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This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

Harry Styles imagine - 

Your daughter turns up at his door –

You didn’t really know Harry. He had lived two doors down from you for the last 8 months. He had introduced himself to you when you had moved in and you frequently saw each other while entering and exiting the apartment building but you didn’t really know much about him. However with your frequent interactions, your daughter had become quite fond of him, especially because he was so nice to her and gave her a funny face or a big smile on the way past. She had even on occasion asked to visit him when she was bored, but had never really acted on it. She was only three after all; she didn’t really understand he was a stranger.

After a long stressful day of work, it had been a lot more stressful then usual, (difficult clients were the worst) and you had just picked up your daughter from day care. It was very late and you were very tired, and looking after a three year old on top of all that was hard, but you did it because she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Her father wasn’t in the picture, so you shared your little apartment with her and all her soft toys, and that was the way you liked it.

You got her situated in the living room with a bowl of pasta and went into the bedroom to get changed into something more comfortable, but instead decided to rest your head on the pillow for a moment. Only a moment later you’d fallen asleep.

After a while your daughter got restless. She hadn’t seen her mummy around for a while. She got up and checked the kitchen, and again the living room but couldn’t find you. When she was eating she was so used to you being in the room with her, that she couldn’t even think of where else you could be.

She began to get scared and upset, and didn’t have anyone to help her. That’s when she thought of Harry.

She stood up on her tippy toes, reaching for the door handle, and walked down the hall to his front door, softly knocking.

At first Harry thought he was hearing things. He had the TV on, but he was mostly looking at his phone, and the knock had been so soft he could have missed it. However when he heard it again he got up to investigate.

Opening the door he sees your daughter, at first he smiles but then is a little confused because firstly you are not there and secondly your front door in wide open.

“Hey sunshine,” says Harry. “What can I do for you?”

Your daughter looks up at him with wide eyes. “I can’t find my mummy.”

Harry looks at the little girl confused. “Why hunny? Where’d she go?”

You daughter starts to get a little more upset, tears starting to form at the bottom of her eyes, “I dunno. She gone somewhere I dunno.”

Harry looked at your daughter sympathetically. He didn’t know much about you but he could tell you were a good mum. He was sure you wouldn’t have just left her alone in the apartment.

“Well how about we go and have a look alright munchkin?” he asked. She just nodded in response.

He lifted her onto his hip and walked back into your apartment, knocking on the open door first, but receiving no reply.

Harry looked around the living room. He couldn’t see anything weird or strangely out of place.

“Where is mum usually hun? He asked your daughter in a soft voice.

You daughter snuffled. “I dunno. She’s always just with me.”

Harry chuckled under his breath. “Where’s her bedroom. Did you check there?”

You daughter shook her head. “No. Id fordot,” she mumbled into Harry’s shoulder, pointing in the direction of the hall.

It was then that Harry saw your sleeping form and chuckled under his breath again. You daughter squirmed and jumped out of his arms.

“Mummy I found you!” she yelled waking you up from your sleep.

You woke up with a shock, first from your daughter’s loud voice, and then because of the man standing at the end of your bed. It only took you a moment to realize who it was though.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” you asked running your hand through you hair.

He laughed. “Your daughter couldn’t find you so she came and asked for some help. That’s all. I’m glad you’re ok.”

You laughed and squeezed your daughter into a hug. “You silly billy! I was right here!” you giggled.

She laughed. “Sorry mummy!” Now that she had found you she was content and happy, going back to her dinner and movie in the living room.

You looked back at Harry. “I’m so sorry about that. She’s so silly sometimes.”

He laughed. “It’s alright. I’m glad she trusts me enough that she can ask for help.”

You smiled. “Me too. But I hope it wasn’t too much trouble. I mean she interrupted your night and…” before you could finish he interrupted you.

“I honestly didn’t mind. She’s very cute. Just like her mum.”

You smiled and blushed, a little taken for words. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. But maybe next time she turns up at my door, you can come to.”

You smiled. “It’s a date.”

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“Last night was amazin’.” You couldn’t help but smile as Harry pressed a kiss to the top of your head after you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. “Didn’t even realize yeh were tha’ flexible. Practically did the splits on my-” 

“Let’s not ruin the moment.” You muttered, reaching up to slap a hand over his mouth. 

