but his parents must be so proud of him

catch me in the club rewatching Mind Freakers and crying about how encouraging the kids were to harrisons magic. comparing that to his home life, he must be LIVING for that positivity.

he doesnt defend himself when someone lashes out at him verbally? he just kinda takes it? is he that used to being someone’s doormat? what have his parents said to him?

did he only become proud of his magic abilities from his days at camp? is that why he was so defensive about it, because hes afraid of someone taking his newfound pride and destroying it completely? is that why hes so willing to teach neil & nikki about magic because he wants to educate them?

why am i thinking so much about a camp camp background character??????? 

The first time is serious business - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

#10. Making love for the first time. Only slightly NSFW, mostly fluffy. And not great…Thank for the compliment by the way :), hope you’ll like it :

THERE’S SOME SORT OF PART TWO HERE : Titus likes you…too much

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The first time he saw you, he was barely ten years old. You were in the same class than him in Gotham Academy, and he noticed you right away because your uniform was old and had clearly been used before. He guessed pretty fast that you were one of those kids from poor families that his father gave a scholarship to, which meant, you were a smart one. 

“Smart”, didn’t even do justice to your intelligence. He never met anyone (that wasn’t his father or brothers) like you, you were extra-brainy, sometimes he even thought you were almost as astute as him…But not only, you were also full of wit and quick responses, and so damn brave. You were a short one, and yet, when he saw you get bullied by sixteen years old, he didn’t even had time to react and come help you that you already shot your foot to one of the guy’s crotch mercilessly. And then kicked his face. The two others bullies were so stunned, they just ran away. They ran away from a short ten year old girl…You were amazing. 

He pleaded to his father so that you wouldn’t get fired from school for kicking that guy’s ass, and Bruce was so impressed with you, and how his son defended you, that he pressured the school into keeping you. 

-I know it’s thanks to you I’m still here, so…yeah, thank you dude. 

-I didn’t do anything. 

-Lier. I know who your dad is. I know it’s thanks to him I have the opportunity to be in the best school of Gotham. And I know he convinced the school’s board not to fire me. My guts are telling me you’re the one responsible for your father’s intervention. So…Thanks. 

And that’s how you became friend with him. You quickly guessed he was the night vigilante “Robin”, and it wasn’t really a big deal. Maybe it was your child’s brain telling you that a hero, with all the costume wearing a people saving, such as him was just wicked cool, that you thought it really wasn’t a big deal On the contrary, you thought Damian was like, the coolest guy you ever met. After Batman and Nightwing of course. He made it his life goal to show you he was better than them…and it made you slowly fall for him as the years went by, and as you grew up together. 

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You Again


Overview: After graduating from law school in New York, you were offered a job at one of the best firms in London. Once there, you bumped into Draco Malfoy, your former best friend and former boyfriend. But almost eight years have passed, and you’re in for the surprise of a lifetime. (Muggle/Modern AU)

Word Count: About 2,200.

Warning(s): Some swearing.

Note: This is loosely inspired by the movie You Again and Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now.” The fic will be around 10 parts in total. Stay tuned! :)

Tag List: If you want to be tagged in this series, either comment or reblog saying you want to be added to the list. Those who ask me through my ask box will be ignored.

To say you were shocked to be back in London was an understatement.

After graduating from Columbia Law School, you expected to stay where your network was strong and self-built. Still, with cutthroat graduates all looking to partner with the best firms in New York, you knew your only options were to stand out or to get out.

You just never thought the option you’d choose would be the latter.

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Mon-El didn’t think he was ever gonna see Kara again… but the person he’s found in himself while on Earth was still the kind of person who wanted to try to make the best of the situation if it meant making a better world for his people. The kind of person who stood up to his parents and wanted freedom and equality to be the things that they rebuilt Daxam with.

He shouldn’t have been forced back into an abusive environment but even though he was terrified and must have been heartbroken at the thought that he would never see Kara again - he took a stand and tried to do what was right.

I’m so proud of him. He has become an incredible person and watching his development and growth has been wonderful. I can’t wait to watch as he keeps growing and gets closer and closer to becoming the hero I know he can be.

Big Bang's reactions to their sassy gf

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Thank you all for waiting for my late update! I’ve benn studying hard and taking those tests seriously. I only have 3 more to go. I hope you are doing good in school/ work too~

Thank you again for reading my reactions!

You were outside at the party and had a lot of fun when a woman came and started talking with you. He was next to you talking to her boyfriend and drinking wine together. He was smiling and having fun but you had some difficult with understanding what that woman wants from you. When her boyfriend and T.O.P were looking away or weren’t near she just started talking how she uses her boyfriend only for money and then when they came back she started talking how great he is and how he treats her well. You had enough listening to her and when they came back you said:
“Sweetie, if you’re gonna be two faced at least make one of them pretty.”
The woman and her boyfriend offended walked away and T.O.P scolded you for saying such mean things to a person but in the car later he laughed so hard you couldn’t stop him. He really adored your sarcasm and your sassy attitude. He especially liked when you would reply to mean comments with your swag and make those people take back his words. He was happy because you were sassy you didn’t let other people judge you or make bad comments about you.

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Jiyong just came home late at night from the airport where he flew from the USA. He was really tired and because of his work he was a little depressed. You really wanted to cheer him up so you made him the best coffee and let him tell you about his business trip. He also brought you a gift, a shirt with a caption ‘swag’ on it. He was glad you liked it but he was exhausted so you let him go shower. Right before he went to bed you wishpered to him:
“Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents job.”
When you said that to him he smiled and kissed you on your cheeks. He remembered why he loves you so much- because of your awful sarcastic jokes and amazing love you always showed him. He fell asleep hugging you and with a shining smile on his face. 

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You were working on your college studying and took a short break when he came home. He told you how your studying is important to him and how you must be successful in college so you will get a good job. He kept saying how proud will he be if you get A’s on the tests. He kept worrying about the marks you’ll get and it was getting pretty annoying to you. While you ate a strawberry in kitchen he came again and you put your finger to his mouth to keep him shut.
“The only BS in my life are bags and shoes.”
He was quite surprised by your words and he understood he might be too annoying with all those words but he still laughed at the sarcastic voice of yours, because he thought it was funny. He thought it was funny and cute when you made sassy statements like those. 

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After your busy day at work you came home finding Daesung playing drums. When he saw you came home he started a conversation. You were always happy to talk with him and see him but today was one of your bad days. You did talk with him and when he inturrupted you sentance and spoke on you stared at him for a moment and than added:
“Oh, I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt your begining?”
He was offended by your words and apologized for interrupting your talking. He felt bad because of that and went in the bedroom to chill and relax. He kept thinking why you would get so upset over such a thing, although it was rude. You realized your words may have been too much and apologized to him too.

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You are both a king and a queen of sass. He always got your sassy statements about clothes or movies. As you were walking in the shopping mall you saw some cute dresses and ordered him to tell you how you look. You predicted he wouldn’t like shopping a lot but he was just fine watching you in a different dresses. One was glittery and another one was all pink. He said both suits you but the pink one is sexier.
“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”
He couldn’t help but to cringe at your statement. He was proud you realized how beautiful you are and to make sure everyone else sees that he bought you the pink dress, because you already have enough glitter in you veins

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how would boyfriend yonggukkie be? 💖

there was a request similar to this but i’ll be doing them separately :3 think of it as part 1 & 2 i guess
*posting this as a tribute for yongguk :c

  • swapping drinks with you without asking being all like “i like this one better”
  • can sometimes look stoic but you know deep down he’s just zoned out or something
  • “yongguk can you open the door? it must be the pizzas!” “…but i just sat down”
  • pinching your cheeks a lot
  • “do you want to come see my family next holiday?” he’d be proud af of you in front of his parents and the rest of his fam
  • likes it when you cook chinese dishes because it reminds him of home
  • “JIN LONGGUO-SHI!” you’d always call him by his ‘real’ name from across the street
  • he’d spot you and walks away quickly 
  • blushING a LOT when you call him ‘Longguo”
  • “you’re so cute sometimes longguo” /cue yongguk blushing.
  • dropping things a lot 
  • you name it: pens, pencils, ties, spoons, sometimes plates, vases, cats, pictures, phones, drinks, shoes, cars, you
  • likes to hover over you a lot when you’re lying down
  • he’d be smiling when doing it too
  • “what are you doing yongguk?” 
  • “admiring you” he would say while leaning down to peck you on the nose
  • back hugs
  • “yongguk i really appreciate the gesture but can you please not do this when i’m trying to vacuum the damn floor it’s getting late now. i’ve been standing here for 14 minutes and 22 seconds”
  • winking at you when he has no answer to your questions or small talks
  • winking at you in general (wink boi jihoot be offended)

