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Mean Fuck (Niall Smut)

Summary: basically mean jerk face horny Niall Smut

Pairing: Niall x reader

req: hellyea

Disclaimer: yall i’m not even going to censor my words(?) so yea gonna be short smut but im doing my best. thankies happy read


“UGH I HATE HIM!” I turn towards the voice. Ah just another one of his victim. Niall, talking about that particular Horan. Or should I say whore-an fits better. “Babe, I wouldn’t even go near him, I’m sorry” I said to the crying girl and offered her my sad smile. I do really pity her. But everyone knows his reputation, nonetheless it still his fault not the girl. All I know in mind is


I get why girls are all swarming around him. The blue eye? Blond hair now brunette? Fuck, even I would be flustered if only his attitude balanced his appearance. I really don’t understand what happened. His major personality  change is a typical story plot line. The good awesome sweetheart guy by 17, jerk horny asshole by 18. Or right about when he is accepted into the Beta Theta Pi. He became a jerk, a typical frat boy jerk..

Finishing of, I grab my book and turn to leave. Lecture today is so boring. I just wanna sleep.

As I turned right through a corner, there stands the whore-an himself. “Hi Y/N!” he chirped with a sweetheart smile. “Hi Niall.” I respond back politely. Gotta keep manners..

“Watcha doin? Wanna hang out?” He asked with the same smile. “Hmm, sorry but I’m busy Niall thanks for the offer tho.” I said and walked again. 

See Niall is the ‘sweet-friendly approach kinda guy’. not the ‘hey-babe-wanna-date-cos-i’m-so-hot’ type. The guy know what he’s doing.

“Oh c’mon Y/N.” “If I hadn’t known any better Ni, I would say your smile is genuine cute guy next door smile. Except it’s not.” I said. My bad mood is getting to me.

“Except I am the cute guy next door. Right about when we’re 3 until now eh?” He smirked.

“Yea and my parents still fall for that. Unbelievable, not me though.” I said now pushing him out of the way.

“Y/N” He called me again this time his voice deep and god, it’s like sex. control your whoremones Y/N. “What?” I turned facing him irritated. 

“Well you look so tense.” He said and put his hand on my back going up to my shoulders. 

“No shit. I’m in bad mood especially with you here.” I said flatly. 

“Want some relaxation?”

“No thanks amigo.” Wait what? Amigo Y/N? Really? hard to think because his hands is starting to work magic on my shoulders. His other hand starts to rubs my arm.

“Just relax Y/N. I can make you feel good.” He said getting close and whispering the words next to my ear. “Really good princess.” 

I just stand there unable to speak. I was actually getting along with whatever he wants to do. “I need to go home Ni.” I said. 

“Well let me drive you there then. I was gonna drop by anyway.” He said and lead me to his car.

This is not good. I can feel myself getting turn on.

When he parked, I immediately jump out the car. “Thanks, for the ride Ni.” I said dismissing him. “Oh no problem. I was actually thinking about saying hi to Y/M/N (your moms name). 

I opened the door and let him in too. “mom?” I called out. Just then I realised it was Thursday. She must’ve gone out with my aunt. 

“Sorry she’s not home.” I turned and said to Niall.

“hmm. Good. I was thinking of an excuse to be alone with you anyways.” The bastard. I think to myself. He planned this. 

“I can’t focus today in the lectures. I kept thinking about you. That body of yours.” Niall said his hand starts to roam down my back side. 

“and that mouth.” I let out a soft sigh. “I wondered what it’ll look like taking my cock in.” Niall said and his finger trace my lips. I licked his finger that was on my lips. 

Niall kissed my neck and led me back. When I opened my eyes we were in my mom’s room. The nerve..

“Be a good girl and suck my cock won’t you princess?” He said more than asked while pushing me to kneel. 

Unbuckling his belt I take out his hard cock and start to pump it slowly. 

“Suck it.” He ordered. Licking the tip I finally suck a little of it before going down as he want. His soft moans and grunts is making me really wet. Niall start to thrust his hips making me choke a little. 

“Just like that babe.” He cup my face. “Such a good girl. Does anyone know how dirty slut you are? Sucking me off like this? Right where your parents could be home and walk in right now? I bet that thrill you baby. Your sweet little pussy is dripping and wanting to be filled my cock right?.” he asked pulling my hair making me answer before back to sucking him again. “Yes Niall.”

“That’s right. Oh god, that feels so good Y/N, cmon baby I’m so close.” 

Right then i heard a car. Shit. Mom’s home. 

“Cmon babe. I wanna cum on your face before she walk in.” Niall pulled out of my mouth. “Open up.” He said pumping himself and cum on my face some in my mouth. 

“Thanks babe, That was good. gotta get going now.  ” He quickly pulled up his pants and jump of the window to the back.

“Well fuck me..” I said and head to the bathroom before my mom walks in.

Cleaning my face I think to myself why the fuck would i do that earlier. The prick was sweet talking me and i feel for it. Fuck!


bruisedpicklebanana  asked:

How do imagine Niall and a possible lover meeting? If you were to meet and fall in love with Niall where would it be and what would be going on?


Niall and his missus would most likely meet in a pub or dingy club, he enjoys going to and spending time at, whether being alone or with his lot of friends, he’d meet her on a whim, whilst he’d ordering drinks.

She wouldn’t make a fuss over him. She would know who he is. Who wouldn’t know? 

His attraction began with her simple and easy conversation. 

She wasn’t trying hard to impress him, which he absolutely adored. He didn’t want a girl he couldn’t be himself with. He didn’t want a girl who desperately tried and worked on his love. 

He loved an easygoing love, where he naturally fell in love, and he couldn’t imagine living his life or breathing without knowing his missus would be in love with him, too.

He would fall in love with her, fast. He wouldn’t know how he’d fallen in love, but he knew. His heart swelled and butterflies fluttered his belly each moment he noticed, admired, touched, and kissed her, and he couldn’t describe his emotions. He knew he’d fallen in love.

He wouldn’t hide his thoughts and feelings. He wouldn’t hesitate to confess his favourite three words, his heart bursting with love, as soon as she grinned and softly whispered.

“I love you.”

Winter Cabin 2

              “Your hands are so small, it always takes me by surprise.” He scooted towards you until your knees bumped together. “So soft.” His rough, calloused fingers glided over your palms and the pad of each finger. You shuddered, loving the friction his hands caused against your skin.

            “I never liked my hands,” he murmured suddenly, a frown pulling at his lips.


            “I never liked my hands,” he repeated as if he had not heard you, “until I saw what they looked like wrapped around yours.”

  In which you and Niall are still snowed in his cabin and as the nights get colder, the sparks between you and him grow hotter. 5.7k.

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Possessive Boyfriends
  • Louis: Harry Edward Styles.
  • Harry: Yes Master Tomlinson?
  • Louis: That’s not funny.
  • Harry: I thought it was very funny.
  • Louis: You also think your knock-knock jokes are funny.
  • Harry: Your point?
  • Louis: You’re a lost cause. Anyway…I have a bone to pick with you.
  • Harry: I didn’t tell them that you couldn’t do a pap shot with Eleanor today. They came to that decision on their own.
  • Louis: You’re a tit. I already know that you have a thing planned. I was never going to go even if you hadn’t have intervened.
  • Harry: Oh.
  • Louis: Not my issue anyway.
  • Harry: What is it then?
  • Louis: They ran out of my dolls. Like completely. Out of stock.
  • Harry: How unfortunate for those girls who didn’t get one. But that’s great, I knew yours would fly off the shelves.
  • Louis: Oh they flew alright. Just not off the shelves. They flew from the manufacturer straight to somebody’s private storage unit. All of them. Do you know how many dolls that is Harry?
  • Harry: It’d have to be thousands. I’m guessing… I’m not all that sure.
  • Louis: Aren’t you? Seems like you might have a unique insight into the mind of the person who bought them.
  • Harry: Nope. Pretty greedy I guess but if they really wanted them that bad then who am I to j--
  • Louis: It’s not just greedy Harold. It’s creepy. And you know full well that there’s a very limited circle of people who could not only order them straight from the manufacturer but who would also have the funds to do so.
  • Harry: Hmm well Niall has always worshipped you. Liam likes the person he becomes around you and Zayn is your broth-
  • Louis: HARRY. What the fook do you think you’re doing buying all my dolls?
  • Harry: You really want to play that game? You bought ALL those magazine covers with my shirtless pic on them! Don’t think I didn’t notice that they were on the stacks one day and then gone the next.
  • Louis: You’re Harry Styles, they probably just sold them all in one day.
  • Harry: Cut the bullshit baby.
  • Louis: Well. You better not even think about keeping ONE of those dolls in our home you big creep.
  • Harry: Fine. Burn that stack of magazines in the closet.
  • Louis: Fine. We good?
  • Harry: We’re good babe. Love you.
  • Louis: Lucky me.
  • Harry: Heyyyy!

