but his face is so good


Here’s a coloring guide, inspired by @ultraboys‘s post (x).

I understand that in some situations it’s difficult to color Jax with some of the show’s lighting choices and especially as Firestorm, so here’s a quick color reference.

These are unedited screencaps. Save for Firestorm, he stays around the #714c3d range, that being the highlight and lightest portion of his face in normal lighting. Direct light creates darker shadows. As Firestorm, with flames and a very bright background/direct light, it makes him yellow-orange (although it is possible to color correct). Generally, this is a good rule:

Not an exaggeration I’m afraid. My personal rule is that if any of the highlighted portions of his face look white as in #ffffff, he’s too light. It’s also always better to go warmer in tone than colder. Hope this helps!

Little Sister

You’ve always had a crush on William Gallagher. 

For @ladylorelitany JDM Rare Character Red Velvet Challenge. Requested by @ofdragonsanddreams16 <3

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Warnings: None. Fluff, Romance, William/Reader (1111 Words)

You smoothed down your dress, the red velvet soft beneath your fingertips as you took one last look in the mirror. The fabric skimmed over all the right places and Spanx took care of the rest. You felt good, beautiful even. It had been a long time since you’d been on a date and you hadn’t been on many. Nervous butterflies swam around your tummy as you checked your phone for what must have been the hundredth time. Your date was due to arrive in fifteen minutes but first you’d have to face your brother and his friends.

You didn’t usually stay at his house but since yours was being renovated he’d offered you a place to sleep. Tonight was poker night so all the usual suspects were arriving. You’d already heard Williams voice and you’d already lost yourself in the fantasy that it was him picking you up, that it was him who you’d be spending the evening with.

You’d known William since before you could remember. He was you brothers best friend and ever since you’d known what it meant to have a crush you’d had a crush on him. The feeling that swelled whenever your eyes locked with his never faded, it probably never would. But he would never look at you as anything more than a baby, an annoying little sister even if you were older than his last girlfriend.  

You grabbed your purse and snuck down the stairs, hoping to duck into the living room without being noticed by the boys who were all crowded around the kitchen table. You were in luck, you stepped into the room shutting the door as softly as you could before letting out a nervous breath.

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“I just didn’t think you liked me like that. I felt I was out of your leauge….” Reader in disbelief from Tyler’s confession. - @bbella85

Title: Leagues Are For Baseball, Not Love

Tyler x Reader

It was kind of an ominous question; “Can we talk?”. You couldn’t remember a time where that phrase ever meant a good thing, so it really worried you when Tyler asked you that out of the blue. Everyone was out to lunch except you and Tyler. You both were busy working on one of Mark’s infamous secret projects. 

Can we talk? The question bounced around in your head as you turned in your swivel chair to face Tyler. “Uh, sure. What’s up?” You hoped you sounded casual. You stood as he started walking toward you. Had you done something wrong?

He rubbed the back of his neck, “I have something to tell you and I don’t know how to say it other than bluntly.”

You nodded slowly “Oh. Okay, go ahead.” Was he going to throw you off teamiplier? Was that why everyone else was out? Did he find out about your silly crush on him? Were you too obvious?

You fidgeted with your hands, waiting for him to say something.

“I have feelings for you.” Tyler confessed. Your whole face felt hot as you processed his words. You didn’t expect him to keep going but he did. “I hope that doesn’t make things between us weird. Like, if you just want to be friends I totally understand or if you never want to talk to me again I get it. Or maybe I should just stop talking-”

“I just didn’t think you liked me like that.” Your stomach flipped as you spoke. “I thought I was out of your league.” This couldn’t be real, this had to be a dream. 

Tyler’s eyebrows rose, “Out of my league? I don’t have a league.”

“Oh come on, you’re smart and kind and inspiring and handsome and I’m just me.” You rambled. You kept your gaze down towards your shoes, too shy to look him in the eyes. 

He stepped closer to you, his fingers brushed under your chin to tilt your head up. The way those blue eyes looked at you, how didn’t you notice it before? “I like you because you’re you. You make me smile like no one else can. I like you because your eyes light up when you get excited and I could listen to you talk for hours and-”

You leaned forward and kissed him. His lips were surprisingly soft against yours. His hands rested gently on your hips as you tangled your fingers in his hair.

“So am I safe to assume you like me too?” He asked, smiling at you.

You kissed him again. “What do you think?”


