor so I’m adding it.
    • But what I do get from this was the Connor has/had a twitter (or some form of social media, but I’m assuming twitter since the “retweet” bit) and Alana followed him on it?
  • “He was one of my closest acquaintances. He was my lab partner in Chemistry and we presented on Huck Fin together in 10th grade. He was so funny. Instead of calling it, well, Huck Fin…[fades off]. Nobody else in our class thought of that.”
    • Again, speaks more to Alana’s character than Connors. But I also wonder if this is actually true or if she made this up in a similar fashion to Evan in order to put herself in the story…since she didn’t even recall if he was in those classes or not earlier.
    • BUT assuming that this was true, Connor doesn’t seem to care much for school. Or he could have been trying to make jokes in order to gain friends. If he worked with Alana on projects, her personality would have steam rolled over his. I think she would be the type of person he would sit back and let take control and tell him what to do then just go along with it.


  • “Just because Connor isn’t here, trying to punch through my door, screaming that he’s going to kill me for no reason, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re the fucking Brady Bunch.” 
    • I mean…yikes.
  • “After all you put me through. Don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew”
    •  This shit just breaks my damn heart. You are not the monster that I knew is one of my favorite lines in the entire play. In Zoe’s story, Connor is the villain. He hurt her. He abused her. And no one did anything about it to protect her or stop him. I haven’t really had a chance to write too much of Zoe into my writings yet but I know that if/when I do, Connor is not going to be a kind character to her.


  • “We didn’t think Connor had any friends.” 
    • All they found with Connor was Evan’s letter. I wonder how many times he reread it, if at all, before he died. Do you think he calmed down and looked at it again through a different light? This time maybe seeing how depressed and unhappy Evan was too? I wonder if he found comfort in that at all and that’s why it was still in his pocket. Of course that’s purely speculation on my part. He could have just shoved it in there and forgot it was there. That’s the beautiful thing about this play, there’s a lot that the viewer can piece together and take away on their own. Things are never fed to you. They present them simply and let you take what you need from it.
    • Anyway, yeah, Connor had no friends. That point was already kinda clear though.
  • “I gave you the world. You threw it away.” 
    • Connor grew up in a well off family. They were rich. He literally could of had anything he wanted but he didn’t. I take that as Connor not giving a shit about material items. He probably has little regard for things. You could write that as him throwing and breaking near by items if he’s mad or simply tossing things around and not caring abobut them. Whereas someone who grew up poor, would be more likely to take care of their things because they know they can’t just get more.
  • “I didn’t realize Connor meant this much to people.” 
    • In his father’s eyes, Connor didn’t mean very much. He was probably able to pick up on that and it would affect his attitude and behavior to other people. If he felt he didn’t mean much to his own father, then why would he ever be special to anyone else?
  • “He left it in the bag with the tags still on.”
    • Larry’s weak attempt at reaching out to his son with a baseball glove. It was probably obvious to everyone that Connor was not a sports person. He probably hated baseball. But Larry likes it so he tried to force his hobbies onto Connor. It was received by Connor not even opening the gift. From Connor’s perspective, he could have taken that as a ‘wow my father knows literally nothing about me wtf’ where as Larry would have viewed that differently but this is not about Larry asd;kfja
  • “Your dad must feel pretty lucky to have a son like you.” 
    • Another great line in this play! It hurts my soul. Connor is a disappointment to his father. Larry wished Connor could have been something more than he was. Once again, this shit would weigh on Connor’s mind and fuck him up.


  • “I don’t remember the last time I heard him laugh.” 
    • That shit is dark yo. Connor doesn’t laugh around his family. He’s unhappy there.
  • “Connor didn’t get invited to any bar mitzvahs” [paraphrasing that quote]
    • Cynthia always had hope for Connor. I like to imagine Connor not being as nasty to his mother than everyone in the family. She really loved him and I hope he could feel that deep down.

And, of course, Evan: 

  • “Over the summer I found this yearbook thing that our class made in 8th grade. Most people did collages of their friends. But Connor’s was a list of his ten favorite books.”
    • One of my favorite bits I like to write into stories is that Connor liked to read. For a middle school kid to have ten favorite books, and care enough about them to put them into a yearbook, is kinda of special. Books are methods of escapism to many people and I like to think Connor is included in that group. 


You know what’s just so powerful about Fullmetal Alchemist? How some of the best scenes can be presented with so little, physically, happening. So little outright stated or done, and yet get across such devastating impact on nuance alone.

Honestly one of my all-time favorite moments is our introduction to General Raven. Mustang is pretty sure he can trust Raven, but wants to feel out the waters first. So he strikes up some small talk, Raven asks how Mustang’s adjusting to Central, and Mustang makes some off-handed comment about how he can’t get used to all the hustle and bustle and flying rumors and talk. And he lists a few “absurd rumors”, like Scar was spotted feeding stray cats, or immortality had been discovered, or even that King Bradley is a homunculus.

Pause. Bam. And the split second after that is agonizing because of the sudden weight behind Roy’s play here. That he, out loud, has stated the most incriminating piece of information he knows, dressed up as a rumor. And it’s dangerous. …Then Raven gives a pitying, exaggerated laugh and tells Roy he’s gotta work on his small talk since he’s not gonna get very far helping to spread stupid rumors. Roy laughs it off, a bit abashed. And they honestly, truly, fully let you believe the moment’s passed. That we got nothing vital out of it. Raven lumped in the “homunculus” rumor with the rest, and he’s still something of this neutral, doofy character who is seemingly unaware of the situation.

And following this line of light, amicable banter, he invites Mustang to come into the cabinet meeting with him. Mustang is more surprised than anything—he’s just a Colonel after all! What could Raven—

–and Raven shuts the door behind them, and all eyes are on them, this probing sense that, no, Mustang isn’t some sort of tag-along. He’s here for a reason, one that suddenly terrifies him. Then Raven—Raven just rubs his chin, speaks musingly, “Hey Mustang, why don’t you share that funny joke with everyone here? I’m sure they’d appreciate it. You know, the one about the Fuhrer being a homunculus?”

Freeze. Beat. Not a single voice has been raised, not a single weapon drawn, and yet the danger here is thick enough to feel around your windpipe.

And they’re not even done yet. Enter a figure, a voice, “Yes, Colonel Mustang, and what if I was a homunculus?” And Bradley appears, composed, calm, cordial almost. “Would that really be so bad?”

And Mustang, Mustang says nothing. He looks on, pained, composed, terrified and yet somehow just a bit exhilarated with the manner in which he’s been caught. He knows, intricately, how beaten he is. He knows there’s nothing he can do to untangle himself, and he’s at their mercy, implicitly. All he can think, with a strained, horrible smile on his face, is that he finally understands what Hughes meant by “the military is in danger”

That the danger wasn’t closing in on them, it was coming from them.

And this set up, this execution, this emotional manipulation is everything right with the Fullmetal Alchemist series, for which Arakawa has my endless, undying awe. Because damn.


Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

Prompt: “I love your laugh.” 

CW: Tiny little bit of insecurity, an almost-fight


Virgil didn’t realize there was an ulterior motive at first. Roman often picked ‘themed’ movie marathons, so by itself, the suggested ‘comedy night’ wasn’t all that suspicious.

What was a little suspicious was the fact that he hadn’t invited the others, too.

“I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together, just you and me,” he’d said, when Virgil had questioned him about it. “You know. Get some bonding time.”

“Uh huh.” Virgil had frowned. “Who put you up to this, Roman? Was it Patton?”

“No, I…”

“Because if so, I can just tell him it happened and you’ll be off the hook without having to actually sit through a movie with me.”

“No!” Roman had looked honestly upset. “Anxiety–Virgil. I…I really…” he slumped. “I misjudged you, before, and I…I really want to make amends. I want to get to know you better.”

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Let’s talk about 246.

The first thing I wanna talk is about how sweet Jian Yi is.

Just a few days prior Mo Guan Shan sent his best friend to hospital, yet Jian Yi not only forgave him, but also helped him. And now we have this adorable scene in the hospital where Jian Yi leaves during lunch break only to see Mo Guan Shan. He left Zhan Zheng Xi at school only to see Mo Guan Shan. Jian Yi is indeed one of the sweetest characters in the series.

Then we have this part.

First I wanna comment about Mo Guan Shan, who looks hesitant and worried while asking about He Tian. I think it would be safe to say He Tian hadn’t talked to Mo Guan Shan for the rest of the previous day, as well as the whole morning, and Mo Guan Shan is just weirded out because He Tian is always bothering him.

Second I wanna talk about Jian Yi’s mannerisms. He’s just casually sitting on Mo Guan Shan’s hospital bed like they’ve been being friends for ages, just leaning on Mo Guan Shan’s legs as if he was his best friend, and not Zhan Zheng Xi. (Can I ship it yet? Because I am.)

