but his hair is soooooooooo beautiful

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Chapters: 1/12
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
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Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov, Christophe Giacometti, Okukawa Minako, Nishigori Yuuko, Katsuki Toshiya, Katsuki Hiroko, Makkachin (Yuri!!! on Ice), Vicchan (Yuri!!! on Ice), Phichit Chulanont, Minami Kenjirou, Yuri Plisetsky, Yakov Feltsman, Lilia Baranovskaya
Additional Tags: reverse au, Young Victor Nikiforov, Coach Katsuki Yuuri, young christophe giacometti, Basically all roles are reversed, Skaters are now coaches, Coaches are now skaters, Tumblr AU

A reverse AU with young, long-haired Victor crashing into the life of his new coach, Yuuri. Based off the reverse AU drawings of liznikiforov on Tumblr.


I really appreciate this and I want to say thank you so much, I’m very excited, (I’ve been screaming all over chapter) I have no words!!! It’s so AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It means a lot to me,  I love this fic!!! 💖💖💖

THANK YOU SO MUCH @tsunamijenn 

Camp Half-Blood!Au Namjoon
  • Son of Athena: Goddes of wisdom, handicrafts, useful arts, and battle strategy
  • Remember that time when namjoon dye his hair white for like 0.2 seconds, well that’s Athenas kid namjoon bc he was so cUTE TRY TO DENY IT
  • He can’t stand his mother
  • “She’s too arrogant, someone stop her pls”
  • As son of Athena, he’s sOOOOOOOOOO smart
  • He’s the fucking wikipedia
  • Counselor of cabin 6
  • His cabin is always a huge mess, bc he and his siblings have papers and books everywhere
  • You can’t see him without a book
  • He enjoys to write and he actually writes beautiful storys
  • The other boys are so shock like “aRE YOU SHAKESPEARE¿?”
  • King in tracking skills
  • L O V ES all kind of architecture
  • “One day. i’m going to design the best building in the country”
  • After high school, he went to college even when people told him it was too dangerous
  • He has to deal with some monsters but nothings stops him
  • Ares kids used to make fun of him bc he was a “nerd”
  • But actually beats their ass in wrestling, like do you see that coming
  • Helps jungkook with ancient greek
  • He has this scar in his left shoulder of a battler with the chimera and he was so insecure about it
  • But seokjin constantly kiss it and tell him it is beautiful, so goodbye insecurity
  • He didn’t understand how can he has feelings for a son of aphrodite like (?? 
  • But they started to go out and spend more time together 
  • And he was like crap i fell for this man
  • Eventually it was seokjin who did the first step 
  • When namjoon’s team won a capture the flag game, jin kissed him in front of the whole camp
  • And that’s how they became the mom and dad of the camp
  • For the record, namjoon is a incredible human who’s smart and generous and loves the camp so much

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

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girl you gotta finish the story! lol did you get the froyo with him?? lol storytime!!!!!!

lmaoo okay, but basically after he said hi I was like “sooo do you usually just approach women like this or were just feeling bold today?” and he laughed and kind of leant off of me. So i went back to shopping and he was just kind of trailing behind me and goes “you mind if I watch?” and i said “well you never really needed my permission to begin with” and he kind of just shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. so i got what i needed and was about to leave and he kind of placed his hand on the small of my back and was like “ let me buy you some frozen yogurt “ ( frozen yogurt’s literally my favorite thing in the wholeeee world so of course i said yes ) so we walked over to to this yogurt shop and and he was just such a gentleman, like he had me walk on the inside of the sidewalk, opened the door for me, took off my jacket held my bag while i was getting the toppings for my yogurt, scooted my chair out and everything. it was just sooo surreal. but once we got our yogurt we sat down outside, and he took his hat off and ohhhhmmmmyy gooodddd his hair is sooo curly and beautiful. i was seriously in awe. plus he smells soooooooooo fucking good. But i started eating my yogurt and he just began staring at me again. So i stopped and was I like “ why do you stare at me so much” and he goes… being in your presence is like being at an art gallery. you’re art babygirl. GIRL. MY PANTIES EXPLODED. i literally started stuttering, and he just starting smiling and laughing. but yeah it was a really good time. just a very spontaneous yogurt date. we talked about pretty much everything under the sun, got to know each other better. it was just reallyyyyy refreshing. we exchanged numbers and we still hit each other up now. he’s magical for sure.