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  • for this sweetie’s bodyguard!wonwoo request!!
  • so, how wonwoo got to being a bodyguard was definitely not intentional
  • like he didn’t just put in an application and hope for the best!!! he was recruited by a friend actually
  • in wonwoo’s youth, he was always a pretty strong, tall kid
  • his mom would have him move the furniture whenever she felt like the house needed a change, or he would help the kind granny next door carry her groceries inside whenever she needed it
  • his parents were under the impression that wonwoo was getting all this muscle from being on the basketball team, which he was on (with good friend and basketball captain seungcheol) of course, but he was also working those muscles punching bullies in the faces
  • it was no secret that a friend of jeon wonwoo’s was a friend you didn’t fuck with
  • like his youngest friend lee chan would be walking home with the rest of his friends and wonwoo would see a bruise forming around chan’s eye and he’d just instantly lose it
  • so he goes to find that asshole who’d been picking on chan despite wonwoo’s warnings for the last month and he’d slam the dude so hard into the nearest locker that something probably broke
  • and the guy would piss his pants when wonwoo looked down at him, expression hard and emotionless
  • “didn’t I tell you last week that if you kept messing with my kid you’d be six feet under?”
  • of course, wonwoo doesn’t actually have the heart to kill on the usual, but when it comes to those he loves, he damn well just might
  • he’s basically the resident savior of the school and no one in their right mind would bother anyone innocent lest that person run off to wonwoo because that’s like death coming to your door
  • his parents would never allow such behavior and probably wouldn’t even believe anyone if they told them what wonwoo got up to at school, so wonwoo makes sure to keep his wounds minimal and the amount of friends he invites over small
  • but like, he didn’t know how famous he really was for his brute strength
  • and one day he gets cornered by this senior and wonwoo thinks he’s gonna have to show him a thing or two, but the guy just smirks and holds his hands up and is like “i’ve seen you fight before kid. you ever think about doing it for money?”
  • it’s not like his family has reached rock bottom yet, but it’s also not like he can pretend to watch as his mother eats only half a bowl of food so that wonwoo, his little brother and his dad could eat
  • and he can’t pretend he doesn’t notice how long it’s been since his brother had a new pair of sneakers
  • and he can’t pretend his dad wasn’t overworking himself at the office just to bring a few measly extra bucks home every night
  • the guy promises wonwoo doesn’t have to fight if he doesn’t want to, just tells wonwoo to show up to a place downtown on friday night to see what it was all about
  • so, reluctantly, wonwoo lies to his mother that he’s studying with jihoon and mingyu and goes downtown, perfectly poised and ready to make a run for it if needed bc the place is definitely not lacking in shadiness
  • the lines outside are kept to a minimum and the bouncer at the door is none too friendly until wonwoo flashes him a card the senior at school gave him, and suddenly he’s being ushered to a front row seat inside what looks like a huge wrestling dome
  • wonwoo starts to feel nervous when they bring out contestants, but nonetheless he stays like steel in his seat and watches as the night begins
  • and suddenly a rain of money is being thrown over his head toward the fighters as they begin to beat each other to what looks like the death, the fight quickly turning gruesome as the two men attempt to tear each other apart with nothing but force and violent fists
  • wonwoo knows it’s wrong, and he really shouldn’t be here, but he can’t even tear his eyes away, let alone find the will to get up and leave
  • the opponents include a big, strong dude with more muscle than wonwoo, and the other is a scrawny but quick thing who ends up winning in the end
  • “in the end, it’s all about strategy” a voice whispers next to his ear, and it’s the senior again, smiling almost wickedly as wonwoo looks back at him “even a guy like you could take down a brute like Big Papa over there if only you have a strategy. it’s not all about muscle down here. you can play as dirty as you like, for more money in one night than your parents make in a year”
  • and wonwoo knows it’s a terrible idea, practically goes deaf with the voice of his own consciousness telling him it’s wrong… or maybe that’s the sound of the crowd cheering his name…?
  • it’s a blur, but all he knows is that a week later, he’s in the ring, winning two hundred thousand won against an experienced fighter because wonwoo just so happened to be a pretty springy opponent 
  • he makes so much money that he’s actually able to get himself a place in the city when he graduates, and he’s able to put more food in the kitchen than his mom could store, and his dad could finally take that vacation he’d been wanting, and his little brother could get into that really good school his parents had been dreaming of for years
  • the only catch is, of course, that wonwoo has to tell his family where he got the money from
  • but because of the danger and illegality of the job, he knows that they could be hurt or worse if, say, a sore loser seeks revenge on him and finds his family 
  • so instead, wonwoo leaves them with more money in their savings than they could have ever dreamed of and promises that he’d take care of them no matter what, and then he’s disappearing from their lives for their own good, because the life he’s mixed up in is not a life his family should be involved in
  • he does underground fighting for about five years, and he’s not proud of himself or who he’s become
  • his family has been trying to get into contact with him for all of those years, but the most he ever leaves them with is a duffle bag of a few million won on the front porch and a letter letting them know he’s still alive, still misses them, still loves them
  • his mother caught him one early morning, when he had startled the resident stray cat by tripping over one of his mother’s flower pots
  • she had only made eye contact with him through the crack of the front door before he was dropping the bag of money at the step and giving her a small smile, before disappearing into the dark dawn of the day
  • his mother is just happy he’s really still okay
  • so, it goes on like this until one day the place wonwoo fights at gets raided and he needs to disappear for a while, but with that comes loss of income bc now he has nowhere to get money from and he’s not willing to go anywhere else to fight, especially since he’s gotten so comfortable and the places people are whispering about are in places he’s never even been to and of course he can’t just leave his family behind, it’d only be that much harder to care for them
  • and just randomly one day, he gets a call from his friend seungkwan who’s currently working in music
  • seungkwan mentions that there’s this new idol sweetheart who has just moved from her old company to the one seungkwan works for and they’re in the process of getting everything switched and yada yada wonwoo is almost bored of the conversation
  • until seungkwan mentions that they’re looking for suitable bodyguards for the idol, because the scandal with her and her last company was that her last bodyguard left her unattended in her dressing room and she got swarmed by obsessive fans after a show
  • so seungkwan is groaning about it bc he has to go through piles and piles of applications for the bodyguard position, a good chunk of which are just coming from stalker fans who want to get close to their favorite idol, when wonwoo is like “…could i apply?”
  • and seungkwan is like !!!!! hell yes!! you’d be perfect for this!!
  • he gives wonwoo the application and everything and seungkwan even puts in a letter of recommendation for him
  • and wonwoo is really only doing it bc he knows he’s no good at anything other than using his fists and protecting the people he cares about, and if this job means he has to do that for some stuck up idol then so be it
  • he’s not even expecting the call he gets from the ceo of the company the next day, asking him to come to the company for a “personal evaluation”
  • a personal evaluation happens to be an extensive background check and multiple layers of paperwork that wonwoo could barely remember the contents of before he’s really given the job