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Bts reaction when their s/o parents don’t support her being and idol and treat her bad?

These are probably not that great haha but enjoy!!

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to rightful owners]


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(Ignore his crown lol)

It would bother him if anything. It shouldn’t matter if you are an idol or if you were something else your parents should support you. He does understand where your parents are coming from but what matters is that your happy, healthy, and doing what you love and being absolutely great at it. He’s heard the way they speak to, the way they look down at you for being something that they didn’t want but he’s going to let you know that it’s going to be ok and that he’s for. “They hate me,” you mumbled hanging up the phone, but he still heard you. “They don’t hate you y/n,” “yes they do namjoon, did you not just hear what they said to me!” you threw your phone on the bed and you followed after landing on it with a puff. “Why can’t they just be proud of me.” You sounded like you were on the verge of tears and namjoon was quick to come to your aid and hold you in his arms. “Don’t cry baby, it’s ok.” You shook your head and sniffled a bit. “It’s not ok, I’m not ok,” you cried. “I know but it will be, they’ll come around.” He wipes the tear that rolls down your cheek “what if they don’t?” “Then that’s their mistake and I’ll be here for your supporting you like I’ve always been.”


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Knowing that your parents don’t support you because of your choice being an idol would bug him, but when telling him that they treated you badly because of it would really upset him. How does one treat their own child that way and all because the choice you made? It would bug him that you act like you are ok with what they think of you. Jin knows you’re not, ands he’s going to show you that if they won’t support you he will and always had. “Y/n,” he holds your face gently in his hands wiping away the almost dry tear tracks from your cheeks. “What did I do wrong?” “Nothing, you did nothing wrong,” He smiles softly and kisses your head. “But jin,-” “but nothing y/ they need to see that this is what you wanted and that they should be proud of you.” You forced a soft smile that quickly faltered. “I’m here, even if they won’t be.” “What if they never support me?” Jin wouldn’t know what to tell you at first but would hold you close to comfort you more. “Then they’re not very good parents are they?” he half jokes. “Jin,” “I’m sorry I know but its kinda true.” You couldn’t argue with that really, but you didn’t like bad mouthing them, even if they treated you the way they did. “I don’t mean to be mean y/n but you don’t need them if they’re going to be like this towards you.” His head falls on yours and you could feel his arms around you tighten a bit. “You have everyone else to love and support you, you have me.”


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Yoongi understands the feeling. Not having the support you needed, wanted, it really sucks. At this time you would say that your family wasn’t on good terms with, like he was before. Yoongi knows what that’s like to. Despite being treated badly and having your parents support, you tried hard for them. To be happy. To have them be proud. He’s been through it all and understands. He’s grateful for all that he has now, but seeing you struggle little by little because the lack of support from your parents would hurt him. Yoongi sees how hard you work, even for them and he’s going to let you know that they’re lucky to have such a talented child such as you. “I don’t understand yoongi,” a small sigh escaped your lips. ‘‘I know this isn’t what they wanted for me but-” you paused dragging your lower lip between your teeth. “Why can’t they just be there for me?” You let your head fall onto his shoulder and he soon has his arm around you. “Because they don’t understand y/n” You look up at yoongi, “Parents think they know what’s best for you, what makes you happy and a lot of the time they’re right I’ll admit that but there are times you have to prove them wrong.” He look up from his lap and at you with a slanted smile. “You got the talent and the passion for this, show them that even if they don’t come around you can do this without em’ because you us, you have me, and your fans.” You smile fondly at him and peck is lips, “Most importantly me,” he says making you giggle a bit. “Thank you yoongi.”


