but his hair is soooooooooo beautiful

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girl you gotta finish the story! lol did you get the froyo with him?? lol storytime!!!!!!

lmaoo okay, but basically after he said hi I was like “sooo do you usually just approach women like this or were just feeling bold today?” and he laughed and kind of leant off of me. So i went back to shopping and he was just kind of trailing behind me and goes “you mind if I watch?” and i said “well you never really needed my permission to begin with” and he kind of just shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. so i got what i needed and was about to leave and he kind of placed his hand on the small of my back and was like “ let me buy you some frozen yogurt “ ( frozen yogurt’s literally my favorite thing in the wholeeee world so of course i said yes ) so we walked over to to this yogurt shop and and he was just such a gentleman, like he had me walk on the inside of the sidewalk, opened the door for me, took off my jacket held my bag while i was getting the toppings for my yogurt, scooted my chair out and everything. it was just sooo surreal. but once we got our yogurt we sat down outside, and he took his hat off and ohhhhmmmmyy gooodddd his hair is sooo curly and beautiful. i was seriously in awe. plus he smells soooooooooo fucking good. But i started eating my yogurt and he just began staring at me again. So i stopped and was I like “ why do you stare at me so much” and he goes… being in your presence is like being at an art gallery. you’re art babygirl. GIRL. MY PANTIES EXPLODED. i literally started stuttering, and he just starting smiling and laughing. but yeah it was a really good time. just a very spontaneous yogurt date. we talked about pretty much everything under the sun, got to know each other better. it was just reallyyyyy refreshing. we exchanged numbers and we still hit each other up now. he’s magical for sure.