  • “the subject also has one question for you, to determine if you are really fit for the job: are you… are you fast enough?” the man at the desk reads off, looking a lil lost
  • until the two men hear a high pitched laugh outside of the door and the sound of pounding footsteps running down the hall
  • and sure enough, when the two go to investigate, there you are, grinning over your shoulder as you dart down another hallway, most likely on your way outside when you catch an elevator for the first floor
  • and wonwoo is off like a rocket, even as the doors shut and you’re already flying down several floors, he’s sprinting down the stairwells two steps at a time, determined to catch you before you get outside
  • he seems to be pretty good at this too, since he’s standing in front of your elevator just as the doors open and you clumsily collide into his chest where his hands grip your shoulders to push you back some steps so he can get a good look at you
  • your cheeks are rosy and your hair is all over the place, but you’re also laughing like a little kid
  • “you really are fast” you declare, folding your arms over your chest with an exhausted huff, looking him over as he stands completely composed and stoic
  • but on the inside he’s trying really hard to show that those stairs didn’t wind him lol
  • “i’m jeon wonwoo, your new bodyguard, nice to meet you” wonwoo introduces himself in a monotonous voice
  • you smile and pat his arm, nodding to the left of the elevators where the company’s complimentary cafe is “i’ll buy you a coffee and we can get to know each other, how’s that sound?”
  • of course, wonwoo respectfully can’t refuse so he follows you anyway, and tries to keep his order simple and plain because honestly, what would he look like ordering every sweet on the menu when you’re paying and it’s his first day?
  • he silently cries as he drinks his boring black coffee and longingly looks at the vanilla cream puff flavored latte you ordered and are currently enjoying very audibly to his disdain
  • “my manager told me this you’re the only candidate who wasn’t a bodyguard previously, but you seem pretty qualified. what did you do before this?” you ask, watching him over the straw over your drink
  • “underground fighting” he deadpans
  • “illegal?” “extremely” “are you any good?”
  • wonwoo is kinda shocked you even asked, bc he more than expected you to get nervous around him when he told you about his previous occupation, but instead you’re staring at him with excitement in your eyes like he’s just told you he used to slay dragons in his past life
  • and, ok, the sparkle you just got in your eyes when you asked is kind of adorable
  • “hopefully i’ll never have to prove it to you” he says, and your visage deflates a little at the thought but you know he’s telling the truth, and instead you nudge his leg under the table, instead focusing your eyes on the healing scars on and near his knuckles, which he hides from your sight the moment he notices
  • “you’re probably right, but i still think it’d be pretty cool. i can tell you’re not that kind of guy, anyway”
  • wonwoo wants to Object because what do you even know? you’ve only been talking to him for half an hour, how could you possibly deduct that about his personality?
  • and sure, the look in your eyes is something like absolute certainty but you were wrong. you knew nothing about him and you were wrong
  • right?
  • but then you’re telling him you’ve got voice lessons so the conversation is postponed and he is already on his way to escorting you to the room you’ve got to go to, and you’re waving him a goodbye for now, knowing he wouldn’t be needed until you had to go somewhere other than the building
  • so on his way back to the office he’s handed his suit by seungkwan which is “dry clean only and if you destroy this thing I will personally wring your neck”, a pair of nice shoes and an ear piece that would allow him to communicate with other body guards or even you yourself since it is capable of picking up phone calls
  • of course he’s expected to try it out for the first time and you just so happen to finish your lesson a little while after they get him suited and booted so you sneakily hide behind a wall and watch as he and his friend fiddle with the cufflinks on his sleeves and he wiggles the little earpiece around
  • and then you pull out your phone and dial the number you’d been given for him, which starts vibrating in his pocket and he presses a little button on the ear piece to answer “hello?”
  • in the creepiest voice you can muster, you whisper “hey there sexy, looking good in that suit”
  • almost immediately wonwoo twists around and catches you giggling into the receiver of your phone, and when you two make eye contact you bolt like sonic the hedgehog
  • and wonwoo just sighs
  • “she’s a handful, huh? don’t worry, you’ll warm up to her” seungkwan says with a small smile, nudging wonwoo who just huffs and broods
  • “doubt it”
  • and thus begins wonwoo’s job as your bodyguard
  • a job more entertaining than he expected
  • he spends most of his time trying to keep you from goofing off rather than keeping crazy fans off you
  • like you’ll literally just be en route to a restaurant up the street from the company to meet with some singer for a collab but you’ll do a complete detour and run into a store because “it’s a 40% off sale jeon! 40%!!!”
  • he’s always on the verge of doing a shit load of apologizing to anyone you inconvenience but no matter what you do, even if you break some priceless thing in an antique shop, because you’re famous, no one has the heart to say anything to you??
  • and he can’t help but feel a little jealous at how untouchable you are
  • at times he doesn’t even think he really needs to be there, if no seems to have the balls to get on your bad side
  • he just feels really out of his element with you, like he’s entering a world he shouldn’t have even thought about being in
  • and when you mingle with other stars or whatever he always has this urge to overreact bc he knows a lot of these ppl through his mom and chan,,,,,
  • like you’ll be in an interview with your upcoming drama co-star and he’ll be biting his fist cause fuck his mom would kill him if she ever found out he didn’t get a picture of kim ji soo while he was there sharing the same air
  • and when the interview is over and you’re talking with ji soo and a producer you see wonwoo staring daggers at ji soo and you get really confused until you see him fumbling with his phone and you suddenly 💡!!!
  • “wonwoo!! come over and meet ji soo!” you wave him over, and he nearly drops his phone but also ok,, ,he can do this,, ji soo is just a man and- fuck he just looked his way. how is he that handsome in real life
  • you start talking wonwoo up to ji soo like “this is my amazing bodyguard, wonwoo. he’s a big fan, would you mind taking a pic with him?”
  • and ofc ji soo doesn’t mind so he sidles up to wonwoo and wonwoo’s hands are shaking far too much to take a pic so you take the phone from him, fingers brushing against his sweaty palms with a giggle and you turn to ji soo like “he’s just a little nervous. you should put your arm around him”
  • wonwoo: 🚫HOLD❗️UP❌I DID NOT⛔️ALLOW❗️THIS
  • but ji soo is already squishing wonwoo into his side and damn… he really smells nice. his mom is gonna freak
  • you take multiple pictures of them just posing, but then ji soo turns to wonwoo and is like “bro you look really clean in that suit, like the men in black” and wonwoo is so pleased he thinks so so he just :)
  • and meanwhile you’re giggling and taking a few discreet pics of the both of them, focusing in on wonwoo’s cute fanboy reaction
  • when they finally part and wonwoo is back to his usual stoic self, you hold up the phone to his face and there’s a picture of him looking at ji soo with literal heart eyes
  • and before you can comment wonwoo is like “let us never speak of this moment again. also. which picture best captures my good side”
  • it’s the first time you’ve seen such of side in wonwoo and you can’t help thinking that you want to see more, if he’d let you that was
  • from then on, it’s like your mission to poke out that cute, innocent side of his that he worked so hard to keep from you and others
  • little by little, you began to unravel the being that was wonwoo
  • but as you grew restless with the waiting, you decided to turn to seungkwan for some help
  • and you know. seungkwan. might have said more than he should have