Third I want everyone to focus on how damn handsome Jian Yi is. It is a known fact that Jian Yi is a good looking fella, this is something that has been repeated a few times throughout the manhua. But Old Xian is always drawing Jian Yi in a cartoonish style, mainly because of his personality. Only in times like this, when Jian Yi is supposedly talking about something serious, that we can see and admire his true beauty.

Fourth: Man bun. Oh I died.

Jian Yi is an adorable person and we know that already, but God damnit he takes a lot of space (which we also know). He started by leaning on Mo Guan Shan and only two panels after he’s already on the bed with him (Don’t think about the double meaning, don’t think about the double meaning. Fuck.), again, like they were childhood friends and that was the most normal thing to do.

What is really sweet in this part, and it might have happened because Mo Guan Shan is still sort of weak, is that Mo Guan Shan is not pushing Jian Yi away, he just lets him invade this personal bubble and sit there.

The comments Jian Yi makes are also cute, making Mo Guan Shan annoyed. I honestly like to fool myself into thinking that actually Jian Yi can notice the real reason behind Mo Guan Shan asking about He Tian’s absence, and just wants to keep Mo Guan Shan’s mind away from it.

Then we have this part.

First I want to focus on Jian Yi, who clearly states he was trying to make Mo Guan Shan feel better, and probably didn’t notice he got pushed because Mo Guan Shan’s phone buzzed, and not because Mo Guan Shan got annoyed with his comments (which was probably a factor that made Mo Guan Shan harsher while pushing Jian Yi).

Now focus on Mo Guan Shan. He’s waiting for a message. He goes for the phone as soon as it buzzes, like his life depends on it. He has this hope that He Tian is the one texting him, and maybe that’s why he looks like a mix of surprise and sadness when he sees the notification. It’s an unknown number, it couldn’t be He Tian.

But it is.

Only He Tian calls Mo Guan Shan by Don’t Close Mountain and by now we all know that.

So now I wanna focus on Mo Guan Shan’s expression. Even though he’s still scowling, like he always does, he looks extremely soft. He’s probably happy that He Tian contacted him, but certainly doesn’t know how to deal with it. And just another detail that I loved is that he’s keeping Jian Yi away by kicking him, because maybe he doesn’t want him to know He Tian has just talked to him.

Remember all of those edits with them flipping each other and saying “I love you”? Well, there we have it once more.

Those … are everything here, because if Mo Guan Shan was really mad, he wouldn’t bother adding it, nor the emoji. Mo Guan Shan is certainly happy with the message, with the fact that He Tian is ok, with the fact that He Tian talked to him before talking to the others.

Maybe we’ll get to a point where not only Mo Guan Shan is going to start realizing his feelings, but also he’s going to notice how important he is to He Tian. And of course, I really wish the four of them can become closer friends and derp around together during this last year of Middle School.


“Dont forget what she did to Anna.”

This is honestly compromising me to the point that I fear I won’t be able to form any coherent thoughts for a while because the double meaning couldn’t be any more explicit, that no matter how you look at it Konstantin wants Eve to recall their conversation from 2x03, “hate is something she understands, it’s manageable. Look what happens to the people she loves. She’ll love you to death,” but that hate is not what helps Eve ‘manage’ Villanelle, it is love. It’s so interesting since they seem to actively work on presenting her affection for Villanelle as a negative rather than a positive because if Eve’s too close it means she is “unsafe” which reinforces the idea of death (literal or symbolic). So, we watch people emphasize on how her relationship with Villanelle and by extention Eve’s own darkness could cause a possible downfall and yet the second it’s mentioned Eve retreats because she chooses to trust Villanelle.

Put that together with the fact that Villanelle actually looks searingly emotionally self-aware in the way she presents certain possibilities based on her feelings instead of going along with her common beats and decides to go a bit differently about everything (punishing Gemma as Niko chooses Eve), it is interesting to me since her choice completely side-steps the past, that whatever happened with Anna then is not part of what Villanelle has with Eve now. It’s fascinating because Villanelle chooses Eve much the same. The reason she can kill Gemma for example is because 1. Gemma is actually fucking annoying lol, and 2. Villanelle doesn’t actually care about Niko’s forgiveness (eliminating him), she cares for Eve. So instead of breaking the trust/bond she shares with Eve, which also reinforces the idea that Villanelle’s honesty isn’t incisive but a legit introspection that is given to the woman she cares for with devotion, we watch her go for a change despite her capability of doing to Niko what she did to Max. Villanelle simply won’t do it and thus chooses something that allows her to retreat as well (Marking Niko as guilty as much as making him feel it? Harsh).

So, if anything, these two are intimately in touch with each other since there is an immense need to either help or actually manage to safe the other because as much as they can/will compromise themselves and what they have it’s not like outside forces want to work in their favor either. They will have to battle against it and it will happen with them side by side, which is quite a picture.

Also, because it’s quite funny, if you just compare Villanelle asking for the shepherd’s pie recipe vs how unappetizing Eve’s omelet for Niko looked vs the bun Eve hands over to Villanelle literally feeling her touch her hand lol. That alone says it all. Its just. Lord, they do so much in the name of love it’s unreal.

Disappointed but not surprised

- a chapter 23 analysis of Nalu in FT 100 year Quest

This is my hot take on the events that just unfolded in the new chapter of FT100yearquest and how what happened with Nalu’s action (mainly Natsu’s) wasn’t all that surprising or something to be that mad over

OK. I’m gonna just put this straight out there. Natsu is NOT an emotionally mature person when expressing himself about things that hurt. He doesn’t talk about his feelings and tries very hard not to openly express them. Basically, he can’t deal when it comes to word of mouth. We know this. It’s seen really early on when he fights Gildarts

He had to learn to accept his fear - a weakness. Natsu would always put on a brave front. He was a reckless fighter who charged in with no second thought. He never acknowledged his fear, but once he did he became stronger. It was allowed to be felt, even shown, and he used it to think about his opponent and be weary of shit. Now, this isn’t the same emotional vulnerability that’s in the case of Lucy, however, I thought it was worth mentioning cause it shows he pushes shit like this away. His (adoptive dragon) father dies?

better leave on a year long journey so I don’t have to be vulnerable/grieve around my guild that I consider my family! His best friend gets upset at him for leaving her behind. She confronts him?

He makes this face^ He’s so uncomfortable with Lucy voicing how she feels that he looks almost pained or fucking constipated but up to you. He has no idea how to act, or what to say. Just like every other damn time. and you know what this scene looks exactly like??

Lucy is at a point where she’s trying to convey herself to Natsu, which is gonna be crucial if they’re ever to get together, and Natsu isn’t for it. He’s a physical person, he can’t handle this type of pressure from verbal communication about how he hurt her. A forehead touch? Easy. Actually having a conversation? Hard as fuck. This is seen in a lot of people. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve hurt someone or you’ve been hurt then you probably know what it’s like to choke. Your throat feels tight and you just wanna escape, which Natsu does.

Through crude humour. This is the most relatable shit ever and I can’t believe people are mad! You think they’re gonna sit together and talk everything through, cry and then confess? No, this is not Nalu. Natsu’s gonna keep this inside of himself because he isn’t ready. I mean, there’s progress - not looking constipated is one - and he’ll definitely (hopefully) get better at this as he grows up. But this is gonna take time. You can’t expect anything else from them at this point. They’re not your angsty couple and if you want that look for it in another ship like jerza cause you aren’t gonna find it in Nalu. We love them cause they’re god damn dorks, I mean really digging up a whole damn tree for his girl

This is why I’m disappointed, but not surprised with this (They coulda changed up scenes and gone with forehead touch maybe?? Probs not). It hits the nail on the head. And this isn’t going to make me hate Nalu. On contrary I’m damn excited for what’s to come. Will Natsu hesitate next time in a battle? Will his friends trust him? Will he lose control again? Honestly, shit similar to this is gonna come cause this will be his next growth. Making sure he can’t lose himself to power. 

Oh, and I also know people are mad about that fan service, but I mean??? It’s a trope in Japan. We sit here like wtf but theres nothing we can do about differences in culture. All that stuff I’ll forever ignore, or acknowledge as anything but a gag. It doesn’t relate to anything. So I’m happy with how things are

anonymous asked:

Hey there Leo, if it's okay with you, I wanted to ask about your thoughts on that bedroom scene. I don't know why it just doesn't sit well with me- it's just that to me keith seems too reserved and... sad... not relieved or open until the very end when the "as many times as it takes line happens". Maybe it's just me because I guess I expected a more im-so-relieved-youre-alive-hug scenario? something just felt off about that entire exchange and I can't point my finger at what.

I think a good way to read shiro’s bedroom scene is to compare it with Lance’s scene in Keith’s room. Because the fact that we get one almost right after the other is definitely intentional, and on some subconscious level, I think you’re meant to compare the two. It’s even a case of two former paladins talking with their lion’s successor. And while Lance’s talk with Keith is kinda touching and it’s really nice to see the two of them opening up more, I still think it has a distinctly different vibe from Kuron and Keith’s. 

