but his face is precious

“Can I take it off for you this time?”

Hide’s hands went still at the request, hovering a little just below his face. He gave some thought to the request before letting his hands drop back down to his sides and giving the other male a nod.

Kaneki smiled, grateful to be giving permission. His hands were gentle as they set about their task and with a few careful tugs here and there the mask slipped free from Hide’s face.

Silver eyes lit up upon seeing his most precious person’s face after such a long, hard day. His skin was flushed with heat and his golden hair that now fell below his shoulders was slightly damp with sweat. To Kaneki, he was absolutely beautiful. When he said as much, Hide let out an embarrassed squeak and turned an even deeper red.

It was cute, the shyness his human displayed whenever Kaneki complimented him or showered him with affection. And his soft squeaks. Kaneki felt like he was addicted to those noises the other male would make and he was always wanting to discover more. If he had to guess which noise was his favorite then he would probably have to pick the surprised squeak Hide would make whenever he stole a kiss. Or maybe it was the shuddering sigh that those sweet lips released whenever Kaneki brushed his lips the sensitive skin on Hide’s neck.

(I think you like teasing me too much.)

The ghoul found himself chuckling at the message and his human’s adorable pouting face. He wouldn’t deny that he thoroughly enjoyed making Hide’s face heat up. The blonde wasn’t one to blush very often when they were younger, so it was a delight to be able to make him do so now.

“I can’t help it. You’re just so cute when you’re embarrassed.” He then leaned forward and captured Hide’s lips in a searing kiss, causing his human to let another squeak, but happily kiss back.

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Ven… He was here…


find yourself a best friend who looks at you the same way maui looks at moana

Making Out with Peter Parker would include..

- first of all

- look at peter he’s so in love with you he couldn’t even focus for the gif


- anyways

- you two cuties are literally a blushing mess

- happened while watching a movie at his place

- may just left to go get dinner

- him glancing at you

- holding your hand

- ‘hey (y/n) c-can i kiss you’

- ‘peter we’ve been dating for four months why do you keep asking’


- but the little angel was so gentle

- truth is he really doesn’t want to pressure you

- or break boundaries

- what a caring baby AWAWAW

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Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest