but his hair was really bad when it was long

I’ve been in a Kuroken mood so here are some headcanons

  • They platonically cuddle such as Kenma leaning on Kuroo on bus rides and Kuroo will lay his head on Kenma’s if it’s on his shoulder
  • Kuroo gives his jacket to Kenma when he forgets his
  • They each have some clothes at the others house for when they stay over
  • Kenma probably one time dyed Kuroo’s hair to give it a metallic look
  • If Kuroo is having a bad day or something, Kenma won’t have any type of device in hand and listens to him
  • They’ve had a snap streak for as long as they’ve had each other on Snapchat
  • Kenma takes really blurry or zoomed in photos of Kuroo and sends them to him and sometimes Hinata
  • Kenma also sends Kuroo the level clear screen when he clears a hard level
  • Kuroo sends everything from cats to a fallen over garbage can with the caption saying “me”
  • Whenever they’re out somewhere and Kenma sees something that could have crazy hair like a pineapple, Kenma points it out and is like, “Look that’s you” and Kuroo is like, “That’s totally me”
  • Kuroo always does the talking like if they’re ordering food or need help finding something in a store
  • Kenma removes the two pillows on the sides of Kuroo’s head a few times during the night because he doesn’t want Kuroo to suffocate
  • Kenma likes going over to Kuroo’s house because it’s always quiet because I feel like Kuroo’s parents are really busy so they’re either working on something at home or stay late at work or that they’re home when Kuroo isn’t and that Kuroo is an only child so his house is always so calm
  • Kenma’s parents view Kuroo as another son and vice versa
  • Kuroo probably calls Kenma’s mom “mom”
  • They’ve given names to all the neighborhood strays

EDIT: Okay everyone is loving this so here are some more that I thought of

  • Kuroo is the only person who has heard Kenma actually laugh
  • When they were younger and would hear someone say an inappropriate joke or something and Kenma wouldn’t understand it, Kuroo would pull the, “You’ll understand when you’re older” and Kenma was always like, “You’re literally 11 months older than me”
  • They probably binge watch anime together
  • So Kenma takes all these blurry and zoomed in photos of Kuroo and he has over a hundred of them and they have their own album on his phone and he uses them as reaction pictures
  • They went to a cat cafe once and named the cats after their teammates
  • They probably have a Sims family and only play with that family when they’re together so if one of them is having an urge to play The Sims and want to play with that family they tell the other to come over so they can play
  • Kuroo one time spent the night at Kenma’s house and he was going to charge his phone but he couldn’t find an open outlet in Kenma’s room because they were all being used
  •  Kenma sent a text to Kuroo at like 2 am with a picture of an Angora rabbit and all the caption said was “you” Kuroo agreed as always
EXO reacting to you being a hacker

I’m sorry it’s late, short and really bad. 
But have fun. c:
I don’t really proofread because I cringe hard when I re-read things I wrote. .-.

Kim Minseok/Xiumin

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(I love his Love Me Right era hair, can we have long haired Xiu again please?) 

First he was confused, didn’t get how you could be a hacker. But after you told him why you do it he got curious and asked for you to show some beginner things.

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

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His smile grew as he learned about your work, now understanding why you were working from home most of the time. He also asked for tips on how to avoid sasaengs or antifans hacking his phone, nodding at everything you said.

Zhang Yixing/Lay

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(He’s so cute I can’t.)

His first thought was that you’re just kidding, his baobei can’t be that person. But he saw you typing away on your laptop, not really understanding what you just did, but he knew that it was probably something illegal, but you quickly calmed him by telling him that you just used a crack to get a videogame free, promising him if it’s good you’ll actually buys it.

Byun Baekhyun

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You two were playing League of Legends, when he started calling you a cheater because you were constantly beating him. Everytime he lost he asked for another 1v1, he couldn’t take the fact that his girlfriend kept beating his ass in the game. After you had enough of his whines you quickly tabbed out of the game and tried DDOS-ing his computer just to open a blank note and say ‘Yeah, I’m a hacker, but accept the fact that I’m better than you. <3

Kim Jongdae/Chen

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A huge smile appeared on his face and his eyes shined as you told him what you do. Being his troll self the idea of hacking into his members’ phone ran through his mind, but when you denied his requests the smile instantly faded - but already planning how he’d convince you.

Park Chanyeol

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Yeol would be surprised, shocked and proud too. Questions flying through his mouth: ‘Did you ever hack my phone? Or my computer? Any of my social media accs? You didn’t right? Wait, that’s why you’re not that surprised when I let you get a first listen after composing something?