For one thing, we start off outside in the hall. This is different from Lance’s scene, where we begin in Keith’s room and see the new red paladin just walk in. In the case of the latter, we feel like we belong there. However, with the former, we feel more like an outsider looking in. We hear just snippets of their talk at first, like we’re listening in on a private conversation, a fact that accentuates just how intimate and personal this scene is. It’s like the viewer is uninvited and these words are just meant for Keith and “Shiro.”

When we finally do see someone, it’s this extreme closeup of Kuron. This really highlights how downcast and drained he looks, how his hair is all long and matted and unkempt, how exhausted and defeated he is. There’s no closeup like this with Keith and Lance’s scene, a fact that really makes this shot stand out. It’s a sign that Keith and Kuron are more intimately familiar with one another. 

Another thing–in the later scene, when Lance walks in, he has to kind of give a reason why. Keith even points out it’s a surprise to see him stop by–“Must really be bothering you if you’re coming to talk to me.” This is not something that happens usually. And yet, Keith’s talk with Kuron bypasses this part completely. There’s no equivalent to Lance awkwardly knocking and trying to start up a conversation with Keith, because these two are already on a level where having quiet talks with one another is the norm. Because honestly, seeing Keith in “Shiro’s” room during his recovery is just something you’d expect. It’s not something surprisingly uncharacteristic or a shift in dynamic, so there really doesn’t need to be any explicit reason for it. 

Now, I’m certain that Keith’s place in the first scene is equal to Lance’s in the second. And likewise, Kuron’s role in the conversation is taken by Keith later on. So, let’s compare them. Keith removes his jacket before Lance stops by, and that doesn’t seem like much. But visually, we can see he’s kind of being more casual and open. He’s also wearing black instead of red, which equates to Lance seeing him as the leader–and by extension, the black paladin. But, that being said, everyone’s seen Keith without his jacket before. In contrast, Kuron is dressed down in an undershirt that makes him seem a lot more bare and vulnerable, because no one else has seen him when he wasn’t completely put together. 

Similarly, Kuron still looks disheveled and haggard. He doesn’t feel the need to cut his hair or shave in front of Keith, has no reason to keep up appearances the way he does with the other paladins. Around each other, they can just be themselves. This is emphasized by the fact that Kuron is still lying in bed, and remains painfully honest with Keith about his condition. He says, “I’ll try,” instead of some comforting lie like, “I’ll be fine.” He’s in a position of weakness, And Keith is noticeably standing above him. This makes Kuron look especially down and defeated, and added to that that Keith is put in the role of his caretaker, his protector–clearly, the lines between successor and mentor are very blurred. 

Typically, Keith’s position could be seen as having power over someone, as being some kind of aggressor. And yet, he’s taken on the role of Kuron’s guardian, his knight in shining armor. We can glean from Keith mentioning that the others would love to see him that so far they have not, that only Keith has been allowed in Shiro’s bedroom during this delicate time. That he’s the one who not only rescued him but is taking care of him, is staying at his bedside. There’s an intimacy here that’s quite rare. Kuron has really had it rough, but he still doesn’t hold himself back in front of Keith, doesn’t try to maintain a facade. He can allow himself to be exposed and fragile and he knows Keith would never take that trust and shatter it. 

Now, let’s compare that to Lance’s scene. Right away, a different dynamic is established. They’re both standing on equal ground, but still noticeably closed off and distant at first. There’s an uncomfortableness, an unfamiliarity to their interactions that you don’t get in the previous scene. Kuron lying down in bed with Keith standing over him undoubtably puts him in a more vulnerable position. But he’s okay with that because this is Keith, and Kuron trusts him to see this side of him. In comparison to that, Lance and Keith both seem very guarded around each other. Their walls aren’t down the way Kuron and Keith’s are. 

The tone is also very different. Keith and Lance, while discussing Lance’s insecurities, manage to still inject humor into the scene. For instance, the little thing Lance does where he adds his right index finger and then instead of taking away that finger he just fucking??? removes the pinky from his left hand?? And lmao it just like looks so out of place and silly and it’s really endearing and cute and I love it?? Like, little visual cues like that help to put the viewer more at ease. Lance’s expression is also gold. They’re covering a meaningful topic here, but they do it in a way where it doesn’t feel too heavy. 

Now, real quick let’s talk lighting. Kuron’s room is darkly lit, and everything is bathed in this abysmal, dark green hue. It doesn’t feel normal or comforting, it’s like…nervous anticipation. Like something here is very wrong and both Keith and Kuron are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. But again, this is a quiet, completely serious, bleeding open heart to heart in a dark lit bedroom. That feels way more revealing and intimate than two friends talking in a brightly lit, more casual atmosphere. There’s no sense of intensity, heartbreakingly overwhelming emotion, or overhanging danger with Keith and Lance. It’s two friends just having an honest talk and trying to help each other out. 

Also, the point of Lance’s talk is very different from Keith’s. Lance goes to Keith to talk about himself, to express his inferiority and do what he thinks is best for the team. So yes, he does this because he cares about the team. But this doesn’t manifest as “Hey, I know things have been rough lately, and we just got Shiro back and he seems really hurt–are you guys doing okay?” it’s “So, maybe the best thing I can do for the team is step aside.” Lance is a good kid and his heart’s in the right place, but at the same time, I think he kind of assumes everything is his fault somehow. So he’s being very understanding and trying to do something selfless, but really, this is more so about his own problem than Keith’s. 

Now, compare that to Keith, who’s asking Kuron how he’s doing, how he’s feeling, what the hell happened? Lance talks to Keith because he’s worried about the rest of the team, and is so wrapped up in his own insecurities he tries to take the blame for everything and reflects it all back on him. Keith in contrast, never makes the conversation about himself, and focuses completely on Shiro’s wants and needs, on trying to reassure him–something that Keith also does for Lance instead of the other way around. Now, this doesn’t make either Lance or Keith better or more caring than the other. It just means that the focuses of these two talks are very different with very diverging outcomes. Likewise, you can tell that Kuron and Keith are a lot closer by their conversation. It’s easy for the two to open up and reach out to one another. Keith’s heart also goes out to “Shiro” in a way that you just don’t really get from his interactions with Lance. 

Now, let’s talk about the end of both scenes. Because even then, there’s another parallel. Right when Keith is about to leave, we know Kuron calls him back. Similarly, Keith does the same with Lance. And then? Both Kuron and Keith make a kind of joke that’s meant to put the other person at ease. In the case of Keith, this is especially interesting, because Kuron’s just done this for him. So, when he sees things might end on a bad note, what does he do? Take a page out of Kuron’s book and try to cheer Lance up with a little joke. Now, that being said–while we know it makes Lance smile, there’s nothing that really grabs you about “Leave the math to Pidge,” in the way that “How many times are you gonna save me before this is over?” does. Again, Kuron’s talk with Keith is heavy. Even the humor is somewhat dark and foreboding. 

Of course, it’s also very deep and heartfelt. Kuron might not be Shiro, but he has a lot of Shiro’s memories. He remembers Keith always being there for him, remembers Keith rushing in to save him, remembers the overwhelming relief when Keith promises that he’ll be alright, that everything will be okay–that he’ll make it, that nothing’s going to happen to him. It’s incredibly sweet and heart-wrenching. And again, rather than feeling like something you’d hear about someone’s bro, this brings to mind a fairytale romance. Shiro teasing Keith about being his brave knight and always running in to save him. And Keith’s promise that he’ll rescue Shiro “as many times as it takes,” while looking back at Shiro with a smile so warm and fond and completely confident in their happy ending? Yeah, there’s just an aching tenderness to this scene that you don’t usually see. And it certainly feels more in line with something you’d expect from Shiro’s love interest. Regardless of intent, this scene really does read as romantic. 

There’s also the fact that, when Keith makes his promise to Kuron, he’s stepping out of the darkness and into the light. Kuron might be left behind there in the “dark,” but Keith is still shown as the person that can bring him back out into the “light.” 

Betting on You (pt 2)

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Was the alcohol making you hallucinate? Or was this man really that handsome?

“I’m Y/N” you say shyly, hating how small your voice sounded. He gave you such a warm smile and you instantly felt your cheeks flush. You were almost 100% certain it wasn’t because of the alcohol at this point. 

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Can I buy you a drink, Y/n?” Taehyung asks. And to be honest, he wasn’t really lying either. Though you seemed like a loner from the second floor, Taehyung was pleasantly surprised when he finally got a good look at your face. You were simply beautiful. 

And were you the sexiest thing in the club? Perhaps not. You were modest. Your dress wasn’t too short and your makeup wasn’t too extreme, but there was a simple beauty you and for that Taehyung was thankful. It would make these next couple of months easier, at least for the eyes. 

“Oh, uh.. sure” you say. Did you need more alcohol? No. Did you need more time with this stranger? Hell yes. 

