but holy shit your blog makes my day

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i'm having a sad day :( can you reply w your favorite andre photos / gifs / videos or something that would brighten my day??

oh no :(( fear not, for i am about to flood your dash with andre (or at least as much as i have saved on my computer)

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i need to stop now this is already out of hand holy shit i love him so much i really hope this helped make your day happier anon cause it sure made my day much more pleasant

if you’re still not satisfied, go to my blog and go to the caps masterlist tab, and under the andre section (or even the team section) there’s lots of andre videos that you can watch

1 200 Followers Forever

We did it ! We hit 1,200 followers ! Thank you so much everyone for following my blog !

Even if I don’t talk with some of you, I really love your blog, and seeing your post on my dash make my day better ! Also, I want to say sorry if I forgot some people. But: I love each one of you!

( My fav blog are on Bolds ^-^ )

@ayumiko || @animexships || @aeikos || @despairing-edits || @cosmicfalls || @cosmicmarshmellow || @dr-edits || @despairmikan || @crumbcakes || @drkillerkiller || @danganronpaibukifan || @mikapii || @mikan666 || @toxic-candy-girl || @gaysaltfairy || @miayagekkogahara || @miaya-gekkougahara || @kurokku-tokei || @huyandere || @sakubotan || @pdnbssdsa || @thesquirrelbaby || @specter–melody || @sayaka-love || @mutual-killings-and-edits || @kanari-icons || @muukuros || @misakachan || @nauticalradical || @freckledfuyuhiko || @ultimate-breeder || @chiaikis || @panini-kisses || @nez || @oumakokichis || @hope–arc || @hopeymchope || @holy-shit-dangan-ronpa || @creammcheese || @leari || @photoshopronpa || @chiakiva || @wlwkirumi || @kaiyochins || @derekcchu || @nintencakes || @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl || @goddess-of-trash || @love-hospital || @beta-ibuki || @cuteshirokuma || @official-shuichi || @nagittos || @omg-despair-queen-fan || @rurukandy || @danganronpatrashhell || @eggseggseggseggseggseggseggseggs || @cfvy-and-tea || @tsumikitxt || @pekopika || @koropote || @in-a-state-of-trance || @nantendo-gamegirl || @memezuru-sama || @obj3ction || @cakeengland || @reservecoursemikan || @escapingviolence || @soniamikans || @toxicpentagram || @ebagurin || @gansoni || @suspicious–avocado || @wendymarvell || @rigolotekitten || @zetsub0u

Go follow those lovely person ! Each one of them are greats ! Keep up the good work with yours blog, I love you all ♥

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I'm lying in this crooked hospital bed, waiting to hear from the docs about my future... and I just want to say just scrolling down your blog made my day. Thank you so much for making this one morning I have lovely. I don't know if there'll be a next week, or even a tomorrow, but at least I could enjoy this one moment with laughter.

holy shit i honestly dont know how to respond, im on the verge of tears because im just so honoured that i could do this for you, im just really touched that a silly jokey blog i made 2 years ago because i was procrastinating the day before a marriage has done this. please keep me updated.

                             HOLY CRIPES, SENA HIT 100+

          guys, HOLY SHIT. i started this blog literally 3 days ago on the 15th, and i can’t believe my meme-loving ass has already hit 100+ followers!! when i first decided i was gonna make shae, i was so goddamn nervous about stepping into the got/asoiaf rp fandom, but honestly, you guys have made this such a fun and amazing welcoming experience. i adore every single one of you, and am in silent awe of all your portrayals, and i can’t wait to see more of you on my dash!!

below the cut are some people who have really helped ease my anxiety towards joining the rp fandom, and if you’re not on the list, that doesn’t mean i don’t love following you!! it just means we haven’t gotten to talk yet, and we really need to fix that soon!

anyways, i love all of you to pieces, and i can’t wait to write with you!!

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5. If you were drunk would the person you like take are of you?

idek who i like anymore.

