but honestly can we just talk about this scene for a second

things from the book that would've been cute as FUCK in to all the boys i’ve loved before movie
  • lara jean talking about the letter w/ peter because honestly her letter is so sweet but it’s so funny

- “In a low, quiet voice, Peter says, “Just so you know I don’t have any STDs.. I also don’t always take the last piece of pizza.”
- “Wait.” He hesitates, “Listen I didn’t mean to steal your first kiss or whatever. I mean, that wasn’t my intention-“

  • the actual way peter and lara jean kissed not that spin the bottle bs peter has loved her since literally the seventh grade

- “Peter and I were downstairs alone, the last two to be picked up. We were sitting on the couch.”
- “And then out of nowhere, he said, “Your hair smells like coconuts… Then Peter Kavinsky leaned right in and kissed me, and I was stunned.”

  • okay noah said in an interview that they decided to change the original kiss because it was hard to shoot -which is understandable- but the original is SO cute

That’s when I see him. Peter Kavinsky, walking down the hallway. Like magic. Beautiful, dark-haired Peter. He deserves background music, he looks so good. I run up to Peter and launch myself into his arms like a shot out of a cannon. I’ve got my arms around his neck and my legs hooked around his waist… Peter’s expression is registering pure shock and disbelief and maybe a drop of amusement, because Peter likes to be amused.

Raising his eyebrows he says, “Lara Jean? What the-?” I don’t answer, I just kiss him… My heart is beating so fast I forget to be afraid of doing it wrong. Because for about three seconds, he’s kissing me back. Peter Kavinsky, the boy of every girls dreams, is kissing me back.”

  • peter being low-key jealous
    • part one

“John Ambrose McClaren.”
Peter’s eyes widen. “McClaren? When did you like him?”
“Eighth grade.”
“I thought you liked me in eighth grade!”

    • part two

“At dinner I get a text from Peter. It says, If you’re going to hang out with Sanderson, can you at least not do it in public?”


“He pushes away from the wall and puts his head in my lap, and I go completely still.
I try to make my voice sound normal as I say, “You’re in a really strange mood today.”
He raises an eyebrow at me. “What kind of mood am I in?”
“The obnoxious kind,” I say, and he laughs.
“I’m sleepy.” He closes his eyes and snuggles against me. “Tell me a bedtime story, Covey.””

    • “I stand there for a second and then I go for it: I do what a girl in love with Peter would do. I do what Genevieve would do. I march right in and plop down in his lap like it’s my rightful place.”
  • talking in his car

Lara Jean; “Do you think there’s a difference? Between belonging with and belonging to, I mean?
Peter; “Sure. One implies choice; the other doesn’t.”

  • the estate sale!!!!

- “Peter’s mom’s van pulls up… before I can say a word, he says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But look what I brought you.” He passes me a donut in a napkin, still warm. “I stopped and got it special, right when they opened at seven thirty. It’s mocha sugar.”
- “You’re crazy,” Peter says, pulling me back in by the hem of my shirt. He’s looking at me like he did that day I kissed him in the hallway. Like I’m different than he thought.”

the notes

- “During chemistry, Peter writes me a note that says, Can I come over tonight to study for the test? I write back, I don’t remember study sessions being in the contract. After he reads it, he turns around and gives me a wounded look. I mouth, I’m kidding!”
- “Meet you at your locker after school?”
- “Can I borrow your chemistry notes from yesterday?
- “Can you take the bus home today? I want to surprise Kitty and pick her up from school so she can show me and my car off to her friends.”
- “Thanks for coming to the estate sale with me this weekend. You made the day fun. I owe you one.”
- “Don’t forget to pack a Korean yogurt for me!”
- (see christmas cookie bonanza) “If you make Josh’s dumb white-chocolate cranberry cookies and not my fruitcake ones, it’s over.”
- “You look pretty today. I like you in blue.”

  • the literal whole halloween part (Jenny Han said that they couldn’t do it bc of copyright w/ marvel and hp but it would’ve been great

“His eyes are big. “You look hot,” he says, sounding surprised. “What are you? An anime character?”
“No,” I say, or more like snap. “I’m Cho Chang.”

  • lara jean being sweet to peter bc he’s nice to kitty
  • lunch
  • peter likes lara jean
      • “He definitely likes her, Kitty agrees, her mouth full. “He… he looks at you a lot, Lara Jean. When you’re not paying attention. He looks at you, to see if you’re having a good time.””

“You forgot your bag,” he says, glancing over toward Josh’s house.
“I know,” I say breathlessly. “Thanks for coming back.”
“Is he out there?”
“I don’t know. He was a minute ago.”
“Then just in case,” Peter says, and he leans his head out and kisses me on the lips, open-mouthed and sure.
“…He drives off into the night and I’m still standing there with my fingers on my lips. Peter Kavinsky just kissed me. He kissed me, and I liked it. I’m pretty sure I liked it. I’m pretty sure I like him.”


- “Peter’s here; he stopped by after school to work on chem, and now it’s hours later and he’s still here. He and Kitty and I are in the living room going through the cookbooks.”
“Hey, what about these?” Peter pushes a cookbook in my lap. It’s opened up to a fruitcake cookie recipe.
I gag. “Are you kidding? You’re kidding, right? Fruitcake cookies? That’s disgusting.”
“When done right fruitcake can be really good,” Peter defends.
[Lara Jean tells story of “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote]
“That’s depressing,” Peter says. “Forget the fruitcake cookies.”

- “Josh!” I hear her [Kitty] squeal.
Peter’s head jerks up.
“He’s here to see Kitty,” I tell him.
“Yeah, right.”

- …”You’re making my favorite, right?” Josh gives me puppy-dog eyes…
“What’s your favorite?” Peter asks him. “Because I think the list is pretty set.”


sorry that one was long af but its so cute i wish it was in the movie

  • josh kissing lara jean and peter being jealous

- “And then he [Josh] jerks his head towards mine, and he kisses me. On the lips. His eyes are closed, mine are wide open.”

- In chemistry class I write Peter a note. You were right about Josh.
I tap him on the back and slip the note in his hand. When he reads it, he sits up straight and immediately scrawls something back.
Be more specific.
He kissed me.
When Peter stiffens, I am ashamed to say that I feel a little bit vindicated. I wait for him to write back, but he doesn’t. As soon, as the bell rings, he turns around and says, “What the hell? How did that even happen?”
“He came over to help us trim the tree.”
“And then what? He kissed you in front of Kitty?”
“No! It was just the two of us at the house.”
Peter looks really irritated, and I’m starting to regret mentioning it. “What the hell is he thinking. kissing my girlfriend? It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m gonna say something to him.”

  • peter confessing that he likes lara jean at the ski lodge

Peter grabs my hand mid-swat and says, “Wanna hear something funny?”
“I think I started liking you.”
“…Stop teasing.”
“I’m not teasing. Why do you think I kissed you that day at McClaren’s house back in seventh grade? It’s why I went along with this thing in the first place. I’ve always thought you were cute.”



  • “It’s like … it’s like there’s only ever been Peter. Like everyone else that came before him, there were all to prepare me for this. I think I see the difference now, between loving someone from afar and loving someone up close. When you see them up close, you see the real them, but they also get to see the real you. And Peter does. He sees me, and I see him.
    • Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That’s part of the risk. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”

Good afternoon, are y’all ready for feelings again? Let’s talk about the break-up scene.

“But, Des,” you say, “you’ve already talked about the break-up scene!”

Yeah, I talked about the actual break-up, let’s talk about THE BEGINNING OF IT.


This isn’t really what I wanted to talk about, but it’s just another one of those great moments that I love between them.

Crowley, literally two seconds ago, says: “You’re ridiculous, I don’t know why I’m still talking to you,” and walks away.

But as soon as Aziraphale says, “You can’t leave, Crowley!” He turns around and just drops this bomb.

“Enough, I’m leaving.” / “We can go off together!”

Honestly, do the two of you even know how to be properly mad at one another? The answer is no.

But like I said, that wasn’t really what I wanted to talk about. 

What I wanted to talk about is what happens directly after that. I wanna talk about Aziraphale’s reaction.


The way his expression goes slack, lips parting, it’s surprise, yes, but it’s also more. It’s awe.


There are no words, none whatsoever, that do justice to Michael Sheen’s voice in this moment. 

“Go off together?” So soft, filled with disbelief and longing, like in those three words, Crowley has given him everything he’s ever wanted, but never even dared to dream about.


And then there’s this. He takes a little fortifying breath like Crowley’s just knocked the air out of him.

The thing that kills me, though, is that as soon as he realizes that he’s daring to hope, he has to reel himself in again. Because he is Aziraphale and he doesn’t get what he wants.


A little sigh as he lets that same breath go, his shoulders dropping again.


First of all, before I go off on a tangent, I wanna talk about Crowley’s body language.

He’s just said, “let’s go off together,” and he’s standing there with arms wide open like he’s offering up his entire self to Aziraphale, and in some ways he is, but it just kILLS me to see, knowing what’s coming next.

Now onto my tangent:

Listen to yourself, Aziraphale says. It’s a silly thought to entertain; a pipe dream.

This is the moment, the very second, that Aziraphale teeters on the knife’s edge of a life-changing decision. 

Taking what he wants means turning his back on Heaven. Being obedient to Heaven means losing Crowley.

For six thousand years, he’s been able to put off this decision, but he’s been aware more and more that it’s coming, that he’ll have to choose some day. Maybe in those first days, it would’ve been easy for him to choose Heaven.

But six thousand years later, it isn’t. Six thousand years later, the idea of choosing Heaven over Crowley makes him feel like he’s unraveling at his very core.

He needs to be talked into it, though, the same way Crowley talks him into everything else. Needling him, coaxing him, spouting absolute logic at him–because logic is the language that Aziraphale speaks most fluently–until Aziraphale can make his decision and feel good about it.

It’s easy to say that Aziraphale is a worrier and you would not be incorrect in saying so. But let’s call a spade a spade: Aziraphale has anxiety. Seemingly very severe anxiety.

The first time we meet him, he says, “Oh, I do hope I didn’t do the wrong thing,” and then he spends the next six episodes worrying about that very thing. 

That is his defining trait. He needs to do the right thing and his entire life is spent wondering if he’s succeeding.

The thing that Crowley does–that no one else will do, keep in mind! and that I think is absolutely, utterly wonderful–is he talks it through with Aziraphale. He doesn’t just say, “Stop being a worrywart,” or “Why are you worried about this?” or “You worry too much.”

No, he acknowledges and accepts Aziraphale’s anxiety as part of who he is and instead of dismissing or ridiculing it, he helps to ease that anxiety with the thing that works best for Aziraphale: logic.

Crowley gamely engages Aziraphale’s worries and lays out careful arguments to show that no, dove, you aren’t doing the wrong thing. This is the thing to do, I promise, and here’s why.

That way when Aziraphale makes his decision, he won’t worry about it afterward.

I mean, think about Aziraphale after he makes the decision to help thwart the apocalypse & raise Warlock with Crowley. Crowley’s the one voicing his worries in the flashes we see, not Aziraphale. Aziraphale’s fears have been squashed by Crowley and now he Knows he’s doing the right thing, no anxiety present.

So the thing is…he needs Crowley to do it again. He’s giving Crowley the opportunity to ease his fears again.

And Crowley tries to because he knows that’s how this song and dance goes:


He tries.

Aziraphale has spent the past 6,000 years putting boundaries on who and what they are to each other.