The bartender was quick to come to Taehyung’s aid as she quickly made your drinks. He handed you your little concoction as he sipped on his own drink, eyeing you. You could feel his eyes on you, but you didn’t have it in you to really turn and face him, let alone make conversation. 

“So, what are you doing out here by yourself?” Taehyung asks, genuinely curious. If you were going to be sitting alone, you might as well be at home right?

“Oh, my roommate dragged me out, but she ditched me the second she found a guy. The club’s not really my scene anymore” you say as you turn the chair back to facing the crowd. You point to your roommate in the crowd and Taehyung follows where you point to. He smirks as he realizes your roommate is dancing with none other than Jungkook. 

“Anymore?” Taehyung asks.

“Hmm, well I guess more into this stuff when I was in college. Not so much anymore” you say honestly. Taehyung just nods along, not really caring to ask further. “Why are you wasting your time here at the bar when you could be out there dancing?” you say a little ruder than you were expecting. 

“Well, I wanted to keep the pretty girl at the bar company. If that’s ok with her, of course” Taehyung says as he turns to face you again. You finally muster up the courage to turn around and face him, and you simply nod. 

A few minutes and few drinks later, you became a little bit more comfortable with the stranger named Taehyung. “Call me Tae” he said, since you both were friends now he claimed. 

“What do you say we get out of here?” Taehyung asks confidently after some time, not really wanting to waste more time making small talk. You look at him with wide eyes as if he had just sprouted a second nose. 

“I’m not looking for a hookup…” you say, placing your drink down and getting up from your chair, signaling that you were leaving. Taehyung almost chokes on his drink. He hadn’t explicitly mentioned hooking up tonight, but he figured it would be a good start. Plus, girls always come back for more once they got a little taste of what it was like to be with Taehyung. He was curious about what you were hiding behind your dress.  But he wasn’t expecting you to say no. 

“Woah woah, who said anything about hooking up?” he said, grabbing onto your wrist, pretending as if he really didn’t want to sleep with you tonight. 

“Oh.. I just assumed..” you say, looking at his hand on your wrist. He lets go when he notices you were looking at your hands. “I just figured that’s what most people do at clubs..” you say, smiling slightly in embarrassment. It was kind of cute, Taehyung noted. 

“I was going to suggest maybe we get some food and walk around since you don’t seem too comfortable here” he says, coming up with something on the spot. Honestly, he could probably use a little food right about now. 

You pull out your phone and your eyes widen at the time. It was already 2:30am! How did time go by this quickly? “I’m so sorry Taehyung but-” 

“Tae” Taehyung corrected. 

“..Tae. But it’s late and I really should get going after I find my roommate” you say, almost sadly. You almost wanted to spend more time with the ever so handsome man in front of you. 

Taehyung doesn’t hesitate as he yanks the phone out of your hand and enters his phone number and even calls his own phone, making sure he has your number too. He hands it back to you as you just stare at him in awe. 

“Well, I guess I wasn’t being as subtle as I wanted. But I want to take you out on a date. Is that ok?” he asks, confidently. 

“Y-yes” you say, ignoring the warning signs ringing off in your head. Usually, you would have said no in a heartbeat. The internal conflict of whether or not it was the alcohol or the handsome face was clouding your judgment began again. But either way, you said yes. 

“Ok, it’s settled then. I’ll call you tomorrow and we can work something out” he says, giving you a hug. “Good night, beautiful,” he says with that same warm smile as he walks away into the crowd. You were pretty sure you wouldn’t really hear back from him. Why would he want to go out with someone like you after all?

You sigh as you make your way into the crowd. You just wanted to find your roommate and fast. Fortunately, you found her near the edge of the dancefloor, still dancing with the guy from before. You tap on her shoulder and she turns around with an annoyed look until she registers it’s you. “Y/N!! Where have you been!” she says, hugging you. “This is Jungkook!” She introduces the man next to her. 

“Hey, nice to meet you!” he says, loudly over the music. 

“Y/N!” you say, smiling at him. You could tell why your roommate liked this guy, he had a cute bunny smile that you noticed earlier in the night. 

“I hate to do this, but you have work tomorrow silly!” you tell your roommate and your roommate gasps, finally looking at the time. 

“Oh my god, I didn’t even realize. Jungkook, I really need to go, but we’re still on for our date later right?” she asks. Jungkook nods, waving at the both of you. 

By the time both of you made it back to your apartment and were in bed, it was close to 4am. Luckily for you, you get to sleep in. Your roommate, however, was not so fortunate.

You don’t really know what time it is when you wake up, but you can tell it’s late as you can feel your hunger. You reach out for your phone to check the time when you realize you have a few messages. The one that caught your attention though, was from Taehyung. 

Tae: Good morning beautiful. How about that date? Are you free tonight. 

You couldn’t help but smile at the message. You weren’t expecting to him to contact you again, but here he was sending you a text first thing in the morning. You don’t know what it is about Taehyung, but you were oddly attracted to him. You had seen plenty of handsome faces, but you were never really attracted to them like the way you were with Taehyung. There was just something about him. 

You: Yes, I am! 

You quickly type back a reply, realizing that he had texted you almost an hour ago. It was almost noon already! You were surprised when you got a reply back almost immediately. 

Tae: Perfect! I’ll pick you up at 6! Just send your address lol

You smiled again at your phone like an idiot as you quickly sent him your address.  You quickly jumped out of your bed with newfound energy and went through your morning routine with an unusual happy energy around you. 

You spent almost the rest of the day quickly eating and finding an outfit for tonight. Where was Taehyung taking you? What would be appropriate to wear? Should you go casual? But what if he takes you to a nicer restaurant? 

So many questions filled your head and you realized you were being silly. So, you settle for your favorite lavender dress that accentuated your figure well. You didn’t think you had much to show off, but your roommate always said this dress did you wonders. Too bad she was at work to tell you in person. You hadn’t told her about the date yet, but you made a quick mental note to let her know that you were going to be out for a while tonight. 

You found some nice, simple jewelry that went with the dress and soon enough, it was 6. You sat on your couch anxiously. You couldn’t help but be nervous. You literally only met him last night, and you haven’t been able to stop thinking about him since. 

Taehyung, on the other hand, took his time getting ready. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to spending his evening with you since he much rather be with his friends, but there was a car on the line. And not just any car, it was Namjoon’s car. He grits his teeth as he finally walked up to your apartment and knocked on the door.

Once again, he was pleasantly surprised. You were wearing another dress, but the color looked so good on you. Your hair was slightly curled and your makeup was natural, something Taehyung didn’t see much of. Taehyung could see your figure a little more clearly now that it wasn’t so dark and he thanked Namjoon internally for picking a girl with a body like yours. 

“Wow, you look amazing” Taehyung says honestly. 

“Thank you.. you look nice too” you say, smiling. Was your voice this sweet last night, Taehyung wonders. He couldn’t really hear you too well over the loud music last night. Your voice was…soothing. You quickly lock the door behind you as you both make your way to Taehyungs car. 

“Nice ride,” you say, not realizing it was out loud. 

Taehyung looks at you funny. Not once had a girl commented on anything about his car other than the color. “Yeah, you like it?” he asks. 

“I do. I’ve always liked Astons. But never drove one myself. Can’t believe I get to ride in one today!” you say, excitedly. Taehyung smiles at how excited you seemed to be simply sitting in his car. 

“Well I’ll do you one better, you drive” he says, as he tosses you the keys. Never once, had he let any of his “dates” drive his car, but then again, they never showed any interest. You caught the keys, although you were pretty surprised. 

“Oh no, I really shouldn’t,” you say, walking to hand him back the keys since you weren’t confident in your throwing skills. Hell, you were surprised you even caught the keys in the first place. 

“You have a license right?” Taehyung asks. You nod, reaching out to give him the keys. But Taehyung simply smiles and opens the door as he ushers you into the driver’s seat. 

“Then drive,” he says, not really asking anymore. He quickly jogs over to the passenger’s seat. He buckles in when he finally realizes that you’re still staring at him quite shocked. 

“You really want me to drive your car?” you ask, excitement still laced in your voice. 

“I do. Now let’s get out of here, I’m hungry. I’ll navigate. You just focus on the ride” He says, pulling up his phone for directions. You turn the car on the engine immediately roars, slightly scaring you. But you loved it and you had the biggest smile on your face. You quickly adjusted your seat and the mirrors and before you knew it, you were off.

You loved to drive. Driving new cars was always fun for you since you knew how different each car was. You loved your own car dearly, deciding her to call her Queen and treating her like the queen she was. But this? This car? You were blown away…quite literally. 

Taehyung was also surprised by how well you drove his car. It was like this car was made for you, and you zipped through lanes confidently. Soon, you were at the restaurant Taehyung had picked out and he couldn’t help but smile at how happy you looked by simply driving his car. 