A lot of people thought you and Harry were involved romantically, and they had a reason to! The two of you were always walking with linked arms, you always shared sweet hello and goodbye kisses (on the cheek, obviously), and, well.. It just seemed like a proper relationship. Of course, you weren’t looking for a relationship, and Harry wasn’t looking for a relationship either - So this little thing you had going on between the two of you was completely and utterly casual. Just two friends, who happened to be attracted to each other physically, getting down and dirty two or three times a week. The thing was, no one else knew of this. The rest of the boys had no idea, your own friends had no idea - You had to admit, you and Harry were really good at sneaking around. Being careful was key. 

“When are we going to get out of bed?” You asked, your finger tracing random patterns across his chest while Harry stroked your hair. “Lunch with Y/F/N is at-”

“Harry, we’re back! Brought you one o’ those green smoothies!” Your head shot up towards the door when you heard Liam, and then a couple more footsteps and voices. Uh-oh. Looks like you weren’t as careful as usual. “Are you still asleep? It’s nearly 11..” 

The next couple of seconds consisted of you and Harry freaking the fuck out. 

“What do I do?! Where do I go?!” 

“I don’ know! The washroom?” 

“I’m naked, Harry!” 


“I’m naked, Harry!”

“Well, jus-” You immediately ducked under the blankets when the door swung open, Harry positioning himself to make it look like he had just gotten up. “Mornin’.” 

“Good morning.” Liam chirped, tilting his head curiously. “Why’ve you got your clothes on the floor?” 

“I was tired last night, so I kinda just stripped and hopped into bed.” Harry shrugged, pulling the covers up a little in an attempt to hide the lump in his bed. (That was you.) 

“Here’s yer smoot’ie, ya health nut.” Niall popped into the room, setting the cup down on Harry’s bedside counter. He paused for a second, lifting his head and sniffing the air. “Kinda smells like.. Hm.. Oh! Smells like Y/N’s shampoo! T’at vanilla-coconut one.” Niall raised a brow when Harry shot him a sheepish smile and a shrug. 

“We’ll just leave you alone to get ready. We’re going out for lunch with Y/N and Y/F/N..” Liam trailed off, watching as Niall padded back to the door. 

“A’right, cool.” Harry cleared his throat, adjusting the sheets once again. 

“Oh, by t’e way-” Niall whipped around before he left, walking into the room once again and patting the top of your head through the sheets. “Good mornin’ t’ ya, Y/N.” 


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A Gibbsy Christmas

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Title: A Gibbsy Christmas

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 481

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: I didn’t realize this before but two people made kind of the same request. So I smashed it into one! I know it’s short, and I apologize! This was requested by @profiler-in-training and @saranasai! I hope everyone loves this!

Christmas time was hard for Gibbs.  It wasn’t easy getting him into the Christmas mood.  Last year he spent Christmas in the basement working on his boat.  This year you wanted things to be different, but it wasn’t that easy…or was it?

When you woke up this morning, you rolled over to face Gibbs who pressed a chaste kiss to your lips.  You were surprised by his kiss, but smiled nevertheless.  “Good morning Jethro,” you spoke, your voice still groggy from sleep.

“Morning [Y/N],” Gibbs whispered.  The Marine paused sitting up in bed and peering out of the window.  “Holy cow, it’s a white Christmas.”

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We’re are going to be okay (Brett Talbot)

I ran as fast as I could trying not to slip on the wet floor. I ran onto the lacrosse pitch the lights suddenly coming on and blinding me for a second as the rain poured down. I felt someone grab me and pull me in tight I was going to scream then I smelt the familiar scent.

“Y/N focus on my voice remember the first time I tired to talk to you” he spoke his voice just a whisper

"Yeah you kept coughing and it annoyed me so much I threw a pice of paper at you” I felt his body rise and fall as he laughed. I suddenly heard more feet walk onto the field Brett pushed me behind him holding my hands in his

"Whatever you do stay behind me”. I nodded and pressed my face againts his drenched jacket breathing in his scent for what could be the last time.

"Run” I heard someone shout and before I could register who it was Brett pulled my hand and the two of us ran from the field. We didn’t get far only to the front gates of the school

"Are you hurt?” He asked as I slumped down onto the steps not caring that it was still raining. I shook my head before he sat down beside me and pulled me closer to him placing a light kiss to my cheek.

"Whats going to happen to us?” I ask leaning me head on his shoulder as I listened to the rain above us on the roof.

"I don’t know but I think Scott is going to help us,but for a little while I think we’re are going to be okay”. That’s all that matters to me is that I am safe for now with the boy I love.