Crowley has spent 6,000 years trying to respect those boundaries. He’s ass over teakettle in love with Aziraphale, but he’s spent 6,000 years knowing that he can’t say that because to love one another is to disobey orders.

Something that Crowley is very comfortable with, but which Aziraphale is not.

And, of course, to say that first would be making himself too vulnerable. If he says it first, what if Aziraphale balks? What if it’s not okay to love him?

Of course, this whole conversation between them is a love declaration and Aziraphale does balk. And Crowley, as he walks away with a crumbling heart, is secretly glad that he did not say the words.

So he chooses the word “friend.” His question is calculated, but it’s also a miscalculation.

“How long have we been friends?”


Because I think that “friends” is a bucket of cold water for Aziraphale.

It’s the very moment when he starts to backtrack. It’s when he starts to pull away from Crowley and everything that’s being offered. It’s when he starts building up his walls again.

It’s not that Aziraphale doesn’t value what they have–it’s not that what they have isn’t enough–it’s that he is in love with Crowley and he erroneously assumes that he needs more in order to turn his back on Heaven.

He wants the big sweeping gesture, he wants Crowley to say, “I’ve been in love with you for six thousand years, run away with me before the Apocalypse comes.”

Aziraphale has no doubts at all about how he feels about Crowley, but if he’s going to give up Heaven, he needs to know that Crowley doesn’t have any doubts, either. He needs to know that they’re on the same page, that they always have been.

He thinks he needs more of a commitment than “we’re friends, let’s go off together.” (Probably because among his first editions, he has quite a few trashy romance novels. Don’t base romance on that, Aziraphale, ffs.)

And Crowley? Crowley is looking back at the past six thousand years and assuming that the commitment bit was obvious

Aziraphale wants a big gesture because he’s looking for Crowley’s behavior to change, and to change in a way that indicates his feelings. He can’t turn his back on Heaven for things that are unsaid. 

The problem with that, though, is that Crowley’s behavior can’t change. It can’t because he’s been in love since they met. He’s ALWAYS acted in love, he can’t just start now because Aziraphale’s ready for it.

Aziraphale wants a big sweeping gesture and Crowley thinks that standing there with his arms wide open, offering to run away together, is the gesture.

These dumbasses are so close to getting what they both want, it’s right at their fingertips. They’re on the same page of the same damn book, it’s just different translations.

Now please look at it again, along with what Aziraphale says next:


the thing 


that absolutely kills me


about this fucking part


is that Aziraphale can’t even look at Crowley when he says it.

That very last gif, he manages to glance at him for a second before he has to look away again, but other than that, he has to look away when he rejects what Crowley is offering, while he rejects what he so badly wants to accept

The other thing that kills me–actually there are two other things.

One is the look on his face as he says, “We’re an angel and a demon,” as if he’s having to remind himself of this fact.

They aren’t friends. They can’t be friends. They can’t be more. They are an angel and a demon. There’s no future for them; there can’t be, because this is what they are.

The other thing that kills me is that that line–”We are an angel and a demon.”–is such a meaningless party line and they both know it.

They’re so far past what they are that the fact that Aziraphale has to remind himself of it is telling in and of itself. 

It’s such an arbitrary thing to them at this point that Crowley doesn’t even bother arguing with it. 

The idea that that’s a reason to do or not do anything is just silly, honestly.

Why I love the Ant Man/Ant Man & Wasp movies!

There is something so very beautiful with watching movies that portray certain relationship tropes in such a different and positive light than the usual toxic mainstream movie narratives.

1. Cassie & Scott’s relationship

This relationship is beautiful and pure. Scott talks to Cassie, not only does he communicate with her honestly and doesn’t treat her like she’s an idiot just because she’s a kid, he also seeks advice from her and is encouraging to her. There is none of this controlling father behavior that is being billed as protective. No. When Cassie says she wants to help people like her father, Scott never discourages her. He is proud of his daughter and whatever choices she wants to be and he lets her be the person she wants to be instead trying to tell her what to do. This is a father who not only understands his daughter but also treats her like an equal, like they’re both partners in this bond they have. This is how father-daughter relationships should be.

2. Scott & Maggie’s relationship

How many movies would have gone the route of ex-husband and ex-wife still fighting and being angry or controlling or jealous? When is the last time mainstream movies have allowed two divorced people to simply just be amicable and supportive? To just be friends who may have divorced but are still friends who care about each other and isn’t trying to use their daughter as some pawn in some marital fight. No. Instead we have Scott and Maggie treating each other respectfully as you would another adult and parental figure. We have them finding a way to make things work for Cassie. We have Scott still being part of Maggie’s family despite her having remarried. These are not two people harping on each other and trying to find flaws and faults. No, we have two people who care about each other and trust each other and have each other’s backs.

3. Scott & Jim’s relationship

This is something that is more prominent in the first movie, but it’s also still existing in the sequel - there is no male ego/macho-ness crap going on between them. Jim married Maggie and is Cassie’s step-father, but there is none of that he’s the evil wicked step-father who’s trying to ruin things. No. Instead Jim is just a guy doing his job in the first movie, and in the second he’s a friend being supportive. How many other mainstream films or even TV shows would have made a huge deal of a love triangle drama or have Jim be evil and horrible just so Maggie and Cassie would go back to Scott and he wins and proves himself the hero. But no, these movies aren’t about any of that macho drama. Both Scott and Jim care about Maggie and Cassie, and instead of having it be a competition, they have basically decided that two people can do it better than one to protect their family and the people they love. It literally warms my heart to see them hug multiple times in these films, even if it’s a family group hug. There is none of the drama of Scott trying to sabotage Jim and Maggie’s marriage or trying to prove that he’s Cassie’s father and Jim isn’t. No, these are two men who have a healthy and respectful relationship and honestly that is SO DAMN RARE in this day and age in films and TV shows. Both Scott AND Jim have a place in Cassie’s life and they both love and look after her. I’ve said it before but Cassie is so lucky to have two dad-figures in her life.

4. Hope & Maggie

While it can be argued that perhaps Hope and Maggie should get to spend more time in scenes together interacting, it still is a positive in these films that we never see these two women being rivals for Scott’s affections or fall into that trope of jealous angry catty and petty women fighting all the time. They are just two women with their own lives who share some important people in common and they’re fine with that. Hope isn’t trying to steal Maggie’s place with Scott or Cassie, and Maggie isn’t all freaking out about Cassie spending time with another woman whom Scott may be with. Again, not seeing any fights is so damn refreshing!

5. Ava & Janet

First of all, just the fact that Ava isn’t an evil villain. No. She is a victim of institution, of SHIELD, and perhaps even of Hank’s arrogance. She’s just a desperate young girl who was used and abused with only one adult figure who cares about her and wants to look after her. Yet her story didn’t end with her dying or with her being alone or becoming this horrible person. This movie doesn’t have her kill Janet, instead, Janet sees her pain and her sorrow and instead of either of these two women trying to take each other out, we see Janet reach out to Ava and HELP HER. For once, someone else is taking her pain seriously and actually helping her instead of hurting her. Ava gets to be happy, she gets to have a happy ending and be a family with Bill. And Janet gets to be reunited with her family, her daughter. Instead of using violence, this movie allowed two female characters to interact with empathy and kindness and understanding. And everyone gets a happy ending that they deserve. Nobody had to die.

6. Hope & Scott’s relationship

Scott’s relationship really with all the people around him is really just such a huge positive in these movies, and his relationship to Hope is no exception. He doesn’t yell or scream or act like it’s her fault, Scott is able and willing to admit to his mistakes and feel bad about it and allows Hope to think and decide things for herself. He doesn’t push or prod, nor is he hanging around anxiously waiting. No. He knows he messed up and Hope is mad and she gets to be mad. And while Hope gets to be mad and process her feelings, Scott is focused on trying to just be a good dad and stick to the rules. If anything, romance isn’t even really much of focus between them until near the end of the film where she seeks and initiates their relationship again. Healthy and non-toxic relationships is so hard to find these days. The fact that they get to be individuals instead of two people co-dependent on the relationship and not knowing how to exist without the other, is so very important.


here is hoping that more MCU movies and other mainstream movies/shows will take a look at the way the Ant Man/Ant Man & Wasp movies portray healthy relationships and actually do more of that as well!

Review/Reaction of IT Chapter Two

Let’s just start right off the bat and let me just say that Bill Hader better get a fucking award for his performance.

Alright. Here we go y’all. im trying to stay in order with what happened but so much happened in the movie that my brain is just all over the place so excuse me while i try to form words


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Subtle changes equals angst

I couldn’t help but notice a particular scene in the new Sanders sides video that kind of made me sad. It’s shortly after Deceit suggests that Thomas uses Roman’s Aunt Patty excuse.


As pictured above, the first time Patton insults lying, saying that it’s wrong, Deceit reacts dramatically and not very seriously. He isn’t too offended and I don’t think he takes Patton too seriously. But then, seconds later, when Patton chimes in with something along the lines of “I’m your morality and I’m here, so it must be wrong”, Deceit’s expression changes drastically.


He’s just standing there, looking at Patton. I would almost say he looks hurt. It’s more subtle, but it reminded me of Virgil before he was accepted by the others and how he would react when insulted. When Patton bashes Deceit again and talks about how Roman is supposed to defend honor, so why is he listening to Deceit? And his expression changes, but more subtly.


Deceit still looks offended, but I also see a determination. It’s almost like this is the exact moment he decides to prove Patton wrong, that he can be useful and Thomas should be able to go to the callback.

Deceit has been shown to be some form of self-preservation here in this episode. If we look at the other sides, they “display” the characteristics that they represent. Deceit is very protective of himself and his purpose in helping Thomas. I hope we see more moments like this because honestly, it had me screaming. I love it.

anonymous asked:

How do you write Connor so well? Could you share some writing tips?

That’s really sweet of you to say. Honestly, it’s just me trying to pick up on every little thing we actually know about Connor and filling in my own interpretations of what they mean. We really don’t know that much about Connor. He’s only in the beginning of the play then throughout you get little snippets of his life from other characters…but it’s not that much to go off of. Even then, it’s how they saw him which can we a warped version of what he actually was. When I’m writing him, I try not to focus on Evan’s Connor because he’s only a projection of Evan’s own self. It’s important to remember that he’s not Connor. He’s Evan. That’s Evan’s mind talking to him using Connor’s face but it’s not Connor himself. He’s not a ghost coming back to talk to this random kid he’s interacted with once or twice. He’s 100% Evan’s mind projecting.

So then you have to focus on what you actually know about him. I’m gonna dissect it because I literally love analyzing characters it’s my favorite thing in the entire world. You didn’t ask for this but I’m doing it anyway yolo (im sorry).

