but his little face as he looks at pics of his nephew!!!

Life!Au Hwang Minhyun

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genre: fluff

prologue: cute cute cute i’m crying. ♡

Age 4, you were at the park sliding down the slide until you went down too fast and landed on your knees. You felt your knees burning and stood up to see two puddles of red on the floor. “Where did those red circles come from?” You asked a little too loudly as the boy you met that day also slid down the slide next to yours and gasp in horror when he saw your knees. He quickly squats down, “get on my back y/n! Quickly!!” You did as he said and he struggled a bit to get up but eventually was able to start walking by using all of his manly 4-year-old strength. “Mom! Mom!! Y/n is bleeding!!!!” He was shouting as he went to the bench where your moms were chatting with each other. His eyes were glossy when he put you down, letting you stand on your own as he bent down and observed your two big knee wounds. “I’m so sorry y/n. *small hic* I should’ve taken care of you.” Your mom quickly cleaned your wound with wipes and you received cute fox band-aids from Minhyun’s mom. You watched as Minhyun continued to cry and slowly put your hand on top of his head to pat him, in hopes to calm him down. It worked and he looked up at you, you smiled as you continued to pat his head, “Don’t worry Minhyun! I don’t feel hurt at all!”

Age 8, Minhyun brought over a movie on a playdate when he learned that you have never watched Spirited Away before. He picked another movie by the same director because he thought you would be too scared of some scenes, so he brought Ponyo (Ponyo is actually pretty recent compared to other movies- but it’s cute okay?) You loved the movie afterward. “Sosuke! Sosuke!” Minhyun laughed at your excitement. “Minhyun, I think I’m in love with Sosuke.” He was no longer laughing. “What-”

Age 12, the school festival was coming around the corner and your class teacher thought it’ll be nice if all her students danced with each other to show the audience. “Okay, everyone! Pick your partners, we’re going to learn a dance!” The boy who sat across from you patted on your shoulder, “hey y/n, want to be my partner?” Minhyun was sitting next to you, “Nope, sorry. She’s dancing with me.” You threw him a bewildered look before giving the rejected boy a smile, “Sorry Seungcheol, Minhyun just doesn’t want you to be hurt from my two left feet.” Minhyun nodded, “I’m saving your left foot.”

Age 17, you were the last one in class because Minhyun told you to wait for him to come back. “Hey y/n! The teacher is calling you to their office! Bye!” Your classmate shouts as they walk out the door. “Okay! Thanks!!” You looked at Minhyun’s desk, his backpack was still on it and you felt bad for leaving his stuff by itself so you took it and walked to the office. “Hello teacher, did you call me here?” You looked around and not a single teacher was in sight, “Teacher?” The blue poster caught your eye, ‘Y/n, meet me at your shoe locker!’ ‘What is Minhyun planning now?’ You walked to the place where you put your shoes and found a post it, ‘Open!’ with an arrow. You opened your shoe locker to find a flower and another note. ‘Meet me in the place you love the most and spend most of your time at despite me trying to drag you home all the time!’ You laughed a little and continued to walk to the small flower garden at the side of your school, going in another route that you never showed him. Minhyun was standing there, with his back facing you when you arrived. He was expecting you to arrive the usual way, well he thought wrong! “BOO!” “AAAaaahhHhHhHHh!! y/n??? YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME.” You laughed and sat down on the bench, setting down the backpacks you were carrying and took out the apple you were saving to eat later, well I guess now is ‘later.’ “So what happened? What’s with the fancy display?” You turned towards him and dropped the apple when you saw his red face, you hurried closer and cups his face in your hands “Are you okay? Do you feel sick? How long have you been out in the sun?!?” He seemed to be getting redder in your hands and at the closeness to your face. “I-i’m fine.” He straightens himself up and stood there properly, face still red. “Y/n, we have known each other since forever. So I thought maybe… probably… you would like to spend the rest of our lives together… as lovers, because I have fallen for you y/n.” You cup his face again and kissed him.

Age 20, today you guys decided to go to the bookstore and look for a book that both of you guys really wanted to read together. When you passed by the sale section, a specific book caught your eye. “Hey Minhyun.” He was ahead of you and turned back, walking back to you as you held up the book. ‘Everything you need to know about flowers, how to plant them, raise them, and find the meanings behind them.’ “Yes. Grab that and let’s go pay.”

Age 21, you were tired from your classes and went home to the apartment you and Minhyun shared. “I’m home…” You let out a yawn and decided to get a drink to keep you awake so that you can finish the assigned paperwork your professor gave you earlier. You halt when you saw Minhyun sleeping while sitting on the chair, head, and arms as support on the table. A cup of light brown liquid was placed in front of him with a note, ‘Here tired y/n~ make sure to drink this to get some energy!’ You chuckled softly and kissed his forehead lightly before grabbing the cup, taking a sip. “Ohhh, milk tea. My favorite.”

Age 22, your fifth year anniversary!! Yes! Dating for 5 years mhm. This was the day he proposed, he took you out to a fancy dinner and to a ‘smoothly’ decorated roof with pretty lights and flowers. The sun was almost setting and you chuckled when you saw Minhyun getting nervous. ‘Smoothly’ you laughed to yourself when you remembered the conversation he was having with his friends the day you were busy taking care of your nieces and nephews. That day he has gathered his closest 15 guys friend into the house, and they were discussing on how Minhyun should propose to you. “Take her to the beach!” “Oh, how about overseas?” “I know a nice hotel.” “Don’t you think the flower garden where you confessed to her is good?” “There’s a really nice restaurant you could do it at.” You were by the door, not wanting to ruin the moment because it was cute how 16 guys were discussing how to propose to a girl. You waited for at least 20 minutes until you realized you really had to go pee. ‘Okay, just act natural.’ You pushed the numbers to unlock the door and walked in, everything has gone quiet and you were inner giggling. Oh, you should’ve got the camera and took a pic of everyone’s reaction. “Oh hi everyone.” “…y/n, I thought you were coming home at 4?” “You should look at the time sweetheart.” You greeted everyone and rushed upstairs to the bathroom. “Think she heard some things?” Minhyun asked, his face full of worry. “Nah.”

Age 23, it was Christmas and you guys were at the grocery store buying ingredients for the big party that you guys were hosting. “Are you sure that’ll be enough?” You asked as you looked at the full cart. “Nope, not even close to enough.” He chuckled as he placed more meat in the cart. You rolled your eyes and laughed as you went to spice area, trusting Minhyun with the cart. You came back with more pepper and salt and looked at Minhyun who now had a child crying in front of him, he looked absolutely lost. You quickly put the things in the cart and bent down to the child’s level. “What happened child?” “I-I-I i lost my m- mom.” You lightly patted and rubbed the little girl’s back, “Don’t worry we will help you find your mom. So don’t cry okay? You’ll look better smiling.” You picked her up and continued to pat her back as you walked around the supermarket, with Minhyun pushing the cart behind you. After a while of searching, you guys decided to wait near the help center and wait for the mom to come after an employee called out on the announcements. The girl started to tear up again, “What if mommy already left?” You shook your head, “No sweetie, I don’t think she’ll leave an adorable person like you.” Her tears continued to fall. “Oh! How about I buy you an ice cream?” Minhyun suggested as he crouched down. “Ice cream?” “Mhm, ice cream. Let’s go get some over there.” Minhyun pointed to the ice cream parlor next door. The little girl nodded and off they went, you had to stay behind and look after the cart. They came back after a few minutes, both were smiling and holding hands. You laughed at how cute they were. “Areum!” “Mommy!” Areum ran towards her mom. “Thank you so much for taking care of her.” You smiled, “She’s adorable. Just make sure she doesn’t get lost next time because she was really worried.” You guys exchanged goodbyes. After putting the groceries in the car, Minhyun laced your hands together and entered the ice cream parlor from earlier. “Here.” He handed you the ice cream. “I know you were glancing at my ice cream.” You smiled and took the ice cream, “Thanks, honey~” He grinned and sat down across from you, “You’ll make a good mother y/n, maybe… we should have one soon.” He smirked as you blushed. “Oh my god, Hwang Minhyun. Did you just- Oh my god.” ‘What? I was just stating the truth, and I promise I would take care of both of you.” He took out the same fox band-aids and lifted the arm you got a small wound from who knows where. “You’re still unnoticeable about your wounds as always.” He laughed as you turned redder. He placed the band-aid on your wound and kissed it lightly. 

unedited. 1761 words. 
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Next Door ~ S.Coups Pt.1

Word count: 2.2k
Genre: College!au, fluff, drama, comedy, slice of life, romance
A/N: This was in my drafts for so long I forgot to post it. *smiles shyly* 
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Y/B/N - Your brother’s name

Pt.1 || Pt.2 || Pt.3

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“He deserves a punishment.”

You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock, too lazy to get out of bed and continue the same routine everyday. You couldn’t take it anymore but you had to endure, since the boys you were staying with were the boys you loved the most.

Your nephews, Jaewon & Jaemin- your older brother’s sons. He left them in your care about 3 months ago when he suddenly barged into your new apartment, panting with the kids.

“Y/B/N, you know how much I hate people who don’t ring the door bell before coming in…” you whined as you turned around. “What’s going on? What happened?” 

You saw your brother, who was dead exhausted, soaked from the rain with his sons in his arms and bags behind him. 

“It’s Hana.” he paused. “When I got home from work, Jaewon ran to me, crying- saying their mom brought home another man. Out of anger I took the boys and left. You wouldn’t mind if we stayed here for a while until I save up for a new apartment?” 

With pity you hugged your brother. “Of course.. yes. I’ll let you stay here even it takes years.” 

