but his eyes though

The Visual Differences Between Cronus and Eridan Ampora

Because I was bored and I’m sick of people saying they look identical.
Unfortunately, for maximum accuracy… I’ll be using the old Eridan talksprite as well.

  • Eridan has epicanthic folds, and Cronus clearly doesn’t. In both talksprites, Eridan’s epicanthic folds are even emphasized.
  • Though his eyes are tilted up overall, Eridan’s outer corners very clearly takes a downward tilt in both talksprites, whereas Cronus’ tilt up.
  • Though the top sprite is the only one that shows it, Eridan’s eyebrows are much thinner than Cronus’.
  • Cronus’ face is longer and thinner than Eridan’s- though this might be due to both less weight overall and older age.
  • Eridan’s lips, in both talksprites, are clearly defined, and Cronus’ are not. This could be due to art style, though.
  • Cronus has dual scars, while Eridan does not.
  • Eridan has defined bags under his eyes, while Cronus’– if he has them at all– are subtle
  • Eridan always has glasses.
  • Most curiously, even their horns are different. Cronus’ both face back, are rather rounded and even seem to point inward, while Eridan’s are quite pointed and stick out to the sides. I wasn’t able to check if this was just an art style difference, since the only panel of Dualscar we have barely shows his horns.
  • Eridan clearly slouches in the first sprite. Cronus does not.

My personal theory is that they look so different because a resemblance to your respective ancestor is determined by the strength of your quadrants.

… Or, it could just be because Cronus was based off the fandom’s interpretation of Eridan, to a certain degree.

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"you're beautiful" also for Kings au because why not haha

(it’s been a while but here’s shameless fluff for no reason.)

“You’re beautiful” was the first two words that popped into his head when he saw Gavin emerge at the end of the aisle. Ryan couldn’t quite wrap his head around how lucky he was - the man at the other end of the room was in a suit that hugged his frame in every way. It was a deep green and his cloak flowed down from his back, clasped under his chin with an ornate silver clasp. His silver crown hugged his head, his hair sticking out around it. Ryan could almost weep at the sight, wanting to jump down from his post to wrap his arms around the other man, smothering him in kisses. 

The most beautiful thing about him though was the look in his eyes. The expression of joy that Ryan could read on every inch of Gavin’s face. He licked his lips, forcing himself to take a breath. Mica, his best friend and captain of his guard, was standing at the front of the crowd gathered to see this royal wedding. She gave him a smirk and he grinned back at her. Fucking hell, he was smitten. 

He couldn’t help but think back to how he was when he first met Gavin and the other Kings. Argumentative. Antagonistic. Afraid. So, so afraid and masking it in aggression. And then Gavin fell into his life. Little Gavin, so willing and open and pushing through his defenses. Making him laugh. Smile. Blush

He came in and broke down every one of his walls, crushed them in his hand and exposed Ryan, made him more vulnerable than he had ever been before. But then he kissed him. Gave him his heart. And Ryan suddenly had something more to fight for, something he had never thought he’d ever possess.

The music swelled and - eyes wet - Ryan turned to meet the eyes of his boyfriend, fiance, fellow King. Gavin was grinning, his eyes wet too. Slowly, he bent down in front of Ryan, bowing on his knees and lowering his head.

Ryan’s chaplain moved over, an ornate crown on a pillow of silk. Gently, Ryan bent down and removed the crown from Gavin’s head. The silver Ryan put down onto the pillow and took the new crown. He placed it gently on Gavin’s head and it nestled down on his hair. Then, eyes brimming with tears but trying not to let them fall, Ryan helped Gavin up and looked him full in the eyes. Gavin was obviously close to tears himself, choking up.

Words were being said. Probably to hail the new King of the Stoneworld. Ryan didn’t give a flying fuck. Instead, he pulled his new husband into his arms and kissed him with more passion than he thought he ever had.

Things may happen. Life may come to try to take them apart. But for right now, in this moment, all Ryan could think was …. god, you are beautiful.

And god, please don’t ever take him away. 

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I never thought I deserved someone like you + Ravus please.

A/N: I agree with you Anon-San, High Commander Ravus deserves a TON of love I think. Let’s see what I can do for you. ♥

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You sighed quietly, placing a cool damp cloth against his forehead, and you muttered softly.