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Baffled. He’d be absolutely baffled of the fact the you treated like that because of your dreams becoming and idol. Who does that? Are they crazy? Granted he didn’t have support either in the beginning but he was never treated like they didn’t care. They just needed to give it time. Not getting support is something he still doesn’t really understand but being treated badly? Hoseok wouldn’t eve be able to wrap his mind around that. He sees how much this would bug you yet you sometimes put on an act. If anything thing he’s gonna be you’re biggest supporter. He’s already claimed the spot for number one fan so why not. “Y/n I know it sucks but I’m here!” He has that cute grin on his face doing some  odd dance to make you smile. “You know that right?” “I do hobi,” his grin falters to a kinder smile. “Good, I’ll make sure you get the support that you deserve and love to, but not just from me, my family loves you to.” Hoseok sits by you and bring you in close to kiss your cheek. “They’re going to be proud of you I promise, just give it some time.”


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Jimin would probably be a bit angered knowing that your parents treated you badly. He wouldn’t like the fact that they didn’t give you their support either. That’s something he’ll never understand. Aren’t parents supposed to encourage their young ones and step all over their dreams? What happened to “I love you no matter what?” Or “I believe in you,” stuff like that. Jimin would let it get to him a bit because he cares so much bout yo and would ramble on about how you deserve better. “Who needs them anyway?” he huffs. “Jimin that’s not nice I do.” “Ok I didn’t mean that but still, aren’t you upset about this?” You shrugged a bit “I am but they’re still my parents and I love them. Even if we don’t quite get along at the moment.” You could feel his eyes on you, you knew what he was thinking. “they still shouldn’t have done that to you,” he says quietly. “I know, but I think they’re just scared of what could happen to me, I know they still care.” “So you forgive them?” You shrugged again. You weren’t even sure if this is something to be forgiven or to just be left alone. “Oh well no matter, I’ll love and support you like never before.”


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Taehyung would be surprised. How can anybody treat you so? Having knowledge of them not supporting you as well would make him sad. Parents are supposed to love you and cheer you on so why don’t they? He knows you care about them but whenever you bring them  up you have this sad look to your face. Taehyung doesn’t to see you upset at the thought of them so he would do anything to have you smile. “Babe, can you look at me please?” His deep voice calls sweetly to as his thumb caresses the top of your hand. “Don’t be so upset, I know it must not be a great feeling but they still love you,” You chew at the inside of your cheek looking down again. “I just want them to be proud,” you pulled yourself up and hugged him. “I know you do, but they still don’t change I’m still going to be your biggest supporter, ok?” you nodded and nuzzled you head in the cook of his neck. “I love you,” “I love you to.”


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This boy here would be utterly lost when you told him about your parents. He’d probably have a hard time believing or understanding the way you’ve been treated. Until he experienced it that is. Let’s just say the video call wasn’t all smiles and laughs. Hearing the way they spoke so harshly at you would have him in shock. Why do you put up with this? How? “I hope you know what they said isn’t true,” Jungkook would sit by you and hold your hand in his. “They don’t mean anything, their words I mean.” You knew he was trying to cheer you up but you couldn’t stop yourself from crying. “But I’m just a disappointment to them.” Jungkook’s eyes widen from your word and tears and hold your face in his hands so you could look at him. “No, no, no you’re not y/n you are not a disappointment.” He tries to calm you but isn’t sure what else to do. “Then why?” “I don’t now,” he says. He really doesn’t, there should be no reason for you to be treated that way. “It’s ok, I’m here.”

Hope you liked it ☺
Much love~💖

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If you're still interested in Natsume prompts, maybe something where the Fujiwara''s are invited to a family reunion and Touko and/or Shigeru use that opportunity to scold the family or something. Maybe say something to the effect of "do you see this precious child? He's ours now!"


When his cousin asks, “So how have things been with that boy around?” something bitter fills the back of Shigeru’s throat. 

It must show on his face, at least in part, because Katsuya’s wife lays a hand on his arm and scolds him, “That was rude. We talked about this on the way over.”

Of course they did, an uncharitable part of Shigeru’s heart remarks. Among his relatives, Takashi is a popular conversation topic, and very rarely in a kindly way.