Do Kyungsoo/D.O

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He knew about it before you told him. He found your laptop mirroring someone’s meanwhile you were taking a shower. He didn’t know why you did it or who that person was, but he wasn’t interested in it to be honest. He let you do what you want to do.

Kim Jongin/Kai

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Kai decided to spend his day off with you and he brought his dogs too, since he has little to no time to spend with you or with them. But he forgot to tell you beforehand so now he laid beside on the couch, dogs running around in the house or in the yard as you looked at your screen a bit angrily. He tried to convince you to join him, just be a bit lazy, but at the moment this was the first thing on your list. After hearing his constant cute voice you decided to tell him what you’re doing and how important it is right now. His eyes widened as his eyebrows moved questioningly but you quickly hushed him before he could bombard you with questions.

Oh Sehun

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The maknae was surprised - just like most of the members, but like Chen he thought about all the blackmail material he could have if you helped him. He tried with sugarcoated words and a sweet tone, but after you told him that it’s not that easy and takes time he kinda gave up, but every time he remembered he asked you.

‘m really sorry for all the suck art this tag is getting. I’m such bad plinami trash. Srsly. All this older!Plinami is shiiiizz.

Yuri visits Kenjirou during his practices, sometimes, when they’re not competing in the same areas. I like to think this is Four Continents time, and so Yuri can be there a lot of the time, since Europeans and 4C take place at different times.

PS. Also, erasable pens are fuckin’ liars. They just smudge all over, and fuck you eraser pens. You’re all liars.

Coran headcanons because I have writers block
  • He has a mustache because his grandpappy had one and he’s always thought they’re really cool
  • He grew it out right when he hit puberty because he was rly excited about facial hair, and for a long time it was at fuckboy level of scraggly
  • He sunburns REALLY easily
  • And like, gets freckles, tons of freckles
  • Even though he’s really good at organizational stuff (eg: piloting and managing the ship, the paladins, and pretty much everything else), he’s really an artist at heart.
  • But like, he’s really bad at art
  • For instance, one time he tried to take up knitting and make socks for all the paladins, but they ended up full of holes
  • And so did he
  • Plus we all know his cooking is less than great
  • When he was a teenager, he was in a band called The Legendary Offenders, with their hit single “flaming rocks falling from the sky”
  • It maybe got like 2 views on bandcamp
  • Theoretical space altean bandcamp
  • When he cut his hair short, he left a rat tail hair cut there for the longest time and it embarrassed everyone until Allura finally cut it off in his sleep.
  • He technically needs to wear spectacles when he reads fine print
  • He tells everyone it’s a matter of pride but really he just keeps losing them
  • Anyways I’m done
Shorty (DAY6)


The worst. He thinks you’re the absolute cutest and constantly ruffles your hair/puts his chin on your hair/picks you up etc. Probably makes really bad jokes about you being pocket-sized. Does stupid things like ask a question and when you answer he looks around like, “Babe, where are you speaking from? I don’t see you,” and then he looks down and “Oh there you are! What are you doing way down there?”. He’s impossible when it comes to him taking things from you to tease you, you’ll never get it back. He’s too long. There’s too much of his arms.

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Super cute and romantic about it, lowkey doesn’t want you to wear heels or anything. Likes to place you on the counter to kiss you, and probably picks you up when you hug for no reason. Carries you around because he can. If you ask for his help to reach for something he’s like, “Of course! I always help the short and needy,” (please fight him). 

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Young K (Brian):

Loves it a little too much. Likes to squish you a lot, and probably pulls you onto his lap just because. Tucks you into his side whenever you walk outside, especially if there’s a crowd around. One time he bought you a balloon and tied it to your wrist “just in case you get lost” so he could spot you (so cheeky). Think you’re adorable and makes it super hard for you to kiss him so he can see you get frustrated.

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Likes that he can tease you about it and call you a baby. Probably uses a dumb baby voice when he’s talking to you like “Oh, is it hard down there? Do you want me to pick you up to see?” (just laughs when you smack him). Definitely pats your head condescendingly all the time (one time he dared to say “Shh, the adults are talking,” but he hasn’t done it again since). Sometimes he puts cushions on your chairs as a joke but usually gets them thrown back at his face. Overall he finds it pretty cute and always holds your hand in crowds, just in case.

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So annoyingly adorable about. Definitely completely swoops over you for hugs and holds you like a teddy bear. Is super careful keeping track of you in crowds, and loves to give you back hugs. Probably puts things on high shelves so you can ask him to get it down, and insists to put you on his shoulders to see (like in concerts). Mostly smiles down at you when you can’t reach for something, but doesn’t say much. Only teases a little, but he’s usually quiet about it because he thinks it’d be weird if he told you he loved your height. 