Looking back at that time, you couldn’t believe how your sister-in-law would do such a move to your brother. When she was introduced to your family, she looked pure and innocent and was someone you trusted. She was the sister you never had. But in the end you confirmed the saying that “seeing is deceiving” was indeed true. 

You cooked pancakes and Jaemin started to cry. “Shh now Jaemin you’ll wake the neighbors.” you cooed him as you carried the almost 1 year old child in your arms. “If you cry, no pancakes from Auntie Y/N.” you singsonged.

Jaewon, the 3 ½ year old, woke up in his pj’s. The little boy tugged the ends of your apron. “Hungry, Jaewon?” He nodded, taking the first bite of pancake, and you knew the smile on his face was enough for him to stay happy. 

“Aunt Y/N. More more?” he pointed at the sliced pancakes. “Alright dear, but only one okay? We have to hurry to bring you to Grandad and Granny.”  

Seungcheol woke up with sun rays that blinded his eyes. It was 7 in the morning and his friends slept over after another party at his place. “Ugh.” he grunted lowly, staring at his group’s drunk dead bodies. “Guys wake up, we have school. Class’ at 9.” 

The rest of the boys, that is, not even half of his squad- Jeonghan, Soonyoung and Joshua. “5.. more.. minutes..” Soonyoung said in his morning voice. Seungcheol sighed at the younger one, pulling the blanket in irritation. 

“Yeah your definition of 5 minutes is an hour.” Seungcheol rubbed his temples. “Get up or I’m leaving you behind.” 

Seungcheol lived alone since when his father kicked him out of the house, which was a little over a year ago. He was against his father’s new intention for the company, much to that it will benefit his family and not the world. His mother wanted for him to come back but there was no guarantee that that’ll change Seungcheol’s mind. 

Breakfast was always rushed whenever the boys were around. Either they all took a bite or nothing at all. This time, they skipped, again. “Are you all ready?” 

Seungcheol yawned, fastening his seat belt. “Cheol, isn’t that Y/N?” Joshua pointed at you, who was now putting Jaewon and Jaemin in the booster seats.

“Hm yeah. She lives next door.” Seungcheol looked at you. “She has kids?” Jeonghan raised a brow. 

Seungcheol shrugged. He didn’t know much about you but this view of you to him was, very interesting. “I think there’s something the entire school doesn’t know about.” 

“I’ll see you later boys.” you kissed their foreheads, Jaemin already crying in Granny’s arms. 

You drove off and to be honest, the school wasn’t that far from your parents but you’d rather drive than to walk. As you arrived by the entrance of the school, a crowd already gathered at your usual spot. “What’s going on?” you murmured. 

You got out of the car and swung your bag to your back. “Why are you all here?” you asked the others, who were slowly walking backwards. Since you got no response, you ignored them and went to your locker. 

Irritated because you felt the presence of people tailing you from behind, your head ached after seeing people crowded the newsboard. Pushing your way through, you saw words of false statement. Y/N has kids. I got proof. 

There was an arrow pointing below, and the picture showed you with your nephews, clearly taken this morning. “Who did this?” you asked. Frowning, you angrily tore the paper from where it was, turning around to the people you knew who were following you. “I said who did this?!” 

No one dared to look at you, after all you were part of the Student Council and never have you raised your voice besides the President. You crumpled the paper and threw it to the ground, and without stopping to think for a second, you entered the meeting room with heavy steps. 

“Pres,” you loudly pushed the door open. “What is this lie?!” you wriggled and shoved the picture to his face. 

“Y/N I can’t see it if you put it that close to- oh wow.” Jonghyun was taken aback. “If it’s that act then we all know who caused it.” He stopped to put scratch his chin. “Oh what’s his name? Seungkwan?” he furrowed his brows. 

“That’s definitely not me, I’ll never do that to Y/N.” Seungkwan butted back, the secretary. 

“It’s Seungcheol, Pres.” Nayoung gave him a glare of frustration, while she continued to count the finance. 

“Mingyu, you better do something about it. I mean he’s your friend,” you sighed. “Can’t you talk to him?” 

The boy just smiled, like he always did. He let his legs rest on the meeting table while he twirled his pen around. “I’ll talk to him.” 

“Make sure you do it or else,” Jonghyun warned as he sat back down. “Anyway, let’s start. Minutes ready?” 

Lunch came and you were in queue to get your meal. You thought anyone could do that but, Seungcheol? He used to be in the Council up until last year. 

The cafeteria became noisy when he came with Jeonghan and Mingyu. “Yawawoh! What’s today’s menu?” Your head fumed, rolled your eyes as you went to an empty table. 

Your phone vibrated in your pocket, assuming it would be your mother, who would always send you pics of the boys at this hour. Flattened lips curved as you saw Jaemin’s face covered with oatmeal. You giggled, at least this one bit made you happy today. 

“How’s your son doing?” you hear Seungcheol approaching your table. 

“Fyi, he’s not my son.” your hands balled into fist as you turned to Mingyu. “Hey I thought you’ll talk to him about it?” Mingyu just shrugged, “Tried to, he won’t listen.” 

You glared at Seungcheol, who smirked at your reaction. Oh how you wanted to kick his stomach for being obnoxious. Just the sight of him ticked you off. “Well Gyu, you’re not aggressive enough. I’m leaving.” 

Seungcheol pulled you as you stood up, your back against his chest. The chairs screeched the floor, your palm slammed onto the table. It was that much force the entire cafeteria had their eyes on you both. “You’re being rude.” he whispered to your ear. 

“Talk about being rude.” you wiggled from his hold and left. 

“She’s so mad at you.” Jeonghan chuckled, popping a fry to his mouth. 

“I like teasing her, with or without reason. She’s cute when she goes all feisty.” he joined Jeonghan and they both laughed. 

“You have to know your limits, Hyung. You and I both know what you plotted was not true.” Mingyu took a sip from his coffee. 

“It was all for fun, Gyu.” Seungcheol wiped his hands. “Just how much longer do I need wait to have a normal conversation with her?” 

Your hand curled in anger as you heard Jaemin cry for the 3rd time. The boys next door were so loud and your nephew couldn’t get some sleep. It was already 9 in the evening and they were not ashamed of themselves. You carried Jaemin in your arms and Jaewon soon hugged your leg. 

Got outside of your apartment and knocked- actually slammed several times- onto Seungcheol’s door. “Choi Seungcheol!” 

The door opened with Chan’s soon-faded smile. He raised his hand and clicked a button on the stereo’s remote. “Y/N noona..” The loud music halted and you stormed into the apartment with no regrets. 

“Choi Seungcheol!” your eyes widened with the amount of boys in his living room. “Where is he?” 

Soonyoung’s lips agape and pointed towards the kitchen. You gave Jaemin to the surprised boy and Jaewon soon sat on his lap. 

You entered and saw Seungcheol drink water. “Ah you’re here. I don’t remember inviting you though.” 

“Cut the crap Seungcheol, my nephews can’t sleep because of you.” 

He nodded, gulping the few litres left from the glasses. “Me? I’m just here. Ask them, they’re the ones who’re noisy.” 

“But you’re the one responsible.” you rubbed your temples. 

“Fine I’ll apologise on their behalf.” he rounded his words with sarcasm. “I’m sorry for being a jerk and spreading lies in school. If you want I’ll do anything you say, to keep you convinced.” 

You stayed silent and noted his sincerity even if there was sarcasm, and honestly, you like where this was going. You left the kitchen and into the living area. “You’ll do anything I’ll say?” 

By this time the rest of the group watched you, curious with the conversation. “Yeah. Anything, no complaints.” Seungcheol scratched his head. 

“Okay, you’ll babysit my nephews on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and a whole day on Fridays.” you turned to him as you eye-smiled the boy, he raised his eyebrows and you sensed the shock in his eyes. 

He remained his cool. “Hm, already know my schedule huh. Never knew you stalked me.” he stared at you and tried to reach for your waist, but you knew his intentions and backed up a little. 

“I’m not into guys who thinks the girl’s flirting on them. There’s a schedule stuck on your pinboard.” you nod your chin up, pointing to his back. “And it belongs to.. Seungcheol.”

The boys laughed at their friend, flustered in embarrassment. Some of them already hitting each other because they have never seen him so silent. You carried the Jaemin and Jaewon held your hands. 

“F-fine.” he rolled his eyes. “When do I start?” Seungcheol sat down on a massaging armchair. 

“Friday, that is tomorrow.” you kept your smile. He sighed at the sudden schedule. You chuckled with bitter. “I thought you said ’no complaints’?” 

“Too soon.” he excused. 

“My parents went on a vacation and my brother’s relocated to Japan. I’ll be busy for council camp. I’ll leave them to you.” you waved to the rest of the boys. “Hope you have a goodnight.” 

A little over an hour since you left his apartment, Seungcheol received endless of savagery and laughs from the group. 

“If you weren’t such a jerk you wouldn’t have to come to this.” Jun hit Wonwoo so hard from laughing. 

“Hyung deserved it! Noona is so kind to everyone.” Dokyeom swayed in his seat.

“Everyone but me!” Seungcheol stood up, he flung his arms in the air. 

Jihoon laughed, “You just had to spread it.” 

Jeonghan, who knew a little of Seungcheol’s past, decided to cut the conversation. “If you didn’t.. well did that- I bet you, Y/N wouldn’t behave this way.” 

Seungcheol knew what he meant. It was only a mistake and he couldn’t believe you hated him for that. “Up until now you actually believe I was at fault, Han?” 

“I didn’t say anything further and I wasn’t siding on anyone.” Jeonghan laughed as he lightly punched Seungcheol. 