“You sure do like to make my days nerve racking, don’t you High Commander…?”

You heard him groan as you rested your hand against his shoulder. You sat down on the edge of the bed next to him, smiling softly as his eyes slowly fluttered open.


“Your room.”

His eyes, though glazed over slightly, met yours as his brow furrowed, and he swallowed hard. You gently reached up, petting the back of your fingers down the side of his cheek.

“I found you, collapsed in the hall on my way here while I was looking for you. You’re pushing yourself far too hard, Ravus.”

You heard him give off a groan he struggled to sit up, and you watched him pause, going a bit wide eyed as your hand moved and rested against his bare chest.

“Nuh-uh. Nurses orders, you are to stay put, and I am to take care of you today.”

You heard him click his tongue softly.

“I have too much to do to be laying about in bed all–”

“Meaning those are my orders, High Commander.”

He blinked up at you, and you couldn’t help but smile, your hand moving from his chest to gently cup his cheek.

“You’ve got a fever, you need to rest.” when he looked skeptical, you chuckled.

“You’ve been asleep since I brought you here. I have attended all your afternoon meetings, and taken the required notes. After you rest, I will bring them and you can look them over when I fetch supper for you.” you paused.

“Tell me Ravus, when did you eat last?”

You watched his eyes flick back and forth between your own, and his brow furrowed more. You gave off a sigh and smiled, leaning over to place your hands gently against his shoulders, and forced him gently to lay back down. He blinked in surprise as you fingers touched his damaged and scarred skin, as you must have removed his Magitek arm, and you didn’t flinch away.

“Just relax. No one knows that you are unwell, save for your sister, as you know that I am unable to keep secrets from her.”

You gently brushed his hair back from his face, hearing him sigh softly at your touch as his eyes fluttered shut. You couldn’t help but smile softly as he huffed out a bit of a laugh.

“She was always one to see through lies.”

You hummed in acknowledgement, then moved to grab the cloth as it had fallen to the bed, and you gently wiped the sweat away from his brow before turning to wet it in the basin you had placed by his bed, wringing it out, before once more returning it to his forehead.

He gave off a content hum, causing you to smile before his eyes opened to look at you again, his eyes traveling slowly over your face. He reached for you, grasping your hand before you could stand from the side of his bed. You tilted your head lightly.

“My love…” he spoke softly, his voice raspy with sleep. “I never thought I deserved someone like you. You are far too good to me…what would I do without you?”

You chuckled, and reached for his hand, bringing it up to your lips to kiss it.

“Well, working yourself to death seems to be one…”

He chuckled a bit, then sighed, his eyes fluttering shut. You gently rested his hand on his chest, moved to stand, but then thought better of it, and leaned over to kiss his cheek. You heard him make a soft noise as his breathing deepened, and evened out.

“Sleep well, darling. I’ll be back shortly.”

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beleg !!!!

You deserve better, you deserve it all
Give me your heart and sell me your soul
I need you because I am human and I am weak
I can make you whole

“Tell me a story.” Turin says, stars hidden behind the clouds above them, the smell of rain on the wind. He can deny him nothing, never, and not like this. Even in the dim light the man’s smile is bright enough that he wants to shield his eyes, shield his heart though he knows it’s far too late for that.

“What story have you not heard a hundred times over now?” Beleg asks, laughing as he folds his arms behind his head. “What about –” lets his mind drift away a moment, conjuring images to weave into a tale. “Have I told you the one about ill-fated lovers?”

Turin pulls a face and Beleg bites back a sigh, closes his eyes and waits. “Tell me something with action, adventure,” the grin is back, all sharp-toothed as he leans closer to Beleg. “Something with death.”