The first time we meet Connor is at the breakfast scene. What do we know about that scene?:

  • Connor doesn’t want to go to school.
    • It is the very first day of his senior year. Not many people skip the very first day of school. It’s supposed to be a fairly easy, chill, exciting day to most people. Getting to know your teachers, seeing friends, catching up with people, not much work etc. I’m going off of my own school experience to analyze this bit: Skipping/Not wanting to go/Having anxiety over going doesn’t mean you’re lazy and don’t like work. It generally means that you feel uncomfortable, anxious, lonely, scared about having to navigate the world of school and your peers. Connor doesn’t have friends. Going to school, sitting in class, doing group projects, eating lunch, doing anything in school alone and without friends is fucking hard. It’s awful.  It’s not a surprise he doesn’t want to go.
  • Connor is high.
    • Judging from typical school days, it’s probably somewhere between 6 - 7 in the morning. That’s early. That’s someone who wakes up and immediate gets high. AND it’s the first day of school. That’s someone who needs something to help them cope just to get through the day. He needs something to help him take the edge off of life because doing it without anything is a daunting thought.
    • Cynthia also says “I don’t want you going to school high Connor. We’ve talked about this.” Which implies that this a fairly regular thing for him.
  • Connor reacts negatively when Zoe speaks but ignores Larry.  
    • Okay so I love this bit because my psychology loving self adores this kind of shit. It’s amazing and beautifully done and asdlhfal;ksd
    • After Cynthia tries to get Larry involved with making sure Connor goes to school. Larry says, “What do you want me to do? He doesn’t listen. Look at him. He’s probably high.” Connor stays quiet. Then Zoe confirms Larry’s statement and says, “He’s definitely high.” And Connor responds with a “Fuck you!”
    • Every time Larry speaks Connor stays quiet. His body language in the scene involves Connor resting his arm on the side of his head and, by doing so, is putting some sort of physical barrier between his facial expressions and his dad sitting next to him.
    • If I recall correctly, I don’t think Connor ever once actually speaks to his dad??? Larry talks at him but Connor never responds. No words are ever spoken from him to Larry. (I think, I could be wrong)
    • SO the point here is that Connor doesn’t say shit when Larry is nagging at him but the second Zoe opens her mouth to do the same he immediately responds with a big “fuck you” and puts his head down on the table.
    • The way I analyze that scene is that the fuck you was really meant for Larry, that he was pissed off at his father, but he took it out on Zoe. He redirected his anger onto his sister because it’s a lot easier to take advantage of a younger sibling then the head of your household.
    • Judging from how Zoe speaks about him later in the play, he probably redirected a lot of his anger onto her and it really messed her up.
    • Him not speaking up to Larry could also mean that Connor is potentially afraid of him?

The second time we see Connor is at school with Jared and Evan:

  • Connor cares what people think about him and he’s bullied. 
    • Jared says, “Hey Connor. Loving the new hair length. Very school shooter chic.” Connor responds by staring at him with this perplexed look of wtf dude seriously. He was just nagged at home, forced to go to school when he’s clearly uncomfortable about doing that, and then he gets there only to be antagonized by Jared who pretty much refers to him as someone who slaughters innocent people.
    • His ‘wtf dude’ look is totally justified in my opinion.  
    • Jared then says that he was just kidding and that it was a joke. To which Connor replies with “Yeah no it was funny. I’m laughing can’t you tell.” His tone starts out light and sarcastic. When Jared doesn’t respond, he steps closer to him and voice raises. “Am I not laughing hard enough for you?” He’s clearly offended by what Jared said.
    • Jared calls him a freak and walks away.
  • He gets bullied by Jared so he turns around and becomes the bully to Evan.
    • Like he did with Zoe, Connor redirects his pain onto people he know won’t fight back or who he views as weaker than him.
    • Evan nervous laughs when he’s left alone with Connor. Connor can probably see that Evan is scared of him and uses that to his advantage. He says the whole, “What the fuck are you laughing at? Stop fucking laughing at me?”” Stop laughing at me. Not laughing at what Jared said. But specifically laughing at Connor himself. Connor doesn’t want people laughing at him because he cares what they think about him. “You think I’m the freak? I’m not the freak. You’re the fucking freak.” He yells at Evan and pushes him to the ground.
    • People have all obviously analyzed all these scenes before. I’m not close to the first one to say it, but obviously, these are words he wishes he could say to Jared and Evan is the surrogate for his rage.

And finally we have the very last scene that Connor is in which is the computer lab scene:

  • Connor is apologetic after he loses his temper.
    • He sees Evan, who has clearly been crying. I think it’s unknown how long Connor was actually in the room with him/if he overheard the phone call with Evan’s mom. I’m assuming that Evan wasn’t actually speaking out loud when he was writing his letter, that it was more for the audience to know what he was writing. So if Connor had been in the room and listening, he could have heard Evan’s side of the phone call and seen him quietly crying on his laptop while writing something then print it out. Since he was near the printer, he took the paper to give to him. He didn’t have to do that. He wanted to.
    • I think he wanted an excuse to talk to Evan again after he pushed him. He probably felt bad. I feel like he views Evan as someone who’s harmless and unintimidating, which is why it was easy for him to channel his anger onto, but then he started to regret that choice, so he tried to reach out.
    • He never actually apologizes with words and instead tries to do it through actions. I bet you that Larry does the exact same thing too but Connor probably never realized or picked up on it. (I could do a full character study on Larry too omg he’s a great specimen to take apart and a fantastically flawed character like everyone else in the show its beautiful fuck)
  • He’s got a dark sense of humor.
    • When finding out Evan broke his arm from falling out of a tree, he replies with a “That’s the saddest fucking thing I ever heard.” But he doesn’t say it in a mean way. He smiles and laughs under his breath.
    • HE WAS TELLING A JOKE. He was trying his best to be nice to Evan and lightly joke around with him but I doubt they have similar styles of humor. I think it’s the only time Connor actually genuinely smiles too??
    • And Evan doesn’t really laugh. It’s more of a nervous “plz don’t hurt me again ur a lil scary” kinda laugh. So Connor backs off and changes the subject.
  • He’s observant.
    • He notices that no one signed Evan’s cast. 
    • He noticed that Evan has no friends hence the “now we can both pretend we have friends” line. 
    • He noticed Evan’s sad and alone so he’s making an effort to be nice to him. 
    • He noticed that he printed a piece of paper and that it would be a good ice breaker. 
    • He’s quiet and he notices things. It’s subtle but it’s there. I bet you Connor secretly knows everything about everyone. 
  • The boy just wants a damn friend. 
    • He’s lonely. Evan’s clearly lonely. Why not try to befriend him?
    • He’s signs his cast super big so it takes up the whole arm. For one, it gets a laugh out of the audience. But two, he kinda knows that no one else will sign it so he makes his name extra big so everyone will see and know that both of them aren’t alone/friendless.
    • This is also interesting to me because I wonder if Connor knew he was going to kill himself then. Often times suicide is something people plan out ahead of time. I wonder if he knew what he was going to do and I wonder if writing that on Evan’s arm was a secret way for him to leave something semi permanent behind. A way to be sure that someone would remember him when he’s gone. If that’s the case then that was some powerful shit to slip in and it hurts my soul.
  • He’s angry and paranoid and suicidal.
    • So obviously Connor reads Evan note to himself, thinks it’s about him, freaks out and leaves. That’s the last time we see Connor.
    • I’ve looked at this scene in a few different ways. The first way I see it is that Connor could of had symptoms of paranoia. He sees his sister’s name and his first thought is that Evan did this in a malicious manor. He views people as out to get him. It doesn’t take much to set him off. He’s got a lot of anger inside of him that he doesn’t know how to release in a healthy way so it ends up with him blowing up over the slightest little bumps in the road.
    • The second way I view it is a little different. If I’m thinking about my point before (about him already having plans to kill himself) then I wonder if he was just using the paper as an excuse to get angry and leave. He had already made his mark using Evan’s cast. His name was there. He technically didn’t need Evan anymore. Thus he “freaks out” over this paper and it helps fuel his desires to end his own life. As someone who has been suicidal in the past, I understand wanting to find every excuse you can to help end things, to justify what you’re doing, and to push people away. It’s a super fucked up way of thinking but, when you put yourself into that mindset, I don’t think it’s that crazy of an idea.
    • “Is this about my sister? You wrote this because you knew I’d find it.” (Hinting at the paranoia point) “Yeah you, uh, saw that I was the only other person in the computer lab.” (Mentally trying to convince himself to believe that Evan did this on purpose, even though it goes against everything he already knows about Evan) “So I could read some creepy shit you wrote about my sister and freak out, right?” (here comes the anger) “Then you could tell everybody that I’m crazy! Right?! Fuck you!” (cue the storm off)
    • And then we hear from Evan that Connor hasn’t been in school for three days.
    • And eventually we find out why.

From everything that Connor, himself, has told us he’s deeply hurting. He’s quiet. Observant. He’s got many unchecked mental health issues. He doesn’t feel heard. He’s lonely. He uses coping methods to get by. He has little to no self worth. He carries around a lot of guilt. He acts out on people he know won’t fight him back. Probably because he needs to feel superior because everywhere else in his life he feels stepped on. He is both a bully and bullied. He had little regard for strong authority aka Larry. He craves personal connections but doesn’t know how to obtain them or keep them. He’s broken. So that’s how I try my best to write him.

THEN we have what everyone else tells us about Connor. This should all be taken with a grain of salt because everyone views people differently but their words shouldn’t be totally disregarded either. (Yes I’m going to go on longer even though you never asked for this I’M SORRY I CAN’T STOP NOW) So let’s see what little Connor character traits we can find out from other people that could be potentially used for writing him in the future.

The scene during For Forever tells a lot of about Connor through his family:

  • Zoe: Connor wasn’t very nice so that makes sense.
  • Cynthia: Connor was…a complicated person.
  • Zoe: No. Connor was a bad person. There’s a difference.
    • In response to finding out Connor pushed Evan. Zoe is shown to have no sympathy for her brother’s actions while Cynthia continues to make excuses for him. I see that as Connor having no mercy on his sister but probably playing his mom to his advantage with what he knew he could get away with.  
  • Cynthia: Did Connor tell you about the Harris’? We used to go skiing together, our families.
  • Zoe: Connor hated skiing.
    • Not a sports, activity kinda guy. Doesn’t like things involving social gatherings. Not friendly.
  • Larry: Somebody had to be the bad guy.
    • In response to reading Connor’s emails. This one is a little iffy in regards to Connor’s character. It’s more a Larry thing. Because I don’t know if Connor was actually aware that his emails were read or not but either way it shows that he was completely not trusted by his family. Also that pointing out again that Cynthia was probably a push over when it came to Connor and he knew that.
  • Cynthia: We used to go to the orchard all the time. We;d do picnics there. Remember that Zoe?
  • Zoe: Yeah I do.
  • Cynthia: You and Connor had that little toy plane that you would fly. [to Larry, with sad laughter] Until you flew it into the creek.
  • Larry: No that was an emergency landing.
    • This is big. Things weren’t always hell in the Murphy house. There were good memories. Sadly though good memories are often overshadowed by the bad ones. Connor seemed to cast a huge shadow over this family. But it is important to note that Connor and Zoe used to play together as children. Things. Aren’t. Always. Awful. Connor wasn’t a reckless beast. He can be written to be playful and funny and sarcastic and sweet. Just balance it out with the angst. People are complicated and have tons of depth so try to write them that way if you can.

Other things said at random points throughout the play…


  • “Connor Murphy is batshit out of his mind. Remember when he threw a printer at Mrs. G in second grade because he didn’t get to be the line leader that day? 
    • Connor has had anger issues since he was a child too.