“Okay let’s end here.” Joshua chuckled. “Movie night everyone?” 

Seungcheol rested his head onto the pillow, he reflected on what had happened that time. What the heck has gotten into you Y/N? 

“Here’s the bag for the diapers and milk. The onesies are in here too, good for 5 days. Bibs are at the pockets inside. Remember to read Jaewon books before he sleeps. Put Jaemin to sleep first, then read. If there are any problems,” you handed him the list. “Just call me. I gotta go. Nayoung’s waiting.” you pecked your nephews’ foreheads. “Be good to Uncle Seungcheol.” 

“Won’t I get a peck too?” he pouted with puppy eyes. 

“Keep dreaming.” you left as you shut the door behind you. 

Nayoung waved at you and gestured to hurry up. She had been your best friend since kindergarten. She knew about the incident and was quite disgusted of what Seungcheol had done. Once you got into the car, Nayoung was a little worried. “Is it alright if you leave the boys to him?” 

“He deserves a punishment.“ you said as you buckled up your seatbelt. “Let’s go?” 


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Headcanon for drake and mc?

Dearest anon,

I was secretly hoping someone would ask me. Sure, let me just uh place this super long thing here.

  1. How do they feel about people shorter/taller than them? Drake doesn’t feel particular about it either way; mostly because he doesn’t care about what most people think of him or care about most people in general. Robyn hates it when people are taller than her (she’s a bit above the average height), and the fact that Drake towers over her, only gets on her nerves when he teases her about it.
  2. What are they like on social media? (What’s their username, profile pic, etc.): Robyn’s social media highlights what she loves about New York and Cordonia. Her favourite spots, her favourite people. It’d be cluttered with that. Her profile picture is a photo of her and Drake, both sharing a bottle of whiskey. Drake’s rare full-out grin would be present as they clink glasses. When anyone asks, she’ll say it’s his two biggest weaknesses all in one photo. All of Drake’s social media accounts are private and he rarely ever posts. If you’re on his friend-list you’ll see a post from him once every month, or even less. But he’s got a photo of a drunkenly flushed Robyn, sticking out her tongue at him as his profile picture.
  3. Their sexuality? Based on Drake’s previous romance history, I HC him as heterosexual there’s a possibility he isn’t but unless otherwise stated by pb and Robyn is also attracted to the opposite sex.
  4. Preferred weather? They both prefer hot and sunny weather. Robyn genuinely enjoys being outside for all sorts of different activities. Drake prefers long days but mostly for horseback riding, and spending the night by a familiar bar. But when the weather’s bad, he enjoys it too - just so he can spend time at home without having to make up an excuse.
  5. What’s their sleeping schedule? Robyn’s sleep schedule is chaotic - sometimes she’ll only get 4 hours of sleep and other times she’ll get at least 6. Drake’s sleep schedule also fluctuates depending on the day of the week, and depending on how stressed he is. They only get a solid 8 hours if they fall asleep together.
  6. Favorite music? Drake likes a little bit of everything. He listens to a lot of alternative country and rock. Robyn prefers old school r&b and hip hop. So, naturally they argue about who gets to pick the music at home and when they’re driving off somewhere.
  7. How’s their cooking? Robyn’s cooking is awful. Everyone knows it. She often adds her own little ingredients instead of sticking strictly to the recipe, and usually underestimates the time it takes to finish something in the oven. She manages okay when Drake supervises, but he’s the chef in their home. He’s made cooking seem almost natural. Self preservation to be able to take care of himself.
  8. It’s movie night, what movie do they pick? They alternate. Drake doesn’t have a preference, but does enjoy horrors when they aren’t terribly done (mostly because Robyn will cower and bury her face into his shoulder, and snuggle close when the movie gets really scary). Robyn is a sucker for romance, so she’ll often opt for a chick flick or something with heavy romantic subtext. Usually, they alternate between every other movie night. Except when Maxwell’s over to visit - he usually gets dibs.
  9. How would they hold up in a pillow war? They’re both strong and often times it ends in a tie, with both of them surrendering. Mostly, it’s because they’ll get distracted and before long their pillow fight turns into Robyn straddling Drake. Then one thing leads to another and…
  10. What’s their sleeping position? Robyn likes sleeping on her side, with a pillow tucked behind her head. Drake usually spoons behind her before resting his chin by the crook of her shoulder.
  11. Who do they go to for comfort? Drake doesn’t really go to anyone for comfort except for Liam and Robyn. Although it takes awhile for him to open up; eventually he seeks out Robyn first (and that gesture alone means so much to her). Robyn doesn’t really seek anyone out. She’s always the person people go to comfort for, so very rarely does she allow herself to grieve. She feels everything, except it simmers inside and keeps herself busy and distracted until she can’t anymore. But in her worst moments, Drake has always been there to cradle her inside his arms and listen; whether or not she’s venting or crying.
  12. Something small that they enjoy? Drake enjoys the time he gets to spend alone with his nephew. He cherishes that alone time with someone that gets to know him from the very beginning. That gets to see the softer side of himself which isn’t always easy for most people to see. Robyn enjoys photography alone. She does a lot of things with other people, so snapping pictures at something that catches her eye is her alone time. She still dances and does ballet on her own too, but it’s bittersweet instead of being for pure enjoyment.
  13. How do they feel about physical contact by others? Drake doesn’t like it. He prefers his personal space, and the only people he allows to invade that are usually just his best friend, and Robyn. They’re the two people he trusts the most. Robyn’s the opposite; she enjoys even the simplest of gestures with friends and family - whether its hugging, holding hands with Drake or throwing her shoulder over Maxwell’s or Hana’s if they’re having a good night.
  14. What is enough to bring them to tears? What Drake calls overly dramatic and romantic gestures in movies, Robyn calls a “good cry”. Nothing really brings Drake to tears because he makes a good show of shutting himself off before it comes to that. Very rarely has Robyn even seen him even cry.
  15. Biggest pet peeve? Drake’s biggest pet peeve are messes and meeting people. Sometimes when Robyn leaves, behind her there’s a crazy mess - as if a tornado has struck their quaint home and usually Drake has to clean up because she forgets. He’s also very averse to meeting people without claiming terrible first impressions of them. (He’s working on it).
    Robyn’s biggest pet peeve are people that generally don’t seem to care about anything or anyone (ironically why she and Drake never got along well to begin with). 
  16. How well do they take care of themselves? They’re both pretty self-sufficient. Robyn learned to take care of herself from a young age and her mother. Drake’s spent his whole life looking out for his sister, and his mom. Now that he’s by himself, he’s had to slowly learn how to take better care of himself.
  17. What’s something they like that may be surprising to others? Drake’s very friendly once he considers someone apart of his close circle of friends. He goes out of his way for them, just to make sure they’re okay. Robyn likes to have fun and drink - but she’s a light-weight, and drinks way too much if someone doesn’t stop her.
  18. Do they consider others family? Drake doesn’t consider most people family. It takes years of building trust and a relationship before they can even come close to that title. Robyn’s circle of friends doesn’t extend by much, but she does consider most of the people in her life as family.
  19. Any bad habits that they have? Robyn tends to leave messes everywhere she goes. It’s only because she gets caught up in one thing before moving to something else just as quickly - she knows it’s been tough on Drake, and promises him she’ll do better. Drake has a tendency to ignore most people and his first impression of them makes it difficult for someone to get in his good graces. The more Robyn rubs off on him, the more he’s trying to give people a second chance. Sometimes (very reluctantly) a third chance.
  20. What’s their idea of a perfect vacation? Being somewhere where everyone else isn’t - renting a cabin away from the rest of the world, horseback riding everyday - camping off somewhere with only the two of them; would be some of Drake’s ideas as an ideal vacation. Traveling and seeing the world she’d always dreamed of before moving from New York has been Robyn’s idea of a perfect vacation for a long time. They settle for a compromise and rent places a little out of the way from tourist attractions, once they decide to explore the world together.
  21. Do they get lost easily? Will they ask for directions if they are? Robyn’s terrible memory makes it easy for her to get lost. Although, she doesn’t mind asking for directions because she’s usually friendly. Drake rarely ever gets lost; before they’ve decided on going anywhere - he’s already gotten a map of the place and has memorized the closest things in walking distance.
  22. The strangest thing they have ever seen? They both agree that it’s probably something that has to do with courtly life in Cordonia, even if they can never remember at the time.
  23. How well do they accept advice? Robyn accepts advice in stride, because she’s earnest in trying to always be better at anything and everything. Drake doesn’t really care for it, but is open for advice.
  24. How much do they swear? Robyn swears like a sailor when things are going badly in her life, or whenever she’s drunk - otherwise she doesn’t. Drake doesn’t make a habit of swearing but every now and then it happens.
  25. How do they take advice given to them? Robyn takes advice well, because she’s always looking for ways to improve; especially when it comes to something she loves. It’s hard to tell if Drake accepts advice well, because he doesn’t make a habit of letting people know.
  26. Do they like being in pictures? Drake hates being in pictures; he’s always trying to move intentionally instead of standing still or tackle Robyn whenever she picks up her camera. He’s also likely to hide his face unless she gets to sneak a picture of him. Robyn on the other hand, loves being in pictures.
  27. Is there anything they’re bad at? Robyn likes to think she’s good at everything until Drake reminds her of her terrible cooking, and her overwhelmingly optimistic views. Drake knows he’s awkward at sometimes flirting and general romance but Robyn thinks these are adorable things about him.
  28. What’s their morning schedule? They’re both up early in the morning. Drake likes to go for a run and sometimes Robyn joins him or paints/read instead, until he gets back home.
  29. Any past injuries? Robyn has bad ankles that act up every now and then and bruises on her feet because of all those years she spent dancing. Drake doesn’t have any dire or very noticeable injuries apart from marks here and there from camping and getting into trouble with Liam when they were younger.
  30. Something that disgusts them? Fancy finger food. They prefer “real” food.