12. What are your 5 favortie songs right now?

holy shit okay… in no particular order:

The Cure- Lady Gaga

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart- Old Dominion

Just In Case- Conor Maynard

F.F.F.- Bebe Rexha ft. G-Eazy

U.N.I- Ed Sheeran

(that was so hard omg)

55. Favorite Blog?

how dare you? that’s so hard omg. i’m gonna go by fandom bc there are so many. (ily guys sm even if we don’t talk!!) (also, this is a side blog so i follow you on @i-am-never-getting-my-life-back ) be sure to follow all of them; they’ll make your day, i promise :)


@iheartmyyoutubers @wroetoredman @jackmaynardwifey @cursivesugg  @thatchermaynardimagines @line-sidemen  @vintagesugg  @maynardmayhem @phangirlingforphan @cafephan

Harry Potter:

@@lumosinlove @trjwizard @hp-headcanon @scarheadcanons @actuallydrarry @drarrytalks

13rw/riverdale/anything ross butler tbh:

@jeff-deserves-better @reginatkins @fuckyoumontgomery @mantlelificent @mantlemagic @sunny-styles @ooooomahama @liamrabnud @bandstripper


@5sowoc @let-the-bands-take-c0ntrol @meowcalumhood @candouredcalum @daintylouis @larryftdua @larrydagger @kindofsharethat  

i didnt know where to put you bc ur a lil bit of everything/ur like the only blog in a category and i didnt want to make this post longer than it is:

@mygayisshowing @milominderbindered @evaschistad @67chevy-imagine @lokiscreen @heathledgerdaily @ao3feed-gallavich @cluelesshavoc

i am so sorry this is super long but you asked and i couldn’t just put one blog lol… if you made the list, i most likely check your blog everyday and/or have your post notifications on so cheers :) 

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I have never related to a blog more. I'm dealing with severe depression and anxiety, and my happy place is drawing. I'm always stressed and I don't sleep a lot, so I spend my time looking at blogs, and let me tell you, when I found yours, I was immediately hooked. I also draw a lot of dark stuff as an outlet, it's just something I use so I don't hurt/kill myself, and looking at your art, I could see how you're struggling. Just like me. I had a hard talk with my therapist today, and seeing your

(Continuation of last anon) seeing your art made my day. I want you to know that your art helps me, that you matter so much to me, and even though I’m just an anonymous user, I hope you see this. Have a nice day, and please keep doing what you’re doing.

Holy shit.. this.. 

I’m BEYOND happy to know my art does help people, i would’ve never thought in a million years i’d get told this. I grew up trying to please people and i never once succeeded. and now.. I have. 

Knowing I have makes me want to continue, I do have days where I just want to delete my entire blog and disappear forever but this ask I will keep forever and will motivate me throughout my time here(If you don’t mind ofc anon)

Also, nonnie, if you ever need anyone, my dm’s are ALWAYS open- I’m always here and I’ll fight anyone for you(`・ω・´)9 It might sound cliche considering everyone says that but from one struggling person to another, I’m here for you and if you want to remain anonymous that’s more than fine, I’ll continue making art in hopes it helps you. Please stay strong, I love you nonnie! remember to smile for me and many other people. 

Bookstore Shennanigans (Brendon Urie X Reader)

Had this on my evernote a while back. Bit crappy, but I guess you’d enjoy..?

If you don’t find me lame and you hope for more, send a request.

Dear Julianne and Martina, don’t laugh at me

Pairing: Brendon Urie and Reader

You paced the aisles of the music store that was conncted to the bookstore. Your headphones were connected to the iPad you had in your backpack, so you can listen to music. Well, Panic! At The Disco to be exact. Why you had an iPad with you? Your parents won’t let you buy an iPhone, let alone buy your own phone. You were stuck with the ones your sisters passed down, and it does nothing but send messages to friends who won’t message back during summer.

You browsed through each stack on CDs, hunting down the album you were listening to now. At this time, nobody’s really around in the store. With the song Camisado on, you started nodding your head to the beat.

“Can’t take the kid from the fight,
Take the fight from the kid,” you sang and started busting some moves, doing some punches.

“Sit back relax,
Sit back, relapse again- PA PA PA LOOO~” You stopped, slumped, then repeated your actions till you raised the roof.

You spinned on the heels of your feet, then walked forward. You walked straight straight into a tall man.

“Oh shit! Sorry,” You removed your headphones and moved backwards to look at the man.“NO SHIT ITS YOU!”

Brendon Urie laughed. “It’s fine! I saw you dancing to one of Panic’s songs. You were really good!”