Theory on the whole zayn drama. Most of this theory was contributed from bradfordboy2k15 on twitter ! :-)

The whole thing was planned from the start. OTRA wasn’t selling as much as WWA did. WWA literally had to make more dates bc they kept getting sold out and OTRA didn’t live up to WWA. Modest was losing money so they make a pr stunt. They’ve had headlines go and build up (harry and nadine, niall and melissa, elounor break up) to the point where the boys are in major headlines but that’s not enough to catch a bigger audience. Then they make zayn ‘cheat’ and now fans are distrustful and wary of zayn. Fast forward a bit and zayn leaves the band. The fans buy more albums and tickets so the same thing won’t happen to the other four boys (and so the other boys won’t leave the band) and the fans are more supportive bc they care about one direction and basically think its their fault zayn left. Sales have significantly increased since zayn left. Still don’t think its a stunt? Ok next you can’t just 'quit’ modests’ contract (or any legal contract within a day) Remember the winner of X factor Rebecca? She left modest recently (for the fact they forced her to do things she didn’t want to do; AND she stated they were abusive. Coincidence?) and now they’re suing her. How come they aren’t doing the same with zayn? They wouldn’t let zayn go that easily. He’s easily the biggest factor they’re making money. Even if he paid millions of dollars to quit he’s still violating the contract and he’d still be sued. In about June 3rd 2015 their contract with modest is officially over (5 years bc their contract started on June 3rd 2010). Why you may ask they’re doing this now? Losing one direction, their biggest success, is a big problem to them. They want to replace them and fast. Of course nothing they come up with can replace one direction but they’re trying to reach that (even though we all know they’ll fail). Little mix and 5sos are their next 'big thing’ of course each band alone aren’t going to reach an inch of the fame and money one direction has had; but together it’s enough money to get modest satisfied (even though like I said it won’t ever compare to the amount one direction has given them). In the future it’s likely they’d have perrie 'dump’ zayn and then when little mix’s new album releases, the first single will be about something relating to zayn. People who’ve been paying attention to the zayn drama will feel bad for her and buy it; little mix is essentially riding off zayns fame. Right now zayn is at the point where even if you don’t stan one direction or have never heard of one direction YOU NOW KNOW WHO HE IS from all the press he’s gotten lately which also means you definitely know who perrie is. Why do you think every time zayn is mentioned perrie is also mentioned? That sad excuse of an interview we’ve gotten barely discussed the boys and focused rather greatly on zerrie. They want her and her band in the light along with zayn. The next topic I want to discuss is that some parts don’t add up. We already know for a fact that naughtyboy and modest have some sort of relationship bc Simon has tweeted nb in the past. We also already know that modest’s microphone is literally The Sun. The same magazine who’s bashed zayn all these years calling him a cheating liar and drug addict etc etc. Why would zayn let these people who’ve bashed him all these years interview him? The same people who put him in a bad light and suddenly we’re supposed to believe when he wants to reassure his fans of all the people to tell this to he chooses The Sun? Don’t you think he’d rather have someone else interview him? We can already tell modest is behind this too. Simon has stated in an interview that if one member of the band were to ever to go solo they’d still be in the band legally so it doesn’t matter if they have songs out with just them on it (example of this is harry with 'don’t let me go’). Exactly one month later after this article is released zayn leaves the band and modest doesn’t put up a fight? Pictures are released of zerrie and they’re linking us to a photography site where managements gain more pr for their clients. This is literally strengthening the possibility of this being pr. Now you’re wondering why naughtyboy would do something like this; what does he gain from this? Have you ever heard of naughtyboy before zayn? No? Well now you do. Nb is gaining more attention from this and modest is just getting more money into their pocket. Just this week the boys made 3 million dollars since zayn left. Zayn is the only one who got the short end of the stick. He would be left with no 'fiancée’ while losing fans and 'no friends (bc naughtyboy hardly counts as a friend as we can clearly see from the way he acts towards zayns old bandmates)’. Modest will make zayn look like he went back to the boys and rejoined the band only on one condition; they make mature music for zayns new audience (the ones who believed he went solo and the ones who started stanning him once this whole drama started). The fans who stayed are going to believe zayn is going to leave again at any moment so they’d buy more tickets, albums, merch etc so they can support him harder and so they can live in the moment with 5/5 again before he leaves. Modest is trying to make more money off the fans emotions by manipulating them. They’re also using the last few months with the boys to milk money while trying to give little mix more promo along the way. They’re smart and cruel af toying and playing zayn like a puppet. I can’t imagine what zayn or any of the boys feel like right now. But like I said this is all a theory. Some of the points I’ve made may not be true but it’s the most logical explanation right now. I think we can establish this is a pr stunt at the end of the day.