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Request; day6 reaction to u bein shorter than them? (ur dating them) :-)

[[Hope you like, send in more requests! xx]]



Warning for light sexual content and the very slightest hint of abuse, other than that we’re good.

Josh: It was an accident really, when you found out. You made a comment about the long running Daddy joke, not expecting Josh to pin you against the wall and whisper that /bad baby girls get a spanking/.

Simon: Blindfolds. There’s just something about restricting your view and not being able to see that turns Simon on. He loves nothing more than watching your lips part, hands fisting in his hair and the silk tie hiding his smirk from you.

JJ: He’s always been controlling in the bedroom - something you absolutely adore - but his favourite thing to do to show his dominance, is to bend you over his lap and spank you for being a /bad girl/.

Tobi: It’s not really a kink of sorts, but Tobi loves to leave marks across your body. Whether it’s pale bruises on your hips from his tight grip, or bright purple love bites across your neck, he loves to claim you. And you’re more than happy to show off who you belong to.

Ethan: Not many things get to Ethan, but if you’re in the mood for a little loving, sitting in his lap and whispering how you /want him to fuck you senseless/ is usually more than enough to crack him.

Vik: Something about a soft lace collar around your throat drives Vik insane. When you flutter your long lashes, drop a matching lead in his lap, how can he say no to his favourite little kitty?

Harry: It’s more for you than anything, because the feeling of Harry’s hand curled around your throat, choking you slightly is fucking glorious. Not to forget the dominant look he has in his eyes when his fingers press against your skin.

barleycoffee  asked:

Hi :D leather jacket and manatee! Thank u

Leather Jacket: Long or short hair?
I’ve always had super long hair! In fact, when I was younger it was too long, I just never wanted to cut it. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short for a little while now and maybe donating my hair ?? 

Manatee: Smoker or non smoker?
I am a non smoker! I haven’t really smoked since I was like 16. But a lot of my friends still smoke, especially after a few drinks lol drinking and smoking is bad

badboy || theo raeken

pairing: theo raeken x reader

warnings: lowercase intended!!!

prompt: “you’re going to do something really cute and it’s going to ruin your whole bad boy facade”

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one of these days, you’re going to do something really cute and it’s going to ruin your whole bad boy facade,” you’d scowl at the older boy from across the room. you were on the ground, completing your sit ups when he came in and decided to have a work out too.

the moment theo raeken walked into your shared ap biology class, you were completely smitten with the boy. his hair, his smile, his body… could he be anymore perfect? that, however, didn’t really last very long when he tried to hit on you by saying a pick up line that was highly inappropriate to be said to the preacher’s daughter.

you should’ve known, really. boys who looked that good was nothing but trouble. in what world exactly did boys have a face matching to their personality?

you’re tired of always seeing him walk down the halls as if he was the greatest thing to ever walk the earth. you’d merely agreed with him. although he’s hot, was he forgetting that dave franco and zac efron still exists? 

he has an ego as high as your grades, which were incredibly high for someone who spends half her days worrying about the supernatural instead of her academics. at times, you just wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face. however, considering how much smaller you were, you never really got to doing it.

theo lets out a sigh, slowly stopping his reps on the butterfly machine. he lets out a chuckle and leans forward and raises an eyebrow at you. “did you just call me cute?”

you scoffed. “you wish, raeken. i’m just saying that one day, you’re going to forget that you have this whole bad ass front and you’re going to do something only a softy would do.”

he laughs, getting up from the seat. he saunters towards you, stopping by your figure that lied back on the ground. he reaches out a hand to help you up, but you only sneered at the gesture and helped yourself up.

“i can take care of myself,” you laughed, walking towards your bag from across the room. just when you thought, theo had gotten back to his workout, he reappeared right in front of you with his stupid smirk, and well built body.

“would i be ruining my bad boy facade by asking you out on a date?” you looked up at him, the ends of your lips curling down into a frown.

“do i need to remind you the pick up line you tried to use on me a week ago?”

“you don’t need to,” theo laughed, reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. and for what seemed like the first time, theo raeken was actually nervous. you were surprised that he even had emotions to begin with, and a personality that didn’t include him being a pervert asshole. “i just really didn’t know what to say to you.”

“why not?” you laughed. “do i really look that unapproachable? i mean, i know i have a resting bitch face almost every second of everyday, but i’m nice!”

theo shook his head immediately, taking a step away from you. “i had this entire speech planned before i went up to you to ask you out. i wanted to tell you how pretty i found you, and how smart you actually are, but when i found myself towering over you, it’s like i completely blanked out! all that came out was the pick up lines stiles had sent me the other day over text.”

