but honestly

the most unrealistic thing about tv shows is how no one ever wears glasses??? there’s approximately one (1) character that wears them, and most of the time it’s just to fit in the nerd steoretype? half my friends wear glasses, including me, and i can name like other 20 people that do??? how is it possible that all of these character have perfect eyesight i’m

There is value to be found in every single drawing. Sometimes it’s in technique, sometimes it’s in story, sometimes it’s in emotion… Sometimes in it’s in that one mistake that ruined everything and the things you learnt from it.

On social media, any one of those things can be recognised, or none of them can. Because art is subjective, and your audience may not measure value in the same way that you do.

On tumblr in particular, there is a huge focus on content that is relatable. People enjoy media that speaks to them and to the things that they are interested in. It’s why fandoms exist and why fanworks are so popular.

The harsh truth is that no one can be forced to consume media that they aren’t interested in. If people can’t find reason to support a creator, namely because their content doesn’t speak to them, they are completely within their right -no matter how much love the artist has poured into their work (or how great it would be if we did all support each other).

Since creator and consumer don’t owe each other anything right off the bat, it’’s important to stop relying on that relationship when it comes to making art. Of course, the creator could always adapt their content to fit their audience, but that’s an attitude that could become quite unhealthy.

So instead, you should work towards realising that what you’re creating is valuable and precious and unique -no matter how much attention it did or didn’t get. 

I don’t care if you started yesterday, if you think your art is bad, if your last post got two likes and the only reblog was from yourself  -the very act of creating is so inherently beautiful and you should be proud of yourself. You don’t need validation or permission to keep drawing. But if you really want it, then know that I’m proud of you, that your grind motivates me to work, and that you have my and everyone else’s blessing to go and create the things that only you can.

toziert  asked:

What's your guys favorite memory together so far?


CRAIG: I don’t hold grudges.


CRAIG: I just remind people of their mistakes so they don’t do anything like it again.


Look guys its halloween and i love the banner and all but //SLAMS FIST ON TABLE//  WHERE IS HALLOWEEN NILES? ? ? ? ?!!!

//clenches fist// guess i’ll ju s t  have to  ma ke my own niles content
Made a transparent one for ur dash too :3c

I love that everyone in omgcp repeats clothes. It just gives another realistic element in their universe. I love the travelling red flannel. I love that Bitty’s blue zip-up hoodie that he wears at epikegster is the same one he’s wearing when Jack kisses him for the first time.

But what I love most of all is that Bitty LOVES HIS GREEN BUTTON DOWN.


This kid wears that shirt all. the. time.