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Theory on the whole zayn drama. Most of this theory was contributed from bradfordboy2k15 on twitter ! :-)

The whole thing was planned from the start. OTRA wasn’t selling as much as WWA did. WWA literally had to make more dates bc they kept getting sold out and OTRA didn’t live up to WWA. Modest was losing money so they make a pr stunt. They’ve had headlines go and build up (harry and nadine, niall and melissa, elounor break up) to the point where the boys are in major headlines but that’s not enough to catch a bigger audience. Then they make zayn ‘cheat’ and now fans are distrustful and wary of zayn. Fast forward a bit and zayn leaves the band. The fans buy more albums and tickets so the same thing won’t happen to the other four boys (and so the other boys won’t leave the band) and the fans are more supportive bc they care about one direction and basically think its their fault zayn left. Sales have significantly increased since zayn left. Still don’t think its a stunt? Ok next you can’t just 'quit’ modests’ contract (or any legal contract within a day) Remember the winner of X factor Rebecca? She left modest recently (for the fact they forced her to do things she didn’t want to do; AND she stated they were abusive. Coincidence?) and now they’re suing her. How come they aren’t doing the same with zayn? They wouldn’t let zayn go that easily. He’s easily the biggest factor they’re making money. Even if he paid millions of dollars to quit he’s still violating the contract and he’d still be sued. In about June 3rd 2015 their contract with modest is officially over (5 years bc their contract started on June 3rd 2010). Why you may ask they’re doing this now? Losing one direction, their biggest success, is a big problem to them. They want to replace them and fast. Of course nothing they come up with can replace one direction but they’re trying to reach that (even though we all know they’ll fail). Little mix and 5sos are their next 'big thing’ of course each band alone aren’t going to reach an inch of the fame and money one direction has had; but together it’s enough money to get modest satisfied (even though like I said it won’t ever compare to the amount one direction has given them). In the future it’s likely they’d have perrie 'dump’ zayn and then when little mix’s new album releases, the first single will be about something relating to zayn. People who’ve been paying attention to the zayn drama will feel bad for her and buy it; little mix is essentially riding off zayns fame. Right now zayn is at the point where even if you don’t stan one direction or have never heard of one direction YOU NOW KNOW WHO HE IS from all the press he’s gotten lately which also means you definitely know who perrie is. Why do you think every time zayn is mentioned perrie is also mentioned? That sad excuse of an interview we’ve gotten barely discussed the boys and focused rather greatly on zerrie. They want her and her band in the light along with zayn. The next topic I want to discuss is that some parts don’t add up. We already know for a fact that naughtyboy and modest have some sort of relationship bc Simon has tweeted nb in the past. We also already know that modest’s microphone is literally The Sun. The same magazine who’s bashed zayn all these years calling him a cheating liar and drug addict etc etc. Why would zayn let these people who’ve bashed him all these years interview him? The same people who put him in a bad light and suddenly we’re supposed to believe when he wants to reassure his fans of all the people to tell this to he chooses The Sun? Don’t you think he’d rather have someone else interview him? We can already tell modest is behind this too. Simon has stated in an interview that if one member of the band were to ever to go solo they’d still be in the band legally so it doesn’t matter if they have songs out with just them on it (example of this is harry with 'don’t let me go’). Exactly one month later after this article is released zayn leaves the band and modest doesn’t put up a fight? Pictures are released of zerrie and they’re linking us to a photography site where managements gain more pr for their clients. This is literally strengthening the possibility of this being pr. Now you’re wondering why naughtyboy would do something like this; what does he gain from this? Have you ever heard of naughtyboy before zayn? No? Well now you do. Nb is gaining more attention from this and modest is just getting more money into their pocket. Just this week the boys made 3 million dollars since zayn left. Zayn is the only one who got the short end of the stick. He would be left with no 'fiancée’ while losing fans and 'no friends (bc naughtyboy hardly counts as a friend as we can clearly see from the way he acts towards zayns old bandmates)’. Modest will make zayn look like he went back to the boys and rejoined the band only on one condition; they make mature music for zayns new audience (the ones who believed he went solo and the ones who started stanning him once this whole drama started). The fans who stayed are going to believe zayn is going to leave again at any moment so they’d buy more tickets, albums, merch etc so they can support him harder and so they can live in the moment with 5/5 again before he leaves. Modest is trying to make more money off the fans emotions by manipulating them. They’re also using the last few months with the boys to milk money while trying to give little mix more promo along the way. They’re smart and cruel af toying and playing zayn like a puppet. I can’t imagine what zayn or any of the boys feel like right now. But like I said this is all a theory. Some of the points I’ve made may not be true but it’s the most logical explanation right now. I think we can establish this is a pr stunt at the end of the day.

1D Hiatus: Day 83

* Louis posts a picture with Niall, Lottie and others on Instagram

* TMZ releases an article about Niall peeing near a parking lot two days ago

* #OhNoNiall trends on Twitter

* Niall and Louis meet fans in LA

* Simon Cowell talks about the boys in an interview and says that “lots of things are gonna be announced over the next few months”

* Louis’ friend posts an old picture with Louis and other friends on Instagram

* There are rumours about Harry playing a doctor in five episodes of ‘Scream Queens’

It’s Mar 5th, 2016. 

Harry: *wears boots all the time*

Niall: hmm…. *starts wearing boots*

Harry: *wears crazy patterned shirts and skinny jeans*

Niall: :) *wears crazy patterned shirts and skinny jeans*

Niall: *randomly hurts leg and ends up in boot*

Harry: ……… *purposefully hurts leg so he can wear a boot like Niall*

When larry finally comes out

“It’s over” I whisper into the darkness of my room. “They did it…” I slowly get up from my bed on two shaky rarely used legs, and make my way over to my window as tears stream down my face uncontrollably. I open my shades for what seems like the first time in years, “AH!” I scream as I’m blinded by the light. As I make my way to the door of my room, a sob escapes me, I finally open the door. No one is home, they’ve all left me. I no longer have friends.

Their Thoughts...
  • Louis: Is that dude staring at Harry? Well, who can blame him! Hmm, silk, silky. Anyways, what club haven't I been to yet...
  • Liam: ...Maybe I should go over my acceptance speech again, just to be sure...
  • Harry: *cough* Why are the others not clapping, its not nice...*sniffle* I told Lou to...
  • Niall: hmm... With whom and from what angle haven't I taken a selfie yet???

niall: 1d? hmm.. i don’t know a 1d

also niall: All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Towson, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore, formed in 2003. The band currently consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Alex Gaskarth, lead guitarist-