“did you just indirectly told me that i make you nervous?” you never knew theo was even capable of feeling anything but invincible.

he took your wrist in his hand, placing your hand over his heart. “you feel that? that’s how nervous you make me feel whenever you’re around.” it was probably beating at a hundred miles per hour.

you couldn’t believe it. you were all it took to break the school’s bad boy act? 

with a shy smile on your face, you looked up. “so, you’ll pick me up at 8?”

This is probably one of the most self-indulgent things I’ve ever written, but I was really interested in the line between best friend and significant other, so I started writing.  Anyway, in this one, Kaito is asexual, and he and Shinichi have been living together for years.  (Some of this was what I was aiming for in the second half of “Expect the Unexpected,” but didn’t really come across quite right.)

Kaito flopped onto the couch with a sigh, resting his head on Shinichi’s lap.  Shinichi rested a hand on his head, running his fingers through his hair.  Kaito pressed in closer.

“Long day?”

Kaito groaned.  “I hate dealing with promotional materials,” Kaito whined.

Shinichi laughed.  “That bad?”

Kaito launched into his tale of woe, relaxing by turns—Shinichi made soothing noises as he spoke, stroking his hair with the absence of long practice.  When Kaito slowed to a stop and let his eyes fall shut, Shinichi smiled down at him.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah,” Kaito mumbled, tucking himself closer again.  “You’re the best, Shinichi.”

“I know.”

Shinichi didn’t have to look to know Kaito was “sneaking up” on him, even as he gave Heiji his full attention.  Fights with Kazuha were something he’d learned to take seriously.  However, Heiji’s eyes kept darting over his shoulder.  He looked concerned.

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Ruby is so much shorter than Jaune so she has to stand on a chair to kiss him.

Ruby is so bad at texting. Her texts are always really long with run on sentences and waaayy to many emoticons. Jaune loves it but he prefers to just call her.

When Jaune and Ruby fight, Ruby can scrunch up behind his shield. He’ll never admit it but he loves the way she presses against his chest and the way her hair smells during a fight.

Get ready for my shitty Until Dawn headcannons

Chris has a really bad habbit of playing with the strings on his jacket when he’s nervous.

Hannah tends to hide behind her siblings when she’s nervous; and she clings to the tail of their shirt when shes scared.

Because he has 2 sisters, Josh is a wiz at braiding hair, putting hair in a bun, and flat ironing hair.

Beth is great at baking, but is horrible at cooking.

Sam is amazing at cooking and is usually the one to bring food at parties.

Mike is the grilling master. He can grill with one hand tied behind his back.

Emily refuses to hang out with any other girl that trash talk her friends. She may be a bitch at times, but she is loyal to her friends.

Matt may be the youngest in the group, but he is a major papa bear. Hurt his friends and he will slam your ass.

Jess is the one to get the whole group to wear matching holiday sweaters and will talk a bitch down if they insult them.

Ashley is the one that always wants to have sleep overs and plans nature walks with Sam for the group.

The group as a whole becomes fiercely protective when someone attacks one of them. They will kick your ass.

Mike makes ALL the dad jokes.

Chris carries like 45 coats with him and lends them out if anyone needs them.

Josh always photobombs

Sam is the mother of the group

Emily is in charge of clothes if the group goes out somewhere fancy.

Ashley loves to steal everyone’s french fries.

Hannah loves to take photos of everyone when they least expect it. She gets some really funny results.

Beth has burping contests with the boys and wins.

Matt does a mean Stitch impression

does it ever mess you up how soft anakin looks

if he smiles enough his cheeks dimple and his nose is curled upwards a little, like a ski slope, and his mouth is really full and pink and his hair is curly, long and nice and really silky-lookingand his face isn’t angular or harsh or hard (but vader’s is) and he has a mole on his chin and his eyes are really, really blue and when he looks down his eyelashes rest on his cheeks and are long enough to cast a shadow and basically

do you think they casted him to look like this on purpose so when you look at him you see this cute loveable teenager that was manipulated and traumatized and conditioned to hurt people on command and you just feel bad instead of disgusted when he kills everyone because he looks like he should be sitting wrapped in a blanket in front of a fireplace instead of fighting a war

does it ever mess you up

Very real things to remember:

Michonne’s instinct is to protect Rick.

The thought of his life in danger makes her panic.

She will follow him literally anywhere.

She loves to put her fingers in his hair.

When it’s dark outside, she wants him home.

When he’s unconscious, she will wait by his beside all night.

She wants to spend time with him (Like after a really long day when she could be sleeping but she’d rather talk to him about his day). 

She will mess you up if you touch a hair on his head (She is allowed to - you ain’t). 