Thank you so much for the ask anon! I’m always more than happy to write about these two.  😊

Tutoring *Peter Parker x Reader*

title? Tutoring

request?   Best friends to lovers with Peter Parker, where the reader tutors him in history and he tutors her in science? Nerding out or something leads to SUPER FLUFF? Thank you and love you!!!

requester? an anonie !

word count? 708

A/N: lol that pic is my life and also too small >.< . xxx

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Don’t You Remember, part three

Characters –Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary – The reader and little Henry meet Uncle Dean and Uncle Cas.

Word Count – 3,698

Warnings – None

A/N – I truly had no intention of taking this particular story past part two, but I had so many requests for a third installment (and several requests for some Uncle Dean) that I just had to write one more part.  I just can’t resist Winchesters with babies!  *Gifs and still pictures came from a Google search and are not mine; pics of Jared and his kids are ones that Jared and/or Gen have posted to their social media accounts.

Thank you all for your continued support, and as always, I love feedback! If you’d like to be tagged in future stories, just let me know.  

Catch up: Part One, Part Two

Your name: submit What is this?

He turned slightly away from the crib and leaned into you, pulling you in for another hug.  Tentatively, he leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly against your cheek.  “I know I never answered your question earlier. I need you to know I did love you, as much as I possibly could without a soul.”  He took a deep breath.  “And I still love you, Y/N.  And I love Henry.  And I promise I’ll be here for both of you from now on.”

Sam had left shortly after that, promising to come back the next day with his brother.  Before he left, he took your phone and programmed his phone number into it, along with the numbers for Dean and Cas.  He wanted to be sure you could always reach someone in case you needed him, and he didn’t answer.  

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anonymous asked:

Prompt, Neil and Andrew adopt their first cat from a shelter. It is Nicky's fault they ended up in the place to begin with.

i am so so sorry omg this took me so long but i wrote quite a bit so i hope you forgive me anon

As most things were, the cats were Nicky’s fault.

Unsurprisingly, Andrew was not impressed with him.

Andrew and Neil had bought their apartment as Neil had graduated, and once Nicky had found out, he’d been ecstatic for the two of them, and more ecstatic about where their apartment was located.

“No way! You guys, I love that neighborhood. One of my friends and I would always bus over there after school,” Nicky gushed over Skype. Andrew stuffed another scoop of chocolate ice cream in his mouth as he settled down on the couch while Neil continued to listen to Nicky.

“There’s this one Thai restaurant there, and oh my god was the food amazing. You guys have to have some for me. The food is so great you’ll cry.”

They went out to the Thai restaurant a few weeks and five phone calls from Nicky later. 

The food was amazing, although neither of them cried, and Andrew carried their container of leftovers as they walked home. He had a cigarette between his mouth and Neil walked close to him so that he could take in some of the smoke.

They were halfway back before they heard the two women arguing on the side of the street.

“Leave it, Tania,” the older of the two said. “Just let me take the posters down. No one is going to come for these cats, they’re too damaged.”

The words caught Neil’s attention, and Andrew wondered why all lost causes seemed to ban together.

“I won’t let you take these down,” the other women argued as they neared. “The cats need a home, and all you want is to put them down because they’re an inconvenience. There’s still a chance someone will want them.”

Neil turned towards the women and Andrew followed after stomping out his cigarette. He didn’t think Neil would actually care about the cats, seeing as he’d never had a pet, but Andrew supposed Neil was already relating to them.

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Newborn Princess CHAPTER 10

Summary: As Happy comes back from a late run he hears crying and finds a baby in a basket on his doorstep, with a letter saying that it was his. Will he raise the child or give it up. Eventual romance.

So this chapter is kind of short, but I hope you all like it. I have some writers block but the juices for this story are kind of flowin right now lol Just a reminder I hope you all remember the woman that Tiggy got pregnant cause there is some newssss!!

Newborn Princess Masterlist

“It’s a boy? Holy shit man congratulations.” Happy said as he smacked Tig on the back in cheers, “Yeah I’ll ask the nurse if I could bring him over.” Tig was in the chair of Happy’s hospital room, the little Lowman in his lap playing with ‘Bah’. “Don’t know why they won’t let me out of the hospital. I feel fine.” Happy grumbled in annoyance.

It’s been about five weeks since getting Natasha back and Happy was well…happy, that he had her back but now she had a new friend to play with and that friend was Tig’s new son, Noah. Tig was more than excited to hold his child but Beth, the mother of Noah wasn’t doing so hot and he hated to admit but Tig didn’t think she would live much longer. He didn’t love her, didn’t even find her attractive until he had some beers in his system but she was the mother of his son and it still stung to know that there was a chance that she wouldn’t make it. It was different for Hap and Natasha, she had a mother, where ever the hell she was but she had one. Noah might not have one and it hurt Tig but he would be the best parent he could be, he’d be what he wasn’t for Dawn and Fawn.

“You got the club behind you man.” Happy told Tig and the curly haired man nodded, then kissed Natasha on her head making her smile before leaning on him, her tiny arms trying to wrap themselves around him, “Ti-da.” She cooed. “She’s so gonna go with my son.” Tig smirked and Happy was about to speak but another voice cut him off.

“In your dreams Trager my son will have her swoonin’ in a second.” Kozik grinned as he took the little girl away from her other god father, “Zo Zo!” She cheered, “Hey princess.” Tig gave the blonde male a mock laugh, “Yeah right, more like she’ll come running to my son screaming that your son is a weirdo.”

Happy shook his head at the antics, “She ain’t gonna go with either of your damn kids, besides Kozik, you ain’t got a son.” Happy said as the blonde handed the Lowman his daughter. “About that.” Kozik started and Tig broke into laughter, “I guess it’s true what they say.” The two other men raised their brows and he continued, “That babies really do come in threes.”

Kozik sat on the chair beside the icy blue eyed man with a grunt, “I’ll have you two know that we’ve been talking for about a year now.”

“What?!” Tig and Happy both asked in shock, Natasha pouted at their loud voice and put her little hand on Happy’s mouth, “Shh.” She said and the three men laughed at her cutest, “No you hush baby.” Happy said kissing her nose and she wiggled happily then played with her octopus that Tig put in front of her. “Anyways what do you mean a year, you never told us.” Happy grumbled.

Kozik scratched the nape of her neck, “I know…I wanted to keep it between us, didn’t want shit flyin’ on her ya know? She’s awesome man, short, funny, hot as hell.” Kozik chuckled and Tig raised a brow, “You whipped?” Kozik groaned, “I ain’t whipped asshole I’m…”

“In love?” Happy asked with a smirk and Kozik looked away slightly red in the face, “She’s not bad.” Tig nodded, “What’s her name?” Kozik’s smile told the other men that he truly was in love and it was shocking since he was such a ladies man, “Acacia. Different but it fits her.” He told them and Tig nodded, “I like it.”

Happy nodded, “Sooo…is she pregnant?” Kozik shook his head, “Nah but I’m thinking about making her my Old Lady.” He smiled and Tig slapped him on the back, “Shit…then you’re stuck man.”

Kozik rolled his eyes, “Whatever, I love her, so what kill me.” Tig grabbed his knife, “Glad you finally asked.” He laughed when Kozik pushed him in the arm, “Stupid ass.” He grumbled. They all stopped when their was a knock on the door, “What.” Happy growled and the door opened revealing an older woman who wore pastel purple scrubs, her light blonde hair pulled into a loose bun, “Just here to check on you Mr. Lowman.” The woman sighed in annoyance and Happy scowled, damn I can’t stand this ugly bitch, he told himself mentally.

“Dim da bo!” Natasha said then smiled and the nurse gave her a fake smile to which Happy responded with a scowl, “I feel fine.” He told her and she sighed, “Just protocol Mr. Lowman.” She told him and Happy felt his jaw clench but he nodded anyways and stood up, letting the nurse lift up his shirt, checking his wounds. “Well it seems you are fine.”

“Thanks I get that a lot.” He joked yet a smile, or even a smirk, didn’t reach his face and the nurse just chuckled, “I don’t swing that way Mr. Lowman but, I think you are fine to be let out of the hospital.” Happy nodded then lowered his shirt when she stepped away, “You will still need your prescription meds and no riding just yet. So whenever you feel ready you may leave.” The nurse walked away not even returning his daughter’s wave, “Da?”

“Yeah she’s a bitch but guess what…Daddy can come home.” He grinned as he lifted up Natasha, “I’m signin’ out then I’m seein’ my nephew.” Happy said looking at Tig and the other two men nodded, “Sure thing brother.”

“What’s up little man?” Happy asked as he held Noah in his strong arms, their complexion in skin tones a giant difference, Happy’s dark tan skin compared to Noah’s snowy white skin. Happy looked at Beth who wore a small smile, “You did good little mama.” Happy winked at her and she gave a small laugh, “Yeah…he sure is cute.

Happy gave a nod and walked around the room gently bouncing his arms, his eyes looking down at the small newborn. Noah’s eyes were shut, and he had a head full of dark hair, which wasn’t surprising to any of them considering all the hair Tig had. His lips a light pink and pulled into a slight pout, his cheeks rosy as well and it made Happy smile as he remembered when he first got Natasha. “I remember when she was that small.” Happy mumbled but Tig heard, Beth’s voice speaking, “She’s beautiful can I hold her?” She smiled and Happy nodded, “Yeah, course you can.”

