but hoes

So I wanna do something like The website steal her style but with clothing dupes from stores like (ex: forever 21, ebay, zaful, charlotte russe, aliexpress) it would be way cheaper (might take longer) but cheaper non the less. So like idk submit photos of cool clothes and I’ll try to find em.

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penny-hoe  asked:

Your pennywise is so cool 😍😁! *big smooch on penny’s cheek* Your the greatest 😊❤️

Thank you so much!! <3<3  I am sorry if I made you feel like I ignored your ask, I have been working my way upwards all my asks whilst doing some new ones. (it takes a LOT of time, I’m sorry) 

This goes to all my followers, I will try my best to answer you all. just please be patient I’m not ignoring yall!! love you all!! <3