  • “Still can’t believe the terrible news about @ connormurphy. I wouldn’t say that we were friends exactly. More like acquaintances. We were in chemistry together. I’m pretty sure. Also he was in my English class in 10th grade. Almost positive. Yeah he was definitely in my English class. Three days ago Connor Murphy was here and now hes gone. If Connor meant something to you please retweet or private message me if you just wanna talk. At time like thees we could all use a friend.”
    • Honestly, this says way more about Alana’s character but it still mentions Connor so I’m adding it.
    • But what I do get from this was the Connor has/had a twitter (or some form of social media, but I’m assuming twitter since the “retweet” bit) and Alana followed him on it?
  • “He was one of my closest acquaintances. He was my lab partner in Chemistry and we presented on Huck Fin together in 10th grade. He was so funny. Instead of calling it, well, Huck Fin…[fades off]. Nobody else in our class thought of that.”
    • Again, speaks more to Alana’s character than Connors. But I also wonder if this is actually true or if she made this up in a similar fashion to Evan in order to put herself in the story…since she didn’t even recall if he was in those classes or not earlier.
    • BUT assuming that this was true, Connor doesn’t seem to care much for school. Or he could have been trying to make jokes in order to gain friends. If he worked with Alana on projects, her personality would have steam rolled over his. I think she would be the type of person he would sit back and let take control and tell him what to do then just go along with it.


  • “Just because Connor isn’t here, trying to punch through my door, screaming that he’s going to kill me for no reason, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden we’re the fucking Brady Bunch.” 
    • I mean…yikes.
  • “After all you put me through. Don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew”
    •  This shit just breaks my damn heart. You are not the monster that I knew is one of my favorite lines in the entire play. In Zoe’s story, Connor is the villain. He hurt her. He abused her. And no one did anything about it to protect her or stop him. I haven’t really had a chance to write too much of Zoe into my writings yet but I know that if/when I do, Connor is not going to be a kind character to her.


  • “We didn’t think Connor had any friends.” 
    • All they found with Connor was Evan’s letter. I wonder how many times he reread it, if at all, before he died. Do you think he calmed down and looked at it again through a different light? This time maybe seeing how depressed and unhappy Evan was too? I wonder if he found comfort in that at all and that’s why it was still in his pocket. Of course that’s purely speculation on my part. He could have just shoved it in there and forgot it was there. That’s the beautiful thing about this play, there’s a lot that the viewer can piece together and take away on their own. Things are never fed to you. They present them simply and let you take what you need from it.
    • Anyway, yeah, Connor had no friends. That point was already kinda clear though.
  • “I gave you the world. You threw it away.” 
    • Connor grew up in a well off family. They were rich. He literally could of had anything he wanted but he didn’t. I take that as Connor not giving a shit about material items. He probably has little regard for things. You could write that as him throwing and breaking near by items if he’s mad or simply tossing things around and not caring abobut them. Whereas someone who grew up poor, would be more likely to take care of their things because they know they can’t just get more.
  • “I didn’t realize Connor meant this much to people.” 
    • In his father’s eyes, Connor didn’t mean very much. He was probably able to pick up on that and it would affect his attitude and behavior to other people. If he felt he didn’t mean much to his own father, then why would he ever be special to anyone else?
  • “He left it in the bag with the tags still on.”
    • Larry’s weak attempt at reaching out to his son with a baseball glove. It was probably obvious to everyone that Connor was not a sports person. He probably hated baseball. But Larry likes it so he tried to force his hobbies onto Connor. It was received by Connor not even opening the gift. From Connor’s perspective, he could have taken that as a ‘wow my father knows literally nothing about me wtf’ where as Larry would have viewed that differently but this is not about Larry asd;kfja
  • “Your dad must feel pretty lucky to have a son like you.” 
    • Another great line in this play! It hurts my soul. Connor is a disappointment to his father. Larry wished Connor could have been something more than he was. Once again, this shit would weigh on Connor’s mind and fuck him up.


  • “I don’t remember the last time I heard him laugh.” 
    • That shit is dark yo. Connor doesn’t laugh around his family. He’s unhappy there.
  • “Connor didn’t get invited to any bar mitzvahs” [paraphrasing that quote]
    • Cynthia always had hope for Connor. I like to imagine Connor not being as nasty to his mother than everyone in the family. She really loved him and I hope he could feel that deep down.

And, of course, Evan: 

  • “Over the summer I found this yearbook thing that our class made in 8th grade. Most people did collages of their friends. But Connor’s was a list of his ten favorite books.”
    • One of my favorite bits I like to write into stories is that Connor liked to read. For a middle school kid to have ten favorite books, and care enough about them to put them into a yearbook, is kinda of special. Books are methods of escapism to many people and I like to think Connor is included in that group. 


This small scene. This segment that didn’t even last five seconds.

You see Jasper gloating with a smile at the gems when Steven says they can’t help him and not to follow him, but it only lasts until Steven says she can’t follow him either.

She doesn’t get mad or upset, she doesn’t get violent, she doesn’t even get vocal about it. She’s shocked and confused, then she’s hurt and disappointed.

Steven’s voice is tired, defeated. He’s at his wit’s end, and he can’t deal with Jasper right now. He can’t help her get over this idea that he’s randomly Diamond status to her now. He literally cannot. He just can’t fight against it.

Jasper has this fiercely independent pride versus a need to be employed by someone she deems worthy to follow, who can give her a sense of value. After Steven shattered her and then brought her back, she calls him her Diamond. She’s self-destructive, and because Steven has the capability to destroy her she respects him in a very unhealthy way.

She needs to feel loyal to someone, and Steven shattering her immediately became the eye-opener for Jasper to change her opinion.

Despite all the times she said he would never be her Diamond, suddenly she’s bowing in front of him and saying the one thing he didn’t want from her.

He can’t handle this pressure. He’s not capable of suddenly dealing with this change of attitude from Jasper. He went to her on this weird common ground that was bad for both of them, and he hoped she could help him with his scary new powers that the gems couldn’t.

Steven went to Jasper in a dark moment. He went to her, because he wanted her to be on the same level he was with himself. He doesn’t like himself, he is hurting. Jasper doesn’t entirely like him, she has a past of hurting him.

In these ways it’s obvious neither side was going to gain anything positive. Feeling good by someone who hates you and is pushing you with insults, shattering boundaries with force rather than bringing down the walls with understanding and patience, looking for someone to be around that can validate your negative emotions is NOT the same as gaining something positive. The feeling of being understood or to feel validated between what Jasper and Steven has was not anything but unhealthy that lead to more pain.

Now that unsafety net, along with the other actual safety nets Steven had, are gone. He has no one left on Earth that can help him, because Jasper was the last person that he thought could assist him.

Now it’s just the Diamonds. We know how that goes, and honestly he shouldn’t have gone there either, what with his negative trauma and stuff. He’s running out of options, so he’s going down the list of people who might hurt him or have hurt him or make him feel uncomfortable.

This used to be a kid that would put his well-being and life on the line to help people, even enemies, to varying degrees of mundane bullshit to universal situations. Like when he put his own issues on the back burner for Sapphire and Ruby and their relationship after learning about his mother and her secrets. He was obviously bothered by it, but this fourteen year old kid shouldered it for Ruby and Sapphire, which Amethyst tried to call him out on!

Steven can’t even help himself now. He’s either running from his family or himself, lying and hiding what’s going on instead of talking about it, trying to find unhealthy solutions, or denying or playing dumb when he’s asked about what’s going on.

He can’t turn to anyone, because he’s incapable of being around them because they hurt him, or that he’s become disillusioned with them, or they can’t help him, or because he’s afraid of hurting them.

This is a case of a desperate kid running out of ideas, and the suffering is only going to get worse the more he tries to fix it.

This post kinda got rambly, but there’s so much pain in those brief seconds that brings out a bigger evaluation of unhealthy consequences, of feeling alone, of unresolved problems that can’t be fixed because the person who normally does the healing can’t even heal himself.

Steven Universe is so painfully relatable, and I’m so heartbroken with how isolated and desperate Steven must feel because of his powers and no one can help him when he needs it most.


Pairing: Prinxiety (platonic or romantic)

Prompt: “I love your laugh.” 

CW: Tiny little bit of insecurity, an almost-fight


Virgil didn’t realize there was an ulterior motive at first. Roman often picked ‘themed’ movie marathons, so by itself, the suggested ‘comedy night’ wasn’t all that suspicious.

What was a little suspicious was the fact that he hadn’t invited the others, too.

“I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together, just you and me,” he’d said, when Virgil had questioned him about it. “You know. Get some bonding time.”

“Uh huh.” Virgil had frowned. “Who put you up to this, Roman? Was it Patton?”

“No, I…”

“Because if so, I can just tell him it happened and you’ll be off the hook without having to actually sit through a movie with me.”

“No!” Roman had looked honestly upset. “Anxiety–Virgil. I…I really…” he slumped. “I misjudged you, before, and I…I really want to make amends. I want to get to know you better.”

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Disappointed but not surprised

- a chapter 23 analysis of Nalu in FT 100 year Quest

This is my hot take on the events that just unfolded in the new chapter of FT100yearquest and how what happened with Nalu’s action (mainly Natsu’s) wasn’t all that surprising or something to be that mad over

OK. I’m gonna just put this straight out there. Natsu is NOT an emotionally mature person when expressing himself about things that hurt. He doesn’t talk about his feelings and tries very hard not to openly express them. Basically, he can’t deal when it comes to word of mouth. We know this. It’s seen really early on when he fights Gildarts


He had to learn to accept his fear - a weakness. Natsu would always put on a brave front. He was a reckless fighter who charged in with no second thought. He never acknowledged his fear, but once he did he became stronger. It was allowed to be felt, even shown, and he used it to think about his opponent and be weary of shit. Now, this isn’t the same emotional vulnerability that’s in the case of Lucy, however, I thought it was worth mentioning cause it shows he pushes shit like this away. His (adoptive dragon) father dies?


better leave on a year long journey so I don’t have to be vulnerable/grieve around my guild that I consider my family! His best friend gets upset at him for leaving her behind. She confronts him?


He makes this face^ He’s so uncomfortable with Lucy voicing how she feels that he looks almost pained or fucking constipated but up to you. He has no idea how to act, or what to say. Just like every other damn time. and you know what this scene looks exactly like??


Lucy is at a point where she’s trying to convey herself to Natsu, which is gonna be crucial if they’re ever to get together, and Natsu isn’t for it. He’s a physical person, he can’t handle this type of pressure from verbal communication about how he hurt her. A forehead touch? Easy. Actually having a conversation? Hard as fuck. This is seen in a lot of people. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve hurt someone or you’ve been hurt then you probably know what it’s like to choke. Your throat feels tight and you just wanna escape, which Natsu does.


Through crude humour. This is the most relatable shit ever and I can’t believe people are mad! You think they’re gonna sit together and talk everything through, cry and then confess? No, this is not Nalu. Natsu’s gonna keep this inside of himself because he isn’t ready. I mean, there’s progress - not looking constipated is one - and he’ll definitely (hopefully) get better at this as he grows up. But this is gonna take time. You can’t expect anything else from them at this point. They’re not your angsty couple and if you want that look for it in another ship like jerza cause you aren’t gonna find it in Nalu. We love them cause they’re god damn dorks, I mean really digging up a whole damn tree for his girl


This is why I’m disappointed, but not surprised with this (They coulda changed up scenes and gone with forehead touch maybe?? Probs not). It hits the nail on the head. And this isn’t going to make me hate Nalu. On contrary I’m damn excited for what’s to come. Will Natsu hesitate next time in a battle? Will his friends trust him? Will he lose control again? Honestly, shit similar to this is gonna come cause this will be his next growth. Making sure he can’t lose himself to power. 