You blushed, internally screaming and dying inside. “Huh? Oh that? I was messing around and I- OH MY GOD CAN I JUST HAVE A MOMENT? I JUST BUMPED STRAIGHT INTO BRENDON FUCKING URIE AND I AM HAVING A MELTDOWN. HOLY SMOKES.”

Brendon smiled, making you die even more.

“Can I hug you? To, um, make sure you’re real? Then have a picture or thousands to have my friends kill me?”  you laughed nervously. “Haha, but I’m already dead so..”

“Yea sure! Normally, fangirls would play it cool when they meet me or the band, but you- you’re really excited and shit.” Brendon said.

“Well, you make my entire life. I sing your songs every single day, practically annoying the hell out of my sisters. Heck, I run a tumblr blog about you!” You spilled.

You brought out the IPad, a picture of a derpy Brendon popping up as your lock screen. You stopped the album of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out playing then turned on the camera. You and Brendon took pictures; smiling ones, funny ones, and scary looking ones. One of which, shocked you; he kissed your cheek. After placing back the iPad in your bag, you hugged Brendon tight.

“Thank you so much!” You squealed.

“Wait, I didn’t get the young lady’s name!”

“It’s Y/N L/N”

“Will I be seeing this lady at the concert tonight?” He asked.

“You will have to find me in the crowd then.” You giggled.

You walked around the store with Brendon, eventually going down to the bookstore,  mocking some book covers, telling him about your life. He told you stories about the tour, Dallon being an idiot sometimes. He gave you a backstage pass that he had with him and you stayed around till he had to go back to wherever the band practices.

“Fun meeting you, Y/N. Hopefully I will see you again tonight. I mean like, you’re fun to be with.”

You and Brendon said goodbye to each other and he left the bookstore. Goodness, you couldn’t wait till the concert.


Hey everyone! I recently got into the Overwatch fandom and the game itself which are both incredible and super amazing, holy shit. I’ve been holding out on myself haha 😆

 But anyways, I was thinking of trying my hand at some Overwatch fics. That is of course if you want me to. If not, I’ll just keep to writing AC fics here and making another blog for Overwatch works.

Have a great day, and please tell me your opinion about my decision!

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Oh my goodness, are you a httyd and mlb fan?! I thought I was the only one!!! I also really love your fanart, thank you so much for everything you do! It makes my whole day whenever I check your blog. Have you ever considered drawing httyd fanart?

i had x’D

it’s my first fandom and i still love it to pieces. im just a bit inactive there because im waiting for the 3rd movie.

if you check my art tag, from page 31 i think it’s when you can see my httyd fanart to foward (holy shit how many pages my art tag has???) but i also did something for hiccup’s birthday , for my art giveaway and for my friend’s birthday

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Haley what the fuck I'm honestly yelling i can't believe you followed me???? I jsut can't imagine why you would want to follow a tiny blog like me when u are literally an actual god?? there are tears streaming down my real life face and I had to put on new pants bc I shit myself. Ilysm please have the best day ever holy shit

Fuck off Savvy, your positivity is hurting me 

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i have no idea what hotline miami is tbh but i found your blog a few months ago and i've always thought of u as the cool kid who makes the cool kid art so when i see u post im like "shit that's them, gotta be super subtle abt reblogging their stuff so i can be Cool too" (i think that's how it works rip)

Oh my god WHAT that is so precious and i love you for it??? Holy fuck!! Seriously though if you do end up playing hotline miami (or the second one!) don’t kill me if I’ve set any expectations hahah ;_; this made my day omg

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Listen, my dude, my pal, my buddy. I love your art so much I literally always read through your baseball AU tag every time I stumbled upon your blog or when you make your way onto my dash. You're beyond skilled, and I can't even imagine how long it's taken you to be this amazing. Thank you for sharing your art


thank you so much??? this is amazing you are amazing HOLY SHIT

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Heyo! I was just scrolling through your blog and I have got to say I'm in love with it! You seem like such a nice person! Also the Positivity day was a brilliant thing! Seeing people pull together and trade stories, art, or even just kind words between each other was brilliant and I hope every one got something to make them feel happy! Your obedient servant Anonymous

holy,,, fuck. anon, i know you probably didnt mean to make my entire day do a 180 but you did. like. i honestly have been having a shit day, despite only being awake for like. 1/5 of it. thank you so much for just?? existing??? i hope ur having a good day, anon!