Tig stood up and handed the little girl into Beth’s arms, a big smile on the older woman’s face and it made Tig happy. Natasha looked up at Beth with slight confusion and wonder, “Hi I’m Beth.” She smiled and Happy glanced at Tig, the curly haired man looking at the scene with a small smile, his eyes slightly glossy. Beth, she looked bad but still happy as she stared down at Natasha, the young woman’s hand pushing back Natasha’s hair, “She’s beautiful.”

Beth looked over at Happy when he walked beside her, putting Noah in her free arm so she was holding both babies, and Tig laughed, “I so need a picture of this.” He said. Happy and Tig both took out their phones taking a picture of Beth, Noah and Natasha. “One more.” Happy smirked but right before he clicked a button to snap a pic his little girl leaned over kissing Noah on the forehead making Beth grin wide.

Kozik popped his head in the room after giving a small knock, “Ain’t that the cutest shit ever.” He laughed as he gentle rubbed Noah on the head, leaning down to kiss his god daughter on the head, “Hey Beth you look better.” He smiled at the woman, her skin pale from it’s usual sun kissed glow. She had light brown hair but it looked dull, her eyes though looked joyful and full of life as she looked at her three day old son and his new best friend. “Thanks. Aren’t they the cutest, they’re definitely going to be together I can see it now.”

Instead of battling and saying that his son would surely go with Natasha, he just nodded, “Yeah they are.” He smiled. Noah pouted and began to cry but Natasha put her hand on his cheek, making a hushing sound, “Awe!” She cooed and Happy took his girl, “Shh baby don’t say that. Well he must be hungry so we’ll leave ya three.” Kozik nodded and Beth waved, “Thank you.”

Happy winked, “No problem, see ya brother.” Natasha hugged her octopus happily but the second she noticed that they were leaving her friend she pouted, “N-no. Dada no no.” She pouted and he poked her cheek, “Don’t worry we’re gonna go meet the woman that’s gonna carry your other best friend.” Kozik raised a brow, “Who’s that?” Happy chuckled, “You’re gonna introduce us to your fiance.”

Kozik gasped in shock making the little girl giggle, “I am?”

“Yup we gotta see that baby mama.” Happy smirked and Kozik smiled, “Yeah you’re right, it’s like Tig said, babies come in threes.”

Babies coming in threes is something my grandma and mom always said and I think it’s true because my sister just had her baby in December, my cousin is about to pop in a month and now my other cousin’s girl is pregnant lol so I believe they come in threes lol Just wanted to clear that up :)

KPop Master List

well mine anyway. let’s make it clear first of all that this is entirely @tarticawhat ‘s fault. i never meant to be here, but here i am nonetheless. anyway what you’re gonna get:

quick pic/gif and 3 points for each member of the handful of kpop idol groups that are now ruining my otherwise peaceful life. so starting from the T.O.P

BIGBANG (fair warning that they are just plain strange in the best way)

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

T.O.P/Choi Seunghyun (see what I did there) (band bias)

Originally posted by ygtop

- deep manly sexy voice that he recklessly uses to rap and to ruin lives

- does nothing then behaves like a lunatic then dotes on his nephew and usually wears a cowboy hat why, kill me

- instagram is wine, modern art, chairs that can’t be sat in, CoCo Chanel’s Paris apartment, and then pictures that do not speak well for his sanity

[[good so i’m one person into this list and ive already murdered myself to be here anyway moving on]]

GD/G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong (also band bias…that’s right two biases in BB)

Originally posted by jiyongkun

[[one solid gif is simply not enough bc of reasons and here are those reasons]]

- 1 part soft kitten prince, 1 part angry trashy cat, 1 part Fashion Feline, all parts chaos

- writes/produces/sings/raps everything. YG entertainment’s golden child, who they get drunk and release to do whatever he wants. voice described as “bratty” which is accurate. he’s literally too powerful for his own good.

- loves his cat too much. because they are the same species most probably. also spends a good amount of time getting in SeungRi’s space to make him uncomfortable.

SeungRi/Lee Seunghyun

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

- beauty has been ruled illegal in 17 countries and Guam

- would look cool if he wasn’t such a magnificent dork

- voice of a young angel, freshly taught to sing, but then accidentally left in a nightclub

Taeyang/Dong Youngbae

Originally posted by thirstyfortaeyang

- sonorous voice that will carry you up into the clouds, just great

- body so good they won’t even give him proper clothing it’s abusive honestly like let him have a shirt. he’s cold.

- quite shy actually it gives me heartburn, but also really sarcastic to the rest of them

 Kang Daesung

Originally posted by bingubiigbang

- has exactly 0% chill, too busy acting like a complete fool

- if you melt butter, add cream, whip it and add excellent strength and range and then drizzle milk chocolate on top you get his singing voice 

- can he see? we don’t know. hair always 1000% covering his eyes

[[*dramatic inhale and exhale* OKAY NEXT GROUP HOLY COW]]

Beast/B2st (do not ask me to explain this name)

Originally posted by joshuahonq

Yong Junhyung (simultaneously the bias and the bias wrecker)

Originally posted by atopsy

- embodiment of soft grunge. this is what S Korea thinks a rapper can look like

- born with an undefinable Magical Quality where he will make you love him

- smirk from hell that will not let you live. wears round glasses sometimes just

Yoon Doojoon (the bias wrecker and the bias also….)

Originally posted by b2st-nes

- the shit i put up with for this one is unreal i mean can you belIEVE the combination of blessings that occurred to compose the symphony that is this face?? don’t touch me

- solid voice and solid dancing but lets his boys have the spotlight and calmly leads them with love I’M *takes a break to calm down*

- did 2 seasons of show playing a character who just. is obsessed with eating good food. like 3-4 whole scenes per episode of him eating meals with people and they don’t even talk, they just slurp noodles. wtf. it’s so great. also Splash Splash Love just do yourself a massive favor and watch it.

Lee GiKwang/KiKwang

Originally posted by xxirss

- huge giant princess heart doe eyes. literally i didn’t use a gif where he’s smiling bc i want y’all to live slightly longer

- just. just let him sing to you and be grateful. that’s it.

- posts 10000 selfies to insta per day because he knows. he’s aware ok? this is a clever boy he knows what he’s got.

Son Dongwoon (he is not my son. for clarification)

Originally posted by beastdw

- sincerely, un-ironically believes that he’s God’s actual gift to humankind

- may actually be God’s gift to humankind, the debate is ongoing

- honestly his personality pisses me off a bit but like, here’s the thing. between his lovely voice and great dancing and general talent, just let him live. just let him keep doing what he does. let him continue, you gotta

Yang Yoseob

Originally posted by mykpassion

- truly, the cutest. and conveniently pocket sized! the most portable, just put him in your pocket. he fits i promise

- surprisingly strong and mature voice, totally essential to the group’s sound, and therefore a blessing

- one time he showed up on DooJoon’s show just to hang w his bro and be obnoxious 

Jang Hyunseung

Originally posted by loveran

- you are correct, he’s part fox, ergo the minuscule chin space. probably a kitsune. 

- brings this great element to the group where his vocals are a little higher and therefore magical, since he is a kitsune probably

- mischievous spirit(of the kitsune) causes him to have little shame, ergo spastic dancing in public. like on awards show carpets. they’re so embarrassed really  


GOT7 (you guessed it, there’s 7 of these lil shits)

Originally posted by pakjinyoung

[[let it be known that they know how you feel, and yes, they are doing this on purpose. that purpose is to murder. very rude of them to be so inconsiderate.]]

JB/Lim Jaebum (true bias. no joke i want to rest but he won’t let me)

Originally posted by defsouljb

- source of my insecurity. can do everything better than u. singing? try to live. dancing? actually is a bboy and made of coiled springs. prettier than u? u bet. his boys love him too much and follow him actually anywhere, because they know he was born when a strong but beautiful flower blossomed and released him into the world.


- the bromance with Jackson is so strong you will regret. also he can yell the loudest so there’s that.  

Jackson Wang (bias wrecker w fulltime status and 401K and benefits)

Originally posted by markjin

- someone taught a puppy how to rap and do martial arts so now we have this. (puppy was previously also taught fencing bc why not) 

- certified in ruining everything, never chills unless it’s to LITERALLY JUST DRAPE HIMSELF OVER THE OTHER BOYS AND USE THEM FOR HIS BEAUTY REST. is an idiot. 

- JB’s biggest fan, i am not joking it’s painful. also one time he met his crush (Ga Yeon - female MMA fighter) and panicked so hard he ran and hid in his bathroom. bc he’s also bffs with Seo Kang Joon(absolutely we don’t have time for him AT ALL RN) and that is ANOTHER STORY.

Jr./Junior/Park Jinyoung (bias wrecker #2)

Originally posted by tixagotjunior

- actual ray of sunshine, complete with cute goofy ears. as an added insult, his voice is honey and he’s recognized as annoyingly great at dancing.

- heart is so big that he is incapable of stopping himself from just kissing people all the time. mainly the other band members. without approval from the board. (me)

- not joking about the kissing he’s a menace who comes out of nowhere i think the others are scared, protect them

Mark Tuan

Originally posted by muaktuan

 - somehow a rapper, typically the victim of Junior’s affectionate smooches, always looks shocked and unprepared and it’s the worst. Mark. you should know by now you’re not safe. ((EDIT: Less safe from Jackson’s love honestly))

- can jump and just twist 4 times in the air while parallel to the ground. just, whenever

- wanted for having too delightful of a laugh (added bonus: speaks English!) and for having the coolest dad on twitter with the sassiest replies (look up raymond tuan enjoy)

BamBam/a Thai name 

Originally posted by demaglia

- apparently in Korea it’s common to take sweet, innocent young men and call them “rappers” and give them oddly mature voices yet do nothing about them having better lips than me so thanks (also hasn’t ever apologized for cuteness)

- you’re not going blind, they call him BamBam because They Love To Kill, and because if your name was “Kunpimook Bhuwakul” you’d go by BamBam too

- nerdy fan of G-Dragon and one time he met him and GD hugged him and that was when we lost BamBam…sometimes I can still hear his voice  

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by hogays

- more like YugYUM amiright?? haha anyway. he has the softest cheeks just look at them, this tall teddy bear. i bet his lullaby would sing you straight into a coma

- aegyo once caused a power outage in Seoul 3 square km wide. wasn’t even arrested.