Oh, and I also know people are mad about that fan service, but I mean??? It’s a trope in Japan. We sit here like wtf but theres nothing we can do about differences in culture. All that stuff I’ll forever ignore, or acknowledge as anything but a gag. It doesn’t relate to anything. So I’m happy with how things are

anonymous asked:

why exactly do people think that timmy and armie are passionately in love?

I’m going to try to be as thoughtful as I can be about this because it involves opinions and someone is bound to be put off by whatever I say, so hopefully this is coherent.  I’ll also preface this by saying that everyone is different, and some people ship them for different reasons than I may list here. 

There are layers to this question that I think need to be addressed before I can answer. The first is what kind of love we’re talking about here, just so anyone reading knows exactly what I’m referring to. “Passionately in love” is a very different description from “love.” There are people who like Charmie that don’t or won’t cross over that line into the “Passionately in love” theories, but will happily stick to the “love” ones. And then there’s the opposite, and there are people in this fandom who see it as some limbo state between simple love and something more romantic. Sorry for going through this, but I really like to establish what level of love we’re talking about in cases like this. To be clear, I fall somewhere in the middle. Think of these shippers as people on a spectrum of emotional chaos which shifts and moves day by day. 

SO, why do people think they’re passionately in love? There are a few reasons, probably many more than I’ll be able to list here and even am aware of. The first is the raw vulnerability the two had to tap into the film their scenes together. Their roles were emotionally challenging and required a lot from them, especially the emotionally intimate scenes where the majority of what’s happening for their characters is beneath the dialogue. By the very nature of creating scenes like that, there was a necessity for them to grow close enough to develop a bond and trust that would allow them to generate that emotion and portray it honestly. Yes, it’s acting, but any actor will tell you that you pull from experience and build off of and use what you know. This is the case with them, we know because they’ve said so in interviews, as has Luca. They’ve talked about how they had to be vulnerable and let that be a part of their process, and Luca has mentioned that he was trying to capture organic moments instead of contrived ones. This can only happen if there is a high level of comfort between actors, in this case caused by emotional intimacy. They spent nearly every moment awake together or at least near one another. That’s a lot of time logged generating chemistry and emotional intimacy. 

This leads me to the second big factor for shippers: the parallels. I know, I know, that’s fiction and this is reality. However, a distinct line drawn between the two doesn’t exist in the case. It’s incredibly blurred, something that the actors and Luca have alluded to, even said, but it’s also something noticeable in their speech. They often slip up in talking about scenes, drifting from Oliver/Elio to referring to those characters as Armie/Timmy/Me/Him/Us/We/Our. Some actors just do this, it could mean nothing. Luca does it too, though, when he talks about them. Sometimes he’ll talk about a scene they filmed and he says Armie did this or Timmy did that, one time he actually in the middle of a sentence backtracked because he caught himself describing Armie doing something instead of Oliver, and backed up to fix his error. There’s also the element of their lives in Italy serving as a striking mirror to Oliver and Elio’s story itself. They describe their meeting as a meet-cute that screenwriters not only dream to be able to create, but in some cases probably have. They describe their chemistry as instant, and then the first thing they did together was ride around Crema on their bikes, Timmy showing Armie around. They spent their days talking about books and music and rode bikes and had meals together and spent so much time together. Then they began filming and they did the scenes in order, meaning as Oliver and Elio build intimacy, so are Armie and Timmy after already living mirror lives for a few weeks to Oliver and Elio’s casual day to day routine. Normally, parallels might not be that significant, but in this case, the sheer amount and nature of the parallels is enough to make it clear that this was a unique experience that generated genuine chemistry, intimacy, and emotion, because it was happening in real time on and off screen, romantic or not. It cannot be emphasized enough that a huge selling point for shippers is that Luca, Armie, and Timmy all have said that the environment Luca created, which consisted of endless parallels, made it easy to develop chemistry and intimacy with the characters, as well as each other. 

This leads to the third and final reason I’ll cover, which is the way Armie and Timmy talk about one another, as well as how they act (their body language) around each other. Those slip ups I already mentioned are when they’re trying to talk about their characters. There’s a whole other element, though, which is that they talk about their real life relationship as being something special. Armie has said so many times that they’re closer today than they were when they filmed. Armie has also said that he loves timmy, fell in love with him, multiple times. Timmy has also said it. Their body language is a display of emotion and genuine adoration. There is a magnetic response that happens when they’re near each other, and I’m not trying to romanticize it I promise. If you watch, they gravitate towards one another. 

Now, just one of these things alone is one thing. But combined, and adding in all the other various reasons I haven’t covered, people find themselves a bit conflicted. If this were a tv show and you were an objective observer, you’d see these signs and think it was a classic set up, the writers foreshadowing something that’s clearly in the works. But this is reality, and that’s so much messier, especially when you throw in the fact that Armie has a wife and two kids, and is presumably very very happy with them. Hence the shipping being more like a spectrum where day by day you can go from appreciating their love and thinking it’s likely just platonic, to seeing all of this and being overwhelmed, thinking there’s no way it’s just platonic. 

My final point to leave you with, dear anon, is a personal opinion, which I realize I probably shouldn’t offer up in a meta post about shipping, but I feel may help you understand when you see me reblog things that are clearly implicating some romance. It’s difficult to look at them and not see that they care about each other as humans. But the glances and everything I’ve mentioned above create this feeling that’s hard to shake once you get it. There’s a natural anxiety when it comes to looking at these two and recognizing classic signs of infatuation. Logic kicks in and you think that there’s no way they’re romantically involved. For some, that’s where the process ends and that’s perfectly valid. But then, for someone like me, I think about how close they had to be in Italy, and how Timmy punched a wall during the filming of their last kiss “out of frustration” and that Armie began pulling back because he felt people around him weren’t as invested in the emotions and story as he was, and this narrative is formed without any help from anyone but them and Luca. The reality is, Timmy thought about leaving the set and Italy when he filmed that last scene, he said as much. The reality is, Armie considers the experience to have changed his entire life. There was a love that built there, whether it was romantic or not who’s to say but them for sure. But what I can say is that it literally pains me to think about two people finding each other and having instant chemistry, spend day in day out with each other for two, two and a half months, and then walk away like nothing ever happened. It hurts my heart to think that love can be so easily discarded. I hold onto the idea of shipping them because to think they let that love fall away after filming is something I personally cannot cope with, not just because it’s them, but because it’s love. The rest is semantics. It boils down to love, and it’s there. Whether or not they ever act on it is the issue, it’s the issue that a lot of people debate and take sides on. That’s okay, because looking at love is always entirely subjective. It’s constructed of your own experiences, your own emotions and heart. What I see is foreign to someone else who has had completely different but perfectly valid experiences and is absolutely fine with assessing this stuff between Armie and Timmy and coming to the conclusion that nothing ever has or will ever happen. That’s fine. That’s beautiful, actually. 

So, why do people think they’re passionately in love? The long answer is above. The short answer, lovely anon, is that people see what they need to see. Why do we ship anyone, why do we think our crush might have been staring when we see them look away? We see things because our heart decides that there is something worthwhile to stake a claim on, and our head relents. It’s all about what you’re bringing into the equation, my friend. Once you realize that, it all makes a little more sense. 



1: Notice how Hawks’ eyes are almost always darkened to the point where you can’t see them. That’s a common trope that we see when a character is a. being evil, or b. feeling guilty. And in this context, I believe it’s both. Hawks’ believes that what he’s doing isn’t the right thing, but has to do it because that’s how he was raised. Using context from last chapter we know that he feels evil doing this to Twice, as he called himself scum previously. ALSO! Notice how his visor seems darker than normal. This may be continuing on this idea of guilt inside of him, but notice that it breaks. When? With Dabi. Once Dabi enters the scene Hawks’ visor shatters into pieces, (and I may be reading far to into this) may be symbolic of his last piece of resolve to carry this out breaking. But I’ll touch more on that soon.

2: Twice and Hawks’ interactions. This is something that we haven’t really seen Hori do before when we have a Hero and Villian interaction. Sure, we’ve seen the sympathy for them in their villain arc, but they weren’t having any direct interactions with heroes then. This is one of if not the first time we’ve seen a hero and villain interact where the hero is clearly painted to be the one who’s wrong. Twice is scared, to the point where he thinks he’s going to die so clearly that he starts talking about Toga, the only person who he believes won’t judge him for who he is. This is a broken man who is ready to die. And then there’s Hawks. The man who’s going to kill him without a second thought, just because that’s what he was told to do. Honestly, I can only see this interaction leading up to something more next chapter. Hori wouldn’t purposefully make Hawks the clear villain and not bring something out of it. 

3: When we can see Hawks’ eyes for a few pannels, I imedietly noticed that his eyes look almost sad. They’re always halfway closed, and not in a way where they’re squinted like one would do when they’re concentrating. No, these are tired eyes, from a tired man who doesn’t even know why he’s doing this anymore. But he’s tired because he has to keep doing this, because he doesn’t know how to do anything else. I think this is glanced over quite a lot, but Hawks is a child soldier. He never got to be a kid and was raised to be not only a hero but a killer. And because of this, his sense of what is right and wrong could be severely fucked up. He may have been made to do this, but it’s clear in his eyes and facial expressions that he doesn’t know whether it’s right or not.

4: Dabi. Ohhhhhhhh man. So, I said in my last chapter analysis that I believe a Dabi=Touya reveal is coming and I still believe that, and it’s even stronger from this chapter. There’s so much I want to say about this interaction but a lot of it I can’t put into words, but I’ll try. So, we only see Dabi for a page but the first thing that popped out to me was how he said things. With his speech bubbles you can see that there’s a lot of emotion in his voice, whether it’s from his anger at Hawks to his caring about Twice, it’s still different. Up until now, Dabi has been an almost emotionless character, only showing anger or any emotion when going up against Endeavor. But here he is showing emotion again, and this time it’s towards Hawks. Emotion is known to lessen your capability to think rationally, to keep things you didn’t want to say on the inside. And I think that this emotion is going to lead to the spillover everything we wanted to know once we see the Dabi vs Hawks battle in the next few chapters. Now, I know that Hawks is basically down for the count right now, so perhaps it’s not going to be a battle of strength, but rather a battle of words. Like I said previously, Hawks’ metaphorical resolve has broken from Dabi, something that may lead to him losing his shit (idk) and yelling at Dabi about how he didn’t want to do this, but he had no choice. But with his visor now broken, Dabi may finally be able to get through to him, that if he had a choice (this is relying on Dabi being Touya) then Hawks has a choice that he can make as well. 

Honestly, my emotions are all over the place from this chapter. I woke up to this and my brain isn’t working very well, but I had to get my thoughts out even if they made zero sense. There is a clear tension building in Hawks, and with tension, it always snaps. 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, see y’all tonight with screenshots from today’s episode. 

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Ok but The Hobbit films were almost on to something?

The first film begins “this story is told from Bilbo’s POV, and Bilbo is an unreliable narrator.” Bilbo begins by saying something like “while I can honestly say I’ve told you the truth, I may not have told you all of it….you’re ready to know what really happened.” 

Basically: we’re told right off the bat that Bilbo is the narrator, and that he’s an unreliable narrator. Bilbo says that he tells the truth….but he also says that he has a habit of leaving important things out, not telling the full story, and not saying what really happened. 

And that’d be an amazing idea for how to adapt the hobbit! Really leaning in to the idea that The Hobbit is written by an Unreliable Narrator would be the perfect way to reconcile the different tones of The Hobbit and LOTR. 

And the first half of Film 1 really emphasizes the “subjective storytelling”/”unreliable narrator” idea.