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Hi there! I've never done this before, but I was reading through your blog and you seem like such a sweetie with a wonderful insights. I was wondering if I could possibly get your thoughts on a Taurus sun, Libra moon, Leo rising with Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aries? The Ares placement confuses me because I'm not aggressive at all! :-) and I might be the only Taurus alive that doesn't like to cook and doesn't like nature 😂 Thank you so much and I hope you're having a wonderful day!

OMG hey cutie! Thankl you it is truly an honor😩😭❤! Love you and thank you so much for being on my blog💚

You seem like a really intelligent, kind, flirty, funny and unselfish person! You are probably incredibly attractive (holy shit like REALLY) with beautiful and thick hair, expressive eyes and a beautiful body shape. You make friends easily because of your charming and friendly nature which makes people think that it’s easy to become one of your close friends but that’s definetly not the case! You take your time selecting your real friends and even then you don’t open up easily, but if you do they should really appreciate it because under that tough and strong facade is a really sweet and emotional person that has so much love to give! You’re that kind of person that would do anything to keep their loved ones happy and you often sacrifice yourself for them. You’re a good friend that deserves so much warmth and love from this world and I hope you stay as nice and big hearted as you are! Don’t be afraid to be yourself because you’re so lovable and beautiful inside and out

And aries placements don’t only make you aggressive but they give you more energy, make you more passionate, funnier, more loyal and determined! Don’t Forget to check your houses 💗

Have a wonderful day babe💖💖💖

@tae-the-gae submitted:

I hope you don’t mind me drawing you omg

I don’t know why I did but like you and the other badlydrawns make my friggin day and I wish I wasn’t too shy to do this kind of blog bUt anyway I thought of how you react to people loving you and your hands etc so I doodled this while listening to deja vu from initial d on repeat it is 6:30 in the morning and I haven’t slept gbye

((Holy fuck my man this is the most legit thing ive ever seen. Also?? Your style is so nice?!?!? fmu oh my god. I hope you get a well deserved sleep holy shit. THANK YOU SO MUCH BRUH!!!!!))

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Hello ! (OMG i can't believe I'm doing this) I'mm... Litteraly shaking at the moment... You're like, my Tumblr crush now... Gosh you don't know how much I love you and your workss... YOUR WORKS !! I love your blog ! Man, it's only been 2 hours and my heart is beating so fast... I wanted to make proper thanking but I cannot... Just now that your baseball UA and all your other drawings are my favourite ! I love youuuu ! Have a wonderful day you really made mine ! Glad I found a goldmine !! TᗜTง


Holy shit, this is one of the best things I’ve ever received since I made this blog. You’re so welcome??? I should be thanking you for the love and support you’re giving me and this au in particular so thank you???

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AAAAA? Affection from two cuties omg???? I'm dead (also I'm so sorry for calling him Jorah fbsncn my brain is stupid). I just want to hug both of you and give you (platonic) cheek smoochies and then Jonah (maybe a little less than platonic) cheek smoochies. But yeah I pretty much spent a large chunk of yesterday just in awe of your art tag and now I have push notes for your blog bc you seem amazing!

Holy shit tumblr didn’t tell me I got another ask, hello!


People like you are what make me want to draw after months of not doing it due to depression/stress/whatever. Thank you so much, this made my day!

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asking how diapers are sexual is like asking a gay guy why they like having anal sex. I know you all hate to compare ddlg and all its doings with the lgbt community, but... the question you asked makes them comparable. those who like diapers just like them even if it's in a sexual way and I can't see anything wrong with that. it's harming you why? you have to make it your business why? people like what they like and you're not doing anything to change anyone's ideas. your point in this blog is?

Holy homophobia, Batman!

Having a kink is in no way comparable to being gay what the fuck? It’s my business when people keep posting gross shit in sfw tags. Also, this in no way addresses the ableism of sexualizing diapers (which many disabled people need for day-to-day function–it’s very dehumanizing to sexualize things that are a living necessity for an already marginalized group) or the potentially pedophilic implications of such a kink. Your question added nothing to the discourse and benefited absolutely no one. Your point in this ask is?