- wears these horrible sweaters you wish you could then also own

Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

- listen. this kid puts GOT7 vocals ON HIS BACK and he ain’t even tired. can probably sing opera tbh. probably should.

- BUT so dramatic, can’t calm down. choi please take a rest my son

- this is an actual infant right here, yet he’s allowed out in public with little supervision. he doesn’t like cucumbers but cucumbers aren’t even offended. 

[[at this point I regret making this one post and not four but here we are SO LET’S CONTINUE THE HOME STRETCH WITH SEVEN MORE DEAR LORD]]

BTS/Bangtan Boys (there’s also 7 of them I’m so tired, why did I do this)

Originally posted by bvngtns

Rap Monster/RapMon/Kim Nam-joon (bias? maybe)

Originally posted by onizukai

- dimples. for. days. years actually I’m sure he was born with them haha. 

- dark chocolate kind of rapper voice, v masculine which is sort of standout quality for him among the others really

- group Dad clearly. that’s totally a dad belt. plus he does singer-songwriter things and that’s so attractive what a talented individual

V/Kim Taehyung/Tae Tae

Originally posted by vmiin

- v precious, v important, v much needs protecting despite when he acts all dangerous etc in the music videos. 

- v much a hooligan but easily shocked, wouldn’t hurt a fly. wouldn’t even hurt a fly’s feelings. is a dorky fanboy of Taeyang so no wonder he tries to be all sassy

- another bby whose voice is too raspy for his tiny bby looks. i can’t deal

J-Hope/Hobi/Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by hoseokshit

- never has there been a rapper who was simultaneously this much of a spaz but it’s so darn loveable

- looks incredible in a turtleneck/leather jacket combo it’s truly unfair

- “horse” for his long face but called so lovingly, and really he’s so happy like all the time who could be mean to him

Jimin/Park Jimin

Originally posted by sonyeondan

- a menace actually, always giggling with the maknae and playing stupid games with them and ordering them around who asked you, Jimin, who

- literally cried on the beach being emotional over his hometown and his family

- voice as soft as a fleece blank and strong as idk a fleece is pretty strong

Kookie/Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk

Originally posted by spongecakechimchim

- offensively adorable. as in, it’s an attack. grins are blinding and sweet (side note: fanboy of GD like BamBam, and if they all were together at once a nuclear explosion would occur immediately) 

- dancing also offensive as no boy should have hip control like that, please stop

- group as a whole has the sound that makes you think of like, the sort of angsty guy in school who looked like he got out of bed and walked directly to his desk, and had unnecessary tears in his clothing. Jungkook contributes to this sound very strongly. 

Suga/Min Yoongi

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

- another “rapper” are you laughing yet because I AM IT’S RIDICULOUS

- literally asleep 90% of the time they probably carry him on the stage and wake him up five minutes before and give him a microphone like “Suga do you know the choreo” “mm yep practiced in my dreams all day”

- confuses me constantly by changing his hair color like it’s cute, yes, but I’m getting whiplash sir

Jin/Jin “Hime”(Princess)/Kim Seokjin (bias???? im too tired)

Originally posted by chocolate-chip-kookie

- smile is endearingly off-center idk why but it gets me. and his voice has a nice distinctive quality like…tangy-er? than the others? i can’t brain to articulate

- literally makes short videos of himself eating meals and talking about his love of food, and the fans eat it up(HA) it’s quite precious

- group Mom 100% i bet he and RapMon get so tired, and just “how was your day” “i had to kick three of them and V is still in timeout, he’s not even maknae wth”

[[shit that is all. all of them finally this took like four hours I’m not joking i’ll never get that time back. i can’t afford to care about any other groups ever again. oh no I still have to tag them all kill me]]

Take Me in Your Arms and Leave the Rest

has a second part. Below and also on AO3

He doesn’t appear from nowhere.

Jack watches the young man from the second he turns onto the street and starts heading down it towards Jack’s house. He pauses every so often to check his phone, and Jack’s a little worried, because it’s Thanksgiving and the man looks like he might be hopelessly lost. He’s bundled up against the cold, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder, woolly hat pulled over his ears.

“What are you looking at?” Shitty asks, joining Jack at the window. Lardo’s back in Boston, stuck with her parents for the holiday, but Shitty had done everything he could to avoid dealing with his family. They’ve got a few boxes of Chinese takeout on the coffee table and are planning to watch the History Channel.

“Lost guy,” Jack says, pointing him out.

“Oh, poor bro, he looks cold,” Shitty says. “We should invite him in.”

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Enzo Amore - Rumors (4)

You sat in your car in the mall parking lot listening to some music when you got a text message: “In front of Zales… Where ya at??”. Butterflies fill your stomach at the thought of seeing Eric soon. No matter how much time you spend with Eric you still got butterflies and excited. You wished you could get over it somehow since you two will be spending almost everyday together. What with being a full time employ of WWE now. You are officially Enzo Amore’s onscreen girlfriend and you were super excited. Today you and Eric were going to go shopping for some clothes for you to wear ringside. You weren’t a Jersey girl so who better to help you look the part than an actual certified G. Before you could actually send your answer via text there was a knock on your car window causing you to jump. “Oh my gosh…” You gasped holding your chest. “You scared me…” He chuckled as you rolled down your window. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” Eric apologized kissing you on the cheek. You blushed a bit and before you could say anything a small voice from the backseat perked up. “Aunt (Y/N)??” your nephew wiped his sleepy eyes with the back of his hand. “Good morning sleepy head.” You twisted in your seat to look back at him in his car seat. He had fell asleep during the ride over to the mall. Your sister had a huge meeting at work she couldn’t miss and you agreed to watch after him today. Eric was such a sweetheart being cool with you taking your nephew along with you. Ever since your nephew Josh had found out that he was going to get to spend the day with his favorite wrestler Enzo he hadn’t stopped talking about it. He loved bragging to hsi friends that his aunt was Enzo’s girlfriend. “Look whose here Josh” You leaned back in your seat so he could see Eric standing at the window. Josh’s jaw dropped. “Hey buddy… How you doin??” Eric asked in his thick Jersey accent. Josh kept looking like a deer in headlights. You and Eric laughed as you turned the car off. “He okay??” Eric asked as you got out of the car to go and get Josh out. “I hope so… I’ve never seen him this quiet before.” you giggled grabbing a small backpack from the back of the car. “I got it.” Eric said taking the bag from you and slinging it over his shoulder. “Oh… Well than you.” You nodded and made your way over to open Josh’s door. “Come on handsome.” you cooed picking him up and placing him on your hip. Josh looked at Eric and then back at you. Eric smiled and waved at him. Josh shily buried his head in your neck. “Now come on don’t be swaft.” You teased your nephew causing him to shoot his head up. “I am not swaft.” He crinkled his nose at you. You kissed his cheek and giggled. “Then stop being so shy. Enzo is a nice guy you silly brat.” “Momma says I take it after you.” Josh shot back sweetly. You stood here mouth agape as Eric fought back a fit of laughter holding out his hand for a high five from Josh. Josh smiled brightly and high fived Eric as you just rolled your eyes. “Come on lets go before I leave you two here.” (Time Skip) “I never knew shoes could cost so much.” you announced shifting a sleeping Josh to your other hip as you and Eric left a store 5 bags hanging from Eric’s hands. “Hey only the best for my girl.” He smirked. “I was talking about yours.” You retorted. “I gotta look fresh.” He shrugged leading you to another store. You happily followed him. You and Eric have had a great time so far shopping. Goofing around with trying to crazy articles of clothes and messing with Josh who was on cloud nine with all the attention until he passed out from exhaustion from all the laughter. “Whoa wait I thought we said clothes shopping.” You grabbed Eric’s forearm stopping him before he walked into a Victoria Secert’s. “Yeah these are clothes… Thought we would hit it up before shorty woke up.” Eric cocked an eyebrow up. “No one will see my underwear though?? And I have plenty though.” You explained. “You need some leopard prints. Keep up with the theme.” he raised up his shirt a bit showing the top of his leopard print boxers. You smirked pulling down the top of your shirt a bit to show off a leopard print bra strap. “Already got a few sets G” Eric’s eyes widened and he cleared his throat. “R…Right…” He made his way to another store. You stood there proud of yourself. For once he was the one blushing. (Time Skip) “Here go try on these.” Eric said handing you an arm full of clothing. “Oh gosh… Okay… Uhhh…” you looked around for a place to set Josh when Josh reached out for Eric. Eric’s eyes widened. “Looks like someone’s warmed up to Uncle Enzo.” you smiled gladly handing Josh over to Eric who placed the little boy on his hip looking surprised when he wraps his arms tightly around his neck. “I’ll be right back.” you smirked picking up the arm full of clothes. In the dressing room you started out trying on a tight black skirt with a leopard print tank top. It was way out of our comfort zone but something about it gave you some confidence. You spun around too look at it from another angle and decided that it looked pretty good. Next thing you try was a form fitting red dress that had a mesh middle. You had a hard time getting the zipper up so you thought to ask Eric for some help. “Eric??” you called out. “Yeah??” He answered from outside the door. You open the door to stick your head out. “Come here for a sec I can’t get the zipper up.” You grab his arm pulling him in the room with him. He sits Josh down on the seat in the room and froze as he turned back to you. He took in the sight in front of him for a bit. You standing there hair pulled to the side. Your smooth flawless back exposed with just your bra strap showing and the top of your underwear. He placed one hand on the small of your back and easily slid the zipper up. Your breath hitched a bit as his hand moved to rest on your hip. Eric couldn’t stop himself before he placed a hot kiss to the back of your neck. He looked of your shoulder to see you two standing in the mirror together. Both of your cheeks flushed red. “I really like this dress on you.” He whispered locking eyes with you in the mirror sliding the zipper slowly back down your back. “Th… Thank you.” You stuttered heart racing in your chest. His hand started to move toward your mesh covered stomach when Josh spoke up. “Enzo?? Can I play on your phone??” Both of you jumped a bit at Josh’s question and the tension broke. “Y…Yeah sure thing little man.” Enzo nodded slowly moving away from you reluctantly. “I…I’ll change back into…” You began. “Yeah… Yeah… We will be outside…” He picked up Josh and headed out the room. You leaned against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor. Head and heart racing. (Time Skip) After shopping was done Eric treated you and Josh to some pizza. “Thank you for today.” You smiled at Eric wiping off Josh’s messy face. “Ah don’t mention it I have had a blast hanging out with you two.” Eric ruffed up Josh’s hair a bit making Josh crinkle up his nose. You laughed at the two and looked back down at your phone. “Oh my gosh…” You gasped as you opened up your instagram. “What?? What’s wrong??” Eric questioned a bit worried. You just handed his phone over to him. He scrolled through looking at all the pics people have taken of you two today. A lot showed you two walking around the mall. Some had you holding Josh and some had Eric carrying Josh. A lot of the comments were accusing you of trapping Eric in with your “son” or calling you a gold digger. “This is just great now they think that I have a kid that I am pushing on you… I am so stupid… I should have known we would get recognized… “you scolded yourself. “Hey… Hey now… You did nothing wrong… Stuff like this happens in the industry. You just gotta clear things up.” He calmed you down. “Lucky for you… You can teach this.” He smirked making you roll your eyes. He turned on the front camera of your phone and leaned in close to you and Josh. He took a pic of you three and then went to work on your phone. You watched him as you took a sip of your drink. He proudly smiled and then handed you your phone back. A new picture had just been added to your twitter and instagram. It was you three with a caption that read “Looks like we got more than a cuppa haters out there today. #lovemynephew #yallsawft #famila #howyoudoin 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… I know this is really long but I feel like these lead way to being long… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… and  BIG THANK YOU TO http://taylorsmithnotswiftduh.tumblr.com/ for all of their help with this… they have the best ideas… THANKS AGAIN