“That…was amazing” you say, sighing. Even if you didn’t see Taehyung again after today, you would be fine. Because you got to drive that beast. Taehyung noticed that you were more relaxed now and he was actually looking forward to see what you were really like. Afterall, he was going to spend the next six months with you. 

You were…sarcastic?? Taehyung realized that you were far too sassy than he had imagined, not to mention funny. He wasn’t sure if it was the glass of wine or adrenaline rush you got from driving, but he liked the girl sitting in front of him a lot more than the shy girl at the club last night. 

“So you got a hairbrush stuck in your hair? What did you do?” Taehyung asked, as you explained the unfortunate incident. 

“I had to call my mom the next day to come and take it out!” You say, laughing at the memory. 

“The next day?! You mean you slept with the brush in your hair?” he asks, surprised. 

“What other choice did I have?! My mom spent hours taking the brush out of my hair. I lost so much hair that day, Tae, I was so sad. But at least I didn’t end up bald” you say, still laughing. And Taehyung realized, he didn’t really mind the sound of your laughter. He kind of liked it. 

“You’re silly, you know that?” he says as he reaches out and ruffles your hair as if you were a small kid. You pout, trying to fix your hair, but you still smile after. 

“Now that we’re done with dinner, what do you say we head back to my place?I have something I want to show you. And before you say anything, no we’re not going to hookup…unless you want to” he says, winking at you, causing you to blush. 

“Ok..lets go then!” you say, more confidently than you realized. 

“Want to drive again?” he asks. You giggled at the question but decided against it. His car was probably like a drug, the more you had of it, the more you needed it. 

“Nah, I’ll let you be the chauffeur for the rest of the evening” you say. Taehyung jokingly rolls his eyes. 

Soon enough, you and Taehyung were both entering his nice penthouse in the middle of downtown. You were in awe. If you thought his car was impressive, then his penthouse was another level. 

“Feel free to look around, I’m going to open up another bottle of wine!” Taehyung says, ushering you in futher into his home. You walk around to the living room, which was surrounded by glass. And outside, you could see the skyline. The view was the die for, and it took your breath away. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Taehyung asks as he sets the glasses and wine bottle down on the table. 

“It’s amazing” you say with a twinkle in your eyes. “I don’t think I could ever get used to this view”

Taehyung realizes that all the girls he brought home never even really bothered to look around, much less at the view. But to be fair, it’s not like they were there for his view. They were there for him, and him alone. 

“Oh right, I wanted to show you something!” Taehyung says he makes his way into what you assume is his room. But when he comes out, you let out a big gasp because he’s holding the fluffiest and most previous pomeranian in his hands. 

“This is Yeontan” he says, handing you the puppy. When you had mentioned how much you wanted a dog before, Taehyung immediately thought of his own. You didn’t have a dog of your own since your roommate was terribly allergic. This was the cherry on top for your already wonderful date. 

Yeontan was so excited to the meet the stranger. He licked your face with excitement and you couldn’t help but giggle. Taehyung smiled as you played with his favorite little pup. He was actually glad that Yeontan seemed to like you for some reason. 

“First your car and now Yeontan? I don’t think I can take anymore!” You say, as Yeontan continues to lick your face. 

“Hey, I thought I was the best part!” Taehyung jokes. 

“I never said you weren’t” You winked with a sudden burst of confidence. 

Soon enough, Yeontan is fast asleep on your lap and Taehyung pets him as you both talk on the couch. The TV is on in the background with some light music and the city is slowly starting to fall asleep. But not you and Taehyung. 

You guys talked, talked, and then then talked some more. Taehyung didn’t even seem to notice the time go by, but he didn’t really care. He came to realize that you and him had a lot in common, especially your taste in cars. Not to mention music and food. 

“Ok I have one last question for you. And this is going to dictate the future for us” you say suddenly. He doesn’t know why, but Taehyung becomes a little nervous. 

“White or dark chocolate” you say, eyeing Taehyung. Taehyung burst out laughing and laughs some more when he realizes you were being serious. 

“Trick question, it’s milk chocolate” he says. And you gasp. 

“I think…I found my soulmate” you say, half joking. How long you have waited to hear that answer!

“I should probably drop you off…unless you want to spend the night?” Taehyung asks, still laughing himself. 

“I’ll pass. I have work tomorrow and oh my god, it’s already 3am? I don’t seem to feel the time pass when i’m with you!” You say, being honest. 

“Same here. Here, let me get Tan off of your lap and we can get going” Taehyung says, as he leans forwaard to take his dog. But you weren’t prepared when he leans in and having his face so close to yours now that you gasp slightly. Taehyung hears this and he looks up at you into your doe eyes. His eyes flicker to your lips and before he fully understood what he was doing, he connects his lips to yours. 

He could taste the wine on your lips and he lost it when he felt you moan slightly. You, on the other hand, felt like you were in heaven. The kiss was warm and soft, and everything you dreamt it would be. You didn’t wait too long before you lips matched his pace. 

And when you realized that you didn’t want to kiss to end, and in fact wanted it to keep going, you reluctantly pulled away. Taehyung groaned at the loss of contact. “we should go” you say, as you place your forehead on his. Taehyung smiles and he nods. 

Soon, you were back home and assured Taehyung that he didn’t have to walk you to the door like he kept insisting. 

“Hey, Y/n” he calls before you reach to open the car door. You turn around, confused since you had already said your byes, but you were pleasantly surprised when Taehyung kissed you again. He breaks off the kiss only to whisper onto your lips “We can do this again, right?” he asks. You smile shyly and say yes. You quickly kiss him on the cheek before making your exit. Taehyung smiles as he watches you walk back into your building before pulling out his phone.

To Namjoon:

Tae: Your car is as good as mine. These six months are going to be easy ;)

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all this visual // roger taylor

summary: you and roger have been close friends since school - but as of late the tabloids have been fixated on your relationship. the two of you decide to give them something to talk about.

warnings: crass behaviour, very light smut. it took me three whole fics!!

a/n: roughly 4,500 words. this one is meant to take place very roughly between the two news of the world tours, but i’ve really botched the timeline. mainly i was just thinkin bout that fuck-me choker in the we will rock you scene lmao. the reader and roger’s pre-existing friendship is straight out of this blurb i wrote, so you can read the roger bit of that for some intro. feedback is nice requests are open etc etc! edit: now with a (nsfw) part 2!

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‘have you seen this?’
roger raises an eyebrow at you as he ashes his cigarette, taking a sip of his coffee. ‘you know i don’t read any of that stuff.’
‘liar.’ you toss the magazine at him, across the table still strewn with empty glasses, bottle tops, someone’s discarded sunglasses.

the morning after fred’s parties there’s always a coterie of hangers-on, people who were too drunk or tired to make their way home. last night was a welcome home party of sorts, with the boys finishing up their latest round in the states. you woke early in the morning, the sunrise totally unforgiving of your hangover. the white gossamer curtains fred’s picked out for the spare rooms are pretty, sure, but highly impractical. resigned to the impossibility of a sleep in, you had shuffled into the kitchen for a coffee and found roger already making a pot. he had automatically taken a second mug out for you as you slumped into a chair, helpfully pointing out where his cigarettes were sitting on the table.

you take one and light it as you watch him scan the article in question - though the term article might imply some degree of journalistic merit. he’s still in last night’s outfit, red jeans and a black shirt unbuttoned nearly to the waist. he hasn’t even bothered to run a comb through his hair, judging by how it’s sticking every which way.

roger’s new mystery woman,’ he reads aloud, already scrunching his nose in disgust. ‘roger taylor, queen drummer and notorious playboy, has found himself some new arm candy. we don’t know who she is yet, but the pair have been spotted together at several events and a close friend says they are utterly inseparable.’

you laugh each time his expression becomes more indignant, which is every other word or so. there are two photos accompanying the snippet: the first is of you and roger mugging it for the camera at a crew member’s birthday party - roger grinning all the way to his back teeth, you poking your tongue out, his arm slung around your neck. you remember being drunk as anything when it was taken. the second is a candid shot at some industry party, you sitting next to rog with your legs resting across his lap. it does look rather intimate, you suppose.

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ok here are my thoughts after spending 5 hours watching this awesome season. i have 100 heart attacks through out the 5 hour session

y’all who think this was shit? ungrateful, look past ships and focus on the actual beauty of it. 

  • first episode was cute as fuck and I LOVED EVERY SECOND THAT GOOD SHEITH AND HUNELLE MMMM
  • i understand the annoying things about road trips and that episode defined it lmao 
  • pidge being allergic to wolves yet she owns a dog. okay sweetie I LOVE YOU
  • cosmo only listens to keith, krolia and pidge i’m 110% certain
  • them being stuck alone in space honestly scared my and gave us really dark vibes and just YIKES IT WAS GOOD
  • it had them doubting their friendship while they were going mad, and hunk was the one who reached out to say HEY HOLD THE FUCK ON. he got so much good scenes this season i’m blessed
  • fuck that one admiral bitch tho
  • ok rip adam but i expected this tbh they said he wasn’t going to get a lot of screen time idk why y’all are screaming
  • SHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • what’s with the neon genesis evangelion altean what
Imagine Jared and Misha teasing Jensen because you, his favorite actress and celebrity crush, got a part in Supernatural and he acts like a fanboy.