The silence is something uncomfortable for a moment. Touko, pausing in refilling teacups, laughs airily – sitting back and pressing a delicate hand to the side of her face, as though simply caught off-guard by the question instead of perturbed by it. 

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Since I was only 6 until today. I think they (his family) have helped me to be the person I am right now and I have to thank them for it. To my brother, to my cousin, who have always been there for me, the two of them. [Dries tears away]. To my girlfriend who deals with me everyday at home, winning or losing, she’s always there as well. And thanks as well to the club for trusting me, for trusting in my feelings for this club, and well… Special thanks to my parents for making me and my brother the people we are today. First to my father for taking turns with my Grandfather to drive the two of us to training [Sighs. Dries tears] to fulfill this dream, even though when at the end just one of us could make it, but he’s for sure proud of the two of us… And my mother [he stops. Crowd applauds. He smiles.] 

ML Fluff Month Day 8 - New


Rated: T
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 9

“I can’t today, Alya. I told you that I was going to see Adrien’s new apartment this afternoon,” Marinette explained with her phone to her ear while measuring fabric for her newest design.

“Oh, that’s right. Gotta go check out your lover boy’s new digs.”

She groaned. “You’ve been around Nino too long. You’re starting to sound like him.”

Alya snorted on the other end of the line. “Don’t give me that. Do you know how many cheesy jokes and puns I’ve had to endure since you and Adrien have been together? That boy has a worse sense of humor than Chat Noir.”

Laughing nervously in response, Marinette replied, “I can’t argue with that. But, good thing you love us, right?”

“I have to with all that you two put me through. All of the crushing and love-sick goo-goo eyes. Time in my life I’ll never get back.”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t see you, but hey, that gives you time with Nino, doesn’t it?” she chimed as she began to pack her supplies back into her kit. She had to get dressed and ready to go meet Adrien.

“Girl, I live with Nino. I spend more time with that boy than I do with myself.”

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During all this conversation, Otto had been sitting under the piano gazing into a crystal glass ball. I picked my lovely boy up and followed John. “Let’s have a look at what his friend is doing.” John quietly opened the door to Sean’s room. We went up to Sean’s bed. He was fast asleep. “Isn’t he beautiful,” John whispered. And so he was. Parents think their child is the most beautiful child in the whole wide world anyway. John tucked him in a little more, and the two happy proud fathers toddled into the kitchen. John took me by the arm and pulled me to the stove. This was John and Yoko’s macrobiotic phase, and they took it very seriously. “You are what you eat. An old Indian saying, did you know that?” John looked at me over the edge of his glasses as if he were testing me.

“No,” I answered, “but it somehow sounds good.” I must say, I myself had very seriously watched over what I was gulping down my throat for some years now. Really since 1970, when I was living at Friar Park with George and Patti. Patti’s wonderful cooking turned me into a vegetarian in no time.

“Now, watch me very closely.” Out of one of the cupboards, he pulled out a pot, in which he poured in a few hands full of brown rice. “And now comes the important part!” John’s face was serious when he filled me in to the art of rice cooking. “Now you have to put your hand on the rice. Like this, you see?” He moved over a little to the side so I could have a better look into the pot. John was putting his right hand into the pot on top of the rice. “Now you pour the water over your hand, but please wash before you do that!”

“You mean the rice or the hand?”

“Klaus, I ask you! Of course the hand. So don’t touch the rice with dirty hands.” He took a can of water and poured it into the pot. “You only pour as much water into the pot until the back of your hand is covered with water. Now watch me closely—like this.” He slowly let the water run over his hand.

“By watching your face, I would assume this is cold not boiling water.”

“Very well observed, my boy. Don’t try to be funny now. I don’t go for German jokes. Now you add a little salt, like this, and then you let the whole thing sim-mer and when the water has evaporated, then the rice is ready to be eaten.”

“And how long will that be?”

“Roughly about forty-five minutes. Brown rice needs much longer than that bleached white stuff.” John’s eyes sparkled with enragement.“Did you know that you get depressions from white rice? Did you? I’ll give you this book called Sugar Blues. I promise you when you read this book, you won’t touch a piece of sugar again. The kids in school should be forced to read this book. They try to manipulate us all and make us sick. This time the sweet way.”