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# 27 Pydia, if you are not comfortable with that ship Sterek works too :)

Hi love, I wrote this for Sterek, I just don’t think I can do pydia justice.

27.     P R E T E N D I N G  T O  B E  D A T I N G

Stiles has no real excuse for why he’s heading over to Derek’s an hour before the pack’s supposed to get together and watch movies. He could say that he was bored, that being home on spring break isn’t nearly as exciting as going to Cancun (Jackson needs to STOP posting pics on Instagram or Stiles is going to punch him. Through the phone. Across the ocean). His house is unbelievably boring compared to the apartment he shares with two (blessedly non-supernatural) roommates. But really, he just wants to have Derek to himself for a little bit.

They’ve been texting pretty steadily ever since Stiles went back to school in January. Their conversations border on flirty, and Stiles is dying to know if the tone will carry over into their physical interactions. And what better way to find out than to follow Derek around and aggravate the hell out of him while he’s trying to clean up before a party.

It’s a flawless plan to be honest.

He parks the jeep next to Derek’s soccer mom car, already halfway out the door before the engine even stops turning. Taking the stairs two at a time might seem a little over eager, but Stiles can’t quite bring himself to care. Derek already thinks he’s obnoxious anyways, it’s not like this’ll change anything. Plus, the stairwell in this building creeps him the fuck out and he’s not about to spend any extra time in it. Apparently Derek has an allergy to living anywhere remotely cheerful. This place is somewhere between the Loft and the burnt Hale house in levels of eerie. He pauses in front of Derek’s door and takes a deep breath, giving himself a second to try and catch his breath. Then he grabs the handle and flings the door open.

“Honey I’m home!” He calls as he attempts to swagger in, managing to only trip over his own feet once. And it can hardly be considered a trip. More like a minor stumble.

“Hey babe, we’re in the living room!”

Stiles freezes in his tracks.


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So my nephew's out cold with the chicken pox and it got me thinking. What about baby Sara getting the chicken pox and Lyla and Diggle have a super important Squad mission. So Oliver, thinking he already had the pox as a kid, offers to watch her while they're gone and ends up getting sick as well. Enter Felicity, who then has to take care of her sick, itchy, grumpy boyfriend and little Sara, sending pics of them to the Diggles after they passed out on the bed.

“Oliver? I’m on my lunch break and figured you and Sara might be hungry so I brought-”

Felicity’s sentenced trailed off as she entered her and Oliver’s bedroom, her take out Big Belly Burger bag hanging from her hand. Oliver was currently sprawled out across their mattress with five year old baby Sara tucked into his side as she slept with her head on his chest.

“Shhh,” Oliver hushed at Felicity, his face scrunching up uncomfortably from where it lay atop the pillows. As she walked further into their room a gasp escaped her lips when she got to the edge of the mattress, noticing for the first time the matching red spots Oliver and Sara had scattered across their bodies.

“Oliver! What happened? I thought you said you already had the chicken pox?” Felicity whispered as she sat next to him on the bed, running a soothing hand through his hair.

He groaned. “I thought so too, but I guess my memories from when I was a child are a little hazy.”

Felicity sent him a sympathetic smile before leaning down and kissing his forehead. “Well I’m going to call in sick for the rest of day so I can stay here with you two.”


“Hush, Oliver. It’s fine. Let me take care of you.”

He sighed before slowly nodding his head.

“Good,” Felicity said as she got up. “Now stay here while I go see if we have some soup and something to rub over the pox.”

When she came back into the room 10 mins later Oliver was fast asleep, as was Sara who seemed comfortable with her new position on top of Oliver’s chest. They looked so cute napping together and Felicity couldn’t help but imagine the same scenario but with a different child. One with her hair and Oliver’s smile…

Felicity snapped a quick picture of the sleeping pair, writing a short message and texting it to Lyla before putting her phone away and joining them on the bed. As soon as the mattress dipped, Oliver turned his head towards her and rested it in her lap, nuzzling his cheek into her thigh. Felicity leaned back against the headboard, running her hand through Oliver’s hair once again as they both drifted off to sleep.

His Family

Part 6

Adam took care of Taylor during the next week, they stayed at home, Taylor slept most of the time and Adam cooked for her and watched her. A week later Taylor started to feel better and insisted to start packing for their trip to Adam’s parents “no Taylor, we have some days left before we have to leave, you don’t have to pack yet” Adam tried to stop her “I’m not sick anymore and I don’t want do start packing a day before we leave"she replied and continued packing “I can pack for us” he tried again “oh really?” She laughed, he walked over to her and hugged her from behind while holding her hands behind her back “I’ll find a way to keep you from packing” he answered and started to kiss her neck she moved her head so he had better access to her neck “really, you don’t want me to do anything but that’s okay?” “You said your not sick anymore” he whispered in her ear kissed her neck again, she leaned back onto him and enjoyed the small kisses he kept pressing on her neck. He started walking backwards slowly until they fell onto their bed he turned them around so he was on top of her “you think it’s okay?” He whispered, she nodded and pulled his shirt over his head. He laughed and pulled her shirt over her head and started pressing kisses all over her chest…

Later they started packing together and before they knew it they sat in a plane together a few days later “are you looking forward to see your parents again?” Taylor asked Adam and laid her head on his chest “yes and I’m happy that you’re coming with me” he answered and kissed her head she smiled “of course I’m coming with you” she answered him “my mom is really looking forward to see you again” he told her “I’m looking forward to see them too, they are always so nice to me” she replied and laughed a little he laughed with her “yeah, they love you” she looked up to him and smiled he kissed her softly before she laid her head back on his chest. He kissed her head and whispered “thank you for saying yes, I love you Taylor” “I love you too Adam, how could I’ve said no?” She replied and looked up at him again, they smiled at each other and she kissed him. “I’m looking forward to our future together” he whispered in her ear before she fell asleep he watched her sleeping before her fell asleep too. They slept most of the flight, they where woken right before they landed “that was a quick flight” Taylor laughed and looked at Adam he laughed with her. After they landed they walked into the arrival hall together, his family already waited for them. When Adams nephew Jason saw them he run up to them and jumped into Adam’s arms “hey buddy, how you’ve been” he greeted the little boy “I’ve been good, I can’t wait to show you what I got for Christmas” he answered his uncle, Adam smiled at him and then at Taylor who was watching him the whole time. Adam’s whole family joined them, after greeting and hugging everyone they left to drive to Adam’s parents house.