  • seungkwan ended up spilling nearly everything about wonwoo to you, from his high school days to the underground fighting
  • and even though you knew about the underground fighting, hearing just how strong and powerful he really was and just how many shady fights he’d been in, where opponents fight damn near to the death, you start to wonder if that cute side of wonwoo’s is really… him
  • wonwoo notices the change in you immediately, when you go from being all silly with him to kind of keeping to yourself, and at first he rejoices bc finally!! some peace and quiet
  • but hours of quiet turn to days of quiet, and then weeks, and wonwoo is really concerned that he did something wrong
  • so he manages the courage to ask you one day
  • immediately you try to act like you had been aloof to it the whole time, but of course, wonwoo can see right through you, and it angers you but it doesn’t surprise you
  • wonwoo has been the only person to see right through you since you came into this industry
  • “did you… did you like underground fighting? even when some people never really came back from those fights… the same?”
  • and wonwoo lightly curses under his breath bc he knows exactly who you’ve been talking to, and he knows that that person can be pretty bad at relaying information some (most) of the time
  • “no, i didn’t… like it. i didn’t like knocking people unconscious for sport, but i did it to help. my parents kept pretending like they weren’t on the verge of losing everything and i… was wasting my fists away in school, punching every bully in sight. at least with underground fighting, i got paid. a good chunk of that money i made went to my parents and my brother to make sure they were settled”
  • “you haven’t seen your family in a while, have you?” you ask, and he looks at you like you’re prodding into the innermost parts of his mind for him to open up, something that makes him squirm under you gaze despite the comfort you try to convey to him
  • he just shakes his head, unable to say more in fear of bursting when he’s been working so hard to stay together
  • you can’t fathom why this boy, trapped in a man’s body, works so hard to pretend nothing hurts him
  • why he does his best to be the unbreakable, unfeeling wall of steel
  • why he refuses to get close, and how even when you chip away at his facade, he’s always right behind you, ready to fix it back up again
  • you know that you’re a long ways away from getting him to open up completely, but you try whatever you can to at least encourage him to
  • he ends up meeting your family at a family bbq you invite him to one day and honestly?? he doesn’t realize until he’s helping your dad flip burgers and playing table tennis with your mom that this is the first time he’s been around a family setting in years
  • seeing the dynamic between you and your fam as you just kick back and let loose and drop the professional facade you have to keep when working sparks something in him he hasn’t felt in a long time
  • he nearly has to run to the bathroom to collect himself because he’s suddenly thinking of his parents and his brother and how much he misses them
  • by the end of the night, all of you are sitting by the fire pit and drinking a little bit but of course wonwoo takes something light because he has to drive you home later and you lean against him a little, to his surprise, and sigh, “i hope today made you feel a little less alone”
  • wonwoo externally is all poker face but on the inside he’s like
  • ,,,, not to be emo but wtf ;-;
  • so he’s driving you back to your apartment in the city, and when you arrive you ask him to help you take up the leftovers your mother has packed you because there are far too many for you to carry on your own
  • so wonwoo obliges and helps carry the damn near ten bowls of leftovers your family had left bc you couldn’t cook for your life and needed it all lol
  • wonwoo even helps you arrange everything in the fridge, being a gentleman and putting a few things in the freezer because he knows you might eat everything at once if it was readily available to you
  • and you perch yourself on the kitchen counter with a tired but content sigh, watching him fuss about your kitchen bc you “never clean up after yourself” and “can’t wash a dish right to save your life” and he honestly sounds more like your mom than your mom does at the moment
  • as you watch him, smile fond and gaze fonder, you grab his arm as he’s walking by and just pull him into a hug
  • he’s pretty startled so he freezes up in your hold and doesn’t really know what to do
  • i mean sure, being touchy is your thing and you often give him kisses on the cheek or side hugs when he greets you in the morning to start the day, but this hug feels…
  • consoling? soothing?
  • it feels like so much more than just your arms around his neck
  • “i know you don’t want to tell me everything yet. so i’ll wait for you”
  • and like that, the dam breaks, and wonwoo lets the tears fall, arms idle at his sides, “why do you care so much? i only work for you. nothing more” “wonwoo… don’t you get it? you’re a friend to me, of course i care about you.”
  • and carefully, you push him back with arms still wound about him so that you can see his red eyes and quivering lips
  • you gently brush underneath his eye with your thumb, “i can see when someone is holding too much in. it’s okay to let that go now”
  • he pulls you back in, for the first time hugging you first
  • you can tell he’s needed a hug like this and it’s a long time coming, so you hold him
  • and that night he spills all his burdens to you
  • about missing his family, and about the life he’s chosen and wondering if it’s a good one
  • he’s still afraid to acquaint with his family too much even after leaving the underground life bc he’s so scared that maybe some angry opponent from years ago would find them and hurt them
  • but underneath that fear is also the fear of rejection, and thinking that they wouldn’t want to see him again after leaving for so long
  • right?
  • when he’s aired out all of his feelings, he leaves for the night feeling a lot lighter in the chest
  • and that’s when the wheels in your mind start turning
  • you recruit the help of seungkwan, who reveals that wonwoo’s 21st birthday is coming up and that he wants to do something special for his friend
  • so you ask seungkwan to round up all of wonwoo’s friends from high school and put in a little special request so that you can make wonwoo’s birthday the best birthday he’s ever had
  • on the day of his birthday, wonwoo doesn’t act any more different than usual, coming in and greeting everyone and not dropping any hints of what day it is
  • he gets a funny text from you that day for him to meet you at the company rather than at home, so he takes his instructions, albeit a little confused
  • you tell him to meet you in your usual practice room and he’s on his way in, completely clueless
  • when he opens the door, the lights are off and seemingly no one is there
  • he flips on the lights, and immediately glitter is raining from above and a chorus of screams ring out in the room, all singing a discordant version of “happy birthday, wonwoo!” 
  • and wonwoo can’t even pretend to be unfazed, he’s smiling way too hard
  • he sees amongst his friends soonyoung, jun, seungcheol, joshua, vernon, seokmin, and even little chan who definitely isn’t little anymore (jesus, where does the time go ;-;)
  • all of his friends surround him and give him pats on the back and warm congratulations, and there you are standing in the midst of it all with a cake and his name on it
  • the cake is in the shape of a teddy bear that looks just like him, and he can’t help but shake his head at you before taking in a breath to blow out the candles
  • “wait!! you have to make a wish!” seungkwan scolds, and wonwoo blinks at the boy before shutting his eyes and doing as told, and then he’s blowing them out 
  • “what’d you wish for?” chan asks excitedly, clinging to wonwoo’s arm
  • the older boy just glances from chan to you, and then laughs a little “nothing for you to worry about, kiddo”
  • so the fourteen of you (and a few co-workers who heard the commotion) eat cake and reminisce on wonwoo’s life in high school and you hear so many good blackmail stories that nearly have wonwoo taping all of their mouths shut
  • chan’s got the most out of all of them lol
  • “i remember this one time wonwoo and i went-” “no chan, that story is boring” “well, what about that time we saw-” “no chan, that’s not appropriate” “okay!! what about that time we did-” “no chan, that was illegal”