Preference: BSM, Never Too Old

Harry, Age 17: You had assumed you were in the flat alone; Harry had some meetings and wouldn’t be back until late that night. Your iTunes was on shuffle as Nick Jonas’ new song, Jealous, came on. You were in Harry’s kitchen, trying to cook him something to eat for when he came home; he was sweet enough to let his little sister be staying with him for a few weeks, you could at least cook him something every once in a while. Swaying around the kitchen and singing loudly, you made an absolute fool of yourself while cooking. As the song switched to Knights of Cydonia by Muse the garage door opened. Of course the music was on too loud and you were oblivious to your amused brother walking into the kitchen behind you. It wasn’t until the band started singing, that you heard Harry’s voice join in with yours. Spinning around with a spatula in hand, you shrieked and jumped backwards, “When did you get here?”  “Few minutes ago,” Harry was leaned against the kitchen counter laughing. “You are quite the dancer, I totally forgot.” “Ah, you remember all those dance parties we used to have back home?” you laughed, talking loudly over the music. “Course I do, those were brilliant,” Harry grinned, raising an eyebrow. “Never too old for a dance party, are we?” “Of course not,” you scoffed, turning up the music louder and smiling. “C’mon dear brother, let’s dance.”

Niall, age 10: “Too old to hold my hand hmm?” Niall laughed, watching as your face turned bright red. Smacking a hand to your face, you instantly regretted agreeing to walk to the ASDA a few blocks away with Niall. He loved teasing you in public about how big and mature you thought you were; he found it completely adorable, even more so when you were embarrassed. “Niall shut it,” you whispered angrily, pouting as he laughed loudly making several people look over. You managed to block him out for most of the walk, just rolling your eyes and groaning occasionally. After a few minutes you were nearing the curb of the sidewalk. You stepped out onto the road, ready to cross it, but you were yanked backwards into someone’s chest. “Oi,” Niall said, suddenly serious. “I know you don’t want to hold my hand because you’re a big girl or whatever, but do not ever cross the street without me, you hear?” “Niall,” you whined quietly, aware a few older couples were watching the two of you with indulgent smiles. “I’m old enough to cross the street on my own! Leave me alone!” “You watch it, yeah?” Niall said warningly, taking your hand in his and ignoring your protests. “If you’re not going to listen, then I’ll just have to hold your hand. And stop looking so miserable, you’re never too old to hold your big brother’s hand. One day you’ll realize that.”

Liam, Age 3: “No Liam!” you shouted at him from across the room, trying to climb under the couch and escape his outstretched arms. “(Y/N), it’s naptime,” he sighed, couching down next to the couch and taking a deep breath. “You get grumpy if you don’t take a nap. Uncle Zayn and Auntie Perrie will still be here when you wake up.” You felt his hands grab your little waist as you tried desperately to crawl away but you were pulled back into his chest. You thrashed around in his arms, wailing hysterically and throwing an absolute fit. “What’s up with you huh?” Liam tried to bounce you around. “You never throw a fuss.” “Too old Liam! I’m a big girl! Too old for naps,” you sobbed, rubbing your face.  “Sweetheart, you’re never too old for naps,” Zayn laughed softly, taking you from Liam’s arms and cooing. “I take a nap whenever it’s physically possible, naps are a good thing.” “Zayn take naps?” you sniffled, looking at him with red eyes, making him smile gently. “Auntie Perrie and Liam too!” he assured you. “Naps are a good thing love,” Liam smiled, running a hand through your hair. “You take them when you feel yucky and then when you wake up you’re good as new and you can play for even longer!” You yawned despite yourself and made grabby hands for Liam, resting your head on his shoulder after he had taken you from Zayn, “So big girls take naps too?” “Of course love,” Liam chuckled, rocking gently as he made his way to your room.

