but honestly


“I used to be really really insecure and awkward and I just feel like because of the girls and this whole experience I definitely came out of my shell a lot more…I’ve just been learning to feel comfortable in my own skin. I can’t even tell you how releaving it is. I was just scared of everything which I’m not anymore and I used to kind of be scared of what made me different and everybody has their own little quirks, but I think I’m just accepting them now..which doesn’t mean that I’m staying the same because I think you should always get better and continue to improve yourself as a person which I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to be the best version of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m changing for the worse.” -Camila Cabello (March 3, 1997)

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:but will bangtan ever have a break? they're having a comeback after a comeback and I understand that bighit is an extra small company and they have to promote like crazy but they're humans too and have their limits?? also when will people acknowledge seokjin's vocals and hoseok's dancing talent? when will they stop making fun of jimin and bashing taehyung for no fucking reason? why jungkook is still being sexualized tho he's still a minor?? will g-dragon some day answer his fanboy crush? when will yoongi be viewed as a talented rapper he is and not as rapmon's bottle washer by people outside the fandom? just when will they understand that bts actually isn't only about namjoon and that all the members are amazing performers??

Choi Seungcheol?? what is that is that a new brand or — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Seungcheol spill out of jacket] w-what are these things I don’t know how these ended up here I just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Seungcheol scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for a friend just listen


“Y/N, there’s something I never told you,” Cas said as you made your way to the dance floor for your first dance as a married couple.

“What is it?”

“I prayed for you,” he said. “When we first met, I prayed that I could be something more to you. I have no idea if my father was listening.”

“But here we are,” you smiled. He wrapped his arms around your waist and started to sway, slow, with you to the music.

“Here we are,” he murmured. “Thank you for making me believe again.”

x x x

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Is taehyung also that handsome in real life ^^

idk what i was expecting tbh, but i was not expecting this

when the opening vcr was over and the members came out to get into position for their opening performance, i was literally heart eyes for kim taehyung

pictures do him no justice, he is literally so handsome i couldn’t believe he was real, i can’t even explain it or put it into words but i was just gaping at him, i was so shocked and when he smiled or winked or sent hearts or did his kissy faces i got so emotional

When anyone tries to tell me how much better education was “in the good old days”.

hansol the type of kid to be a full on bad boy and having profanities in his mixtapes but when u enter his room you see a bible and a dictionary and a huge shelf of books and his science experiments and posters of puppies covering his walls and just things that makes him a total sweetheart