  • but it’s all in good fun, and you find yourself cracking up more in one day than you have in a while
  • wonwoo is in the middle of scarfing down the last slice of cake when he sees you make eyes at seungkwan, and his suspicions start to rise
  • discreetly, or at least to everyone else, you leave the room, and wonwoo has a really strong urge to follow, but you’re back within three minutes
  • “i think it’s time for the gift for the birthday boy, don’t you think?” you say, and seungkwan walks over to wonwoo, his hand comforting on the back of the boy’s shoulder
  • wonwoo is really curious now, but before he can ask, the door to the room opens again
  • and in walks his family, smiling tearfully as they take him in
  • his dad looks like he’s trying not to cry and his mom has her hands over her mouth as she takes in her son, having grown up without her for the last five years
  • even his little brother, who he remembers barely coming up to his chest is now almost towering over him, smiling though his cheeks are already wet
  • wonwoo doesn’t even care that anyone else is in the room. he runs straight for them with unabashed love
  • they hug for a long while, the four of them just relishing in the fact that they had wonwoo back in their life and vice versa
  • wonwoo is apologizing over and over again like it’s the only words he knows, and they might as well be because he can’t find himself saying anything else as he looks at his family’s faces
  • he just feels so sorry and so terrible for how long he’s been gone, and he wants to beat himself up for it all until he’s gotten their forgiveness
  • but he doesn’t even have to
  • they already do forgive him
  • eventually, the other boys clear out to give them their space, and you offer to give them a tour of the company to pass the time
  • as they’re rough-housing with each other, you walk with seungcheol whose got his hands deep in his pockets and he looks pensive, smiling quietly to himself
  • “you like him a lot, don’t you?” seungcheol suddenly asks, and you look at him like he’s grown a second head
  • “l-like?? who?? wonwoo???? that brick wall?? haha. no. ha. no no no no no. he’s not even my type”
  • seungcheol quietly listens to you blabber on, grinning every time you stutter over a word
  • and then you turn to him with an utterly hopeless expression and just defeatedly nod at him
  • “thought so. both of you get a little puppy dog look in your eyes when you look at each other” 
  • to which. your interest is…… piqued
  • “both?” you ask, looking hopefully at him
  • seungcheol pats your head pitifully and is like?? you really thought huh??? that boy played you. he’s got a crush and it’s bad
  • so fast forward a little while later, wonwoo and his family find you all and the boys admit they have to head back to class or work so you bid them all adieu,,,,, and of course ,,,not before seungcheol smirks and winks at you and nods his head at wonwoo very unhelpfully
  • wonwoo ends up asking if it’s alright if he can take a few extra hours off to eat dinner with his family at home later, and instantly you’re like ofc!!! take the whole month off!!! talk to your family :)))
  • and then his mom is like “thank you so much for helping set this up. would you like to come to dinner too?”
  • wonwoo is about to break the news that you have a few interviews and recording sessions scheduled later that day and that you wouldn’t be able to take off, but recklessly you’re like screw that lol i’m coming with
  • wonwoo wants to scold you so bad but. i mean. you’re also the reason he’s going back home with his family for the first time in years so. ://. he’ll save it for later
  • when you guys pull up to his neighborhood, wonwoo, you, and his brother walk around the place, greeting neighbors they grew up with and pointing out all the places they spent their time at as children
  • some kids even stop by to get your autograph and wonwoo pretends to stop them as “your loyal bodyguard” but the kids just shove him out of the way like move wonwoo this is a once in a lifetime thing
  • and wonwoo is like rude. i babysat you when i was sixteen. show some respect
  • wonwoo’s brother also shares some embarrassing stories of wonwoo,,,, of which wonwoo wants to hit him for but decides that he can do that later after they’ve finished being all lovey dovey and catching up
  • by the end of the night, you’re gonna go home with a completely different view of jeon wonwoo than you started with
  • eventually, you all huddle in for dinner with his family and they’re all so warm and accepting of you, asking all about the life you live and the music you make
  • you end up making his parents into fans!!
  • wonwoo’s brother even admits to having a bit of a fan crush on you and you do a bunch of cute gestures for him just to get him flushed in the cheeks
  • as the night comes to a close, wonwoo asks you to meet him outside
  • and because his family lives out in the country, the view of the stars at night is spectacular
  • he sets out some lawn chairs his family has and the both of you just kick back and look at the stars, sharing a bowl of grapes (of which you and wonwoo continuously throw at each other, trying to see who has the better aim
  • he keeps catching them with his mouth damn it
  • “thank you, by the way. i don’t think i’ve said that yet today”
  • you look over at him just as he shoves a handful of grapes into his mouth with a content sigh
  • he smiles at the stars and takes in a deep breath “this is probably the first time in five years i’ve felt so… peaceful. so thank you, really. you’ve done so much for me, and i swear i don’t deserve it”
  • you pop his head and he lets out a grunt of pain but it mixes in with a laugh
  • “don’t say that, jeon wonwoo. you deserve this peace more than you give yourself credit for. you bring me peace of mind, so the least i could do is return the favor”
  • wonwoo ends up just kinda looking at you, the stars twinkling above and the sounds of his mother singing from inside the house carrying out into the warm summer night
  • “what’s… that thing you’re always telling me to do? be open with how i feel?” he asks, and you furrow your brows in confusion
  • “i’m probably jinxing the night, and that would be very typical of me, but i also can’t keep quiet so just… please listen okay? you’ve been something of a friend to me these past few months i’ve been working with you. especially after that night i spilled everything to you. i feel like i can trust you and i’ve never really had a person like you in my life. someone that just… understands me right off the bat. so i guess i was a little scared getting to know you and making any steps to form a deeper relationship other than professional because it felt too good to be true. but after tonight… i’ve realized something? and i think i should let you know what it is”
  • your breath is coming out shaky now, and all you can do is manage a stunned nod, the only thing on your mind being the words seungcheol had spoken to you earlier
  • “i think i have feelings for you. and i’m terrified of it. i’m used to pushing away people that could mean something important to me in fear of fucking up their lives like i’ve been doing to my family for the last five years, but i can’t… can’t live like this anymore. after seeing my family again, i’ve realized i can’t do that anymore. i’ll take all the consequences if i have to, and i totally understand if you want me resigned and out of your life by tomorrow morning. but if you feel the same, you don’t have to say it yet… just stay here with me for an hour longer. that’s all i ask. if you get up and walk away i’ll know-” 
  • “god…….. you’re such an emo, wonwoo. i’m not going anywhere. ya hear me? nowhere. i like you too, you idiot.” you push his arm lightly and he looks at you dumbfounded, so you just shoot him a tiny smile, nudging him with your foot 
  • but i mean, could wonwoo have expected any other kind of response from you?
  • “did you… i just confessed to you and you called me an emo and an idiot in nearly the same breath” “yeah, well, if the shoe fits”
  • wonwoo so badly wants to pull you into a headlock and give you a lil noogie but it’s also probably Not The Time
  • so he just nudges you back with content, watching the cute little smile on your face as his hand falls to lean over the arm of his chair and to brush against yours, just as you link your fingers together in solidarity, “how cliche. the bodyguard falling for the pop star”