Zayn, Age 20: “We are way too old for this,” you snorted, making Zayn spin around on his heel looking offended, “(Y/N), you are never too old to prank your parents.” You rolled your eyes, muttering whatever but keeping the grin plastered on your face, trying not to laugh as he tossed you a few rolls of toilet paper. You both crept silently over to your parent’s bedroom, where they were fast asleep and Zayn put his hand on the door knob. Placing a finger to his lips, he motioned for you to be quiet and slowly opened the door. The two of you set to work, completely trashing your parent’s bedroom in toilet paper while being absolutely silent. It wasn’t until you and Zayn were on either side of their bed, tossing a roll back and forth as it streamed paper over the two sleeping forms that they woke up. Zayn had managed to cover your father’s entire face without him even moving and you couldn’t help the loud snort that came out. Both parents shot up, making you both freeze as you waited for them to notice. Your mom was the one who spoke first, shaking her head, “You two are supposed to be my oldest.”

Louis, Age 16: “One is never too old for a proper cuddle with their brother,” Louis announced, opening his arms and smiling as all your little sisters ran straight into him. You stood by the side with your mum, smiling lightly and watching as they snuggled as close to Louis as they possibly could. Louis was looking down at them with a soft smile before glancing up at you and raising an eyebrow, “Oh and are you just too good for me now that you’re all grown up?” You blushed and shook your head, “No, just figured I should let the little ones get the cuddles, there’s no room for me.” Louis swiftly picked Lottie up from under her armpits and plopped her on his lap, leaving the space on his right side empty, “Come on then kiddo.” You rolled your eyes, still beet red as all your other sister’s giggled, but quickly sat down next to Louis, leaning into his shoulder and gripping the t-shirt he was wearing. He softly placed a kiss on the top of your head and you could feel his smile as you muttered, “Just for the record, I’m never going to be too old to do something with my older brother.”

From a whole other world - One Shot

Tytuł: From a whole other world

Autorka: larrymyluf

Banner: Moje wykonanie

Paringi: Larry, Niam

Opis: Louis musi wyjść za kosmitę, by Ziemia nie przestała istnieć.

Od autorki: Aż wstyd mi to publikować. xD

Na ziemi nie istnieje biseksualizm ani homoseksualizm. Wszyscy we wszechświecie posługują się jednym językiem.

Jestem koszmarnie zmęczony. Piątkowe zajęcia w szkole niemiłosiernie się dłużą, a ja myślę o weekendzie. Tylko wtedy mogę mieć chwilę dla siebie i upragniony odpoczynek od nauki. Do ukończenia szkoły wciąż został mi rok, choć nie wyobrażam sobie, że mogę tyle wytrzymać. Wymagają od nas zbyt wiele.

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Tic Tac Toe

a/n: So you wanted to read about Niall. Here it is! 

If you had any idea that this would have been the outcome you never would have agreed to play the game. It started when you’d asked Niall to take out the trash. He was all too eager to remind you of the fact that he had washed the dishes last night so it was your turn to take out the trash. Of course you reminded him that the sink full of dishes were all his anyway, but he didn’t see your point.

“Fine, let’s settle this fair n’ square,” he offered.

You concurred. You were all for fairness. You watched as he opened a draw and brought out a writing pad and two pens. Your brows rose in scepticism as you watched him draw a large number sign and then hand you a pen.

“This is your idea of fair and square?”

“You got a better idea?” he countered.

Sighing, you leaned onto the counter to make your move.

Soon after you were drawing a line through your x’s before dropping the pen, “So it’s settled. And don’t forget to put a new bag in when you’re done.”

“Wait, wait, let’s make it best two out o’ three,” he’d suggested.

Not seeing any harm with that you came back to the table and picked up your pen.

Three games later and you were still the victor.

“How is it possible tha’ ya won three n a row?!” he threw his pen down in frustration.

“Aw, don’t be a sore loser, babe,” you laughed as you walked out of the living room.

“Why don’t we do the best three out o’ five?” he called after you.

“Why don’t you admit defeat and just take out the garbage?” you called over your shoulder as you ascended the stairs.

You heard him grumble something unintelligible and laughed at his crabbiness. You spent the rest of the night watching TV till you fell asleep a few hours later.

Somewhere in the middle of one of the best sleeps you’ve had in a while you felt someone nudging you. You groaned and rolled over to come face to face with a bright eyed Niall.

“C’mon babe, wake up for a minute,” he said as he urged you to sit up.

“What’s wrong?” your voice was heavy with sleep as you rubbed your eyes.