“So how’s it going guys? It’s been quite some time since I last saw you and so much has changed!” the interviewer said with a smile as the three men nodded their heads.

“Oh yeah definitely! I mean I- I died, so there’s that.” Misha said with a shrug and Jared and Jensen snickered “You know-” he spoke up again, raising a finger “I think the only sad thing about it is that it wasn’t Jared that did it, it’s sad for him at least.” he looked at the taller man you nodded his head with a grin.

“Agree, absolutely agree! So I am just here and apologizing to you Misha, I will try harder next time to convince the writers to let me do that!” he said and Misha laughed himself.

“Well, glad to know you guys are taking well to that!” she laughed.

“Oh yeah, he’s a Winchester. He’ll be back, we don’t worry about that.” Jensen shook his head and Misha grinned.

“I love just how normal this sounds in the fandom to be honest!” she chuckled “Speaking of which: there has been a new addition to it, right?”

“Uh the Nephilim, right?” Jared spoke up with a smile “Yeah, I am sure this will be so much fun, we have already filmed a couple scenes and I’ve read some of the future scenes too and it’s all so much I honestly didn’t know they could take it this far! I really think he’s one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever had.”

“That’s amazing, try not to kill him to fast boys.” she chuckled an they laughed.

“Well, I’ll- I’ll try to hold Jared back since he wants to turn this into Friday the 13th all of a sudden!” Jensen said with a grin, pointing at his friend.

“Me or you? Dude, we need to avenge our friend’s death even if he is not directly responsible!” Jared shook hs head with a laugh.

“You said you’d like to kill me yourself just a second ago!” Misha exclaimed and Jared shrugged.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Took away the perfect opportunity!” he said so simply that it actually made everybody laugh.

“Glad to see you still love each other just as much as the first day, even after all these years.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh trust me!” Jensen piped in “I still want to off both of them just as much as the first day of meeting them!”

“Seriously?” Misha laughed at him as Jensen grinned “What am I supposed to say then you assholes?” he said in disbelief and Jensen shook his head, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Yes, yes we really are a family here as you can see!” Jared said with a big smile.

“That is great to see then.” she chuckled, flipping through her card for the next question “Other than this one addition to the show, one we’ve really been waiting for actually there was one that has been announced this summer and it really surprised everybody! I’m talking about a new ally that we may not know the actual name of but know is going to be one hell of an appearance since she’s portrayed by an amazing actress as (Y/n)!” she said with a grin and Misha and Jared smiled widely as the glanced at Jensen, whose head hang low.

“Oh there we go.” he mumbled and she raised an eyebrow.

“And that would mean?” she asked as she too a look at the snickering Jared and Misha.

“You know I actually thought I was going to avoid the embarrassment but nope, here comes possibly the worst moments of my life.” Jensen rested his chin on his palm and sighed, a little too dramatically.

“Why so?”

“You’ll see. Oh you’ll see.” Jensen mumbled, glancing at his friends from the corner of his eyes.

“Oh relax, we’re not gonna embarrass you… a lot.” Misha said with a shrug as Jensen scoffed.

“Well, let me explain everything cause you seem confused.” Jared got on a serious face and Jared just hid his face behind his hands at what was coming “Jensen is a fan of (Y/n)’s. Like not the normal kind, if there is that, no. Not the ‘Oh I love your movies, can I have an autograph?’ absolutely not. He’s more like- Do you remember Becky from the show?” he asked and she nodded her head.

“Yeah, yeah I do. That kind of fan?”

“No, no.” he shook his head “Worse! Actually much much worse!” he exclaimed and Misha snickered “He’s seen all of her movies at least ten times each, and his favorites- oh those I can’t even count. He knows the dialogs better than the actors that have actually been in them. And he’s seen every interview she’s ever had, like every one of them I am not kidding you! And- and Chuck forbid if she uploads a photo or video on any of her social media oh dear! The first like will always be his! Always I swear!”

“And he sure as hell won’t stop talking or at least thinking about it all day!” Misha spoke up, looking at Jensen who was shaking his head with a small whine leaving his lips “He hasn’t commented on any of them, not yet but oh Castiel help anyone that dares say they are her biggest fan! Nope, they don’t live to see the next day come!” he shook his head “Absolutely not! And let’s not get started when someone mentions her, he will pop in worse than Castiel himself! He almost gave one of the make up artists a heart attack!”

“So as you expect-” Jared wet on from then “When we found out that she had actually audition for a role in Supernatural, we did our best to avoid him at all costs!”

“Why that?”

“Because he was a mess of nerves and stuttering and awkwardness. Dean around a woman has nothing in common with what he was just at the mere thought she’d be on set with us! He’d ask questions about himself, and what she’d think and then thing of everything that could go wrong and all the ways he could embarrass himself in front of her!” Jared said with a chuckle as the only thing Jensen could do was mumble 'I hate you’s.

“Wow I really think that filming this season is going to be interesting then huh?”

“Oh I’m already sure we’ll have the best gag reel ever!” Misha said proudly and Jared nodded his head.

“We can’t wait for the teasing- er I mean shooting to begin!” he said and Misha snickered.

“I- I don’t really know why I hang out with these guys anymore.” Jensen huffed, shifting in his seat.

“Well, although Jared and Misha made it pretty clear I’d like to ask you Jensen if you have anything to say about (Y/n) being in Supernatural?”

“Well, uhm I’m sorry for a moment I was too caught up planning their deaths.” Jensen cleared his throat, blinking.

“Pff as if. He’s too caught up thinking about her. Cough – celebrity crush for life – cough some more.” Jared said with a smirk and Jensen only rolled his eyes.

“I’m gonna try to ignore the moose and uhm say that, honestly and all jokes aside I was really excited that we were going to have such an amazing actress on the show. It’s not every day an oscars’ winner wants to be part of this. I know she declined several movies to be able to be here with us, at least for this season and if that’s not honoring enough I don’t know what is.” he shrugged “I think- honestly, know she is going to do an amazing job in bringing this character to life and give her the depth and feelings she really needs and yeah maybe it’s the fan in me talking but I really think this is going to be my favorite season so far!”

“Alright, it’s great to hear that from you guys now.” she flipped through her cards, her eyebrows shot up once she read the question.

“Oh wow, alright- so I have a you could say question here that has been sent by the actual authors of the show to me. They told me they wanted the reactions captured on camera and I couldn’t understand then but now I really do understand.” she chuckled, catching their attention.

“They said they wanted to tell it to you when giving out the script for the next episode you have to film but found this as a great opportunity to let you, especially Jensen, know.” she looked at them.

“I’m… kinda scared now.” he mumbled.

“They’re killing you off dude!” Jared said with a snicker “Shame you won’t have a scene with your princess.” he said and only got a hit on the head from him.

“Uh actually quite the opposite.” she spoke up “To Jensen: How does it feel being told that (Y/n)’s character is going to be Dean’s most serious love interest along with everything that comes with that?

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Oh please give me jealous lily, I live for that, LIVE FOR IT!!! It is my #1 favourite thing

