but honestly

Allies reactions to male s/o's slapping their booty.

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America’s reaction: This boy right here could take only two ways. He could be playful back and play flirt with him and tease him about grabbing his booty. He could also get slightly upset. He could turn around and say “Dude/bruhh/bro” in an offended tone because now is not the time for him. The second reaction rarely ever happens but it makes grabbing this man’s butt that more fun for his s/o.

England: He’s likely to scold him and tell his s/o to knock it off. That and he’ll blush but he definitely thinks his s/o can appreciate him in other ways.

China: Similar to England’s reaction except he’ll blush and storm off. The s/o’s quickly learn that the “old men” don’t like their butts being grabbed.

France: He approves and flirts back. Honestly he wasn’t too surprising. If his s/o is lucky his ass will be grabbed too. He enjoys having his butt grabbed and will likely have his ego lifted. France’s s/o doesn’t mind but the world does.

Russia: He’d be surprised his male s/o did it and would probably let out a really cute noise of surprise which is surprisingly high pitched. He’d likely blush as well but he’d get all shy on his s/o and unsure of how to take it, but say thank you anyway.

I’d like to thank the makers of sherlock for releasing the pilot so we know what teen sherlock looked like

I mean look at that little bb genius

if you don’t think this is the cutest shit I don’t know what to say to you

look poor teenaged Sherlock’s gone and got a drink in his face at the pub, maybe if he weren’t such a dick

partied a lil too hard there buddy, it’s okay adorable pilot lestrade will help you out

this concludes my thank you

I think it should be a basic rule that if you reblog an ask meme from somebody to send them an ask yourself- it’s a bit disheartening to see a crapton of people reblog an ask meme from you and never receive one yourself


“I used to be really really insecure and awkward and I just feel like because of the girls and this whole experience I definitely came out of my shell a lot more…I’ve just been learning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I can’t even tell you how releaving it is. I was just scared of everything which I’m not anymore and I used to kind of be scared of what made me different and everybody has their own little quirks, but I think I’m just accepting them now..which doesn’t mean that I’m staying the same because I think you should always get better and continue to improve yourself as a person which I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to be the best version of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m changing for the worse.” -Camila Cabello (March 3, 1997)