Beleg hesitates, counts the hours they have until the storm comes rolling in, and tells his story anyways.

hangover eds
  • eddie turned eighteen and got really drunk on a party last night, for the first time. his boyfriend, richie, had to take care of him and now, they need to talk, because eddie has never done anything like that. what is he going to say?
  • as i promised, here’s a part two! the first one is called drunk eds. click and read, if you want. 

ps. if you have any requests about reddie, i’d love to write, most likely anything! so do tell, if u got any ideas for the next fanfic! also, there might be some grammar mistakes, again, sorry for that.

it was 9 am in the morning, when the smaller boy’s eyes slowly opened as he found himself… 

where was he?

eddie though, immediately sitting down, the blanket falling down the couch as it completely got on the floor, next to a red bucket that has been there, why, though? eddie thought, his eyes still blurry as he rubbed them, trying to focus. 

his eyes were like a camera, the one that you had to wait hours to focus on, and when he finally did, he noticed a dark curls next to his arm — they were richie’s. he was lying, right next to him, most likely sleeping. he had to fall asleep watching after him. what happened? what was richie doing here and…

 is this beverly’s house?

“good morning, eddie.”

 beverly said, approaching him as she smiled, trying to cheer him up a bit. 

(oh, he definitely looked even worse than yesterday, seemed like he didn’t remember, though?)

judging by the look on his face, as his thick eyebrows were shrugged and his eyes were looking at her, literally like crazy.

was he dreaming?

“do you remember? richie dragged you all the way over here, from the party. you were drunk as hell, eddie." 

she said, twisting small curl of hair with her finger as she sat down into her comfy armchair, that was on the left side of the room, you could say in the middle, since it wasn’t next to him, but neither right in front of him.

oh shit, he thought for real, now. 

richie had to drag him in here?

what happened? 

did he say something?

why was he wearing this? 

did he got his clothes dirty?

did richie see him naked?

what the fuck?

oh boy, he really wished he didn’t just wake up… is richie gonna want to talk about it? what if he did something, he doesn’t remember. why doesn’t he remember? this was so mind blowing.

"can i… use the bathroom?" 

he said, slowly, confused. was he confused? beverly explained it to him, kind of.  but she wasn’t the one that was with him, when he was drunk, right? what if he did something, that he shouldn’t?

what if he kissed another guy?

or even worse?

"yeah… sure." 

she said, raising her eyebrows at eddie, no longer smiling. eddie nodded, slowly getting up from the couch, trying so hard not to wake up his boyfriend, that was literally squeezed by eddie, before he got up. then, he rushed right into the bathroom, having a hard time controling his balance when standing up, but he didn’t fall. might seemed he was about to, but he didn’t.

he spent an hour in the bathroom, washing his face and thinking, sitting with his hand rested on his forehead as he was propped against the sink.
once he came out, he was expecting richie to probably wake up, too. and so he saw. richie was sitting in the armchair beverly sit in before, propped and resting his hand too, the same way. 

why did eddie feel like he was about to walk into a law court?  

he wished to just sneak out, but instead, he just went back to the living room, looking at richie. when richie saw him walk in, he stopped resting his head and looked up, standing from the armchair. 

eddie was just standing there, avoiding his boyfriend’s look. he probably wanted to explain, what even got into his mind when he suddendly decided to drink and leave him, making richie act like a mother to him, definitely a better one, but that wasn’t his position and job.

"how are you feeling?" 

richie started off, calmly.

eddie nodded, looking down, at the carpet. he couldn’t face richie. he was so embarrassed.

"what the fuck got into you last night, eds?" 

richie said, trying to keep his voice low, beverly didn’t have to hear this.

"you’re not my mom to ask me that, i’m eighteen, i can do what the fuck i want." 

eddie said, definitely not silently. unlikely to richie, at this point, he didn’t really care if someone heard them, in that moment.

"i’m not, but i’m your boyfriend.”

 richie said, stuttering a bit as he was trying to reason eddie.

“yeah, but that’s not a reason to yell at me." 

"i’m fucking sorry, eds. okay? i’m sorry that i care about you and am trying to look after you. i just fucking care. that’s it.”

eddie froze, his lips were no longer able to move and he could feel it. his mind was everywhere, he couldn’t think of anything to say, so he just stood there, avoiding richie’s eyes once again.

“did i say something i shouldn’t?" 

eddie broke the silence, looking at richie.

richie’s mouth closed, as he shook with his head from side to side.

no, you just whispered something and then fell asleep.“

"thank you." 

eddie’s stubborn head said after a while.

"for what?”

“for always taking care of me.”

okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.