“I need ya’ to do something for me real quick.”

“Mm, what is it?” you squinted as sudden light spilled through the room from the bedside lamp.

“Just one more game,” he said while placing the writing pad on the bed between you.

Your eyes narrowed into annoyed slits as you regarded him. He sat innocently at the foot of the bed, wielding pens and a hopeful smile.

“You cannot be serious right now! Are you kidding me?  Go to bed!” you reprimanded as you leaned over to turn off the light then try to fall back asleep.

Just as you nestled into a comfortable position Niall’s voice filtered through the dark, “Are ya’ sure?”

You blindly flung your arm out behind you, satisfied with the noise it made when you hit him.

“Okay, fine! Jeez!” he mumbled as he then got under the covers.


The next morning you woke to find the bed beside you empty and the most delicious aromas accosting your senses. You got out of bed and followed the scents to the kitchen. You couldn’t help the smile that seeing Niall moving around the kitchen in his boxers caused. You admired the way his back flexed as he flipped pancakes and then giggled when he cursed at one falling on the floor.

At your slip he turned to smile at you.

“G’mornin’ princess. I’m makin’ you breakfast,” he said as he tended to another pot on the stove.

“I can see that,” you nodded as you moved to sit at the bar.

“It’s almost ready.”

“Take your time,” you perched your chin in your hand as your eyes trailed him.

His messy bed hair and bare torso made for the most scrumptious combination. You lazily drummed your fingers against the countertop as you watched your boyfriend prepare the most important meal of the day.

“Ready!” he placed a plate of pancakes, eggs and bacon before you with the most confident grin.

You didn’t realize how hungry you were until that moment. Nothing about the way you began shovelling food into your mouth was attractive.

“Slow down babe, you wouldn’t want to choke, would you?” he laughed as he placed a glass of juice and a napkin on the counter beside your plate.

You grabbed the glass and brought it to your lips. Writings on the napkin caught your eye. As you recognized the beginning of yet another tic-tac-toe game, you put down the glass, rolled your eyes and stood up.

“Please princess!” he begged as he leaned over the counter to grab your wrist, preventing you from leaving.

“I regret ever agreeing to play this game with you,” you told him.

“One last time,” he urged as he pushed a pen towards you.

You considered it a moment then returned to your seat, “You promise?”


“Fine. One more game Niall.”

You picked up your pen and leaned over the napkin. Your first thought was to purposely let him win, but then you decided you’d respect him and the game and actually try.

You made your mark and then waited for him to make his…and waited….and waited.

You looked at him and your stare turned into a glare as he continued to calculate his next play.



“It’s not chess, make a move.”

So he did and unsurprisingly the outcome of the game was the same as all the others.

“Why can’t I win?” he pouted.

“Face it babe, you’re a sore loser,” you leaned over the counter to kiss his pout.

“Okay, maybe we should just do one more to be sure,” he suggested, already drawing up a new game on the other side of the napkin.

“Nuh uh, Horan. A promise is a promise. No more tic-tac-toe.”

“Fine,” he sulked.

You picked up your plate of food and glass of juice, intending to enjoy a guilt free breakfast that didn’t involve your brooding boyfriend.

“I’ll be in the living room when you’re done pouting.”

You settled into the couch and turned on the TV. Not even five minutes later Niall was joining you on the couch.  He sat beside you and threw his arm over the back of the sofa.

“You know what, princess? You’re absolutely right, I was bein’ a sore loser. Maybe tic-tac-toe just isn’t my game.”

You nodded in agreement; happy that he had finally come around.  You turned back to your meal, and focused on the TV, enjoying the silence that fell between you before he broke it.

“Let’s play rock, paper, scissors instead.”

#10 He Wants To Have Kids But You Cant Have (Niall)

This was requested by an anon. I tried to write my best and I hope this is what you wanted. 

You can read Harry’s part here. x 


You felt a familiar pair of hands wrap around your waist from behind while you were cooking dinner. He started leaving light kisses over your neck and you knew what he wanted. He has been wanting this for a while now. And you have been avoiding it.

Niall keeps giving you hints all the time. Whether it be talking about lux or how cute you look while you play with Theo ; he wanted to have a little one of his so desparately. You weren’t very excited about this though.Yes , the thought of being pregnant and having cute babies with Niall made your heart flutter with joy. But you were scared.

When you were younger , you had cysts in your ovaries. It had been completely cured , but you remember the doctor saying that you might face some promlems getting pregnant.

