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On this day in music history: March 22, 1990 - “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails is released. Written by Trent Reznor, it is the second single issued from NIN’s debut album “Pretty Hate Machine”. “Head Like A Hole” is written after Trent Reznor after tours as the opening act for fellow industrial rockers Skinny Puppy in 1988, and is in part inspired by something said by Ministry leader Alain Jourgensen in concert. He states that “listening to Ministry is like having a nine inch nail hammered into your head like a hole”. “Hole” is released as a 12" and CD Maxi single, featuring remixes by Reznor, Flood, Adrian Sherwood, and Keith LeBlanc. The eleven track CD single includes remixes of “Hole” as well as “Down In It”, “Terrible Lie”, and the non-LP track “You Know Who You Are”. Clocking in over fifty-six minutes, its running time is more than eight minutes longer than the full length album that it comes from. “Head Like A Hole” peaks at #28 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart and bubbles under the Hot 100 at #109.

Dear SasuSaku fandom

As most of you are aware, tomorrow is the final episode of Naruto Shippuden as well as the fact that it is an adaptation of the epilogue for Konoha Hiden.

Now in the epilogue there is this part where Sakura was thinking of Sasuke and I understand most of you want to see this part animated. However, here are a few reminders:

  1. Keep in mind, that this anime adaptation of Konoha Hiden was centred around preparations for the NaruHina wedding so of course it will be more centred on NaruHina than SasuSaku so don’t get your hopes too high.
  2. Part of this episode not only adapts the epilogue but also Iruka’s chapter? idk… but part of it will be Iruka’s speech to Naruto prior to his wedding and due to length limit of anime episodes there is a possibility they might not include this SS part. Especially since SP aren’t huge fans of SasuSaku, but I digress.
  3. One final thing - and it is really important - This is the final episode of Naruto Shippuden. So for the love of Kaguya please don’t ruin this with your whining and complaining if it turns out that SP didn’t include or make few changes to this part. I know they may have fucked up numerous times but all in all they have worked so hard to get to this point and to repay them by bitching, spewing hate, making death threats etc all for arbitrary reasons is disgusting, disrespectful and ungrateful. Yes you can be disappointed if they didn’t include this SS part. Just, try not to be a dick, OK?

Apart from that, I hope SP can do a decent job with the final episode, especially NaruHina’s wedding! I am looking forward to seeing Boruto anime this coming month.

There’s a difference between writer’s block and writer’s constipation. I have the latter. There are quite a few things I want to write, but every time I sit down, everything in my brain screeches to a halt. I’ve tried every trick I know and nothing’s worked. Fortunately I’ve been through this before. Unfortunately the only way I know to get through it is to let it run its course.

I have trouble doing even that, because then anxiety kicks up and makes me feel even more like a useless, worthless hack than I do otherwise, since I made the mistake of tying up a lot of my self-worth in my writing. I’m slowly untying that knot, but it’s not smoothed out yet. 

Until then:

Went to clinic and we decided to stop Wellbutrin seeing as how the side effects aren’t lessening over a period of adjustment but getting worse - I’m agitated, severely depressed, and having vision problems, I can’t focus my eyes sometimes to do close work: I haven’t really been able to use the internet or draw. And I’m more sensitive to bright light than usual so I’m getting sensory overload and acting stupid. Try not to have a conversation with me unless you think you can tolerate me pausing every four words to buffer (not looking forward to giving a speech in communications tomorrow).

After about a week of letting the Wellbutrin get out of my system (I hope for a mild withdrawal) the clinician wants to try Abilify, since it seems to be better for autistic people and treatment-resistent depression - it’s a somewhat unusual drug and should at least be interesting.