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What are your fave pics of Sid? Pls include as may as possible!!

This is like,,, probably the best ask I’ve ever received. I have so many faves. SO MANY.



i just ?? really enjoy these sunglasses

the asg was top notch for sidney photos

sidney and flower is always good

he just looks great when he laughs his face gets all stupid and scrunchy i love it

the fucken NERD asleep with the cup

no comment


and because this is getting long im gonna wrap it up with this

i just like when he wears long sleeved black tees

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bts reaction to their younger idol boyfriend really super duper cute concept 👯‍♂️


Seokjin would love to see you taking to the cute concept, squishing your cheeks and constantly telling you how cute you are. “It suits you so well~ You look so cuddly!” He’d get an extra kick out of hugging you during this concept, loving the pictures you send him and occasionally asking to see you during your solo practice time.


Of course, Yoongi would find you adorable. Occasionally he’d tease you about it, but having been through his fair share of cute concepts, too, he’d mostly be sympathetic any the teasing you face. “You look good no matter what, okay? I’m a fan of whatever you do.” As always, he’d try to make it to your concerts, and admire your hard work.


Hoseok would be thrilled to see your new concept! He’s always excited to see what you and your group are up to lately, but he’d especially appreciate your cute shorts and soft accessories. “You’re so adorable like this! Well, always, but especially now!” He’d love to squeeze you and run his hands through your dyed hair, taking lots of selcas with you to appreciate during future concepts.


Namjoon would be easily flustered by how cute you are. Even the standard promotion photos would have him blushing and gushing about how good you like. He might try to be cool about it, saying things like, “This just goes to show how successful you’re becoming. You’re expanding your image,” but he couldn’t well hide his grin whenever you smiled in your cute images.


As a resident cutie himself, Jimin would appreciate the change to coo at you. “It’s no wonder the fans like you so much. You suit any concept.” If cute isn’t usually your deal, he’d be more than happy to give you tips and tricks on everything from masterful sweater paws to taking yourself seriously through the whole experience.


Taehyung would love your cute concept, and always be pulling aegyo in response. After all, what’s a better for cuteness than more cuteness? He likes all of your concepts, but seeing your cute smile and soft clothes would be a personal favorite. “You’re finally being recognized for how cute you are. What’s not to like?”


Jungkook wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease you a little. It is something of a rite, after all. Beyond that, though, he’d encourage you to enjoy it. “Pulling off short shorts and still having fans is the mark of a true idol.” He couldn’t deny that he liked seeing  your cute concept, and even bounced along to your promo song.

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I can't decide if I want Anakin to take of his helmet and for Obi Wan to get an anime nosebleed or if I want Obi Wan to have 'captured' Anakin and take off his helmet and be all 'HaHA! Lord Vader! I have you now but let's dispense with the shoddy disguises and speak face to fa-cccce. Wow. Blue. Pretty.' and Anakin's all 'huh?' and Obi Wan's 'Pretty luck for you! I'm a good person! Who likes blue! Yeah! Take that!' and in his head Obi Wan is trying to decide between Vader-Kenobi or Kenobi-Vader

Ahhhhh I have had a partial reply started for days about this topic!! I am perfectly good with either flavor of this AU of the Pirate Kenobi AU because both are making me laugh. 

Honestly, Anakin is not ready for any of this, either way. He’s going to be so in over his head, since Anakin’s been living in the Suit and being a Bad Guy with Sheev for a zillion years. He is like the LEAST READY anyone in the entire universe has ever been for Good Guy Rapscallion Pirate Kenobi turning on the charm ray. 

I almost feel bad for the guy, except that he’s totally going to get to make out with Pirate Obi-Wan, so it’s hard to scrounge up THAT much sympathy. LOL

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Hi Nadia remember that face tutorial you made days (or weeks) ago? It was on how to draw faces, with otabek as the model. I just wanted to thank you because so far that has been the only tutorial that has helped me with drawing. I'm still a beginner and haven't drawn much at all, but my only successful attempts at drawing faces were made by following your tutorial. Thanks again, love you❤❤

OH MY GOSH! That’s so good to hear!! I hope you’re making progress! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

But I think it was obvious that I didn’t put very much effort in that “””tutorial”””… I didn’t really think anyone would want to use my tutorial for,,, you know, actual drawing ahah. Had I known, I would’ve made a better, not-so-half-assed one!

Do you want me to?? I could try! I’ll even try making a tutorial with more angles for the faces if you want ;o; I know i suck at explaining and teaching, but if you guys really want a proper tutorial from me i will sure as heck try my best!


James Potter x Reader - Skinny Dipping

Omg guys I am so sorry for not updating!

Anyways, I can’t believe I have written something like this. My face is a whole new shade of red

If you don’t like this stuff, I suggest you not reading it.