In another scene, Gandalf tells Bilbo about one of his Took ancestors. Bilbo accuses him of lying, but Gandalf responds “all good stories deserve embellishment. You’ll have a tale or two of your own to tell when you come back.”

This feels like it’s supposed to be the Statement of the Film’s Theme….that the main theme of the Hobbit films is going to be that ”all good stories deserve embellishment,” that it’s impossible to be completely “truthful” when you’re talking about personal subjective emotional experiences.

We hear Bilbo describe Smaug’s attack on Erebor in the prologue, then hear the dwarves describe Smaug’s attack (in the Misty Mountains song) in a completely different way.  Bilbo admits that the elves and dwarves tell the story of their rivalry differently. Balin describes the Victory over the Pale Orc seconds before the film’s like “THEY tell it as a victory, but to the orcs it’s just The Day They Made The Pale Orc Angry.” etc. Like….it feels like the first half of film 1 was setting this idea up as a major theme of the series. 

So Film 1 implies the Big Theme™ of this adaptation is: “What does it mean to tell a True Story? How is a story altered by the POV of the person telling it?”

But then, just like the Misty Mountain theme music, the unreliable narrator idea just vanishes from the movies.The story wheels away from Bilbo’s POV and ends up being about events he had no personal stake in and couldn’t have known about, told from an impersonal 3rd person perspective. The “subjective storytelling” idea just disappears.

where it go

all this visual // roger taylor

summary: you and roger have been close friends since school - but as of late the tabloids have been fixated on your relationship. the two of you decide to give them something to talk about.

warnings: crass behaviour, very light smut. it took me three whole fics!!

a/n: roughly 4,500 words. this one is meant to take place very roughly between the two news of the world tours, but i’ve really botched the timeline. mainly i was just thinkin bout that fuck-me choker in the we will rock you scene lmao. the reader and roger’s pre-existing friendship is straight out of this blurb i wrote, so you can read the roger bit of that for some intro. feedback is nice requests are open etc etc! edit: now with a (nsfw) part 2!


Originally posted by claracivry

‘have you seen this?’
roger raises an eyebrow at you as he ashes his cigarette, taking a sip of his coffee. ‘you know i don’t read any of that stuff.’
‘liar.’ you toss the magazine at him, across the table still strewn with empty glasses, bottle tops, someone’s discarded sunglasses.

the morning after fred’s parties there’s always a coterie of hangers-on, people who were too drunk or tired to make their way home. last night was a welcome home party of sorts, with the boys finishing up their latest round in the states. you woke early in the morning, the sunrise totally unforgiving of your hangover. the white gossamer curtains fred’s picked out for the spare rooms are pretty, sure, but highly impractical. resigned to the impossibility of a sleep in, you had shuffled into the kitchen for a coffee and found roger already making a pot. he had automatically taken a second mug out for you as you slumped into a chair, helpfully pointing out where his cigarettes were sitting on the table.

you take one and light it as you watch him scan the article in question - though the term article might imply some degree of journalistic merit. he’s still in last night’s outfit, red jeans and a black shirt unbuttoned nearly to the waist. he hasn’t even bothered to run a comb through his hair, judging by how it’s sticking every which way.

roger’s new mystery woman,’ he reads aloud, already scrunching his nose in disgust. ‘roger taylor, queen drummer and notorious playboy, has found himself some new arm candy. we don’t know who she is yet, but the pair have been spotted together at several events and a close friend says they are utterly inseparable.’

you laugh each time his expression becomes more indignant, which is every other word or so. there are two photos accompanying the snippet: the first is of you and roger mugging it for the camera at a crew member’s birthday party - roger grinning all the way to his back teeth, you poking your tongue out, his arm slung around your neck. you remember being drunk as anything when it was taken. the second is a candid shot at some industry party, you sitting next to rog with your legs resting across his lap. it does look rather intimate, you suppose.

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Oh please give me jealous lily, I live for that, LIVE FOR IT!!! It is my #1 favourite thing

  • “why did you say no to a hogsmeade date if you wanted to go with him?” 
  • “but i don’t want to go with him.”
  • “then why are we following his every move.”
  • lily glares. mary winks. “oh stop smirking like that mary, like you’re all smug about something.”
  • “you like him!”
  • “i do not!”
  • they’re both hiding behind a bush, a bush right near spintwiches sporting needs. where james potter, sirius black and portia jacobs are currently browsing the newest broom model.
  • “do you think she likes him?” lily has crisp, brown leaves stuck in her hair. her eyes are wide, watching like a hawk as jacobs laughs at something james must have said. 
  • “what’s not to like? he’s good looking, quidditch star james potter” 
  • lily hates to admit that mary’s right. it feels strange thinking of arrogant potter like that.
  • sirius rolls his eyes and wanders towards the display in the window. they move a little too late, sirius notices the flash of deep red hair. lily swears and they both dive to the floor. 
  • “something in there that’s taking your fancy, evans?” three minutes later and sirius stands in front of them, grinning, eyes gleaming with his hands in his pockets. lily scowls. “no. there’s nothing i want in there.” 
  • “now now evans, you know you’re really bad at lying right?”
  • “i wanted to get some… lotion. that err stuff you put on your broom to make it, um, smooth.” 
  • sirius grins, and lily starts to fear for her life. “fleetwood’s high-finish handle polish? well, what do you know - you’re in luck because i just saw some in the shop.” 
  • “on second thought, it’s okay! i don’t need any-”
  • “ah, but i just remembered that i do though. come on, lily. you can come with me.”
  • she puts up a bit of a fight, but ends up stomping into the shop with sirius and mary holding onto her from either side. 
  • james looks up in an instant, cheeks blossoming with pink. a hand rushes to his hair. “oh, evans! and err hi macdonald, sirius.” 
  • “potter.” lily barely gives him a glance before she pulls the two giggling idiots to the other end of the shop. she glares back behind her, where james is back to talking to with portia about the strength and speed of the new nimbus.
  • “you’re one hard woman to please, evans. the guy asks you out, you turn him down and then start stalking him and acting like it’s his fault.” 
  • “it is his fault! look at him! the way he’s all going heart shaped eyes at mrs ‘i love quidditch since yesterday’ jacobs.
  • “lily. he’s talking, that’s all he’s doing.” “yeah, not like they’re planning their wedding vows or whatever.” “they want to get married?!” 
  • two hands fly up to her mouth, shushing and pushing her back to the farthest corner. sirius black taps his chin and shakes his head. “honestly, i don’t know why you rejected him in the first place.” 
  • “i panicked, okay! i was terrified because i was like crap! i actually think he’s kinda hot and grown up a lot and i didn’t want to prove that what i was feeling was… oh my god, you two stop smiling like that.
  • lily picks up the polish and the three walk in a tangle to the checkout. james potter is alone. “your girlfriend realise that quidditch is off the ground and she’s afraid of heights?” there’s no sign of portia jacobs and lily pounces at the opportunity like a ravenous lion. 
  • it’s so quiet that the tick of the clock beats like a megaphone in the shop. sirius sucks in a breath and scratches his nose and mary tries and fails to bite the smile off her lips. they both take a step back, holding onto each other as they watch the scene unfold.
  • “i don’t even know what your problem is, evans.” james rolls his eyes, grabs onto a broomstick servicing kit and marches towards the till too. there’s a thirty-ish year old man being served first and the lady who’s browsing nearby tuts at the disturbance. 
  • my problem?” lily looks like she’s about to cast an unforgiveable curse. “i wasn’t just chatting up some ravenclaw who was batting her eyelids like she had dust in her eyes.”
  • james laughs rather madly. “says the one who’s been following me around all day like a leech.”
  • “i was doing no such thing! take that potter, how dare you-”
  • “oh? so when i was leaving hogwarts and i turned around and you pretended to be a statue-”
  • “i was practising the valuable lesson of being still, potter. don’t flatter yourself. why would i follow you?”
  • the man hurries out of the shop and the lady who’s browsing quickly follows. the cashier lady looks uncomfortable. “do you have your camera?” sirius whispers into mary’s ear. 
  • james lets out a huff and bangs his broom kit onto the till. “because you like me, evans, and you’re afraid to admit it.” 
  • “ugh you are so infuriating potter! you act like the whole world revolves around you!”
  • “just admit that you’re jealous, lily. you’re such a bad liar.” 
  • silence falls once more, the air thick and tense. mary and sirius are practically hugging, not believing what’s happening. 
  •  “i am not jealous, you got that potter?” she takes an aggressive step towards him. she’s a foot smaller than him, but james takes a small step backwards anyways - stumbling into the till. 
  • “crystal clear.” he gulps, holding onto the cabinet for dear life as lily takes another step. she’s got him cornered. 
  • “and i fancy you, okay? can you keep that in your egotistical head?”
  • james potter blinks. “you, you what?” 
  • lily furrows her eyebrows. “what?”
  • “you just said you fancy me.”
  • “i said i DIDN’T fancy you.”
  • “pretty sure you said ‘i fancy you.’ evans.” sirius is cackling by now, grabbing onto mary for support. lily gives him the finger and stomps another step closer to james. so close, she’s almost stepping on his toes. he looks down at her, a lopsided, elated grin adorning his blushing cheeks. 
  • “wipe that stupid smile off your face, potter.” lily snaps, and before she knows it she’s grabbing hold of james’ jacket, standing on her tip toes and snogging him senseless.  
  • james drops his money on the floor, mary slaps a galleon into the open hand of sirius’ and the cashier lets out a frightened gasp when james picks up lily, her legs around his waist. 
  • “so are you… buying anything or?” the till lady asks in a whisper. 
Lap - Colby Brock x Reader (curvy)

Being a bigger girl comes with a whole set of life experiences that others may not have to deal with. As you grow up, you learn to live your life around them. You find ways of living in a skinny centric world.

For instance, fuck plastic or wicker chairs. Who invented that bullshit? Honestly, if your chubby ass is going to end up on the ground due to structurally unsound trendy furniture, why not just start out down there to begin with. The lighter humans can sit in their splinter filled basket weave while we pretend we’re sitting on the floor to play with the dog. It’s a win/win. The dog gets attention and the ugly 900 dollar “chair” stays intact with your dignity. You could always choose to stand, as well. Big girls do a lot of that in public places. “Oh, I’ve been sitting all day. Don’t worry. Just want to stretch my legs.” Girl.

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Request:  Could you write one about Harry liking y/n but she’s hesitant to say him because he’s a celeb and his pr team makes him meet up with Camille and so she doesn’t think he’s serious about her to begin with and that just pushes her away even more?

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 2654

“It’s just a lovely time at Nick’s house, ya know,” Sam said, tousling his hair. You sighed, knowing that you were going to talk with Nick and Sam for fifteen minutes before they wander off and mingle with the other people at Nick’s ‘little’ gathering.

“I know, but I’m nervous. You usually leave me alone with some geezer.”

Sam shrugged. “Look, Y/N, just find some friends and have some fun. It’s not like we’re purposely doing it.” He squeezed your knee and reached across you, opening the car door. The both of you exited the car and walked up to Nick’s house. The place was already turning into a party scene, and you weren’t here for it.

Within minutes, there was a drink in your hand and people drunkenly tripping over themselves.

“Are we late for the party?” you asked.

“No, we’re a bit early, in fact,” Sam laughed.

Fast forward to two hours later, and you had traded your vodka drink for water. You weren’t much of a drinker, especially in this atmosphere. As always, Sam had abandoned you, and you were stuck with dodging drunks and avoiding chaos. It was difficult, though.