I made a post about this earlier but at the end of the San Lorenzo Job, look at Eliot’s face and imagine how he must be feeling at this moment. Damien Moreau, the man who made Eliot do terrible terrible things, is GONE. He can’t hurt Eliot or anyone else anymore. Eliot is free. This huge weight has been lifted off of Eliot’s shoulders and you can see that here in his posture and expression. He’s smiling and so much more relaxed than he has been the last two episodes. He can now breathe easier knowing he helped take down the man responsible for so much pain.

Steve x Reader

Prompt (Requested by @iamwarrenspeace): Steve leaves on a two month mission and you find you’re pregnant shortly there after. When he returns home, your belly has grown and he couldn’t be more excited.

Contains: Fluff fluff fluff

Warnings: None! (Unedited I apologize for mistakes)

“I don’t want you to go,” you whispered as you clung onto Steve tightly. It was his last night that he could spend with you before he left the next day for his mission.

“I know, honey. But the team needs me,” Steve spoke softly into your hair as he held you close to his large body. “Two months, I’ll be back before you know it.”

You nodded and nuzzles your face into his chest. You laid there like that for a while, him stroking your hair until you drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, you woke up to an empty bed and the smell of bacon and pancakes filling your senses. You got up slowly, only wearing one of Steve’s t-shirts and some panties. You crossed your arms over your chest to hide your breasts and walked to the kitchen.

Steve was standing over the stove, sweatpants hanging low on his hips and a t-shirt similar to the one you were wearing. “Breakfast? For me?” you asked as you walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his large frame.

“Of course. For my favorite girl,” Steve smiled and fixed you both a plate then took you to the table. You sat side-by-side, eating happily and smiling at each other.

It was when you were finished eating and Steve was clearing your plates that realization set in. He was leaving in half an hour. You dropped your head and fiddled with your fingers.

Steve came over and kisses the top of your head, whispering, “Help me get ready?”

You nodded and took his hand as your stood, following him to your shared bedroom. You went to your closet and changed clothes, putting on a bra and a loose tank top and a pair of leggings then you slipped on some sneakers so you could take him to the Avengers headquarters.

Steve changed into his suit. making sure everything was intact. He zipped up his suitcase and you picked up his shield, feeling the smooth cold metal under your fingertips. You handed it over to him and stared up at the man before you. The hero you got to call your husband.

“I love you Steve,” you blurted out without really thinking about it.

Steve put the shield on his back and looked down at you, smiling softly. “I love you too (Y/N),” he answered then leaned down and kisses your lips softly.


It had been about a week since Steve had left on the mission. You were pacing back and forth in your room, running your fingers through your hair as the little stick sat on your dresser. The pink plus sign staring back at you.

The timer went off on your phone and you went into the bathroom where the second test was sitting on the counter. With a deep breath, you picked up the test and looked at the big letters in bold on the little screen.


You felt your eyes fill with tears. They weren’t sad tears but they weren’t happy tears. They were nervous tears. Steve was gone and this news just hit you. You didn’t even know if he would be happy or not.

After a little thinking, you called Bruce Banner. He was basically a doctor and he wasn’t going on this mission so he was the only person you could think to call. Steve was very adamant about you going to normal doctors in case something happened to you. He only trusted Bruce.


Letting Bruce do a sonogram was…weird. You didn’t speak much and neither did he. He really only asked if Steve knew and you told him no, and you didn’t want to tell him until he came back.

Of course, he was understanding. Bruce told you the baby was perfectly healthy and you were about 14-15 weeks along, right around 2 ½ months.

After going home, you stood in the mirror and just stared at your belly from the side. It was pushed out a little on the bottom and when you pressed on it, it was hard. You couldn’t help but smile and caress the small bump with your hand.

That was a little baby Rogers in there. I little mixture of you and Steve growing in your belly and the thought actually made you excited. Hopefully Steve would feel the same.


Every week, you would stand in the mirror and take a picture of your growing belly. All the way up until the day Steve came home.

You were nervous as you out on a shirt that didn’t quite cover your belly bump. Your pants barely fit, you couldn’t button them anymore so you had to wear a belt.

The drive to the Avengers headquarters was long. You had a million things running through your head and your worst fear was Steve reacting terribly. What if he didn’t want the baby? Was it too dangerous to bring a baby into this world, around Captain America and the Avengers?

You were shaken out of your thoughts as you rolled down the hill and into the under ground parking garage the secret place had. You got there early so Bruce could do a sonogram and take a picture to show to Steve. He could maybe even tell the sex of the baby.

You rode the elevator up to the infirmary and smiled at Bruce. “Well good morning to you,” he spoke with a smile, leading you over to a seat. “This belly just keeps growing… Are you excited?”