Gryffindor after Quidditch parties were always, let’s say, interesting. Someone would often get very drunk, to the point where that person would randomly split out all of his secrets. Sometimes it would be good to split your secrets out at one of those parties. Like that time when Frank Longbottom confessed to Alice. The feeling was of course mutual and they ended up snogging one of the corners.
(Y/N) wasn’t really a fan of those parties herself, but her friends somehow have gotten her to go. Mainly her best friend Anna, since the two got along the most. It was no secret that famous Lily Evans wasn’t so impressed with two Gryffindor girls. Maybe it was because they were friends with infamous Marauders, or because of that one time when (Y/N) spilled pumpkin juice all over Lily’s favourite shirt.
Currently, the (blonde, brunette etc.) was checking her look in the mirror. She was wearing (f/c) dress that got just about her knees and showed all of her curves the right way. The female previously lighty curled her (h/c) hair. She had a (favourite colour nail polish) on and a silver bracelet around her right wrist.
“You look nice.” Turning around, (Y/N) spotted Anna smiling at her. The brunette girl had bloody red dress similar to her friend’s. She was wearing silver necklace around her neck.
“Same goes to you too. Shall we head downstairs?” Smirking (Y/N) asked the girl that stood before her. Anna smirked in return and started playing with a lock of her brown hair.
“And amaze Miss Evans with our look? Gladly!” Chuckling, the two girls linked their arms together and exited their comfy dorm room.
Downstairs, in the common room, was pretty loud. Everyone looked like they were having a really good time. There were a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs, but (Y/N) didn’t spot any Slytherin in the crowd. The two spotted some of their closest friends, like Alice and Mary. Although they were more on Lily’s side, they didn’t mind (Y/N)’s and Anna’s company. Shortly after, Anna went to talk to Sirius and get him away from those crazy lovesick girls. (Y/N) mentally chuckled. ‘Anna and Sirius bicker like an old married couple yet they won’t admit their love for each other’ she thought. Remus came to talk to her about that Potion test that was next Wednesday. While talking to him, (h/c) girl was scanning the crowd for a familiar dork with glasses. And she found him.
But, James Potter, her long time crush, was talking to Lily. He was trying to get her to go on one date with him, while (Y/N) yearned for him to ask her on one. Lily was showing him away with some mean comebacks as usual. Then, James took her by the waist and their faces were almost kissing, much to (Y/N)’s dislike. She was frowning and noticing it, Remus stopped talking. He followed her gaze and ended looking at James and Lily. Remus and Anna were the only two people that knew of (Y/N)’s crush. He felt a little sorry for the (blonde, brunette etc.) but he sadly couldn’t do anything. James was helplessly in love with Lily.
(Y/N) quickly turned away her gaze. She was thinking about getting drunk, so she could forget him at least until the morning. Next to Remus and her was table filled with random drinks like firewhiskey, butterbear and such. Grabbing a bottle of firewhiskey, she let a big swallow of cold alcohol through her throat. That one followed three more and she was slowly feeling a little tipsy. She failed to notice that after she turned her gaze, Lily slapped James and walked angrily away. With a hold on his extremely red cheek, he sadly got himself to (Y/N) and Remus. James had, in (Y/N)’s opinion cute, pout on his face at which Remus rolled his eyes.
“Got a slap again Prongs?” Remus asked him. James nodded. He noticed that (Y/N) back was turned directly to him, so he gently tapped her on the shoulder. She sharply turned around, glaring at him. She had a half-empty bottle of firewhiskey in her left hand, while her right hand was busy adjusting a lock of her (h/c). Her dress was a little down, showing more of her chest. Maybe it was the fact that she was on a way to be drunk and didn’t notice, but James found her appearence rather sexy. Smirking in amusement, he took a hold of (Y/N)’s waist.
“I think it’s a little too crowded here love. How about getting outside on fresh air with me?” James whispered in her ear. (Y/N) however, didn’t mind it. She even pressed her back against his chest more, not even frustrated about the whole situation.
“Whatever you say babe.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) lazily responded. She took his hand and headed towards the exit of the tower. From the other corner of the room, Anna saw the two. She hit Sirius on the back of his head and brought thee idiot and herself next Remus.
“Can I ask what the fuck just happened?” She whisper-yelled to Remus. The sandy haired boy was shaking his head in disapproval. Sirius lazily rubbed the place where Anna has hit him and looked at her.
“What’s the problem love? Let them have some fun.”
“Taking advantage of (Y/N)’s drunken state isn’t funny at all Sirius.” Remus answered him.
“He’s taking advantage of her?! I’m going to beat the hell out of James!” Anna yelled this time, trying to get to the exit. However, Sirius caught her and brought her on his shoulder.
“Not tonight love. We’re going to my room.” Sirius smirked and slapped her ass lightly. The poor girl angrily yelped in surprise, but she couldn’t get out of his grip.

-    Outside     -
After drinking her fifth bottle that night, (Y/N) threw it onto the nearby tree. The bottle smashed into millions of shiny glass pieces. The girl laughed loudly at it and looked at her companion. James was laying against a tree, looking at the night sky. The two were outside the castle, laying on the grass beside the Black Lake. It was James’s idea to come there. He said it was a very peaceful place, especially at night. (Y/N) didn’t complain. She just let him drag her whenever. To her it is good as long as she’s with him.
It could be said now that (Y/N) is drunk. Not fully yet, but drunk yes. James was a bit tipsy, nothing more. He didn’t quite catch a lot of drinks tonight. He expected it to be a night where he would get drunk with Sirius as usual. But he didn’t mind being here with (Y/N). 
He dropped his look at the lake. An idea suddenly popped into his mind, and thinking about his companions state, he knew she wouldn’t refuse.
“Hey (N/N)?”
“Want to go skinny dipping?”
“Sure Jamesie.” The (blonde, brunette etc.) said with a playful wink. She momentary stood up, pulling her dress over her head. James actually sat there shocked. (Y/N) wouldn’t do something like this in her sober state, that’s for sure. She threw her dress on the grass and his look fell on her. She was wearing a black bra with matching panties to it, and damn she was sexy. When she was getting of her shoes, their look met. She smirked and walked towards his sitting form.
“Come on babe. Undress yourself or would you prefer me to undress you?” With a wink, (Y/N) unbuttoned first three buttons of his shirt. James got to his senses and undressed himself. He was now only in his boxers and the glasses stayed on.
Licking her lips, (Y/N) got out of her underwear, throwing both of it at his head. She ran into rather cold water with loud splashes. James didn’t get a chance to see her naked, she ran away too fast. When she wasn’t looking, he got out of his boxers and into the freezing cold water.
(Y/N) splashed him into face. He covered himself before water got to his glasses. The (blonde, brunette etc.) laughed. She got closer to him, her finger playing across his muscular chest. Before he got her hand, she walked deeper into the water. He followed after. The water was now right in the heights of their shoulders.
“Hm, the water is rather cold. Tell me James, would you embrace me so I won’t catch a cold?” James blinked at her question. That blink was soon replaced with a big smirk. He approached (Y/N) hugging her by the waist from behind. Her back was pressed to his chest once again. Her breath got harder and James smirked in victory. (Y/N) didn’t want to let him win, that’s for sure. However, her eyes got wide once she felt something long and hard press to her ass.
The girl bit her lip, unsure of the whole situation. That insecurity got away when James started kissing her neck. She positioned her neck in a better so he could get more of it. Licking and kissing her soft (s/c) neck, he found a place where she tensed. ‘Bingo’ he thought. James started sucking on it and a purple hickie. Leaning back he let her to face him. 
(Y/N) went up and kissed him roughly on the lips. The taste of strong firewhiskey was felt in their kiss by both of them. Parting away for air, James put his hands on her hips. 
He whispered quickly. (Y/N) didn’t ask. A simple jump followed after and it allowed her to wrap her legs around his waist. They had a passionate make out until James pulled away. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him. Later, she felt how he positioned himself on her entrance. A look of shock was on her face. She hugged him closely, muttering:
“Just be gentle”
He kissed her neck in a response and in intention for her not to feel the pain. It wasn’t how he planned it as she let out not-so-quiet sound of pain. That pain rushed through her body for a few moments, until it was replaced with a pure pleasure. She was motioning for James to went harder and harder until…
“(Y/N) I’m gonna-“ 
“Yeah me too”
“Can I-“
“Be free to”
She interrupted every single one of his sentences. He came inside her and she moaned loudly, with him soon joining in. Although they were wet, they quickly got into their clothes and ran towards the castle. On the way to the common room they exchanged a kiss after kiss, until Fat Lady begged them to stop it. 
The common room was a complete mess, but no one was around. On the clock it read 2AM and James was too tired to go to his room. He laid himself simply on the couch and opened his arms for (Y/N) to come. She gladly ran to him and they went to sleep like that.
The next morning as the sunlight got into the messy common room, Anna made her way downstairs. She was wearing nothing but a simple shirt that Sirius wore last night and her shoes. The brunette girl scanned common room curiously, until her eyes fell on one pair. They were snuggled together cutely in her opinion. Sirius came after her in only pants. He yawned a few times and looked at the two.
James and (Y/N) probably heard them, as they started waking up themselves. James kissed her head lovingly.
“Morning love” He muttered in her hair for only her to hear. (Y/N) chuckled at him. She stood up, in intention to get more decent clothes. Anna noticed something and laughed loudly. Sirius joined shortly.
“Why are you walking funny?” 
“Prongs had balls after all to get you laid”
“Dear Sirius, he didn’t. We went skinny dipping.” (Y/N) winked at them playfully until a huge headache came. She groaned, pushing the two away so she could get to her room.