As you backed up from the couch that had a couple making out on it, you bumped into someone. It was quite normal to bump into someone, but this incident involved the person’s drink spilling down your back. The cold drink seeped through your clothes and traveled down your back and side. You gasped and tried to hold onto your own drink.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” you recognized the voice, but you couldn’t quite see the person yet. As you turned, you immediately recognized the person as Harry Styles.

“No, I’m sorry. I was trying to get out of here and bumped into you.”

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Harry stated as he lead you to the upstairs bathroom. You could feel eyes on you and Harry’s hands interlocked. They had their assumptions, and they saw that the two of you were making your way upstairs. You were started to become embarrassed.

Harry lightly dragged you into the bathroom. “Alright, I’ll just,” he paused and finally grabbed a towel from the cupboard. He started dabbing the towel against your wet shirt.

“Again, ’m really sorry 'bout this,” he mumbled.

“Honestly, it’s no big deal.”

He glanced up at you and smiled. “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

You nodded. “Yeah, at another of Nick’s gatherings. It was a bit more calm, though. We talked for a couple of hours, yeah?”

Harry thought for a second. “Oh, you’re Y/N, the aspiring artist? Yeah, I knew you looked familiar. Done any amazing paintings lately?” he asked as he continued to 'clean’ your shirt.

“I’ve done a few paintings, I don’t know about amazing, though.”

“Well, I’d love to see them, if you don’t mind.”

You turned to fully look at Harry. “Really? Yeah, sure I can show them to you. That’d be nice.”

The two of you talked for a little bit, even though Harry had finished with the towel and placed it on the counter. Soon enough, you guys had made plans to see each other later that week.

“Oi, some of us 'ave to take a shit, not gossip. Hurry up,” said a stranger who banged on the door.

You and Harry hurried with opening up the door and shuffling out, giggling as you passed the guy. Already, you didn’t want to go back downstairs; there was beer everywhere and people who probably didn’t even know their last names.

Harry grabbed your hand again and started pulling you along, but stopped at the top of the stairs as he glanced down at everyone.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he asked.

You nodded quickly. “Yes, please.”

He dragged you through the mass of people, once in a while waving to someone who knew him. Before too long, you were both at the door, shoving some people aside to make it through. Once the door opened, you breathed in the fresh, cool air. No longer did it smell like sweat and alcohol.

“Never 'ave been a massive fan of parties. They get too loud and too many people to 'ave a good time,” Harry informed you.

You nodded in understanding. “Same here. My friends usually drag me here.”

You both walked down the driveway, hands still held together.

“Want a burger?” you suddenly asked.

“A burger? At this time? It’s like, midnight,” Harry chuckled.

“Oh come on, I’m starving,” you laughed as you pulled Harry along. “I think there’s a burger place about ten minutes from here.”

You guys talked as you walked, letting the other person know the basics of your life; family members, jobs and what they were like, and other experiences. By the time you were at the burger place, you were explaining to Harry how Christmas worked with your family.

You both ordered burgers and sat at a small booth in the corner. Harry started explaining how his touring worked when working with the other boys. He was saying how much fun he had and how much he would love to continue it, but the he and the boys just needed a break.

Throughout the next hour of eating your burgers and talking, you and Harry soon knew each other better than you thought you would. You’d met before, but it wasn’t anything special, just a quick introduction from Nick.

You yawned, covering your mouth. Harry chuckled.

“I think we should get you home. It is quite late. I’m starting to get tired myself,” he stood and stretched. You both left a tip on the table after cleaning up your mess.

You and Harry took a cab to your apartment, making the drive only about fifteen minutes. He held your hand the whole way, lightly stroking it with his thumb. It felt nice, and you wanted to lean against him, but you knew that you weren’t that close. Besides, even though the butterflies were in your stomach, that doesn’t mean butterflies were in his stomach. He was an idol to women all over the world, why would he have butterflies for you?

The ride was mainly silence, except for soft jazz playing from the radio. You were comfortable. Harry was radiating heat and kindness and love and maybe you weren’t drinking water at the party. Perhaps you had had a drink. You looked at Harry, admiring how relaxed yet firm his face was.

As you were dropped off at your apartment, Harry rolled don the cab window. “Tonight was fun, love. You 'ave my number, right?”

You nodded, remembering Harry giving you his number at the diner. You and Harry stared at each other for a while before the cab driver finally pulled away.


“Harry, you have absolutely no popcorn left. You are officially a disgrace,” you groaned from your spot in front of the cupboard. You and Harry were having a movie night and you couldn’t believe Harry wasn’t prepared.

Your relationship with Harry grew over the past few months, even though he was going on tour soon and constantly promoting his new film. If you didn’t see each other, you were texting each other.

You couldn’t help but also notice your feelings towards Harry. If he was rumored to be dating another girl, you became jealous and distant from him, claiming that you just weren’t feeling well. But when you two were cuddling on the couch watching British panel shows, you felt at home with him.

You discussed your struggle to Sam.

“He’s famous and rich and lovely, and I’m me. He can get any girl he wants,” you babbled.

Sam laughed, rubbing your shoulder. “Y/N, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He can get any girl he wants, and he wants you.”

At the time, you didn’t believe Sam. Now, however, you were paying more attention to the look on Harry’s face when he saw you, or how his body language changed. You started to believe what Sam had mentioned.

“I moved it, pet,” Harry said as he stretched his arms up to the top shelf and grabbed a bag.

You nodded and grabbed the bag from Harry. He was being a bit distant lately, which disappointed you. You didn’t want to push him, but you didn’t want him to think you didn’t notice.

The whole movie the two of you sat next to each other. If Harry wanted you to cuddle, he would raise his arm up for you to nestle into him. However, he placed his hands on his lap and fidgeted throughout the entire movie.

“Is everything alright?” you finally asked after the movie was over.

“What do you mean?”

“You seem off tonight. Like you’re anxious,” you pointed out.

He shrugged and stretched. “Oh, well,” he paused. “I should tell you that I’m heading over to L.A. in a few days. Just doing some promo stuff and whatnot.”

You were both quiet for a few minutes before you nodded. “Cool. I’ll be here,” you smiled.


It had been a week since Harry had left for the States and you were stuck at home either reading books or working. Sam had invited himself over for lunch, which wasn’t a huge deal, except that you didn’t have a lot of food in your house.

“So, how are you and Harry now that he’s… ya know,” Sam implied.

You raised your eyebrows. “He’s what? I don’t understand.”

Sam placed a hand over his mouth. “Oh no. You don’t know?”

You placed your fork down and stared at Sam, waiting for him to tell you.

“He’s dating someone now. Like, it’s official or something. There’s rumors saying he was dating her before he even left for L.A., and it’s maybe been going on for like, months now. Her name is Camille and she’s a model, pretty successful.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked down towards your plate. Of course. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You and Harry had grown fairly close, but you were a broke artist trying to make her way in the world and Harry met with models all the time. You couldn’t believe you actually convinced yourself that Harry may like you.

The rest of your day was horrid. You’d barely paid attention to Sam, you were gloomy, and you kept talking yourself down. It was nearing dinner time when Sam left, and you didn’t even want to eat. You spent the rest of the evening restlessly watching TV shows when you finally decided to go onto Twitter.

It was everywhere. The news was spilled to some press and the pictures would haunt you forever. Harry and Camille standing next to each other, them talking in an intimate way, and Harry having his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

You hadn’t noticed you started crying until you sniffled loudly. You weren’t pretty enough or rich enough, or even that well known. You were just Harry’s close friend, and that was all.

After crying for a few more minutes, you wiped away your tears and heard your phone buzz once.

“Noticed I didn’t get a text from you.” Harry had texted.

You didn’t want to respond. You weren’t sure if you were mad at Harry or upset with yourself for being a disappointment. However, you knew Harry would show concern if you didn’t text back.

“I’ve just been busy.”

“Oh, okay. I’m heading to the airport now and I should be back in London tomorrow if you want to do something.”

You hated this. You were pretending to be nice to Harry when in reality, you didn’t want to see him. You were a mess.

“I think I’ll just stay home.”

You instantly regretted your text. When Harry asked if you wanted to do something, you never tuned him down. He was always fun to be around, and he made your day a bit brighter. But the weather forecast called for tears and tissues for you tomorrow.

He never responded. So you shut off your phone and climbed into bed. The crying made you seem exhausted, and you just wanted to forget the day.


It had been two days, and he still hadn’t texted you. You hadn’t texted him, either.

You tried going about your day, instantly looking at your phone if it buzzed. Your anxiety was off the charts at any sudden sound.

It was the afternoon when you heard a knock at your door. Instantly, you heart started pounding. You composed yourself and opened the door. You lightly sucked in your breath as you made eye contact with Harry.

You smiled lightly. “Hi, Harry.”

He looked at you, flashing a very small smile, not having it quite reach his eyes. “Could I come in?”

You nodded, opening the door and stepping to the side. Harry sat on your couch and fiddled with his fingers.

“Have you been avoiding me?” he asked without glancing up at you.

“Why would you ask that?”

He gave you a look that simply said 'answer the question.’

“I haven’t been fully avoiding you. I’ve just been distracted lately,” you answered.

“So you have been avoiding me? Why?”

“I just,” you started, but stopped. “I’ve been seeing some things and I’m not sure how to approach them.” It was a bullshit excuse and Harry knew that.

“Could you just give me a straight answer, Y/N? You’re really close to me and I don’t want to 'ave a fight between us,” Harry chided. “So what 'ave you been seein’ that’s makin’ you upset?”

You sat next to him on the couch and ran a hand through your hair. “I’m just asking that you don’t be upset when I tell you. I still want to be friends with you,” you waited until he nodded. “I have been feeling differently about you lately. And I mean different as in more than friends. I really do like you, Harry, and when I found out that you were dating Camille, I was just really disappointed in myself,” you admitted.

Harry sighed and brought you closer. He noticed you were nearly in tears and rubbed your back comfortingly.

“Y/N, you must be the most blind person I’ve every met,” he said with a chuckle.

You wiped your nose a little and pulled back, watching him. “Excuse me?”

Harry was smiling wide. “Ever since I met you, I’ve been somewhat attracted to you. And the night we went out for burgers? I could’ve kissed you in that diner. It was an amazing night and I would do it again in a heartbeat. You treated me like Harry, not Harry Styles, the biggest pop star on the planet. I thought I’ve been giving you little clues ever since. The cuddling, letting you borrow my clothes, letting you meet my friends. A lot of those things were hints.”

You felt so dumb. Of course you were smiling now, holding your head in your hands and letting out a small laugh.

“But what about those few days you were acting weird? I even called you out for it, and you just dismissed it.”

Harry’s cheeks were blushed and his dimples were in full view. “I wanted to tell you I liked you then, but I couldn’t work up the nerve to do it. I was just thinking of ways and I wanted it to be special, but nothing was working. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you were really into me.”

You hugged Harry and leaned against his chest. “What about Camille then? Aren’t you dating her?”

Harry shook his head with a scoff. “No. Management sent me out on a mission to stir something up. She’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it was all a PR stunt. I think I would rather date you, instead,” he casually mentioned.

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Is there something you’d like to ask me, Harry?”

Harry smiled and kissed your forehead. “Would you like to be my girlfriend, Y/N?”

You beamed with joy and leaned forward and kissed Harry, fully enjoying the taste and texture of his lips on yours. Your hands found their way to his hair, messing with the little curls. By the time you pulled back, both of you were out of breath.

“I take that as a yes?” Harry hoped.

You nodded. “I would love to.”

fave moments from Real-Time Fandub games
  • “TALK ABOUT A LOW-BUDGED FLIGHT” (used in 2 different scenarios)
  • “I can’t believe you did this, this is all your fault.” “I can’t believe your tits are one polygon”
  • i miss my wife, tails.
  • “I’LL MAKE YOU EAT THOSE WORDS” (also used in 2 different scenarios)
  • “IT SEEMS AS IF WE’RE EVENLY MATCHED IN SOME WAY” “we aren’t. you just killed me.”
  • you have thirteen seconds before the island fucking explodes you hot topic wannabe and you blue gumball sonofabitch.”  *8 seconds later* “alfred i hope you know that is actually what happens in the story” “wait, dead seriously?!?!” “yeah see watch” “OH MY GOD I DIDN’T KNOW
  • “well here, take this diamond as a consolation prize. for the fucking moon just blowing up, i guess.”
  • “can you guys, like, stop having relationship issues while i’m on the phone with my dentist?”
  • “hi mister president! we need your help, some masked villain called the gl” “SONIC, MY LONG-LOST LOVER” “wh. hey. i told you not to bring that up anymore. i’m putting that behind me, mister president.”
  • (actually just. the entirety of the scene with the president)
  • “WHAT. WHAT. WHY IS NASA THERE!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • “hey sonic i have a question. since i’m literally five can you please explain to me how you fuck crops”
  • put the piss rock in the nuclear reactor
  • “i have no reason to live now that sonic is gone. and my piss rock.”
  • tails listen to me. i know who your mother isghgfjhfjsg *dies*” “DON’T YOU FUCKING LIE TO ME”
  • knuckllllles here’s your bitch back” “……THANKS, JESUS.”
  • “this piss rock does crazy things to ya. you ever see one like this before?” “oh you know i have, sonic. you know i’ve seen my fair share of piss rocks. now let’s start runni-” “you said that really sensually!”
  • “did you ever watch that one episode of dragon ball super where-” *screen fades to black before the scene fades back in* “and then I said, HEY! GIVE ME BACK MY LETTUCE!”
  • honestly the entire things is absolutely gold please watch it
Just A Picture

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Request:  This is kind of confusing and kind of long.. Hope it makes sense. Basically, from scene in Ragnarok, when there were fangirls asming for Thors picture, could you do a Loki X Reader oneshot where they brought a friend and she asks for Loki’s picture instead of Thor?

A/N: This request was sent in while my inbox was closed. At first I didn’t want to write it, but the idea is so cute, I had to write it! Hope you like it. Enjoy~

You and your two friends were having a nice girl’s day out in New York. 

You honestly didn’t know why you were friends with them, sure they were nice and all but your personality was different. They were total extroverts while you were an introvert. You enjoyed books and quiet nights, while they enjoyed partying. But nether the less, you loved them.

At first you went to a shop where you bought a nice dress for yourself. As the three of you were walking on the streets, they were talking.

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DamiRae appreciation post #1

So let’s talk about this ship and why it’s so good (this is going to get out of hand, I can already tell)


(Also I wanted to upload a better gif of this moment)

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think this ship is perfect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I honestly think that it could’ve been written into the JLvTT movie way better (like, does Raven see everybody’s past when she heals them? My money is on no. That was a moment that could’ve been written better).

But in spite of that, we still got something amazing.

You may have seen this tweet that was posted where Sam Liu, the director of JLvTT and Judas Contract, said this: “Both w/ huge legacies and destinies. Yet they are kids just trying to get by despite their past.“ 

And that’s super important to me.

Dick says it best about Damian in JLvTT, “Never had a childhood… spent most of his life training to kill, then moves in with the big bad bat, which I can tell you from personal experience is not exactly fun…”

But after the three Batman films (two of which were about Damian and then the third which was more about the DCAU bat family but was still heavily focused on Damian), he’s ready to help stand with Raven and help her stand up to her past and convinces her not to stay in hell after they beat Trigon. He’s grown into a good, selfless, person, even if he’s still a bit of jackass (points for character development though).

And then when Raven and the others first meet Damian, Jaime calls him creepy but Raven corrects him by saying, “No, more like… sad.” Even though Damian puts up a tough front, she can still see right through him, and nowhere is this more obvious than when she tells Damian that in his heart he is a kind and generous soul.

You gotta give points to Raven for being kind and generous, too. She didn’t have to be nice to Damian, especially not when she’s got problems of her own, but she reaches out to him. Why?

To help him become a better person. After losing his grandfather (who only trained him to kill), his mother (who executed his clone in front of him because it was “weak”), and getting sent away by his father (who barely treats him like his own son in these movies), you can only imagine how confused and lost he must be feeling.

Then he meets Raven, who tells him jokes to cheer him up and tells him that “Everyone needs a home”. No one knows this better than she does. After losing Azarath and being kidnapped and taken to hell, no one knows that everyone needs a place to belong better than Raven. And at the end of film, Damian is returning the favour and convincing her to stay with the Titans.

And one thing I do like is that it isn’t all fluff and stuff, like when Terra is having her nightmare and Raven tells Damian that if she saw anything it wouldn’t be his business. Teaching the dude boundaries and not being afraid to step on his toes when need be is also great. (can’t wait to see the anti-shippers take that moment and run with it lmao)

Seriously, I hope the next film has Damian doing more for her. Maybe comforting her when she’s having nightmares or trying to keep her mind of her father being stuck on her head. Or hell, have Raven lose control and turn into a demon and have Damian be the one to bring her back to her senses.

Now I’m gonna subtly transition and talk about the puppy.

I love and hate this moment. I love it because it’s adorable and since it’s only a twenty second clip that no one saw coming, you can make up all the fanon you want surrounding it.

But I hate it because we don’t know exactly why Raven gives him the dog. If you look at the scene closely, Damian is clearly troubled over Slade’s return (the guy was boiled in acid and left at the bottom of the ocean last time they met, only to come back with a grudge against Damian). Slade also tortured Damian and promised to take away his new family, and he already did that once with the League before (but I think we can all agree that that worked out for the best).

And this is the fanon I was talking about, but I think that Raven brings him the puppy so he can have something positive in his life. That’s worded really badly, but I don’t know how else to explain to it. I mean, can you have a puppy and not be happy? NOOOOO. Anyways, I hope the next movie starts off with right on the roof so we can see exactly what is said (that’s not going to happen but I can still hope).

And of course, probably the most important part of that scene is Beastboy’s narration. “But it’s not just about the cool superpowers, snazzy uniforms, and daring adventures. It’s about us helping each other grow, be better people.”

That’s the entire point of their relationship. I miss when writing was subtle man, because this is not. Lol.

It’s about Raven seeing a person inside the warrior Damian was raised as, and him seeing Raven not as someone below him, but as an equal, or maybe even someone better than he is.

And it’s going to be the slowburn, “I didn’t realize I was in love until it was almost too late” kind of relationship. I don’t think that these two would just fall for each other at the drop of a hat. There are definitely going to be bumps in the road, but the payoff is going to be something wonderful.

Itaewon Class
  • I love how this show had 2 strong female leads instead of the typical two strong male leads. And by strong I mean they were both solid characters and had their own development and redemption and honestly until the very end if wasn’t quite sure which one was the first female lead and which was the second (though I was rooting for Yi Seo from the very beginning). 

  • Park Sae Ro Yi. How can I articulate what I feel about him? Other than he is now my top 3 kdrama male leads right up there with Captain Yoo Shi Jin from Descendants of the Sun and Ryan Gold from Her Private Life. I am going to write a whole list of why later! 

Edit/gif by @sclcncsblog

  • I love how the newer kdramas are really talking about issues that matter. In Her Private Life they navigate homosexuality so very well with Ryan Gold’s view of it. In Itaewon Class Hyun-yi being trans was one of my highlights. 
  • Then with Toni and racism and with Choi Seung-kwon being from the background he is thinking is life is done for but how seeing Sae Ro Yi’s outlook on life and self-worth really turning his life around - oh my gosh. 

  • I like how by the end of it Park Sae Ro Yi truly becomes a businessman while keeping his values and dignity in place. How he doesn’t treat Chairman Jang in a mean or harsh way - rather makes him soft tofu stew and talks politely - but he doesn’t let his weeping and pleading change his mind about the takeover since that’s a business decision. 

  • Also I mean can we just acknowledge how the first actual kiss in this kdrama is right at the end of it? And how it could - like most other kdramas- make us feel so much without having to have intense kiss/sex scenes. I mean that is true art. 

  • I love how Sae Ro Yi takes his time to realise and confess his feelings for Yi Seo. And when he finally tells her - that intensity, that sincerity, that sureness - you can never doubt a man like Sae Ro Yi. 

Edit/gif by @thingskateknows

  • Yi Seo was, of course, my favourite character - right after Sae Ro Yi. She is strong, a little crazy but pure-hearted and a perfect match for Sae Ro Yi. She isn’t weak. She isn’t a coward. Yes, she can be a little too harsh but in the moments that matter, she always rises up to the occasion. Whether for Hyuni-yi or Toni. Her final conversation with Geun Soo where she apologises to him and acknowledges his feelings and how she’s treated them - that was her redemption. 

Edit/gif by @kdramanewbie

  • I really didn’t like Soo Ah. I get that her background wasn’t privileged and that she was at a disadvantage but still…she was just no match for Sae Ro Yi. The kind of man he is, he needs a woman like Yi Seo rather than Soo Ah. But of course, by the end by being the whistler blower and not asking Sae Ro Yi for anything but just to be happy…she redeemed herself. And I love her ending too - starting her own cafe, looking so happy and elegant and pretty and maybe falling for hew new chef (Park Bo Gum!)? I was genuinely happy for her. 

  • You know what I really liked about Itaewon Class? The fact that Sae Ro Yi wasn’t above it all. The fact that he let revenge fuel him. And in the end, he got what he wanted but he also admitted that it didn’t make him feel happy and that it had been really fucking tough living life that way. I like how irrespective of how perfect he was, he had his flaw because it’s honestly only natural to have such flaws. Him kneeling down before Chairman Chang to save Yi Seo - I love how he didn’t even have to think about it for a second and how easily it came to him. 
  • The show truly was about people. And trust. And bonds. Lee Ho-Jin becoming Sae Ro Yi’s friend and then financial manager - loved that. Toni’s grandmom being the badass investor - loved that. I love how all the characters in the show are SO majorly flawed but in the end, mostly good at heart and have their own special/unique set of strengths. In the end, the key to a person’s support, trust, respect and love is sincerity. It really is that simple. 
  • And the fact that someone can be important to you but not all the time. That’s something Yi Seo understood and Soo Ah didn’t. Like when shit went wrong with the 10 billion investment and Soo Ah told Sae Ro Yi to leave everything and come to her and they could be happy…how could she! Despite knowing, despite actually being right there when Sae Ro Yi’s life fell to pieces back in school. That, along with 100 other reasons is why Yi Seo and Sae Ro Yi always made sense. 

Edit/gif @kdramatelier

But the point isn’t that. The point is that everyone has their priorities and people - no matter how much you care about them - they can’t be your constant priority. Hence, you have to be strong enough to be there for yourself. 

In the end, all I can say is…

How did it taste?


Image by @maricisthebest

It was SWEET. 


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