She gets him gifts.

She smiles at his bad jokes. 

She lets him put his hands on her when, where, and however he pleases.

She lets him reassure her and calm her fears.

She’s always tryna hold his hand.

The fact that he routinely has someone else’s blood in and around his mouth does not deter her from shoving her tongue down his throat. 

Always remember that Michonne is just as trashy for Rick as he is for her.

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Dating Luke would include:

• Tons of movie dates
• Like a lot
• Borrowing one of his many striped tees
• “babe is that my shirt or yours?” “Luke stop with the striped tees”
• Intertwining his long ass legs with yours while watching tv together
• Him strumming away and singing an oldie like only exception or Goodnight moon in the wee hours of the morning
• Cookouts with His fam when he has time off
• Him hugging you tightly, playing with your hair, and buying your favorite dessert when you’re having a bad day
• Okay I have really strong feelings for Smiley Luke
• Like I feel like anything you do would make him smile/laugh
• “Babe why are you laughing at me?” “You’ve literally been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to open the peanut butter.. But it’s cute okay?”
• Him never wanting anything in the world other than your love for him

kazechi  asked:

Gif reaction request: Boys' reaction to their significant other playing with their hair (is that an acceptable gender neutral term? I'm not familiar with many)

I love it when people play with my hair… and I have really long hair; too bad no one plays with my hair, rip in pomegranate… Yep! That’s an acceptable gender neutral term! Along with spouse and partner (and others that probably exist that I can’t think of)

Kookie: He’d get a little flustered from the slight tingling from your delicate touch, but he wouldn’t say anything, fearing you’d stop.

Jimin: He’d lean back into you, enjoying the feeling of your fingers in his hair with this cute little smile on his face.

Tae: He’d feel so relaxed by it that he’d fall asleep whether he had some way to lean his head on something… or someone, or if he didn’t.

Hobi: He’d be straight up with you. “That feels good; keep doing that,” he’d say with a voice laced with aegyo.

Bonus gif of sleepy Hobi getting pet:

Rapmon: He’d jolt a little bit in surprise but then he’d get a little embarrassed. He’d move his head back to where it was. “Sorry, you surprised me…” 

Suga: He’d automatically relax, but of course, he’d have to tease you a little. “If you keep this up I might fall asleep and you’ll have to carry me to bed.” 

Jin: He’d grab you and hug you like a teddy bear, closing he eyes, pretending to sleep. “Continue doing that, please~”

- Devi (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*


Summary- In which Naruto recounts all the moments he could have lost Hinata.

He doesn’t know why he started thinking such horrible things. It’s not like anything bad had happened. It had been a while since either of them were sent on missions and he was enjoying the domestic bliss.

Then why?

Why did such thoughts plague his mind?

Naruto slowly brought a finger up to her face, lips opened just the slightest, eyes shut. He brushed away a strand of hair that fluttered as she breathed. Her skin felt warm and he was sure if he pressed his palm down he would be able to feel the steady thump thump of her blood being pumped.

She was here next to him, unconscious in a world of dreams while he struggled with nightmares while awake.

He couldn’t lose her and that was a fact.

He would break.

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Team 8 school misfits

Everyone is scared of Kiba because he looks really scary and word on the street is that he’s a delinquent who’s mom is a yakuza boss and he once beat up and mugged an old lady (actually helped her carry her groceries home) and he started a dog fighting ring, that’s why his dog is so big and he’s just bad news.

People run when they see Hinata coming because she’s creepy with her long black hair and she never talks. Rumor has is that if you stare at her it’ll bring you misfortune and she can see ghosts and there’s even a ghost that follows he around.

The ghost is really tall and always wears shades and a green hooded jacket. (The ghost is actually just Shino)

Being friends with benefits with Calum;

• booty grabs
• ass grabs
• sweaty sex every night
• hair grabbing //really rough
• choking while he’s fucking you
• “Daddy please”
• “please what princess?”
• smirks that will get you more and more wet
• getting punished when you do something bad
• dripping wet on his thigh
• tying your wrists behind your back or the bedposts
• teasing teasing TEASING
• loud moans and groans
• banging the headboard against the wall
• heavy breathing
• long sloppy kisses
• neck kisses that’ll make you weak in the knees
• hickies trailing down your sweet spot to your boobs
• tugging on his curly hair
• moaning “daddy” or “calum”
• spanking your pussy till you’re dripping on the bed
• begging for him to touch you or fuck you
• spanking till your ass till its red than a tomato
• after sex you have kisses that are filled with love
• after sex cuddles are the best cuddles
• forehead kisses
• kisses on your lips
• teasing you by kissing