I changed the subject to talk a little about music for a change. “Oh Klaus, it’s not like it was anymore. There’s no balls in all that stuff any more. Listen to our Bob Dylan. All he does is love songs: ‘lay across my big brass bed’ and such! Where is the message? Where is the revolution? We all have a vocation, a duty!” John very excitedly wiggled around with his cooking spoon.

“Don’t you have to stir this?” I asked.

John stopped his excited talk for a moment, gave the pot a quick look and continued talking.

“No, no, I told you. If you do it the way I told you with pouring the water over your hand, nothing can happen—and don’t dare stir the rice! You’re gonna make it all ‘mushi, matchi.’ ”

John put the cooking spoons to the side, picked up two clean kitchen towels, opened the oven and took out his loaf of bread. He put it on a wooden board. It really smelled delicious.

“Just listen to his voice on the new record. He sounds all soft and sweet. There is no bite to it. I tell you, it’s not like it was before.” He lifted the lid and with a pleased look on his face proclaimed: “I think we can eat now, the rice is finished.”

—  Klaus Voormann, c/o Memories of John Lennon. (2005)
Korean Keith Headcanons

because i have a shitton on my rp blog and i just wanna compile them:

  • keith has lived with his 이모 (aunt) after his mom passed away when he was young. she’s not related to him, but she was close to his mother.
    • she married a japanese man, hence keith’s last name becoming kogane once she adopts him
    • before adoption, his last name was park
      • his korean name is kim soo, which aunty uses more often than keith (like shit keith is so hard to say in korean fucking “th” sound fuck that “th”)
      • imagine….kim soo park…박김수…rolls off the tongue so nicely
      • 경은 무순 이름이야??? 헐….
  • korean was his first language, since that’s all aunty spoke around the house. once he goes to school, he starts speaking english more. now he speaks konglish to her, since he isn’t as fluent as he used to be
    • like “이모, 나 four to seven group project있어. pick me up at emily’s. address text할께.”
    • she understands english somewhat and responds in korean
    • but in like 3rd grade til 7th grade, keith had to attend korean school every saturday……
      • korean homework, putting on a korean play, learning how to do the mask dance, earning stickers for completing his homework….exchanging stickers for a prize
      • because it was run by the church, he had to learn bible verses in korean too….
      • korean history was a bitch and he barely remembers anything

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a story with Newt returning back to England after the incident in New York involving Grindelwald and everyone at the ministry knows but ignore it and Newt feels the shit but at night Theseus sneaks into Newt's room after hearing him have a nightmare and cuddles with him and tries to get him to calm down like when they were kids. (Newt's like crashing at Theseus's place, cause Theseus basically kidnapped him right after getting off the boat)

Newt returns to England and Theseus is determined to keep him there where he can protect him.But then a month passes and Newt misses his friends in New York and one day Percival Graves appears on Theseus’ doorstep wanting to meet the man that was able to realize it was Grindelwald the whole time.So Graves meets Newt and suddenly the man, his old ‘friend’, wants to take his baby brother back to New York?No, Theseus won’t let that happen.The moment Newt steps out of the boat he misses his friends in New York. But he needs to finish his book and find someone interested in publishing it before returning to America.

He thinks about visiting Theseus and staying with him at their old house, but he doesn’t want to bother him, not after what happened with Grindelwald… His brother must know by now that he made quite a disaster back there, he probably doesn’t want to see Newt right now.

But he’s wrong.

He realises that when he tries to take a step and two strong arms wrap around him. He manages to look back and see the familiar face before said face buries itself in his neck.

“How did you know I was coming back today?” Newt asks, curious.

“Anything is possible when you are the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.” Theseus looks up again and winks.

Newt fights back the temptation of rolling his eyes because his brother is somehow right. He’s a senior auror at the Ministry and a war hero, which means that everyone respects him. Even though he looks like he’s joking, Newt knows he has a strong influence and power inside the Ministry.

“One letter, are you serious?” His brother protests then and although he steps back enough just to look at him, his arms are still firmly pressed around him. “Just one letter to explain everything that happened? I was worried.”