  • “why did you say no to a hogsmeade date if you wanted to go with him?” 
  • “but i don’t want to go with him.”
  • “then why are we following his every move.”
  • lily glares. mary winks. “oh stop smirking like that mary, like you’re all smug about something.”
  • “you like him!”
  • “i do not!”
  • they’re both hiding behind a bush, a bush right near spintwiches sporting needs. where james potter, sirius black and portia jacobs are currently browsing the newest broom model.
  • “do you think she likes him?” lily has crisp, brown leaves stuck in her hair. her eyes are wide, watching like a hawk as jacobs laughs at something james must have said. 
  • “what’s not to like? he’s good looking, quidditch star james potter” 
  • lily hates to admit that mary’s right. it feels strange thinking of arrogant potter like that.
  • sirius rolls his eyes and wanders towards the display in the window. they move a little too late, sirius notices the flash of deep red hair. lily swears and they both dive to the floor. 
  • “something in there that’s taking your fancy, evans?” three minutes later and sirius stands in front of them, grinning, eyes gleaming with his hands in his pockets. lily scowls. “no. there’s nothing i want in there.” 
  • “now now evans, you know you’re really bad at lying right?”
  • “i wanted to get some… lotion. that err stuff you put on your broom to make it, um, smooth.” 
  • sirius grins, and lily starts to fear for her life. “fleetwood’s high-finish handle polish? well, what do you know - you’re in luck because i just saw some in the shop.” 
  • “on second thought, it’s okay! i don’t need any-”
  • “ah, but i just remembered that i do though. come on, lily. you can come with me.”
  • she puts up a bit of a fight, but ends up stomping into the shop with sirius and mary holding onto her from either side. 
  • james looks up in an instant, cheeks blossoming with pink. a hand rushes to his hair. “oh, evans! and err hi macdonald, sirius.” 
  • “potter.” lily barely gives him a glance before she pulls the two giggling idiots to the other end of the shop. she glares back behind her, where james is back to talking to with portia about the strength and speed of the new nimbus.
  • “you’re one hard woman to please, evans. the guy asks you out, you turn him down and then start stalking him and acting like it’s his fault.” 
  • “it is his fault! look at him! the way he’s all going heart shaped eyes at mrs ‘i love quidditch since yesterday’ jacobs.
  • “lily. he’s talking, that’s all he’s doing.” “yeah, not like they’re planning their wedding vows or whatever.” “they want to get married?!” 
  • two hands fly up to her mouth, shushing and pushing her back to the farthest corner. sirius black taps his chin and shakes his head. “honestly, i don’t know why you rejected him in the first place.” 
  • “i panicked, okay! i was terrified because i was like crap! i actually think he’s kinda hot and grown up a lot and i didn’t want to prove that what i was feeling was… oh my god, you two stop smiling like that.
  • lily picks up the polish and the three walk in a tangle to the checkout. james potter is alone. “your girlfriend realise that quidditch is off the ground and she’s afraid of heights?” there’s no sign of portia jacobs and lily pounces at the opportunity like a ravenous lion. 
  • it’s so quiet that the tick of the clock beats like a megaphone in the shop. sirius sucks in a breath and scratches his nose and mary tries and fails to bite the smile off her lips. they both take a step back, holding onto each other as they watch the scene unfold.
  • “i don’t even know what your problem is, evans.” james rolls his eyes, grabs onto a broomstick servicing kit and marches towards the till too. there’s a thirty-ish year old man being served first and the lady who’s browsing nearby tuts at the disturbance. 
  • my problem?” lily looks like she’s about to cast an unforgiveable curse. “i wasn’t just chatting up some ravenclaw who was batting her eyelids like she had dust in her eyes.”
  • james laughs rather madly. “says the one who’s been following me around all day like a leech.”
  • “i was doing no such thing! take that potter, how dare you-”
  • “oh? so when i was leaving hogwarts and i turned around and you pretended to be a statue-”
  • “i was practising the valuable lesson of being still, potter. don’t flatter yourself. why would i follow you?”
  • the man hurries out of the shop and the lady who’s browsing quickly follows. the cashier lady looks uncomfortable. “do you have your camera?” sirius whispers into mary’s ear. 
  • james lets out a huff and bangs his broom kit onto the till. “because you like me, evans, and you’re afraid to admit it.” 
  • “ugh you are so infuriating potter! you act like the whole world revolves around you!”
  • “just admit that you’re jealous, lily. you’re such a bad liar.” 
  • silence falls once more, the air thick and tense. mary and sirius are practically hugging, not believing what’s happening. 
  •  “i am not jealous, you got that potter?” she takes an aggressive step towards him. she’s a foot smaller than him, but james takes a small step backwards anyways - stumbling into the till. 
  • “crystal clear.” he gulps, holding onto the cabinet for dear life as lily takes another step. she’s got him cornered. 
  • “and i fancy you, okay? can you keep that in your egotistical head?”
  • james potter blinks. “you, you what?” 
  • lily furrows her eyebrows. “what?”
  • “you just said you fancy me.”
  • “i said i DIDN’T fancy you.”
  • “pretty sure you said ‘i fancy you.’ evans.” sirius is cackling by now, grabbing onto mary for support. lily gives him the finger and stomps another step closer to james. so close, she’s almost stepping on his toes. he looks down at her, a lopsided, elated grin adorning his blushing cheeks. 
  • “wipe that stupid smile off your face, potter.” lily snaps, and before she knows it she’s grabbing hold of james’ jacket, standing on her tip toes and snogging him senseless.  
  • james drops his money on the floor, mary slaps a galleon into the open hand of sirius’ and the cashier lets out a frightened gasp when james picks up lily, her legs around his waist. 
  • “so are you… buying anything or?” the till lady asks in a whisper. 

anonymous asked:

why exactly do people think that timmy and armie are passionately in love?

I’m going to try to be as thoughtful as I can be about this because it involves opinions and someone is bound to be put off by whatever I say, so hopefully this is coherent.  I’ll also preface this by saying that everyone is different, and some people ship them for different reasons than I may list here. 

There are layers to this question that I think need to be addressed before I can answer. The first is what kind of love we’re talking about here, just so anyone reading knows exactly what I’m referring to. “Passionately in love” is a very different description from “love.” There are people who like Charmie that don’t or won’t cross over that line into the “Passionately in love” theories, but will happily stick to the “love” ones. And then there’s the opposite, and there are people in this fandom who see it as some limbo state between simple love and something more romantic. Sorry for going through this, but I really like to establish what level of love we’re talking about in cases like this. To be clear, I fall somewhere in the middle. Think of these shippers as people on a spectrum of emotional chaos which shifts and moves day by day. 

SO, why do people think they’re passionately in love? There are a few reasons, probably many more than I’ll be able to list here and even am aware of. The first is the raw vulnerability the two had to tap into the film their scenes together. Their roles were emotionally challenging and required a lot from them, especially the emotionally intimate scenes where the majority of what’s happening for their characters is beneath the dialogue. By the very nature of creating scenes like that, there was a necessity for them to grow close enough to develop a bond and trust that would allow them to generate that emotion and portray it honestly. Yes, it’s acting, but any actor will tell you that you pull from experience and build off of and use what you know. This is the case with them, we know because they’ve said so in interviews, as has Luca. They’ve talked about how they had to be vulnerable and let that be a part of their process, and Luca has mentioned that he was trying to capture organic moments instead of contrived ones. This can only happen if there is a high level of comfort between actors, in this case caused by emotional intimacy. They spent nearly every moment awake together or at least near one another. That’s a lot of time logged generating chemistry and emotional intimacy. 

This leads me to the second big factor for shippers: the parallels. I know, I know, that’s fiction and this is reality. However, a distinct line drawn between the two doesn’t exist in the case. It’s incredibly blurred, something that the actors and Luca have alluded to, even said, but it’s also something noticeable in their speech. They often slip up in talking about scenes, drifting from Oliver/Elio to referring to those characters as Armie/Timmy/Me/Him/Us/We/Our. Some actors just do this, it could mean nothing. Luca does it too, though, when he talks about them. Sometimes he’ll talk about a scene they filmed and he says Armie did this or Timmy did that, one time he actually in the middle of a sentence backtracked because he caught himself describing Armie doing something instead of Oliver, and backed up to fix his error. There’s also the element of their lives in Italy serving as a striking mirror to Oliver and Elio’s story itself. They describe their meeting as a meet-cute that screenwriters not only dream to be able to create, but in some cases probably have. They describe their chemistry as instant, and then the first thing they did together was ride around Crema on their bikes, Timmy showing Armie around. They spent their days talking about books and music and rode bikes and had meals together and spent so much time together. Then they began filming and they did the scenes in order, meaning as Oliver and Elio build intimacy, so are Armie and Timmy after already living mirror lives for a few weeks to Oliver and Elio’s casual day to day routine. Normally, parallels might not be that significant, but in this case, the sheer amount and nature of the parallels is enough to make it clear that this was a unique experience that generated genuine chemistry, intimacy, and emotion, because it was happening in real time on and off screen, romantic or not. It cannot be emphasized enough that a huge selling point for shippers is that Luca, Armie, and Timmy all have said that the environment Luca created, which consisted of endless parallels, made it easy to develop chemistry and intimacy with the characters, as well as each other. 

This leads to the third and final reason I’ll cover, which is the way Armie and Timmy talk about one another, as well as how they act (their body language) around each other. Those slip ups I already mentioned are when they’re trying to talk about their characters. There’s a whole other element, though, which is that they talk about their real life relationship as being something special. Armie has said so many times that they’re closer today than they were when they filmed. Armie has also said that he loves timmy, fell in love with him, multiple times. Timmy has also said it. Their body language is a display of emotion and genuine adoration. There is a magnetic response that happens when they’re near each other, and I’m not trying to romanticize it I promise. If you watch, they gravitate towards one another. 

Now, just one of these things alone is one thing. But combined, and adding in all the other various reasons I haven’t covered, people find themselves a bit conflicted. If this were a tv show and you were an objective observer, you’d see these signs and think it was a classic set up, the writers foreshadowing something that’s clearly in the works. But this is reality, and that’s so much messier, especially when you throw in the fact that Armie has a wife and two kids, and is presumably very very happy with them. Hence the shipping being more like a spectrum where day by day you can go from appreciating their love and thinking it’s likely just platonic, to seeing all of this and being overwhelmed, thinking there’s no way it’s just platonic. 