When they arrived at the house Taylor and Adam brought their luggage upstairs into his old room, Adam walked towards Taylor and slipped his arms around her “do you like it here?” He asked her, she laughed and nodded “yes I do” “good” he smiled and kissed her softly, he felt her smiling into the kiss before she pulled away slowly “we should go down stairs, your mom made dinner” she said, he nodded but kissed her again “we should really go now” she said after the kiss he nodded and took her hand to pull her to the kitchen “hey mom” he smiled when they arrived in the kitchen “what are you making for dinner?” He asked her and tried to taste something, his mom saw that and took his hand away from the food, Taylor laughed while she watched him, she loved how he turned into a little boy since they arrived at the family’s house. “Can I help you?” Taylor asked his mother “sure darling” Pamela said happily and told Taylor what she could do, before Adam could offer his help his little nephew ran into the kitchen “uncle Adam, can you come and play with me” he nearly screamed. Adam laughed “sure buddy” he answered him and kissed Taylor’s cheek before he left the room. “I’m really happy and thankful that he found you, Taylor” Pamela told her while Taylor was cutting vegetables “it means a lot to me that you say this” Taylor answered and smiled “I’m not saying that I didn’t liked the other girls but I couldn’t imagine them to stay together for long, he changed since he met you Taylor, I think his plans for his future changed, I mean a month before he met you he told me that he never wants to get married but now you two are engaged, I always said just wait till you find the right one but he never believed me until he met you, he actually called me a few month after he met you and said ‘mom you might be right’. He really loves you and I can see that you love him to, I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry about my youngest anymore, you’re really good for him, thank you for that” his mom ended her speech, Taylor smiled and wanted to answer something but Adam ran into the kitchen yelling something with a giggling Jason on his shoulders “what are you guys doing?” Taylor asked Adam laughing when he stopped right in front of her “tell her Jason” Adam said and bend down so the boy could see Taylor, Jason crawled over Adam’s head into Taylor’s arms “uncle Adam told me that you two will marry so I wanted to ask you if I can call you aunt Taylor” he asked her and grinned “sure, if you want that” Taylor answered and smiled “I have something else to tell you” he said and held his hand over his mouth “and what?” Taylor asked curiously, Jason bed forward to whisper in her ear “uncle Adam told me to tell you that he loves you” he said, jumped out of her arms and took Adam’s hand pulling him with him out of the room. Taylor laughed and turned her attention back to the vegetables. “Adam and Jason were the best friend from the beginning, Adam is so great to him” his mother told Taylor, Taylor laughed “yeah, I see that” “I can’t wait to see him as a father, he would be amazing to his kids, when he called us to tell us that you’re sick I actually thought you’re pregnant, that would be so exciting” Pamela told Taylor and looked at her expectingly, Taylor laughed “I’m not pregnant, I just had an infection” Taylor told her “oh, that’s a shame.. I hope I didn’t scared you, Adam would kill me if he’d know I asked you that” Pamela answered “we had a similar conversation with my parents, don’t worry, I won’t tell him” Taylor laughed. “You don’t have to tell him, he heard it himself” she heard Adam say behind her and felt his arms sneaking around her waist “hey Taylor” he whispered and kissed her cheek “really mom? If she’d be pregnant we would tell you, I wouldn’t lie at you” he told his mom, slightly disappointed. “We will see” his mom laughed and started to set the table. Taylor turned around to face Adam, she caressed his cheek and smiled at him, he leaned down to kiss her softly “we will decide when we want kids and we won’t listen to anyone else!” Taylor whispered after she saw how helpless he looked “it’s our decision right?” He asked her, she nodded and kissed him softly. After dinner his sister wanted to leave but Jason had other plans, he ran around hiding behind furniture, after a while Adam managed to catch him and carried him to the front door “I don’t want to leave” the little boy screamed and hugged Adam tightly not letting go of him. “Can’t I stay at grandmas mommy?” He asked and looked at his mother “ask your grandma Jason” Sophie answered and looked at her mother “sure, we still have some of his stuff here from the last time he stayed over night” “okay, you can stay, we’ll come over for lunch tomorrow and pic you up” Jason’s mother said and hugged his son. After Adam’s siblings left Jason put on his pajama and they watched a movie together, half an hour into the movie Jason fell asleep, Adam and Taylor told his parents that they’ll bring the boy to bed and go to bed themselves. Adam lifted Jason in his arms, they walked upstairs into Jason’s room. Adam laid him into his bed and Taylor tugged his blanked around him. They watched him for a bit to make sure he is asleep and then went to bed themselves. They laid in bed together as close as possible, Adams hand stoked her chest, without her expecting it his hand slipped further down making her gasp in surprise and bending her back “Adam” she whispered, he pulled his hand up again and stated to caress her cheek “we can’t” he whispered back when he saw her disappointed look “I just love teasing you” he added and kissed her passionately causing Taylor to pull herself even closer to him, his hands wandered to her breasts and he started massaging them, kissing her to muffle her moans. After a while he stopped, his kisses got more softly and he started stroking her back. When she calmed down she laid her head onto his chest. “I’m sorry” he whispered and grinned, she just shook her head.

The next morning they were woken by Jason who ran into the room and jumped on their bed, Taylor sat up tiredly and tried to stop him from jumping, after she saw that talking to him wouldn’t stop him she reached out and hugged the little boy, he laughed and hugged her back, Adam opened his eyes and saw them hugging, he couldn’t stop smiling when he saw them. After Adam watched them for some time he reached for Jason and started tickling him surprising Taylor and Jason who thought Adam was still sleeping. “You could help grandma making breakfast and we’ll come down to eat later okay?” Adam asked Jason “yes” the boy screamed and ran downstairs. Adam and Taylor laughed and Adam hugged her “I love you Tay” he whispered and kissed her lips softly. Suddenly his eyes lit up and he got up quickly “wait there, don’t move” he told Taylor without looking at her, he searched for something, when he found an envelope he sat back next to her. “That’s for you” he said and gave her the envelope smiling like a little kid. She opened it curiously and then looked at him shocked “Adam you didn’t have to…” “Yes I did” he answered her “we will go skiing together?” She asked him happily “ yes” he answered happy about her reaction, she hugged him excited and kissed him “thank you so much, I love you Adam” she said and he kissed her again.

about gig in Berlin.

I was there with my friends  -2 victims girls from Russia and girl from Berlin.

Me and russian victims got to the venue around 6-7 am and met other victims there.

Tour buses arrived around 8-9 am.

There was a crew and we talked with one of them at first and then with other guys.

then around 1 pm Ania (thebattleiswon) arrived and I was really happy to see her again!

Around 3 pm Brandon got out of the bus!

that was first time I met him SO CLOSE like just standing next to him. he was so sleepy and he wore new hoodie

this one:

so he looked at us and said ‘Lets take picture all together!’

 I took my phone and I was so slow and he was waiting and looked at me for few seconds then he suddenly said ‘ I have to go!’ and he left haha and he also waved whcih was sweet

then we decided to sit under the door where Brandon dissapeared and we could hear soundcheck!!!

Ania joined us and we were all sitting there. All this time while we were sitting there were lots of people going through that door, they were like venue crew.

Then Brandon’s nephew Taylor showed up and he talked with us a little and then he was waiting outside for some people. then german girl said she recognized one guy from those people and that was journalist. So Taylor took those journalists and walked them through that door and Jeremy showed up and he said

he literally said ‘BRING THOSE RUSSIANS’

 and he looked at us!! me and my friend couldnt believe and we were still sitting and I looked at Jeremy with a face like ‘?!?!?!??!?!’ and he smiled and waved like ‘come here’. I got up and and while I walked my whole body was shaking inside! we didnt know what to expect…so we ended up inside of the club right in front of the stage right at the barrier. the venue was empty and only Brandon and his musicians were standing on the stage. Brandon had messy hair and still in that new hoodie. Jeremy said ‘you’re gonna hear some songs but no pictures’

then Brandon said something like ‘hi! nice to see you’ then he told something about french airlines from Paris and then he said ‘we are gonna play a song which we play at the shows but we are gonna play different version of this song’

and they played Lonely Town acoustic!!!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING

then Brandon said ‘thank you’ and he really smiled a lot!! and he was shy a little

then he said that they are gonna play a  song and they didnt play this song since Flamingo and he said ‘oh 5 years already since Flamingo!’

then he and Jake played ‘When you were young’ acoustic!! and it WAS SO SO BEAUTIFUL  I had tears in my eyes! and I couldnt believe it! seriously it was amazing and I wanted to remember this moment FOREVER. again Brandon smiled a lot during singing!!

then he finished and walked to the corner of the stage and said us thank you. see you and waved!!! asdlkhasjkhdjkasdha

I looked around and there were managers  and I said THANK YOU SO MUCH! and one of them said ‘ Im glad you made it!’

then me and friends all died.


really that was beautiful and I am forever grateful for that moment!

then we got back to queue and I met my ukranian friend Danil (he said hi to Vanessa haah and that his driver still remembers her ;’)

theeen we got barrier and everything was amazing! Brandon was in black and looked like devil =D

everything was unreal and I just love his new singers girls ! they are always so happy and dancing! 

Brandon talked in german a little which was awesome, he told story about his dad, he let us to choose a cover.. 

everything was on high level! sounds of music and lighting!

after the gig we were waiting outside and Brandon showed up in his Day&Age tshirt and he looked scared bcos there were lots of people!

anyway he took a time to take pics with fans and sign their things.

we also were lucky enough to take a picture!

and there was funny moment my friends told me :

German girl Nanny gave me her phone and asked me to take a pic of her with Brandon. Then she tried to get him but at that moment the crowd pushed me out and I was kinda lost =(

and so my friends told me that Nanny stood next to Brandon and I wasn’t there so she started to scream ‘Where is Aysa where is Aysa?’

and Brandon screamed back as a joke ‘ I dont know!’ 

too sad there is no video of that moment haha

so anyway there was happy end! I finally could find them through the crowd and took a picture of Nanny with Brandon =)