“I know,” Newt breathes. “I’m sorry… I-I just thought you’d be… You wouldn’t be happy with me. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

But there’s no disappointment on Theseus’ face, there’s just that worried expression of his and a familiar sadness.

Then there are fingers brushing the curls on his forehead.

“Newt… I’m proud of you. I’m happy you have managed to be what you really wanted,” he explains and takes his face in his hands to make Newt look up at him. “Listen, I know our parents didn’t treat you fairly… They were traditionalists and they didn’t understand you as well as I do. And you must know… I’m not like them, okay? I love you and I’m proud of you.”

There are tears coming from his eyes, but his heart is warm and happy. Theseus smiles back and wipes off the tears on his cheeks.

“C'mon, let’s go home, little brother.”


Theseus not only welcomes him home, but he also helps him to feed and take care of his creatures.

He’s so tired by the end of the day he thinks he’d be able to avoid nightmares and bad memories. But the moment he closes his eyes there’s Grindelwald’s face trying to hurt him, trying to kill Tina and all his friends.

He wakes up with a jolt. For a terrifying moment he forgets where he is and jumps out of the bed in panic. He doesn’t manage to calm down till he sees the case under the bed and reminds himself he’s in Theseus’ house.

He rolls over the bed a couple of times, trying to sleep again, but he’s still afraid of looking at Grindelwald again. His eyes lay on his room’s door thinking that Theseus room is just across the hall. No, he’s not five anymore he can defeat his demons alone. He doesn’t need to bother Theseus.

But he’s so tired and even though he fights to stay awake his eyes close for a second. And a second is enough to make him gasp and shake in terror.

He must have screamed because suddenly Theseus is in the room, kneeling next to his bed.

“Newt, are you okay?”

He nods, but his body betrays him because he’s sobbing and his hands are trembling.

He doesn’t want to be weak.

“It’s alright to be afraid, you know…” Theseus says like he just heard Newt’s thoughts. “Tell me… What is it?”

“I-I had a nightmare,” he explains and feels ashamed just to say it. He bites his lip and looks down.

Theseus rises and for a moment Newt thinks he’s going to leave him, but then a hand reaches out to him.

Newt takes his hand and lets his brother pull him into his arms. They both reach Theseus’ room and he hesitates for a moment when he sees his brother laying on the bed.

“I don’t want to be a bother,” he whispers.

“You’re not,” Theseus assures and opens his arms to him. “Come, little bird.”

Newt giggles and crawls into bed next to Theseus and his brother puts his arms around him.

“You need to sleep,”

“I don’t want to,” Newt protests and he definitely doesn’t pout.

He feels Theseus’ body shake with laughter.

“Fine,” he kisses his forehead and Newt relaxes in his arms almost immediately. “You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, right?”

“I know,” Newt smiles back. He can’t see him and then he realises his eyes are closed so he opens them.

“I don’t want to sleep,” he mumbles.

“Then don’t,” Theseus tells him and Newt can hear the amusement in his voice.

Why is his brother amused? Is he singing a lullaby? He’s not sure because his eyelids are heavy and he can’t keep his eyes open.

Theseus mutters something, but he’s not sure what because that’s the moment he falls asleep.


Let’s say this is chapter 1 because I’m going to link this to another Scamander brothers prompt I have in my ask box and I’m probably gonna add some gramander because I have no shame. It’ll be on ao3 as well under the name of Where home is


here’s the summary:

Newt returns to England and Theseus is determined to keep him there where he can protect him.

But then a month passes and Newt misses his friends in New York and one day Percival Graves appears on Theseus’ doorstep wanting to meet the man that was able to realize it was Grindelwald the whole time.

So Graves meets Newt and suddenly the man, his old 'friend’, wants to take his baby brother back to New York?

No, Theseus won’t let that happen.

Some way or another, his golfing buddies managed to convince him to go see this BMX event.

“Why are we watching?” He asked again as they found their seats

“Because Gabriel is the main talent for this event,” Ana said, elbowing him, “And I promised that I would watch because I wasn’t able to make his charity event a few weeks ago. Besides, Gabriel’s performance is always a delight to watch, regardless if you’re into BMX or not.”