I don’t usually actually tie him to the cross ties so he had himself a good ol time jingling things around and bopping his head around.

I think he was genuinely confused because he’s very light and responsive to halter pressure, so he would feel pressure on one side and yield to that pressure, which created pressure on the other side, and so he was going back and forth like ‘where does my face go???’

I kept an eye on him to make sure he didn’t hurt himself and it was all good.

Look at his stupid hair tho.

He has so much of it and it’s so ugly. I’d roach it if it wouldn’t grow back in 2 seconds and if he didn’t have a sad spaghetti strand for a neck.

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I like a guy. And one time I saw him check me out. But the thing is. We are both introverts. How do I proceed?

story time: on wednesday when i was in nyc about to leave for the train, i was at the station and across from where i was sitting was this guy looking at me on and off and my mom left to get some coffee so i was by myself… so i kinda looked at him on and off and then at an awkward time we looked at each other face to face and smiled… said hi and then he decided to keep the conversation going and now we’re cool new buddies!

so moral of the story, even the smallest move like saying hi or little conversation can WORK. im an introvert but i stand up and make a bold decision and it gave a really good effect.

The superpower; to cure a headstrong man

Originally posted by akookiepls

Jung Kiseok was a sweet man. He would buy you flowers sometimes, especially whenever he did something wrong and despite the impracticality of flowers and the numerous comments you had about flowers— he bought them anyway because it put a smile on your face. His need to make you smile was incessant at times, but it was all in good nature and so you would always see the good in him. He however, had a tiny problem with anger.

You’ve always excused his temper due to his age. As you grow older, you become less tolerant- that was what you recited to yourself anyway every time he was mad at you for small things or even larger problems.

It was that he was older.

It wasn’t however that simple. You could simply dismissed his temper. You could handle it, but you had learned it wasn’t as easy for everyone else as it was for you. It was your super power— Hyuk Woo had at least call it that, after being reprimanded by Kiseok for doing something stupid. You couldn’t even remember why, because of how little the matter was. It was how Kiseok was however, so they had all learned to accept it as friends do. Where he lacks in anger control, he makes up in other things. He was understanding, and helpful. He gave them wistful advises and made them laugh with his corny jokes. He made sure everyone was taken care of and that everyone was happy.

There was that one day however, when he let his emotions get the better hand of him.

It all started with you, as most of his anger comes from.

“Too much sexual tension I think.” Jaebum had commented once and you had to somewhat agree.

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So today I’m talking to J’s mom about college and while I’m mid sentence, his dad comes up and like…body checks me?? Like I didn’t fall over but I was wearing heals so I stumbled a bit. He laughed until he saw my face (I guess I looked confused) and he immediately goes “Wait…is that not something you do with girls? Is that a guy thing? I’m so sorry I do that with my sons and I um….yea”

I asked J and apparently that’s how his dad shows affection and I’ve been like completely accepted into the family now and it’s…a really good feeling??? Almost like I have a second family?? And I don’t know, this has never happened before??

@sailorgreywolf was talking about those giant swords they used to have in the Renaissance. They were basically the size of a person so I needed to draw Gilbert with one. Over the course of the week I tried to think of several good ways to draw this and I realised: I seriously hate drawing swords, especially two-handed swords bc they limit your possibities for poses.

Anyway, Gil is wearing his regular Teutonic Knights outfit, which is not really accurate for the time the swords existed, I think. Like, apparently they literary made these gigantic swords because armor was getting too heavy and u know, bigger armor means you need a bigger sword to break it. But plate armor sucks to draw and I’d have had to cover his face so yeah. Also I decided to give him a rather plain sword, bc I don’t really think he’d have a very fancy one…

A few weeks ago I did these sketches for an AU I would really like to focus on one day. An AU in which Andiron, Hearth´s brother, doesn´t die. 

I really like Andiron. Even though he is dead, and is only mentioned in the book, I think he is an important part on the serie. His death conditioned Hearth´s personality, and also mr.Anderman´s.

Entire headcanon under the cut because it´s so damm long

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- the whole silverflint flashback sequence was so gorgeous and they both
  looked really good in it

- what happened to the subtlety of bs? the whole “you’re teaching me how to kill
  you” and then the “fight” between them in the end felt a little in-your-face

- so Silver’s backstory is that he doesn’t have one? i wasn’t too keen on that,
  but thinking about how Flint himself is his backstory? that kills me. i am dead.

- damn Madi, what a queen!!! i love how she shut down Rogers and that it
  became clear her main duty lies with her people, no matter how important
  Silver is to her (i also love that it showed once again that it is really Flint and
  Madi who are on the same page here)

- Billy and Rogers deserve very slow and painful deaths

- rip to Joji, Dooley and Degroot, that was fucking brutal :(

- well shit, Flint killing Dooley to save Silver… i could hear my heart breaking,
  Flint cares about Silver so much (too much for his own good probably)

- so now the cache is lost to everyone because Dooley is dead?

- the ending scene with Silver talking made me emotinal, but really dude? just
  dropping Thomas’ name in front of Madi? i thought it was weird…

- (besides the good parts in this episode, my weekly “this sasons feels rushed”
  still stands)

-  i don’t want to end it next week :( where do i apply for the support group?