My final point to leave you with, dear anon, is a personal opinion, which I realize I probably shouldn’t offer up in a meta post about shipping, but I feel may help you understand when you see me reblog things that are clearly implicating some romance. It’s difficult to look at them and not see that they care about each other as humans. But the glances and everything I’ve mentioned above create this feeling that’s hard to shake once you get it. There’s a natural anxiety when it comes to looking at these two and recognizing classic signs of infatuation. Logic kicks in and you think that there’s no way they’re romantically involved. For some, that’s where the process ends and that’s perfectly valid. But then, for someone like me, I think about how close they had to be in Italy, and how Timmy punched a wall during the filming of their last kiss “out of frustration” and that Armie began pulling back because he felt people around him weren’t as invested in the emotions and story as he was, and this narrative is formed without any help from anyone but them and Luca. The reality is, Timmy thought about leaving the set and Italy when he filmed that last scene, he said as much. The reality is, Armie considers the experience to have changed his entire life. There was a love that built there, whether it was romantic or not who’s to say but them for sure. But what I can say is that it literally pains me to think about two people finding each other and having instant chemistry, spend day in day out with each other for two, two and a half months, and then walk away like nothing ever happened. It hurts my heart to think that love can be so easily discarded. I hold onto the idea of shipping them because to think they let that love fall away after filming is something I personally cannot cope with, not just because it’s them, but because it’s love. The rest is semantics. It boils down to love, and it’s there. Whether or not they ever act on it is the issue, it’s the issue that a lot of people debate and take sides on. That’s okay, because looking at love is always entirely subjective. It’s constructed of your own experiences, your own emotions and heart. What I see is foreign to someone else who has had completely different but perfectly valid experiences and is absolutely fine with assessing this stuff between Armie and Timmy and coming to the conclusion that nothing ever has or will ever happen. That’s fine. That’s beautiful, actually. 

So, why do people think they’re passionately in love? The long answer is above. The short answer, lovely anon, is that people see what they need to see. Why do we ship anyone, why do we think our crush might have been staring when we see them look away? We see things because our heart decides that there is something worthwhile to stake a claim on, and our head relents. It’s all about what you’re bringing into the equation, my friend. Once you realize that, it all makes a little more sense. 

Something I want to see at some point, but which would also break my heart, is Yang breaking down again–the same way she did in the V5 finale–only this time instead of her crying alone Blake is there, to hold her and listen to her and just be there for her.

Maybe it’s after Raven dies and Yang inherits the powers of the Spring Maiden, to add another level to the parallel with that scene, or maybe it’s something else, but there are a number of reasons I would immensely appreciate a moment like that.

One, honestly, Yang really needs a hug. And some support from someone else. She’s been carrying other people’s burdens pretty much her whole life but she’s never truly had anyone to carry hers in return, and that’s a role that only Blake can fill, at least at the moment.

Ruby is too much Yang’s little sister for Yang to accept that type of comfort from her, Weiss and Yang aren’t as close as Weiss herself admits, Tai wasn’t there enough in the past and so Yang doesn’t feel she can rely on him for that kind of help now, Qrow has his own problems he’s dealing with–

The list goes on. Point is, Yang needs someone she can talk to without holding anything back, and right now Blake is the only person who can do that for her. Which leads me to…

Two, it would be an excellent beat in Yang and Blake’s relationship. Blake has always been the only person we see Yang trust enough to be completely open with–in V2C6 she tells Blake about Raven, who we’ve never seen her talk about in that much depth even to Ruby before, and in V6C5 she admits to Blake that she doesn’t know if she’s okay as opposed to insisting she’s fine like she does with everyone else–and this would be another example of that to highlight the strength of their connection.

Not to mention that after Yang sobbing that she needed Blake there for her in V5C8 it would also serve as a fantastic resolution to that scene, with Yang finally receiving exactly what she wanted from Blake back then. And it would also reinforce the idea of them being there for each other after the emphasis on how equal their partnership is in V6.

And three, last but definitely not least, it would be an incredibly significant step in Yang’s character development. For the same person who didn’t feel comfortable enough to confess that she missed someone to her sister and her friend–who only cried over the woman who gave birth to her abandoning her a second time when she was completely alone–to let someone else in?

For the same person who has always taken care of everyone else before herself and kept her vulnerabilities hidden, likely because after being left behind so many times she’s scared that if she doesn’t give enough of herself to the people around her then everyone she cares about will eventually leave, to seek out comfort from someone else and bare everything to them, including her deepest insecurities, because she trusts that they’ll see all of her and still choose to stay?

Yeah, that would destroy me in the very best way. And it would be such amazing progress for her. So while I don’t think it’s a necessary addition to the story, I do think it would be a wonderfully satisfying moment for Yang’s character.


All the important things I noted down from this interview:

When they shot the “he’s coming for you” scene, they had no idea who the “he” would be. It was a last minute addition to 610 just to give us an idea of what the flash forward would “look like”. That’s why we saw it in the episode before the series finale, because for years the writers were pondering “who’s the he, who’s the he?” and there came a point where they just had to make a decision.

We can put Melissa’s suitcase handle to rest. That was a complete red herring and it’s not coming back in the finale.

Sasha and her husband, Hudson, double date with Andrea and her husband. Sasha and Andrea are really good friends. I didn’t know this!

Aria does not have multiple personalities because she was talking to the trunk of her car. “Don’t read too much into that”.

Sasha and Troian turned over the script of the finale to the back page and drew a Hastings-DiLaurentis-Drake family tree, trying to piece together everything. I thought that was cute. I love when the actors immerse themselves in the story like us fans.

Torrey is legally/contractually on another show but somehow they managed to get her back. The fact that they managed to get her out of luck tells me she won’t be important.

Jason is not in the finale.

We finally have an answer to Ali’s bloody lip in season 3. And you won’t like it. “During that episode and Ali’s life, she was really taunting the girls about these older people she was hanging out with, sort of a bad crowd. In the writers room we never said specifically who it was, but in our minds, it was that group of people. She was trying to make the PLLs jealous, she was hanging out with older people, probably Charlotte and college kids, the same group of kids who threw the poor girl down the stairs. It lives in that world.”

Emison has the most shocking twist in the finale. No comment on what the twist is. Sasha bit her lip the second this question was asked. (Is Ali faking her pregnancy? Is Ali AD?)

The character that has changed the most after the 1 year time jump in the finale is Toby.

The hardest scenes to shoot were the goodbye scene as well as the actual last scene of the show. Marlene confirmed that this so called “goodbye scene” is just a goodbye to “ONE of the characters”. Take that as you like, but I interpret it to mean only one PLL leaves Rosewood meanwhile the others stay.

The very last scene of the finale is a “bonus full circle moment. Although the show ends, the world continues.” Sasha wasn’t shocked by this finale scene but it is “amazing, it sums up our show in a way”. Marlene said: “The mythology of this town will always go on. It’s not gonna end with the end of Pretty Little Liars.” This makes me really happy honestly. Well, assuming that they’re not talking about Addison getting a text from B. I like that the world will always be open and we can think about Rosewood in a year and wonder what’s going on. I like that it’s 99% closure with 1% available for freedom of thought.

Mona pushed Charlotte off the bell tower, even though we didn’t see it. They were probably saving production costs, as they’d have to pay for a doll/fake corpse to throw off a building.

An Emison spinoff is a possibility.

Marlene’s new series “The Perfectionists” could be in the same or similar universe as PLL. Characters from PLL “could” be in the new series but it’s too early to talk about The Perfectionists. “Hopefully in the next couple weeks” Marlene can speak more on the new show.

“There’s a 1 year time jump and a lot happens in a year” was Marlene’s response to Mary injecting/stabbing Spencer in the promo.

BIG ONE: that was Spencer, NOT Twincer that Mary is stabbing!! Marlene kept a very straight face when the interviewers mentioned Spencer having a twin.

There is at least one, maybe two “very realistic” masks in the finale. (We are doomed. I hate the finale already.)

“Everyone knows I love Toby, so the chances of him being AD would be slim.” - Marlene

The final 10 episodes are loaded with clues and they were designed for us to guess it correctly. That was Marlene’s response as to what particular episodes we should watch.


In the promo Aria says “I can’t marry Ezra” - not “burry”

How the mums got out of the basement is discussed in the finale but maybe not in the way we’d like.

Aside from who AD is, Marlene’s favourite question to answer is AD’s motive.

“The viewers will know before the girls” - Sasha

The reason the finale is 2 hours is so that we can process the who and the why.

The person who plays AD asked Marlene not to tell anyone so that other actors don’t act different in scenes with AD.

Marlene told the person who is AD, that they are AD, fairly early on, by themselves. I feel like this rules out Twincer since Troian said that Marlene told her and Keegan together one night on set :(

The hope is that it’ll leave some sort of legacy and that in a few years you’ll look back and remember where you were when you found out who AD is.