He rolled his eyes and grunted with Ana hip checked him over to make room for her big beast of a husband, Reinhardt.

“You know, you keep going on and on about this ‘Gabriel’ but I’ve yet to see him,” He said as Torbjörn managed to wriggle into his seat. “I’m like ninety percent sure you’re making him up.”

“You’ll see,” Ana said ominously.

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ohh i dont know if youve mentioned it in your post analysis of the recent chapter, but you can see guan shan's mom chopping vegetables (maybe for a beef stew) and it might imply he tian might stay for dinner. or it could just be nothing and im over analyzing lol

then we’re both overanalyzing this, anon, because that’s exactly what i thought too!! (….which admittedly is not very comforting, but still……….at least we’ll be reading too much into things together!!)

i didn’t mention it in my analysis post, but i did notice that guan shan’s mom was about to cook something, and that’s what’s making me hope really hard that in future chapters, if not already in the next one, we’re gonna get to see he tian helping guan shan with his homework, and then guan shan’s mom asking him to stay for dinner, and then the three of them just!!! eating together and talking!!!

im still trying to keep my expectations down, since i kinda got disappointed before (i really really wanted to see jian yi having dinner with zheng xi’s family and meeting zheng xi’s dad and maybe staying for a sleepover too) and old xian is very unpredictable, so who knows what they have planned, but i can’t help keeping my fingers crossed for this chapter to lead to something more and not be just an interlude

i really want to see he tian interacting with guan shan’s mom, and i think that having him stay for dinner would be a great opportunity for he tian and guan shan (and consequently us readers too) to learn more about each other!! and lbr, it would also be hilarious!! just imagine guan shan’s mom telling embarrassing story about him to he tian and guan shan slowly dying of embarrassment as he tries to stop her before she takes out the baby pictures!!

but also!! guan shan’s mom saying that he tian’s parents must be very proud of him and of how good his grades are, and he tian’s smile falters for a fraction of a second before he recovers but it’s enough for guan shan to notice, and later he asks he tian about it!! and maybe guan shan’s mom also mention the restaurant they once had and he tian asks her what happened and she tells him!!

….how did this get so long again………..but yeah, basically i think it would be a huge waste of potential to not have more of he tian at guan shan’s place and im just!!!! really hoping that old xian will give us this!!

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hey so i just had a rlly cute idea for teen dad au??? uh ur writing makes me rlly soft btw but BASICALLY when taem is in like kindergarten or first grade right n kibums dropping him off n they hear the other parents talking abt how young kibum is n how !!! Scandalous!!! it must be wow such scandal right n before kibum can even say anything taem rlly angrily stomps up to them n goes "my daddy just couldn't wait to have me >:-(((" n keys rlly soft because uwuwuwu his soft son he's so proud of taem

side note: i spent so long in my teen dad au tag because i could’ve sworn i’d done something like this, but it turns out lmao it’s jinki from single parents jongyu who says that to lil baby taemin, not key from teen dad au lmao

but!!!! i love that phrase and it’s totally something kibum from teen dad au would tell taemin so!!!

About half-way through Taemin’s kindergarten year, the other parents have realized that the young man who drops Taemin off is actually his father, not his brother like they’d all assumed. Kibum hears some of the moms whispering to each other when he drops Taemin off sometimes, but they usually never say anything to them and Taemin doesn’t seem to realize it, so Kibum doesn’t want to make a scene or cause any problems. The gossip-moms will get over it eventually. They’ll find something else to talk about soon enough.

Except it takes them forever to get over it. It’s weeks and weeks of them whispering about how young Kibum must have been when he became a father.

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Actually sick of people hating on Ed and bringing his appearance into it, he’s gorgeous you all need Specsavers or swift kick in the kneecaps, and wishing him dead is too fucking far, he won the award, get over it for fuck sake he’s done nothing wrong, you’re all vile your parents must be so proud 😤🖕🏻

EXO’s Reaction ( O1 )

EXO’s reaction to you singing your guys’s child to sleep.

Description: EXO comes home to hear someone singing, assuming that you’re playing a lullaby to your child, but they find out you’re the one singing.

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