“Nervous,” you answered and chuckled softly.

After the cold jelly was put on your belly and Bruce moved the wand around a bit, he printed a picture and handed it to you. “It’s a girl (Y/N),” he told you and smiled, eyes tearing up as you smiled widely and laughed.

You heard the helicopter approaching so Bruce quickly wiped your stomach and got you up so you could go outside and welcome your husband home.

You stood and clung to the little sonogram picture in your hand, smiling when you caught sight of Steve on the chopper.

After it landed and the doors opened, the Avengers filled off. Wanda started walking forward but slowed to a stop at the sight of you. She had a smirk on her face.

“(Y/N)!” Steve called as he ran to you and enveloped you in a hug, lifting you off the ground.

He didn’t notice anything until he felt your protruding belly pressed against his. He set you down and looked at you, eyes widening at you belly bump. “I’m pregnant,” you blurted out, hearing Natasha gasp.

Steve dropped to his knees slowly and slid his hands over your stomach. “Pregnant? This is my baby?” he asked in awe and you nodded.

“It’s a baby girl, Steve,” you told him and looked at your belly again. He kept his hands on the sides of your belly and you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach then Steve jumped.

“She kicked! Oh my god! You’re…She’s pregnant!” Steve shouted to everyone and you handed the sonogram picture to Bucky who walked over first.

He smiled and looked at you, metal arm glistening in the sun. “Well would you look at that, I’m gonna be an uncle,” he said and winked at you, handing the picture over to Natasha next.

“You’re naming her Wanda right?” Wanda asked and smiled.

Natasha scoffed and leaned down to caress your belly. “As if, they’re naming her after me!” she argued and you laughed softly as Steve and Tony started gushing about how to decorate the room and where to find a bigger apartment.

You couldn’t help but smile as you looked around at all of your friends; your family. In that moment you realized this baby was going to grow up with the utmost love and protection you could ever find. You were married to the love of your life and your little family was just getting started. You couldn’t have been happier.

My mom on whether or not we’re doing Season Five:

Ugh! I was so worried you were going to ask me about that. I just really enjoy watching the shows now. Like, in the beginning, I didn’t know what was going on, okay, and it was funny, but now, I just like watching them.

But I will say, I’ve enjoyed seeing all the actors show up in different places. They’re everywhere! Like, I got my Jon Snow hunk fix in Pompeii this year…and I got my Robb Stark fix in that Gold Rush show…and I saw what’s his face somewhere else. 

Anyway, I’m thinking of giving up Netflix because I’ve seen everything on there that interests me. I have one more episode of Monarch of the Glen and then I’m done!

So, no, sorry to disappoint. Unless something changes, we’re not doing this season. She’s been loathe to do it for the last two seasons and at this point, I think she’s really done. I will keep you posted if she changes her mind or has anything to say in regards to this season!

Also this is as good a time as ever to bring up that I will be recapping the show (as a part of my day job - because I write about Game of Thrones (and Daredevil and Star Wars and streaming entertainment in general for a living now) over at Decider.com.

I’m just picturing this as one of the first nights Oliver and Felicity are back together. They’re having a little dinner party at the loft and Mama Smoak is so happy they’re back together that she’s been playing paparazzi all night, following them around with the camera taking pictures. And Felicity is tired of it, Oliver doesn’t care because he’s just happy to have Felicity at his side again. But Mama Smoak doesn’t realize she’s taking a video instead.

“Mom, put the camera away.”

“Just one more baby, smile.”


“Felicity, I just want one more. You two are so cute. Just smile.”


“Baby, just smile for me. Can you do that please, I’m your mother. It’s my job to take pictures.”

“Mom, I think –”

“Felicity, you look like your in pain, just smile.”

“I’ve been smiling all night, mother. My face hurts.”

“Last one, I swear.”

“…Did you take it?”

“I think so… why is there a red blinking light?”

“… Mom, do you have it on video mode.”

“No. Of course I don’t. I may not be a computer genius, like you Felicity. But I think I know how to work a camera… See, it’s…”


“… It’s on video mode.”


“I switched it back. There. Now, last one, smile.”

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“You can travel back in time, but you can only travel back in time.”


Uh, chaps? Valentine’s Day was yesterday
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you’re the fire and the flood
and i’ll always feel you in my blood


Rafael Barba in Intersecting Lives (pt 1) (pt 2)


Transitions in Sherlock (21 of ?)

His Last Vow (S3E3), part 2