You were scared that you might just raise not only yours , but also Niall’s hopes. So everytime Niall tried to pass a hint about his dreams , you would either change the topic or walk away.

And that is what you are going to do today.

“Niall , let me go. I need to do a lot of work. There is still dinner left to cook and then I-” “Princess , I need to talk to you” he said sweetly , still not letting you go. He turned you around , lifted you and placed you on the kitchen counter. “I have been thinking about something-” “I think I hear my phone ringing.” You pushed him and went out in search of your phone. Niall was somehow more persistent today. He sensed something was wrong. 

He went after you and saw you sitting on the side of the bed , looking down at your mobile. “Y/N”, he lifted your chin up and saw the tears in your eyes. “What happened love , is it something I did or said or did someone else say something tell me-” you hush him with a soft kiss , lingering for a few more seconds. You had to tell him. You couldn’t keep running away all the time. Moreover , he had a right to know.

“Niall. I- I don’t know how to say it. I jus-” “Babe , no matter what I love you okay. There is nothing to be afraid of.” And hearing that sentence from his mouth , you told him your story right fro the start. “I’m sorry” you whisphered. “Princess” he wiped your tears and placed a tender kiss on your forehead. “There is no need for you to be sorry. It is not your fault. Infact you should have told me before. I feel sorry for putting you in all those situations before. Now cheer up and stop crying honey.” “But Niall I can’t-” “Who said you can’t love? The doctor said there might be some problems. Nobody said you can’t. So stop stressing yourself. We’d go to the doctor tomorrow and get her help. Everything would be fine love.” He kissed your forehead one more time before pulling you close , in his arms. “Niall?” “Hmm?” “I love you.”

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14. Snow

Christmas Tree . Decorations . Cinnamon . Stocking . Baking . Mistletoe . Elf . Reindeer. Ugly Sweater . Santa Claus . Caroler . Grinch . Lights

Niall wakes up to find his daughter and his boyfriend sitting at the window watching the first snowfall of the season.


The first thing Niall’s aware of when he comes to is that it’s way, way too early - in fact, it’s way too dark to even be morning yet. The second thing he’s aware of is the hushed voices - not just one, his boyfriend’s, but two - from somewhere across the bedroom behind him.

He rolls onto his back, letting his arm fall to his side as he turns his head to look towards the window. He has to blink a few times to let his eyes adjust to the darkness.

The curtains have been pushed open a bit in the middle, just enough to let a little bit of moonlight into the room - it only reaches halfway across the hardwood floor, not quite touching the bed. And tucked between the curtains, silhouetted by the moonlight, Niall sees his four-year-old daughter, Erin, accompanied by his boyfriend. She’s sitting on the bench, her knees tucked beneath her and Harry’s sitting next to her, facing her, with one leg crossed between them and the one closest to the window bent in a way that has allowed her to wrap her little arms around Harry’s leg and rest her chin atop his knee.

Niall’s chest swells with pride and adoration and he’s pretty sure his heart skips several beats. He turns onto his side, tucks one hand under his pillow and uses the other to hold his blanket underneath his chin as he watches the pair whom, in turn, are so busy staring out the window they don’t even notice he’s woken up.

“Look, Hazza,” Erin whispers, her voice full of wonder as she reaches out to press the tip of her finger against the glass window. “Snow.”

Niall can practically hear Harry’s smile from across the room. “Snow, huh? How do you know it’s not rain?”

"B’cause it’s fluffy, silly,” she giggles quietly.

“Oh, silly me - how could I forget?” Harry whispers, playing along.

“‘s so pretty,” she whispers - and Niall can only just see the crooked heart she draws into the fog on the window from their breaths. “Daddy hates snow - but I love it. Like you, Hazza.” She tilts her head sideways to look at him, a toothy grin filling half of her face.

Harry smiles at her, brushing her hair away from her face with his fingers. “I know you do.”

Another wave of pride tugs at his heartstrings. It wasn’t all that long ago that Erin was very reserved around Harry, not knowing exactly what to make of him or if she even liked him. And now, with only a little bit of coaxing on Niall’s end and Harry’s hard work and dedication - also known as his natural charm - the two of them are inseparable. Erin is completely smitten with Harry, just as Harry’s always been with her.

“I want to build a snowman.”

“It’s way too early to build a snowman, munchkin,” Harry says softly. “Your daddy would have my head.”

Erin pouts at him and even from his angle, Niall can see the exact moment that Harry caves.

“Tell ya what, cherub,” he starts, adjusting his legs as he reaches out to pull her into his lap, “I’ll get you up bright and early and I’ll make your favourite pancakes for breakfast and then we’ll spend the rest of the morning making snowmen and snow forts and snow angels - and anything else you want to make. Okay?”

Erin’s eyes are wide and bursting with colour when she looks up at Harry excitedly. It’s almost the exact same look she gets on Christmas morning - especially is it’s snowing. “Promise?”

“Of course,” Harry says, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Maybe we can even talk daddy into joining us. What do you think?”

She shrugs dramatically. “‘s worth a shot,” she whispers.

“That’s my girl.”

Erin smiles tiredly, rubbing her right fist into her eye before burrowing herself against Harry’s chest. She rests her cheek on his shoulder so she can continue to look out the window. “Hazza?” she whispers a moment later.


“Thank you.”

Niall watches the confusion flicker across Harry’s face as the brunette looks down at the little girl in his arms. A confused frown settles on Niall’s face as well as he waits, with bated breath.

“For what, babe?”

“For making daddy happy,” she murmurs distractedly, like she’s fighting off sleep. “Mommy always made daddy sad but you always make daddy happy.”

Niall’s heart sores, then, like his heart is trying to beat out of his chest.

“Well your daddy makes *me* very happy too,” Harry murmurs - and Niall can hear the lump of tears in his throat. He dips his head, buries his nose in Erin’s fine, dirty blond hair. (Niall can also tell, by the lack of reaction, that Erin has fallen back to sleep.) “You too, cherub. You make me happy too.”

“Haz,” Niall calls out softly, finally finding his voice.

Harry turns his head to look at him, a smirk playing on his lips. “I knew you were awake.”

“Come back to bed. And bring the munchkin with you.”

Harry gets up, then, cradling the four-year-old to his chest with one arm as he closes the curtains with the other. He makes his way across the room - Niall’s gaze following him all the way around to the other side of the bed.

Niall reaches out to take her and lay her down carefully in the middle of the bed under the covers so that Harry can crawl in beside both of them. He brushes the bangs out Erin’s face with the tips of fingers before reaching out to tangle them on Harry’s hand as the brunette settles, facing him. “How long did she have you up for?”

“She only came in about half an hour ago,” he whispers. “Said we had to be quiet so we wouldn’t wake you up.”

“You’re so great with her.”

Harry shrugs. “She’s a great kid. You’ve got a great kid, Ni.”

Niall shakes his head ever-so-slightly, stoking his thumb over Harry’s knuckles. “We - we have a great kid.”

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cute goodnight talks - ziall x

awe awe i love these you guys

“Zaynie?” Niall’s voice is soft in the quiet of their room, hours before a water dawn that’s sure to come after all of this rain. Zayn only grunts from where he’s lying on his stomach next to the blonde, arm thrown over his pale body, “Are you up then?”

“Yeah, can’t sleep either, eh?” Zayn shifts, rolls onto his side and takes Niall into his arms, humming at the press of warm skin against his own. “What’s keeping you up, baby?”

Niall whines tiredly, curling into Zayn and hiding his ears the best he can, mumbling into Zayn’s chest, “’s the rain. Stupid loud, that.”

Zayn smiles as he talks to his boy, voice loud in the drowning sound of rain, “Well, think of it like this, in a few years, what are we going to do when there’s rain outside, hmm?”

Niall blinks as he tries to follow what Zayn is thinking and the movement causes his eyelashes to tickle Zayn’s chest, “I don’t know.”

Zayn continues, “Our kids will want to build a pillow fort and we’ll help them. We’ll take pillows and blankets and flashlights and we’ll build one, we’ll watch movies in it and play games until the little ones are asleep. Then you and I, we’ll carry our babies to their rooms, careful not to move them.”

Niall smiles brightly at his boyfriend and continues the idea, “Then we can crawl back inside and make love, can’t we? We can make real good use of the fort and clean it up before the kids wake up in the morning.”

“That’s it, baby boy, just think of things like that, think of all the things we’ll do in a few years, okay?” Zayn feels like he’s talking to nothing and looks down to find Niall blinking sleepily up at him, already falling asleep.

“Always, Zayn, always thinking of our future. Love you.” Zayn smiles too, knowing that this is a thing that is going to last, that they’ll do all of the things they talked about.

“I love you too, baby."